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General Hospital Recaps: The week of August 3, 2009 on GH
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Monday, August 3, 2009

At the hospital, Claudia was watching a television news report about her accident when her cell phone rang. It was Jerry Jacks; he was on a private jet. Claudia told Jerry that his services were no longer needed. Jerry was curious about Claudia's change of heart. Claudia revealed that Alexis had confessed to causing the accident. Initially, Jerry didn't believe Claudia, but her lack of enthusiasm to find Michael had changed his mind.

Jerry informed Claudia that she no longer called the shots. He confided that his new target was Jason Morgan. Before Claudia could respond, Jerry ended the call. Moments later, Johnny entered Claudia's room. When Claudia revealed that she knew about Alexis' confession, Johnny suggested that it was time for Claudia to end her marriage to Sonny.

Claudia insisted that her marriage could be saved. Johnny decided that Claudia needed to understand how little Sonny cared for her. Johnny revealed that during her accident, he had walked into Olivia's apartment to find Sonny and Olivia engaged in a heated kiss. Claudia was stunned.

Sonny stood in Olivia's living room, while she told him that she had no intention of becoming involved with him. Sonny refused to be treated as if he didn't matter to her. Olivia confessed that she was attracted to him, but she was determined not to act on those feelings. Sonny admitted that he wasn't in love with his wife; he only wanted to help Claudia through the loss of the baby.

Olivia refused to be swayed. She recognized that Sonny wasn't good for her. He was forced to agree when Olivia insisted that she deserved better than Sonny. Olivia walked to the door, opened it, and then asked Sonny to leave. Sonny hesitated a moment before he quietly walked away.

When Sonny ran into Mike at the hospital, he confided to his father that he had behaved terribly toward Claudia. Mike admitted that he usually had poor fatherly advice, but he suggested that Sonny reach a decision about his marriage. Mike didn't think that Sonny was doing Claudia any favors by staying with his wife out of guilt. Sonny agreed that it was time for him to make a clean break.

As Claudia slept, she dreamed of cradling her infant son while she talked to him. In her dream, Claudia beamed with joy when Sonny entered the hospital room. She proudly introduced Sonny to their son and then abruptly woke up. Claudia cried when she realized that it had just been a dream. Her tears turned to sobs when Sonny entered her room moments later.

Johnny immediately sensed that Olivia was troubled when he stopped by her apartment. After Olivia invited Johnny inside, she told him about her visit with Sonny. Olivia was confident that Sonny understood that she wasn't interested in pursuing a relationship. Johnny realized how hurt Olivia was; he told her that Sonny didn't deserve her tears.

Olivia decided to stop feeling sorry for herself. She fetched them something to drink and then rejoined Johnny on the sofa. They were both amazed at how easy their friendship was. Johnny confessed that he had felt comfortable talking to her from the moment they had met at Jake's. According to Johnny, Olivia "got" him. Olivia smiled as Johnny leaned over to kiss her. The kiss quickly turned passionate.

As Jason and Sam drove to the Mexican border, they discussed the possibilities of where Michael and Kristina's were headed. Jason suspected that Michael intended to go to El Paso or Veracruz. Sam suggested that they split up, so that one of them could look for the teens in El Paso while the other searched for the kids in Veracruz. When she sensed Jason's hesitation, Sam reminded him that she was perfectly capable to taking care of herself.

Jason and Sam appeared keenly aware of each other and of their past history together. They stole glances and seemed to be reflective at times. When Jason noticed that Sam had fallen asleep, he reached into the back seat to retrieve something to cover her with. After Sam woke up, she was surprised to discover that Jason had stopped for gas and some snacks. As she reached for the bag of goodies, she recalled how much her brother, Danny, had loved taking long trips in cars.

Jason sensed that Sam missed her brother. Sam admitted that she thought of Danny every day. She took the opportunity to thank Jason for how well he had treated her brother. Jason confessed that he had liked Danny. Sam changed the subject as she scanned the selection of snacks. She recalled their trip to Hawaii. Jason rolled his eyes, sensing where Sam was headed with the conversation.

Sam laughed as she reminded Jason about some Macadamia nut brittle that she had bought. According to Sam, she had to cajole Jason to try a piece. Once he had tasted the treat, Jason had consumed the entire bag before Sam had an opportunity to have any of the delicious candy. Jason wondered why Sam persisted in reminding him of the incident. Sam grinned as she confided that she liked knowing one of his few weaknesses.

Once Jason and Sam had reached the border, Sam climbed out of the SUV. She intended to cross into Mexico on foot. Before Jason continued on to Veracruz, he handed Sam a gun for protection.

