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Monday, August 3, 2009

As Sami slept in Rafe's arms, he remembered his argument with Meredith, Emily's sister. The phone rang, waking Sami up. She answered it and was shocked to learn from her grandmother that Chloe had been poisoned. Sami was worried about how Lucas was taking the news, but she decided to call Will first. She hung up before leaving a message, because she didn't know what to say to Will or Allie.

Rafe said she needed to convince her kids to treasure each moment. Sami called and left a message for Lucas, and then she called Chloe a bitch under her breath. She was angry that Chloe tried to play the perfect stepmother to Will and Allie and lied to Will. Rafe reminded Sami that Chloe was in the hospital. Sami said that Chloe got what she deserved. At first, Rafe thought that the police suspected that Lucas poisoned Chloe, but Sami defended Lucas. Rafe pointed out that Lucas shot E.J. when Sami was forced to marry E.J.

Sami told Rafe that Daniel was suspected of killing Chloe. Sami said that love sometimes made people do crazy things. Allie woke up from her nap, and Sami told her that Chloe was in the hospital. Sami apologized to Rafe for her comments about people doing crazy things when they were in love, and clarified that she didn't mean him and Emily.

Meanwhile, Stefano was at Meredith's place, urging her to tell Sami the details of Rafe's past. He could tell she was reluctant, so he promised to do it for her. Meredith said that she already told Sami about her suspicions regarding Rafe's part in Emily's death. Stefano asked if Meredith had given Sami all the details. Meredith didn't think it was her place, and Stefano said she owed it to other women to warn them about the man who had killed her sister. Stefano promised to be in touch with Meredith.

After Stefano left, Meredith eyed the phone. She decided not to call Sami, but instead wrote her a letter, detailing what happened when Emily died. Meredith said that Rafe would think that her letter to Sami was her revenge and that it was the end, but he would be wrong.

In Chloe's hospital room, Brady told Nicole that she still had him to rely on, and she corrected him, saying that they had each other and would be there for Chloe together. Nicole asked Brady what happened to Chloe, and he told her that someone poisoned Chloe. Nicole was outraged and wondered who would try to kill her. Brady told her that the police suspected that Daniel did it, but Nicole thought that didn't make sense, because Daniel loved Chloe and Chloe loved him.

Nicole said Chloe confided in her about her feelings for Daniel. She told Brady that Chloe suspected Daniel was seeing another woman and she got jealous. Brady detailed how Daniel confided in him about his feelings for Chloe. Nicole realized that only Chloe could tell them the truth about what happened. Nicole worried that Chloe wouldn't wake up, but Brady reassured her.

Nicole couldn't believe that Daniel was behind Chloe's poisoning, and neither could Brady. Nicole said she would believe it if Kate did it, because Kate was devious and no one would put it past Kate. Later, at the DiMera mansion, Nicole vented to Stefano about Chloe. Stefano expressed his concern and then announced the "good news" that they wouldn't have to worry about Rafe. Nicole asked if he had something to do with Sami and Rafe's recent breakup.

Stefano said that he couldn't say that for sure, but he predicted that Sami and Rafe's troubles were just beginning. Nicole told Stefano that she changed her mind and wanted him to back off of Rafe. Stefano couldn't believe that Nicole wanted to risk Rafe finding out about the baby switch, and he said that if he didn't go after Rafe, Nicole's life would be ruined. Stefano told her that with Rafe out of Sami's life, Sami still wouldn't be able to go back to E.J. Nicole agreed with Stefano, because E.J. had said he'd hate Sami forever.

Nicole admitted feeling guilty for letting Sami believe that her baby died.

Lucas didn't believe Daniel's explanation that Kate tried to kill Chloe. Daniel said it was only a matter of time before everyone knew the truth. Daniel urged him to think about how Kate had been behaving, but Lucas defended her. Daniel said that Kate knew about the affair and wanted to make Daniel and Chloe pay. Lucas thought Daniel's accusations meant that Daniel was building a case for an insanity plea to avoid standing trial.

Lucas asked how Kate could have plotted revenge when she didn't know about Chloe and Daniel until when Chloe was poisoned. Daniel said that Kate knew about Daniel and Chloe for months, but she didn't tell Lucas because he fell off the wagon when Chloe broke off the engagement. Lucas thought his accusation was ridiculous, because instead of Kate telling him the truth, she hired Chloe and Daniel to work for Hearth and Home.

Daniel said that Kate hired Daniel and Chloe because it would help her move past her anger. Lucas was confused as to how that would help Kate. Daniel agreed that it didn't make sense, but that was the rationale Kate gave Daniel. Lucas thought it was because Kate was trying to move past her anger. Daniel said that explanation would make sense if Kate were capable of moving past anything. Daniel said that Kate held on to anger and vengeance and uses it to motivate her every move.

Lucas disagreed and said that what motivated Kate was her children. Daniel said that Lucas didn't get it, considering he should know Kate more than anyone. Daniel said that Kate was trying to avenge Lucas' honor, because she would do anything to protect her children, even murder. Daniel was surprised that Lucas couldn't see how erratic Kate had been acting, and how anger and resentment had oozed from her for weeks.

Lucas accused Daniel of being a sexual predator -- going after Chelsea and Kate, then Chloe. Lucas said he felt sorry for whatever girl was in his apartment before Daniel poisoned Chloe. Daniel didn't understand what Lucas was talking about, and Lucas told him that Lucas and Chloe saw a scarf on the floor of Daniel's apartment the day they retrieved Daniel's suit for the show. Lucas demanded that Daniel explain that he was the only one with access to the drugs that poisoned Chloe. Daniel said that he obviously wasn't the only one with access.

