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Monday, November 3, 2003

Jack opens his door to find Mitzi on his doorstep. Mitzi asks Jack for a favor - she wants Jack, since he is Holden's cousin, to talk Lily into letting Mitzi manage the beauty salon if Rose leaves for Paris. When Jack reluctantly agrees, Mitzi jumps up and covers Jack's face with lipstick kisses. Naturally, Carly picks that moment to come in the door. Mitzi tries to talk her way out of it, prattling as fast as she can, but Carly, smiling sweetly, asks Mitzi to tell her "all the details." Mitzi chatters on about what good friends she and Jack are, but after she leaves, Carly still is suspicious of how the two came to be such good friends.

In the police station interview room, Jessica promises Bonnie that she will have her released that very morning. When Bonnie insists that she caused Marshall's death by pushing him out the window, Jessica responds that many people would think that Bonnie was justified. Bonnie looks directly at Jessica and asks, "What people? You? Ben?" When Jessica assures Bonnie that she and Ben are 100% behind her, Bonnie replies that the only opinion she cares about is Sarah's. When Tom enters the room, Bonnie asks to see Sarah, but Tom tells her, "You won't be seeing Sarah for a long, long time." Tom goes on to explain that Bonnie can't see Sarah because Sarah is a material witness. Jessica and Tom go outside the room, where Tom tells Jessica that Bonnie might be facing prison time. When Jessica goes back into the room, Bonnie begs her to go see Sarah to see if Sarah understands that Bonnie was trying to protect her. Jessica agrees to go see Sarah, after making Bonnie promise not to talk to Tom or anyone else, especially after Bonnie admits to her that she "wanted Marshall dead." Jessica assures Bonnie that she is not to blame for any of this, and that Jessica will make sure that everything will work out. After Jessica leaves, Bonnie murmurs, "No, you won't." Jessica goes to Al's Diner, where Troy has brought Sarah to meet with her. Sarah lashes out at Jessica, saying that Jessica never cared for her. Sarah accuses, "You're the reason he is dead, and we both know it." She tells Jessica that she knows that Jessica was making Marshall leave town, and cries, "I hate you, and I'll hate you forever." Jessica breaks down in tears. Back at the jail, as soon as Jessica leaves, Bonnie comes out of the room to find Tom. She tells Tom that, because she cannot let Sarah go through the trauma of testifying, she will plead guilty to whatever charges he is thinking of bringing against her.

In their kitchen, Emily tells Hal that Will admitted lying about spraying the paint on Paul's walls, after she and Rose forced him to admit that he did not know about the safety strip on the can of spray paint. When Hal assumes that Barbara actually sprayed Paul's walls, Emily tells him that when she asked Will if Barbara did it, Will rushed out of Al's diner. Just then, Will rushes in and insists that he was the one who spray-painted Paul's apartment. Hall tells him tiredly, "I know what your mother has done, and I am not going to let you take the blame." Will accuses everyone of trying to make his mom look bad. Hal sends Emily from the room and has a straightforward talk with Will. He tells Will that lying to protect Barbara will only hurt her in the long run. Hal hugs Will and tells him that he loves him, and begs him to tell the truth. Will finally says, "The truth is....Mom just wants Paul to stay, and so do I." When Will pauses, Hal finishes for him, "So....your mother spray-painted Paul's place and asked you to take the blame?" Will asks, "Why is that so bad?...We just wanted Paul to care." Hal thanks Will for telling the truth and leaves purposefully for the hospital. Will immediately tries to call Barbara to warn her that Hal knows what they did, but Emily stops him. Will spits, "I hate you!" Answering, "It's okay to be angry," Emily explains that Barbara is a grownup and that grownups know that they have to take the consequences for their actions.

