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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of November 10, 2003 on B&B
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Monday, November 10, 2003

Deacon wants Bridget on board with his new fashion house, but she emphatically tells him no. Deacon wants her to know that he's trying to make something of his life. He admits to Bridget how sorry he is for everything he put her through and adds that Ozzy is not the kind of man she needs. Ridge tries to calm Brooke, who is distraught, as she is about to confess to him the truth. Nick interrupts, wondering if he's too late. Ridge explains that Brooke is carrying a lot of guilt round over what happened to him in the foundry. Left alone for a minute, Nick points out that if she tells Ridge now, it will tear their family apart. He explains to her about the test, insisting that if the baby is Ridge's, he'll never have to know about what happened between them. Ridge returns and wonders what's going on. Ridge hopes Nick will find someone to love as much as he loves Brooke. Amber vamps, trying to convince Ozzy that he's wasting his time with Amber.

Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Darla and Stephanie tell Sally she's out of control. They tell her she shouldn't have revealed Brooke's pregnancy. Sally won't apologize and blames Brooke for making Macy's life miserable. Darla and Stephanie invite her to come to Darla's doctor appointment. Sally agrees. Darla sits on the examination table in a hospital gown. Sally paces nervously, bitterly complaining about Brooke's pregnancy. Dr. Paxson enters and tells Darla that everything's on schedule, as soon as the glucose test gets back, she's free to leave, then exits. Sally curses Brooke. Nick despairs that Brooke could be carrying his child. He tells Jackie he has to find out the truth. Jackie invites Nick to come with her to find the answer. Nick and Jackie are at the doctor's office. Nick emphasizes that he doesn't want the baby to be his. Jackie presses him. She says that the woman he loves may be carrying his baby, which might be good. While waiting for Dr. Paxson, Sally hears Jackie's voice. Nick and Jackie talk to Dr. Paxson about the paternity test. Sally is surprised by what she just heard. Jackie, Nick and Dr. Paxson talk about the test. Sally is intrigued by the fact that it is a friend of Nick's who is pregnant. Cut back to Nick who asks if the test is accurate even if the two men are brothers. Sally realizes the situation and relishes the sudden blackmail she has over Brooke. Samantha tells Ridge she has a gift for him, a child's rocking chair. Samantha takes Ridge's hand and tells him that she's happy for him. Ridge wishes Samantha the same happiness. Samantha stares at him and guilelessly says she wants exactly what Brooke has. Ridge teases Samantha that she wants to settle down. He offers to help, suggesting she go out with Nick. Samantha mocks Nick and says he won't give her the time of day. Ridge says that Nick was distracted by Brooke. Stephanie and Ridge talk about Sally's inability to forgive Brooke. Stephanie warns Ridge that Sally could be dangerous. Ridge doesn't think Sally can touch them.

Wednesday, November 12, 2003

by Anna

Sally and Darla go over what Sally heard and conclude that Brooke must have slept with Nick when she thought Ridge was dead, and now Brooke isn't sure which man is her baby's father. Sally realizes that she knows a secret that could destroy Brooke's life, and that she could blackmail Brooke into giving her back her company. She assures Darla that she'll get all the proof she needs and in the process, she'll get her vengeance for Macy. Nick explains to Brooke about the test. Ridge spots the pamphlet and wonders what's going on. When Nick is gone, Ridge tells Brooke about all the ways he plans to pamper her. They lock the office door, sink to the floor and make love. Ridge leaves and Brooke is dressing when Sally lets herself into Brooke's office. Sally assures Brooke that she should be more careful with her secrets and confronts Brooke about sleeping with Nick.

Thursday, November 13, 2003

Sally told Brooke that she is aware that she could be carrying Nick's baby, not Ridge's. Brooke was surprised and unnerved that Sally knew about her and Nick. Sally threatened to tell Ridge that Brooke slept with Nick when they thought Ridge was dead. Sally also mentioned that she is determined to get her company back.

Meanwhile, Samantha put on one of Ridge's designs so he could make adjustments to it. Ridge flirted with Samantha while he worked. Samantha wondered if Brooke knows how lucky she really is to be married to Ridge. After Samantha left, Clark told Ridge that Samantha's feelings for Ridge are still very obvious. Ridge acknowledged that Samantha loves him, but that she is aware that Ridge is totally in love with Brooke.

At Forrester Creations, Eric told Thorne that he is planning to somehow obtain Deacon's two percent stock in Forrester Creations. Eric was concerned that Deacon voted him in as CEO, hence Deacon could vote him out once again. Bridget informed Eric and Thorne that Deacon and Sally are opening up a new fashion house. Eric warned Bridget about getting too close to Deacon. Bridget reminded Eric that Deacon's vote is the one that made him CEO once again. Bridget also reminded Eric that Deacon is trying to be a good father to Eric and a good son-in-law to Sally.

Friday, November 14, 2003

by CBS

Nick is shocked when Brooke informs him that Sally knows they slept together and she's threatening to tell Ridge. Nick thinks Brooke should give Sally her company back, but Brooke refuses. She decides that if Ridge has to find out the truth, he's going to hear it from her tonight. She would rather risk losing him than live in a marriage that's built on a lie. Stephanie surprises Ridge by offering to throw Brooke a baby shower. Ridge is pleased, but adds that having Stephanie accept Brooke into the family is the best present Stephanie could have given her. Deacon is skeptical about Eric's request to meet with him. Bridget assures them it's because Deacon helped Eric become CEO again and he feels that he owes Deacon. With Bridget's encouragement, Deacon finally agrees to go. Eric wants Jonathan's help in getting Deacon's two percent of the company back. He wants to make Deacon's new fashion house a subsidiary of Forrester in exchange for his voting interest in Forrester. Eric promises that by the time he's done with Deacon, he'll be out of their lives forever. Thorne thinks Eric is taking a huge risk, but Eric is determined to take Deacon down. Eric's attitude changes when Deacon arrives, and he turns on the charm.

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