On a bus headed to Mexico, Michael and Kristina reminisced about home. Kristina admitted that she missed her sister, Molly. Kristina bragged about Molly's intelligence; she confessed that she wished she were more like Molly. Michael chuckled as he accused Kristina of being perfect.

Kristina worried that, with her gone, Alexis would begin to pressure Molly the way she had Kristina. Michael offered to send Kristina home, but she declined. Kristina insisted on staying with Michael. When Kristina continued to put herself down, Michael expressed his frustration. He couldn't understand why Kristina was so hard on herself.

Kristina recalled the incident at the country club with Kiefer. Kristina believed that she had failed her brother. Michael made it clear that he did not think less of her. Moments later, the bus reached El Paso. Once they were off of the bus, Michael and Kristina bought a map then headed into Mexico on foot.

Jerry lurked nearby, watching Michael and Kristina.

At Jake's, Lulu was furious as Ethan and Lucky took turns pummeling Dominic. Dominic didn't help matters by intentionally antagonizing the brothers. The fight continued until Nikolas and Rebecca entered the bar. Nikolas intervened when he heard Lulu's pleas for Ethan and Lucky to stop fighting.

After Nikolas pulled Ethan and Lucky off of Dominic, Coleman walked out with a tab for the damages. Nikolas couldn't believe that Ethan and Lucky had finally bonded over assaulting a stranger. When Nikolas was informed that Dominic worked for Sonny, his attitude changed. However, before Nikolas could pick up where Ethan and Lucky had left off, Rebecca stepped in.

Rebecca pointed out that Lulu was old enough to make her own choices. As her brothers, Nikolas, Lucky, and Ethan had to respect that. Meanwhile Dominic continued to bait Lulu's brothers. He asked Lulu if she had antiseptic and bandages at her apartment. Lulu smiled smugly at her brothers before she helped Dominic out of his seat and then carefully led him out of the bar.

Behind the bar, Colman confessed that he was impressed with Dominic. Coleman found it a fascinating tactic to allow oneself to be beaten in order to get the girl. Nikolas pointed out that if Lucky and Ethan had ignored Dominic, Lulu probably would have walked away from him.

Rebecca went over to the pool table to set up a game for her and Nikolas. Ethan followed Rebecca to ask her why she was at Jake's with Nikolas. When Rebecca was unapologetic about her relationship with Nikolas, Ethan snapped that she was nothing more than a stand-in for her dead twin. Ethan returned to the bar to watch Nikolas and Rebecca.

Lulu took Dominic to General Hospital to have his injuries checked and treated. He was a bit taken aback by Epiphany's abruptness when she discovered that he had been in a bar fight. However, when Dominic tried to leave, Epiphany made it clear that he wasn't going anywhere until she said so. Lulu smiled with satisfaction.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Nikolas and Rebecca played a game of pool at Jake's and decided to make a friendly wager. If Rebecca won the game, she could ask Nikolas for anything. If Nikolas won, though, Rebecca had to move back in with him. Rebecca won, but she accused him of throwing the game. She decided to take her win anyway, though. She put money in the jukebox and asked for a dance. As they danced, Nikolas asked if she would move in with him, but she didn't want to rush things. Besides, Rebecca had been the one to win the game of pool. Unbeknownst to them, Ethan watched them from the shadows.

Rebecca took Nikolas back to the Quartermaine mansion, where they kissed and things soon became hot and heavy. Rebecca wanted Nikolas to spend the night with her, but Nikolas knocked something off the table in the foyer and claimed it was an accident. The crash sent Edward rushing out of the living room, where he demanded that Nikolas leave at once. Rebecca tried to argue, but Nikolas quickly left.

After Nikolas was gone, Rebecca told Edward that she only agreed to live with the Quartermaines in exchange for the $10,000 Edward had given her. She didn't specify how long she would stay, though. Edward threatened to tell Nikolas if Rebecca left, and Rebecca decided it wasn't worth the fight.

At General Hospital, Patrick told Robin that Alexis had confessed to being the other driver in Claudia's accident. Robin found it very hard to believe that Alexis would allow a brain-injured teenager to take the blame for something she had done. More importantly, though, Patrick thought Alexis could also be the one responsible for Brianna Hughes' murder.

As Robin and Liz discussed Alexis' possible crimes, Robin noticed the stress Liz seemed to be under, and asked if she would be up for a girls' night out. Liz was ecstatic, and Robin agreed to be the designated driver for all four of the girls.