At Oakdale Memorial Hospital, Barbara is talking to Dr. Lynn Michaels, Will's psychiatrist, about Will's supposed vandalism of Paul's apartment. Barbara is suggesting that Dr. Michaels convince Paul to make a commitment to stay in town for Will's well-being when Paul walks up. Barbara immediately grabs Paul, telling him that it is important for the family to pull together in this time of crisis. She stops suddenly when Rose enters the room after Paul. Barbara, with a poisonous smile, tells the couple that Rose's presence is irresponsible, since Rose's relationship with Will is "casual, at best." Rose responds crisply, "You blew it, Barbara, big time!" Rose informs Barbara that Will did not know about the safety strip on the can of spray paint, proving that Will did not spray paint Paul's apartment. In front of both Paul and Dr. Michaels, Rose accuses Barbara of the vandalism and of having Will take the blame. Paul pulls Barbara aside and angrily asks her, "What have you done with Will?" Barbara grabs her mobile phone to call Will, but stops and begins screaming at Rose, blaming her for everything. Hal enters the hospital and tells everyone that Will admitted to him that Barbara spray-painted the apartment. Barbara, cornered, demands, "What did you do to get him to say that?" Hal responds that the told Will, "When you love somebody, you don't lie, or you don't get somebody to lie for you." Barbara frantically paws at Paul's sleeve, crying, "I did this for you. I did this for Will. I did this because you brothers should not be separated." Paul leaves to find Will, but he will not let Rose accompany him. He leaves, telling her, "I don't know why you bent over backwards to hurt Will...and me." Rose gasps in surprise, but Paul goes on to tell Rose that sees that she waited to confront Barbara in the most embarrassing way possible, rather than thinking of a way to help Will. "You traded in any chance of helping Will for a chance to stick it to my mother." The elevator door closes behind him. Dr. Michaels takes Hal aside for a talk, but Hal demands that Barbara wait right there until he comes back. Barbara grabs Rose, saying, "You destroy everything in my life that is good and decent, and I'm sick to death of it....You'd better be afraid because you have crossed me for the last time." Hal returns and Barbara continues ranting that Rose has done all the damage, that Barbara was just trying to help her sons, etc., etc. Hal responds, "Will is not are destroying him - lie by lie, bit by bit. And I'm not going to stand by and let you do it any longer. I will make absolutely sure that you never mess with our son's mind again!"

Paul arrives at the Munson home and asks to see Will alone, so Emily leaves him there with Will. When Paul tells Will that he understands why Will lied, Will asks him, "Why is it okay that I lied but it's not okay for Mom to do the same thing?" Poor confused Will wonders why nobody cares how Barbara is doing.

Emily arrives at the penthouse just as the cleaning crew finishes their work. Emily comes in to comfort her, saying, "To hell with Barbara and to hell with Paul, too."

Tuesday, November 4, 2003

Hal confronts Barbara about letting Will take the fall for her involvement in spray painting Paul's apartment. Jen takes Barbara's side stating how she now needs to apologize for it, but it must be sincere. However Barbara doesn't see the wrong in what she did. Barbara said the only mistake she may have made was loving her children to much and Will wanted to cover for her in order to keep Paul there with them. Meanwhile Hal tries to talk to Will but has to leave to take a phone call and Will decides to leave to go see Barbara who called him. Hal realizes Will is gone and tracks him down and orders him to get in the car.

Paul explains Barbara used Will and Will doesn't understand why him hiding the truth is not as bad as what Barbara did. Paul said he wants to keep Will away from Barbara when he talks to Hal. Hal tells him he can handle keeping Will away from Barbara and tells Paul to thank his fiancé's since she is the one who wouldn't take no for an answer when she asked Hal about talking to Will about the paint.

Molly makes sure Dusty knows how she feels about their fling, stating if is only a fling then she wants to see how long it will go. Dusty also admits to still thinking about Rose while Molly admits to still being hung up on Mike. Later Dusty over heard Emily and Rose talking and decided to confront Rose and tells her he has been thinking about her.

Carly questions Jack about his relationship with Mitzi. Jack is saved when Rosanna shows up but Carly still demands an answer. Carly tells Rosanna, Jack and Mitzi had a relationship but she didn't know why. Mitzi showed up to explain she and Jack where together while Carly, Rose and Emily were missing. They needed each other but not in the way she thought. Meanwhile Jack tries to convince Lily to help Mitzi keep the "Roller Palace" to which Lily agrees. Jack tells Mitzi this while she waited outside for Jack and she then kisses him on the cheek. Carly opens the door and see the lipstick and wants and explanation. Carly also said she wanted to know about any woman Jack had kissed.