Lucas pointed out that when Daniel first treated Chloe, Daniel had said he had no idea that Chloe was sick so he couldn't give her the antidote that he knew she needed. Daniel defended himself, saying that if he knew what the antidote was, he would have given it to her because he loved her. Lucas accused him of wanting Chloe dead.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Kate was packing her bags, but Victor caught her before she could "flee the scene of the crime." Victor said he saw her cab outside loading her luggage, and he said it made her look guilty, but then again she was guilty. Kate said she wasn't leaving town -- she was just leaving the mansion. Victor said that if she hadn't planned to leave on her own, he would have kicked her out for poisoning Chloe and trying to pin it on Daniel, and he ordered Kate to leave his house.

Kate told Victor that she would send for the rest of her belongings, and she said she would stay with Lucas. Victor taunted her about staying with Lucas in the house Lucas built for his new wife. Kate said that Lucas would never know, because she never did anything to Chloe. Victor agreed and said the only way Lucas would find out was if Victor told him.

Daniel tried to convince Lucas that Kate had a warped perspective. Kate tried to get back together with Daniel, but he turned her down, so Kate dedicated herself to getting even with Daniel by poisoning Chloe and framing Daniel. Lucas still didn't believe Daniel and accused him of trying to frame Kate for his murder attempt on Chloe. Lucas said that Chloe didn't want Daniel near her because she knew he tried to kill her. Daniel said that if Lucas didn't want Chloe to die, he would do what he said and protect Chloe from Kate.

Lucas refused to take orders from Daniel. Daniel said if Lucas wanted to see Chloe survive, Lucas would keep Kate away from her, and he wanted Lucas to relay information to Lexie about how to help save Chloe. Lucas refused to help Daniel. Then Daniel said that once Chloe survived, she would tell Lucas that she loved Daniel and then she would leave Lucas.

Kate asked why Victor turned on her, and he said it was because she targeted his godson. Victor accused Kate of trying to kill Chloe, not for Lucas, but for herself, because she was jealous that Daniel fell in love with a younger, more voluptuous woman. Victor said the whole ordeal was about Kate's shattered ego. Kate denied that her revenge was about her ego -- it was about protecting Lucas and Allie.

Victor pointed out that Kate could have told Lucas. Kate changed her mind and suggested getting a place with Philip. Victor changed his mind and said that Kate could stay, and that he wouldn't turn her in. Victor said that if any evidence surfaced implicating Kate, Victor would abandon her.

Brady walked in and asked what was going on, because he saw the cab outside. Kate said she was thinking about moving out, but Victor changed her mind. Brady wondered why Kate wanted to move out. Victor said it was to be with Lucas during his time of need and because she thought Victor wanted her out. Victor explained that Kate had been under a lot of pressure lately and made a lot of mistakes. Victor said it would be terrible if one of Kate's mistakes turned out to be serious.

Kate went to the hospital and told Chloe how delighted she was that Chloe was in a coma. Then she wondered if Chloe heard what people said to her. Kate wondered what would have happened if Chloe had loved Lucas the way she was supposed to. Kate said that she and Daniel might have found their way back to each other, or at least he wouldn't have dismissed Kate the way he did.

Kate admitted that her feelings were probably stronger for Daniel than his were for her, and that he had always been elusive. Kate talked about how she fell in love with Daniel, but neither she nor Chloe would have Daniel because of Chloe.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

In his jail cell, Daniel explained to Lucas that Chloe had agreed to leave Lucas and start a new life with him. Daniel urged Lucas to believe in the truth and realize that only Kate had a reason to hurt Chloe. Daniel begged Lucas to save Chloe and keep Kate away from her.

At Salem Hospital, Kate sat at Chloe's bedside asking out loud why Chloe married Lucas when she wanted to be with Daniel. "You made me do it. You made me do what I did," Kate muttered. Listening from the doorway, Hope countered, "What exactly did you do, Kate?"

Surprised, Kate argued that Hope should not be listening to private conversations. When Hope asked Kate what she was confessing to, Kate denied that she was confessing anything. Kate reasoned that she was referring to her role in covering up Chloe and Daniel's affair. Arching an eyebrow, Hope theorized that Kate grew to hate Chloe more every day. Kate disagreed with Hope's assessment and argued that she only hated the possibility that Chloe would break Lucas' heart.

Pulling out a tape recorder, Hope asked Kate to tell her side of the story-and advised her that she could have her attorney with her for the questioning. "Why would I need one?" Kate wondered aloud. "I don't know. You tell me," Hope quipped.

Kate explained that she thought Daniel might have poisoned Chloe because Chloe had decided to stay with Lucas and work on their marriage. When Hope asked Kate why she did not tell Lucas about the affair, Kate confessed that she was worried about Lucas' reaction to the news. Kate then admitted that she had a bad feeling that Chloe wasn't "going to make it." Taken aback by Kate's statement, Hope notified Kate that she would be nearby whenever Kate was visiting Chloe.

As Hope walked out of Chloe's room, Kate received a phone call from Lucas. "I know what you did," barked Lucas. Worried, Kate rushed out of the hospital.

Down the hallway of the hospital, Melanie took a cup of coffee to Nathan as a peace offering, since she had to cancel their date for the concert in the park. Melanie explained that she had to take a shift at the hospital, and Nathan smiled understandingly. Before going back to work, Melanie urged Nathan to go home and sleep.

