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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of June 30, 2003 on B&B
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Monday, June 30, 2003

by CBS

Massimo explains to Ridge that he plans to tell Nick that he's his father, and adds that Nick could use Ridge's support. Stephanie informs Eric that Thorne is having a baby, but Darla is the mother, not Macy. Stephanie suggests that she and Eric show Thorne that one mistake doesn't have to destroy a loving marriage. Bridget informs Eric about Jackie's accident. Stephanie is hurt when he rushes off to the hospital. When Stephanie hears that Jackie was on Massimo's jet when it crashed, she's convinced that Jackie is using both Eric and Massimo. Nick kisses Brooke. She encourages him to open up about what he's going through. Brooke urges Nick to have faith in other people. She assures him that she's there to help because she cares. At Jackie's bedside, Massimo urges her not to leave him. Ridge calls Brooke and says that there's something she needs to know about Nick. Nick is angry when he sees Massimo and wants to know what Jackie was doing on his plane. Massimo gives Nick back the ring and explains that it was meant for him. Nick is shocked when Massimo calls him, "My Son."

Tuesday, July 1, 2003

On his boat, Nick did not believe that he is Massimo's son. Massimo informed Nick that Jackie had informed him this evening just before the jet crash that he is Nick's father. Massimo also explained that he and Jackie had an affair while Jackie was married to Nick's "father." Massimo revealed that he was lead to believe by Nick's "father" that Jackie wanted nothing further to do with Massimo. Massimo was blackmailed by Nick's father to keep his and Jackie's affair a secret. Massimo had no idea that Jackie was pregnant with his child or he would never have left her.

At the hospital, Bridget predicted for Ridge that Brooke's relationship with Nick is just another "vacation" from Ridge. Bridget told Ridge that she continued to have guilt feelings about their past relationship. Ridge attempted to console Bridget. Brooke observed Bridget and Ridge talking quietly and misinterpreted what she saw.

Nick concluded from Massimo's explanation and what Jackie had told him that Massimo is indeed his father. Nick was happy with his realization. Brooke telephoned Nick to inform him that Jackie seemed to be waking up from her coma. Nick and Massimo rejoiced together over Jackie's recovery.

Massimo was grateful that he would have an opportunity to be with his family: Nick and Jackie.

Wednesday, July 2, 2003

by Anna

In the hallway outside Jackie's room, Brooke tells Nick that she saw his mother's eyes flutter. Nick tells Brooke it is okay for her to leave, and he will call her if he needs anything. Nick goes into the room where the doctor is examining Jackie. Massimo enters and the two listen as the doctor explains that the eye flutter was not necessarily a sign that she is recovering from the coma. Nick is hurt by the doctor's words and Massimo comforts him, reminding him that he is his father and he is there for him.

As Brooke leaves, Ridge finds her in the hall and insists on taking her home. When they arrive at Brooke's front door, Brooke tries to send him away, but he insists on coming in. Brooke goes upstairs to check on Hope and when she comes down, she finds that Ridge has poured her a drink and offers to rub her neck. She lets him, and he assures her that he wants to be there with her, not anyone else. He tells her that he trusts what he feels for her and he is waiting to start his life with her. He kisses her and Brooke responds, but then pushes him away. Brooke tells Ridge that she is still worried about his feelings for Bridget. She is still unsure of their relationship. As she goes upstairs, Ridge vows that she will one day be sure of the way he feels for her.

As Stephanie's, Bridget tells Stephanie that she is worried about Nick and Jackie. Bridget is glad, though, that Brooke has been able to be there for Nick, and Stephanie is surprised to hear of Brooke's relationship with Nick. Bridget assures Stephanie that Ridge doesn't think the relationship is serious. Bridget hopes that her mother can get past what Bridget did to Brooke's relationship with Ridge.

In Jackie's room, Nick holds his mother's hand and begs her to wake up and answer his questions about Massimo. Massimo takes Jackie's hand and tells her that she can't leave them because they need her. He wants to make up for the time that they have lost. Nick listens as Massimo wishes things had been different. Jackie squeezes his hand, bringing hope to Nick and Massimo. Jackie then opens her eyes and asks for Nick. She turns her head and is happy to see Massimo. Massimo tells her that it's going to happen after all these years - they are a family.