Emily tries to help Rose with her trouble with Paul. Paul is angry since she went behind his back to get the information about the damage to their apartment. Emily points out he isn't worthy of her if he is ungrateful for her finding out the truth. Emily takes Rose out. Rose said she probably lost Paul by going to far however he is looking for her at the apartment not long after she and Emily leave. Paul finds Rosanna and tells her about Barbara's damage and as he looks around he notices Rose's key on the table. Rosanna tries to coach him into making it work out with Rose while Emily tries to help Rose the same way.

Wednesday, November 5, 2003

Barbara protests the restraining order but Hal stands firm. She storms off and Hal stops Will from following her. He explains the reasons for the order and asks Will not to run away and violate it. Barbara goes to Emily and begs her for help, but she refuses. Barbara vows that Hal can never separate her and Will. John informs that Craig that Cabot's adoption may be in jeopardy. He notified Canadian authorities about the discrepancy in Cabot's medical records and they are investigating the adoption agency. Craig is livid. Rosanna wants to know what is going on, but Craig covers. She wants a christening for Cabot right away and Craig agrees. Later, Craig gets a call from Annabelle Fettle asking for help. Molly runs into Jennifer and they make a tentative peace. Rose can't hide her feelings about Paul from Dusty, but she resists his efforts to console her. He tells her he still cares and will always be there for her. Molly catches them in a tender moment, and angrily cancels her tryst with Dusty. Rosanna helps Paul prepare the church for his reconciliation with Rose. She helps Paul to see that he and Rose are right for each other. Paul calls for Rose to meet her at the church. Later, Paul and Rose reconcile and recommit to each other. In his suite, Dusty says Jennifer can't stay and upset, she begins to pack. Dusty rents a room for Jennifer in the hotel and they share a warm moment, which Molly witnesses. Paul gets a call from Molly, asking him to meet her in the morning for big news.

Thursday, November 6, 2003

Katie and Mike were at the hospital for Mike's appointment. Alison was assisting them when Chris approached. He acknowledged Katie and ignored Alison. Alison filled Katie in on the break-up and about her "night." Katie guessed it was Aaron but Alison quickly denied it. Katie and Alison could not finish their conversation because Mike returned.

Margo was waiting for Mike and Katie when they returned home. After Margo asked to speak to Katie alone, Katie told her the truth about her hitting Mike. Margo told Katie that she would take care of the case. Later, Mike was trying to walk with the crutches when he lost his balance and pulled Katie on top of him!

At Al's diner, Aaron and Lucy were having lunch when Chris came up and apologized for getting mad at Aaron. Aaron accepted his apology and when Chris left, Lucy said something about Alison not wasting any time going to bed with some guy. John came in and offered Chris a position at Memorial but Chris said he had to think about it because he had been offered a job at a children's hospital in Philadelphia. Later, Alison overheard Chris tell John that there was nothing keeping him in Oakdale and when she tried to talk to him he just walked away.

Jessica showed up at the police station to find that Bonnie had agreed to plead guilty. Bonnie wanted to do what was right and told Jessica that she had to stop protecting her. Sarah showed up and demanded to see Bonnie. When Bonnie told her that she was pleading guilty Sarah told her that it wasn't her fault. Bonnie fired her mother as her attorney. As they were heading for court, Jessica asked Tom what she could do to help Bonnie.

At the Lakeview, Rose and Paul were finishing breakfast when Rose got a call saying that there was a buyer for the Roller Palace. Rose left and Molly arrived to tell Paul that she saw Rose and Dusty together. Molly told Paul that he must do something definitive if he ever wants Rose to be rid of Dusty. Later, Molly appeared at Dusty's room and accused him of lying to her about his encounter with Rose. Dusty told Molly that he came in at the tail end of Rose's conversation with Emily and Rose looked upset. Rose told him that she and Paul were a little shaky but that it wasn't his problem and Rose left. Molly told Dusty what she had said to Paul. Dusty quickly escorted Molly out of the room and called Rose. He wanted to meet with her to talk about what Molly did. When Rose arrived, Dusty took her up to his room where Paul was waiting!

