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General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 30, 2003 on GH
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Monday, June 30, 2003

Jason attacked Ric at General Hospital and demanded to know where Carly was. Jason beat Ric until Garcia pulled a gun on Jason and ordered him to release Ric. Liz ran to Ric's side and yelled at Jason. Ric told Garcia that this was not the first time Jason had attacked him and that he wanted to press charges. Courtney tried to explain that Jason was under a great deal of stress with Carly's disappearance, but Jason was arrested and taken to police headquarters.

The FBI agent gave Sonny ten minutes to decide whether to accept their offer to let Faith work undercover as his mistress in exchange for an all-out search for Carly. Sonny called Faith a tramp and refused to work with her. Faith reminded him that he was running out of options, but Sonny insisted that he couldn't trust Faith enough to work with her, even after Faith explained that she had made a deal of her own after poisoning Liz. Sonny told the FBI agent that he was refusing their deal. Sonny turned to leave just as the police were bringing Jason in. Sonny spoke to Ric alone and told him that he believed that Ric had nothing to do with Carly's disappearance. Sonny asked Ric to drop the charges against Jason as a gesture of their truce. In return Sonny promised to make sure that Jason never bothered him again, and Ric agreed. Ric dropped the charges but filed a restraining order against Jason. Jason apologized to Sonny for losing his cool and promised to use more stealth next time. Jason was shocked and confused when Sonny told him there wouldn't be a next time, that Jason was to leave Ric alone. Jason asked Courtney to try to remember anything that Carly might have told her about Ric when he and Carly were friends. Jason was frustrated when he realized that Courtney was convinced of Ric's innocence. Later at the Speak Easy, Courtney and Jason are speechless when Sonny arrives with Faith as his guest for the evening.

Carly was surprised to find Lorenzo in the secret room with her. She tried her best to convince Lorenzo that pairing up with Ric was not a wise move. Lorenzo listened to her but did not back down. Carly advised him that returning her in exchange for running drugs through Sonny's territory would be a smarter move. Lorenzo opened the secret door to leave. Carly, seeing Liz unlocking the front door on the screen, tried to stall Lorenzo, but he managed to slip out before Liz entered the house. Liz demanded to know why Lorenzo was standing in her living room. She asked what business he had with Ric, but Lorenzo only replied by asking when Ric would be home. When Ric returned, Liz told him about Lorenzo's visit and asked what business they had together. She told him how having someone like Lorenzo in their lives made her uncomfortable. Ric reassured her that it was merely a legitimate real estate transaction as Lorenzo was buying his old apartment.

Lucky caught Lydia as she almost fell over the bluff. Lydia suppressed her obvious attraction to Lucky, who informed her that he knew she was working with Stefan. Lucky told Nikolas that Lydia and Stefan were working together to save the Cassadine fortune through a Nikolas/Lydia marriage. Nikolas scoffed at the idea. Lucky questioned him about his feelings for Emily and their sudden engagement. Nikolas just explained that sometimes love is sudden, like being struck by lightning.

Emily attended the cancer support group and listened quietly while the other women told their stories. The women spoke about losing their hair and how their loved ones supported them through chemotherapy. Emily was touched when one of the woman gave her a copy of her journal. Meanwhile Monica thanked Nikolas for making sacrifices for Emily. Nikolas told Monica that it was no sacrifice, that Emily was the only person with whom he had a meaningful relationship. Monica told Nikolas he was starting to sound like a real fiancée. Afterward the meeting, Emily was moved but angry with Nikolas for forcing her to attend. Alan and Monica were eager to hear how it went, but a feisty Emily pushed past them to go find Nikolas. When she found him, Emily began to yell at him but then realized how her anger made her feel alive again. Realizing that his plan had succeeded, Emily thanked Nikolas for keeping her on track. They shared a tender hug and wound up in a passionate kiss.

