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Monday, August 3, 2009

A bedraggled looking Brooke appeared and insisted she be allowed to speak to Ridge. Taylor and Stephanie were appalled and asked Brooke to leave. Taylor informed Brooke that she had interrupted Taylor's wedding.

Brooke said she was sure everyone was surprised to see her, everyone except for Steffy, of course. Brooke asked Steffy to admit what she had done. Stephanie quickly told Steffy not to say a word or admit anything. Brooke accused Stephanie of being Steffy's partner.

Stephanie asked Brooke to leave again, but Brooke refused to leave until she was able to fill Ridge in on what had been going on behind his back. Ridge asked Brooke why she was all muddy, and why she was on horseback. Brooke explained that she had ridden there from Point Dume, because she believed she was meeting Ridge there.

Ridge asked why she would think such a thing. Brooke explained that she had been text messaging Ridge for days. Ridge was puzzled and said he hadn't heard from Brooke at all. Brooke explained that Steffy had her phone set up to receive Ridge's calls. Brooke continued that Steffy had sent Brooke text messages, which she thought had come from Ridge. Steffy looked guilty. Ridge looked stunned.

Ridge asked Steffy if Brooke's accusations were true. Thomas stepped up and took the blame. He explained that he was the one who forwarded the messages online to Steffy's phone. Steffy said they felt they had no choice because Brooke would not leave Ridge alone, and they wanted a chance to reunite their family.

Steffy said she was sorry for what she had done, but she didn't want to lose her dad again. She reminded Ridge how much their family had already lost in the past year. Steffy said Brooke only thought about herself and never considered Ridge, Taylor, Thomas, or Steffy's feelings, only her own.

Ridge asked everyone to please leave him alone with Brooke and Taylor because the three of them had something to discuss. Steffy and Stephanie tried to talk Ridge out of it, but he insisted.

Taylor chimed in first and said she realized Steffy was wrong for intercepting Ridge's text messages, but it didn't matter. Taylor supposed that even if Ridge had gotten the messages, he would still be marrying her because Ridge had made a firm commitment to Taylor and their kids. Brooke said she wanted to hear from Ridge directly. Brooke simply did not believe that Ridge really wanted to go through with the wedding to Taylor.

Thorne and Felicia consoled Thomas. They expressed understanding about how Thomas must have felt and what would drive him to do anything to keep his family together. They reminded Thomas that they had been through the same thing with their parents.

Marcus found Steffy and tried to console her. Steffy apologized because she hurt his Aunt Brooke. Marcus said Steffy didn't owe him an apology; he realized Steffy had been through a lot in the past year.

Eric, Donna, and Stephanie discussed what was going on in the house. Eric implored Stephanie to stay out of it and to allow Ridge to make up his own mind. Eric believed Ridge belonged with Brooke and had rushed into a wedding plan with Taylor. Donna agreed and felt things could have gone differently if Ridge had gotten Brooke's messages. Stephanie took the opposite argument and said Ridge had been unhappy with Brooke for months and belonged with Taylor. Eric begged Stephanie to stay out of it, but she refused.

Brooke reminded Ridge they hadn't even been married a year, but admitted they had more than their share of problems. Ridge reminded Brooke that her son Rick had been more than a problem, and called him a disaster. Brooke asked Taylor to leave so she and Ridge could finish talking alone. Taylor refused and reminded Brooke she had barged in on Taylor's wedding. Taylor refused to go. Ridge said Brooke should just say what she had shown up to say.

Brooke reminded Ridge that he had taken drugs and slept with Taylor and, in turn, she overreacted and told Ridge to move on with Taylor. Brooke regretted acting in haste and assured Ridge the two of them could get past anything together if he would call off the wedding and give her another chance. Taylor was shocked by Brooke's audacity.

Thomas and Steffy huddled in the corner and wondered if their backfiring scheme had made things worse. Stephanie asked Donna to go inside, intervene, and convince Brooke to leave so the wedding could continue. Donna was unwilling to comply and told Stephanie it was Ridge's choice, and Donna firmly believed Ridge would choose her sister.

