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Neil and Tyra broke up. Mary Jane drugged Jack, and they had sex. Mary Jane poisoned Zapato, who died. Sharon was arrested for stealing an engagement ring. Ashley drove her car recklessly and hit Nikki, thinking that Nikki was Sabrina.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of August 3, 2009 on Y&R
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Monday, August 3, 2009

On the patio at Crimson Lights, Noah read the morning newspaper. Nikki joined her grandson for coffee. Noah told Nikki about reading that Billy had confronted Victor after Victor allegedly arranged for Colleen's downfall, so that Ashley could take Colleen's board position. Nikki seemed concerned after Noah mentioned that Ashley's doctor had visited the Newman estate.

During the course of his discussion with Nikki, Noah concluded that his grandfather had been messing with many people's lives, including Ashley's. Noah seemed uplifted when Nikki announced that her relationship with Victor had markedly improved. Noah expressed exasperation from enduring his family's stormy relationships.

After Nikki left, Sharon joined Noah for lunch. Noah told Sharon about Nick and Phyllis' marriage-renewal ceremony. After Eden summoned Noah, he left his mom alone. Sharon, misty-eyed, recalled the day she and Nick purchased Crimson Lights. Sharon noticed devoted couples seated together in the coffeehouse and remembered an earlier time when she and Nick were blissfully happy.

Near the coffeehouse bar, Jack confronted Billy about his row with Victor at Newman Industry's board meeting. Jack voiced concern about Ashley's emotional stability and worried that Ashley had not returned his phone calls. Billy offered to check on Ashley, but Jack warned Billy not to create additional stress for their troubled sister.

At the Newman ranch, Ashley warily ventured downstairs. Victor offered Ashley some breakfast, but Ashley refused and, instead, voiced her feelings of resentment. Ashley berated Victor for using Jill to manipulate her, Jack, and Billy. Ashley spewed rage at Victor for humiliating Colleen, so he could usurp her board seat and give it to Ashley instead. Ashley warned Victor to give her some space, and she left with Zapato to take a walk.

After Ashley left, Billy showed up to check on Ashley, but Victor warned him to leave. Victor added, "J.T. is not here to save you. Do you like those odds?" Billy maintained that he and Jack knew that Victor didn't truly love Ashley. Billy bluntly informed Victor that he and Jack would look after their sister's well-being. Victor responded that he didn't know who to respect less, Billy or spineless Jack. Victor slammed the door in Billy's face.

In an abandoned potting shed on the Newman estate, Mary Jane, dressed in a dingy overcoat and floppy-brimmed hat, searched for Kitty. Mary Jane cried haplessly, "Kitty, I've lost Jack; I can't lose you." Mary Jane was startled to see Zapato arrive carrying Kitty's severed tail in his mouth. Ashley, on the grounds near the shed, called out to Zapato. After Zapato surrendered Kitty's tail, he returned to Ashley. Ashley asked her dog why he was fascinated with the old potting shed.

Inside the shed, Mary Jane caressed her dead cat's preserved tail as she watched Ashley and Zapato through the smudged shed windows. Mary Jane cried and wondered aloud how that horrible beast could do such a thing to Kitty. After Zapato returned to Ashley, she let him run free. Ashley recalled the disturbing incident that occurred in the limo with Victor when she claimed that Sabrina had threatened her.

Nikki arrived and visibly startled Ashley. Ashley nervously insisted that she was all right. Nikki mentioned the disturbance at the board meeting. Ashley angrily claimed that the matter was none of Nikki's business. Abby joined Ashley and Nikki. Nikki briefly visited with Abby before Nikki walked away. Abby noticed that her mother seemed disturbed, so she and Ashley rested on a nearby bench.

Abby asked her mom if she was angry because Victor appointed Billy to head Jabot instead of her or Jack. Instead of responding, Ashley questioned Abby's feelings about the matter. Abby declared that Victor's decision had shocked her at the time, but Abby added that Victor seemed wholly devoted to Ashley. With a baby on the way, Abby maintained, Victor's devotion was evident. Ashley seemed slightly comforted by Abby's affirmation of Victor.

At the tack house, Nick and Phyllis spent their honeymoon at home with Summer. After Nick left to tell Sharon that he and Phyllis had renewed their vows, Phyllis gazed at her sparkly diamond wedding ring and reveled in her newfound contentment. Jack stopped by. Phyllis broke the news about her renewed bond to Nick.

When Phyllis mentioned that Jack's relationship with Sharon would strengthen after his baby was born, Jack secretly recalled the fateful day Sharon admitted that Nick was her baby's father. Jack quickly announced that he and Sharon had ended their relationship. Jack suddenly changed the subject and directed Phyllis to focus on Nick. Jack mused that it apparently wasn't his turn to be happy. Phyllis promised Jack that the day he peered into his newborn daughter's eyes, his life would change for the better.