Tuesday, July 1, 2003

Lydia confronted Emily about the Cassadine financial situation, telling her that marrying Lydia was the only way for Nikolas to save the family fortune. Lydia asked Emily how she would feel to be the reason Nikolas lost everything, but Emily refused to succumb to Lydia's manipulations. Emily told Lydia that Nikolas was well-trained in managing the finances and would find some other way to turn things around. Nikolas interrupted their conversation, and he and Emily left. Nikolas asked Emily what Lydia was up to, and Emily told him all about their conversation. Nikolas was not surprised and reassured Emily that he wouldn't marry for money even if he wasn't playing the role of Emily's fiancée. Emily went to her room and wrote in her journal that Nikolas had made her realize that she could beat the cancer and live a long life after all. She wrote about the kiss they had shared and how it would be their last, because now she was ready to tell Zander the truth about her illness. Meanwhile Nikolas returned to Wyndemere and confronted Lydia. Lydia told him that the only hope for both of them financially was to marry each other. Lydia told Nikolas that the marriage would be one of convenience only, so he could still be with Emily if he so chose.

Sonny told Jason about the deal he had made with the feds. Jason disapproved of Sonny's plan and insisted that Ric was responsible for Carly's disappearance. Nonetheless Sonny insisted on doing things his way. Courtney told Faith to leave the Speak Easy, but Faith challenged her to ask Sonny if he wanted her to leave. Courtney approached Sonny, who quietly explained that his deal with the feds involved pretending that Faith was his mistress. Scott arrived, and Sonny quickly asked Courtney to hit him to give the whole scene some credibility. Courtney struck Sonny and yelled at him for being with Faith, saying that he never deserved Carly before "storming" out with Jason. Scott told Sonny that Scott's daughter Karen had died, and blamed Sonny for the time he had spent with her years ago. Sonny told Scott that he had genuinely cared about her, and that Scott should have been in her life then if he was so concerned. Their argument heated up until the federal agent came over and reminded Scott that Sonny needed to keep up the facade with Faith. The agent told Sonny he needed him to do something.

Carly watched on the screen as Liz told Ric that they could conceive tonight. Ric insisted that Liz needed her rest after her ordeal with the poisoning. Once Liz slipped away to paint, Ric went into the secret room. Carly continued to try to work Ric, telling him that his plan could never work. Ric admitted that he wanted Sonny's baby more than his own with Liz. He said he was saving his niece or nephew from life with a criminal. Carly reminded Ric that he was a criminal, having kidnapped her and kept her against her will. Carly warned him that Sonny would never stop looking for her. Ric told Carly she was not that hard to replace, that Sonny would move on once he accepted that she was gone, and then Ric left. Carly changed the screen from the camera channel to a television channel, where she was horrified to see Sonny announcing at a press conference that the search for Carly was over. She was even more horrified to see him step down after making the statement and being comforted by Faith.

Skye left with Ned for the evening, reminding Alice not to let Dobson near Kristina if she valued her job. Home alone together, Dobson asked Alice to let him upstairs to see the baby. Alice hesitated to risk her job, despite Dobson's reassurances that nobody was home to see. Alice hinted that she might change her mind though, if Dobson would join her for a drink in the other room. Meanwhile, Skye and Ned curled up on a park bench. Skye admitted that she hadn't liked Ned very much when she first met him, but that he had a whole other side she never knew about. Ned told Skye that he liked who he was when he's with her. Back at the Quartermaine mansion, Alice blackmailed Dobson into kissing her on the cheek to get access to Kristina. Dobson reluctantly complied, but as Dobson leaned forward Alice grabbed him and pulled him into a passionate embrace. A panicked Dobson pulled away, but the phony mustache came off, revealing Alexis in disguise. Alexis explained her situation to Alice and begged her not to tell anyone for fear she would lose Kristina for good. Alice, embarrassed by her crush on someone who turned out to be Alexis, agreed not to say anything to anyone. Alexis was relieved but did not realize that Skye had witnessed the entire scene from the window. A gleeful Skye informed Ned that they had Alexis right where they wanted her.