While Nathan filled out some paperwork, Stephanie dropped off a pile of charts for him to sign off on. Nathan lamented the time it would take to tally up the meds for his shift, but Stephanie interrupted to inform him that she already did the tally for him. Thrilled, Nathan praised Stephanie to the heavens and offered to thank her by taking her to the concert in the park. Once Nathan promised that they would go as friends, Stephanie agreed.

As Stephanie finished processing the paperwork for the shift, she noticed that Nathan had forgotten to sign out at the end of his shift. Worried that Nathan would get in trouble, Stephanie asked Melanie for advice. Melanie forged Nathan's signature, then rushed off to attend to a patient.

After remembering that he failed to sign out at the end of his shift, Nathan ran back in to the hospital just as Lexie was making her rounds with interns. Lexie asked Stephanie to show her Nathan's paperwork, while a worried Nathan watched helplessly. Stephanie urged Nathan to be quiet, and he was stunned into silence when Lexie complimented him for doing his paperwork properly. "Let's just say you have friends," Stephanie whispered to Nathan.

After receiving a panicked call from Carlo, Philip rushed down to the Kiriakis warehouse to investigate. Once on the scene, Philip found Carlo lying on the docks, bleeding from a gunshot wound. Carlo lamented how angry Victor would be with him, but Philip ignored Carlo's pleas and called 9-1-1.

After Carlo urged Philip to run away, since the police were en route, he asked Philip to look after his family for him. Philip promised to stand by Carlo's family if he did not survive his wounds. By the time the paramedics arrived and treated Carlo, he was unconscious. As the paramedics wheeled Carlo to the ambulance, Bo appeared on the docks to question Philip.

Bo asked Philip a few questions about the victim, and then informed Philip that there was nothing more he could do for Carlo. Bo argued that as a police officer, any investigation he did into Carlo's shooting would be futile since it involved the Kiriakis family. Shaking his head, Bo told Philip that Bo was lucky that he could go home to his family and sleep well. "What about you, Philip? Are you gonna be able to sleep tonight?" Bo asked.

At Salem Hospital, Philip learned that Carlo had died en route to the hospital. Stunned, Philip confided off the record to Bo that Carlo bled to death because he refused to call for help because he thought that it would protect the Kiriakis family. Bo left quietly as Philip sat down in a chair and thought about Carlo's family. From across the hall, Melanie saw Philip's face and rushed over to check on him. Just as Melanie asked how he was doing, Carlo's wife, Joyce, arrived at the hospital.

Still in a daze, Philip approached Joyce as she cried out for news about her husband. When Philip started to apologize, Joyce fell apart. "How do you live with yourself?" cried Joyce. Emotional, Joyce ordered Philip to leave her and her family alone, and Philip stumbled out of the hospital, apologizing.

In the park, Philip sat on a staircase and thought about what Bo and Joyce had said to him. Shaking with distress, Philip looked up just as Stephanie was walking by. "I'm so glad I ran in to you. There's something I have to say that's really important," Philip called out.

In another section of the park, Arianna made plans with a man to run shipments of drugs through the Brady pub. The contact joked about no one suspecting that Arianna was a drug dealer before walking away chuckling to himself.

When Brady arrived, he sat down on the grass for a picnic with Arianna. After Arianna commented on how relaxed Brady seemed, Brady leaned over and kissed Arianna. As Brady leaned in closer, he knocked over Arianna's purse, which caused the contents, including a small bag of drugs, to fall out onto the ground. Arianna swiftly scooped her belongings back into her purse before Brady could investigate the contents. When Arianna grabbed her phone, she noticed it had a new text message on it reading, "shipment in route to Brady pub."

Arianna sat down next to Brady with a preoccupied look on her face. When Brady tried to pour a glass of wine, Arianna bumped his arm on purpose and apologized for her clumsiness. Claiming that she needed to change out of her wet clothes, Arianna announced that they should probably end their evening early. While a confused Brady watched Arianna rush off, she called her contact to tell him that she was on her way to the pub.

At the Kiriakis mansion, a worried Kate rushed into the living to find Lucas staring at the decanters of liquor. "Not even strong enough to run my own life, right?" Lucas yelled out to his mother. Kate tried to play the martyr and claimed that Lucas was just saying everything was her fault, as usual. Angry, Lucas explained that he was furious that Kate did not tell him about the affair.

When Lucas noted that he had drunk himself into a stupor the last time he heard the news, a shocked Kate asked whether he remembered that night. Lucas responded that he had been enlightened by a conversation he had with Daniel at the jail, wherein Daniel had told him the truth about Chloe. Lucas rattled off the evidence against Kate, noting her insistence on pairing Chloe and Daniel together on the television show and her obsession with the food on the show. As Kate's eyes began to mist with tears, Lucas reminded her of the incident where she had slapped the deviled egg out of his hand.

"Is that why you poisoned my wife? Is that why you poisoned Chloe?" Lucas screamed. Holding back tears, Kate noted that all the evidence pointed to Daniel and that she was upset that Lucas was choosing to believe Daniel instead of her. "Two birds with one stone, eh?" Lucas pressed further. Smirking, Lucas sarcastically talked about how brilliant Daniel was dumb enough to leave evidence all over town that would implicate him. Disgusted, Lucas accused Kate of orchestrating everything for her own selfish motives before he stormed out of the living room.

Kate ran after Lucas and begged him to take back his accusation. Kate claimed to love Chloe because she had made Lucas happy. Putting on a tear-streamed performance, Kate argued that although she was tormented by Chloe's affair, she could not believe that her son would believe that she would poison his wife.

As Daniel paced his jail cell, Hope stopped by to tell him that Kate had said Chloe's prognosis was bleak. Enraged that Kate had given Hope that news, Daniel pushed Hope to station a guard at Chloe's hospital room. Trying to calm Daniel down, Hope reasoned that as long as he was in jail, Kate could not attempt to harm Chloe, because it would implicate her.

