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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of November 3, 2003 on GL
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Monday, November 3, 2003

At the fashion show, everyone seems to be wondering to where Marah ran, and they begin to chant her name. She eventually steps out onto the stage with Jonathan, known as Sandy, right behind her. Some reporters jump in and begin questioning Marah in regards to her relationship with Sandy (Jonathan). Marah tries to avoid all of their questions, but the reporters press for a picture of her and Sandy (Jonathan) together. She gives them one quick snap shot, but then she rushes out. Jonathan follows and tries to explain that he didn't mean to hurt anyone. He just came to town to learn about his mother, but he ended up staying because of Marah. Marah is disgusted at how sick and perverted it is in regards to her having had romantic feelings for her brother. She is even more disgusted that Sandy never told her that he was Jonathan and that they were related the second he knew that her feelings for him have changed. She tells him that she thought Tony made her feel bad about herself, and continues to explain that he just made her feel a million times worse. Marah wonders why he waited until tonight to tell her the news. He explains that he wanted to wait until after the show because it was so important to her. He continues to explain that he was just going to skip town, but Reva stopped him. Marah instantly gets upset when she learns that her mother knew this too and didn't tell her. Reva is in the background and has overheard Marah express her disappointment toward her mother. Jonathan tries to explain that he made her wait because of the show. Marah runs out on both of them and sarcastically welcomes Jonathan to the family. Jonathan tells Reva to go after Marah.

Backstage, Michelle finds a chair that was in her home. A note from the mysterious woman was attached for Michelle telling her that this chair doesn't belong in her home due to the fact that her family and friends are mistreating it. She tells her in the note that it is better suited in an abandoned building.

Josh begins to question Reva about Marah because he sensed that something was wrong with her after the show. When Bill interrupts, Reva skips out on the conversation. Bill explains to Josh that he is on his way to the office tonight. Josh, feeling like he has been taking advantage of Bill since he hasn't been in the office lately, explains that he has hired someone to fill a position a step above Bill to help out. Bill is upset that he wasn't given the position since he knows his way around the business.

Josh and Jonathan run into one another, and Josh questions him about why Marah was upset tonight. Jonathan tells him that he has something to tell him, and it starts with an apology. He tells Josh that he lied to his entire family and begins to explain. Jonathan asks for Josh's understanding. Josh tells him that Reva may be more understanding about this, but because he is not his son, he doesn't have to understand.

Back at the museum, Marina and Shayne begin physical therapy, but it is interrupted when Reva shows up looking for Marah. Since Marah isn't there, Reva decides that now is the time to explain Jonathan to Shayne. She tells him that Jonathan has been living in Springfield, and continues to explain that Sandy is Jonathan. Shayne says a word: "How?" Reva is excited that Shayne is able to talk, but Shayne wants her to tell him more about Jonathan. She continues to tell Shayne that she asked Jonathan to stay and hopes that he understands.

Outside the fashion show, it appears as though Nico has been stabbed. He's bent over, holding his stomach, which appears to be bleeding. Danny steps outside, but Nico's back is turned towards Danny and he is unaware of Nico's condition. Danny begins to make telephone calls on his cell. After his call, he tries to invite Nico to a celebration dinner. Danny begins to head back in to find Michelle, but he runs into Tony on the way. Danny instantly tries to involve Tony in his business plans. Tony says that he will be staying in town, but he has his own plans. Danny begins to look around for Nico to introduce him to Tony but finds him passed out on the floor. Tony calls for an ambulance, and before long, they arrive. Michelle finds them, and offers to ride along in the ambulance to assist the paramedics. Tony offers to stick around and try to find out who did this and wants to do it his way. Danny accepts and heads off to the hospital himself.

Tuesday, November 4, 2003

An angry Josh accuses Sandy of getting close to him and Marah in an attempt to hurt them. Sandy tells Josh an emotional story about a previous time that he visited Springfield to meet Reva, and it touches him. Eden encourages Marah to develop a relationship with Sandy, but she's determined to throw herself into her design career. Josh comforts Marah, and admits that his resentment of the troubles with Reva and his raising Marah and Shayne on his own has come back after seeing Jonathan. Later, Marah closes the door in Sandy's face.