Wednesday, July 2, 2003

At the Quartermaine Mansion, while appearing to make an apology to "Dobson," Skye asks "Dobson" to watch Kristina for the day while Skye and Ned go out together. Ned overhears part of the conversation and later warns Skye that "Dobson" will tattle to Alexis that the Quartermaines have abandoned Kristina to the servants. But Skye corrects Ned by letting Ned in on the news that "Dobson" IS Alexis. Skye explains to Ned that she saw Big Alice try to kiss "Dobson" and saw "Dobson's" mustache come off, revealing Alexis behind the butler's guise! Skye tells Ned that she wants to expose Alexis and that Skye believes she can also prove that Alexis faked her personality disorder to get away with murdering Louis Alcazar. But Ned forbids a stunned Skye from making any attempts to get Alexis sent to prison for murdering Luis Alcazar! Skye is flabbergasted that Ned would want Kristina raised by a mother who pushes people off the top of buildings and gets away with it. When Skye realizes that Ned WANTS Alexis to get away with bumping off Alcazar, Skye asks if Ned is STILL in love with Alexis. Ned avoids the question and distracts Skye by asking Skye to help him bust "Dobson." Later, Skye meets Cameron in the Park and tells him that she wants to undergo some therapy sessions with Cameron, to help deal with the stress of always knowing that, in every family she had ever been a part of, Skye was ALWAYS the unwanted child!

Elsewhere in the Quartermaine Mansion, AJ gets the news that Sonny is abandoning the search for Carly and announces to Edward that AJ has a new plan to regain custody of his son. Later, "Dobson" overhears AJ trying to contact Alexis and reminds AJ that Alexis will arrive soon for her visit with Kristina. When Alexis "arrives," AJ tells Alexis that he believes that, IF Carly IS dead ~ it is SONNY'S fault! AJ appeals to Alexis to help him get Michael away from Sonny's violent way of life and suggests that Alexis think what she would do if it were KRISTINA instead of Michael who was constantly in danger from Sonny's mob connections. Alexis pleads that she no longer has her license, but affirms that she believes that AJ MIGHT have a chance to regain custody of Michael.

At Ric's Place, Liz gets ready to go to a specialist for a check-up following her recent poison scare, on top of her fall down a flight of stairs. As Liz asks Ric to join her for lunch, Ric begs off with the excuse that he has phone calls to make. When Liz asks if the phone calls would be about Faith's speedy release from jail, Ric decides that maybe he SHOULD accompany his wife to the Hospital! But Liz convinces her husband that meeting her for lunch will be fine. After Liz leaves the house, Ric picks up the newspaper and takes it to Carly in the Panic Room and tries to convince Carly that Sonny has already given up looking for her and has already replaced her with a new companion. Carly confesses that she has already seen the news on the TV in the Panic Room. Ric is stunned when Lorenzo suddenly barges right into the Panic Room! Ric hustles Lorenzo out into the living room and Lorenzo turns off the monitor so Carly can't hear what they are talking about. Lorenzo reports that the police appear to be off on the wild goose chase that Alcazar set up with strands of Carly's hair. Ric orders Lorenzo to quit showing up at Ric's house unannounced, but Lorenzo refuses to even consider curtailing his movements. Lorenzo quizzes Ric about Faith Roscoe. Ric mentions that BOTH Faith AND Sonny have attempted to kill Liz but, as far as Ric knows, that is about all that the two of them would have in common. Listening to Ric talk about Liz, Lorenzo points out that Ric's love for his wife makes Ric vulnerable. Then Lorenzo coldly warns Ric to keep Liz happy because, IF Liz were to become too suspicious about her husband's activities, Lorenzo would regretfully need to "eliminate" Ric's wife! Later, when Ric tries to get Carly to eat, Ric admits that things are NOT turning out the way he planned when he kidnapped Carly. Carly begs Ric to just let her go, but Ric confides that turning Carly loose is no longer an option. When Carly reminds Ric that she believes he is insane, Ric points out that, while that MAY be true, Ric is the only friend Carly can count on right now.

