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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of August 3, 2009 on ATWT
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Monday, August 3, 2009

Henry and Vienna enjoyed her homecoming in bed, but Henry was worried what his mother, Audrey, might want in return for persuading Vienna to return. Audrey knocked on the door, and Vienna let her in over protests from Henry. Henry demanded to know what his mother wanted in the way of payback for the favor she had done him, but Vienna scolded him for speaking like that to his mother. Henry suggested that Vienna take Audrey to Old Town for some shopping and to see the diner they owned, so the two women left.

Henry immediately dived into his mother's luggage to look for clues. All he found, however, as an envelope with obituaries of many men, plus a journal of notes about the men, all of whom were suitors of Audrey. Henry read through all the notes, which ended with a Jay Stanhope, who, Audrey wrote, would not be happy to know that she was leaving Chicago. Henry was relieved that there was no obituary for Mr. Stanhope, so he assumed that the hapless man would be his mother's next victim.

Emily and Paul chatted at Fairwinds and had coffee. He offered her more money because he had no idea what to do with his fortune. Emily suggested that he do something nice for his daughter and set up a trust fund for her. Paul made out a large check but said he was very uncomfortable around Meg, because she was so intense and wanted him so badly to remember her. Paul was afraid that Meg would interpret his providing for Eliza as his trying to keep a connection with her; therefore, he asked Emily to take the check to Meg personally.

Emily refused, so Paul began nuzzling her neck until she weakened and agreed to be Paul's messenger. He offered to show his appreciation to her when Emily returned from the errand.

Meg visited Damian's new shipping company offices at the docks, and she was impressed. She especially liked that it meant that Damian would be sticking around Oakdale for a longer time. They began kissing, and Lily walked in, bearing a plant and a bottle of champagne. She was not pleased to find Meg in Damian's arms, but Damian thanked her and they talked about Luke's working there. Meg said goodbye and made her exit, and Lily tried to go, as well, but Damian said that he had something to discuss with her.

Damian confided that he was thinking of expanding his business, and he would need more personnel. He asked how Holden would react if Damian hired another member of his family. Lily grinned, as she assumed that Damian was talking about her. She was stunned when he mentioned what a great opportunity the job would be for Meg. Damian wanted her nursing experience because he was considering buying a pharmaceutical company.

Lily said that she thought hiring Meg would be a mistake because Damian was sleeping with her, and Holden would view Damian's hiring her as just another attempt to undermine his family. Damian questioned Lily pointedly about who exactly would be hurt by his hiring Meg, and Lily said that she was only looking out for her family.

At Fashions, a man approached Audrey, and she became a bit panicky. Vienna walked out of a dressing room at that moment, so Audrey had to introduce the man to her. She said he was Jay Stanhope, and he was a friend from Chicago. Vienna immediately invited him to join them for lunch, and she called Henry to include him, as well. Henry was glad to hear from Vienna, for he feared that Audrey might have done something evil to her. Vienna was bubbling with excitement that Henry's mother had run into a special friend named Jay Stanhope.

Henry was elated that Stanhope was not yet a victim, and he dashed down to the dining room. Henry's first words to Jay were, "How well do you know this woman?" Audrey scolded her son for his rudeness, but Henry was just getting started. He began his third degree questioning and finally signaled Vienna to leave the table and to take his mother with her. Vienna dragged a reluctant Audrey to the rest room, leaving the two men alone.

Henry immediately turned to Jay and told him to leave at once. Stanhope asked why, and Henry told him that his life was in danger because Henry's mother was a dangerous woman. Jay decided to leave instead of argue, and he was just going out the exit when the women returned. Audrey seemed not at all sorry that her friend had departed until Henry announced that he had just sent away her latest victim and saved his life. He then proceeded to lay out all the obituaries on the table, and he asked his mother to explain them.

Audrey was furious that Henry had gone through her bag, but Henry was undeterred. His mother explained that all the men had been her "good friends," and she missed them all desperately. Henry asked why she had killed them, and Audrey was speechless. Henry went on to mention that his sister, Eve, had been the Oakdale Slasher, and she had gotten those killing genes from someone. That hurt Audrey's feelings, so she stood up and walked to the elevator. Vienna then lit into Henry.

Emily bumped into Meg in Old Town and said that she had been looking for her. She handed over Paul's check to Meg, who was aggravated that Emily was in any way involved with her dealings with her ex. Emily said that Paul had been ready to write off Meg and Eliza because he did not remember them, but Emily had convinced him that he should support his daughter. Meg accused Emily of getting something out of being the go-between, but Emily turned on her heel and advised Meg to run, not walk, to her bank with the check.

Instead Meg went back to Damian's office and was surprised to find Lily still there. She explained that Emily had given her a check from Paul, and both Lily and Paul exclaimed how generous the amount was. Meg said it was Paul's second attempt to start a trust fund for Eliza. Meg was torn between preparing for her baby's future and being rid of Paul. Damian said that he had the perfect solution: Meg should turn Paul down and go to work for Damian. That brought a grimace to Lily's face, as she waited for Meg's reply.

Meg questioned whether she was qualified for the work Damian needed, but he assured her that she was. Meg thought about it briefly, and then she accepted. She said her first duty as a new employee would be to return Paul's check to him and tell him what he could do with it. Meg and Damian kissed, and Meg walked out. Lily told Damian that Meg was not yet over Paul, or else she would have taken the check, put it in the bank, and been done with it.

Emily returned to Fairwinds, and she was visiting with Paul when Meg walked in unannounced. She demanded to know from Paul what the check was for, and he explained that he was trying to help Meg's child. Meg became angry that Paul had not referred to Eliza by name, nor had he said "our" daughter. She tried to return the check, but Emily jumped in and told her that she was making a huge mistake. Meg shouted that she would not allow Paul to buy his way out of their daughter's life. Emily countered that it would mean more if Meg had let Paul go herself, and the argument escalated.

Emily said that Meg could not handle the fact that Paul would rather be with Emily, and Meg went after Emily until Paul stopped her and said that he had asked Emily to deliver the check because he didn't want Meg to think that the money meant more than it did. Meg got tears in her eyes and said that Paul and Emily deserved each other. She ran out, keeping the check. Emily said that she needed to go clean out her office, but Paul had a question. He asked her why he had gone after Damian Grimaldi the way he did, so Emily told him that it was a long story, but the upshot was that Damian and Meg were lovers.

