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Adam hired a PI to find Babe's family. Bianca lashed out at Erica. Tad told Mary to stay away from Jamie. Derek arrested Kendall. An assassination attempt was made on Carlos. Lena was arrested after confessing that she had poisoned Michael's pills. Greenlee devised a plan to save Fusion.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of November 3, 2003 on AMC
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Monday, November 3, 2003

Kendall unsuccessfully tries to tell Erica that she was attempting to convince Bianca that by filing a lawsuit against the Cambias estate, she would prevent Ryan from taking everything. An irate Erica doesn't buy her story and accuses Kendall of being evil and hateful. When Bianca is adamant with her belief that Bianca should abort the baby, Bianca tells her mother what to do with her advice.

While giving his statement about being poisoned, Ryan carefully words it so as to not point a guilty finger at Kendall. He later suggests to Aidan that he put Kendall on his private jet and get her out of Pine Valley. Aidan follows Ryan's advice, warning her that she could end up in prison unless she skips town.

Jamie's evasiveness, when questioned about what's going on in his love life, frustrates Brooke. Convinced that Jamie has the answers to knowing the truth about Babe, Mary tries to seduce the information out of him. At the same time, Adam takes a different route to get the goods on Babe's family... he hires a private investigator.

Tuesday, November 4, 2003

Babe and JR were in their room discussing their marriage and the fact Adam has likely hired a private investigator to dig up dirt on Babe. JR did a good imitation of Adam, downstairs on the phone talking to a PI. JR gave her a platinum credit card and she was delighted, but turned it down so people wouldn't keep thinking of her as a gold digger. JR insisted she keep it and as she danced happily around the room, she accidentally opened one of the secret doors to the tunnels. JR explained the home's heritage as part of the Underground Railroad, helping slaves escape. She was enchanted with the possibilities of eavesdropping around the house

Tad came over to talk to Adam about leaving JR alone. Adam suggested that Tad may be mistaken about Jamie's innocence and that he seems odd around JR and Babe. Winifred came in with the painting of a cow that Stuart had made for Babe, saying Babe wanted it hung in the parlor. Adam kicked her out and told Tad to leave if he wouldn't help him undo JR's mistake. Tad told Adam he was in enough trouble already without trying to ruin JR's life. He also said that Mary Smythe was the only person in town stupid enough to go along with one of his schemes and that there was no way Mary was with Jamie, trying to get information against his brother. Tad reminded Adam how Mary had been kicked out of France for seducing an underage boy and ordered him to stay away from JR and Babe. Tad asked to speak to Mary and when Adam said she was running an errand, Tad left in a hurry. Adam called the PI back to discuss finding dirt on Babe as JR and Babe listened from the tunnels. Babe told JR she had a secret to tell him before the PI found out...that she's cheated on the 4th grade spelling bee. Later in bed, she thanked him again for the credit card and they wondered what Tad meant when he talked to Adam about being in trouble.

At Brooke's, Mary and Jamie broke their lip lock and Jamie called it a mistake as Mary pulled him back to sofa for more kissing. Jamie tried to get away, but Mary was insistent and suggested they go upstairs as she reached under his shirt. He was still suspicious and asked to go slow. She spotted the charm bracelet with a cow on it and realized that he must be resisting her because of a girlfriend. Mary kicked off her shoes and grilled Jamie about his love life and wondered who the bovine bracelet was for. As Mary suggested that Jamie could teach her a thing or two, Tad burst into the house. Mary quickly lied about coming to see Brooke about volunteering at the shelter and talking to Jamie instead. Tad suggested Mary bring her own hairnet to work at the shelter and walked her out as he threatened her to leave Jamie alone. Mary ran in to get her shoes and whispered to Jamie that she'd be in touch. Outside, she proudly held up the bracelet that she'd managed to keep. Tad talked to Jamie and said he knows something is going on with a woman and wanted to make sure it wasn't Mary Smythe. Jamie shouted to be left alone and Tad suddenly realized the bracelet had a cow, just like the painting of a cow that Babe wanted hung in the parlor. Holy cow.