Jason and Courtney are shocked when Faith shows up at The Cellar and announces that Sonny gave the Club to Faith because The Club had too many painful memories of Carly for Sonny. Faith tries to remind Jason and Courtney that they MUST go along with the Federal Agents' Plan if they want help getting Carly back. As they argue, Mike arrives and announces that he does NOT believe that Sonny would abandon the search for Carly so soon. Jason and Courtney convince Mike that Sonny is self-destructing because the mob boss blames himself for Carly's disappearance and that no one can get through to Sonny just now. Mike warns Courtney to steer clear of Faith. After Mike leaves, Jason confides to Courtney that JASON has not given up on proving that it is RIC who has Carly! Lorenzo suddenly shows up at The Cellar! Faith orders Lorenzo to leave, but Lorenzo raises Jason's hackles when Lorenzo suggests it looks to him as if Sonny murdered his wife to be free to bed Faith! Jason blasts Lorenzo for his suggestion and Faith orders Lorenzo to leave before Faith orders Jason to throw him out! After Lorenzo leaves, Jason warns Faith NEVER to try to order him around again. But Faith reminds Jason that their deal with the Feds calls for Jason to support the charade that Faith IS Sonny's mistress! Later, Jason tells Courtney that he is going to find Carly, and Jason leaves the club.

As Maxie and Georgie help decorate for the city's Fourth of July celebration, Kyle arrives and tries to convince Maxie to take in a keg party and fireworks display at the lake with him. Georgie tells Kyle to get lost and Dillon arrives and seconds the notion. However, Kyle spots Dillon's orange community service vest and begins to threaten Dillon. Kyle's buddy, Zach, arrives and the two of them begin harassing Dillon. Zach suddenly grabs Dillon ,and Kyle begins to pound on Dillon. Georgie grabs a spiked stick and breaks up the fight. Even Maxie is angry with Kyle for pounding on Dillon. But, after Kyle leaves, Georgie and Maxie argue about Maxie's continued relationship with Kyle and Maxie storms away in a huff. After thanking Dillon for sticking up for her, Georgie looks at Dillon's injuries and insists that Dillon let her help him. Later, Georgie takes Dillon to Kelly's to get some ice for his eye. But, after Georgie orders some sodas for them, she realizes that she has no money. Dillon spots a patron with a heavy wallet and whispers to Georgie that he plans to pick the man's pocket. But, as Dillon gets ready to stage a bump, Alcazar happens along and Dillon picks Lorenzo's pocket instead. Later, Dillon shows Georgie that he also got something that looks like a car alarm along with the money (but it is really the key to opening Ric's Panic Room!) However, as Georgie and Dillon enjoy their sodas, Dillon points his mark out to Georgie and Georgie informs Dillon that Lorenzo is the brother of an international gunrunner who kidnapped Georgie and Maxie before Luis Alcazar was murdered. Georgie urges Dillon to get rid of his 'car alarm device' rather than end up on the bad side of someone as awful as Alcazar! Dillon decides he will just drop the alarm thing somewhere in the hope that Alcazar will believe he just dropped it. But, as Dillon leaves Kelly's to dispose of the alarm, Lorenzo and one of Alcazar's stooges grab Dillon. Alcazar angrily demands that his property be returned!

Meanwhile, in the Panic Room, as Ric finally succeeds in getting Carly to eat, Carly cries on Ric's shoulder about her fear of being alone. But, after Ric leaves, Carly admits to herself that she is just playing Ric ~ and Carly is positive that Sonny is doing the same thing. Later, when Ric meets Liz at the Hospital, he discovers his wife in tears. Liz confides that the doctor told her that she could never have children. Ric tells Liz that he wants to speak to the doctor himself, and Liz agrees to wait for Ric downstairs. When Liz's "specialist" meets with Ric, it is the SAME doctor who took care of Carly following Carly's "accident" with the electrical system in the Panic Room. Ric pays the doctor for giving bad news to Liz and reports that the doctor's "other" patient is now doing fine! In the meantime, Jason breaks in to Ric's Place to plant a bug and spots the surveillance camera. Carly wills Jason to follow the wire to find her!