Brooke apologized to Ridge and said she was sorry she put him through an ordeal, but she felt she had no other choice, Brooke said she could not allow Ridge to marry Taylor when she knew that wasn't what he wanted. Taylor scoffed and asked Brooke if she believed she always knew what Ridge wanted. Taylor continued to remind Brooke that when Rick was tormenting Ridge, Brooke didn't seem to know what he wanted or needed at that time.

Brooke kept her focus on Ridge. Brooke referred to Ridge as her husband, and reminded him they had a beautiful wedding on the beach just a short time before. Taylor piped up to remind Brooke the wedding was never made legal. Brooke pointed out that Taylor's wedding wasn't official yet either.

Taylor pointed out that if Brooke hadn't barged in and interrupted her wedding, Taylor and Ridge would indeed be married already. Brooke looked at Ridge intently and charged him to only marry Taylor if he was sure he loved Taylor more than Brooke. Brooke said if he only married Taylor because he was upset with Brooke, the marriage to Taylor would not last. Taylor challenged Ridge to consider his rocky past with Brooke and measure it against the stability and peace he had found with her. Ridge pondered her words.

Brooke explained that she had ridden from the beach all the way to stop Ridge's wedding to Taylor for one reason only: Brooke believed Ridge was still in love with her. Brooke begged Ridge to just tell her to her face if she was wrong. Brooke believed that their love was stronger than any of the problems they had ever faced. She again asked Ridge to tell her if she was wrong.

Brooke promised Ridge that she would live with his decision, whatever it might be; she just had to know the truth. Brooke implored Ridge to give her his decision.

Jackie's phone rang, and a voice at the other end asked if he could borrow some soy sauce. Jackie didn't instantly recognize the voice and asked who was calling. The voice said, "Your new neighbor." It dawned on Jackie that it must be Whip.

He informed Jackie that he had taken the apartment directly above her and joked that it was their own version of "Upstairs Downstairs," (which was a British TV series in the 70's that Lesley-Anne Down starred in, so the reference was a wink and a nod to her past). Jackie said she would be right up, and Whip reminded her not to forget the soy sauce.

When Jackie arrived, Whip invited her in for sushi. Jackie asked what he would have done if Owen had been home when he called. Whip said there was plenty of sushi for three, and he would have gladly welcomed Owen in. Jackie doubted he was telling the truth, and accused Whip of waiting until Owen went surfing with his friends.

Whip denied the accusation and said he was too busy moving to keep tabs on Owen. Whip asked Jackie how she and Owen met, and she hesitated to answer for a moment.

Jackie said she met Owen at the office and was immediately attracted to him. She confessed that Owen moved in with her pretty soon after they had met. Whip asked if that was when she fell in love with him. Jackie asked Whip if he really wanted to know whether or not she was in love with her husband. Whip laughed and told Jackie she was a handful.

The two of them discussed their upcoming P.R. campaign with a twinkle in their eyes.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

by Pam

At the beach house, Brooke told Ridge that she would leave him alone if he told her that he didn't love her. Ridge told Brooke she was making the situation more difficult. Brooke insisted that their love could conquer anything. She reminded him that they had been married for just a short time, and that they were happy. She understood that he needed time to heal with his family, but rushing into marriage with Taylor was a mistake.

Ridge apologized to Taylor for the interruption. Taylor told Brooke that her interruption was a ridiculous attempt to win Ridge back at the last minute. Taylor did acknowledge that the day was ruined. She understood that Ridge needed more time. She wanted him to be 100 percent committed to her, and she didn't think that was the case. She was confident that Ridge would be ready to marry her soon, but she knew it he wasn't ready yet. She removed the wedding band from his hand and hers.

Outside the beach house, the guests speculated about whether or not Ridge and Taylor were legally married. Steffy noted that the minister had already signed the papers. All Taylor and Ridge had to do was sign.

