The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of November 10, 2003 on Y&R

Victor decided to visit his father. Brad bailed J.T. out of jail. Ashley fantasized about Victor. Michael refused to represent Kevin. Danny showed up at Christine's home. Mr. Becker questioned Michael's involvement in the Tuvia bribery.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of November 10, 2003 on Y&R
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Monday, November 10, 2003

Victor finally conceded that he would go to see his father under one condition—that Nicholas go with him. Nicholas immediately told him no way, he wasn't going to go, and Victor left the room, feeling the matter was settled. It wasn't settled for Nikki, Sharon and Victoria, who all verbally descended on him and wouldn't stop until he agreed to go along with it. Victor came back in the room in the middle of the argument and asked what was going on. Nikki told him it was settled, Nicholas was going with him.

Privately, Nikki and Victor talked further about the trip. He told her he wasn't thrilled with her about this whole thing, but that he felt she was the only one on his side and that he really appreciated her loving support. He told her he was only doing this for her and to try to figure out what was going on between he and Nicholas.

In the other room, the contentious conversation continued. Nicholas told them he was not interested in going on a trip with Victor, considering what was about to go down. Annoyed at his innuendos of doom, Victoria told him to either spill the big secret, or to just shut up. Sharon jumped in and told Nicholas he was being harsh and felt justified in damaging the family. Nicholas fought back, asking them to look around at all of the wealth around them. He questioned if they achieved it by lying and cheating, then he didn't want anything to do with it.

Phyllis and Dru had yet another run in at a local restaurant. Dru continued to question her, asking her if she knew something that would prove Victor did something shady. Phyllis continued to deny knowing anything, and asked if she really thought Jabot was in financial ruin. Dru asked if it would change anything if that were true, but Phyllis wouldn't give her a director answer.

Bobby and Jill spent time together in her living room and talked mostly about family. He talked about how it was important to make amends with your parents as they aged—it was better to have them pass away on good terms. He asked a few questions as to why Katherine was living at a hotel, which set Jill off into an emotional tangent on how she wasn't sure how to feel about Katherine. Bobby just looked at her and told her she had issues and that he had to go. He had an early morning meeting and had to be ready for it. She walked him to the front door and implied she wanted him to kiss her, and he obliged. What she didn't know was that Larry saw the kiss and told her not to worry—he was leaving—he didn't want to cramp her style.

Neil tried to comfort Lily in her depression about her situation. He told her he really felt it was best to let Dru in on what was really going on with her health, but she begged him to keep quiet a bit longer. Lily told him she really wanted Kevin to pay for what he did. Neil told her she needed to really consider talking frankly with the police about what had happened between her and Kevin. She told him she would be too embarrassed to do that. He asked her if Kevin was her first and only sexual experience, and she told him yes, it was. He told her he believed her and held her.

Brad came home and had a talk with Colleen about what happened with J.T. getting arrested. He told her he bailed J.T. out of jail, and they would do whatever they could to help him. He expressed sadness that she had to worry about such tough subjects at her age, and that he would do his best to help put Kevin behind bars. She thanked him for protecting her and he held her and told her he wouldn't let Kevin get away with this.

Meanwhile, Kevin went to Michael's office to try to get him to represent him. Michael was clearly not happy to see him. They had an angry, contentious conversation about their family life and how immature Michael felt Kevin was. Kevin started to get angry and threatened that if Michael didn't help him, he would be sorry. Undaunted by his threats, Michael told him he hadn't changed—always getting himself into trouble and then expecting someone else to bail him out. Kevin told him he was being accused of being a child molEsther and needed legal help. Michael got in his face and demanded to know if he had hurt a child, and Kevin admitted to having sex with Lily. After all, he said, Michael had told him all women were good for was sex. Enraged, Michael told him he knew more about women now, and that Kevin should just leave and not come back. Kevin told him Lily was only part of the problem, that he was being accused of setting Gina's on fire. Michael told him to forget they were brothers and to just get out of his office.

Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Winters' Apt:

Neil and Dru have breakfast together. They worry more about Lily but are hopeful. Neil wants Lily to press further into getting Kevin arrested. Dru won't hear of it knowing Lily would have to relive everything on the stand. Neil convinces her that the good outweighs the short-term bad. Lily arrives and they all enjoy breakfast together, remembering how they used to enjoy spending time together all the time. They hope things are getting back to normal.


Raul and J.T. discuss J.T.'s arrest for attacking Kevin and how weird it was that Brad of all people bailed him out. They mention the sting Raul dragged him into to bust Marsino's. Britt walks in and blasts J.T. again over it and demands he move out. J.T. and Raul talk her out of it. When J.T. heads out to meet Colleen Raul tries to get Britt to see the Marsino closing as a positive. She can work on a demo and get her music out. She wonders why he is so vested in moving on and speculates that maybe he had something to do with the raid. He brushes that off. She wonders who else could have possibly prospered from Marsino's closing and realizes that maybe her parents were behind it.

Jabot Lab:

Damon is working when he is visited by Vanessa. She wants to know what he's been doing about her proposal for the hair straightening wash. He is overly skeptical about it and cautionary. She knows him too well to buy that. His demeanor tells her that he is much more interested in it than he lets on. That worries her.

Neil's Office:

Neil meets with Phyllis. She tells him about her troubles with Jack but they change the subject. Neil wonders about the mystery woman he spotted Damon Porter with (Vanessa). Neil thinks she's trying to lure Damon away from Jabot. Phyllis wonders if maybe there's something going on between Dru and Damon but Neil doesn't even toy with the idea.

Abbott House:

Colleen and J.T. meet for their date. She's still troubled by thoughts of Kevin but is happy to be with J.T. She asks him to sing her the song he wrote for her at Valentine's Day. He thinks it's cheesy but she says it shows off his secret sensitive side.


Frederick and Anita meet for breakfast, and wait for Brittany. Neither thinks Marsino's will be closed long so they wonder what to do with Brittany in order to keep her away from there. Frederick plans to officer her a job at one of his banks but Anita laughs at the idea. Britt will never go for it. Britt any arrives and quickly figures that it was her parents who were behind Marsino's closing.

Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Brittany was appalled to realize that her parents had arranged to have men from the ABC board visit Marsino's and shut it down for selling liquor to underaged customers. She said Bobby was a dangerous man and was going to be angry. Perhaps her parents should consider taking a vacation. They hadn't just affected Bobby's life, but Angelo's, the other dancers, and then there were Bobby's backers. She had no doubt the backers weren't the kind of people Frederick knew from the country club. Frederick said such unsavory news was just further proof that Brittany needed to be working somewhere else. When Anita encouraged Brittany to listen to her father, Frederick explained that he had an opportunity to offer her. Brittany guessed that he meant a job at the bank and insisted that was never going to happen. It was not every girl's dream to work at a bank. As she continued to complain about what her parents had done, she figured out that they'd gotten help in pulling it off.

Bobby went by the loft to see Brittany, but found Raul alone. They exchanged heated comments about the club's closing, and Bobby accused Raul of trying to own Brittany's body. Brittany was entitled to do whatever she wanted, and if that meant taking her clothes off at Marsino's, it was her choice. He wondered if Raul could think of any reason why Bobby shouldn't put him in the hospital. When Raul asked if Bobby was threatening him, Bobby said nobody would blame him for fighting back when his livelihood had been taken away. He wasn't stupid; he knew Raul had set him up. That wouldn't make Brittany happy. But Bobby said that he wasn't going to tell Brittany, because Raul was going to do him a favor. He'd spent a lot of money and lost a lot of money because of what Raul had done. He needed his star dancer back when his club reopened, and Raul wasn't going to do anything to discourage her from returning to work. Raul should also tell her parents not to try to stop her. At that point, Brittany came in raging at J.T. and told Bobby J.T. had been the one who set him up.