At Grimaldi Shipping, Lily compared Damian to Dusty, who had played the white knight card and swooped in to save Meg. Damian said that Lily and all her family would have to accept that Meg was a part of his life. Lily stormed out, as an upset Meg arrived, but Damian said he welcomed Meg's problems after having nasty words with Lily. Meg admitted that things had not gone well with Paul, and she had not returned the check to him, after all. She explained that Emily had been there, and she and Emily had gotten into an unpleasant discussion. In the end, Meg had kept the money.

Damian asked a serious question. He wanted to know if Meg still had feelings for Paul. Meg became defensive, and when she learned that Lily had cautioned Damian about mixing business with pleasure, she became even more so. Damian said that if Meg committed to working with him, she also had to understand that he wanted to be with her in a relationship. Damian gave her some time to answer his basic question, but he wanted her to be honest.

Meg left the office and went to Holden and Lily's house. She was curt with Lily and asked why she was sticking her nose into Meg's relationship with Damian. Lily said that she was looking out for Meg, but Meg told her sister-in-law that she might have serious problems in her marriage to Holden if she was jealous of her ex's attentions to Meg. Lily was surprised, and mentioned that Damian had an agenda that involved his relationship with Luke. She also said that Meg was not over her feelings for Paul and had no business in a new relationship. Meg called Lily jealous because she wanted Damian for herself.

Back in their room at the Lakeview, Henry wanted to call the police on his mother. Meanwhile, Audrey slipped down to the bar and ordered a raspberry martini. Jay Stanhope joined her and told her that he hoped it was worth all the trouble he was going through. Audrey promised that he would get everything he wanted, and perhaps even a bit extra.

Damian saw Emily cleaning out her Intruder office. He was there to move the last of his things to his new office, so he talked with her. As Emily was walking out, Damian commented on how well she looked. He asked if Paul Ryan was responsible for her well-being, and he hoped that it continued. He told her that he was with Meg, and he hoped that Emily would keep on with Paul, and that it would be a win/win situation

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Meg and Lily continued to have words about Damian. Meg accused her sister-in-law of wanting Damian all for herself, and Holden walked in and heard their conversation. Meg told her brother that Damian had offered her a job at Grimaldi Shipping, but that Lily did not want her to take it. Holden asked what Meg knew about shipping, so she said that her position related to a new pharmaceutical division. The point was, however, that what Meg did or didn't do was no one's business but her own.

Holden realized that the women had been speaking about something different when he walked in. Meg said she had to get home to Eliza, and she left in a hurry. Lily told her husband that he had been right all along about Damian; her ex had a definite agenda, and pulling Meg into his web was part of it. Holden was worried about that, but he said that he was even more concerned about Lily's agenda. He said that he could tell that Damian was beginning to get to her just as he had before.

Lily was upset at Holden's reaction, especially when he bluntly asked her why she had been Damian's greatest defender until she had found out that her former husband was sleeping with Meg. Lily protected herself and said that she was worried that Meg was in over her head. Holden apologized, and Lily said that she would straighten out her relationship with his sister herself.

Damian and Luke, who was wearing a brand new business suit, discussed Luke's job at the company. Damian was proud of his son and said that he expected the young man to earn his position. He asked Luke to join him at a business dinner that evening at the Lakeview. Luke hesitated because he and Noah were planning to celebrate Luke's first day at work together. Damian solved that problem by telling Luke to invite Noah to dinner, as well.

At Al's, Noah met with Mason, his advisor, and they went over some major rewrite changes in Noah's script. Noah was discouraged by all the red ink he saw on his copy, so Mason suggested that the two of them go see a movie locally that would help Noah establish his point of view better. He also said they could go for a beer afterwards and discuss what they had seen. Noah agreed, but he also asked if Luke could go along, and Mason answered, "Absolutely!"

Noah left the diner and saw Luke in his new suit hurrying through Old Town, and he caught up with him. Luke invited Noah to Damian's business dinner, but Noah said that he and Mason were going to see a film that might help his rewrites. They kissed, and Luke promised not to be home late. Noah went to the theater and found it empty, except for Mason. He asked where everyone else was, but Mason said that he had arranged for a private showing for just the two of them, because Noah was his best student.

Alison went to Java looking for Hunter. He was there, working on his laptop, and Alison went right after him for getting Emily fired. Hunter tried to tell her that she had the story wrong, but Alison was furious. She told Hunter that he would get a payback by having to work for the terrible Lucinda Walsh. She started to storm out, but she glanced at Hunter's computer screen and saw that he was looking at ads for jobs. She asked him why, and she finally shut up long enough for her brother to tell her that when Lucinda had fired Emily, he had quit.

Alison asked why Hunter had not told that to Emily, because her sister was thinking that Hunter had stolen her job. Hunter said that his life was in shambles anyway after finding out that his mom wasn't his mother, and his father was an egg thief. To top that off, the girl of his dreams turned out to be his test tube sister. They both began to laugh, and Alison joked that it couldn't get much worse. She told him to have faith, and perhaps she could help him find a job.

Paul had a checkup at Memorial, and Emily waited outside and fiddled with her phone. She had no messages, which was discouraging for someone recently fired. Paul emerged from the exam room and declared that the doctor had given him a good report. Emily did not believe him, and she persisted in wanting to know what Paul was not telling her. She stopped a passing doctor and asked what Paul's prognosis was.

The doctor explained that the removal of the microchip from Paul's brain had left a small lesion that needed to be surgically repaired. The condition was not terminal, but Paul would be taking an "enormous chance" if he did not have another operation to remedy that. Emily turned to Paul and yelled that the lesion must be "smack dab in the middle" of his "stupid center." Paul admitted that he was afraid that if the doctors poked around in his brain, he would go back to being the old reprehensible Paul.

They went back to Fairwinds, and Emily was still all over Paul about getting his "ticking time bomb" repaired. Paul had no desire to return to the Paul Ryan he had been, so Emily told him to do what he felt was best. They hugged as Alison walked in. Paul asked to be introduced, but Alison blurted out that he should "cut the crap." She was only there to see her sister, and she did not believe that Paul had amnesia. When Emily said that was true, Alison laughed out loud.