In Ryan's hospital room, Jack and Derek continued to grill Ryan about what really happened. He told them about his phone conversation with Michael the day he disappeared, still hoping to find out the exact time of Michael's death. Derek agreed to give Ryan the time of death if Ryan would tell him who killed Michael. Derek said the time of death had been narrowed to a 24 hour window starting the day of the hearing. Ryan was frustrated with that and then told Derek that based on his conversation with Michael, he would swear Michael had killed himself. Of course, Jack and Derek were skeptical that Michael could have hung himself on the meat hook. Derek placed Ryan under arrest for obstruction of justice. Maria said Ryan needed to stay in the hospital for 24 hours. Derek left to go after Kendall. Later, Maria caught Ryan getting dressed and trying to leave. He begged for only 30 minutes to get to the airport and promised to come right back. Maria had to wonder why he wanted to help Kendall.

Kendall was stunned that Aidan was planning to whisk her out of town on a Cambias jet and that the police think she tried to poison Ryan. She was relieved that Ryan was all right and insisted she'd had nothing to do with poisoning him. She didn't believe it when Aidan told her Ryan arranged the jet for them to get out of town and is on their side. Aidan said he'd come with Kendall and help her run from the law the rest of their lives. Kendall said he had to know all the facts before he gave up his life and Aidan said he already knew everything. He wanted to save her from herself but she wanted to stay and face everyone and not run away, although she cried about not being able to keep all her lies straight. Aidan begged her to let someone love her back. Kendall said she believes he loved her and they kissed. Kendall called up to the cockpit to order a quick takeoff and they settled into their seats. The engines shut off and Derek boarded to place Kendall under arrest.

Bianca and Erica continued their argument about Kendall. Bianca tried to defend Kendall, but Erica would not hear it. Bianca lectured Erica about how they may be responsible for the way Kendall behaves. Erica refused to accept that logic, accusing Kendall of twisting her own psyche. Bianca reminded Erica of how hard it was for Kendall when she first learned about the rape and her adoption. Erica began to soften, but also recalled how she felt with Richard Fields' child growing inside her for nine months and how glad she was that Bianca had terminated her pregnancy. They took deep breaths and calmed down just as Lena came by to visit. Erica apologized to Lena for how she had not accepted her relationship with Bianca earlier and is glad that Bianca has such a close and good friend now. Bianca walked Erica out to talk about how different their rape situations are and how she did not want to hurt Erica. Erica hugged Bianca and said they are strong enough to conquer anything. Lena and Bianca then talked and Lena told her she may have to leave town for a while. Bianca asked Lena to deliver a message to Kendall and say thanks for protecting her, even though it cost a lot. Bianca reminded Lena that she did not hold anyone but Michael responsible for what happened to her.

Erica rushed to the hospital to talk to Jack about Kendall and was surprised to learn she was probably being arrested at that moment for poisoning Ryan. Jack was surprised that Bianca defended Kendall, just like Ryan had. Erica asked him to come back to the penthouse, but he refused as long as she's pretending to be with David. Jack asked for a rain check so he can help Kendall. Lena came up looking for Kendall and was totally shocked to hear that Kendall was being arrested for poisoning Ryan.

Mary came back to Adam's, gloating and suggested Adam give her jewelry in exchange for the information, specifically the jewelry, she got from Jamie. They discussed the bracelet and the fact Babe obviously has a new admirer.

Wednesday, November 5, 2003

In her hospital bed Greenlee slowly woke up, cuddling next to Ryan. When she fully woke up she screamed at him to get out of her room. Ryan woke up very confused and realized he must've gotten into the wrong room some time during the night. He told Greenlee he was a patient too because her friend Kendall tried to poison him. But he said he took care of Kendall, he gave her the private jet and at that moment she and Aidan were probably on their way out of the country. Greenlee called him a despicable snake and accused him of getting Kendall out of the country so she couldn't protest the Cambias estate. Then Greenlee said he probably poisoned himself so he could blame Kendall. Ryan denied this but Greenlee said she knew how his mind worked, it was not unlike hers. Ryan repeated that he didn't frame Kendall and said Greenlee could ask Maria Grey. Greenlee defended her friend Kendall as she climbed back into bed. She and Ryan argued over whose life was the worst at the moment. Ryan said they were both insane, they kept trusting people who hurt them.