Sal came into the club and talked to Angelo, who tried to brush off the details of why Marsino's had been shut down. When Angelo finally said that they'd been set up, Sal wanted to know who'd done that; he'd be very interested in that information. Angelo told him that the revenge thing was so Sicilian and he needed to chill out. Living well was the best revenge. Sal said if the money wasn't coming in, nobody would be living well. Angelo assured him that Bobby would reopen the club, and encouraged Sal to get his information at the club instead of the grapevine. It would be more accurate. Furthermore, Sal could see their most exciting new dancer, Marilyn.

Phyllis continued to press Neil for details regarding his visit with Vanessa. Neil said that all he knew was that Vanessa and Damon once worked together at Satine. Phyllis assumed Neil didn't trust her enough to share information. Neil told her the whole story about his introduction to Vanessa, and Phyllis tried to figure out why Vanessa had gotten bent out of shape upon hearing that Damon worked for Jabot, not Newman. Neil said she'd felt like Neil had deliberately misled her about where Damon was employed. They figured out that Vanessa had something exciting to share with Damon, and Neil wondered if Dru knew what it was and wasn't telling him.

Dru went to visit Diane in her office and expressed her support of the relationship between Diane and Jack. Dru took every opportunity to bash Phyllis for her disloyalty and duplicity. Diane said if she didn't take Jack away from Phyllis, it wouldn't be for lack of trying. When the conversation turned to Damon, Diane told Dru that he was in the lab with a beautiful woman. Dru immediately realized that Damon's visitor must be Vanessa.

Vanessa wondered if Damon had changed. She'd offered him information about her discovery because she didn't have time to pursue it, but she knew if Damon did develop the product, he wouldn't shut her out of future profits and credit. However, Damon's hesitation made her think he was hiding his enthusiasm in order to do just that. Damon pointed out that Vanessa was putting a lot of faith in her discovery, and Vanessa insisted that it had strong financial promise.

Dru made a beeline for the lab, where she overheard Vanessa telling Damon how much she admired him. She'd seen him walk away from Satine because of his strong sense of ethics. She still trusted him to do the right thing. Dru burst into the lab and was introduced to Vanessa. Vanessa used the opportunity to leave. Dru urged Damon to pursue Vanessa's discovery in Japan; she intended to go with him. Damon reminded her that she had a wedding to deal with and a daughter to take care of. Dru then went to see Neil, who reminded her that Victor had banned her from the premises. Dru laughed it off and asked Neil if he would consider changing their wedding location from Trinidad to Japan.

Brad went to visit Ashley in the hospital. Although she seemed a little subdued, she assured him that she was in touch with reality. She knew that Robert was dead and nothing would bring him back. Brad's relief that Ashley was doing better was short-lived when Ashley insisted that she was ready to go home. Brad said she couldn't expect to recover from her breakdown overnight and shouldn't rush it. Ashley said what she needed to get well was to connect with her life again. She wanted to spend time with Colleen and Abby, and she wanted to get back to the lab. Brad told her that Damon had the lab under control, and Ashley wondered if that meant she was no longer needed there. Brad said he was just concerned about Ashley. They'd see what Olivia had to say. Ashley was sure Olivia would agree with her.

When Olivia came in to check on Ashley, Brad and Ash told her how eager Ashley was to get back home and resume her life. Olivia asked Brad to leave them alone. Olivia said that Ashley was a very lucky woman to have Brad, and Ashley agreed. As Olivia continued to talk, Ashley's mind regressed to memories of falling in love with Victor and the first time they'd made love. Olivia didn't realize when Ashley was dreamily talking about how wonderful the two of them were together, that Ashley was talking about Victor, not Brad, and that Ashley's grasp of reality continued to be tenuous. Olivia did warn Ashley not to push it; she'd been through such an ordeal. Olivia said she'd feel better if Ashley stayed one more night for observation. Ashley said that was pointless. She just wanted to get back to a normal life, which didn't include wallowing in a hospital bed thinking about everything she'd lost. Olivia promised that she'd come back after seeing some other patients, and they could talk about it again.