Alison got herself under control and claimed that even if Paul could not remember anything before the accident, he was still "genetically evil." Then she told Emily that Hunter had quit his job to show support for Emily. Emily was delighted, and she left quickly. Alison warned Paul to stay away from her sister. She talked about the Intruder and how important it had been in Emily's life. She said she could tell how Emily was suffering without it.

An upset Meg went to Damian's new office, and he noticed her plight immediately. Meg said that she had just been to Lily's and that the two of them had fought about Damian. She said Lily had lectured her on the dangers of being a Grimaldi, and it upset her that no one in Meg's family wanted her to have anything to do with Damian. Damian appeared shocked, but then Meg accepted his job offer along with the conditions about a personal relationship. Damian asked Meg to join him at the business dinner, and she agreed. They kissed, and Meg left to get ready.

Lily drove to the farm and surprised Meg just as she had dressed for dinner and was leaving. Meg tried to brush off Lily, but her sister-in-law said she had "damn well better make time" for her. Lily accused Meg of being careless and insensitive with her remarks around Holden at their home, and Meg argued that Lily had provoked her into saying unkind things. She told Lily to back off and stay away from her and Damian. They continued to call names and spar as Meg walked out of the house towards her car.

Lily drove home and gave Holden the bad news that she had probably made things worse with Meg. She urged Holden to pull out the "big brother" card and talk with Meg, but Holden refused. He said that all they could do was let "romance run its course." Lily gave her husband a big kiss.

Damian and Luke arrived at the Lakeview and met the business associate who had his daughter, Sarah, with him. Luke was supposed to sit next to the attractive young woman, but he looked hard at Damian and excused himself and hurried out. Damian went after him and made Luke stop. Luke accused his father of parading a pretty girl in front of him in an effort to "cure" him of being gay. Damian swore that there had been no set-up; he had no idea that the man would have his daughter with him. He promised Luke that he would never ambush him, and Luke apologized for overreacting and they returned to the table.

Meg arrived at the table at the same time as Luke and Damian, so Damian introduced her. Meg looked upset, and the business associate decided that they should talk business at a later date, and he excused himself by asking Luke to take good care of his daughter. Meg said she preferred not to eat, either, so Damian took her up to his room, leaving Luke with his credit card, and Sarah.

Meg unloaded about Lily's attitude that once a man had been with Lily, he was Lily's property for life. She confided to Damian that Lily had warned her about how he would hurt her, but Meg did not believe that. They began kissing, and then headed for the bed. Damian mentioned, as part of their pillow talk, that perhaps a working and personal relationship was too much for them, but Meg said it was just what she wanted.

Luke and Sarah finished dinner, and Noah walked in. Luke introduced Noah as his boyfriend to Sarah, and she said that she had not realized that Luke was gay. She thanked him for a fun evening and gave him a kiss on the cheek on her way out. Noah asked Luke if that was what being in business with his father was really about, and Luke mentioned that Noah was "so cute" when he was jealous. Noah also suspected that Damian was sending a message, but Luke reassured him by saying that he was going home with Noah that night and for every night for the rest of his life.

Emily hurried to Java and found Hunter still hunched over his laptop. She told him that she appreciated his quitting his job in support of her, but he could beg his way back into Lucinda's good graces. Hunter said that he did not want to work for Lucinda. He also refused Emily's offer of help and money. Emily was grateful that he had stuck up for her, and she left him.

Emily returned to Fairwinds, and Paul told her that Alison had made him realize how much Emily missed her newspaper. He asked what he could do, and she kidded him by saying, "Buy me a newspaper." Paul answered, "Okey-dokey." When Emily realized that he was serious, she was ecstatic and gave him a huge hug.

Hunter was upset with Alison for telling Emily why he had quit, so he went hunting for her in the hospital. He scolded her, but Alison told him that Stewart women stuck together. She had a bit of fun about his being a Stewart himself.

Lily called Damian, who was still in bed with Meg, and told him that she and Holden would not interfere with his relationship with Meg. She hung up, and Holden called to her from upstairs.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Janet served Jack breakfast at the farm, but she was in a surly mood. Finally, she admitted that she was "bummed out" about the dinner at Carly's house the other night. Jack assumed that his wife felt that her sister Teri's cooking had completely eclipsed Janet's famous meatballs, but she said that her bad mood was not about Teri, but about her. She reminded Jack that she had made a decision about her life when she was a teenager of 16 and pregnant with Liberty that she was never going to do anything special with her life.

Since reuniting recently with Teri, however, Janet realized that she had really missed out on too many things. She was tired of just surviving instead of doing something worthwhile like attending college or going to culinary school. Jack was concerned about his wife, but he had an idea, and he left quickly.

Audrey opened her hotel room door to find Jay Stanhope there. She was not overjoyed to see him, but he reminded her that he expected her to make good on her commitment to him, and he reached for her purse. Audrey snatched it away, but Stanhope continued to demand cash. Audrey gave him a cup of coffee instead, as someone else knocked on her door. This time it was Henry, who spotted Stanhope about to take his first sip of coffee. Henry hurled himself across the room and knocked the cup and its contents everywhere.

Audrey screamed at Henry, who asked if Stanhope had actually seen the waiter bring in the coffee pot. Audrey explained to her guest that Henry thought she was a serial killer, and she threatened that her son would be her next victim as she mopped up coffee from Stanhope's suit. Henry called his mother a "Black Widow" who lured suitors into her deadly web. He said his family tree already had a sister who was serving time in prison for multiple murders, and he also had proof about Audrey. He cited the many obituaries and the journal that he had found in Audrey's luggage, and he offered to show them to Stanhope.

Henry and Stanhope went to the Lakeview lounge to look at the "evidence." Henry laid out all the obituaries for the men in his mother's journal. Stanhope looked them over and then declared that the whole thing was ridiculous. He said that he needed to drink more, and he summoned the bartender to their table.

Teri went to Brad and Katie's house at their invitation. Brad explained that Katie was sidelined from working until after their baby was born, so he asked Teri if she would be interested in co-hosting Oakdale Now with him for the next few months. Brad said her personality and culinary expertise made her perfect for the job, but they still had to run the idea past their boss, if Teri was interested. Teri said that kind of job was a "dream come true" for her, and she asked when she could start.