Liz was the first to arrive at Jake's, and after a brief conversation with Coleman, the tequila and limes were ready and waiting on the table. Liz saw Ethan in the corner and asked what he was doing there. Ethan explained about the fight he and Lucky had gotten into when an unscrupulous man had been flirting with Lulu. Nikolas and Rebecca had shown, up also, but they were oblivious to the fact that anyone else was there. Ethan gave an ominous warning to Liz before he left, telling her she shouldn't be alone.

It wasn't long before Liz realized no one else was going to show for the girls' night out. Nikolas arrived to get the name of the song that Rebecca had played on the jukebox earlier that night, and he decided to sit down and have a drink with Liz. She tried to show him the proper way to drink tequila, and he was quickly drunk. He told Liz that every time he got drunk, he had an overwhelming urge to kiss her.

Patrick found Robin in the lab at the hospital and realized she had bailed on her girls' night out. Robin had a feeling about Alexis, and she just didn't believe that Alexis was responsible for Brianna Hughes' murder. Suddenly, Robin grabbed the picture of the autopsy and gave a quick demonstration to Patrick.

The mayor was about the same height as Patrick, and Robin was about the same height as Brianna. If the mayor had hit Brianna, it would have caused an injury towards the top of Brianna's skull. The autopsy results showed Brianna's injury had been at the back of her head. Whoever had hit Brianna had to be shorter than the mayor. That left two suspects: Alexis and the mayor's wife.

Rebecca answered the door and found an intoxicated Ethan there to see her. She ushered him into the living room and tried to keep him quiet. Rebecca said she would get Ethan his money, but it would all be over after that. Rebecca wanted a shot at a real relationship with Nikolas. Ethan no longer wanted the money, though. He had changed his mind, and all Ethan wanted was Rebecca.

Back at the hospital, Dominic flirted with Lulu and convinced her to stay with him until he had been checked out. Epiphany was exasperated with him, but she was shocked when Dominic took off his shirt to reveal a gunshot wound. Epiphany wanted to report the injury to the police, but Dominic convinced her that it would be devastating to Lulu, since her brother had been involved in the fight at Jake's. As Dominic was preparing to leave the hospital, he tried to talk Lulu into staying with him at his apartment to make sure he didn't have a concussion. Lulu didn't fall for his games and left him alone in the elevator.

Sonny tried to comfort Claudia after her nightmare, but she told him it had not been a nightmare. She had dreamt of holding their son. He was warm and had weight to him. In the dream, Sonny had arrived to take them home, and Claudia had never been so happy in all her life. Claudia realized they hadn't even named their son, and Sonny felt as if it had been his fault. He hadn't wanted the baby and wished it had been Ric's. Sonny felt the baby's death was a punishment to him, but Claudia told him to never blame himself again.

Patrick checked on Claudia and told her she should be able to go home the next day. After he was gone, Sonny asked if she would consider going home with him. Claudia said she was tired of walking on eggshells with him. Sonny understood, but he felt they both owed it to their child to try to get along.

At Olivia's apartment, Johnny and Olivia were exhausted after making love. Johnny wanted to make sure Olivia was still sure about whatever it was they had going on. Olivia was sure, but she couldn't figure out why he would ask. Johnny explained that the more time he spent with her, the more he wanted a relationship with her. He didn't want to be like Sonny, though. Olivia wasn't worried, because the two men were completely different in her eyes.

As Olivia and Johnny got dressed, he asked about the picture of her son on the mantel. Olivia had not told Dante about Johnny, and it wasn't something she looked forward to. Johnny left briefly and returned with take-out and flowers. The gifts were left on the table, though, as Johnny and Olivia were quickly undressing each other and making out on the couch. The door wasn't shut all the way, and Dante walked in and saw his mother half-dressed on top of Johnny on the couch.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

At Jake's, Liz and Nikolas exchanged sexual banter while they drank shots of tequila. Nikolas reminded Liz that drinking tended to get them into trouble. Liz admitted that she liked to get into trouble when she drank, while Nikolas enjoyed kissing her. Nikolas wondered if Liz had thought about their kiss.

Liz confided that she had thought about it often. She also revealed that their kiss had surprised her and that it had felt right. Nikolas confessed that was how he had remembered it. Liz speculated that things might have gone differently the night that they had kissed, but she believed that they were better off as friends. Nikolas reluctantly agreed.

Nikolas acknowledged what Liz meant to Lucky. He understood that while she could love other men, he couldn't be one of them. When Liz suggested that she wasn't the person that Nikolas wanted, Nikolas replied, "Are you sure about that? Because I'm not."

