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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of November 3, 2003 on B&B
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Monday, November 3, 2003

Brooke, shocked by the test results, shows Ridge. He jumps for joy. She's pregnant! Ridge asks her why she's not as happy. Ridge says that he knows it's about what happened in Puerto Vista. She is relieved when Ridge states Brooke is upset because she's worried about the effects Sheila's actions might have had on the pregnancy. Ridge insists Brooke go to the doctor to get tests done. Dr. Paxson has just taken blood. Ridge informs Dr. Paxson of the trouble they had with being kidnapped. Dr. Paxson asks if anything sexual happened. Brooke has a flashback and Ridge answers no for her. Dr. Paxson gets her blood results and confirms that they're having a baby. Ridge gives Brooke a joyful hug and kiss. Ridge tells her to put Puerto Vista behind her. Brooke looks at him and cries. He kisses her, vows to be a devoted father and leaves. Brooke's smile fades. She tells herself that it has to be Ridge's child. Jackie and Nick discuss the Brooke situation. Nick repeats that he's leaving. Jackie points out to Nick that he's doing this because he's in love with Brooke. Nick says he'll never end up with Brooke. Jackie asks how Brooke will know Nick is still thinking about her. Nick wants Jackie to leave it alone. Massimo enters and says that's no way for Nick to be speaking to his mother. Massimo guesses they were discussing Nick's "wandering ways." He gives Nick a hug and expresses his pleasure with Nick's return and his hope that Nick will stay. Massimo and Jackie urge Nick to stay and start a family. Nick argues that he's not a family man. Clarke pores over a design. Sally quietly enters. She's boozed up, with whiskey in hand. Sally waves Clarke's design in his face and reminds him that it's her company. He says not anymore. She accuses him of being a traitor. Sally complains that everything has been stolen from her. She blames Brooke. Sally takes a swig and marches out. Clarke chases her. Sally barges into Brooke's office only to find that it has completely changed. She asks Clarke about the steam room and then states her office has been turned into a bordello. Sally vows to destroy something of Brooke's. Clarke leaves. Sally picks up a photo of Brooke and Ridge then finds the pregnancy test in the garbage. She is furious she's lost everything while Brooke gets to have another child. She leaves, vowing revenge.

Tuesday, November 4, 2003

At his new home, before the wedding ceremony, Massimo thanked Stephanie for her approval of Jackie for his wife. Massimo surprised Jackie with both a new home and location of their wedding ceremony. Jackie was happy with Samantha's decorations. Eric told Stephanie that he is afraid Massimo will ultimately hurt Jackie. Eric visited Jackie while she prepared for the wedding. He once again voiced his disapproval over Massimo, and then kissed her passionately. Ridge advised Bridget to be alert with Ozzie until she fully knows him. Nick took Brooke aside and asked her if there's anything they should talk about. Brooke denied that there was anything that Nick needed to know.

Sally told Darla she intends to go to Massimo and Jackie's wedding. Sally compared the wedding to a funeral because Brooke is the matron of honor. Sally revealed that she intends to crash the wedding and take vengeance on Brooke once and for all. Later, Darla told Thorne about what Sally intends to do.

Sally busted into Massimo and Jackie's wedding as Brooke began to walk down the aisle. Sally informed everyone that it was unfair that Brooke took her company away. Sally insulted Brooke and predicted she would turn eventually on anyone who trusts her. Sally shocked Brooke by revealing that Brooke is pregnant.