JR and Babe cuddled after getting out of the shower. JR looked over and saw the newspaper headline regarding Kendall's arrest and told Babe that Erica Kane's daughter was arrested. JR said he needed to check on his friend and Babe said she was going to soften up "Pops." She told JR that Adam wants to be proud of his son but that she's getting in the way. JR reminded her not to trust Mary Smythe. JR got dressed but was distracted by Babe's constant kissing and caressing. He asked if she would be bored in the house without him and she said no, she had her "platinum friend" to keep her company. Downstairs Mary and Adam were having coffee and Erica rushed in. The women exchanged hateful put downs while Adam watched in amusement. Adam finally told Mary to go work on "the cow" project and she left the room. Erica told Adam about Kendall getting arrested for poisoning Ryan and Adam said he wouldn't shed a tear if Ryan had died. Erica said Ryan has been through alot and told Adam not to be so hard on him. Adam didn't agree but sat down to talk with her anyway. Erica asked him to tell her what he saw the night of Michael's disappearance, and he did. Upstairs Mary watched as JR left the bedroom, then she knocked on the door. Babe opened the door and Mary told her she was there to do some female bonding. Babe was very suspicious but let her in anyway. Babe started to get ready for the day as Mary watched and asked questions. Babe turned the tables and asked Mary if she and Adam were bed bugs. Mary said no, they were just friends. Then Mary told her about talking with Jamie. Babe said Jamie was "the bomb" and then Mary invited her to go shopping. Babe started to refuse but Mary made a remark about how she was surprised that JR and Jamie have never gone after the same woman. Babe said she needed to get dressed so Mary said she'd come back in a few minutes. Downstairs Adam finished telling Erica what he knew and told her he warned her she wouldn't like it. Erica asked if he had told anyone else and he said no. Erica hugged him, thanked him and took her leave. Adam went out of the room as Babe snuck out of one of the hidden passages. She smiled and said "That was really juicy!." Upstairs Mary returned to Babe's room. When she didn't answer the door Mary walked on in and began snooping.

JR came into Greenlee's room looking for Ryan. He asked Ryan what he did to Kendall to make her want to poison him. Ryan said he didn't do anything and wondered how JR knew about it. He told Ryan and Greenlee that Kendall had been arrested. Ryan said he had to help her and the two men started out the door. A nurse came up and ordered Ryan to his room. After he and JR were out of the hallway, Greenlee snuck out.

In the vacant wing of the hospital Juan Pablo found the guard at Carlos' door asleep. He grabbed the man and threw him out. Maria came running over and tried to calm him down. Then Mr. Schmidt, the man who hit Greenlee and Carlos, was brought over by his "grandson." They asked if the old man could say a prayer over Carlos because he felt so bad about what happened. Maria convinced Juan Pablo to let them in Carlos' room. After a few minutes Juan Pablo joined them in the room and the grandson thanked him for letting his grandfather see Carlos. Juan Pablo asked him a question in Spanish and without thinking the man answered. Juan Pablo punched him in the stomach and began yelling. Maria and another guard came in and grabbed a gun away from the old man. More cops came in and took the two men away. Maria apologized for talking Juan Pablo into letting them in to see Carlos. He told her that she, Edmund and Tad must stay away from Carlos. Maria agreed and said Carlos will soon be able to be moved. Maria left and Juan Pablo stood at the door. He turned and found Greenlee standing there.

At the police station Kendall was in the office with Derek and Lena came in. She asked Justin to see Kendall but he told her no, "She's finished, she just doesn't know it yet" and went in the office with Derek. Lena tried to get Jack to let her in but he refused. Lena left the police station and went to Bianca's. Bianca had just finished telling Maggie about what Kendall had done for her yesterday. Maggie thought Kendall paved the way for Bianca to tell Erica about the baby but Bianca still refused. Lena came in and told the girls that Kendall had been arrested. They all rushed out to the police station. Aidan asked Jack what Kendall's chances were and Jack said not good. Aidan and Jack watched through the window as Derek and Justin tried to talk to Kendall. She refused to talk until her attorney arrived. Derek and Justin began to discuss the case and what they thought happened. Justin sat next to Kendall and told her if she played her cards right he could make all the attempted murder charges go away. All she had to do was tell them how she "did in" Michael Cambias. Kendall said she didn't kill Michael. Derek told her to make this easier on her family as Jack came in and reminded them they couldn't ask Kendall questions without her lawyer present. Bianca, Maggie and Lena pushed their way into the room. Bianca said she was there for her sister and wasn't leaving without her. Kendall told Bianca to take care of herself but Bianca wouldn't listen. Derek told Bianca why Kendall was under arrest and Bianca said she wasn't capable of trying to poison Ryan, she loves Ryan. Bianca demanded that they let Kendall go. The room erupted into arguments and Bianca yelled at Derek that this was the police's fault, if they had done their job none of this would have ever happened. Kendall tried to get Bianca to leave. Bianca told her that "They don't know you like I do! The children are innocent!" Bianca turned to the rest of the room and told them she wasn't leaving without Kendall and said she couldn't do this without her, "I love you!." Kendall and Bianca hugged. Derek began talking about Kendall trying to poison Ryan and Lena cried out,