After Hope left, Daniel finally calmed down enough to rest. While Daniel slept, Kate crept into his cell and stood at his bedside.

At the Brady Pub, Arianna met with her contact after closing down the restaurant. While the contact handed over a box of drugs, Arianna gave him a thick envelope of money. As the two finished the exchange, a smiling Brady wandered through the front door and asked whether the restaurant was still open. Arianna turned to face Brady and smiled nervously.

Still deep in a coma at the hospital, Chloe lay in bed as Lucas slowly approached her. "Why? Why, Chloe? Why?" Lucas cried out meekly.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

At the DiMera mansion, Nicole lit six candles on a little cake for Sydney's "half-birthday." She demonstrated for the tot how to blow them out while making a wish. Nicole then wondered aloud where Sydney's daddy was.

E.J. knelt beside Grace's grave with a bouquet of roses, and sadly greeted his child. When he moved aside a bunch of flowers from the headstone, it revealed his daughter's full name: Grace Rafaella Brady. E.J.'s face darkened.

When E.J. returned home, Nicole told him that she and Sydney had tried to wait for him to blow out the candles, but Sydney was getting sleepy. E.J. confessed that he'd been to visit Grace, since it was her half-birthday, too. He told Nicole about the headstone, and vowed that no one would forget that Grace was a DiMera.

Nicole then suggested that they open Sydney's gifts, so she held her daughter while E.J. unwrapped a Mother Goose storybook. E.J. was touched that Nicole remembered that it had been his favorite. She noted that he seemed to be in better spirits, and he smiled. Nicole pointed out that although what had happened to Grace was heartbreaking, there was nothing more E.J. could do for her. "Well, we'll see about that," E.J. replied.

Later, E.J. phoned in an order for a new grave marker for Sydney, insistent that it had to be done immediately, despite the late hour. Nicole returned from putting Sydney down, and asked E.J. why he'd felt like he had to go to the cemetery that night. He replied that he needed to remind himself of what Samantha had taken from him, reluctantly admitting that he'd had a dream about her. Nicole was irked, asserting that E.J. was obsessed with Sami. E.J. maintained that what he wanted was to exorcise Samantha from his life, but Nicole wasn't convinced.

Nicole tried to talk E.J. out of heading back to the cemetery right then, arguing that he was replacing Grace's headstone for himself, not for Grace. He firmly told Nicole to stay out of it, and then stalked out.

When E.J. arrived at the cemetery, a caretaker was already at work removing Grace's headstone, the new marker awaiting installation on the ground next to it. E.J. picked up a shovel and declared that he wanted to do it himself. After the caretaker left, Nicole arrived, and watched from behind a tree as her husband got to work.

After E.J. had installed the new headstone, which read "Grace DiMera," he gently brushed the dirt away with a handkerchief. Nicole continued to watch, unseen, while E.J. told Grace that if he had known she was his daughter, he would have done everything in his power to save her. "Damn your mother," E.J. muttered angrily. "Damn you, Samantha. Damn you!" he shouted, slamming the old grave marker with a hammer, breaking it.

As Lucas entered Chloe's hospital room, she flatlined, and her monitors began beeping. Nathan rushed in, and quickly realized that the pulse oximeter had slipped off Chloe's finger. He replaced it, and the alarms stopped. Nathan then greeted his cousin with a hug, adding that he was sorry about what was going on with Chloe. Lucas wanted to know how long Chloe would be in a coma, but Nathan couldn't say. Lucas then asked if doctors would shock Chloe's heart if it stopped.

Nathan assured Lucas that they would do everything they could to keep Chloe alive, but if she didn't improve, Lucas would have to decide how to proceed. He added that although it was unlikely that Chloe would improve, medical miracles happened every day. "I'm not sure I believe in miracles anymore," Lucas replied grimly.

Nathan left after reassuring Lucas that he could call or page at any time. Lucas asked Chloe how she could have looked so happy in their wedding pictures when she was sleeping with someone else. He declared bitterly that if she had really been planning to run away with Daniel, she deserved to rot in hell.

Just then, Father Matt arrived to administer the sacrament of the anointing of the sick, and overheard. Lucas hastily apologized, but wondered whether Chloe would want that, since she wasn't very religious. Father Matt stated that Chloe believed in God and wanted to do His will.

Lucas asked if Father Matt had convinced Chloe to marry Lucas after her promise to God to give up Daniel. Although he couldn't discuss the details, Father Matt assured Lucas that the decision had been entirely Chloe's. Lucas wondered why God would want Chloe to marry someone she didn't love. "Chloe told me many times how much she loved you," Father Matt replied.

On his way out, Father Matt gently stated that the only way Lucas would find peace in his heart and move forward was to forgive. "I hope I can," Lucas replied. "I wish I knew how."

In the park, Philip told Stephanie that leaving him had been the best decision she ever made, and that she should never look back. Concerned because he seemed so upset, Stephanie asked what had happened. Philip would only divulge that a Kiriakis employee had died earlier, and he'd had to break the news to the widow. Stephanie knew that Philip would take care of the man's family, "Because you're one of the good guys, whether you like it or not."

Philip scoffed. "So you just broke our engagement for the hell of it?" Stephanie reminded him that she loved him, but she couldn't live with what he did-and she sensed that he couldn't anymore, either. She urged him to get out while he still could, and to do what his heart told him to do, especially with regard to his father.

