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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of June 23, 2003 on GL
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Monday, June 23, 2003

Cassie and Jeffrey (with no shirt on) were fighting over a towel when Edmund walked in. For a second, there was a pause and a "look" exchanged between Cassie and Jeffrey. Edmund was not happy with what he saw. Cassie explained to him that she fell asleep in the tub and it overflowed, leaking into Jeffrey's room. Cassie got on the phone to see if there was another room for Jeffrey because he was making himself comfortable on her bed. Edmund was looking pretty angry and Jeffrey told him, "Don't get your panties into a twist" and that he was not interested in his woman and told him that women don't like it when men are insecure and when he said, "Besides, she's not my type" Cassie heard that and spitted back, "YOUR NOT MY TYPE EITHER!" The hotel was booked and Jeffrey was forced to go get a room at the Regency. When he left, Edmund tried to make her feel better by rubbing her shoulders and pouring her a glass of wine. The moment was ruined when he went to kiss her and she started sneezing. Edmund noticed she felt feverish and told her she needed to go to bed and he tucked her in bed and when he went to leave, she grabbed his arm and pulled him over to lay beside her and he held her while she fell asleep.

Harley was shocked but elated that Gus asked her to marry him. Gus lifted up her shirt and tenderly started kissing her when there was a knock at the door that put a halt to the excitement. Blake had rushed over to see the ring, which left Gus flabbergasted since he had just purposed 20 minutes before! When another knock at the door was Bill, Gus left Harley and Blake to talk and he stepped out to talk to Bill. Bill was wondering if Gus was really doing everything he could to keep Eden safe and told him how much he cared about his sister. Bill felt better after Gus assured him and Bill asked him about moving her to another location to make her feel a little more normal and that way they could have some time alone and assured Gus he would watch over her and Gus wasn't totally against the idea. He was happy Bill really cared for his sister. Inside, Harley and Blake were discussing Eden as well but it was Blake trying to convince Harley that Eden makes a good suspect in the murders. Harley was saying "no way" and Blake was trying to convince her that Eden was trying to get Gus attention back. Finally everybody left and Gus and Harley were left alone to finish what they had started.

At the museum, a reporter showed up and was snapping pictures of Eden who had answered the door thinking it was Bill. Tony showed up and punched the guy and grabbed him around the neck. Marah pleaded for him to let go and he did and then he blew up at Eden for answering the door scolding her saying she could have been killed if it was the killer. When Marah left the room, Tony apologized for yelling at her and getting violent but Eden said he did the right thing. Eden told Tony that Marah doesn't understand "the life" and how you have to protect yourself and the ones you love. She flew into Tony's arms and cried how she hated living that life. Marah walked in stopped the act. When Marah and Tony went to bed, Eden sat on the couch and daydreamed of Tony making love to her until Bill tapped her on the shoulder. Bill was an alternative and they passionately kissed and went to bed.

Michelle and Danny were enjoying a "date night" and Michelle claimed that staying away from marriage would keep their relationship alive and that they didn't need marriage to be happy but it was hard to convince themselves when they watched a happy couple beside them celebrate their first anniversary. Danny had their song played and Michelle said if their marriage were as unique as a song, she'd do it.

Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Edmund remains calm despite the sight of the half-naked Cassie and Jeffrey together. Jeffrey insults Cassie when he explains she isn't his type. Alone with Cassie, Edmund wants her to relax and enjoy their evening. They grow closer and lovemaking seems imminent until Cassie starts sneezing. She has caught a chill and a fever. Edmund puts Cassie to bed and she wants him to stay with her. Harley and Gus celebrate their engagement alone – but not for long. Blake arrives to see the ring. Bill shows up, wanting to make sure Gus is doing everything he can to protect Eden. Gus reassures him. Blake insists that they have to look at the possibility that Eden is the killer. Harley doesn't want to hear Blake's theories about Eden, as it might mess up things with Gus. Later, Gus and Harley get romantic. Elsewhere, Danny and Michelle try to convince themselves they've made the right decision about not getting hitched again. But seeing a happy newlywed couple raises doubts. After, Danny sings Michelle a song, which underscores their decision not to get married. A sleazy photographer tries to get a shot of Eden, but Tony punches the guy in the jaw. Marah is uncomfortable with Tony's violent reaction to the photographer. Later, Eden breaks down and Tony comforts her. Eden watches jealously as Tony and Marah go off to bed. She fantasizes about being with Tony, until Bill startles her out of it.

