Port Charles Recaps: The week of June 23, 2003 on PC

Caleb told Ian that Lucy would need a transfusion from an angel in order to live. Casey was called back to heaven after making love to Ricky, ruining Lucy's chances of survival. Alison believed she had killed Rafe after being brainwashed to see him as Joshua, but Caleb and Livvie saved Rafe. Karen was hit by a car and died.
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Port Charles Recaps: The week of June 23, 2003 on PC
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Monday, June23, 2003

At Lucy's Place, Ian comes in the room just as Lucy appears to once again be talking to an imaginary friend. Lucy asks Ian to help her make a farewell video for her loved ones. When Ian went for the camera, Lucy again addresses her unseen friend and admits that she can NOT see the face of her mysterious visitor. When Ian returns, he helps Lucy tape an emotional farewell for her loved ones. Later, Lucy asks Ian to give her some private time alone and Ian went out for a walk. But, while Ian is away from the house, Lucy tapes a farewell message for Ian as well.

At Joshua's Mansion, Jamal asks Joshua WHY Joshua sent Jamal on a wild goose chase to find Rafe when Joshua KNEW that Alison had returned to Rafe! Joshua complains that Alison was too high maintenance and Joshua had suddenly decided that the heiress was NOT worth the trouble. But Joshua hints that there is MORE to the story between Joshua and Alison beside the fact that Alison has momentarily reunited with Rafe. However, when Jamal probes for more of an answer, Joshua just orders Jamal to get out. Then Joshua hints that, in a few days, everything will become crystal clear to Jamal. Meanwhile, at the barn, as Rafe and Alison happily plan a picnic, Alison opens up Rafe's bag and becomes transfixed by the sight of Rafe's slayer gun inside. When Rafe realizes that Alison has picked up the gun and is pointing it at him, Rafe suggests that perhaps he should teach Alison how to use the gun. As Rafe demonstrates for Alison HOW to use the gun, Jamal suddenly enters and the gun accidentally discharges. Jamal is unnerved by the sight of Alison with a smoking gun in her hands. Jamal reports that he is suspicious of Joshua's motives for letting Alison go and Alison warns Jamal that JAMAL is the one who needs to be wary of Joshua. Jamal assures Rafe that Joshua does NOT suspect Jamal of being in league with Rafe and Alison. Rafe announces that he needs to get Lucy's input on the situation and went outside to get his phone. However, after Rafe leaves, Alison's wrist alarm suddenly went off and Alison angrily orders Jamal NOT to touch her when Jamal suggests that Alison should turn the alarm off! When Jamal asks WHY Alison is so touchy about the watch, Alison claims the alarm was to remind her to call her mother. Rafe soon returns and reports that he was unable to contact Lucy. After Jamal leaves the barn, Rafe is surprised when Alison declares that she has a special place she wants to show to Rafe and hustles Rafe out of the barn. In the meantime, Joshua checks his watch and declares: "Enjoy yourself, slayer! Your time is running out!"

At Caleb's apartment, Caleb blasts Livvie for being obsessed about Alison interfering in their relationship at the same time that their enemies are growing stronger every day and Caleb needs to stay focused on the primary objective ~ which is to defeat Joshua! Livvie admits that she does NOT know why she is so jealous of Alison. When Livvie asks Caleb that, if Livvie were to accidentally make Alison disappear forever, would Caleb still love her ~ Caleb assures Livvie that nothing could ever stop him from wanting her, and they hit the sheets. Afterward, Caleb and Livvie go to Club Elixir, where they happen to run into Ian. Ian asks if Caleb knows anything about the healing spring that would help save Lucy's life. But Caleb declares that the only thing he knows is that the spring healed vampires and that, while Caleb suspected the spring would have SOME kind of effect on slayers, Caleb never knew exactly what that affect would be. Caleb assures Ian that, IF Caleb could do anything to help Lucy, he would ~ but Caleb knows nothing that would help. However, after Ian leaves, Caleb admits to Livvie that Lucy is still a slayer and, even though Caleb actually likes Lucy, he would not really want to help her!