"Stop it! She didn't put poison in the pills, I did!"

Thursday, November 6, 2003

Jack, Bianca, Kendall, and Aidan tried to get Lena to stay quiet but Lena told them that she had to clear her conscious and tell what happened. Derek tried to clear the room to get Lena's statement but she insisted on telling it out in the open. Lena told Derek that the day of the trial when Michael was set free she knew that Michael wouldn't stop going after Bianca until she was empty inside like he was. Lena said that she had to stop him and she knew that he took allergy pills so she emptied some of them and put poison in them then left. When she heard that Michael had disappeared, her hope was that he had taken one of the poisoned pills and crawled under a rock somewhere to die. Bianca begged her to stop but Lena told her that she already said that going to prison would be a gift to have Michael gone so that he couldn't bother Bianca any more. Justin told Lena that she needed to make a formal statement. Jack told Lena again to wait for an attorney. Kendall walked over to Derek and asked if she was free to go. Derek rudely told her that he would let Kendall know her status when he was done with Lena.

Bianca, Maggie, Kendall, and Aidan walked out of the interrogation room together. Kendall asked Bianca if she was okay. Bianca insisted that she was okay but said she wanted Lena to not go to jail. Kendall told Bianca that she would hire a dream team to get Lena off if she had too. Bianca fainted into Aidan's arms. Aidan put Bianca in a seat, when she came too he told her that would call a doctor. Bianca said no. Aidan told her that she looked as pale as a ghost and insisted on calling a doctor. Kendall backed him away from Bianca telling him that he needed to let it go that Bianca was okay. Aidan asked what Kendall was keeping from him. She told him that is was nothing and that he needed to stay out of it. Kendall walked back to Bianca and told her how brave she was to come to her side and that it really meant a lot to her to hear that Bianca loved her. Bianca said again that she loved Kendall and needed her more than ever.

Kendall walked back to Aidan and told him that she couldn't leave on a trip with him right now. Aidan understood. Kendall asked what that meant as far as they were concerned. Aidan said that he would be by her side. Kendall asked "and after that?" Aidan replied "I don't want to plan that far ahead." Kendall snapped at him calling him a flat leaver. He asked what that was supposed to mean. Aidan said that he didn't want plan to far ahead. Kendall retorted "you think I still have feelings for Ryan and it would serve you right if I did go sleep with him." Aidan told her to what ever she wanted to do then he walked out. Ryan said, "looks like I came in time." Kendall turned to look at him. Ryan asked what he could do to help.

Jack asked Lena if she would do anything for Bianca. Lena said "yes." Then Jack said "you could just be covering for Kendall so that she wouldn't have to go to jail." Lena said no, that they could call David and Dr. Grey and ask them because there was someone else she tried to poison. Derek asked who that was. Lena replied "me." Jack apologized. Derek left to make a call. When he came back he asked Lena if there was anything else she wanted to add. Lena said no. Derek said that Dr. Grey did confirm that Lena had taken the same poison but he also found out that Lena made a purchase the night of the trial. Jack asked "what purchase?" Derek said that Lena bought a .38 special just like the one that killed Michael. Lena looked shocked. Derek told Lena to cut a deal and confess to killing Michael.

Juan Pablo asked Greenlee why she was there. Greenlee told Juan Pablo that she came to see how Carlos was doing. Juan Pablo told her that she wasn't welcomed and she should leave. Greenlee told Juan Pablo that she was there to see Carlos not him and Carlos would want to see her. Juan Pablo just stared at her. Greenlee asked Juan Pablo if he was going to have the guard let her in. Juan Pablo signaled that it was okay. Greenlee walked over to Carlos' bedside and told him "I know you saved my life when the car at us. You pushed me out of the way. I was out of it for awhile and when I woke up I acted like a fool, not knowing what year I was in, so it doesn't matter what year you are in as long as you wake up because your brother needs you."