Danny and Tony pay a visit to the thugs who knifed Nico. Danny aggressively moves toward Blade/Luis, but Tony tells him to step back. Tony lets the thugs go but makes it clear that if anything happens to Nico they will pay. Tony informs Danny he has plans that don't include him. He bought a horse ranch, where he plans to live the simple life. Eden is shocked that Tony has returned to town. He makes it clear to Eden that he is interested in being with her.

Reva speaks with Cassie about Jonathan. She reveals that she always wanted to make Jonathan a part of her life; what she never imagined was the price her family would pay to include him. Edmund hears about Jonathan being in Springfield and the guilt over his past misdeeds resurfaces. Cassie tells Reva and Edmund that Jonathan won't care about what anybody did if they love him enough now. Edmund insists that Jonathan needs to know that if Reva hadn't hidden Jonathan from him, he would be dead. Reva is surprised to find that Josh knows the truth about Sandy, and he vows to support her.

Wednesday, November 5, 2003

Eden is dreaming that she is making love to Tony but is interrupted when Bill comes home and begins kissing her. Eden doesn't seem to be sexually interested in Bill right now. Bill thinks that she may be mad at him because he pulled an all-nighter at the office. Eden changes the subject, and tells Bill the news about Sandy being Jonathan. Eden then mentions that Tony is back, and it is probably good timing for Marah. She begins talking to Bill about trying to get Marah and Tony back together. Bill wants her to stay out of it. Eden begins to seduce Bill. Later, Eden wants to talk to Bill about Josh's business decision. Eden understands that Bill had a sense of power with all the big shots out of the office, and now it is being taken away. Bill thinks that the position should have been given to him. Eden tells Bill to take charge of the situation and do what he thinks is right. She tells him to talk to Billy about it because he has a way with Josh. Eden suggests to Bill that they need to find a way to keep Josh out of the planned meeting today. She continues to tell him that during the meeting, he should find a charming way to make the new employee feel unwelcome.

At the Spaulding mansion, Phillip is yelling at his private investigator's office in regards to their lack of informing him of their daily findings. Alan question Phillip about the pressure he is under and asks that maybe he take some time off work for a while. Later, Alan meets Gus and Harley, and he asks them to talk to Phillip. Not much later, Harley and Gus coincidentally run into Phillip and pretend they want to talk about their son. Phillip instantly gets defensive and assumes they did not hunt him down to talk about their son. Harley then begins to question whether he has heard from Olivia. Phillip tells her that he hasn't heard from her and assumes that she has already had his baby. Phillip doesn't seem to be in the mood for chitchat, and he quickly heads into another direction. A moment later, Phillip runs into Lizzie. She was looking for him so that she could show him that her name was in the morning paper. Lizzie instantly notices how sad her father looks, and she begins to question him about that. Phillip gives her a tight hug. Phillip finds some comfort in his daughter. Phillip is looking at Lizzie in a different light now and assumes that she is doing better, but later Lizzie intercepts a call for Phillip from his Private Investigator.

Gus and Alan have a private conversation later about what he thought after having talked to Phillip. Gus tells him that he needs to just stay out of Phillip's business because it may just make things worse. Alan and Gus begin talking about a case that he has been working on with Harley. Gus has enjoyed the opportunity to work with her again and has missed that. Alan offers to help Gus in spending more time with Harley and then hires Harley.

Edmund has a lot on his mind this morning and insists that he go talk to Jonathan. Edmund knows that he is the only reason Reva had to give Jonathan up, and he is having a hard time with Jonathan blaming Reva. Therefore, he is going to talk to Jonathan himself. Edmund is expressing a lot of guilt over what he has done. Cassie tells him that confessing won't make things better. Edmund begs her not to stop him from talking to Jonathan.