After Jack left, Nick returned. Nick playfully chased Phyllis, who attempted to hide a game controller she had been using to improve her gaming skills. Nick grabbed another controller and challenged Phyllis to a video game. After Phyllis won the first competition, Nick and Phyllis discussed Sharon and Jack's decision to split. Both said they believed that Jack and Sharon might reconcile after the baby was born.

After Phyllis and Nick resumed their game, they became distracted and began kissing. Through the baby monitor, Phyllis and Nick heard Summer awaken from her nap. Summer softly hummed a song, filling in the harmony with lyrics here and there. Phyllis and Nick recognized the song as the tune performed at their renewal ceremony. Summer's song charmed her parents. Phyllis and Nick nuzzled and kissed.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Sharon spoke to her mom on the phone. Sharon said that she had watched unseen as Nick and Phyllis renewed their wedding vows. Sharon insisted that she would learn to rely on herself as she gently caressed her swollen abdomen. After Nick arrived and told Sharon about renewing his vows with Phyllis, Sharon admitted that she had no doubt that Nick's place was with his daughter.

Nick was shocked when Sharon declared that her romantic relationship with Jack was over for good. Sharon explained that Jack smothered her too much and she admitted that she didn't love Jack the way he should be loved. Nick attempted to counsel Sharon, but she halted his unwarranted advice and flatly insisted that she could rely on herself. Nick promised Sharon that he always care for her. Sharon congratulated Nick for being content with his decision to reunite with his family. After Nick left, Sharon quietly sobbed.

At Jimmy's Bar, Jack confronted Billy about his brazen confrontation at Victor's doorstep. Billy apologized. Jack ordered a beer and vented about his failed attempts to woo Sharon. Jack emphatically announced that his fantasy relationship with Sharon was over, as he gulped down his beer. While Jack and Billy talked, Mary Jane, wrapped snugly in her coat with her hat dipped downward to hide her face, entered Jimmy's and stood at the bar.

Mary Jane overheard Jack affirm that he wouldn't abandon Sharon's baby and would act as the baby's father. Jack barked an order for another drink to an unseen bartender. While a phone call distracted Jack, Mary Jane quickly poured a drink into a glass at the bar. Fishing a medicine bottle from her pocket, Mary Jane shook a capsule into her palm, broke the capsule open, and dumped the powdered drug into the drink.

Jack's tongue was already thick and sluggish as he groaned about Sharon's repeated rejections. After Mary Jane quickly mixed the drug into Jack's drink with her finger, she emptied the tip cup before she scurried to a table in a darkened corner of the bar. Billy walked to the bar and collected the drink Mary Jane had concocted along with another beer for himself. Jack took the tainted drink and guzzled it down as Mary Jane watched covertly.

Nikki visited with Victor at the ranch. Nikki mentioned that she had encountered Ashley on the grounds. Nikki added that Ashley seemed emotional and fragile. When Nikki mentioned the fiasco at the board meeting, Victor refused to discuss the matter. Nikki assured Victor that she would keep his secrets in strictest confidence. Nikki also promised not to pass judgment. Victor again refused to discuss Ashley. When Ashley and Abby returned to the ranch, Nikki left. Victor asked Ashley if she felt better, but she evaded Victor's question and went upstairs.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Jack was extremely drunk and Billy told Mac he was taking Jack home. Mary Jane watched them leave. Katherine stopped by Jimmy's to see Mac. Katherine said that she was headed to lunch with Nikki. Mac commented that she was surprised that Nikki was engaged to be married to somebody besides Victor. Katherine agreed.

Katherine hinted around to Mac about Billy. Mac said if there was something Katherine wanted to know, she should just ask. Katherine felt that Mac would always have a sense of what was right and wrong. She wanted to make sure Mac didn't sacrifice herself.

Billy took Jack home and dropped him on the couch. He wanted to stay to make sure Jack was okay, but he received a call from Chloe and needed to leave. When Billy walked out the door, Mary Jane snuck in. Jack looked up and thought she was Sharon.

When Mary Jane started kissing Jack, he called Sharon's name over and over again. Jack passed out. When Jack woke up, he wondered if it had all been a dream. He looked over on the nightstand and found Mary Jane's kitty's tail with a note. The note said, "I knew you were still in love with me." Jack remembered seeing Mary Jane's stuffed kitty in her purse and knew it was from her.

Mary Jane returned to Jimmy's to tell Mac she was leaving. Mac was shocked to see that Mary Jane was ecstatic and wearing nice clothes. When Mary Jane went to grab her things, Mac called Billy. She said that something was weird about the homeless person she had helped.

Lauren told Michael that she was sure that he had gotten through to the district attorney. Michael said no matter how things worked out, Daniel would never approve of how Amber had dealt with the situation.