Nathan arrived just then, out of breath and carrying a picnic basket, and apologized for being late. Stephanie informed him that he was just in time for the second half of the concert, and introduced him to Philip. After a moment's awkwardness, Philip realized that Stephanie and Nathan had a date, and quickly left, graciously wishing them a nice evening.

Later, Nathan and Stephanie sat on a bench, drinking wine and toasting to their night out. Nathan asked how Stephanie liked her job so far. She replied that she loved it, because she felt comfortable in a hospital after practically growing up in one. "I feel comfortable here tonight, too," she added. "Thank you for that."

Philip sat in the living room of the Kiriakis mansion, glumly sipping a drink as he gazed at a photograph of himself and his father. When the doorbell rang, Henderson admitted Carlo's widow, Joyce. She apologized for slapping Philip earlier, and for the things she'd said, explaining that it had been her grief talking. She assured Philip that Carlo had always told her that Philip treated him well. Philip's replies were curt and somewhat cold, as Joyce declared that she didn't blame anyone for Carlo's death except whoever shot him, adding that she hadn't told the police that Carlo worked for Philip. She asked Philip to forgive her. He simply nodded, then shook her hand and showed her out with a terse, "I'm very sorry."

Arianna unlocked the door of the Brady Pub for her drug supplier, who entered carrying a large box. He set it down on a table, and she gave him an envelope stuffed full of cash. Just then, Brady walked in, and the man quickly shoved the envelope in his back pocket. Arianna introduced Brady to Bob, explaining that he was the pub's beverage supplier, but he wasn't supposed to have arrived until the next day.

Brady declared that he wasn't ready for their date to end, and offered to help Arianna do inventory. A smiling Arianna agreed, and led Brady into the back to get started, while Bob waited. A bit later, as Arianna signed for the delivery, Bob asked about Brady. "Why do I get the feeling he's going to be trouble?" Arianna assured him, "Don't worry about Brady. I'll handle him."

After Brady had finished inventorying the pantry, he was pleasantly surprised when Arianna rewarded him with a milkshake at the bar. She apologized that they'd missed the second half of the concert, but Brady admitted he hadn't cared for the music, which he thought lacked passion and depth. He explained that he used to be in the music industry, and they compared notes on a Cuban musician they both liked. Arianna wanted Brady's opinion of an obscure band she wanted to add to the pub's jukebox. She was floored when she put the music on, and Brady informed her that he had just bought it. They shared a brief salsa-style dance, and then a long, passionate kiss.

When the song ended, Brady suggested that they get back to work. He offered to move the box that Bob had delivered, but Arianna ordered him not to open it. She quickly explained that Bob had delivered the wrong shipment, and she couldn't send it back if it had been opened. She then informed Brady that all that was left to do were things she had to do herself, but invited him to return the next morning for coffee. "Hasta mañana," Brady replied agreeably. He kissed her goodbye, then bade her a reluctant goodnight.

As soon as the door had closed behind Brady, Arianna ripped open the box. She removed a wine bottle made of black, frosted glass, and opened it, inserting a moistened pinkie finger into the neck. When she removed her finger, it was covered in white powder, which she tasted contemplatively.

Kate visited Daniel in his jail cell. As she stood over his sleeping form, she fantasized about weeping angry tears as she told him off, and then kissing him passionately. When Daniel awoke and saw her standing there, watching him, he grabbed her arms, demanding to know how she'd gotten in. Kate merely replied that she had her ways. Daniel cautioned her that he knew what she'd done to Chloe, and he would not let Chloe die. Kate icily informed him that he was too late.

Daniel didn't buy it, and Kate admitted that Chloe wasn't dead. She added that whoever had wanted to get rid of Chloe must have been feeling much better. "Well, are you, Kate?" asked Daniel, but Kate changed the subject. The two of them exchanged some clever but heated banter, until Kate declared that the story was over, because Chloe was vegetating in her hospital bed and Daniel would stay in jail.

Daniel tried to goad Kate into a confession, asserting that she was proud of what she had done to Daniel and Chloe. Kate insisted she was heartbroken, maintaining that Daniel had preyed on his patients, so it was his fault that Chloe was in a coma. Daniel was incredulous that Kate could so easily rationalize what she'd done. Kate was convinced that Daniel had been sleeping with Chloe while Kate was on her deathbed, but Daniel swore that he would never have done that to Kate.

Kate pointed out that if Chloe and Daniel really had decided to run away together, it meant that Chloe had broken her vow to God, and perhaps what had happened was punishment for that. Daniel countered that if Kate were right, she faced eternity in Hell. He added that it would have been much simpler if she had just told Lucas the truth instead of seeking vengeance against Daniel for hurting her. Kate claimed she had never loved him; she had merely been using him for sex.

"You can dig a little deeper than that," taunted Daniel. "What fun is gloating if you can't take credit for what you've done to destroy my life?" Kate accused him of pushing for a confession because he was wearing a wire. To prove her wrong, Daniel stripped off his chambray shirt and the t-shirt underneath. "Frisk me!" he dared her, forcing her hand against his bare chest. Kate squirmed free, clearly uncomfortable. "Don't you touch me!" she hissed. "The only comfort I'm getting from any of this is that you are never going to touch anyone ever again." She ran to the bars, shouting for the guard to let her out.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

When E.J. woke up, he remembered that he changed the headstone on Grace's grave and thought about how heartless Sami was for keeping him away from his daughter. He looked at the picture of Nicole on his nightstand and thought about how much simpler his life was with his wife. Meanwhile, Stefano told Nicole that his plan to sabotage Sami and Rafe's relationship was in full effect. Nicole was getting ready to leave, and Stefano asked her what she was up to.