Thursday, November 13, 2003

Drucilla surprised Neil as she told him she wanted to go to Japan instead of Trinidad for their honeymoon. He had never known Dru to have an interest in Japanese culture, but if that was what she wanted, he would agree to it. Dru said she would change the plans right away, they were not going to postpone this wedding one second more.

Phyllis is working out on the treadmill when Damon walks in. He goes to her and reveals that he is planning a trip to Japan. Phyllis wonders if the trip has something to do with the new woman in Damon's life, but he insists it is only for a little R&R. Damon inquires about Phyllis and Jack's relationship. She mutters about being careful for what you wish for. Damon looks at Phyllis seriously and asks her to tell him the truth about what's hurting her. She says she doesn't think she matters to her husband anymore, and as time goes on, she's going to matter a lot less.

Brittany is in the kitchen throwing things around cursing J.T. as Bobby and Raul watch her. Brittany admits to Bobby that it was her parents who called alcohol control and she knows that J.T. was in on it with them. She begs Bobby not to do anything to her parents. He tells her that he's not going to hurt anyone and he has worked it out with the alcohol board. Even though he had to pay a large fine, the club will be back in business tonight. J.T. walks in casually and Brittany throws herself at him, attacking him. J.T. looks to Raul for help and Raul decides to admit to Brittany that he was part of her parent's plan to shut down Marsino's. Brittany can't believe Raul could be so heartless. He says he's sorry, but he wouldn't change a thing. In front of Bobby Raul tells Brittany he doesn't like Bobby or his club. Bobby tells Brittany not to worry about it, just to be ready to raise the roof tonight at the re-opening of Marsino's. As Bobby leaves, Brittany tells Raul that she never wants to talk to him again.

At Michael's, the doorbell rings and Michael shouts that it better not be Kevin. It's Victor, and he asks whom Michael thought he was. Michael tells Victor that he has a half-brother who practically makes him look like a saint. Michael wants to know why Victor revealed their secret to Phyllis. When Victor says he feels that he can trust Phyllis, Michael wonders then why they are even talking about it, obviously Phyllis had gone to Michael for more information. Victor realizes that Phyllis got even more details from Michael. Michael says he is not worried though. Nick had told him that if he had known anything, he would have already used it to bury them. He warns Victor not to speak to anyone else about this-especially Nikki and Victoria. Victor wants to know if Michael has been speaking to Victoria. Michael says if Victor can't trust him with his family, maybe he shouldn't have gotten him so involved. After Victor leaves, Michael says if Victor screws this up, it's every man for himself. "You don't want that," Michael says threateningly.

Sharon comes home from grocery shopping and is surprised to find Nick still at home. As Nick goes through paperwork tossing things away, Sharon is displeased. "You better not tell me that you quit Newman Enterprises," she says irritatingly. Nick says no, he hasn't quit, but his father says there's no point mentoring him if he doesn't worship the ground he walks on. Sharon tells Nick he should think about what he's doing-all Victor ever wanted from him was a little love and respect. Nick says although he likes Sharon's idea of a loving and caring family, she is disillusioned if she thinks that the Newman's are that way. He wants to know if Sharon is on his side. Sharon says maybe things will change once Victor and Nick go see Author Miller, but Nick says she will feel differently once she finds out the truth.

At the hospital, Brad talks to Olivia about Ashley's progress. Olivia says that Ashley has come a long way in a short time. Brad says he doesn't want to push her, but he wants his wife back. Olivia tells him that although Ashley is doing well, she is concerned that they are rushing things. Brad tells Olivia that he knows that Ashley wants to go home, but is she ready? Olivia says she needs to be sure. She thinks it would be better for Ashley to stay at least one more day.

In her hospital room, Ashley is looking at her roses smiling dreamily to herself. John visits her. Ashley asks John if he heard Brad and Olivia talking about whether or not she can go home. She tells John she couldn't bare it if she couldn't go home, all she wants to do is put the sadness of the past behind her and to be happy again. Her voice trails off, she reminisces a time she danced with Victor in the Colonnade room. John says he wishes he could just take her in his arms and make all her pain go away like when she was a little girl.