Tammy interrupts their conversation and asks if she can meet Joey. She and Joey want to audition for a play. It sounds as though she is only trying out for a part so that someone else won't get a love scene with her boyfriend. She doesn't seem to be as interested in the play - "Romeo and Juliet." She doesn't quite understand the language. Edmund jumps in and helps her understand a line in the play that she had previously mocked. She begins to look at the play in another light. Cassie instantly invites Edmund to help her with the play, and he accepts. Before they begin practicing lines, Edmund decides to tell the Romeo and Juliet story in his own words which helps Tammy to understand and to gain a great deal of interest into the storyline. Before Tammy leaves to meet Joey, she thanks Edmund and tells him that if she gets the part, it will be because of him. Tammy meets Joey, and they end up arguing because Joey doesn't perceive the play in the manner that Tammy now does.

Thursday, November 6, 2003

Lizzie intercepts a telephone call from the Private Investigator while Phillip steps out of the room. It sounds as though they have found Olivia. The Investigator doesn't want to give Lizzie that information but asks for Lizzie to have her father call them back. When Phillip re-enters the room, Lizzie purposely doesn't tell him. Moments later, Christopher shows up to begin their regular session. Christopher begins to talk about how people are beginning to trust her again. Once he starts to discuss this topic, Lizzie suddenly has a stomachache and wants to know whether they can finish their session another time. Christopher tells her that would be fine, and maybe they can discuss at that time, why her stomachache began once he started to discuss people trusting her. Once Lizzie leaves the room, Christopher wants to have a private discussion with Phillip. Phillip assumes that it is about Lizzie, but Christopher informs him that it is about him. Lizzie is listening in from the hallway while Christopher is talking to Phillip about the distraction he is reading from him. Phillip tells him that the distraction may be because he has a daughter out there that is due to be born any day, and he doesn't know where the mother is, and the private investigator isn't doing his job. Later, as Phillip is sitting at the table reading the paper, Lizzie enters the room. Phillip looks at her and sees the grown daughter that he had with Olivia. He tells Lizzie to please not go because he wants to know so much about her and explains that her mother wouldn't allow him to see her when she was little. Lizzie gets Phillip to come back around and he apologizes to her. Lizzie then tells Phillip about the phone call from earlier when she got a call from the private investigator. Phillip hugs her and tells her that this is great news. Phillip instantly gets on the telephone in hopes that Olivia is on her way home.

Bill shows up at Danny's for a business meeting. Danny asks about the new employee in charge at Lewis Construction. Danny doesn't seem to understand why Josh needed to hire someone else to oversee the project since things seem to be going so well as they are. Once the new employee, Buddy Carroll, arrives, the meeting begins. Bill is constantly interrupting him and putting his ideas for Fifth Street down. After the meeting, Michelle and Danny are discussing Bill's need to mark his territory with Buddy Carroll. Their conversation is interrupted when Michelle realizes that a chair has once again been moved.

Jeffrey is walking a woman out the door, but she has to go back in his room for her bag that she left behind. As she is in Jeffrey's room, Beth shows up and surprises Jeffrey. Beth starts to unbutton Jeffrey's shirt, but he claims that he has something to do. As he is pushing her away, the woman walks out of Jeffrey's room mentioning as she is walking out that she found her bag between the sheets. Beth jokingly introduces herself as the woman in Jeffrey's life on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Beth rushes off, and Jeffrey chases after her. When Jeffrey catches up to her, he tells her that she is blowing things out of proportion, because they are not exclusive. Beth slaps him across the face. Beth tells him that when she is with him, he makes her feel that she is the only person in his world. Jeffrey tells her that she doesn't have to give that up. The spontaneity is something they both like. Beth tells him that she has been through way too much to invest into something that she doesn't get in return. Cassie notices Beth running out and approaches Jeffrey wondering what he did to her. Jeffrey doesn't seem to understand that what he did was wrong, and thinks that he shouldn't have been honest with Beth about the other woman. Jeffrey begins to drink one beverage after another talking about relationships in general.

At Company, Buzz and Ed are talking about October 17th again. Ed wants to know whether Buzz went to the gravesite. Buzz tells him that he did. Ed reminds Buzz that it is his turn to take care of the grounds.