Daniel went home and found Amber packing. He asked if Amber needed a hand. Amber said she had everything. As Amber was about to leave, Daniel asked her to wait. Amber tried again to apologize, but Daniel said it wasn't that she'd slept with Deacon. He said he was done with her tactics.

Michael went to Daniel's apartment to talk to Daniel about the case. He was surprised to hear that Amber had moved out. When Michael left, Daniel saw the jacket Amber had made for him. He thought about how she smiled and then they made love after he tried on the gift. Daniel threw the jacket on the floor.

Kevin wasn't sure if he could forgive Jana if she had slept with someone else to get him out of jail. Amber walked in the coffeehouse with a box. She had tears in her eyes. Jana rushed over to comfort her. Jana told Amber that she could stay with them. Amber saw Lauren and told her that she wouldn't have the time to finish making her jackets. Lauren said that she might be able to help her.

Nikki and Paul were excited that they were to be married in 48 hours. Lauren saw Paul and congratulated him. Paul told Lauren he knew that Victor would always be the love of Nikki's life, but he felt that he could offer her a little something different.

Nikki sat in silence and waited for Katherine at the coffeehouse. When Katherine saw Nikki, she asked if they had called off the wedding. Nikki said that she was just preoccupied. Nikki said she saw Ashley and was worried about her. She said that she wanted to talk to Victor about it. Katherine didn't believe that Nikki was over Victor.

Nikki asked Katherine to be happy for her. She asked Katherine to be her matron of honor. Katherine said she would always stand up for her. Nikki made a call to pick up her wedding rings.

Chance received a call and said he would be delighted to go. Chloe overheard the conversation and told Chance that it was about time that a girl hit on him. Chance wanted to explain the situation. He said that he had applied to be a cop. Chloe was impressed.

Jill asked Chloe and Chance if they had seen Billy. She said that Billy had thrown her to the wolves. Billy was behind her and said he was only returning the favor. Jill said that Victor was going to make sure she would never work in Genoa City again. Billy said she could go back to doing nails, or find a rich man. Jill couldn't believe Billy would hate her that much.

Chance didn't approve of the way Billy was talking to Jill. Chance wanted Billy to apologize. Jill told Billy that she was sorry for everything she had done to Billy. Billy said that he would never forgive Jill. Katherine walked in and told Billy he would live to regret it. Katherine told Billy that he needed to let his anger go. Billy was surprised to hear that Katherine was sticking up for Jill. Katherine said that she was looking out for Billy. Billy thanked them and left with Delia.

Chloe said she was already jealous of the girl who ended up with Chance. As she innocently kissed him quickly on the lips, he looked into her eyes and stared at her intently. He backed away and pretended she had an eyelash in her eye.

Jill asked Chance if he was okay. Chance hugged her and said goodnight. Katherine told Jill that she was glad Jill was back. Katherine said she had tried to talk to Billy. Jill was surprised to hear that from Katherine.

Katherine admitted that she wasn't sure whether she loved Phillip as much as she hated Jill for taking him away from her. Jill was shocked that everything they had fought over for years meant nothing to Katherine. Jill thought that was the worst thing of all.

Paul talked to his brother on the phone. He said that he would pick him up at the airport. Paul said that he hadn't been able to reach his sister, Patty. He thought Patty might want to avoid Genoa City. Jack called Paul to tell him what had happened with Mary Jane.

Mary Jane looked excitedly at a pregnancy test. When Mac asked Mary Jane about getting back with her husband, Billy walked in. Mac didn't notice when Mary Jane disappeared.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

At the Athletic Club, Paul and Nikki went over some last-minute details for their rehearsal dinner and their wedding. After Paul left, Victor approached Nikki and congratulated her on her upcoming nuptials. Victor asked Nikki if she was ready to get married. Nikki replied that she had found a fine man who had never hurt anyone. Victor said that didn't answer his question. Nikki said that his question was ridiculous. Victor said that he respected Paul, but that Nikki was marrying Paul because he was "safe." Victor suspected that Paul loved Nikki much more than Nikki loved Paul. Before he walked off, Victor said that was a pity.

At the tack house, Victoria and Nick were working on a photo display of Nikki and Paul for the wedding. When Victoria congratulated her brother on renewing his wedding vows with Phyllis, Nick suggested that she and J.T. renew their vows. Victoria admitted that she and J.T. were having some marital difficulties. She blamed their difficulties on the "Newman Curse," getting married was easy, but staying married was difficult. J.T. showed up with some photos of Paul for the display. Nick asked J.T. why he had left Newman Enterprises. J.T. said that he had never felt like a "suit," and that he was looking forward to the change in his life.

