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Passions Recaps: The week of November 3, 2003 on PS
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Monday, November 3, 2003

Chad tries to persuade Puff Dog to let Ethan and Fox go, but Puff Dog doesn't buy it and he starts to argue with Latoya about killing Chad. During their argument, Ethan and Fox find the opportunity to attack Puff Dog's men, and a fight erupts. In the meantime, Theresa and Whitney decide to go help Chad, Ethan and Fox, and they walk-in while the men are fighting, Puff Dog and his men grab Whitney and Theresa and hold them at gunpoint.

Charlie surrounded by the police, warns Luis if they don't back off, she will kill Sheridan' baby. Luis backs off and calls off the sharp shooter, he tries to plead with Charlie if they can work something out. At the hospital, a worried Sheridan convinces Pilar to call Luis, so she can try to talk to Charlie. Sheridan begs Charlie to return her baby but to no avail, an infuriated Charlie shoots Luis.

Mrs. Wallace taunts Beth that Luis will find out the truth now that Charlie is almost caught. Beth worried that Luis will find out the truth, passes out. Mrs. Wallace wakes Beth up just in time for her to hear Charlie' and Sheridan' conversation. Beth is horrified when she sees Charlie shoot Luis.

Julian saves Eve's life and tells her that he meant what he said about not being able to live without her; an overwhelmed Eve shares a passionate kiss with Julian. TC is thrilled to see Eve alive, and is confused why Julian would save her life. Rebecca and TC demand to know why Julian saved Eve's life and Rebecca realizes that the woman Julian loves is Eve.

Tuesday, November 4, 2003

As Puff Dog and his men have Ethan, Fox, Chad, Whitney, and Teresa at gunpoint, Latoya informs everyone that Chad wants to be with her. A teary eyed Whitney asks Chad if it's true. Chad, cornered, is speechless. Puff Dog argues and convinces Latoya that Chad has been lying all this time just so he can save his friends, an agonized Latoya realizes it's true, she grabs one of the men's gun and points it at Whitney, she tells her that she is going to die for ruining her life, and then she turns on Chad, and asks him, "How can you do this to me, I stayed true to you even when you left town." A fed up Puff Dog decides it's time to get rid of all them, he orders his men to take them out back and kill them. Fox plays the heroic and jumps in to ask Puff Dog for 5 minutes of his time, he tells him that he has something to offer him, that he will be unable to refuse. All confused, await for Puff Dog and Fox's return to see what their future holds for them.

Chief Bennett and Hank pull Luis to safety, all concerned about his gunshot; he informs them that he was wearing his bulletproof vest. Sheridan still on the line tells Luis that she would not be able to bear if anything bad happens to him, and convinces him to speak to Charlie once again. Sheridan continues to beg Charlie to let her baby go, and she will give her anything she wants, but Charlie doesn't believe her and tells her she is just a stupid lying blonde. Sheridan realizes that she is unable to persuade Charlie into giving her back her child, asks to speak to Luis alone. She begs Luis to back off because she doesn't want anything to happen to their baby. Luis promises to his love that he will get their baby back. Chief Bennett and Luis decide to have the sharp shooter shoot the tires out. Charlie realizes something is up, jumps into the car a drives off. Chief Bennett, Hank, and Luis are all stunned when they see Charlie drive off the bridge.

Wednesday, November 5, 2003

Ethan, Chad, Whitney, and Teresa are all worried that Chad won't be able to get through to Puff Dog about letting them go. Latoya informs them they are right, that the only way out of this mess is through her. Upon their return, Puff Dog informs them that they have struck a "deal" and they are all free to go, dumb struck by his words, Ethan, Chad, and Latoya ask Puff Dog what could Fox possibly offer, for you to reconsider. Fox tells them that in exchange for our lives, Syd will no longer be working on Chad's label; instead she will be working with Puff Dog. Ethan and Chad are furious about Fox's "deal" with Puff Dog, and express their feelings with Fox, they inform him, that his so called "deal" has made the situation worse, because justice has not been served and Latoya is still a threat to Whitney.

Chief Bennett, Hank, and Luis start running after Charlie, as she drives towards the bridge and off of it. Luis immediately orders a rescue team and divers to help with the rescue of Sheridan's baby. At the same time, Chief Bennett informs them that a bad storm is approaching. In the meantime, Sheridan is devastated as she watches Charlie go off the bridge. A clueless Antonio walks into her hospital room in time to comfort Sheridan; Pilar gets him up to speed of what's been going on with Sheridan' kidnapper and their baby. A frantic Sheridan decides it's time for her to be with her baby and Luis. Sheridan gets to the accident site just in time to hear that the divers will no longer be able to search for the baby or rescue them because of the high tide the storm is creating. Sheridan and Luis embrace, Luis promises Sheridan that he will save "our" baby, Antonio arrives in time to overhear Luis call Sheridan' baby his.