Tuesday, June24, 2003

As Rafe and Alison enjoy a picnic in the woods, Alison's watch alarm suddenly went off and Rafe asks WHY her alarm keeps going off. But, when Alison looks at Rafe, she suddenly sees Joshua again, reassuring her that she set the watch to go off on the hike. Alison gets out some scented massage oil and announces to Rafe that she has a special surprise for him and the alarm was to remind her to give Rafe a massage. However, as Alison rubs Rafe's back, he suddenly turns around and kisses her. But, when Alison kisses Rafe, she suddenly believes that she is kissing Joshua and pulls away in fear. When Rafe tries to find out what is wrong, Alison orders Rafe NOT to touch her!

Outside Club Elixir, Elizabeth waylays Karen and blasts Dr. Wexler for kissing Kevin when Karen was supposed to be treating Kevin's drug addiction. Karen tries to explain that she and Kevin just have a special bond because they have gone through similar experiences, but Elizabeth refuses to listen. Elizabeth accuses the doctor of stealing the only person in Elizabeth's life whom Elizabeth had come to believe that she could trust implicitly! Karen angrily reminds Elizabeth that Elizabeth needs to learn how to think more about what KEVIN needs than about what Elizabeth needs! As the two women argue, Frank lurks in a nearby shadowy corner. Elizabeth accuses Karen of taking advantage of Kevin's drug addiction by making Kevin believe that Karen is the only person in the world that Kevin can really depend upon. Karen counters by advising Elizabeth to just stand by Kevin if Kevin's feelings truly mean anything to Elizabeth! Karen finally walks away from Elizabeth in disgust, and Frank silently slips out of the shadows and follows Karen.

Inside Club Elixir, Caleb confesses to Livvie that there IS a cure for Lucy's Mystery Illness, but Caleb has NO intention of telling Ian about it. Livvie is thrilled at the prospect that Lucy will soon be out of Livvie's life for good and even more thrilled that her lover appears to be regaining that old, blood-thirsty edge Livvie loves so much! When Caleb continues worrying that the Power Ring is still in Joshua's possession, Livvie assures Caleb that they will have the ring back soon enough and then points out that, with Lucy gone and Rafe forbidden to do any permanent damage to Caleb, Caleb will soon be invincible! When Livvie excuses herself momentarily to visit the powder room, Caleb flashes back to Ian's desperate plea for Caleb's help in saving Lucy's life. When Livvie returns to their table later, she is surprised to find Caleb gone!

At Lucy's Place, as Lucy tearfully finishes her video message to Ian, she realizes she is having difficulty breathing and, after addressing the video to Ian, Lucy collapses on the couch. Meanwhile, outside the Club Elixir, Ian expresses his disappointment that Caleb had NO answers about Lucy's Mystery Malady and implores heaven to take pity on Lucy. Then Ian heads home. When Ian returns home, he finds Lucy asleep on the couch. Lucy asks Ian to hold her and, when Lucy drifts off to sleep again, Ian finds the videotaped message Lucy made and plays it back. As Ian tearfully listens to Lucy reminding Ian that she will be fighting for Ian to regain his life, even from the great beyond, a dejected Ian confesses that he has failed Lucy! Ian is interrupted by a knock at the door and is surprised to find Caleb standing there. Once inside, Caleb informs Ian that, IF Ian wants to save Lucy's life, Lucy will need a transfusion from an angel!

Meanwhile, Ricky is surprised when Casey suddenly arrives at his door. After Casey blasts Ricky for even considering going along with any of Joshua's dirty tricks, Casey suddenly declares that she now loves Ricky more than she ever has! Ricky is shocked when Casey confesses that Ricky's decision NOT to go through with any of Joshua's plan made Casey realize just how much she truly loves Ricky. Ricky reminds his angel that, IF they hit the sheets, Casey might end up being called back to the Here-After for good. But they begin kissing passionately any way and eventually head for the bedroom.