Liz realized that she had made some poor choices in the past; as a result she had learned to recognize bad ideas. Liz was certain that becoming involved with Nikolas would be a very bad idea because too many people would be hurt. Nikolas agreed. As they prepared to leave, he offered to have his limo drop her off at home. Liz decided not to tempt fate, so she took a cab.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Ethan told Rebecca that she was the one person who truly knew him. Ethan considered Rebecca a kindred spirit because, like Ethan, adoptive parents had raised her. Ethan claimed that he viewed his adoptive parents as the only real parents he had. Luke had been a huge disappointment because he had dropped out of Ethan's life without any warning.

Rebecca implored Ethan to understand that her feelings for Nikolas were genuine. She stressed that her relationship was no longer part of their scam. Rebecca promised to pay Ethan the money that she owed him, but Ethan rejected the offer. He declared that he was no longer interested in the money. Ethan wanted a future with Rebecca.

Rebecca was certain that it was only the alcohol talking, but Ethan insisted that he was sincere. Ethan warned Rebecca that what she had with Nikolas wouldn't last, because Nikolas didn't know the real Rebecca. In a desperate attempt to sway Rebecca, Ethan kissed her. However, Rebecca failed to respond to the kiss.

Olivia and Johnny were on the sofa in the middle of a heated kiss when Dominic barged into the apartment. Olivia jumped off the sofa and then put some distance between her and Johnny. Johnny was furious that Dominic had walked into the apartment uninvited. Johnny assumed that Dominic was there to see him on behalf of Sonny. Johnny promised to meet up with Sonny later and then ordered Dominic leave. Dominic seemed slightly shell-shocked as he turned and walked out.

Olivia admitted that the intrusion had rattled her. She assured Johnny that she wasn't worried about Sonny learning that Johnny had been in her apartment. Olivia was upset because she had seen herself through Dominic's eyes. She didn't like the image that she had presented.

At the hospital, Claudia asked Sonny if he wanted her to live with him after she was released from the hospital. Sonny confessed that he thought she needed to be in a familiar place where she was comfortable. Sonny promised to give Claudia what she needed and to treat her with the respect that she deserved. Claudia was pleased, but she wanted to know what Sonny's expectations were.

Sonny regretted how he had treated her. He insisted that he wanted the opportunity to be decent to her. Claudia seemed satisfied with his answer. Before Sonny left, he offered to have her bedroom prepared for her arrival. Claudia appreciated his consideration.

A short time later, Jerry called Claudia. Jerry wanted to know if anyone else had confessed to causing Claudia's accident. According to Jerry, it appeared to be a popular thing to do. Claudia ignored the barb; she demanded to know if Jerry had found Michael. When Jerry refused to share the details of his search, Claudia reminded him that Jason and Sam were looking for the teens.

Jerry confessed that he looked forward to seeing "Sweet Sam" again. Claudia threatened to give Jerry up in a "heartbeat" if Michael was harmed. Jerry reminded Claudia that she had set the events into motion when she had contacted him, so she had to live with the consequences. Moments later, Johnny entered the room. He snatched the phone out of Claudia's hand when he realized that she had been talking to Jerry.

He was furious that Claudia had sent Jerry after Michael because of a twisted vendetta for a crime that Michael wasn't even responsible for. Johnny accused Claudia of being a "crazy bitch." Johnny couldn't believe that Claudia continued to mess with Michael's life even after she had put him in a coma. Claudia couldn't defend herself, so she revealed that Jerry's new target was Jason.

Johnny became more infuriated. He reminded Claudia that Jason had saved his life during the ambush that she had orchestrated. Claudia wondered if that meant that Johnny was loyal to Jason rather than to her. Johnny pointed out that Jason didn't get children shot nor did Jason plot "half-assed hits." According to Johnny, Jason was cautious and thought things through.

Johnny decided to wash his hands of his sister. He informed Claudia that he wanted nothing further to do with her; he didn't want her to call him nor confide in him. When Johnny threatened to tell Sonny everything, including Claudia's role in Michael's shooting, Claudia reminded him that Sonny would kill her. Johnny admitted that he wouldn't blame Sonny. Claudia was speechless as Johnny stormed out of the hospital room.

At Kelly's, Mike was short a waitress, so Lulu offered to cover a shift. As she donned her apron, Dominic walked in. Dominic sat down at the counter and confessed to Lulu that his head was hurting. Lulu assumed Dominic was pretending to have a concussion, so that she would join him in his room to keep him from falling asleep. Dominic explained that he was actually referring to the fact that he had discovered his mother with a much younger man.

Lulu told Dominic that his mother had a right to her own life. She advised Dominic to stay out of his mother's business. As they spoke, Sonny strolled in. Sonny ordered Dominic to leave Lulu alone. Sonny made it clear that Lulu was under his protection and that her father was a close friend. Sonny became more annoyed when he learned that Dominic's bruised face was a result of a fight with Lulu's brothers.