Nicole changed the subject and asked Stefano what his plan entailed. Stefano told Nicole that he discovered information about Rafe's ex-fiancée, Emily, and he arranged for Emily's sister to be in town. He had also convinced her to explain what happened between Rafe and Emily to Sami. After Nicole left, E.J. asked Stefano where Nicole went, and he said she had some errands to run. Stefano planned to express his gratitude to a "visitor" who was leaving town.

Meanwhile, Rafe didn't have to go into work until three hours later than usual, so he and Sami decided to make good use of their time by making love. Before they could get past the kissing stage, there was a knock at the door. It was Nicole, who asked what Rafe was still doing there. Rafe asked where else he was supposed to be, and Nicole said she thought he would be at work.

Nicole decided to tell Sami about E.J. changing Grace's tombstone before Sami heard about it from elsewhere. Later, when Nicole returned to the DiMera mansion, E.J. asked where she was. Nicole said she had errands to run, but he wanted to know specifically where she was. Nicole got defensive and reminded him that they agreed that he would not keep tabs on her, and she accused him of comparing her to Sami.

Nicole told E.J. that she went shopping for Sydney. He asked her why she didn't just say that to begin with, and she said she hated that he was treating her suspiciously. He said he only did that because he felt like she was withholding something from him.

Sami and Rafe visited Grace's grave and saw the new headstone that E.J. had installed. Sami seethed with anger at what E.J. had done and vowed not to let him get away with it. They headed over to the DiMera mansion. There, Sami berated E.J. for changing Grace's headstone, and E.J. asked how she found out. Nicole stood by, hoping that Sami wouldn't out her.

Sami said no one told her about the headstone -- she found out by visiting Grace's grave. Rafe laid into E.J. for obsessing over Grace, and said that E.J. needed to focus on Sydney and Nicole and appreciate what he had. E.J. resented the accusation that E.J. didn't appreciate Sydney just because he cared for a daughter that he didn't know was his.

Sami said the reason E.J. didn't know about Grace was because his family murdered people. She warned Nicole to take an honest look at E.J. and then take Sydney and run while she still could. E.J. ordered them to leave. Rafe warned E.J. to stay away from Sami.

Mia saw Will in the park and asked how things were with his stepmother and father, but Will wasn't in the mood for conversation and told Mia to leave him alone. Will later apologized for sounding so rude, but Mia said she understood that he didn't want to talk about it. She started to walk away, but Will stopped her and told her that Chloe was in a coma because someone poisoned her.

Mia asked if the doctors knew who did it, and Will said it was a man that Chloe was having an affair with, and that was the reason he didn't want to tell Mia. Will wished he could have a normal family. He said Mia should stay away from him if she was smart. Mia urged Will to be strong for his father, and she promised to be there for Will.

Meanwhile, at the gym, Kinsey approached Chad and asked if he thought that Will would like her outfit. Chad was sure that Will would be pleased. They gloated about how effective their plan would be in breaking up Will and Mia. Chad asked if Kinsey wanted to break Will and Mia up so Kinsey could hook up with Will. She said that was partly her motivation, but she planned to dump him shortly thereafter, because he wasn't that exciting.

Kinsey called Will down to the gym, pretending to be upset that her parents were getting a divorce. She said she needed his advice because his parents were divorced. While they were talking, Mia arrived. Chad asked if Mia was there to take a kickboxing class. Mia noticed Kinsey and Will talking, and Chad asked if Mia had told Will that Chad was transferring to Salem High School. She said she didn't tell Will yet, and Chad suggested they break the news immediately, except that Will looked busy.

Kinsey said she was worried about how life would be for her when her parents split up. He was suspicious of her motives, since they weren't even friends. Kinsey said she hoped they would be friends, and she asked him to go get some coffee so they could talk somewhere more private, but he turned her down. After she left, Will's friend, "T," assumed that Will was interested in Kinsey.

"T" remarked on how attractive Kinsey was, but Will didn't see it that way. Will thought Kinsey wasn't his type, but "T" said that Kinsey was everyone's type. Mia overheard their conversation. "T" told Will that he heard that she "did everything" with a guy who she was only with for two weeks. Will noticed Mia standing nearby and apologized to her for what "T" said. Mia asked what if "T" was wrong and Kinsey slept with that guy because she really thought she loved him.

Mia told Will that just because a girl slept with a guy, it didn't mean she was easy -- it could have been because she thought she was in love. Will thought Mia was defending Kinsey, but she said she wasn't referring to Kinsey -- she was talking about herself. She told Will that she wasn't a virgin.

At the Brady Pub, Stephanie knocked her coffee onto her paperwork while she was talking on the phone. Roman saw what happened and asked if she was okay. Stephanie downplayed it, but Roman could tell she was upset and asked what was wrong. She asked him how someone could will themselves to stop loving someone else. Roman said it wasn't easy to get over someone. Stephanie thought that Roman was being magnanimous when he really wanted to tell her he told her so.

Roman told Stephanie that she would get through her breakup with Philip, and he reminded her that she was the same girl who survived her ordeal of being kidnapped by Owen. He assured her that she would meet someone else. Stephanie told him about her date with Nathan and that they had just gone to a concert as friends, but Roman was hopeful for her. Stephanie thanked Roman for his advice, and she left to go to the hospital.

At the hospital, Nathan asked Melanie not to give sexy magazines to a certain patient, because the patient had "pee-pee issues" and he didn't want to make the problem worse. Melanie picked out a magazine on fishing, which Nathan approved of. Then he asked Melanie out on a date, but she blew him off and said she didn't have time. Maggie watched the exchange from the background and said nothing at first.

