One Life to Live Recaps: The week of November 3, 2003 on OLTL

Kelly was desperate to adopt a child. Kevin agreed to keep Walker's secret. Marcie was unaware that Al's soul had entered Michael. Luna advised Al that he had until Valentine's Day to make Marcie recognize him. Walker and Flynn were trapped.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of November 3, 2003 on OLTL
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Monday, November 3, 2003

Kelly is in a good mood and tells Kevin that she wants to take Tango lessons with him. However, that mood is shot down as Kevin tells Kelly that Walker is blackmailing him with videotapes of Kelly's affair back in Texas. Kelly meets with Walker and convinces him that it would be a good idea for them to keep each other's secret. Kelly is shocked when Kevin wants to discuss getting a divorce.

Al questions Luna about the specifics of his mission on earth, but Luna remains cryptic. Al says he is to save a woman and assumes it is Marcie. Al tells Luna that he can't leave Marcie and she explains that he should in order for Marcie to be happy.

Thanks to Joey, Marcie agrees to have dinner with Michael, an intern from the hospital that took care of Gabrielle when Al had his transplant. Marcie's friendly date ends badly when Michael shows his true colors when Marcie explains her brother's sexual preference. Al appears to Marcie after Michael leaves. Al is determined to find a way to stay with Marcie.

Rex discovers Jen's birth control pills in her purse and threatens to tell Joey unless Jen kisses him. Rex kisses Jen, who quickly leaves before the situation gets out of hand. Lindsay asks Jen if she had been drinking and Jen finally admits she had one drink and then said she almost went to bed with Rex.

When Jen is with Joey, he suggests making a baby, but of course that won't work with Jen on the pill.

Lindsay meets Daniel, who ends up warning her that David is a con artist. Dorian flirts with Harrison.

Tuesday, November 4, 2003

Walker makes arrangements to meet with Flynn later in the week to turn over the money. Blair finds Walker's gun and insists on disposing of it. Kevin finds Blair as she is about to toss the gun into the water and takes it from her, promising to get rid of it himself. Kevin later confronts Walker. Walker forms a plan as he examines the elevator at the penthouse. Evangeline questions Walker about Elyssa's disappearance.

Wanting to obtain a baby immediately, Kelly contacts David, who promises Kelly he can get her a baby in Mexico. Blair becomes suspicious when she sees Kelly giving David money.

On the eve of the election, R.J. offers Nora damaging information he dug up against Daniel, but Nora refuses to win that way. In the end, Nora loses the election but is touched when Matthew calls Bo "daddy" for the first time. Flash is stunned when Riley says he wants to quit the band.

Wednesday, November 5, 2003

"How to Die a Tragic Death," proclaims the headline in The Sun, over a wedding photo of Cris and Natalie. Viki had hoped to prevent her from seeing it but catches Natalie reading it sadly. A short time later, Roxy arrives to pamper the young widow as the rest of the Buchanan women get ready to go through Cris' papers. Nat has decided that she no longer wants the cottage as she can't live there without Cris. Viki asks her to move back to Llanview but when she leaves the room, Roxy tries to convince the girl to room with her. She'll give the girl sunshine 24/7, she promises, and asks that Natalie think about it. She's changed from long ago. Soon after, Natalie expresses regret to Jess for wasting time before expressing her feelings to Cris. She recalls their last kiss and the last time she saw him. Treat every moment with Antonio as the last one, she urges her sister.

John arrives at the closed diner to extend his apologies to Carlotta and Antonio. He blames himself for Cris' death but learns that Antonio finds fault with himself as well. He asks after Nat and informs Antonio that he would do anything for them if ever needed.

At the Palace, Dorian tries to feed a listless River a special dinner but he wants no parts of it. She shows him the personal ad she found of his in a teen magazine, trying to locate Adriana. She orders him to stop trying to find her as it will only cause the girl to be in danger. She refuses to disclose any other facts to the boy who considers her to be feeding him false information. She extends him an offer of complete freedom so that he will in turn pick his grades up. He rudely leaves, telling her that he has stuff to do. She calls Carlotta to warn her about the ad. On the way out, Dorian asks Renee if the governor will be by and learns he has a quiet table reserved with Viki. She heads for Llanfair and apologizes to Viki for the article that Walker wrote, but tells her that tomorrow's headlines will be worse; they will be about Kevin buying votes in today's election. She suggests that Viki speak to Walker herself, on a personal level, to stop the article from being printed. Viki cancels her date with Harrison.

Blair catches Kelly with David and inquires about the money they seem to be exchanging. David was just saying goodbye and she's informed the money is none of her business. Blair offers her cousin the reference letter she wrote for the adoption. Once she takes off, on David's order, the pair leaves for the airport.