Taylor, Ridge, and Brooke joined the wedding guests outside. Taylor explained that the wedding was not going to happen because of the interruption. Ridge acknowledged that it was his fault because he had two families and he loved both of them. He should have waited and had a conversation with Brooke before taking vows. He added that he and Taylor were going home together.

He turned to Brooke, and she told him that she had to do something to stop him from marrying Taylor so quickly. Ridge smiled and kissed her forehead. He asked if she would be all right to return home. She assured him that someone from the stable would take care of the horse and she would go home. Ridge and Taylor left.

Katie arrived at Brooke's house looking for Brooke, and Bill followed her. Donna had called and shared the news that Brooke interrupted the wedding on horseback, no less. She explained that Steffy had been intercepting all of Brooke's text messages and was sending replies. It was Steffy who sent Brooke to the beach to wait for Ridge so that Brooke would stay away from the wedding. Donna told Katie that she wasn't sure what would happen next, but she knew that Brooke would need their support.

Bill was amused that Brooke interrupted the wedding on horseback, but he admitted he was impressed that the Logan sisters were forgiving and loving no matter what happened in their family. He sounded envious. He promised Katie that Brooke's ride into the wedding wouldn't be a story. She thanked him.

When Brooke returned home, Katie was shocked at her appearance. Brooke happily told Katie that Taylor and Ridge didn't get married. Katie was concerned that Ridge returned to Taylor's house, but Brooke confidently stated that Ridge would return to her. He needed time with his family to heal after Phoebe's death, and that was all. Brooke knew that Ridge loved her and only her. Katie left. Later, a cleaned-up Brooke sat down to dinner by herself. She confidently told herself that Ridge would return.

She was startled at as banging on the front door, and Stephanie forced the door open. Stephanie bellowed about Brooke's selfishness. She shouted that Taylor gave Ridge peace and stability, something Brooke could never do. Stephanie continued to shout that there was a lot to be said for stable relationships. Brooke smirked that Stephanie was once again unable to let Ridge lead his own life. Brooke noted that Stephanie was angry because her efforts to push Ridge and Taylor back together had failed. Brooke said that Ridge loved her and would always love her.

Stephanie noted that Ridge was with Taylor, and that Brooke was all alone. Brooke said that wouldn't last for long. Stephanie said Ridge and Taylor would get married, but Brooke shouted that it would never happen.

At Taylor's, Ridge, Thomas, Steffy, and Taylor ate food that was supposed to have been served at the wedding reception. Taylor suggested the kids have a pool party the next day and invite their friends over to eat the leftovers. Thomas said eating leftovers from a wedding that didn't happen wasn't exactly party material.

They all shared guilt for the wedding's failure. Steffy said it was her fault. Thomas apologized for helping Steffy with the text messages. Ridge said he never should have acted so hastily. Taylor said she was the one who stopped the wedding. Ridge said they were still a family and nothing had changed, but he needed to give Brooke a chance to talk to him.

Later, Taylor told Ridge that she wanted him to be committed to her. She realized they had rushed to take vows and she acknowledged that they needed to take a step back. She wanted him to stay in the house, but in the guest room. She said they would work things out because they loved each other, but they needed to go slowly because they had the rest of their lives together. She went to bed as Ridge prepared to take all the leftover wedding reception food to a shelter.

Brooke called and told him that she would win him back. She pretended her phone was a two-way radio and added, "Logan - over. But not out." Ridge smiled as he hung up.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Jackie examined the proofs of the ad photos and had second thoughts about her role in the campaign. Whip assured Jackie that the "Indulge" campaign would be a smash and that the two of them were an unbeatable team.

Nick called the entire Jackie M staff together and congratulated them on their success. Jackie M showed a 320% growth margin from the previous year. The Jackie M staff traded praises with one another and spread the credit around to the entire staff. Everyone was all smiles, except for Bridget who realized her success as a designer spelled trouble for her father over at Forrester.