Thursday, July 3, 2003

Dillon is grabbed by Alcazar and one of his goons outside Kelly's. Alcazar asks him to give him back what belongs to him. Dillon denies he stole anything from him other than a few dollars. Alcazar doesn't believe him and has his goon act rougher with him. Georgie comes out of Kelly's and hands over the little gadget that Dillon had gotten out of his pocket when he stole the money too. She tells him she found it on the floor in the diner and suspects it fell out of his pocket. Alcazar doesn't buy her story either. Dillon tells him that she didn't find it and that she is just covering for him. Alcazar tells him he knows that. He tells his goon to take Dillon with him for a little walk so they can talk. Dillon thinks quickly and acts like Alcazar is the person everyone at school is afraid of and uses his wit to get Alcazar to back off and let him go. Georgie can't believe that Dillon was able to talk Alcazar out of hurting him. Dillon pretends he wasn't scared but then lets out a shaky breath in relief. They talk inside Kelly's. Georgie asks him how he was able to do that with someone dangerous like Alcazar. Dillon explains to her that he learned early on to talk his way out of danger. Meanwhile, Maxie brings Kyle home with her. Kyle sweet talks her into making out and tells her he wants her. Dillon and Georgie come home and interrupt them. Maxie was just telling Kyle he had to leave and he was trying to persuade her to sleep with him again. Dillon tells Maxie that it was a good thing they came home since Mac is on his way home right now. Kyle hightails it out of there. Dillon admits afterwards that he made that up to get Kyle to take off. Maxie gets upset with them for worrying her like that and getting Kyle to leave. Maxie storms off into the kitchen. Georgie is impressed with Dillon and how quickly he thinks on his feet. Dillon makes a move to leave but Georgie stops him and kisses him. Later, Dillon goes back to Kelly's. He talks to Georgie but is a little standoffish towards her. She surprises him when she tells him that the kiss they shared at her house was real to her as much as it was to him and that she doesn't care what Mac wants and that she wants to continue hanging out with her new best friend. They are about to share a kiss when Georgie's cellphone rings. Georgie answers it and it is Mac on the other line. She tells him where she is and agrees to come home. She tells him she has to go. Dillon is happy that she is finally seeing him as someone more than a buddy to hang out with.

AJ asks Alexis for legal help in getting custody of Michael back now that Carly is presumed dead. Alexis tells him she can't practice law right now and she would be violating a court order if she even consulted with another lawyer for him. AJ uses the fact that she is a mother trying to get custody of her daughter back and asks her what she would do if Sonny had custody of her daughter. She still tells him she can't help him. AJ storms off. Alexis is dismayed later when she hears Skye and Cameron laughing and talking in the foyer on their way to the living room. Skye acts surprised to see her there. Alexis tells her that she is so transparent and that she knows what she is up to. She accuses Skye of using Cameron against her knowing that he is her therapist. Skye reminds her that Cameron isn't her therapist any longer. Alexis asks to speak to Cameron alone but he tells her he is already late for his next appointment and has to leave. Alexis and Skye trade barbs with each other. Skye tells her that she is going to see Cameron as a therapist soon and wonders why Alexis dropped him as her therapist when he helped her so much with the trial. Alexis tells her she prefers a woman therapist instead. Skye makes a remark about how it is interesting that now that the trial is over, Alexis hasn't been exhibiting any symptoms of DID since and wonders how many personalities she would have if Alcazar never died that night. Alexis tells her Alcazar is dead and that she is getting better now. Alexis leaves to take the baby upstairs. AJ comes in later complaining about Alexis not helping him. He tells Skye about Louis Alcazar's twin brother Lorenzo being in town now and how he looks just like his late brother. Skye realizes she can use this to her advantage since it seems that Alexis doesn't know this information. Skye tells him that Alexis most likely killed Alcazar in cold blood and that she needs to find a way to prove it in order to keep Alexis from getting Kristina back. Skye makes some calls. She meets with Alcazar in the park. She tells him that she believes that Alexis faked her illness and killed his brother in cold blood. He tells her that he will have to punish Alexis in some way. Skye tells him that she agrees with him.