Dominic admitted that he was reeling from the shock of discovering that his mother was involved with a man young enough to be her son. Sonny took pity on Dominic. He told Dominic about his own life growing up with an undependable father and an abusive stepfather. Sonny suggested that there were ways to encourage someone to disappear if Dominic believed that his mother's new boyfriend was trouble. Dominic appreciated the offer, but admitted that he was fairly certain his mother's boyfriend was a stand-up guy.

Moments later, Olivia entered Kelly's. When she spotted Dominic and Sonny together, she approached their table. Olivia managed to let Dominic know that he had overstepped his bounds by entering her apartment uninvited. Luckily for Olivia, Sonny didn't catch on that she was Dominic's mother. However, when she warned Dominic that he shouldn't be working for Sonny, Sonny asked why she cared. Olivia claimed that she thought working for Sonny was a waste of an opportunity. As they watched Olivia walk out, Sonny bragged, "She's crazy about me."

At the hospital, Robin and Patrick discussed Brianna Hughes's case. Robin was confident that Alexis wasn't the killer and believed that she had proof. Patrick had his doubts about Alexis's innocence because of her recent erratic behavior. Later, at Robin's request, Alexis arrived at the hospital. When Robin saw her, she tossed a set of keys to Alexis.

Robin smiled triumphantly when Alexis caught the keys with her left hand. At Alexis' confusion, Robin explained that she believed that the killer had been right-handed. Alexis couldn't have killed Brianna because Alexis was left-handed. Alexis appreciated Robin's support, but she was confident that, in time, she would be vindicated of the murder.

In Veracruz, Sam called Spinelli to enlist his help in locating Michael and Kristina. Sam wanted Spinelli to compile a list of inexpensive hotels in Cancun. Sam was certain that the teens were headed there and would use an Internet café to find adequate hotel accommodations.

GH Recap Photo 090805 While Sam spoke to Spinelli, Michael and Kristina were at an Internet café, in Veracruz, searching for a suitable hotel within their price range. Kristina was not thrilled with their options, so Michael suggested that she return to Port Charles. Kristina refused to return home without Michael, so they continued scouring the Internet for hotels.

Later, Sam checked in with Spinelli again. She hadn't had any luck locating Michael and Kristina, so Sam suggested focusing their search on Internet cafés. Sam wanted a list of all the Internet cafés in and around Veracruz. While she waited for the information, Spinelli began talking about his relationship with Maxie.

Sam suggested that perhaps love wasn't enough. Spinelli suspected that Sam's judgment was clouded by her own past heartache. Sam agreed that Spinelli had a point, but she didn't understand why Spinelli was determined to marry Maxie. Spinelli explained that marriage would seal and protect his love for Maxie.

Sam told Spinelli that, despite the best of intentions, sometimes love didn't last. Spinelli realized that she was referring to her relationship with Jason. He reminded Sam of the power of forgiveness. Spinelli believed that through forgiveness, relationships could heal and love could blossom once again. Sam smiled.

Later, Sam entered the Internet café where Michael and Kristina were. As the teens were waiting for the Port Charles Herald homepage to load, Sam showed a waiter a picture of the kids. When he pointed Sam to their table, Michael and Kristina were gone.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Rebecca found Edward sitting in the living room of the Quartermaine mansion. She began to chastise him for his behavior the previous evening when she noticed that he wasn't listening. Edward confessed that he was preoccupied; it was his and Lila's wedding anniversary. Rebecca sat down as Edward showed her a photo album filled with pictures of Lila. Rebecca was amazed at how beautiful Lila was. She was sorry that Lila could not mark the special date with Edward. Edward assured Rebecca that Lila was always with him in spirit.

At Kelly's, Maxie was on the phone, dealing with a work crisis, when Lulu strolled in. As Maxie prattled on about the disaster looming over Crimson, Lulu realized that Maxie was trying to deflect. Lulu accused Maxie of trying to avoid telling Spinelli that she didn't want to get married. Maxie surprised Lulu by inviting her to the Scorpio-Jones family dinner. Lulu suspected that the invitation was prompted by a desire to have someone on hand to help with Spinelli. Maxie assured Lulu that the dinner would be enjoyable. Maxie was determined to have a nice quiet evening without any surprises.

At General Hospital, Patrick and Robin discussed Brianna Hughes's case. Patrick grew concerned when he learned that Robin had arranged to meet Andrea. As they spoke, Andrea approached the nurse's s station. Robin immediately tossed something at Andrea, who caught the object with her right hand. Andrea demanded to know why Robin had thrown something at her.