Stephanie asked Bridget how it felt to be a successful doctor and a successful designer, and Bridget just laughed. Stephanie proclaimed there was no escaping the Forrester genes. Bridget humbly pointed out it had been a team effort and asked Nick if he had sent champagne to the production floor. He said it had all been taken care of; the whole company was celebrating Jackie M's success.

Owen and Jackie retreated to her office and began to make out. Whip entered the office and caught them in the act. Whip apologized for the interruption. Owen suggested to Jackie that Whip needed his own office.

Jackie agreed, but Owen backpedaled and said since Whip moved into their building, perhaps Whip could work from home, because there was such a great view there. Whip looked at Owen with disdain. Owen got a call and left Whip and Jackie alone. Whip started to excuse himself, but Jackie urged him to stay and purred that she wanted to know what else Whip had in store for her.

Whip said he wanted to stay edgy and to keep people guessing about what they would do next. Whip showed Jackie the new idea he had been working on and added he had worked on it all night. Jackie asked him if his girlfriend minded all the time he was spending at work.

Whip admitted he was not seeing anyone. Jackie reminded Whip of the adage "All work and no play..." Before she finished, Whip assured her that after the work was done he intended to play in the French Riviera. Jackie admonished Whip not to overwork and get burned out. She added that he was a valuable asset and she wouldn't want to lose him.

The two of them bounced ideas off of one another for the new campaign and it was clear there was chemistry between them. Jackie came up with a fun idea to put color streaks in her hair and wear headphones, then use the tag line "Indulge your wild side." Whip loved it and told her to keep on going, but Jackie said she was late for an appointment and they would have to pick it up again later.

As she left the room, Jackie looked at Whip and said "We work good together." After she left the room, Whip wistfully replied, "We sure do."

Nick expressed his love for Bridget as well as an appreciation of her dedication and talent. Nick said Bridget brought her best to the table every day, and he kissed her warmly. Nick was puzzled why Bridget didn't seem overjoyed by her success. She explained that it was hard, because her success meant Eric's failure. Nick assured her that Forrester had not failed; Jackie M had merely leveled the playing field.

Nick supposed this news would prompt Brooke to return to work, which he and Bridget thought would be good for her. Nick predicted that once Brooke got back into the mix, Forrester would return strong, and he suggested that Jackie M had to get ready for them.

Ridge, Katie, Eric, Donna, and Rick looked over the latest sales figures for Forrester and discovered that Jackie M had surpassed them in sales. As the Forrester staff moped about their hard time, Brooke burst through the doors like a ray of sunshine and informed them her leave of absence had officially ended. Brooke challenged the Forrester staff to stop yearning for the glory days of the past, and to forge ahead to create something new. Her metaphor was not lost on Ridge.

The Forrester staff discussed their next move, and Katie pitched a new campaign idea. She said the Jackie M "Indulge" campaign wasn't the fantasy of most women, she didn't believe most girls dreamed of growing up to become cougars. Katie continued that most girls dreamt of becoming princesses, and she believed they should focus on the theme of regal elegance. Katie proposed they draw on their own story, the Logan girls who grew up in the valley, dreamt of the glamorous life, and got it. Eric loved the idea.

Brooke said she agreed, and believed all women deserved a happy ending/ She cast a knowing glance in Ridge's direction. Ridge said the idea sounded great, but he hoped they would be able to convince people to work for free, because their proposal would be expensive and Forrester was tapped out.

Brooke asked the others for a moment alone with Ridge. She asked for an explanation of why Ridge put a damper on an enthusiastic meeting. Ridge said he wanted to lower expectations and be realistic. Brooke asked if Ridge was talking about the marketing campaign or about her return to work. Ridge suggested that Taylor might be upset that Brooke had returned to work for Forrester. Brooke asked if Taylor was the only one who had a problem, or if Ridge had one as well.

As Ridge and Brooke carried on their private discussion, Eric, Donna, Katie, and Marcus continued to brainstorm about the "Royalty" campaign in the Forrester office lobby. Katie said Ridge was right; they didn't have the funds to pay for the campaign. She suggested that they could sell off the Forrester jet to get the capital needed to launch the campaign. Eric balked at the idea and said that once a company began selling off its assets people assumed it would go under.