Friday, November 14, 2003

Nick called Mr. Becker on the phone to see if the federal investigation was proceeding. He assured him that he understood that the investigation was now in Becker's hands, then he wished him happy hunting.

Although Jack was again having some financial difficulties with Jabot, when Damon and Dru came to see him, he was open to their proposal to pursue Vanessa's hair straightener discovery in Japan. He said he'd finance the trip, but they'd then take the research one step at a time. Just as he announced that a success like this would allow Jabot to thwart Victor, Nick walked in. Dru and Damon left, and Nick filled Jack in on the information he'd gotten about the Safra briberies. Jack wanted to move on the information, if Nick was sure that was what he wanted, but Nick said Jack didn't have to do anything. Nick had already turned in his father and Michael to the federal authorities.

Victoria warned her father not to put too much hope in reconciling with Nick on the trip to Canada. She said Nick epitomized the "angry young man." Victor said he was more hopeful than that. In any case, he wondered how Victoria's life was going. She admitted that she and Damon were no longer an item, but assured him that wasn't because her father disapproved. As they were talking, she took a call on her cell phone from Michael, who asked her to come to his apartment to sign some papers. She agreed. After she hung up, she evaded Victor's questions about a possible new man in her life. Victor said he knew if he disapproved, that would only make her more determined. But he did hope she'd make a choice soon that would give her some personal happiness.

Victoria went to Michael's and chided him for pretending that the papers couldn't wait. She knew he had another reason for inviting her over. Michael said that she seemed a little down and asked her to have a glass of wine with him. Victoria agreed, and their discussion turned to her. Michael said they were more alike than Victoria thought and proceeded to accurately describe the emptiness Victoria was feeling in her life. But he had a solution; he kissed her. When she responded passionately, Michael finally brought things to a halt. He wasn't interested in a one-time thing with her, and he wanted her to think about the feelings he had for her. Victoria promised that she would. After she left, Michael sat down to do some work, but was interrupted by a knock on the door. He was startled when his visitor, Mr. Becker, wanted to ask him about mail fraud. He said Becker had the wrong man. Mr. Becker said that if Michael hadn't been part of bribing retailers for Victor Newman, then he did have the wrong man---so maybe Michael should be willing to answer a few questions. Michael let Becker into the apartment with a worried look.

When Neil told Phyllis that Dru had changed the location of their wedding and honeymoon from Trinidad to Japan, Phyllis in turn informed him that Damon was going to Japan. That couldn't be a coincidence. Neil shot down her innuendoes that something romantic was going on between Dru and Damon. He thought all of this might have something to do with Vanessa's visit. Therefore, he was going to go along with Dru's scheme and keep an eye on things. Phyllis didn't have very high hopes for Neil being able to find out anything.

Lauren went by Paul's office because she'd thought she was supposed to meet him there. Lynne was extremely rude to her, and the two women finally laid their cards on the table about Paul. Lynne said Paul was upset about moving out of Christine's apartment, and Lauren was just there to take advantage of the situation. Lauren accused Lynne of being the keeper of Paul and Christine's relationship, or if it was hopeless, carrying a torch for Paul herself. Lynne denied that, saying Paul was her boss and one of her best friends. She was just worried about him. But she did admit that she felt Lauren had no place in his life and should leave him alone.

Christine was saddened to come home and find Paul's packed boxes in the living room. When she tried to talk to him, he wavered between being sure that he was doing the right thing and telling her that she was making a bad decision. Christine reminded him that there had been trouble in their relationship before Isabella came into the picture. It had been easy to blame Isabella, but now it was time for her to get a handle on everything that had happened and figure out what to do about her future. Paul wished her luck and left. Christine reminisced to herself that Paul had always been her hero, but today was the first day of the rest of her life. It was time to move on to wherever she was going. Just as she settled down on the couch, someone knocked. She was stunned to open the door to Danny Romalotti, who said, "Hello, Cricket!"

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