Brad said that he would set up a meeting with Kim at the station for later in the day, but suddenly Teri remembered that she had promised to pick up Sage from the community center for Rosanna. Then she realized that she had already made a commitment to Craig and Rosanna to look after Parker and Sage for the rest of the summer, but Katie urged her to talk to Rosanna and see if they could work out a solution. Brad gave Teri the address of WOAK, and Teri got up to leave. As Brad opened the door to let Teri out, his brother Jack walked in.

Jack asked Brad for a favor. He wanted his brother to give Janet a job, because she was down in the dumps and felt that she had missed out on so much by having a child so young. Teri's showing up had brought all that to the forefront, and Jack suggested that Janet fill in for Katie on Oakdale Now with Brad. Brad had to tell Jack that he was a couple of minutes too late, because he had already offered the job to Janet's sister, Teri.

Jack asked if there was a way to take the offer back, and he was disappointed to learn that was not possible. Finally, Brad agreed to do what he could, and Jack made him agree that if the job for Janet somehow worked out, she must never know that Brad had asked Teri first.

After Henry and Stanhope left, Audrey tore off her bathrobe, and she was fully dressed underneath. She grabbed her purse and headed out the door. She went to Memorial Hospital and asked a nurse about two DNA samples that she had left for testing. Audrey was hoping that the results were ready, and the nurse went to check. Katie came around the corner and was surprised to see Audrey there. Audrey said she was just having some routine testing, but that she would prefer that Henry not know about it. The nurse approached with paperwork in her hand, but Audrey shooed her away and hustled Katie to the other end of the corridor. Audrey then bailed on the results and left the hospital.

Rosanna spruced up Parker in preparation for his first modeling job for the vitamin water business. Craig urged them to hurry, but Parker said he had to stop at the diner first to tell Janet that he couldn't work that day. He dashed out, and Craig yelled at the boy not to be late.

At the diner, Liberty dropped in and asked her mother to make a couple of sandwiches for her and a friend who wanted to go to the lake for the day. Janet complained that not only did she have to sling hash all day for Henry and Vienna, evidently she was also her daughter's personal chef. Liberty did not understand why a sandwich or two would make her mother so grumpy. Parker walked in and told Janet that he was sorry, but he could not work that day because of the photo shoot. Liberty wanted to hang out with Parker, but he had no time.

Janet let loose her tongue and reamed out Parker before chasing him out of the diner. Liberty tried to escape, as well, but Janet slung an apron at her daughter and told her to get busy bussing tables. Liberty protested, and Janet got really angry and shouted at her daughter. Liberty asked if her mother was trying to get her sympathy because no one had eaten Janet's meatballs at the party. Finally, Liberty had enough badgering, and told Janet to go ahead and wallow but not to expect sympathy from her that Janet's sister was cooler than she was.

Craig and Rosanna were just leaving for the photo shoot as Teri arrived. She told them about the great job offer at WOAK, and she was very excited. She said she had to meet with Kim in the afternoon, and Rosanna asked who would pick up Sage. Teri said she was sorry and she would make it up to Rosanna, but she needed to have the interview with Kim. Teri dashed off, and a gloomy Rosanna announced that all their great plans for the business, including Parker's ad campaign, had just walked out the door on little high heels.

Craig wanted to find someone else to pick up Sage, possibly even Jack, but Rosanna nixed that. She reminded him that the only reason the arrangement they had was in place was that Teri was family, and therefore suitable to Jack for watching his kids. When she realized there was no one else to fetch Sage, Rosanna went ballistic. Craig told her to calm down, and he volunteered to do it himself if Rosanna could cover the photo shoot with Parker.

They left in separate cars, and Craig took a detour to the television studio. He found Teri waiting for her interview, and he asked her nicely to reconsider taking the WOAK job, because Carly's kids really were attached to her and needed her while their mother was gone. Brad walked into the studio, but he remained hidden behind some scenery. He listened to Craig's pitch to Teri that losing her would break Sage's heart. Teri was confused and did not know what to do.

After Craig left, Brad approached Teri, who told him that she could not take the wonderful job because she had already made a commitment to Craig and Rosanna. Brad, who was secretly relieved, said that was all right, and in fact he was going to offer the job to Janet, who had filled in once before. Teri was sure her sister would be perfect, and they agreed that no one would ever tell Janet that Teri had refused the job.

Parker's photo shoot was on a tennis court, and Liberty showed up to watch. Parker took a break to talk with her, but Rosanna cracked the whip and insisted that they continue on schedule. She did tell Liberty, however, that she could watch from a distance. The photographer finished, and they all looked at the shots and were pleased. Meanwhile, Liberty watched from behind a fence, but when Parker was free to leave, she was no longer there. He told Rosanna to go home without him because he had something he had to do.

Parker found Liberty in Java, and she teased him about being the next male supermodel. They talked about how much had happened in their lives since they had first met, including their brief marriage. Liberty asked if Parker would take her for a drive the way they used to, but the photographer walked in and needed Parker for a few test shots. Parker left with him, leaving a disappointed Liberty behind.

Audrey met with Jay Stanhope, who told her that Henry was certifiably insane and creepy, too. He wanted his money right away, so Audrey stalled that she was hot on the trail of the "real" Jay Stanhope, and when she found him, all their troubles would be over. Jay warned her not to "screw it up."

Henry was drinking at the bar and asked for his check. The bartender said that "Mr. Zuma" had already taken care of it, and Henry asked who he was. The bartended showed him the credit card slip that Jay Stanhope had signed, and the card and signature read, "Raymond Zuma."

Teri went back to Carly's house and told Craig and Rosanna that she had not taken the job. She explained that Craig had bared his soul and convinced her that Parker and Sage had to be put first while Carly was away. Rosanna looked askance at Craig and asked when he had talked to Teri, and the young woman answered that it was at WOAK. She talked about how committed Craig was to the children, and then she went to begin dinner. Craig looked at Rosanna and said, "I told you so." Rosanna called him "Svengali," and asked if he wanted a Nobel Peace Prize. Craig told her to stop being a sourpuss long enough to appreciate what he had done.