Nick reminded J.T. that both Nick and Victoria had left Newman, but had eventually returned. J.T. said that he didn't plan to return to Newman, and then left to meet with Paul. Nick noticed the tension between the Hellstroms, but said that he admired J.T. for leaving Newman. As Nick and Victoria went through a pile of photos, they noticed that there were many of Nikki with Victor. Victoria said that it was as if Victor had a gravitational pull that kept everything orbiting around him.

Paul showed up at the Abbott mansion to meet with Jack. Jack informed Paul that Mary Jane was still in town -- Jack knew because he had slept with Mary Jane the previous evening. Jack said that Mary Jane had probably spiked a drink that he had at Jimmy's -- then she followed Jack back to the mansion and impersonated Sharon. Jack showed Paul the note that Mary Jane had left, "I knew you were still in love with me." Jack then produced more gruesome proof that Mary Jane had been there -- Mary Jane's dead cat's tail.

Mary Jane wandered around a wooded area of the Newman ranch. She told herself that the area would be a perfect place to bury her kitty. She remembered Zapato holding the kitty's tail in his mouth, and lamented the fact that her cat couldn't be laid to rest. She told herself that Zapato needed to be punished.

Paul and J.T. met at Crimson Lights. J.T. was thrilled when Paul asked him to become his partner. Paul asked J.T. if he needed to discuss the job offer with Victoria, but J.T. said that he didn't need to. Paul said that their first case was tracking down Mary Jane Benson, who had hurt Summer, tormented Ashley, and was obsessed with Jack. Later, Victoria was upset with J.T. for having accepted Paul's offer without first talking it over with her.

At the wedding chapel, Nikki ran into Father Todd Williams, Paul's brother. Todd and Nikki reminisced about Paul's long friendship with Nikki. After Todd left to meet a friend, Nikki remembered a moment 20 years earlier when Paul had told her that he loved her. In her head, Nikki heard Victor's words, "He loves you far more than you love him."

Nikki remembered exchanging vows with Victor at all three of their weddings. Victoria showed up and asked Nikki what she was daydreaming about. Nikki said that she had been thinking about all the times she had walked down the aisle. Victoria joked that half of Nikki's weddings had been to Victor. Victoria said that Nikki and Paul looked happy together, but wondered if her mother was having any doubts about the marriage.

Nikki told Victoria that she had run into Victor earlier at the club, and that she had been thinking about him. Victoria repeated what she had said earlier at Nick's -- that it was hard to pull away from Victor's gravitational pull. She said that it was natural that Nikki would be thinking about Victor that day, and that it was healthy for Nikki to get it out of her system. After Victoria left, Nikki reminisced about tender moments that she had shared with Victor, including their first meeting with Zapato.

Jack arrived at the chapel to wish Nikki good luck. Convinced that their lives would have turned out much differently if their child hadn't been stillborn, Nikki and Jack lit a candle in memory of the baby they lost. Jack told Nikki that she deserved better than Victor, and that she was lucky to be marrying Paul, a man who would put her first. After Jack left, Nikki remembered some of the horrible fights that she had with Victor.

Nick showed up at the chapel to wish his mother well. He told Nikki how pretty Summer looked in her flower girl dress. Nikki asked her son if he would walk her down the aisle. Nick said that he would be honored to. Nick received a phone call and had to leave. Before he did, he told Nikki how good Paul was for her. After Nick was gone, Nikki remembered talking with Paul about the first time they had met, when Paul had bought her an ice cream cone.

Paul visited Nikki at the chapel and presented her with a wedding gift -- a necklace with an ice cream cone charm, symbolizing the first time they had met. A smiling Nikki asked Paul to put the necklace around her neck. Paul talked about the long journey that he and Nikki had been on. Nikki said that she couldn't wait to take the final steps of that journey -- down the aisle the next day. The couple kissed passionately.

At the Newman ranch, Ashley told Adam that she was going to take Zapato out for a walk. Ashley and Adam discussed how they both were going a little stir crazy in the house. Adam said that he had heard about Victor's business machinations, and that they would be enough to drive anyone crazy. Realizing what he had said, Adam quickly added that he didn't think Ashley was crazy. Ashley told Adam how sweet he was, and that she didn't know what she would do without him and Zapato.

Later, Victor found an upset Ashley in the living room. She told him that Zapato had been chasing a rabbit and had gotten off his leash. Ashley insisted that she had to find the dog. Adam told them that Zapato wasn't upstairs. Victor looked on the front porch, saw the listless Zapato, and wondered if the dog was all right.

Victor carried Zapato inside and called Dr. Nuñez, his veterinarian. The vet said that it appeared that Zapato had gotten into some type of poison, and needed to go to the clinic for some tests. Ashley blamed herself -- she remembered that the exterminator had sprayed for ticks near the stables earlier that week. Victor assured Ashley that Zapato's illness wasn't her fault. Victor asked Nuñez if the poisoning could have been intentional. The doctor said that she would know more after she ran blood tests.