Wednesday, June25, 2003

When Karen returns home, she is surprised to find Kevin writing a farewell note for her. Kevin announces that he believes it is time for Kevin to return to the Light House and begin trying to make amends to the loved ones he has hurt while strung out on Joshua's drugs. Karen reluctantly agrees that Kevin might be right. Karen puts in a good word for Elizabeth and Kevin asks about Karen's relationship with Frank. Karen replies that, while saving people is what matters most to Karen, Frank's top priority has become Frank's need to dominate people. When Karen confides to Kevin that Frank now scares her, Kevin gives Karen a comforting hug. At the same time, Frank peers in at the window. Kevin thanks Karen for being the ONLY person in town who believed that Kevin could ever get his life back on the right track again. Karen declares that she is ready for a fresh start with her life as well ~ which means NO romantic entanglements for a while! Kevin and Karen share another hug and, before Kevin leaves, he promises to call Karen every hour and report on his progress. After Kevin leaves, Karen looks up and is horrified when she realizes that Frank has let himself into the house! When Karen tries to telephone for help, Frank takes the phone away from her. When Karen told Frank that they can NOT salvage their relationship any more, Frank protests that Frank knows a way for the two of them to be together ~ forever!

At Lucy's Place, a jubilant Ian announces to a sleeping Lucy that he is going to find Angel Casey to arrange an emergency transfusion for Lucy! After Ian leaves, a dreaming Lucy remembers some of the significant events of her life, including her marriage to Kevin. Meanwhile, at Ricky's Place, after Ricky and Casey hit the sheets, Ricky continues to worry that giving in to their instincts will cause Casey to be recalled to the Here-After. Casey reassures Ricky that, even IF she is called back, Ricky should remember that Casey will ALWAYS be looking after him! As Ricky and Casey wonder if they have somehow escaped a divine reprimand, Casey hears a clap of thunder and, after giving Ricky one last kiss, Casey disappears! Moments later, Ian bangs on the door and is devastated when Ricky reports that Casey is gone for good because the angel has been called back to the Here-After. Ian declares that Casey was their only hope and now, all hope for saving Lucy is gone! After a dejected Ian leaves, Ricky listens to the song he wrote with Marissa about Casey. When Ian returns to Lucy's Place, he finds Christina trying to rouse an unconscious Lucy!

In the woods, Alison panics when she sees the image of Joshua as she begins to kiss Rafe! As Alison strikes out hysterically, Rafe tries to calm her and Alison finally sees Rafe again. As Alison tearfully clings to Rafe, Alison explains about seeing the vision of Joshua when she kissed Rafe. Rafe asks Alison if Joshua did anything to hurt Alison while Alison was in Joshua's clutches. But Alison insists that Joshua made no moves on her while she was in Joshua's Mansion. Rafe cautions Alison that it will probably take a while to erase the memories of being held captive by Joshua. Alison finally calms down and Rafe and Alison begin to talk about their future plans. But, when Alison kisses Rafe again, her watch alarm went off and Alison announces that: "It is time!" When Alison looks up, she again sees Joshua instead of Rafe. As Rafe tries to convince Alison to turn the alarm off, Alison refuses. When Rafe reaches for the watch in order to turn it off himself, Alison jumps back and angrily warns Rafe to stay away! As Rafe continues to try to stop the alarm, Alison suddenly grabs a knife from the picnic basket and begins to stab at Rafe, warning him never to touch her again. As Rafe loses consciousness, Alison runs away into the woods.

Thursday, June26, 2003

At Karen's Place, Frank pleads with Karen to remember the love they shared, but Karen admits that she no longer feels safe with Frank and believes that Frank is threatening her. Karen points out that Frank COULD be fighting the curse, the way Ian has been fighting it. But Frank persists in his conviction that, once Karen samples the powers of the Undead, Karen will understand WHY Frank could NEVER willingly give up his new 'lifestyle!" Frank accuses Karen of becoming involved with Kevin while treating him, but Karen insists there was no more than one kiss between Karen and Kevin. Frank suggests that the two of them could go somewhere else and start a new life together. But Karen bluntly informs Frank that there could be NO more fresh starts for them, so long as Frank embraces his life among the undead! However, Frank persists in his efforts to convince Karen that there is NOTHING wrong with life on the dark side! Frank comes after Karen with his fangs bared, promising that Karen will soon be reborn into a life of incredible power and heightened passions. But Karen suddenly grabs the fireplace poker and hits Frank over the head, then runs out of the house. When Frank starts after Karen, he knocks over a table and pictures of Frank and Karen during happier times spill out onto the floor. Frank stops to look sadly at the pictures and admits to being appalled by his recent behavior. Meanwhile, Karen runs into the street, yelling for help. But Karen falls when she twists her ankle. As Karen tries to get up, a speeding car suddenly comes around the corner and heads directly toward Karen!