In the hallway Maria asked Juan Pablo why he was being so hard on Greenlee. Juan Pablo told her that it was for Greenlee's protection. Maria told Juan Pablo that she understood him because of her sister situation but if he loves Greenlee why doesn't he take her with him. Juan Pablo told Maria that Greenlee had just found her father and she was trying to save Fusion plus she had her friends in Pine Valley and he couldn't ask her to leave. A moment later, Greenlee opened the door telling them to check on Carlos'. Juan Pablo and Maria rushed in. Greenlee said that Carlos tried saying something. Juan Pablo called out to Carlos. Carlos opened his eyes and said "fool." Juan Pablo looked confused then Greenlee said that she told him how she acted like a fool when she came out of her coma. Maria was beeped so she left the room. Juan Pablo asked Carlos how he felt. Carlos said "Greenlee." When they both looked toward the door she had disappeared.

Greenlee returned to her room to find Mia and Simone waiting for her. They asked if they needed to tie her to her bed. Greenlee informed them that she was allowed to wander around on her own and she'd probably be released soon. They asked where she had been. She told them to see Carlos. They were starting to panic when Greenlee informed them that Carlos woke up. Mia said "Juan Pablo must be happy." Greenlee said "I hate him!" When asked why she told them how he blamed her for the leak in the paper to where Carlos was being stashed. Simone said that was crazy because Juan Pablo knew that it was Mary Smythe that did it and that she slapped her silly for doing so. Greenlee said that Mary hated Juan Pablo enough to be the one but Juan Pablo still blamed her for it. Simone said that she would get to the bottom of this and left the room.

When Liza arrived at Tad's Colby was with her. Colby was dressed a little to Madonna like for Liza's liking. When Tad questioned Liza about it she told him that Babe took her shopping and now Colby has lost all sense of respect and pride for herself. Liza told Colby to go play video games in Jamie's room. Tad said that he needed Liza's brain. When she asked why Tad told her that he thought Jamie and Babe may have slept together. Liza said that couldn't be Jamie wouldn't hurt his brother like that. Tad explained that this happened the day before JR's big dinner announcement. Liza said that Babe was a newly wed she wouldn't have slept with Jamie. Tad told Liza that Adam was using Mary to try to get Babe out of JR's life and they were going to put Jamie in the middle of it. Liza told Tad that he worried too much and was sure that Jamie did not sleep with Babe. Tad and Liza started cracking cow jokes and were laughing when Simone walked in saying "I'm sorry to interrupt but I need to talk to Tad in private." Liza called for Colby who told her mom that she wanted to go shopping and get a tattoo. Liza told Colby she could get a tattoo when her father got an ear pierced or a nose ring. When the left Simone asked Tad about why Juan Pablo would try to accuse Greenlee of ratting out Carlos' hide out when they knew it was Mary. Tad told Simone to leave it alone because Juan Pablo was doing what he needed to do to protect everyone. Simone asked Tad where their relationship was going. When Tad asked what she was talking about she said that well we started a chapter upstairs in your bedroom and I think we need to write a couple more chapters. Sitting on the couch Tad said that he had to worry about Jamie right now. But Simone unbuttoned her blouse and said that he needed a break. They went upstairs.

When JR returned home an excited Babe welcomed him home. He asked if she had gone shopping and she told him no but found a gift for her. He asked "what gift"? Babe showed him the bracelet with a cow charm. He asked he left her that gift. She said she didn't know but thought that it was Uncle Stuart because he knew she liked cows and he had painted her a cow picture. JR agreed it could've been him. Mary was snooping out in the front entry way on the conversation. Babe mentioned how Stuart and Adam were night and day. JR said yes they are very different from each other. JR told Babe that he had some work to do and she asked if she was going to be left alone and bored. At that moment a knock came to the door, so Mary answered it finding Jamie on the other side. She blocked him from going in closing the door behind her asking if he had come to finish what they had started the night before. Jamie told Mary that he was there for Babe and walked in, while JR was telling Babe that Jamie was going to take her to PVU to check out the campus. Mary snuck off into the Library. JR excused himself and told Jamie to take care of Babe and not to let any of the college guys near Babe.