Paul called Victor to tell him that Mary Jane was still in town. Victor mentioned that Zapato might have been poisoned, and wondered whether there might be some connection to Mary Jane. Victor asked Paul to stop by. Paul told Victor that he was busy with wedding plans, but that he would send J.T. to investigate.

Zapato died on a sofa at the ranch. Ashley became hysterical. Adam tried to console her, telling her that Zapato was at peace. Victor asked Dr. Nuñez to find out whether the dog had been poisoned. As the vet left, Victor's eyes began welling up with tears. Ashley continued to blame herself. Victor sent her upstairs to rest. After Ashley was gone, Victor told Adam that Paul had called with the news that Mary Jane was still in town, and asked his son not to tell Ashley. Adam, acting as if he didn't know Mary Jane, said that Mary Jane sounded like a psycho, and wondered if she had anything to do with Zapato's death.

Jack stopped by the ranch to talk with Victor about Mary Jane. He told Victor that Mary Jane was stalking him. Victor told Jack that Zapato had been poisoned, and added that he was beefing up security at the ranch -- no one was being allowed on the property except for the immediate family. Jack mentioned that he was hiring security to guard the Abbott mansion. Victor asked Jack not to tell Ashley that Mary Jane was still in town. Ashley descended the stairs as Jack and Victor were finishing their conversation.

Ashley entered the living room and wondered if Jack and Victor were arguing. Jack expressed his sympathy about Zapato's death. Jack once again asked her to stay with him at the Abbott mansion, but both Ashley and Victor said that she preferred to stay at the ranch. Victor escorted Jack to the door, and the men agreed to keep each other apprised if they received any information about Mary Jane.

At the front door of the Abbott mansion, a nicely-dressed Mary Jane placed some flowers, along with a note that read, "Thanks for last night. I'll be by to see you again really soon."

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Tyra and Neil led a weak Lily, back from the hospital, and inside Neil's apartment. Lily got comfortable on the sofa, but Neil suggested that she rest in bed. Lily said that she would be spending plenty of time in bed once she started chemotherapy, and cheered up when Humphrey jumped on the sofa to greet her. Neil told Lily that he had purchased her favorite foods and magazines, and he wondered if there was anything else that she needed. Lily said that she needed to see Cane.

Neil, clearly not pleased with that idea, told Lily that it was too soon for her to have company. Lily said that Cane wasn't company -- he was her husband. Tyra reminded Neil that Cane had convinced Lily to return to the hospital to have surgery. Lily called Cane and told him that she wanted to see him. Cane said that he was on his way.

Cane showed up at Neil's, and told Lily that he had known that she was home from the hospital, as he had been in contact with Tyra. He told Lily that she looked beautiful, to which Lily sarcastically replied, "Yeah. I'm a vision." Tyra and Neil left the apartment to give the Ashbys some private time.

Lily told Cane that she was surprised that he hadn't visited her in the hospital after her surgery. Cane said that he had wanted to visit her, but that he hadn't wanted to upset Neil or Devon. Lily said that she had been afraid that Cane had left town. Cane understood that Lily had good reason not to trust anything that he said. A deliveryman showed up with a gift basket for Lily. When Lily wondered who had sent it, Cane admitted that he had -- he had ordered it before he knew that he would be visiting Lily that day. Lily was touched.

The gift basket contained some of Lily's favorite foods, movies, and a trashy romance novel. Cane had also done research to find out what items patients undergoing chemotherapy needed. The gift basket contained eye drops to combat dry eyes that chemotherapy could cause. Other items included peppermint and ginger tea to settle possible stomach problems, antibacterial hand lotion, gentle baby shampoo, and a lint roller. Cane explained that many chemotherapy patients had their hair cut short to lessen the emotional trauma if their hair fell out. The lint roller was to pick up hair. Cane told Lily that she looked tired, and he was about to leave to allow her to rest. Lily asked Cane not to go. She, Cane, and Humphrey cuddled on the sofa.

At Crimson Lights, Neil told Tyra that he was displeased that she had maintained contact with Cane. Tyra defended herself by saying that Cane had played a large role in convincing Lily to have her surgery, and that he deserved to know what was going on. When Tyra said that Cane would be a source of strength for Lily, Neil expressed his concern that Cane would mess with Lily's head. Tyra reminded Neil that Cane's presence comforted Lily. Neil said that Lily would be reminded of the future that she and Cane should have had, which had been ruined by Cane's lies and Lily's cancer. Neil wondered how that would be good for Lily.