Maggie approached Nathan and asked why he thought that Melanie was being so cold towards him. Maggie asked how their date went the night before, but Nathan told her that Melanie couldn't make it, so he took Stephanie to the concert. Melanie was listening in on their conversation, pretending to act unaffected. Nathan told Maggie that he couldn't understand why Melanie was angry at him. He shrugged it off and went on his rounds.

Maggie asked Melanie why she had been so cold towards Nathan. Melanie tried to explain, and Maggie realized that Melanie was pushing Nathan away because she didn't think she deserved him. Melanie thought that Maggie would be happy to know that she wasn't pursuing Nathan, but Maggie said she thought very highly of Melanie.

Maggie told Melanie to stop using her bad childhood as an excuse to pursue bad boys. She said that Melanie was so used to being mistreated by men that she was starting to think that's all she deserved. Maggie urged her to find a man who would love her the way she deserved to be loved.

Stefano stopped by Meredith's place to say goodbye to her. He asked her whether she had told Sami about what happened the day that her sister Emily died. Meredith said that she wrote Sami a letter so that she wouldn't forget anything and had it hand-delivered to Sami's place. Meanwhile, the messenger slipped the note under Sami's door while she was out.

Melanie found Nathan in the park and told him she changed her mind about not wanting to go out with him. Melanie explained that she blew him off because she was afraid that he wouldn't like her if he got to know her. Melanie said that she liked who she was when she was around him. Nathan's silence made her nervous, and she urged him to respond.

Nathan said that he was focused on his career and didn't have time for distractions. She asked if he considered her a distraction and if that meant that he thought about her sometimes. Melanie told Nathan that she told him that she didn't have time for him because she thought he liked her more than she deserved and not because she wasn't interested.

Stephanie decided to call Nathan and thank him for their date the night before. She left him a message, saying she was interested in going on another date. Meanwhile, Nathan decided to ask Melanie out on another date.

Stefano told Nicole that his plan to break up Rafe and Sami was about to pay off. Meanwhile, Nicole was worried that E.J. was too harsh with Sami. She told E.J. that she didn't blame Sami for being angry for what E.J. did. He asked Nicole if she expected him to ignore the fact that Sami kept his daughter from him. She told him that he didn't need to ignore it, but she cautioned E.J. not to try to hurt Sami over and over again. E.J. yelled at Nicole to stop siding with Sami, because Sami deserved to be punished and E.J. wanted to make sure she got it. Nicole mumbled to herself that it was "happening even as we speak."

Sami returned home to find Emily's letter. She opened it up and started reading it.

Friday, August 7, 2009

When Kate arrived at the Brady Pub, Lucas informed her that he was going to the courthouse to make sure Daniel didn't make bail. Kate reminded him that he couldn't speak at the hearing, so Lucas agreed not to go. He declined Kate's offer to do something fun together, asserting that he needed to talk to Chloe about whether he could forgive her. Kate implored her son to let her accompany him for moral support, and he reluctantly agreed.

At the hospital, Lexie noted that Chloe's brain activity was continuing to diminish, and ordered a nurse to keep a ventilator on standby.

Abe arrived and greeted Lexie with a kiss. She was surprised to learn that Theo had gotten accepted into kindergarten at the elementary school they'd hoped for, but acknowledged she was worried that he wouldn't be able to keep up with the other kids in a mainstream program. Abe urged his wife to give it a chance, since it was what they had prayed for. With forced cheer, Lexie agreed that it was great news.

Lucas stood over his comatose wife and declared that he felt like an idiot for believing that she loved him and Allie, while she was sleeping with another guy. He admitted that he couldn't forgive her. "It doesn't really matter if you live or die, Chloe," he stated. "As far as I'm concerned, we are dead." Kate slipped into the room just in time to overhear, and asked Lucas if he were all right. He replied that he didn't think he would ever be all right, and walked out.

Kate taunted Chloe: "With any luck, you'll going to be in that bed until the day you die-the one bed that you'll never share with Daniel."

At the jail, Daniel was impatient for his bail hearing to begin, so he could return to the hospital to help Chloe. Bo cautioned Daniel that he might not make bail, because the judge could view him as a flight risk.

Later, Bo returned Daniel to his cell. Daniel was frustrated because Bo's warning had come to pass, but he thanked Bo for sticking by him. Bo tried to reassure him that it wasn't over, though Daniel wasn't convinced. Bo wondered if there were something he'd missed, like someone who had heard Daniel and Chloe talking before she collapsed. Daniel didn't think so.

After Bo left, Victor arrived. Daniel said he thought Victor had given up on him. Victor cheerfully declared that Daniel was going home-he'd persuaded the judge to grant Daniel bail. Daniel wanted to know how much it had been. "Sixty million," Victor told him, explaining, "You're my godson. I held you in my arms and promised your parents and God that I would look out for you."

Victor noted that Daniel had saved Bo's life, and then Kate's and Philip's-plus, he knew Daniel was innocent. That statement was not lost on Daniel. "You know? Who do you think did this?" Victor refused to answer. "You know Kate did this," Daniel stated, then implored, "Chloe is dying and I can save her. Victor, please, please-just tell me what you know."

At home at the Kiriakis mansion, Kate got a cell phone call alerting her that Daniel's bail had been denied. "Excellent!" she replied with a self-satisfied smile.

In her hospital bed, Chloe murmured Daniel's name in her sleep.