Faith starts to boss Courtney around at the club. She tells her that Sonny has no choice but to allow her to be in his life and play being his mistress and that if she doesn't like it that is too bad. She also bad mouths Carly in front of Courtney as well. Sonny overhears her bullying Courtney and tells her to get out of his wife's club now. Scott shows up and sees him grab Faith's arm to get her to leave the club. He reminds Sonny that he needs to pretend she is his mistress and not treat her badly in public since he made a deal with the feds to help them. Courtney asks Scott what the feds have done so far to find Carly in exchange for Sonny's help. Scott tells them that so far they have only found pieces of Carly's hair and believe she was put on a plane to South America. Sonny doesn't want to work with Faith since he can't stand the sight of her and tells Scott that he will help the feds some other way than working with "this bitch." Scott has no sympathy for him as usual and tells him that Faith is the only woman who is willing to pretend she is his mistress since no other woman will have him. Scott leaves. Faith apologizes to Sonny for saying bad things about Carly and that she is willing to make it up to him in some other way. Sonny tells her that she is a whore and he will treat her like one since he would only be with a whore if his wife was dead. Faith tells him that he better get use to her being around and wants to move in with him at the penthouse to make it look more authentic that she is his mistress. Faith leaves. She runs into Alcazar and he tells her that he knows she made a deal with the feds to get her freedom and suggests she make a deal with him instead to get Sonny's territory. Faith tells him she isn't working with the feds and that she and Sonny have mutual interests and have reached an understanding lately. Alcazar still offers to partner with her to get what they both want. Faith turns him down.

Jason breaks into Ric's house. Carly sees him enter the house from the monitor inside the panic room. She sees him plant bugs around the living room and then he uses a chair to climb on top of a cabinet to place a bug. Jason notices a video surveillance camera and tries to see where it is attached to. Carly holds out hope that he will find out that the camera is hooked up to a monitor from the secret room. She gets up and pulls out the monitor so that he can see her pulling on the other end of the cord and will figure out someone is on the other side of the wall. However, Jason hears a car door slam and jumps down and puts the chair away. Carly gets frustrated that Ric and Liz returned home so soon and interrupted what could have been her possible rescue. Jason manages to get out of the house before being caught. Carly hears Ric comfort Liz after she hears from the specialist that she can't get pregnant again. Ric tells her that they can adopt a baby and love it as if it was biologically their own. Liz refuses to give up getting pregnant and uses a case of a friend of hers having twins after she was told she couldn't conceive a baby. Ric puts the idea of adoption in her head. Liz tells him she isn't against adoption but wants to have a baby of her own first. Liz goes in the other room. Ric notices when he is hugging Liz that the video camera has been moved around. He checks on Carly, who is looking at a magazine and sitting near the monitor. He demands to know what she has been up to. He demands to know who came in the house but Carly tells him no one came by and that she was sick of listening to him lie to Liz and wanted to yank the monitor out of the wall. Ric buys her story. Carly questions his sanity again and asks him if he thinks Liz won't find out she can really get pregnant and if he plans to not have sex with his wife again. Ric calls the doctor he paid off and asks for a prescription of birth control pills. Carly tells him that Sonny won't ever give up finding her and that he will find out what he did to her. Ric tells her that Sonny won't find out anything but is less confident about it. Later, he stands outside with Liz and has her imagine a tree house out front for their kids to play in. Liz tells him she is going to take a bath now. After she heads to the bathroom, Ric goes over to the cabinet and fixes the monitor and speaks into the camera so Carly can hear him and says that her baby will be his no matter what she thinks. Liz calls from the bathroom to tell him their bath is almost ready. Meanwhile, Jason tells Sonny what he did at Ric's place. Sonny is angry with him and lashes out at him for taking risks like that when Ric could have a videotape of him breaking in. Jason doesn't think Ric has a tape and tries to convince Sonny that Ric has video equipment because he has Carly. Sonny doesn't believe Ric has her and orders Jason to go with Courtney to the island and stay there for awhile. Jason agrees to go. However, at the airport, he sends Courtney off alone to the island and tells her that he has to stay behind and prove somehow that Ric has Carly and rescue her and that he still believes Michael was telling the truth about Ric taking her. Courtney understands he has to do what he believes is right for him and kisses him goodbye. Jason happens to listen in on the equipment he has set up at Ric's place. He wonders out loud who Ric is talking to if Liz is in the bathroom.