When JR left Jamie noticed the charm bracelet and asked Babe were she got it. She told him that it was a gift from Uncle Stuart. He couldn't stop looking at it so she asked him why he was enamored with the charm bracelet. Jamie said because I am the one who bought it for you.

JR walked into the Library to find Mary hanging around. JR asked her why she was in there. She told him that she was trying to find Babe because they were supposed to go shopping. He asked why she would be looking for Babe in the Library. Mary made some remark to there being books and thought maybe Babe would read something from there. Mary also said that Babe seemed to have many admirers in her short time in Pine Valley. JR warned Mary that if she was up to something that she better back off because it was due to him that Mary was still in the Chandler home and if she didn't watch it she would be out. Mary said that she wasn't up to anything. Then Mary mentioned that Jamie was around looking for Babe. JR said that he knew that because he asked Jamie to take Babe to PVU. Mary asked if JR trusted Jamie with Babe. He said yes then asked why she would ask that. She said that Jamie was one of the admirers of Babe. He was there earlier to leave a personal gift for Babe.

Friday, November 7, 2003

Mary gloats a little more about Babe and Jamie's closeness to JR. She thinks that Jamie has a crush on Babe. JR rushes out and Adam comes in. When he asks Mary what she said to him, she tells him that she has delivered JR from evil and asks for a small kiss. Adam agrees, and when Mary asks for another, he pushes her away and inquires as to what happened before he walked in. Mary says that she ended the new marriage between JR and Babe by placing the cow bracelet in Babe's room and convincing JR that her connection with Jamie was more than friendly.

Babe asks Jamie how could he haven given her the bracelet if she found it in her room. Jamie answers that he bought the bracelet for her before he knew she married JR. As for placing it there, he was as clueless as her. Babe doesn't seem to feel guilty about their sexual evening together, and Jamie thinks it would be better if they told JR the truth. Babe tells him she won't do that. When Jamie suggests that they are right for each other, she tells him that when they slept together, she never promised him anything. JR comes down the stairs, and the mood turns awkward, even when Babe says, "Hey baby!" When JR asks about why they haven't left for PVU, Babe explains that they were just talking. JR starts putting things together with all the strange happenings that Babe and Jamie tie into. He brings up the stolen cow, the cow bracelet, and accuses Babe of lying to him. A teary eyed Babe says that she slept with Jamie and only married JR for his money. Then she says, "Is that what you want to hear?" JR compliments Babe for her "nice fake-out." Babe accuses him of being jealous that another man gave her a gift and he is only letting Adam get to him. Of course, JR denies letting his father get to him, but Jamie says he Babe might be right.

Adam and Mary hear something break downstairs and immediately rush downstairs. They overhear something they've been wanting to hear-a sobbing Babe admitting she slept with Jamie. JR takes the bracelet of Babe as she pleads that it wasn't her fault for sleeping with Jamie. JR angrily walks past a lurking Mary and Adam by the front door. Babe follows behind, scolding at Mary and Adam for invading their privacy and getting kicks off of being nosy. Adam apologizes for what JR is feeling and tells him he will get him the best divorce lawyer money can buy. JR smiles in pleasure and reveals that what they just witnessed was nothing more than a scene. JR says he knows about Mary's and Adam's plan to break them up by convincing them that Jamie and Babe slept together. He wanted them to get a taste of their own medicine. They leave Adam and Mary smugly. Adam gets angry and walks out, while Mary is determined to get the bottom of Jamie and Babe's relationship.

Derek continues to interrogate Lena to try to get her to confess to murdering Michael by shooting him. Lena denies shooting him, but admits she bought a gun for protection against Michael. When Justin asks her to bring in the gun as evidence, Lena tells him that she can't because she threw the gun in the river. Derek and Justin seem to doubt her story, even when Lena tells him that the gun scared her and she wanted to dispose of it. Derek brings up Lena's suicide attempt and claims that she killed herself over guilt from murdering Michael.