Friday, November 7, 2003

by Andy

Holden sets up an interview with a golf manager from the country club for Aaron. After Aaron hears the starting salary is minimum wage, he respectfully declines the offer. Holden tries to understand why Aaron won't take the job. Aaron is looking for a quick jump up the status ladder. Aaron leaves to run an errand, and Holden takes off for the christening.

Rosanna calls Katie and tells her Cabot's christening is this afternoon. Katie asks Mike if he wants to join her.

Barbara meets a hit man. James Stenbeck sent him to help Babs. She tells the man she needs assistance with "someone who's been causing my family a great deal of pain. I want you to kill her." She holds a package with half his fee, and shows him a picture of Rose with a list of places she frequents. He makes her think twice before accepting the money. Once he takes the cash, he says there is no going back. She hands him the package and says, "This is not my fault! You have to understand, this is not my fault!" The hired gun doesn't care about her inner demons. He just takes the package and walks away.

Paul is lying on Dusty's bed when Dusty and Rose walk into Dusty's apt to talk about how to handle Molly and her comments. Paul diffuses the situation and asks Dusty if they could all bury the hatchet and be friends again. Dusty is skeptical and tells Paul to get out. Paul wants to know why the thought of the three of them being friends scares him so much. Dusty asks for one good reason why he should believe Paul. Paul asks Dusty to be a second best man, and stand up for him at the wedding (Will is going to be the first best man). Aaron stops by to ask for his old job back. Dusty tells Aaron that his father turned him in. Aaron tears up and then runs off. Dusty returns his attention to Paul and Rose and demands to know Paul's real plan. Paul gives a speech about how much he trusts both of them, and then he leaves the room. A couple of moments later, Rose says her own good-byes. As she walks out of his room, Barbar's hit man starts to follow.

Rosanna reflects on all the changes that have happened in her life since she rejoined the Oakdale population. Craig runs to the car to get the digital camera, but runs into Ms. Fettle on the way back. She demands, "You better help me duck the long arm of the law or you can say good-bye to your precious son." She wants cash, a disguise, and a ride to the airport, and she wants it right away. Craig tells Rosanna he can't find a battery pack for the digi-cam, so he'll have to run home. Rosanna is flustered as she watches him walk out the front door.

Mitzi is stealing more cash from the register when Craig knocks on the door. He barges in throwing a bundle of cash in Mitzi's hand asking for a wig, a scarf, and a pair of sunglasses...for Rosanna.

Holden talks with Lily at the church about Aaron. She advises him to back off before he loses his son. Lucy arrives and asks how Aaron's interview went. Holden squirms. Inside, Rosanna is peeved Craig isn't back yet. Later, Mike and Katie arrive.

In Craig's car, he asks Ms. Fettle if she abducted the baby. She doesn't deny anything. After Craig pays Ms. Fettle $20,000, she gives him a packet of info on the baby's 17-year-old mother, Jane Courier. She says the mother lives in Ottawa and won't ever come around looking for the baby. Ms. Fettle gets out of the car and Craig returns to the church.

Babs is enjoying a drink in the lounge when Rose's spirit walks in dressed in black. Rose's spirit congratulates Barbar on getting her son back, and then she takes off a hat revealing a bullet hole in her forehead. Rose smiles, then says, "See ya in hell," before she keels over. Babs rushes to her aide screaming Rose's name. Barbara finally snaps back to reality when a waiter asks her if she wants another drink. She is still a little foggy, but she declines the drink and rushes out of the lounge to find Rose. She's having second thoughts about killing her.

Aaron storms into the church and yells at Holden in front of everyone. Holden pushes Aaron off to the side so they could have a little more privacy, but it doesn't cool Aaron's anger. Holden tells his son he should be thankful he got a gentle wake up call. Aaron rages that he is moving out tonight. Lucy comes to his side and asks where he's going to live. Aaron says he'd sooner live on the street than spend another minute with his father.

The ceremony resumes, and Craig returns just in time. Rosanna leers at her husband and says, "You better have a darn good reason for being late to your own son's christening or I'm going to book the minister for a funeral—yours!"


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