Katie suggested creative ways to spin the sale of the jet, and proposed they tell the public they were selling the jet so the company could go green. Eric eventually relented and said if Katie really believed the campaign would work, he would trust her and agreed to sell the jet.

Brooke said she understood why Taylor wouldn't want Ridge to work with Brooke. Ridge said Taylor was not insecure. Brooke felt certain it was instead because of the history Ridge and Brooke shared. Brooke supposed Taylor realized that if Ridge and Brooke worked together at Forrester, the past could repeat itself. Brooke reminded Ridge that they fell in love working together before.

Brooke said she would ride her horse across town again just to hear the minister say that one line again, "I now pronounce you man" The two of them started laughing and Brooke tickled Ridge. She asked him to admit that as silly as she was, Ridge could not resist her. Ridge just grinned at her, and Brooke said "man and horse" over and over, and they began to giggle.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

by Pam

At Jackie M, another "Indulge" campaign photo shoot was underway, with Jackie dressed in a safari-style get up prepared to tame her beast -- Owen. He was wearing a loincloth, dog collar, fur collar, and fur cuffs, and looked very unhappy. Owen told Jackie that it was embarrassing, but she insisted that her outfit was over the top, as well. Owen said that she looked amazing in the khaki outfit, boots, and helmet-style hat. Owen agreed to the shoot for Jackie's sake, but he insisted on photo approval before anything went out to the media.

As the photographer shot, Jackie straddled Owen's back when he was on all fours. Jackie also sat on top of a caged Owen in her red boots and khaki garb.

During a break, Pam asked Clarke if he had ever done any modeling. She suggested that he would look good in fake fur, and she added that she liked a hairy man. Clarke changed the subject and broke the news to everyone that Eric had sold his company jet in order to fund the Forrester "Royalty" campaign. Owen said that it must have broken Eric's heart because he loved the jet.

Jackie and Whip noted that Forrester was trying to compete with Jackie M's successful "Indulge" campaign. As the photo shoot ended, Owen left, and Whip and Jackie reviewed the shots. Whip told Jackie that the camera loved her and he could see that she loved the camera. Jackie seemed concerned.

Meanwhile, at Forrester, Brooke, Katie, and Donna were dressed for their "Royalty" photo shoot in rich, shiny, silvery fabrics with splashy jewelry and upswept hairdos that had a distinct Baroque style. Ridge and Brooke discussed that Brooke was a little nervous to be modeling again, but they started teasing one another and they were both laughing.

Brooke, Katie, and Donna posed in more colorful, satiny ball gowns while Ridge and Eric watched. Ridge told Brooke the girls looked beautiful. Brooke likened herself to Guinevere and Ridge was Lancelot. Ridge joked about riding up on a horse to rescue her, but Brooke reminded him that she could handle the horseback jobs.

The Logan girls, Eric, Ridge, and Marcus were confident that the new campaign would help move Forrester out ahead of Jackie M again. Everyone thanked Brooke for returning to Forrester. Brooke said that she was happy to return and that "you never realize how much you miss something until it's gone." She was confident that they could all work together to put Forrester back on top. Ridge and Eric said they needed to get back to designing after the inspiring photo shoot. They commented that it was a new beginning for the company.

At Taylor's, Stephanie showed up to pry into how things were going. Taylor said that Ridge was under a lot of stress because things weren't going well financially at Forrester. She noted that he seemed worried. Taylor said that on the home front, things were going well. She was positive that everything would be fine, since Ridge was staying with her and the kids.

Steffy spoiled the mood when she announced that Brooke had returned to Forrester. Stephanie wondered what happened to the leave of absence, and Steffy said that Brooke was a big part of the new campaign. Taylor said that she wasn't concerned, but Stephanie and Steffy suggested that she needed to rethink her strategy.