As Bianca continues to worry about Lena, Kendall is busy telling Ryan to go to hell. Ryan asks her to just let him comfort her because deep down, they don't hate each other and knows she didn't purposefully poison him. They share a brief hug, and then Kendall pulls away. She explains to him that the charges against her have been dropped because of Lena's confession. Kendall and Bianca both ask Ryan to help get Lena out of there and he says he will do what he can. Lena does not get a chance to respond to Derek because Ryan bursts through the door! He tells Derek that they should let Lena go because of new evidence his lawyers found. Lena immediately apologizes to Ryan for the poison, but Ryan assures her that no apology is needed. Turns out that the papers Ryan turned in claim that an unidentified woman did not press rape charges against Michael in exchange for a large sum of money. Derek and Justin claim the papers prove nothing. Ryan disagrees- he claims that the papers show how much everyone hated Michael Cambias, including Ryan himself. When he suggests they add him to their suspect list, they remind him he claimed to be in Las Vegas when Michael died. Derek refuses to dismiss the charges against Lena, but then Jackson brings up an interesting point. He says that if Michael died before the poison was put in the capsules, Lena can't be charged with intent to murder a dead person. Derek throws another spin by telling Kendall that if she married Michael, then he was alive and Lena could be charged. However, if Kendall's marriage is a fake, then Lena could not be charged. When Derek asks Kendall what her story is with the marriage, Kendall continues to uphold that she really married Michael. She even calls Maggie out as a witness by getting Maggie to confess about seeing the two mysterious figures. Maggie admits she saw two people, but only heard Kendall's voice and nothing else. Derek reads Lena her rights and they take her a holding cell. Bianca tells Kendall that she loves her, but feels that she is choosing Michael first by letting Lena get charged. To make the guilt set in further, Justin walks over to her and puts her down for letting Lena get charged as well.

Derek and Justin tell Jack that they should grill Lena as much as they can to pump more information out of her. Jackson reminds Derek that they have no physical evidence to pin anything on Lena and she was not the only wanted who wanted him dead. Jackson even says that should add him on the list, if they are going to arrest everyone who wanted Michael dead. When Jackson leaves, Justin writes his name on the suspect list. Justin brings up Jackson being in the evidence room the night of Michael's hearing and requests to have inventory of the evidence room. Derek isn't pleased, but agrees that they need to know why he was in there and approves Justin's request.

Feeling frustrated and taken back by everyone, Kendall rushes off to the rooftop of the Fusion building. Ryan goes after her. He tells her she is losing it and he wants to help her. Kendall tells him she doesn't need his help and everyone thinks she is only out for herself. She goes down the list of people who look down at her, and then stands on top of the roof's ledge. She screams at Ryan to get away when he comes close and screams she "on top of the world!" Suddenly, she begins to lose her balance and Ryan pulls her in his arms before she falls! She tells him to put her down and he does, but one look in each other's eyes, and they pick up where they left off in her house!

Greenlee is more than eager to get out of the hospital and back to work. Her and Mia walk to the nurse's station at the hospital ready to go, but Greenlee doesn't see anyone there to process her discharged paperwork. As her and Mia are about to get on the elevator, Juan Pablo steps out. Greenlee and Juan Pablo lock eyes briefly and then he tries to scurry off, but Greenlee tells him she knows about Mary selling the story to the magazine, not her. She demands to know why he keeps blaming her for something he knows she didn't do. Juan Pablo tells her that she never blames herself for anything. Greenlee retorts that if he doesn't want her, just tell her, but if he does, this is his last chance. Juan Pablo tells her that what they shared is over and she should say good-bye to him. Greenlee ignores and starts barking at the nurse to get her out of the hospital. Greenlee tells Mia that she will play Ryan and Kendall, so she can win both ways. She decides to buddy up to Ryan and Mia can buddy up to Kendall. The nurse gives Greenlee her discharge papers, she signs them, and they return to Fusion. Mia doesn't stay long, she heads off to post bail for Kendall, not knowing that Kendall has been cleared of the charges. As Greenlee sits alone in her thoughts, she suddenly sees a bra fall from the roof!

Juan Pablo walks over and sits in the waiting room. Maria rushes over to him and begs him to confess his love to Greenlee. He refuses and she says that if he doesn't tell Greenlee he loves her, she will. Juan Pablo tells Maria not to tell Greenlee anything. He continues to claim that his lies will protect her from getting hurt. He even worries about Maria's safety and informs her that he seeking another doctor to take over Carlos" case. Maria is angry that he would do such a thing. She tells him she won't let anyone take care of Carlos other than her.

Lena sits in her holding cell, and gets a surprise visit from Bianca!



Lexi Ainsworth returns to General Hospital
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