Christina calls Kevin at the Light House and reports that she found Lucy unconscious on the couch. Meanwhile, Ian rushes Lucy to the Hospital. But, when Ian demands that CHRIS save Lucy, Chris points out that Lucy signed a DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) order. Ian demands that Chris ignore the directive. Ian insists that Lucy has been hallucinating and must not have been rational when she signed the DNR. As Chris finally agrees to make the attempt to save Lucy, Kevin arrives and demands to know what is going on with his wife! Ian tries to order Kevin out of the ER, but Kevin looks at Lucy's chart and realizes that Lucy's system has been taken over by a toxin! Declaring that it is impossible to reverse the progress of the poison, Kevin realizes that Chris is also in the room and guesses that, with Chris involved, Ian is probably risking some kind of dangerous experiment to save Lucy's life! Ian admits that they are waiting for a transfusion from an angel to save Lucy's life ~ because Caleb told Ian that a transfusion from an angel was what Lucy needed. Kevin angrily reminds Ian that NO ONE should trust Caleb and Kevin threatens to exercise his right as Lucy's husband to have Ian removed from Lucy's case. But Ian gets Kevin in a strangle-hold and Ian's eyes begin to turn red!

As Alison runs through the woods, she is shocked when she runs in to Joshua. Alison flashes back to her picnic with Rafe and confesses to Joshua that she believes she just stabbed Joshua. Joshua assures Alison that she MUST have had a bad dream! Meanwhile, Rafe lies bleeding in the woods. But, before Alison leaves the woods with Joshua, she realizes that the blood on her hands is real. Alison rushes back to the picnic spot, where she finds Rafe, bleeding and unconscious, in the woods. Joshua follows and persuades Alison that Rafe is dead and there is nothing more than anyone can do for him. Joshua urges Alison to flee with him, declaring that they need to leave the scene of the picnic before someone finds Rafe's body and accuses Alison of murder! Later, when Joshua and Alison return to Joshua's Mansion, Alison realizes that she just killed Rafe and breaks down in hysterical tears! As Joshua keeps urging Alison to realize that she MUST move on with her life, now that her lover is gone. Alison angrily accuses Joshua of doing something with her mind to confuse her into killing Rafe. Meanwhile, a silent, shadowy figure comes across Rafe's body in the woods. At the same time, Joshua tries to convince Alison that no one could have forced Alison to strike out at Rafe and kill him! Joshua insists to a heart-broken Alison that, deep down, Alison MUST have WANTED to kill Rafe! In the meantime, Caleb discovers Rafe's unconscious form in the woods and checks Rafe's vital signs!

Friday, June27, 2003

At Joshua's Mansion, as Alison accuses Joshua of tricking her into killing Rafe, Joshua insists that there must have been some part of Alison that WANTED Rafe gone! When Jamal suddenly arrives, Alison rushes into Jamal's arms and breaks into tears. As Alison tearfully confesses that she killed Rafe, Joshua orders Jamal to get Alison calmed down. Joshua leaves Jamal with instructions to get Alison to accept her responsibility for Rafe's death. After Joshua leaves, Alison begins explaining to Jamal that she suddenly saw Joshua's face every time she looked at Rafe and that Alison struck out at Joshua ~ only it was Rafe she was stabbing! Alison's watch alarm suddenly went off and Alison again begins to see Joshua instead of Jamal. Alison suddenly shifts gears, gets up, and calmly announces that it is time for tea, Alison begins fixing tea for Jamal. Jamal suddenly grabs Alison's watch and throws it away! As Jamal succeeds in getting Alison to recognize her surroundings, Jamal promises Alison that he will get her out of Joshua's clutches. However, as Jamal and Alison rush toward the door, they are met at the door by Joshua, Frank and some of Joshua's Undead Underlings. Admitting that he has been eavesdropping, Joshua pronounces Jamal a traitor and Joshua orders Frank to take Jamal out in the woods and get rid of him. Alison begs Joshua to let Jamal go, but Joshua informs Alison that her pleas are useless and that Jamal will soon be permanently dead. Joshua cruelly points out that Alison is now responsible for the deaths of the two men who loved her most in the world!