Brad walked into the diner and poured himself a cup of coffee. Jack was sitting at the counter, so Brad gave him the good news that he would invite Janet to co-host the show. Jack jumped up and kissed Brad on the cheek, and the two of them acted like goofs. Janet walked in and asked Brad why he looked so guilty. Brad said that he was excited, not guilty, and he asked her to join him on Oakdale Now as a replacement for Katie. Janet said that if the two of them had cooked that up because they were sorry for her, they could forget about it, because she didn't want their charity. Brad and Jack looked stupefied.

Janet calmed down, and Brad reminded her that she had been good on the show before, and besides, he would never compromise his job just to get a relative on TV. Janet said that being on television and sharing her ideas about food was beyond her wildest dreams, and she said yes.

Audrey called the hospital and convinced the nurse to give her the DNA results over the phone. The nurse said that the two samples she had given were a genetic match. Audrey was sure they would be and she appeared pleased.

Henry barged into Katie's and said that he was afraid that his psychotic mother had struck again. Katie said Henry was nuts, and she had just seen Audrey a short time before. Henry told her that his mother's latest boyfriend was operating under a spurious name. He wanted Katie to help him get proof that the real Jay Stanhope was either missing or dead.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Looking puzzled, Dr. Bob walked out of an exam room in Memorial Hospital and stopped. Alison approached him and asked if she could help him in any way. Bob was short with her and told her that if he needed her help, he would ask for it. Then he called her "Susan." Alison corrected him that she was Alison, and Bob said that of course she was, and to keep up her good work. Alison found Casey elsewhere in the hospital and hesitantly relayed her latest weird moment with his grandfather.

Casey chalked his grandfather's remarks up to the man's strange sense of humor again, but Alison was afraid that something was going on that was no laughing matter. The recent incident was the second she had observed with Bob, and it could be a symptom of a serious condition. She suggested that she talk with Kim about it, but Casey nixed that and substituted Tom instead. He and Alison took off to the Lakeview where Casey knew his father had a meeting.

Margo made a list of groceries, while Riley talked about Tom and referred to him as "Dad." Riley seemed lethargic, and he dozed off on the couch, but Margo was able to rouse him, although he admitted he was feeling "a bit off." Margo was worried that he might have a serious strain of flu, so she felt his forehead and declared that he was burning up with fever. Tom walked through the room, and Margo asked him to get their thermometer, but he declined. He said cynically that Margo's "hands on" method looked as if it was working, and he walked out the door.

Margo continued to fuss over Riley, who felt that Tom was obviously still jealous about his wife's attention to him. Margo was upset for Tom, as well, but she was more concerned about getting Riley to see a doctor. Riley said that he would take care of himself, and he convinced Margo to go to work. After she left, he felt even more ill, so he called a cab to take him to Memorial.

Barbara visited Paul, who referred to her as "Ms. Ryan." She requested that he call her "Mom," but Paul did not remember her that way and felt uncomfortable using that appellation. Paul was packing many of his art objects, most of which were gift from his mother, into cartons. Barbara picked out one in particular and told Paul that it had cost a great deal of money. Paul shrugged and said, "It's ugly," and put it back in the box. Barbara started in on him about having the procedure on his brain that might restore his memory, but Paul reiterated that he did not want to be "that guy" again.

Then Paul stunned his mother by telling her that he was also giving away most of his money. Barbara tried to talk him out doing anything foolish with his funds, but Paul said that he had given most of it to Meg for her baby. Barbara reminded him that Meg's baby was also his daughter, and that it probably was all right for Eliza to have a nest egg. Then Paul said that he was using the rest to buy a newspaper for a friend, and when Barbara found out the friend was Emily Stewart, she shouted "The blonde barracuda?"

Barbara threatened to stop Paul immediately, and she picked up the phone to call their banker. Paul said that he had already talked to him. Then Barbara dragged up the story of how Emily had shot Paul in the back, shoved him over a cliff, and left him for dead. She pointed her finger at her son and reminded him that she was his mother and would not allow him to get back into the clutches of a woman determined to ruin his life.

Emily went looking for Hunter and ran into him at Java. She said that she had tremendous news and that Hunter was looking at the new publisher of a brand new print and online newspaper. She said that an old friend was bankrolling the whole deal, but Hunter only wished her luck. Emily offered him the job of editor of the cyber version, but her newfound son turned her down. He said that Emily should not have offered him a job because she felt she owed him something, and also, she could not buy his affections with a paycheck.

Emily swore that she was not trying to "mother or smother" him, but she wanted him on her staff because he was brilliant at his work. Hunter still refused, and Emily declared him stubborn, just like her. Hunter said he already had a job, and he tied on an apron from Java and took two orders for apple pie. Emily was stunned that her son was working in the coffee shop. Hunter cut a piece of pie and then clumsily knocked the pie stand to the floor. His boss reminded him that he was already in the hole for cups he had broken earlier, so perhaps he should take the job the nice lady was offering him.

Hunter took off his apron, and Emily continued her pep talk. Hunter was suspicious about where the financing was originating, but Emily assured him they had no worries there. Hunter said before he made a decision, he wanted to meet the investor, so Emily dragged him to Fairwinds. As soon as they walked in, Barbara attacked Emily for taking advantage of Paul's situation. She accused Emily of using her wiles on Paul to get her way. Paul denied all of that, and then he grinned and asked Emily to show him her "wiles."

Emily talked back to Barbara, and finally Hunter jumped in and defended his mother . Barbara next called Emily a liar and a cheat, but Paul spoke up and told Barbara that if she continued to speak poorly about "this lovely and talented woman," he would ask her to leave and never return. Paul said the discussion was over, but Barbara got in one more dig about not letting "the likes of Emily Stewart dig her claws" into her son again. Barbara got right in Paul's face and warned him not to push her.

Emily told Paul that she had hired Hunter as their online editor, and, in the interest of full disclosure, he was her biological son. Paul suggested that they use Fairwinds as the paper's home base, and he offered them each a suite of rooms for living quarters. Both Emily and Hunter accepted, and Paul went to confer with his staff. Hunter asked Emily if Paul was more than a "friend," and Emily answered that she was a good newspaper woman, but "not seven figures good." She left him to draw his own conclusion, and he called her "Mom" for the first time.