Robin lied as she explained to Andrea that it had been part of a game that the doctors were playing. Robin apologized, claiming she'd seen Andrea out of the corner of her eye and had mistaken her for another doctor. Andrea appeared to believe Robin. When Andrea wondered why Robin had asked to meet, Robin lied again. Robin claimed that she had wanted to smooth things over with the mayor's wife.

Andrea suggested that Robin start by pushing her Uncle Mac to arrest Alexis for Brianna's murder. After Andrea walked away, Robin vented to Patrick. Robin was more certain than ever of Andrea's guilt because Andrea was right-handed. Patrick cautioned Robin that the evidence was flimsy at best. To prove his point he tossed a set of keys to Robin, who caught them with her right hand.

Later, Andrea approached Mac when she spotted him at the nurse's station. Andrea revealed that Robin had made an appeal on Mac's behalf. Mac was surprised, but didn't have an opportunity to respond as Andrea forged ahead. Andrea threatened to have Mac replaced as police commissioner if he didn't arrest Alexis for Brianna's murder. After Andrea sauntered away, an infuriated Robin decided that it was time to prove that Andrea had killed Brianna.

GH Recap Photo 090806 At the Davis residence, Alexis explained that she wanted to talk to Molly about something before Diane's arrival. Molly revealed that she already knew what Alexis wanted to say. Molly informed her mother that she had read on the Internet that Alexis was a suspect in the murder of Brianna Hughes. Alexis was alarmed to realize that her daughter had read the damaging information online. She decided to restrict Molly's access to the Internet for the foreseeable future.

While they were talking, Alexis invited Molly to ask her anything. Molly wondered why Alexis had not confessed to causing Claudia's accident sooner. Molly suspected that if Alexis had turned herself in to the police, Kristina and Michael would not have felt compelled to run away. Alexis assured Molly that Kristina and Michael would be home soon. She reminded Molly that Sam was looking for them. Molly brightened; she believed that her eldest sister could do anything.

When Diane arrived, Alexis checked to make certain that Molly was in her room. Once Alexis assured herself that Molly couldn't hear anything, she invited Diane to speak freely. Diane urged Alexis to retract her confession. Diane believed that it was a mistake for Alexis to take responsibility for Kristina's hit and run. According to Diane, the prosecution would use the accident to establish that Alexis was unstable and therefore capable of murdering Brianna Hughes. Alexis refused to derail Kristina's life. Neither realized that Molly had eavesdropped on their conversation.

At the Jacks residence, Morgan overheard Carly talking on the phone to Jason. Initially, Morgan was excited that Michael might have been found. As Carly ended the call, she explained that she hadn't spoken to Jason. She had left Jason a message. Morgan was disappointed. He was worried about how the stress was affecting his mother. Carly appreciated Morgan's concern, but she assured him that she had everything well in hand.

As the two chatted on the sofa, Morgan offered Carly some carrots. Carly accused Morgan of conspiring with Jax to force healthy snacks on her. Morgan confessed that Jax had promised him a helicopter ride if Morgan managed to get Carly to eat the entire bag of carrots. Carly reminded Morgan that Jax was a wealthy man; she suggested that Morgan ask for more than a helicopter ride the next time Morgan struck a bargain with Jax. Morgan smiled as Carly began eating a carrot. Moments later, Max arrived.

Max held up a deck of cards as he invited Carly to a game of gin rummy. Carly was immediately suspicious. It didn't take her long to ferret out that Jax was behind Max's visit. When Jax arrived home, Carly confronted her meddling husband. Jax confessed that he had enlisted Morgan and Max's help to keep Carly distracted. Carly assured Jax that she didn't have any intention of running off to Mexico to search for Michael. Carly was confident that Jason would find her son.

Michael panicked when he woke up and noticed that Kristina's bed had been made. A quick scan of the room revealed that Kristina was there. Michael confessed that he wasn't used to being around someone who immediately made their bed upon wakening. When he noticed that she was sitting at the desk, he asked her what she was doing. Kristina revealed that she was writing a postcard to Molly.

Michael ordered Kristina to stop writing. He explained that they couldn't contact any of their loved ones until things had died down at home. Kristina feared that Molly would worry herself sick if she didn't hear from her. Michael understood Kristina's concern because Morgan was a lot like Molly. Michael focused on their immediate needs. He explained that they had to find Enrique, a former employee of their father's, if they hoped to survive.