Steffy explained that the new "Royalty" campaign featured the Logans as Forrester royalty. Steffy said she was glad that it took the heat off her, because she did not want to be a model, but she knew the campaign was very expensive and made the Logan sisters the voices and faces of Forrester. Stephanie was angry, since she was the one who had established the classy image at Forrester. She spouted off that the Logans were nothing but girls from the valley who were trying to take over the company she had helped to build.

Stephanie realized that she shouldn't allow the Logans to bother her because she had a new life at Jackie M. Taylor agreed, but reminded her that Forrester was like one of Stephanie's own children. Taylor and Stephanie agreed that the entire "Royalty" campaign was just an image, a fake image for Forrester.

Steffy cautioned her mom not to worry about Brooke and Ridge working together. But, she didn't want Taylor to let her guard down either. Taylor said that she had years of coping with Brooke and her games. Taylor said that she knew that Ridge was happy and he would eventually realize that he couldn't live without Taylor, Thomas, and Steffy. Taylor was confident that Ridge would never return to Brooke.

At Forrester, the Logan girls reviewed the photos on a laptop, and Stephanie marched in and told the Logan sisters they were far from regal with actions like Brooke's sleeping her way through the family. Brooke calmly said that the Forrester campaign was about real women. It had nothing to do with the fantasy like the Jackie M campaign. "Royalty" was more about women who weren't afraid to take a stand and stand up for themselves.

Friday, August 7, 2009

In his office, Ridge stared at one of the pictures of Brooke dressed as a princess. He then remembered his and Brooke's beach wedding. Taylor entered and told Ridge that she had heard that Brooke was back at Forrester. She said that it didn't surprise her, considering the way that Brooke had interrupted Taylor and Ridge's wedding by riding in on horseback. Taylor told Ridge that she would have to keep an eye on him.

Ridge told Taylor that Forrester was in deep trouble, and that they needed Brooke's input. Taylor said that she would never forbid Ridge from working with Brooke. She pointed out that was the difference between her and Brooke -- Brooke wanted Ridge regardless of how it affected him, while Taylor only wanted Ridge if he wanted to be with Taylor. Taylor said that once Ridge decided that Brooke was a part of his past, then Taylor and Ridge could be married.

In Eric's office, Stephanie confronted the Logan sisters about the Forrester Royalty ad campaign. Stephanie said that the campaign was superficial, and accused the Logans of tearing the Forrester family apart. She said that the idea of the Logan sisters being "Forrester royalty" was a travesty.

Stephanie said that the only reason Brooke had returned to Forrester was to get Ridge back. Brooke said that she was there because Forrester needed her, as the latest sales figures were terrible. When Stephanie said that was just an excuse, Donna said that Forrester's falling sales figures were a reality. Stephanie told Katie that the Forrester Royalty campaign wasn't going to work, because Forrester's customers knew that the name "Forrester" stood for style, class, and elegance, while the name "Logan" signified scandal and trouble.

Brooke said that the Logans were starting a new chapter in Forrester's history. Stephanie suggested that they change the name of the company to "Logan Creations." Katie said that would be silly, as they needed the name recognition. She added that no one was trying to discount Stephanie's contributions to Forrester. Stephanie said that she and Eric had created the company and had made it number one in the Los Angeles fashion scene, unlike the Logans, who had pushed their way into Forrester and took over the company. She added that if they used the royalty campaign, Forrester Creations would end up as the laughingstock of the fashion industry. Stephanie said that hurt and offended her.

Brooke said that Stephanie had done a lot to offend the Logan sisters over the years -- such as shipping their parents off to Paris. Stephanie said that, at the time, the Logan sisters were already grown women, and Stephanie had been trying to protect her marriage. She reminded the sisters that their mother had been after Eric. Brooke countered that perhaps Eric had been after their mother. Brooke said that everyone did things that they regretted, but they learned from their mistakes and moved on -- and that's what the Logans were trying to do. Brooke accused Stephanie of being stuck in the past, wanting to remain a victim, and said that the Forrester Royalty campaign would grind Stephanie and Jackie M into the ground.