At Company, Shayne, Marina, and Remy are having lunch. Jonathan walks in and they invite him over to their table. Jonathan apologizes to Shayne for the way he handled things. He asks Shayne if when things settle down, they can start over again and get to know one another better. It looks like things are going to work out fine between Shayne and Jonathan. Jonathan hopes that Marah will give him a second chance as well. He tells Shayne not to put himself in the middle of this because he needs to concentrate on getting better. Shayne tells Jonathan "Good Luck!"

After Jonathan leaves, he runs into Edmund out on the porch. Jonathan tells him that he knows who he is. Jonathan introduces himself as the Black Sheep. Edmund tells him the Black Sheep title is already spoken for. Jonathan begins to discuss his newfound family. He tells Edmund that Josh has been good to him from the day they met. He and Shayne are trying to develop a friendship, but Marah can't get past what he has done. Edmund questions his relationship with Reva and tells Jonathan that Reva is a remarkable woman. He tells Edmund that getting over Reva abandoning him is hard. Edmund tells him that he doesn't know the whole story. Edmund begins to explain that when Reva and Richard had a baby they had to make the unspeakable sacrifice to protect him from Richard's brother, which would be him. Edmund explains that he carried around a lot of anger during the time that Jonathan was born. He wanted the throne and felt that Jonathan stood between him and the throne. He tells him that Reva gave him up because the most important thing to her was his safety. Edmund tells Jonathan if he is looking for a place to cast blame, there is no need to look further. Jonathan tells him that he is too confused right now to even care. Edmund tells him that now is not a time to be stupid, and continues to explain that he wasted so much time being bitter and he regrets every bit of it. He tells him to let go of the anger and be the kind of man his father would have wanted him to be.

Friday, November 7, 2003

It's a busy day for Reva. Her day begins with Alan inviting himself to her table at Company. He knows about Sandy and, seeing how he thinks they're kindred spirits, he's come to give her advice on how to handle the situation. Bottom line, don't push Sandy, let him come to her. Reva is amused but appreciative of the new warm and fuzzy Alan.

Josh starts his day in the Beacon's bar. He's getting ready to check out of the Beacon and return home to Reva (unbeknownst to her). Billy arrives and is displeased that, once again, Josh is the one doing all the reaching out. He clearly thinks that Reva is leading Josh around by the nose, as she has all her life. Josh refuses to take Billy's advice and points out that the last time he did, he put flowers on someone's grave. The mystery surrounding Billy, Josh, Alan, Buzz and Ed's relation to the mystery grave deepens.

Fresh off her talk with Alan, Reva runs into a distraught Sandy. He feels terrible about Marah and awkward around Reva. Reva tries to give Sandy distance per Alan's advice, but she does end up giving him a key to her house. Every kid should have a key to his-or-her parents' house.

Meanwhile, Shayne surprises Marina by speaking a whole sentence. The two grow even closer.

Alan and Gus pull one over on Harley. Her surveillance job for Alan was really a ruse for Gus to orchestrate a romantic evening for them at a boutique inn. She's initially irked that he resorted to trickery, but the gourmet meal, champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries that he's arranged for get to her. They settle in for the night.

Reva arrives at the museum to talk with Marah. Reva needs Marah to forgive Sandy so they can all move on. But, like mother like daughter, Marah needs time to pass before she can dispense forgiveness.

Fast on Reva's heels comes Sandy. He, too, needs to talk with Marah. He needs forgiveness, she needs time, etc. Sandy gives Marah The Mole puppet, stating that The Mole could always find the words that he, Sandy, never could.

Reva seeks out Josh at the Beacon. At first they bond, commiserating over the family's situation. However, Reva takes a phone call from Christopher, and it's clear to Josh that Reva told Christopher the news about Sandy before she told him. Josh is hurt that Reva would do such a thing, while she becomes angry that Josh doesn't understand why she sought out an impartial, confidential third-party (Christopher) to discuss the situation. She also points out that Sandy wanted to break the news to the Marah and Josh himself. The two part on a bitter note, and Josh arranges to continue his stay at the Beacon.

Marah goes to meet the winning bidder of a Marah Lewis original. To her shock, she discovers that it's Tony. Meanwhile, Marina has a ghostly encounter with Carrie at Company. Carrie's parting words leaves us with the impression that heartbreak is around the corner for Marina.

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