Neil told Tyra that he knew that she had meant well by having kept Cane apprised of Lily's condition. Tyra said that she had only wanted to help. Neil said that she was trying too hard to be helpful. Tyra said that she felt as if she couldn't win with Neil -- she hadn't asked one thing of him, but he didn't like her trying to be supportive. She told Neil that she had overheard him talking with Drucilla -- but reminded Neil that Drucilla was dead, and that Tyra was there and alive. She asked Neil whether or not he wanted to be with her. Neil said that his priority was Lily, and that he didn't have the energy to think about where his relationship with Tyra was going. Tyra said, "Okay. I guess I got my answer." Tyra left the table, and pulled away when Neil tried to grasp her arm.

At the Newman ranch, a semi-catatonic Ashley found Victor in the living room. She said that she was too wound up to sleep. Victor said that he knew that Ashley was still upset with him. She told Victor that she would have left him if she weren't pregnant with his child. She was irate that Victor had tried to manipulate the Abbott family behind her back.

Victor insisted that he and Ashley have a conversation to clear the air. Ashley said that she didn't want to talk about it that night -- that it wouldn't be good for the baby. She added that she was thinking about poor Zapato, and that she didn't want to make what had been a miserable day any worse. Ashley hallucinated that Sabrina appeared and told Ashley that the ranch was a death trap. Victor wondered why Ashley had a terrified expression on her face.

Ashley told Victor that she appreciated him wanting to take care of her, but that she didn't have anything to say to him. When Victor said that things used to be so easy between them, Ashley said that she wasn't the one who had ruined their relationship. When Victor left to get tea, "Sabrina" told Ashley that she knew everything about Ashley -- and that she knew a secret about Ashley's baby.

Victor returned with the tea, and asked Ashley if everything was okay. She told him not to ask her that anymore. Sabrina asked Ashley how Victor could say that he loved Ashley when he had stabbed the Abbotts in the back. Ashley told Victor that she knew that he had been deeply in love with Sabrina, and how alone and lost Victor had been after Sabrina's death. Ashley wondered if she and Victor would have ended up together if Ashley hadn't searched for Victor after Sabrina's death. She said that she felt as if she were a consolation prize -- that Victor's true loves were Nikki and Sabrina. Victor said that he had loved Ashley for years. Ashley reminded Victor that he had loved many women -- including Nikki and Sabrina, and that although Victor often told Ashley how much he loved her, she felt that Victor didn't really know who she was.

At Crimson Lights, Phyllis and Sharon ran into each other, and engaged in awkward conversation. Phyllis purposely flashed the new ring that Nick had given her in Sharon's face. When Phyllis said that she had to go to Nikki and Paul's wedding rehearsal, Sharon snidely commented that there had been several ceremonies in the Newman family during the past few days.

At the wedding chapel, Father Todd presided over the rehearsal for Paul and Nikki's wedding. Heather showed up and greeted her Uncle Todd. Todd asked Heather if her new boyfriend would be at the ceremony, but Nikki quickly intervened and said that Adam would be unable to attend. Todd said that he would be unable to attend the rehearsal dinner, as he was having dinner with Mary, who didn't feel up to attending the rehearsal. Nick said that Phyllis was giving last-minute instructions to Reed and Summer's sitter, but would be joining them at the Athletic Club for the rehearsal dinner. Katherine said that Murphy was attending a lodge benefit, but would also meet them at the club for dinner. As the rehearsal began, Nick escorted Nikki down the aisle. He told his mother that he was happy that Paul and Nikki would end up "happily ever after."

Phyllis showed up at the rehearsal, having finished early with Reed and Summer's sitter. Victoria asked Phyllis if Reed was asleep, but Phyllis told her that he was staying up late and eating ice cream. Victoria was upset when Phyllis told her that Reed's staying up past his usual bedtime had been okayed by J.T. Father Todd continued the rehearsal. At the end of the rehearsal, Paul kissed Nikki passionately and said that he couldn't wait until she was Mrs. Paul Williams. He hugged Nikki, whose face was filled with doubt.

The wedding party moved to the Athletic Club for the rehearsal dinner. Murphy joined the group and told them that rain was predicted for the following day. J.T. and Paul jokingly argued about whether rain was an omen of good or bad luck for the marriage. Phyllis spoke about how happy she was with Nick, while an irritated Sharon listened from a nearby table.

Nick proposed a toast. He said that people fell in love every day, but to fall in love with someone all over again was special. Hearing that was enough for Sharon, who left the club. When Nick spoke about how important trust was in a marriage, the Hellstroms glanced uncomfortably at each other. Nikki again wore a doubtful expression as everyone wished her and Paul a long and happy life together.

The dinner ended, and the guests began leaving. Murphy walked Heather out, leaving Katherine to speak privately with Nikki. Katherine said that she had given a lot of thought to their previous conversation, during which she had accused Nikki of still clinging to Victor. Katherine admitted to having been wrong, and admitted that she, and not Nikki, had been stuck in the past. Katherine admitted to not having been as in love with Phillip II as she had always thought she had been.