Sam went to the Internet café to ask if Michael and Kristina had returned. She was disappointed when she was told that the teens had not been seen. Sam decided to call Spinelli to find out if he had heard from Jason. She was unaware that Jerry sat at a corner table, pretending to read a newspaper, while he listened in on her conversation.

Spinelli told Sam that he had not heard from Jason and then changed the subject to ask if Sam had given Spinelli's dilemma with Maxie any thought. Sam was frustrated as Spinelli confessed that he couldn't stop thinking about how to secure his engagement to Maxie. Sam suggested that concentrating on finding the missing teens might help Spinelli keep his mind off of Maxie. When Spinelli began obsessing about how to win Mac over, Sam snapped.

She insisted that they had to find Michael and Kristina before something bad happened to the kids. Duly chastised, Spinelli focused on the search for the teens. When he gathered some information, he emailed it to Sam at the Internet café. Sam thanked Spinelli for his help and apologized for barking at him earlier.

Spinelli appreciated Sam's apology, but didn't think it was necessary. He understood that she was concerned about her sister and Michael. Sam offered Spinelli a word of advice. She told him to listen to what Maxie said and, more importantly, to what she didn't say. Sam suggested that perhaps Maxie simply wasn't ready to get married. Spinelli thanked Sam, but it was clear that he didn't intend to heed her words.

Before Sam ended the call, Spinelli told her that Alexis had confessed to causing Claudia's car accident. He also revealed that Alexis was the prime suspect in Brianna Hughes's murder.

GH Recap Photo 090806 A short time later, Diane and Max stopped by to visit Spinelli in his office. Spinelli revealed that he intended to ask Mac for Maxie's hand in marriage later that evening during the family dinner. Diane and Max gave Spinelli their approval.

Jerry broke into Michael and Kristina's hotel room. He searched for the kids, but they were not there. A short time later, Sam entered the room. Luckily for Sam, Jerry was gone. Sam realized that Michael and Kristina had been there when she saw the postcard that Kristina had left on the desk. Sam called Jason to let him know. When Jason didn't answer, she left him a voicemail message.

Kristina and Michael returned to the Internet café. Michael decided that they could risk sending one email to Morgan to let him and Molly know that they were okay. Michael was certain that Morgan could be trusted not to tell anyone about the email. Kristina was delighted. Michael typed a quick message and then sent it before they could change their minds. Afterwards, Michael and Kristina left.

Two men in the alley behind the Internet cafe waylaid the teens. The men were armed with knives as they threatened the kids. Luckily for Michael and Kristina, Jerry happened along. Jerry warned the thugs that they should have left his nephew alone.

After Morgan received Michael's email, he asked Carly if he could visit his cousin Molly. Morgan assured his mother that Viola didn't mind. Morgan was relieved when Carly gave her consent. When Morgan arrived at Molly's house, Molly told him what she had overheard. Morgan was stunned to learn that Kristina had caused Claudia's accident and that Alexis had confessed to the crime in order to protect her daughter.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Carly relaxed on the living room couch while she and Jax discussed Michael. Carly wanted Michael to return to living with them once he was found. Jax was not so sure but eventually he acceded to her wishes.

Spinelli was at the P.I. office doing research on how to ask for a woman's hand in marriage when Sonny dropped in. He wanted to know where Jason was. Spinelli told him that he had not been able to contact Jason and that Sonny would have to wait until Jason got in touch. Sonny sputtered then left, but not before advising Spinelli to talk English when he proposed, not "geek speak."

Spinelli went back to the Internet, but was not alone for long. Dante/Dominic went to him at Bernie's recommendation. He wanted Spinelli to trace a phone number to its location. Spinelli was disinclined at first because he was still pining after Maxie, but Dante challenged his ability, so Spinelli showed off. The phone trace was quickly accomplished. On his way out, Dante/Dominic told Spinelli to take the bull by the horns and be forthright and respectful to Mac when he asked for Maxie's hand.

Sam found the cheap motel where Michael and Kristina had been hiding. She called Jason and left a message. She told him that she would wait there until she heard from him.

GH Recap Photo 090807 Jerry appeared just in time to save Michael and Kristina from two thugs who were threatening them at knifepoint in an alley. Jerry and Michael disarmed them and knocked them unconscious. After escorting Kristina and Michael to a nearby taco stand, Jerry went back to the alley, put a silencer on his gun and shot both thugs. Michael heard the silenced shots but said nothing. When Jerry joined the teens, he pretended that he did not know that they were runaways. Jerry offered to help, and took them to a very nice apartment that he had nearby.