At the DiMera mansion, E.J. angrily declared that Samantha deserved to be punished, because she'd kept him from his daughter. "Don't worry; it's already happening," muttered Nicole. E.J. demanded to know what she meant by that. Nicole pointed out that while there was no love lost between her and Sami, Sami had made a mistake-and E.J. could not forgive mistakes. It irked E.J. that Nicole seemed to be defending Samantha. Nicole argued that he would never be happy if he spent the rest of his life hating Sami and trying to get revenge. She reminded him that Sami was still suffering from Grace's death, and asked why that couldn't be enough for him. He asserted that it wasn't about Grace; it was because Samantha had lied to him.

"Why can't you show a little more compassion?" Nicole demanded angrily. "It didn't have to be this way. What if it wasn't even her daughter who died?" Taken aback, E.J. asked what that meant. Nicole quickly covered, pointing out that Grace's illness could have happened to anyone's child-even to Sydney. Softening a little, E.J. acknowledged that she was right. Nicole asked again for E.J. to be more compassionate, and she became emotional as she talked about how overwhelming the pain of losing a child was.

A suspicious E.J. wondered why Nicole was so invested in Samantha's pain, since Grace's death had not been Nicole's loss. Nicole recalled helping Mia deliver Grace, but insisted that she was merely empathetic because she was a mother. E.J. didn't buy it, noting that whatever was going on, it had to do with the connection between Nicole, Sydney, and Grace. Nicole reminded him that they had a connection because Sydney and Grace were half-sisters who were born on the same day.

Stefano called E.J. just then, interrupting them. When E.J. hung up, he stated that he had to go out-but they would finish their conversation when he returned. After he left, Nicole told herself, "I've got to find a way to convince him-soon. But first there's something I need to know."

At the health club, Mia confessed to Will that she wasn't a virgin. Just as he was demanding to know whom she had been with, assuming it was Chad, Rafe arrived. He greeted them cheerily, explaining that his construction crew was doing some remodeling in the back, but soon realized that he had interrupted something. Mia quickly excused herself, and hurried into the women's locker room. Rafe asked what had happened. Glaring in Chad's direction, Will admitted that he'd just found out something about Mia and another guy.

Despite lots of beating around the bush on Will's part, Rafe deduced that Mia had slept with the other guy. Will tried to insist that it was no big deal, but Rafe asserted that it was kind of a big deal. Will was surprised. Rafe admitted that he was sometimes jealous about Lucas and E.J.-but jealousy was toxic. He maintained that one had to choose between living in the past or in the present, adding, "With your mom, the answer's easy." Will asked if the two of them had worked things out, and Rafe replied that he and Sami were stronger than ever.

Mia was crying on a park bench when Chad approached her, gently touching her on the shoulder. He asked if he'd done something to upset her, and admitted that he hated seeing her cry. Mia said she knew, because when they were together, he'd always tried to make her laugh. He told her that he wished he could make her laugh again, like before, when they used to hang out at the beach-when she was so much fun. Mia curtly reminded him that a lot had happened since then. Chad acknowledged that it must have hurt her when he disappeared, and although he couldn't change what he'd done, he never wanted to see her cry again. Mia's answer surprised him: "I wasn't crying because of you."

Just then, Will ran down the stairs into the park, looking for Mia. He asked to speak to Mia privately, and Chad grudgingly left so they could be alone. Will assured Mia that he was glad she'd been so honest with him, although he knew it couldn't have been easy. Mia was skeptical, but he told her that he wasn't going to waste time worrying about it. "I only care about now, about us," he declared. "Right now, and in the future." Mia wondered what kind of future they could have after what she'd told him. Will responded by kissing her.

Sami arrived home and found Meredith's letter on the floor near the door. Curious, she opened it, flipping to the last page to see whom it was from. In the letter, Meredith asserted that Emily's death had not been an accident. Sami became upset, wadding the letter up and throwing it in the wastebasket, convinced that Meredith was just looking for someone to blame. After a moment's contemplation, she retrieved the letter, smoothed it out, and began to read it again.

When Sami finished, she threw the letter on the floor, not wanting to believe Meredith's allegations. She was sitting there, scowling at it, when Rafe arrived. Sami told him she'd found a letter under the door, and wanted to know if what Meredith had written about her sister was true. Rafe irritably pointed out that Sami already knew that Emily died in a car crash on their wedding day, and asked what else Meredith had said.

Sami asked if there were anything else he wanted to tell her first, like if something might make it seem like it hadn't been an accident. "Like what?" Rafe demanded angrily. Sami fired back a barrage of questions: Had Rafe and Emily fought before the wedding, and if so, why? Had she found out something that could hurt Rafe's FBI career? Why had they been in the car in the first place? Where had they been going on their wedding day? "What are you really asking me?" Rafe shot back. "Did Emily and I have a huge fight before I killed her?"

Sami insisted that wasn't what she meant, but Daniel countered that apparently she'd taken Meredith's word for it without even talking to him. Sami argued that she was asking him to explain, including why he'd hidden those details from her. Rafe replied that he thought she'd understood how much pain those memories caused him-but obviously she hadn't, because she'd started demanding answers as soon as she'd read the letter. "I'll give you one last answer. See this?" He tossed the letter onto the coffee table. "I'm done with it." He stormed out, slamming the door behind him.

E.J. stopped outside the Brady Pub to leave a message for Nicole, reiterating that they needed to finish their conversation. Rafe arrived and looked none too pleased about what he'd overheard.

Nicole knocked on the door of the townhouse. When Sami answered, Nicole began thanking her for not saying anything to E.J., but quickly noticed how upset Sami was, and asked what was wrong. "Rafe left. I mean he really left," Sami replied. "Like, I think he's not coming back." She burst into tears and threw her arms around Nicole, sobbing.

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