Nikki was flabbergasted, and said that she thought that Phillip had been the true love of Katherine's life. Katherine said that wasn't true, and that her perception of her love for Phillip had been fueled by her feud with Jill. Katherine told Nikki that marrying Murphy had put things in perspective for her, and that she was where, and with whom, she was supposed to be -- just like Nikki and Paul. Before leaving, Katherine congratulated Paul and Nikki, telling them that their future would hold everything they dreamed of. Nikki looked unconvinced.

J.T. and Victoria were the only members of the wedding party remaining in the dining room. When J.T. said that the evening had been fun, Victoria gave him the silent treatment. J.T. asked his wife what he had done wrong. Victoria told him that he shouldn't have allowed Reed to stay up all night eating ice cream. J.T. told Victoria to give him a break -- it was just a one-time thing. Victoria complained that it would throw Reed off of his sleep-wake schedule. J.T. said that the situation had nothing to do with Reed -- rather it had to do with Victoria being annoyed that she wasn't in total control of everything.

In a jewelry store, Sharon stared through the case at some rings. She asked a salesman to show her one of them. Sharon admired the ring on her finger.

Nick and Phyllis returned to the tack house. Nick put Summer to bed, while Phyllis looked through some photos of their daughter. Phyllis told Nick that she had run into Sharon, and that they had a civil conversation. Nick joked that the run-in sounded boring. Phyllis told Nick that boring was something that she and Nick would never be. The Newmans kissed and began to make love.

Paul and Nikki returned to the chapel. Nikki, her eyes glazed over, mustered up the courage to tell Paul that she was sorry, but that she couldn't marry him. Paul was stunned as Nikki began to cry.

Friday, August 7, 2009

At the jewelry store, Sharon had the same ring as Nick bought for Phyllis on her hand. While the jeweler told Sharon about the ring, referring to Nick buying the same ring for his renewal ceremony, Sharon thought about Nick and how he told Sharon he had recommitted to Phyllis. Upset and out of it, Sharon didn't respond to the jeweler when he asked if Sharon was all right. Without responding, Sharon bolted out of the store, still wearing the ring. The jeweler called for her to stop and sent security after Sharon. The security guard returned with Sharon in tow.

Sharon denied that she had taken the ring, but the proof was on her hand. Sharon was genuinely shocked and claimed she hadn't meant to take the ring. Sharon tried to explain why she reacted as she did, but the owner said the police were already on the way and she would have to explain it to them. When the cops showed up, the jeweler told the officers there might have been a misunderstanding. One of the cops, however, recognized Sharon from her past arrests for theft. The jeweler turned on Sharon and told the cops to arrest her. Sharon offered to buy the ring for double the price, but the jeweler would not relent. The police took Sharon away.

As a big rainstorm approached, Victoria arrived at Nick's house. Nick asked why she was out on such a nasty night. Victoria said that she wanted to talk to her little brother and asked him for a beer. Nick complied, and brother and sister toasted to Nikki and Paul's upcoming wedding. Victoria wondered why some couples could stick together for the long haul while others -- like Nikki and Victor -- failed. Victoria felt that she was doomed to be a failure at relationships and recalled all the men in her life.

Nick told Victoria not to be so maudlin. Victoria didn't think Nikki would ever truly be over Victor, but Nick believed that Paul had a strong enough influence on Nikki to make it work. Nick wanted to think that Nikki and Victor were with the people they belonged with. Nick asked Victoria how things were with J.T. Victoria admitted her marriage was troubled. Nick advised her to choose to be happy, because life could be cruel, like when he heard learned that Summer was in a coma. Victoria asked if Nick was over Sharon. Nick said that he realized that Phyllis and Summer were his life and his future.

At the ranch, Ashley confronted Victor about what he meant when he said he loved her. Ashley questioned the nasty things Victor did in the name of love, like forcing Colleen off the Newman Board of Directors. Victor said what he did was just business. Ashley was not convinced. Victor asked what he could do to assuage her, but Ashley said that was Victor's problem. Ashley complained that Victor never realized that there were consequences for his actions.

At the church, everyone had left except Paul and Nikki. Paul was stunned when Nikki confessed that she didn't want to go through with the wedding. Nikki said it wouldn't be fair to Paul because she didn't love him completely. Nikki appreciated how supportive Paul had been to her for 30 years, but it wasn't a good enough reason to get married. Paul was speechless. Nikki said that she didn't want Paul to settle, and that was what he would be doing if they went through with the wedding.