Alison and Casey approached Tom at the Lakeview. Alison told him that she had noticed another episode that day at the hospital in which Dr. Bob had become disoriented. She also spoke about the time at Casey's party when Bob had called Kim "Lisa." Tom was not very concerned and cited how sharp his dad was when they played golf. He felt there was no cause for alarm, but he did ask Alison to keep an eye on the situation. Alison felt no better, however, and she and Casey returned to the hospital and she went back on duty.

Alison was surprised to find that Riley was one of her new patients, and he seemed in quite a bit of distress, so she sent for Dr. Bob. Bob arrived and checked Riley's chart and listened to his lungs. He prescribed 50 milligrams of the drug ventricill, but Alison looked alarmed and questioned the dosage. Bob snapped back at her and ordered her to get and administer it. Alison left the room and took the time in the hall to call her mother for advice. Susan did not answer, however, so she left a message. Bob exited Riley's room and scolded Alison for making a call while she was on duty and for questioning his judgment. He ordered her to get the drug and give it to Riley.

Alison pushed the drug into Riley's IV, but the young man almost immediately began to have acute respiratory distress. Bob ran in and asked what happened. He could not understand why Riley had gone into respiratory failure, and he questioned Alison who reported that she had administered the requested 50 milligrams of ventricill. Bob went ballistic and claimed that he had ordered five milligrams, not 50. He prescribed a quick antidote but made another nurse get it, not Alison.

Alison sat by Riley's bed until he awakened. She apologized for giving him too much medication, but she said that Dr. Bob had ordered it. Riley said no harm, no foul, and he told Alison to cut herself some slack. He wanted to go home since he was feeling better, but Alison said he had to call someone to pick him up because he was so weak. Riley called Margo who agreed to drive him home. Alison helped Riley get dressed, and she saw scars on his torso from the bombing in Afghanistan. Casey walked in as she was buttoning Riley's shirt.

Tom walked into the Oakdale Police Station to see a client in lock-up, and Margo was surprised to see him. She asked to speak with him and took him into the interview room. She spoke briefly about Riley, but Tom was not willing to have that conversation, so she switched to Adam. She asked Tom that if Adam was alive if Tom would try to get the charges against their son dropped. Tom said that a sentence reduction was about all they could hope for the charge of the attempted rape of Gwen Munson. Tom said he also felt that it would not be fair to Casey, whom they let serve time for a lesser crime, if they gave Adam a pass.

Tom was perplexed by Margo's queries, and he told her that they frightened him. He had hoped that she had gotten though some of her grieving for their son, but he suspected that she should seek some professional counseling for her own peace of mind. Margo took a call then, and it was Riley's request for a ride home, so she cut off Tom and dashed out.

Margo arrived at the hospital, and Alison suggested that she keep a close eye on Riley for a while. Margo took him out, and Casey questioned Alison about what he had observed when he had walked into the room. Alison said that she was upset about the mix-up in dosages for Riley's medication, but she was sure that she had heard Bob say 50 milligrams. Casey asked if she was one hundred per cent sure that his grandfather had prescribed that much, but while Alison was sure, she said that she could not be positive. Casey suggested that she not report it, and they both worried about her future in nursing.

Barbara asked Bob to meet her at the diner, and he was still upset about the incident with Alison. He told her that Alison had challenged his judgment and then made a grave mistake in administering a drug. He questioned her ability to become a reliable nurse, but Barbara said that she was not surprised because Alison was a Stewart. All Stewarts were walking disasters, as far as Barbara was concerned. She told Bob that Emily had gotten her hooks back into Paul and explained that he was giving away all his money. She needed to protect her son, and she asked for Bob's help to get Paul committed to the hospital.

At home, Margo continued to fuss over Riley. He asked her to stop treating him like a son and to get a grip on her emotions. Margo took Riley's face in her hands just as Tom walked through the door. Margo left the room to get Riley a sweater, and Tom told the young man that as soon as he was back on his feet, Tom wanted him out of his house. He said it was because Margo had turned Riley into a replacement for Adam, and that was unhealthy. Tom made it very clear that Riley had to leave as soon as he was able. Riley went to lie down.

Emily, Hunter and Paul drank a toast to their new business venture. Paul suggested that Hunter go check out his new digs, so the young man left them. Emily thanked Paul for the newspaper and the opportunity to work with her son.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Luke dropped by Java to let Noah know that he was going on a trip to New York with Damian to show some cruise line people a new ship the Grimaldi Shipping company had. Noah was surprised to hear about Luke's plans, because Noah knew that Luke had originally planned to accompany Holden to a horse show in Kentucky. When Noah asked how Holden felt about Luke's change of plans, Luke admitted that he hadn't actually told his dad yet.

Noah told Luke that he thought it was a bad idea to blow Holden off in favor of going on a trip with Damian. Luke pointed out that Noah had been the one who had encouraged Luke to get to know Damian when Damian first returned to Oakdale, but Noah protested that he hadn't meant that Luke should put Damian ahead of Holden. Luke said that he would never do that, but Noah thought that Holden might feel that way about Luke's decision.

Luke said that he didn't have a choice, since he worked for Damian, but Noah told Luke that he could have told Damian that he already had plans with Holden. Luke insisted that Holden would understand. Noah said it sounded as though Luke had made up his mind, and Luke said he had.

Mason walked in, and Luke excused himself, telling Noah he had to leave. Mason asked Noah if he had interrupted something, but Noah said that he and Luke had finished their discussion. Noah explained the situation to Mason, and Mason commented about how different Luke's two fathers were. Noah said that he couldn't choose sides, because when he did, Luke would choose the other side, and then they would end up arguing, when the argument wasn't even about them. Mason told Noah that in a relationship, one person couldn't fight the other person's battles for him.

Holden walked into the kitchen at the Snyder farm and found Lily there waiting to talk to Emma. Lily told Holden that she was jealous that Luke was going with him to Kentucky and would get to spend time alone with him, but Holden assured Lily that she wouldn't want to spend time alone with a guy who smelled the way he did. Lily hugged Holden and reminded him that she'd fallen in love with the stable boy, and she said it was the best decision of her life.