Friday, July 4, 2003

Stefan tells Nikolas that the engagement ring he is giving Emily belongs on Lydia instead. Nikolas doesn't want to hear his opinions and tells him he is giving the ring to Emily and to except it. Lydia walks in and overhears them talking. She tells Nikolas that she can be persuasive when she wants to. Nikolas tells her he's not interested. Meanwhile, Emily meets with Jason in the park. She tells him that she has breast cancer and is seeing a support group because Nikolas blackmailed her into going to see them. Jason is thankful that Nikolas was so persuasive and that it has helped her in some way. Emily tells him that she wanted to keep the cancer a secret from everyone she loved but couldn't anymore after talking and listening to the support group. She tells him that she has hope that she will survive the cancer. She asks him what she thinks she should do about telling Zander or not. He tells her to follow her heart and do what is right for her. Emily shows up at Wyndemere. A nervous Nikolas brings out the ring and shows it to her. She tells him it is beautiful but that he needs to give it to Lydia instead. Nikolas is caught by surprise and doesn't understand why she is turning down the ring and the engagement suddenly. Emily tells him that she can't marry him when she is still in love with Zander and that she has decided to tell Zander the truth about her condition and go from there. Nikolas tries to hide his devastation and wish her happiness. She tells him that marrying Lydia may be the right thing to do to help his family financially. She leaves him and goes to the park for the 4th of July celebration. She looks for Zander there and finds him in a secluded corner kissing Gia. Nikolas waits for Lydia to show up. Lydia had gone down to the park and found Lucky laying on a blanket enjoying the celebration. She tells him that he owes her for stopping Stefan from having his goons beat him up and that the way he can repay her is by convincing Nikolas to marry her instead of Emily. Lucky tells her he doesn't owe her a thing since Nikolas gave him permission to be on the property. She starts to have a fit that he won't help her with Nikolas. Lucky grabs her and kisses her passionately. She acts indignant afterwards and he tells her he did it to shut her up not because he really wanted to kiss her. She stalks off angry. When Lydia shows up at Wyndemere and makes a remark about why he isn't celebrating the holiday with his fiancée, Nikolas surprises her by informing her that Emily called off the engagement. He brings the ring out and tells Lydia that he will marry her after all. Nikolas puts the ring on her finger.

Edward orders Dillon to show up at the park for their annual family celebration for the 4th of July. Dillon doesn't really want to go but Ned and Skye reassure him that it will be fine. Dillon goes to Kelly's to find Georgie. Georgie is clearing off tables and looks depressed. He asks her to go with him to the park for the celebration with his family. She tells him she would love to go but can't because Mac found out that Maxie went to some keg party with Kyle and that they both have to work at Kelly's and can't go to the celebration this year. Dillon tries to persuade her to skip out and go anyway. Georgie tells him she can't take that risk and that Maxie is in the back and would tell on her. Dillon is disappointed and leaves. Back at the Quartermaine mansion, Cameron shows up at Skye's request but doesn't know for what reason. Skye tells Ned and Cameron that she will explain when Alexis arrives to visit Kristina. Alexis shows up and asks why Cameron is here also. He tells her her guess is as good as his why. Alexis asks Skye what she is up to now. Skye explains that she called Cameron over to supervise her visit with Kristina. Alexis doesn't care as long as she can see her baby. She picks up the baby and makes a remark that at least Cameron's company is better than the rest of the family's. As Alexis is holding Kristina, the doorbell rings. AJ runs downstairs and tells everyone he'll answer it. He opens the door and admits Alcazar into the house. Alexis recognizes the voice as sounding like Lorenzo's brother Louis and turns around and is in shock to see him there. She tells him to leave her alone and stay away from her baby. Ned isn't too happy to see Alcazar either. Lorenzo approaches Alexis and makes a remark about how she should pay for killing his brother. Alexis can't believe that Skye would allow him to enter the house and threaten her and the baby. Alcazar leaves. Alexis confronts Skye and asks her why she would allow him in the house when she claims to want Kristina to be safe. Skye asks her why she didn't turn into one of her other personalities when she saw Alcazar and Alexis doesn't have an explanation. Skye tells her that it is because she faked her condition and got away with killing Alcazar. Alexis and Cameron head back to Kelly's. Alexis berates herself for not realizing what Skye was up to and allowing her to trick her that way with Alcazar. She worries that the judge will find out about it and she will lose Kristina. Cameron lets her go off for awhile but interrupts her and tells her that the opposite happened. He explains that Skye and the Quartermaines can't prove that she faked her condition just because she didn't go into another personality when she saw Alcazar. He tells her that it could look like she has been successfully treated for DID and that her personalities are fully integrated. He tells her that he will be witness to what happened and that in no time she should have her law license back and get Kristina back soon as well. Alexis smiles at him in wonder. Later the two of them spend the rest of the evening watching the fireworks outside Kelly's. Georgie comes outside to watch the fireworks but doesn't notice them since she is thinking about being with Dillon, while Dillon is thinking of her and not the fireworks. Back at the Quartermaine mansion Skye explains to Ned why she arranged for Alcazar to show up earlier. Ned doesn't like what she did but tells her he understands why she did it. He tells her that he is glad he knows the truth about what Alexis did. Skye goes on about how Alexis is using the baby as if she was a possession to get what she wants. Ned tells her that Alexis loves the baby but he doesn't think she should get custody of her knowing that she killed a man in cold blood and got away with it. He warns Skye that if he finds out that she is involved with Alcazar anymore to use him against Alexis again, he will make sure she never sees Kristina again. Skye promises not to get involved with Alcazar to hurt Alexis. Later, they share an intimate moment with the baby while watching the fireworks outside the mansion.