Kevin pays a visit to Walker/Todd who accuses him of chasing after Blair though he claims to be there on account of Elyssa Collins, who was reported missing. The men hang out and blackmail each other with their secrets. Kevin is taunted about his wife's affair. He's decided not to tell Blair about Walker's true identity, he announces, because he cares about her. He will tell if Walker hurts her though. Blair arrives and wants to know what the men are talking about. Kevin fakes it and says he was telling Walker to keep her safe. Blair is worried; her cousin Kelly seems unhappy. Walker/Todd asks her to get reservations for dinner at the Palace, but as he leaves to meet with Flynn, an angry Viki arrives to see him. He extends his sympathy about Cris but she lashes out at him about the article. He never meant to hurt anyone, he apologizes. At her request, he agrees to lay off her family in the future. Surprised, she begins to cry and he awkwardly lays a hand on her shoulder to comfort her. She in turn, apologizes for her outburst. He understands, she's a mom, he tells her. She's embarrassed for losing control in front of a stranger, she admits, but he replies that he's not a stranger. She agrees with him but can't understand why. She looks at his handkerchief in her hand, with the initials of T.M. Walker/Todd says that Todd's things were laying around and expresses his regret for that. On the contrary, Viki thinks it's nice and mentions that Todd always came through for her. He tells her to keep it as he looks at her affectionately.

Once in Mexico, Kelly unpacks several baby items that she's brought with her for the new baby. Telling David that they'll become a family if she becomes a mom, Kevin will be reluctant to divorce her. David appears skeptical as he heads for his meeting with his baby broker. Subsequently, he returns bruised and battered. Things didn't go well, he explains. The guy involved with Todd's baby was arrested and holds a grudge against him. He also took their money. A grieved Kelly complains that she's nothing without a baby and proceeds to put herself down for trusting David. He offers to help her, especially since Kevin doesn't treat her right. He wants to give her a baby, to make one with her, though he doesn't want to endanger her life. He suggests that they practice. Kelly thinks he should just get cleaned up.

Antonio pays a visit to Rae and lets out his extreme pain. He should be the one who's dead, he cries. Rae consoles him, reassuring him that it's not his fault, and that he needs to bear it and help his mother. "Find that beautiful thing in Cris and make it part of you," she urges him.

Blair runs into Kevin at the Palace and tells him that Kelly didn't look well. He admits that he's asked for a divorce, that they have several problems. Blair advises him that she won't be there waiting for him, that she loves Walker. He doesn't expect her to wait, wants her to be happy, and will be there for her if she ever needs him. Nearby, Dorian "runs" into Governor Brooks and asks if he's expecting Viki. Dorian not only suggests that Viki might be seeing another man (to which Harrison replies that it's not their business) but implies that she may be having problems with her D.I.D. Harrison is fully aware of the disease, he responds, startling Dorian. They make small talk, Harrison learns that Dorian is a doctor, and invites her to sit in on a health care initiative commission. Jess and Nat show up for dinner; Jess spots John and tells him to leave, that Nat wouldn't want to see him. He quickly mentions that Flynn was spotted in Atlantic City.

Viki asks Walker/Todd for a ride as she had car trouble on the way over, he hesitates, but changes his mind. They leave together and once gone, Flynn lets himself into the penthouse. He picks up a tray, looks at himself closely and removes his glasses. "Hello, Walker," he says loudly.

Thursday,     November 6, 2003

Blair returns home and believes she is with Walker, but soon realizes she is with Flynn disguised as Walker. Flynn takes Blair captive and explains that he is going to kill her and Walker and then assume Walker's life. Meanwhile, Walker rigs the elevator at the penthouse to plunge to the bottom of the shaft when he presses a remote control switch.

Al insists to Luna that he isn't meant to leave Marcie. Luna tells Al that there might be a way for his soul to enter another body, which would allow him to truly be with Marcie. Luna and Al are unable to find a body for Al's spirit to inhabit. Al says goodbye to a tearful Marcie. Luna gets a premonition of Michael's imminent death and orders Al to get Marcie back to Angel Square.

Roxy enjoys Ron's attention after their first dance class together. Viki explains to Bo why she can't shake the feeling that Todd is still alive. R.J. is moved by Evangeline's sensitivity to his feelings about Keri's death.

Friday, November 7, 2003

Roxy is thrilled when Rex buys her the car of her dreams. Later he confesses that he still wants Jen. When River shows up at Foxy Roxy's, he tells them that Andrew and Joe are on a retreat, inadvertently letting Rex know that Jen is home alone. Showing up on her door step, he tells he that he loves her and they share a kiss.

Al tries to convince Marcie to go back to Angel Square before their last chance to be together is gone. When Michael overdoses on a medication he is allergic to, he passes out by the statue with Luna looking on. Informing Al that he has until Valentines Day to make Marcie fall in love with him, she warns him about telling her the truth. Marcie finds Michael unconscious in the park and gives him CPR until he comes to with Al's spirit in his body.

Natalie shows up at Antonio's as he and John leave to find Flynn. Jessica and Natalie miss Cris. Flynn starts to tell Blair the truth. After Walker knocks out his look-alike, Blair demands the truth. When Flynn comes to, Walker forces him out of the penthouse and offers him money to disappear. John and Antonio show up, confused about the identity of each man as they step into the elevator. When the elevator falls to the ground floor, John and Antonio try to pry to doors open to get to the men inside.

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