Wednesday, June 25, 2003

Frank realizes he must interrogate Darci about being alone at the Country Club the night of Ariana's murder. Harley tells Frank about her engagement. She offers to deal with Eden. She and Blake go to check out the museum. Darci asks Frank if she is a suspect. Darci reveals that she stayed put while the lights were out at the Country Club, but lies about knowing Eden. Frank asks Darci on another date, and she accepts. Meanwhile, Ben discovers a letter which appears to be from the killer. Harley and Blake begin their unofficial search. Ben goes to Company and shows Gus the threatening letter. Ben fears that he's the killer's next victim. Harley calls Gus to the museum. She shows Gus what she found: Ariana's pin that went missing the night of the murder. Beth informs Phillip about Lizzie's destroying the phone messages of the principal at Alston, and about Lizzie pushing her. Phillip promises to make things right. He admits that he and Beth might have taken Lizzie's strength for granted, but that is going to change. Phillip tells Beth that Alan is the father of Olivia's baby. Lizzie overhears and couldn't be happier. Later, Lizzie approaches Ben and says she might be able to help him with his trouble. She urges Ben not to give up, and writes him a check to cover his rent. Frank watches as Ben slams his hand into the bench in rage and desperation. Dr. Sedwick calls Olivia with the results of the paternity test. The baby is Phillip's. Meanwhile, Alexandra pays off the lab tech again and expects him to leave the country. As Olivia sets up for a romantic celebration, she fantasizes about raising the baby with Phillip. Olivia gives Phillip the good news: he's the daddy. But Phillip believes Olivia is lying to him.

Thursday, June 26, 2003

Tony and Marah begin to make love. They talk about surprising Danny and Michelle with a wedding. Gus asks Eden why the dead girl's pin is among her things. Bill and Eden are both upset that Gus and Harley suspect Eden could be the killer. Eden refuses to answer any questions, and tells Harley and Gus to get out. Tony comforts a distraught Eden, assuring her that he and Marah are on her side. Tony believes Eden about the pin, and asks if there is anybody who might want to set her up. Tony offers to go with her to speak with Vinnie Salerno, but Eden insists she could never forgive herself if anything happened to him. Bill wonders if it bothers Marah that Tony is tending to Eden. Marah says it doesn't and it shouldn't bother him, either. Meanwhile, not only does finding the pin worry Gus, but also the way Eden reacted doesn't bode well for her innocence. After Olivia informs Phillip her child is his, he backs away from her. Phillip, thinking the child is Alan's, demands that Olivia tell him the truth. She has no idea what he is talking about. Phillip leaves, and orders Olivia not to be there when he gets back. At Company, Phillip admits to Rick that maybe he can't blame Olivia for lying. He is sure he can't live with it, either. Olivia, in tears, sees what is left of the romantic setting she'd put together and blows out the candles. At the Beacon, Alexandra and Lizzie are privately thrilled to see Olivia enter with her bag. Olivia throws away her key to the loft. Lizzie approaches Ben about coming to the prom to see Marina, that way she can have Shayne all to herself.

Friday, June 27, 2003

Edmund pulls Cassie into the bushes, and, surprisingly, Jeffrey is there, too. Jeffrey explains his reasons and makes it clear that he is staying on at the Beacon, regardless of how Cassie feels about him. Later on a call, Edmund wants information about Jeffrey's missing years now. Josh hides from Reva that he sent Shayne's signed contract to the sports agent. She nearly opens the drawer to discover the truth, but Josh is able to cover. Cassie talks with a skeptical Reva about her feeling for Edmund. Edmund calls Cassie to his suite: it's an emergency. Hurried Cassie arrives to a room filled with candles, flowers and champagne. Edmund scoops her up in his arms and carries her to the bed. Later, Josh and Shayne talk about the first baseball game Josh took Shayne to. He confides in him about H.B.'s pushing him to run Lewis Oil. And in the end, Josh says, that is what he ended up doing because he loved it. Reva insists to Josh she'll be fine with Shayne turning pro, as long as it is his choice. At the Beacon, Dr. Sedwick informs Olivia that somebody else already ran a paternity test. Meanwhile, Phillip alerts Alan that he is going to be a daddy. Dr. Sedwick reveals that the lab tech she believes ran the test is now working for Spaulding. Later, Gus tells Alan that he's going to have to deal with the fact that Olivia and Phillip are a couple and put the bad blood behind him. Gus urges Alan to think about what is best for his new child. Gus tells Phillip he is sorry about the baby. Phillip remarks that now that Alan has a new heir he can mold from birth, Gus will be old news. Olivia pays Alan a visit and realizes he isn't behind the other DNA test, and that Phillip probably is.

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