In the woods, as Rafe regains consciousness, Caleb gloats that he was right and Rafe was wrong when Caleb warned Rafe that Alison had been brainwashed by Joshua to eliminate some of Joshua's enemies. Rafe orders Caleb to leave and let him die in peace, but Caleb informs Rafe that Rafe is NOT dying! Caleb takes Rafe to his apartment and presses Livvie in to service as they stop the bleeding from Rafe's shoulder wound and begin bandaging Rafe up. When Livvie wonders WHY Caleb would bother saving the life of an ingrate like Rafe, Caleb reminds Livvie that, so long as Joshua has the Morley Family Power Ring, neither Caleb nor Livvie can attack Joshua! So, Rafe is their ONLY hope for defeating Joshua. Rafe informs Livvie that there is MORE to the story! Rafe explains that Caleb is afraid that, IF Rafe dies, Caleb will also be yanked back to the Here~After to finish out his sentence in Hades! But Caleb repeats that his ONLY priority is getting his family's heirloom ring back into his possession. Rafe staggers up and announces that he is leaving to rescue Alison. But Rafe collapses before he reaches the door. Caleb confides to Livvie: "You know ~ it is hard ~ always being right!" When Rafe regains consciousness again, Caleb and Livvie inform Rafe that he needs to rest so he can regain his strength if he plans to rescue Alison!

As Ricky arrives at the door to Karen's apartment, Ricky flashes back to kissing Casey just before the angel disappeared. When Ricky knocks at the door, Ricky glances over his shoulder and sees a battered Karen, walking toward him. As Ricky asks if he should take her to the Hospital, Karen assures Ricky that she is fine, then collapses in Ricky's arms. Meanwhile, at the Hospital, as Ian threatens to kill Kevin, CHRIS slips behind Kevin and tranquilizes the angry 'Doc!' As Kevin collapses, Chris and Ian put Kevin on a gurney and Chris orders Kevin taken up to the Isolation Ward. After Kevin leaves, Chris confesses that he tranquilized Kevin to prevent Ian from murdering Lucy's husband. However, Chris points out that Kevin was right about one thing: They do NOT really have much chance of finding an angel prepared to donate blood to save Lucy's life! Later, Elizabeth shows up in the Isolation Ward and accuses Kevin of planning to meet Karen there for some hanky panky. Kevin protests that he is NOT meeting Karen there and that he needs to get loose to get to Lucy, because Lucy is dying! Kevin begs Elizabeth to turn him loose so he can get to Lucy! Elizabeth at first refuses, but finally believes that Kevin is telling the truth when he claims that Lucy is dying. When Elizabeth finally agrees to release Kevin, Elizabeth follows Kevin as Kevin rushes to save Lucy! At the same time, Ricky brought the injured Karen to the Emergency Room and reports that she was hit by a car. Chris and Ian work desperately to save Karen, but are finally forced to give up and pronounce Karen dead. In an adjoining room, Lucy imagines herself running toward a white light. As Chris stays behind to say a final farewell to Karen in one room, Ian rushes to Lucy's side in the next room and is surprised that Lucy appears to be conscious! Lucy looks past Ian, and Karen suddenly appears beside Lucy, dressed all in white. Lucy says: "Karen? It has been you? It has been you the whole time? Oh, Karen! You are my angel ~ my angel!"

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