Stephanie said that the Forrester Royalty campaign wouldn't pull Forrester out of its slump -- it would do just the opposite, because the campaign reeked of a company that had lost its bearings. Katie said that they were recreating themselves, just as Stephanie did when she went to work for Jackie M. Katie then got in a dig at Jackie M's "Indulge" campaign, calling it tawdry. As Ridge entered, Brooke and Stephanie began bickering about Brooke's relationship with Ridge. Brooke swore that she and Ridge would be together again.

Ridge escorted Stephanie out of the office. As Stephanie left, she predicted that Forrester Creations would be dead in a year, if not less. Out in the hallway, Ridge asked his mother why she put herself through confrontations with the Logans, and jokingly suggested that Stephanie was a masochist. Stephanie said that Eric had turned Forrester over to "those three bimbos," and that she should be thrilled with Forrester's demise -- but she wasn't. She said that she was angry and felt betrayed, and that part of her heart would always be in the Forrester building. She told Ridge that the company was supposed to be her and Eric's legacy to Ridge, Thorne, and Felicia. She hugged Ridge and said that "one doesn't always get what one wants."

Donna, again dressed in royal regalia, ran into Marcus at the elevator. Marcus realized that his mother had gotten his message that some of the shots of Donna didn't come out properly, and the photographer wanted to reshoot them. Stephanie watched their conversation from across the hallway. When Marcus said that Donna looked good in her regal outfit, Stephanie approached them and said, "All hail Queen Forrester," then stepped into the elevator. Stephanie purposely stepped on Donna's train, then pushed the down button and said, "Farewell, your majesty." The elevator's doors closed, and Donna's entire outfit was pulled off by the descending elevator, leaving an embarrassed Donna standing in the hallway, wearing nothing but her underclothes.

In Ridge's office, he asked Brooke whether she was the queen or a princess. Brooke said that Donna was the queen to Eric's king, and that Brooke was merely a princess. Brooke teased Ridge about banishing him to the royal dungeon. Ridge laughed and wondered how he had ever gotten hooked up with such a crazy princess. Brooke said that Stephanie probably wondered the same thing. Ridge asked Brooke to go easy on Stephanie, who was going through a rough time. Brooke said she was who she was -- Ridge's crazy Logan.

At Jackie M, Owen told Jackie that looking at the "Indulge" campaign pictures of her turned him on. He began kissing her, but then reminded her that he would be sharing the pictures with the rest of the world. Jackie asked Owen if that bothered him. Owen said that what bothered him was Whip, who Owen felt didn't respect the Knights' relationship, and was trying to turn Owen into Jackie's lackey. Jackie defended Whip, saying that he was trying to create an image.

As the Knights began to kiss once again, Whip entered and told Jackie that she wasn't finished with the photo shoot -- that there was one more set of pictures to be taken. Owen was pleased to learn that he wouldn't be involved in this photo set, but complained that the cougar idea was getting a little tired. Whip disagreed, saying that cougars were in -- they were the last truly wild American animal. Jackie became excited about Whip's ideas, much to Owen's dismay. Jackie was a little less enthusiastic when an animal trainer brought a live cougar into the studio.

Owen asked Whip if the cougar was dangerous. Whip said the animal was "tame as a tabby." Jackie was standing on a block, just a few feet away from the cougar, who was sitting on another block. Jackie was clearly terrified of the animal, and, as the photographer began shooting, Jackie's body language said fear, rather than energy. Whip reminded Jackie that this was about her taming the wild beast. As Jackie began to relax a bit, Whip asked her to pick up the cougar's leash.

Whip decided that Jackie needed a prop -- a flute of champagne. When Whip popped the cork on a bottle, the cougar was spooked, and the trainer ordered everyone out of the room. Everyone managed to get out, except for Jackie, who hid under a desk. In the hallway, Whip and Owen realized that the door to the photo studio was locked. A terrified Jackie appeared at a window next to the door, screaming for help, as the cougar's front paws surrounded her.

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