Thursday, July 3, 2003

Ridge arrived early at Brooke's house for Hope's birthday party. Ridge asked Rick if he would agree to a truce between the two of them. Ridge explained that the relationship between he and Bridget is over. He further explained that he loves only Brooke and still wants to marry her.

While Amber was alone with Brooke, she asked Brooke if Deacon is invited to Hope's birthday party. Brooke advised that he is not invited and that he would no longer be having visitation with either of the children.

Meanwhile, at his apartment, Deacon asked for Macy's advice about the doll he purchased for Hope for her birthday. Macy advised Deacon to give the present to Hope the next time he sees her, not today on her birthday. Deacon questioned what kind of father he would be if he was not present on Hope's birthday.

Brooke was surprised to see that Ridge had arrived at Hope's party early. Rick told her that Ridge had been there for a while. Brooke informed Rick that she and Ridge are taking things slowly at present. Rick later told Amber that he is starting to feel better about Brooke's relationship with Ridge. Ridge, Brooke, Amber and Rick all went inside to bring the food out. Marta remained outside with the children. Deacon arrived and greeted his children. Everyone came outside and saw Deacon with the children. Deacon explained to Brooke that he was there to bring Hope a birthday present. Deacon said he did not know that there would be a party. Rick rudely told Deacon he had not been invited to Hope's party and asked him to leave.

At the hospital, Nick confronted Jackie about Massimo. Jackie reiterated that she believed that Massimo did not love her because she never heard from him anymore. Jackie felt she was protecting Nick by not telling him that Massimo is his father. Nick forgave Jackie for lying to him about who his father is.

Friday, July 4, 2003

Massimo and Nick begin to bond. Massimo talks to Nick about his grandfather and great-grandfather. He makes Nick believe that he wants to make up for all the time they missed together over the years. Nick is curious about what Ridge's reaction will be when he learns they are brothers. He wants to be there when Ridge finds out they are half-brothers. Nick is surprised to hear that Ridge already knows and that he took the news well. When Massimo leaves to take a meeting with his lawyers, Ridge shows up to find Nick in Massimo's office. Nick is particularly goading; telling Ridge now that they are brothers, maybe Ridge will hook him up with nicer clothes. The conversation works its way around to Brooke. Ridge gives Nick the message that he should back away from Brooke. Nick has no intention of doing that. He is confident of where he stands with Brooke and lets Nick know that. Nick doesn't think that he is at risk of Brooke turning away from him, and so their conversation goes back and forth. Massimo rejoins them, thinking that the brothers have started their own bonding exercises. He goes on about how they are all three going to be one big happy family.

Brooke suspends Hope's birthday celebration because Deacon showed up unannounced. All Deacon wanted to do was bring a birthday present to his daughter and wish her a happy birthday.

She makes everyone go away so that she can talk to Deacon and lay down the law about his visits to see the children. Rick and Amber discuss the situation. Amber advocates for Deacon, saying that if the family fights him on visitation, Deacon will only become more stubborn and the situation will be made worse. Amber tells Rick that Deacon is not different from anyone else in wanting to feel like he is being listened to. Instead of fighting him, she suggests a compromise of some kind might make everyone feel like they are winning. Meanwhile, Deacon tells Brooke that in spite of her charges that he is an alcoholic and her fears that he may disappoint the children if she allows him to start coming around only for him to disappear again. Deacon assures Brooke that he has turned his life around and that he is not going anywhere and will be there for his children's birthdays, holidays, graduations, etc. Deacon shares his memories of what it was like to grow up without a father and reminds Brooke that she can relate to his upbringing. Brooke relents enough to tell Deacon that if he could make a commitment to the children that would solve many problems for her, and as much as she thinks he might try to do his best, she doesn't believe he will be able to. In the end it would be better, she says, for the children not to know him as their father if he'll only end up hurting and disappointing them. Deacon finally tells Brooke that he is through trying to convince her of his love for his children. He says he won't concern himself with her issues any longer and vows that she will not stop him from see or spending time with his children. As he is leaving, Little Eric/Little Dee comes rushing into the room pleading with his father not to leave. Deacon reassures the child that he is only leaving for now but that he is not "leaving" for good. He makes a promise that he will be back. As he hugs his son close to him, he gives Brooke a look that lets her know without a doubt that he means to do exactly what he says.

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