Faith has her luggage brought into Sonny's penthouse and announces she is moving in. Sonny tells her she isn't moving in. Faith tells him that no matter how much he hates the idea, she is moving in and that the deal with the feds was that it look like he is moving on with his mistress, while they try to locate her secretly. She also suggests that she move into his bedroom and they have sex. Sonny refuses to sleep with her but allows her to stay in the guest room instead. He tells her that if he wants a whore he will hire one since he couldn't stand to touch her no matter whether his wife was dead or not. Faith reminds him that he needs to show up at the fireworks so that they can be seen in public together to be more convincing. After she leaves, Sonny throws the glass of liquor in his hand at the door and shatters it and calls her a "bitch." Jason shows up at the penthouse later. Sonny isn't too surprised to see him. Jason tells him he sent Courtney to the island to be with Michael. Sonny doesn't like that he didn't follow his orders and worries that he will get arrested if he goes after Ric and ruin his deal with the feds. Jason explains that he can't leave the country and that he promised Carly that he would always look after her. He also tells him about Emily's cancer and how helpless he feels when he can't do anything to make the cancer go away for her. Sonny is sympathetic and allows him to stay in Port Charles. Meanwhile, at Ric's house, Ric tells Liz he will meet her in the park later and that he has to meet with Alcazar later about legal business. Liz doesn't like that he is working for Alcazar in any way but drops the subject. At the park, Faith runs into Liz. Liz warns her to stay away from her. Faith tells her that she is over Ric and is concentrating on Sonny now. She makes a remark that Ric is just a poor substitute for the real thing, Sonny and that no matter what Ric does he will never be Sonny. Faith walks off. Meanwhile, Ric checks on Carly and she tells him that Liz is already starting to doubt him but that she is in too much denial to admit that he is lying to her again. She tells him that Liz will eventually find out what he is doing and run as far away from him as she can go. Ric tells her that Liz loves him and he loves her and that is all that matters. Carly tells him that he doesn't know how to love anyone since he is so twisted. Ric leaves the panic room. Jason meets with his surveillance man and listens to a taped conversation between Ric and Liz. Jason hears a noise after Ric shuts the door after Liz leaves. He asks his technician to try to amplify and isolate the sound he keeps hearing but can't identify. Sonny stays at home and thinks about Carly and cries. Carly also is thinking about Sonny and is crying. Sonny shows up at the park and pretends to be with Faith. Carly happens to be watching the televised coverage at the park on the monitor and is hurt to see Faith all over Sonny and he isn't resisting her. Alcazar shows up at Sonny's place and Jason answers the door. Alcazar asks if Sonny is there. Jason tells him he isn't home and what he wants. Alcazar tells him that he knows where Carly is being held. Ric meets up with Liz at the park. She tells him about running into Faith. She tells him that Faith mentioned that he is a poor substitute for Sonny and that she has her sights on him now and that Ric is trying to be like him and wants his life. Liz asks him if there is any truth in what Faith said. Ric assures Liz that Faith is crazy and not to believe what she tells her.

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