Emma walked into the kitchen and smiled at the sight of Lily and Holden kissing. Lily asked Emma if she could watch Ethan for a couple of hours the next day, because Lily had an all-day meeting to attend. Emma said she wished she could, but her ankle was bothering her. Holden asked what was wrong, and Emma reminded him that she had fallen a few days earlier. She said her ankle flared up every now and then and made it difficult for her to get around. In addition, she told them that she would be watching Eliza and wasn't sure she could manage both children.

Lily asked where Meg was going to be, and Emma was surprised that Lily and Holden didn't know that Meg was going on a cruise with Damian. She told them the cruise was apparently an effort to sell a luxury yacht to some businessmen. Emma left the room to check on Eliza, and Lily told Holden that she thought it was odd that Meg would be going on a sales cruise with Damian when Meg's job dealt with pharmaceuticals. Holden asked why Lily was so concerned about it, and Lily responded that she wasn't.

Emma returned to the kitchen, and Holden told her that he needed to leave to start packing. Holden hugged his mother and left, but Lily stayed to talk to Emma. Lily asked Emma what she thought about Meg's involvement with Damian. Emma admitted that she didn't like the idea, but she reminded Lily that Meg was a grown woman with a strong mind of her own. Lily said that she knew the idea of Meg with Damian really bothered Holden; Emma said it bothered her, too, but there wasn't anything she could do about it. Lily replied, "Maybe there is."

Meg visited Damian in his office at Grimaldi Shipping. Damian told her to be sure to pack her swimsuit for the cruise. When Meg said she thought it was a business trip, Damian said it was, but it was also a midsummer cruise with time for sunbathing and swimming. Meg asked if Damian had told Luke to pack his swimsuit, too, and he said that he had, because business deals also sometimes happened by the pool. When Meg asked why she was going on the cruise, Damian replied that if she didn't, he would miss her too much. Meg reminded him that Luke was her nephew, so she would have to be on her best behavior. Damian informed Meg that he had made sure that Luke's stateroom was on the other side of the ship from his own.

Damian gave Meg a wrapped box and told her to open it. She did, and she chirped happily when she saw the beautiful blue shawl that was inside. Damian told her it might come in handy on their cruise, because it could get chilly at night. Meg told Damian she had thought he could keep her warm but that she had the perfect dress to wear with it; Damian replied that he had hoped she might wear it with nothing else. Meg laughed and said she had to pack her things. She told Damian not to leave without her, and he responded, "I won't, not without you --- ever."

Meg went to the farm and showed Emma the gift Damian had given her. She asked if Emma would be okay watching Eliza for a little while longer so that Meg could shop at Fashions, but Emma said no. Emma explained that her ankle was giving her trouble off and on, and she didn't think she would be able to watch Eliza for the length of time that Meg needed while Meg was on the cruise with Damian. Meg was surprised to hear that.

Meg asked her mother to explain why she was really saying no, and Emma admitted that she thought Meg was getting too involved with Damian too soon. Meg explained that she was going on a business trip, but Emma pointed to the shawl and asked why Damian was buying her such things for a business trip and when Meg had decided it was acceptable to sleep with her boss. Meg asked her mother where that was coming from, and Emma said she was worried because it was Damian.

Meg argued that Damian had changed and was no longer the same person he'd been when he had done bad things. Emma answered that it wasn't so much what Damian had done as who he had done it to, because he had hurt Lily, Holden, and Luke. Meg said it sounded as though Emma's objections to watching Eliza had more to do with Damian than with Emma's ankle, but Emma said it was both things. Meg asked why Emma had suddenly decided it was such a big issue, and then it dawned on her that Emma's objections might have been prompted by Lily. Emma said it didn't make any difference where the idea had come from, but Meg said it made all the difference in the world, and she left.

Luke went home and explained to Holden and Lily that he had to cancel his trip to Kentucky in order to take a cruise with Damian to sell a ship. Holden told Luke that he understood and that work came first. When Lily asked why Holden was being so understanding, Holden looked at her and said questioningly, "Because I do understand?" When Lily continued to act upset, Luke told her that he didn't have a choice, but Lily said, "Yes, you do. And obviously, you've made it." Holden told Lily that was enough, and he told Luke to do what he needed to do, and they would take a trip another time. Luke thanked his father for understanding, and left.

Lily asked Holden why he had let Luke off so easily, and Holden replied that there hadn't been any point in trying to make Luke feel bad about work. Lily pointed out that the work was for Damian, and she asked Holden whether he was disappointed. Holden admitted he was, but he said he had to live with it. Lily replied, "Not necessarily." Holden told Lily not to even think about calling Damian to ask him to let Luke out of the trip.

Lily said she thought that she and Holden should have let Luke know how disappointed they were with his choice. Holden explained that the last thing he wanted to do was make things a contest between himself and Damian, because that wouldn't be fair to Luke. Lily replied that Luke wasn't being fair to Holden, but Holden reminded Lily that she had promised not to interfere. Lily said she would keep her promise and would not try to change Luke's mind.

Meg went to Grimaldi Shipping and told Damian what she thought Lily had done to interfere with Emma's agreement to babysit Eliza. When Damian asked if Meg was sure about Lily's involvement, Meg admitted that her mother hadn't actually said that was what had happened, but Meg believed that Lily had to be behind it. Damian asked whether Meg could find another babysitter, but Meg said she didn't trust anyone else with Eliza. Damian offered to call Lily to find out what had happened, but Meg said there was no point to that, because unless Emma agreed to babysit, Meg couldn't leave town. She wished Damian good luck on his business trip, and she left.

Luke arrived at Grimaldi Shipping, and Damian told him that they needed to leave for New York soon. He noticed Luke's expression and asked what was wrong. Luke explained that he had just told Holden that he couldn't take a trip that they had planned. Damian asked when Luke was supposed to leave with Holden, and Luke said that same day. Damian said, "You didn't tell me that." Luke explained that the trip with Holden was pleasure, whereas the trip with Damian was business, and that Holden had seemed to understand that, although Lily had had a problem with it.

Damian told Luke that the trip seemed to be causing a lot of problems in Luke's family. Luke told Damian not to worry about it, but Damian said that he'd just heard from the shipyard, and the people there weren't sure the ship was ready to take out to sea. When Luke asked why, Damian replied that they had found a couple of minor glitches that needed to be fixed. Luke said he thought the decision not to take the ship out was more about Holden than about the boat. Damian told Luke, "Trust me, this has nothing to do with you or your dad," and he walked out of the office.