Wednesday, November 5, 2003

by Anna

Everyone is stunned by Sally's announcement. Brooke asks her how she found out and avoids Nick's eye contact, making him even more thoughtful. Per Massimo's orders Clarke wrestles Sally out the door, shouting that Brooke will get hers. Jackie asks Nick if Brooke's baby could be his. Nick doesn't want to discuss this on her wedding day. Stephanie asks Ridge if it's true, and he agrees saying they were waiting till after the ceremony to say anything. Massimo gets excited that he is going to be a grandfather again. Stephanie hugs Brooke, who locks into eye contact with Nick. Massimo decides to continue with the ceremony, so Nick isn't able to talk to Brooke. Brooke walks down the aisle. Nick walks Jackie down aisle and shakes Massimo's hand. The minister speaks of the everlasting connection between a father and mother. Ridge smiles at Brooke, as she tries not to look at Nick. Massimo gives Jackie a touching "pledge" and she does the same to him, tearing up. Brooke is having an inner battle with herself as Eric sighs to himself. Rings are exchanged then they kiss. Massimo hands sparkling wine to his new bride. The tarantella is playing and Massimo grabs Jackie to dance. Oscar confides to Bridget that his new family is growing on him. Jackie approaches Nick and they hug. Jackie encourages Nick to talk to Brooke about the baby. Nick approaches Brooke on the terrace. He demands to know if there is a chance that it's his baby. Sally enters her office and proceeds to the whiskey decanter. Deacon is there and tells her not to drink. She says she has nothing else left but Deacon says he can help her. He explains to her how he was in similar situation with Brooke not letting him see his daughter. He knows Macy is gone, but wants to offer Sally the kind of support Macy gave him, along with the rest of her family. Deacon suggests they start a new company. Sally is initially wary, but then enthusiastically agrees.

Thursday, November 6, 2003

Away from the wedding guests, Brooke told Nick that the baby that she is carrying has to be Ridge's.

Nick continued to question Brooke about the possibility that he could be the father of her baby. Brooke concluded that she must tell Ridge the truth-that she and Nick had slept together. Nick advised her against telling Ridge the truth.

Massimo told his wedding guests that he was delightfully surprised to find that he is the father of two sons and grandfather to three grandchildren.

Deacon discussed his and Sally's plans to start a fashion house with Amber. Amber advised him that he needs more than money and desire to be successful in the fashion industry-he needs a designer, Amber asked Deacon to hire her as the designer for his new company.

Samantha told Ridge that she had observed Nick to be very stunned when the announcement was made that Brooke is pregnant. Meanwhile, Nick continued to advise Brooke not to tell Ridge that they had slept together, even if they both thought he was dead. Ridge walked in on their conversation and was curious about what they were talking about. Ridge encouraged Nick to stay in LA, now that he is going to be an uncle. After Ridge left, Brooke warned Nick that she intends to tell Ridge that they had slept together.

Friday, November 7, 2003

by CBS

Hudson asks if he can get Jackie anything. Nick enters. Jackie requests some tea. Hudson exits. Nick is concerned for Brooke and her marriage -- if she tells the truth about her night with him. Jackie tells him about an early paternity test Brooke could take instead. Nick heads out to stop Brooke from telling Ridge. Ridge talks about how great his family is and how happy they are. Ridge then realizes that Brooke has grown quiet and remembers that she wanted to tell him something. Brooke says that she should have never turned to Nick for comfort. Ridge assures her it is in the past. They have a future together to look forward to. Brooke starts to tell Ridge about Nick and her. Amber suggests Oscar for the new company. Deacon objects. Amber notes the fact that if she is with Oscar then Bridget is free. Deacon gives his approval. Bridget and Oscar come home from the wedding and begin to get intimate. Bridget stalls Oscar saying she needs more time. She says she wants to get to know him better because she likes him a lot. He leaves very, very reluctantly. Oscar is in his apartment, starting to get undressed. Amber enters and states, with innuendo, that she has perfect timing. Oscar states he's not in the mood for Amber. She tells him about her new job at Deacon's company and that she wants him to be Head of Promotions. Oscar points out that he has a job with Massimo. Amber states that he needs to be in a place with freedom. Oscar says she's making it hard to turn down and Amber says that was her intention. Amber tells him that if he turns down this opportunity, he'll regret it. Oscar is tempted. Eric stops by to see Bridget and tells her that he likes Oscar. Bridget says that she does, too, but that she wants to take things slowly. Eric says he was impressed by the way Oscar shut down the club out of respect to Macy. Bridget states the best part is that it got him away from Amber.

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