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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of June 30, 2003 on GL
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Monday, June 30, 2003

Cassie and Edmund make love. In the afterglow, Edmund and Cassie lie in each other's arms. The moment is interrupted when Tammy calls her mother in a panic; her prom dress has a stain on it! Edmund sends Cassie off to deal with it. Meanwhile, Beth wonders who Lizzie is interested in. Lizzie doesn't want to talk about boys with her mother and Alan is thrown by Beth's persistence. Later, Beth and Lizzie share a moment, but Lizzie is strangely void of emotion. Lizzie recruits Ben to attend the prom and make a play for Marina. Cassie wants Tammy to wear one of her old ball gowns. Cassie says she's proud to have such a beautiful and sweet daughter. Edmund brings Tammy a corsage, and arranges for the consulate's car to drive her. Tammy feels like a princess. Josh doesn't approve of Shayne's prom clothes. Marina isn't thrilled about Buzz and Frank chaperoning the prom. Darci comes to Marina's rescue and promises to help her get ready. Shayne picks up Marina. Reva pops out of a bush and surprises Shayne and Marina with a camera flash. At the Country Club, Ben startles Eden. Eden accuses Ben of planting Ariana's pin in her things. How could he, he wonders, unless he was the killer? Ben asks if Eden loves a good murder mystery. He taunts her about how and why he's killing people associated with Eden's business. Frightened, Eden offers to help Ben, but he angrily tells her to get out of his sight.

Tuesday, July 1, 2003

Ed suggests they all skip the annual Bauer barbecue this year. Marah wants to surprise Danny and Michelle with a wedding at the barbecue. Marah is horrified to learn that the Bauers are thinking of not having the barbecue. She offers to take over the event. Tony is hesitant about Marah's surprise wedding idea. Mel talks about changing jobs. Feeling guilty, Ed tells Rick they'll do the barbecue. Danny offers to help Ed's clinic, but Ed refuses. Danny is glad to see Tony and Marah without Eden tagging along. Thinking of the good publicity, Danny decides to make a donation to Ed's clinic. A sullen Lizzie calls Ben. Shayne worries about his big decision. Josh speaks with the agent about the draft. Lizzie has her eye on Shayne and starts to make her move. Lizzie receives a text message from Ben informing her that he is at the Country Club. Josh tries to tell Shayne about sending the signed contract. Lizzie sends Marina outside to get some air. An energized Gus brings a woman named Caroline to speak with Jeffrey about Ben Reade. Caroline tells Jeffrey about her friend who disappeared, and she thinks that Ben is somehow responsible. She gives more details of Ben's relationship with her friend. Jeffrey approves Gus bringing in Ben again for questioning. Jeffrey and Gus go to the Country Club looking for Ben. Ben surprises Marina.

Wednesday, July 2, 2003

Alan informs Alexandra and Phillip that Phillip is truly the father of Olivia's baby. Later, Alexandra asks Alan why he didn't tell Phillip she rigged the test results. Alan declares that Alexandra's suffering has only just begun. Although Dr. Sedwick won't confirm it, Phillip realizes he is without a doubt the father of Olivia's baby. Rick advises Phillip to go to Olivia and beg her for her forgiveness. Josh learns that the Cubs have drafted Shayne. Knowing that Marina's out of her way, Lizzie moves closer to Shayne. Meanwhile, Ben grabs Marina. After Marina tells Ben that they are over, Ben grows more and more agitated. Josh attempts to tell Reva about Shayne being drafted, but she's preoccupied with finding Marina. Lizzie pretends to look for Marina. Gus figures out that Ben is at the club and everyone takes off looking for Marina. Outside, Reva tells an incensed Ben to let go of Marina. Reva is taken aback by Ben's tone. Shayne and Ben almost come to blows. Ben turns to leave but Gus appears out of the dark and blocks the path. Frank orders Ben to stay away from Marina. Marina figures out that little Lizzie set her up to be alone with Ben. Lizzie denies Marina's accusation. Ben is angry with Lizzie for lying to him about Marina's feelings, but Lizzie encourages him not to give up. Marina tries to shake off her experience with Ben, insisting she is fine. Frank is worried about Marina and fears what Ben might have done if it weren't for Reva. Rick confirms that the coroner was looking into the death of the teenage girl connected to Ben who was murdered just before he was killed.

Thursday, July 3, 2003

Phillip wants a chance to explain, but Olivia tells Phillip to take a hike. Alexandra feigns innocence with Phillip. Olivia alerts Alexandra that she holds all the cards now and she'll decide if she wants in the Spaulding family or not. Marina tells Shayne that she has been accepted to Northwestern. Unfortunately, she can't afford to go. Shayne decides that he wants to play pro ball, but he is angry with Josh for making the decision for him. Although he is angry, Shayne is also excited about his future. Meanwhile, Reva confides in Christopher that she was able to use her "powers" to find Marina at the Country Club last night. Christopher tries to persuade Reva to start working with him, but Reva resists. Later, Josh admits to Reva that he already sent in Shayne's contract. Reva's anger with Josh prompts her to accept Christopher's invitation. Marina intentionally doesn't tell Frank about being accepted to Northwestern. At Company, Tony wants to throw Ben out of the museum. Bill and Remy defend Ben, but Ben says he'll move out anyway. He doesn't want to be somewhere he is not wanted. They decide to let him stay. Marina enters, but Ben decides to lay off. Tony makes Bill and Remy promise that Marah will never be left alone with Ben. In the DA's office, a mystery guest is brought in by Jeffrey to help them catch a killer. Drummond was the lead detective on the Bridget Waters case, and informs the group that Jed Simmons was examining some bones before he died. Drummond thinks Ben is connected to the girl's disappearance and may have killed her. Gus intends to fish around in Ben's past. Gus puts Ben on notice.

Friday, July 4, 2003

Tensions run high between Reva and Josh as they leave for the Bauer Barbeque. Harley tells Blake that Gus wouldn't pursue Ben unless he has a good cause. Even though she doesn't want to discuss it, Harley finds herself drawn into Blake's conversation about the murders. Harley decides to pump Rick for information. Marah is happy for Shayne. Reva remarks to Ross that Josh makes all the decisions in their family. Meanwhile at the Beacon, Alan informs Gus that Olivia's baby is not his. Phillip reveals to Beth and Lizzie that he and Olivia have split. Phillip says the baby is his and he intends to fight to win back Olivia. Lizzie is upset but covers. Gus drags Alan to the BBQ. At Beth's suggestion, Phillip and Lizzie agree to go to the Bauers as well. Reva, not wanting to make her friends uncomfortable, agrees to a truce with Josh, but not a ceasefire. Mel accepts a job in Jeffrey's office. Rick tells Harley about the bruises on Ramona Hendon's neck. Harley wants to see the autopsy pictures, but suddenly Gus is there. Harley dodges when Gus asks her about the pictures. Gus asks Rick about the case the coroner was working on when he died. Beth encourages Phillip to talk to Alan. Marina's thrilled about Shayne joining the Cubs. Lizzie can't stand to see them so close. Phillip calls Olivia, but she doesn't want to talk. Reva's suspicious of Tony and Marah whispering and keeping secrets. When she finds wedding-related evidence, she assumes Tony and Marah are planning to get married. Alan suggests that Lizzie intern at Spaulding over the summer. Gus needs Rick to keep Harley off the radar with regards to the murder. Phillip and Alan avoid each other like the plague but eventually find themselves alone. Phillip reveals to Alan that Olivia has rejected him. Meanwhile, Lizzie visits Olivia to apologize for how badly she's treated her.

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