Luke went to Java, where Mason excused himself so that Luke and Noah could talk. Luke told Noah that the cruise had been cancelled, and Noah suggested that Luke find his father and let him know what had happened. Noah thought Luke should ask Holden if he could still accompany him to Kentucky.

Meg went to the farm and told Emma that she would be happy to hear that Damian had cancelled the cruise. Emma said it must not have been very important, after all, but Meg insisted that it had been important and that it had been cancelled because of Emma and Lily. Emma told Meg not to blame Lily, but Meg said Lily was the one who had convinced Emma not to take care of Eliza.

Holden walked in and asked the two women what they were fighting about. Emma explained about not being able to babysit Eliza, and Holden was surprised that Emma didn't feel up to taking care of the baby. Emma told Holden it didn't matter, then she told him to have a safe trip, and she left the room. Holden asked Meg if Damian was going on the trip without her, but Meg said the whole thing had been cancelled. When Holden asked why, Meg responded, "Ask your wife."

Damian went to see Lily at her house. He told her that he had cancelled the trip, and he asked her to admit that she had sabotaged Meg's babysitting arrangements because she still had feelings for him. Lily said that she had thought they were friends until Damian had started picking her family apart. Damian said that wasn't what he was doing, but Lily said it felt that way. Damian replied, "Only because I'm not choosing you." Damian then told Lily that she couldn't hide from the truth, and neither could he, and he kissed her. Lily tried to fight him off at first but soon gave in and kissed Damian back.

At Fairwinds, Emily and Paul snuggled, and Paul told Emily that he was glad she was happy. Emily replied that if she'd known that losing his memory would make Paul act so wonderful, she would have blown him up herself. Emily got up to leave, telling Paul that she and Hunter had to meet with some Web site designers. Paul hugged Emily and whispered in her ear, telling her what he thought they could do after she got back from her meetings. Emily laughed and pulled away, telling Paul she had to leave.

After Emily left, two men in white coats appeared in Paul's doorway and asked whether he was Paul Ryan. When he said yes, they asked him to accompany them. Paul stood up, and given the way the men were dressed, he asked if they were going to their ice cream truck. Barbara walked in and informed Paul that the men were there to take him to the hospital. Paul tried to shrug off the two men and told Barbara that she couldn't do that, but Barbara said she had every legal right to do it.

Barbara and the two men took Paul to the hospital. Paul implored Barbara not to have him committed, saying he had a business to run. Barbara said the business was one sign that Paul wasn't acting responsibly, because he was throwing away his assets. Paul pointed out that he was an adult, so his assets were his to do with as he wished. Barbara told Paul that she only wanted what was best for him. Paul asked how she would know what that was, and Barbara replied, "Because I'm your mother." Paul retorted, "Well, from what I can see, that disqualifies you!" Barbara told Paul that he had to talk to the doctor and that she had to leave but would return later.

Barbara went to Fairwinds and found Emily there. When she suggested that Emily wait somewhere else for Paul, Emily informed Barbara that she was living at Fairwinds, at Paul's invitation. Barbara told Emily that her stay was about to be terminated, and Emily asked where Paul was. Barbara replied that he was "somewhere safe," where he could fully recover and protect himself from people like Emily who wanted to take advantage of his "weakened state." Barbara told Emily that if she had an ounce of sympathy, she would leave Paul alone to recover. She then announced that she was going to pack a bag for Paul, and she wanted Emily to be gone when she was finished doing that. Emily watched as Barbara left the room, and then Emily said, "I know where he is!" and left.

A doctor asked Paul questions about whether he heard voices or had visions, and Paul gave flippant answers out of frustration about his situation. He told the doctor that he seemed to be okay ever since the doctors had removed the "piece of machinery" from his brain, and he asked if he could return home. The doctor told Paul there were more tests to be run, and he left.

Emily approached the nurses' station and asked where Paul Ryan was. She told the nurse that she was Dr. Stewart's daughter and that she was an aroma therapist whom Dr. Stewart had thought might be able to help Paul. Emily said she understood that Paul might be suffering from olfactory delusions. The nurse told Emily where Paul was, and Emily went into Paul's room.

Paul told Emily that Barbara was trying to have him committed, but Emily said that they would stop Barbara from doing that. Paul thought that fighting Barbara legally could take weeks or even months. Emily wondered what else they could do, and Paul asked what the "old" Paul Ryan would do. Emily got a look of cunning on her face and said, "Leave it to me."

Emily left and returned with a very large dog cage, which she informed the nurse contained "Jackson," a canine who was there to help her with Paul's aromatherapy. Emily wheeled the crate into Paul's room, and Paul asked where the very large dog who belonged in the crate was. Emily replied that she'd left the dog in the pediatrics wing. Emily then explained that the crate would serve as Paul's getaway car. She convinced Paul to get inside, but Paul said, "I'm going to want a treat when we get home!" Emily wheeled Paul out of the room and narrowly missed encountering Barbara, who was talking on the phone. After Emily and Paul left, Barbara entered Paul's room. When she saw that it was empty, she began yelling for help.

Emily took Paul back to Fairwinds and suggested that they run away. Paul didn't want to run, but Emily said if he didn't, the men in the white coats would get him again. Paul said that the men couldn't do that if they couldn't find him, and he led Emily down to the wine cellar. Emily agreed that the wine cellar would be a good place to hide out, but she still had business to conduct. Emily told Paul that she would be back later, and she went upstairs.

Paul found a log that had been written by his father, James Stenbeck, and he sat down to read it. He discovered an entry that was about the "fruitiest bouquet in the cellar," and as he sipped a glass of wine, Paul told himself what a pretentious ass his father was.

Emily sat in Paul's living room making a phone call, and Barbara found her there. Barbara accused Emily of helping Paul to escape, but Emily said that Paul wouldn't have needed to escape if Barbara hadn't imprisoned him in the first place. Barbara told Emily that Paul needed help because he was mentally ill. Emily replied, "He seems perfectly sane to me, even by Oakdale's high standards." Barbara insisted that Paul couldn't be alone and that he needed to be protected, but Emily said, "Not by you. He's gone, Barbara. And something tells me he's not coming back."



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