Paul disagreed. He said it would be an honor to be her husband. Paul suggested that they postpone the wedding until her doubts were erased, but Nikki said that wouldn't be fair to him. She removed the engagement ring and handed it back to him. He refused to take it, so she placed it on the side. Nikki said she would be leaving Genoa City for a while to think about her life and what she wanted for her future. Nikki handed him a note and asked him to read it later. Nikki asked Paul to cancel the wedding plans. Paul said yes, but he was in tears. He told Nikki that he still loved her and wanted her to marry him. Paul then realized by the look in her eyes that someone was in between them -- Victor. Nikki said goodbye and walked out.

Paul read Nikki's note while sitting alone in the church. A short time later, Heather appeared. She asked Paul why he wanted her to meet him there. Paul told Heather that Nikki had called off the wedding. Heather was sorry for Paul. Paul had something else to tell Heather. It concerned Adam.

Back at the ranch, Victor asked Ashley not to let her questions about his business tactics drive a wedge between them. Victor asked her to think of the baby and how to relieve her stress. Ashley said she would take a sleeping pill and try to rest. When Victor said he would join her in the bedroom, she said no and Victor resigned himself to spending the night in the guest room. Ashley walked out of the room, leaving Victor alone and concerned. The front door opened and Nikki let herself into the house. She walked into the living room and faced Victor.

Victor asked what Nikki was doing there. Nikki said that she felt like the ranch was her home and Victor was her husband. Victor wondered if she had been drinking, but Nikki was sober and clear-headed. Adam listened from the other room as Nikki told Victor she had three words for him -- he was right. Nikki had called off her wedding to Paul. Nikki admitted she had only loved one man with her entire heart and soul, and that man was Victor.

Nikki believed that Victor felt the same about her, no matter how many other women or children happened along. Victor was speechless. Nikki said she had a cab waiting and she was not there for him to take her back. Nikki was grateful that Victor no longer wished her dead. Nikki took comfort in the good times they had shared. Victor reminded Nikki that Ashley and their child were his priority.

Nikki wanted Victor to know the truth before she left. Nikki said she had sent Ashley to save Victor the previous summer after their encounter in Mexico, because Nikki was compelled to do whatever necessary to save Victor. Nikki wanted Victor to know her love for him had been unselfish. Nikki had sent her worst enemy, Ashley, knowing that Ashley would win Victor's heart again. Nikki said she would be leaving Genoa City and she didn't know where she was going or for how long she would be going.

Victor admitted his life at that moment was very difficult. Victor reached out to hug Nikki, but she told him not to worry about her. Nikki was resigned to live her life alone, but she would no longer be in denial about her love for Victor. Nikki walked out of the house. She saw that her taxi had not waited for her, so she called for another. Nikki told the dispatcher that she would walk to the main road and wait for the driver. Nikki put the hood to her raincoat over her head as the rain began to fall.

Victor thought about Nikki's words, then went out to the front of the house. Adam emerged from the other room and wondered what Victor was doing, if he was following Nikki. In the rain, meanwhile, Nikki walked to the main road with memories of her earliest meetings with Victor racing through her mind.

Ashley was asleep when she had a nightmare about Sabrina. In the dream, Ashley followed Sabrina and saw her holding a baby. Sabrina said the baby was hers and Victor was hers forever. Ashley awakened in tears. Ashley went downstairs, wanting to know where Victor was. Adam said that Victor had gone out. Ashley took the car keys and said she had to find Victor. Adam watched her leave the house. Talking to himself, Adam said Ashley was nuts.

A short time later, Adam answered the front door and was confronted by Heather about being gay. Heather explained that Nikki had canceled the wedding and given Paul a note about Adam before she left, so Heather would know the truth. Adam said that Nikki had lied when she said Adam was gay. Adam insisted that he was not gay. Heather recalled Nikki trying to tell her at the coffee shop a few days before. Heather remembered that Rafe had been there, too.

When Adam denied that he was gay, Heather said she would ask Rafe if he knew if Nikki was right or not. Adam stopped her from calling Rafe. Adam tried to explain what had happened with him and Rafe. Adam said his encounter with Rafe was an experiment. Adam declared his love for Heather and said he wanted to marry her. Heather was grateful that she finally knew the truth about Adam. Heather accused Adam of being a cheater and a liar. Heather said she never wanted to see Adam again.

Victor arrived at the church to find Paul still there. Victor wanted to know where Nikki was going. Paul didn't know her plans. Paul said Nikki walked out on both of them, and he thought Nikki would be gone for a long time. Paul was heartbroken. He said if Victor wanted to track Nikki down, that was Victor prerogative. Paul walked out of the church, leaving Victor alone. Victor turned to the altar and admitted that he loved Nikki.

Out on the main road, Ashley was driving her car in the rain. Nikki was waiting for the cab. Ashley saw Nikki, but in her mind she looked like Sabrina. Ashley drove the car in Nikki's direction.

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