Jerry told them that he was in town on business. He charmed then and eventually got them to tell their story. He did not tell them that Alexis had confessed. He offered to help and told them that they could use his apartment while they worked together to come up with a plan that would allow Michael and Kristina to stay hidden from their families. After he left them alone, Michael began to questions Jerry's motives. Kristina was glad of his help and saw no reason to doubt Jerry's reasons for helping them instead of calling their parents.

Unable to reach Jason, Sam started looking for the teens. Her search led her to the alley where she found the murdered thugs in a dumpster. She found the taco stand. After the attendant identified pictures of Michael and Kristina, she bribed him to tell her where they had gone. Sam followed the trail and found the apartment. Sam was at the door and about to enter when Jerry put a gun to her head.

At the nurses' station, Mac told Patrick not to be late for the family dinner, and asked him to help keep Robin from interfering with the murder investigation of the mayor's mistress. Patrick said he would do what he could.

Robin arrived shortly after Mac left. She told Patrick that she was determined to clear Alexis and prove that the mayor's wife had killed his mistress. Patrick told her that he thought it would be better if she left it to the professionals. Robin wanted to know if Mac had asked Patrick to discourage her.

Patrick denied Mac's involvement, but told Robin that both he and Mac were worried about her. Robin shot back that she could take care of herself and she was determined to find out what really happened to Brianna Hughes.

Maxie and Lulu arrived at Mac's for the family dinner. Maxie was nervous about telling Mac that Spinelli wanted to propose. Lulu advised that she tell Mac and get it over with. Robin arrived shortly after. Maxie told her tale of woe to Robin, who asked whether or not Maxie wanted to marry Spinelli.

Maxie said that she loved Spinelli with all her heart, but she did not think that she was ready for marriage. She said that she wanted to keep things as they were. Robin said that the answer was to do nothing. She said that Spinelli would eventually ask Mac, and Mac would say no, which would solve Maxie's problem. Maxie said she could see the logic in that.

Patrick went downstairs after getting Emma settled, and Maxie repeated their conversation for him. They were laughing about who would tell Mac about Spinelli's proposal when Mac arrived home and wanted in on the joke. As the family was about to have dinner, Spinelli arrived with flowers. When Mac opened the door, Spinelli got down on his knees and asked for Maxie's hand in marriage.

Morgan went to Molly to let her know that he had heard from Michael and to assure her that both teens were okay. He made Molly swear not tell anyone that they had heard from Michael and Kristina. Molly agreed and they did a pinkie swear.

GH Recap Photo 090807 A few minutes later, Kiefer showed up and tried to get information from the children. He was about to disparage Michael, but Sonny arrived to pick up Morgan so Kiefer switched tactics. Kiefer tried to be nice to Sonny, but his unctuous demeanor did not impress Sonny, who hurried Kiefer out of Molly's home. When Kiefer was gone, Sonny questioned Morgan and Molly about Kiefer's relationship to Kristina. He asked both children if they had heard from their siblings, but both denied hearing from either Kristina or Michael.

Olivia stopped by to see Carly. She told Carly that Dante had caught her with Johnny and was upset because she was dating a man his age. Olivia said that she was considering terminating her relationship to Johnny. Carly got a good chuckle and ask Olivia what she would do if anyone except her son told her to stop dating Johnny. Olivia told Carly that she had no qualms about dating Johnny because they had great rapport. Carly told her that she had her answer. Olivia nodded with understanding.

After Olivia left, Jax returned with food and comfort for Carly. They were sharing a laugh together when Sonny arrived with Morgan. When queried, Morgan again denied hearing from Michael. After he went upstairs, Carly told Sonny that she wanted Michael to live with her once he was found. Sonny started to protest and Jax started to bristle, but Carly stepped in and both men settled down. Sonny agreed that Michael would live with her and she agreed that Sonny could see Michael as often as he liked.

Kiefer returned to see Molly and manipulated her into telling him what she knew. When Molly told him that she did not know how to get in touch with Kristina because Michael had emailed Morgan, Kiefer freaked out. He started yelling and threw a glass pitcher across the room and smashed it against a wall. Molly looked frightened. She did not tell him that she had sent an email to Kristina shortly before he arrived at her door.

Dante confronted Olivia in her apartment. She told him that she was a modern woman and that it was okay for her to date a man younger than she. Dante admitted that age was not as much a problem as the fact that Johnny was a dangerous gangster. Olivia told Dante that he was just as dangerous to her as Johnny was. She told him that she did no like having to pretend that she did not know him in public and pretend that his name was Dominic.

Dante responded that she had to be patient because he was about to realize his lifelong dream. His successful impersonation of a mobster had earned him a place in Sonny's organization, from which he would be the undercover cop that brought the Corinthos mob down.

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