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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of June 30, 2003 on DAYS
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Monday, June 30, 2003

Jesse and his perps leave Bo and Hope chained together with car exhaust beating down on their faces. Bo and Hope wiggle out of their chairs, then use oil to slip out of their bonds. As they bust out of the garage, they learn that Jesse's taken off with their new hybrid SUV. Now, Bo and Hope are out for blood.

In the Blue Note, Shawn reveals that he, too, was on the ship watching Belle and Philip. He explains that he invited Maya out so that Belle and Philip would not be noticed. Belle is relieved, but Shawn demands to know what she and Philip were up to. She finally tells Shawn that it's Philip's secret. She can't tell Shawn. Shawn tells Belle he understands, and Belle realizes she has the best boyfriend in the world.

Kate and Roman interrupt Sami and Lucas as they hug each other tenderly. Kate takes Lucas aside, demanding to know if he's falling for Sami? Lucas vehemently denies. Roman is also taken aback by Sami's change in attitude toward Lucas. After Kate and Roman leave, Lucas angrily tells Sami to stop playing whatever game she's playing. But later, uneasy, Lucas returns to Sami's room. Lucas tells Sami he loves her and they look like they will make love. It turns out it was only Lucas' fantasy. He leaves the hospital, still upset, without talking to her.

Also, Brady and Nicole go to the Blue Note. Larry calls Nicole asking for a gun. Brady overhears part of the conversation, but Nicole covers, claiming she is talking to a contractor. Impressed by Nicole's ideas for the Blue Note, Brady offers Nicole a job as the manager. After Brady insists he can get Victor to agree, Nicole, thrilled, accepts the offer. To Brady's surprise, she also asks for a $200 advance.

Kate and Roman go to the Blue Note after interrupting the moment between Sami and Lucas. Roman tells Kate he doesn't want her son, Tony's henchman, anywhere Sami. Kate takes offense, saying Sami's no saint either. Both agree to table the discussion and move on to kissing and more.

Tuesday, July 1, 2003

by Joan

At the DiMera Mansion Lucas fantasized about Sami coming on to him only to realize it was Cassie's voice he was hearing. Before leaving with the laser, Tony assigned Lucas to keep an eye on Cassie while he was away - but later asked Bart to keep an eye on Lucas. Tony entrusted the vial of unidentified liquid to Bart to send for lab analysis. Rex was put off a bit when Tony wouldn't answer his questions about it. It was then that Rex warned Tony of the laser's capability to cause an earthquake if misused.

Home at last, Sami was convinced by Marlena not to seek retribution on Tony. Hearing from Lucas that Sami was home alone, Tony paid her a visit. Saying she was tougher than the large diamond he'd brought her, he expressed hope for healing some day.

At the Kiriakis breakfast table, Nicole announced - without Victor's consent - that she would be helping manage the Blue Note. Seeing Larry outside the window, she was quick to leave as Brady read the news about Larry's supposed death. Brady was curious at Victor's over-protective nature toward his wife, just as Victor was curious at Brady's interest in her. But touched by Brady's caring for his grandfather, Victor conceded to letting Nicole work with Brady.

Brady left the Kiriakis Mansion to see Nicole leaving by car. He followed her to a secluded area where he watched as she was buying a gun from a stranger. At Marlena's office, John gave his wife the news that was leaving on an ISA assignment. Marlena guessed it had to do with Tony.

At the DiMera Mansion, Rex waited for DNA results from the hospital records Mimi had obtained for him. Downstairs, Cassie sweetly intimidated Lucas - warning he would regret saying 'no' to her, until he finally agreed. And on the DiMera Yacht, Tony was securing the laser - unaware that John was on the boat, too.

Wednesday, July 2, 2003

Lucas and Cassie go to the Dew Drop Inn, she turns off her cell phone so no one can bother them. Things become hot and heavy between the duo when Cassie gets a feeling her twin is trying to talk to her through their psychic like abilities. Lucas gets slightly turned off until Cassie reassures him that she is where she wants to be. They are eventually between the sheets. Rex learns that Kate Roberts is the biological mother of him and Cassie. Mimi tries to smooth things by complimenting Kate on her personality and telling Rex of the brothers and sister he now has. He realizes that Cassie could possibly be with Lucas, her new half-brother and tries to find her with his mind. His premonition tells him where she is and what room she is in. Mimi and Rex arrive at Room 4 and he busts down the door to find Lucas and Cassie in bed with only the sheets to cover them.

Sami plans a nice dinner for her, Will and Lucas. Kate and Roman stop by to give her a gift, a bell she can ring when she needs assistance. Will asks Sami if he can go visit his friend until dinner is ready, he leaves and Roman asks who the dinner is planned for, Sami doesn't respond, but tries to get them to leave. Roman gets a phone call that leaves Kate and Sami alone together. Kate is sincerely happy that Sami is getting better, but also lets her know that any scheme she has planned won't work. Sami gets mad and starts ringing the bell in Kate's face, which brings Roman back into the living room to calm the women down. Mimi arrives and asks if anyone has seen Lucas because Rex is looking for Cassie. Kate is highly amused that Lucas stood up Sami so he can be with Cassie. Kate and Roman leave as Sami feigns tiredness. Roman is worried about Sami, especially since Lucas didn't show up, Kate wonders why he is so concerned since neither one wants Lucas and Sami together.

Brady follows Nicole to the alley and watches her transaction of the gun. He comes up behind her asking what is going on, she yells at him for following her and lies and her whereabouts. Brady informs her that he was looking for her to tell her that she can work with him at The Blue Note, Victor agreed to the arrangement. Brady leaves and Nicole heads to the stables and Larry. She finds Larry asleep and kicks him in the foot to wake him up. She is unhappy because the gun doesn't have a silencer, but she can't get everything. Larry also informs her that the gun isn't loaded, she needs to find bullets. Nicole begins to get nervous, she doesn't want anyone to track the gun back to her and buying bullets in a store could get her caught. She goes back to the mansion to look for any stray bullets, once again, Brady comes up behind her demanding to know what she is looking for. They are arguing as Victor walks in wanting to know of the conversation.

Bo and Hope are eating at the Brady Pub. They get a call from Tommy, that Jesse is trying to sell their SUV. Bo informs Hope that the Fancy Face is sold, she is mad because they were going to do it together, but Bo got an offer he couldn't refuse and wanted to save Hope from any more heartbreak over the selling of their boat. Victor comes in to the Pub and breaks the news of Larry's death to the Bradys. They are happy and relived, just hoping it is true. Hope takes Zack upstairs while Bo and Victor talk awhile. Victor heard about their new job and wonders why Bo never asked him for money. Bo told him that he doesn't want to take anything from anyone; if it doesn't work out they can reassess their jobs and do something else.

Thursday, June 3, 2003

Days of our Lives was pre-empted due to Wimbledon coverage. This pre-emption will not effect the storylines and there will be no missed episodes. Regular broadcasting will resume on Monday, July 7th, where Wednesday, July 2nd's episode concluded.

Friday, July 4, 2003

by Joan

Days of our Lives was pre-empted due to Wimbledon coverage. This pre-emption will not effect the storylines and there will be no missed episodes. Regular broadcasting will resume on Monday, July 7th, where Wednesday, July 2nd's episode concluded.

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