Beth is ecstatic that Charlie drove off the bridge and that Luis thinks the baby was with her in the car. Beth tells her mother that her plan worked, that nobody knows she has the baby and she and Luis will live happily ever after. Mrs. Wallace can't believe how devious her daughter can be, and informs Beth that Luis is searching for his baby; and Charlie may still be alive. Beth blames her mother for the way she turned out, and tells her that she will not end up like her, wearing a diaper and looked after an orangutan when she gets older. Beth threatens her mother not to let the truth come out or she will end up like Charlie.

TC, Eve, Julian, and Rebecca arrive in LA, and go searching for Whitney and Gwen at the hospital. They find Whitney' room, but she's nowhere to be found. Gwen approaches them and breaks down in front of them about her losing her own baby. TC and Eve share their deepest sympathy, and ask Gwen if she knows the whereabouts of their daughter. Gwen informs them that Theresa and Whitney went to help Ethan, Chad, and Fox against Puff Dog and his men, and Chad's wife Latoya was the one who shot Whitney. A furious TC blames Eve for Whitney's situation, and threatens to kill Chad when he gets his hands on him. Julian finds out where Puff Dog and his men live, and they all decide to go there to help their kids. Rebecca asks Julian to stay with her and her daughter, but Julian refuses, he wants to go with them because his son is involved. Rebecca doesn't believe him; but she stays behind to comfort her daughter. Gwen breaks down in front of her mother again, and informs her that this is all Theresa's fault; she caught Theresa and Ethan together. An out of control Gwen tells her mother she no longer wants anything to do with Ethan, Rebecca smacks her daughter. Rebecca encourages her daughter not to give up on Ethan or to let Theresa win, and she will not give up on Julian without a fight either. Rebecca tells Gwen that Julian is involved with Eve. A shocked Gwen tells her mother that's impossible, and even if they were, TC would kill Julian. Rebecca swears she will find out the truth and be the first one to hand Julian over to TC.

Thursday, November 6, 2003

As usual, Tabitha and Kay are arguing over the bad things happening to everyone, as they watch through Tabitha's bowl.

We watch as Sheridan rushes over to Luis, insisting he save their baby. Luis says it's up to them now to save the baby, and starts towards the water. Sam stops him, as Hank says he'll die. Luis says he has to save his baby. Antonio walks up, saying he's glad he came down here to see exactly what's going on down here!! Luis tries to explain, and Antonio stops him, saying he can finally understand what they meant on the news about how dangerous the water is... Luis dives into the water.

In Los Angeles, Whitney won't leave with Chad when he insists they stay elsewhere besides the Crane apartment. Chad is through with Fox. Ethan berates Fox for his actions, as the girls take turns defending Fox for saving their lives. Chad insists that Fox put Whitney in greater danger, Whitney tells Chad she might go back to Harmony. Chad keeps arguing with Whitney, and Fox is laughing, which angers Chad even more. Fox explains that Latoya will be spending a lot of time in jail, as he pulls out Puff-Dog's gun, as evidence to give the police. Ethan and Chad both apologize, but then Chad remembers Fox bargained away Syd to Puff-Dog, and Chad is furious about that as well. Fox points to Whitney and says Chad had to pay the price. Syd was there only way out.

Meanwhile, Ivy and Grace are arguing, seemingly that Grace is winning the argument, when Ivy informs Grace that it was her fault that her marriage has problems, not being able to decide between Sam and David. Grace kicks Ivy out of her house that instant, with a storm on the way. Ivy goes straight to Sam. Sam is waiting, hoping Luis will make it out of the water. Sheridan overhears the divers saying Luis is sure to die, and Antonio listens as Sheridan screams out, "No! Not Luis! I can't lose him too, I love him too much!" Antonio has to have heard right this time.

Friday, November 7, 2003

David continues to feel guilty about tricking Grace. Precious, Beth and Sheridan all fear the worst when Luis fails to resurface at the crash site. Meanwhile, a suspicious Antonio wonders if his wife and his brother could be even closer than he believed. Despite the danger involved, Sam and Hank decide to dive into the water to search for Luis and the accident victims. Fox is secretly pleased when Whitney leaps to his defense and angrily takes Chad to task for prizing Syd's recording contract over his friends' lives. Edna tries to comfort Precious by reassuring the orangutan that Luis will survive and bring both of Sheridan's kidnappers to justice. On the bridge, John unwittingly thwarts Beth's attempt to rid herself of Sheridan once and for all. Antonio and David join the search beneath the icy water. After pulling his brother to shore, Antonio watches Sheridan weep with worry as the paramedics struggle to resuscitate Luis. Appalled by her fianc?'s actions, Whitney turns a cold shoulder to Chad.

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