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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of June 23, 2003 on DAYS
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Monday, June 23, 2003

John and Philip meet on the dock to discuss last night's mission. Philip says he thinks he can get more info on Maya by using a friend. John initially thinks he means Belle and is against it, but Philip explains that he was thinking of Shawn. John approves, but warns Philip not to tip his hand, and not to further involve Belle. They also discuss the fact that it is possible that Victor could be involved in this diamond smuggling, and Philip assures John that he can bring down his own father if he has to. Meanwhile, while Belle is waiting in the pub for Shawn, who's late for a breakfast date, Shawn is trapped in Mickey's office with Maya, who's coming on to him big time. Shawn extracts himself and finally hooks up with Belle. Later, while Belle talks to John, Philip tries to pump Shawn for info about Maya. Shawn thinks Philip's trying to make trouble between Shawn and Belle, and things get a little tense. After Philip steps away, Shawn tells Belle about his weird conversation with Philip. Belle corners Philip and demands to know what's going on.

Tony finds Lucas in Sami's ICU room, and both are surprised to see each other. Wrongly believing that Sami is fast asleep, Tony instructs Lucas to go down to the docks and spy on Maya as she arranges the shipment of the diamonds, as Tony doesn't trust her. After Lucas leaves, Sami pretends to wake up. Tony is trapped, as Sami glares at him, struggles to communicate. Much to Tony's chagrin, Sami writes a message to Tony: go to hell.

Rex comes to Cassie's jail cell. She's freaked out - not from having spent the night in jail, but from what Rex told her last night re: Tony and Marlena not being their parents and Roman being their father. Rex swears it's true, and explains how he found out. Despite Rex's attempts to comfort her, Cassie's world is crumbling. Meanwhile, Kate comes to see Roman at the office, and he tells her about Cassie's arrest - and that after she was brought in, she tried several times to call Lucas. Kate freaks that Lucas is being drawn further into the DiMera web, and vows to stop it. Later, Cassie is brought to Roman's office before her arraignment. Cassie takes one look at Roman and blurts: my father! Rex is terrified that the cat may be out of the bag, but Roman thinks Cassie is asking for Tony. Rex drags her out of the office. Kate wonders about their odd behavior. Roman comments that he has a gut feeling there's more going on with those kids than they know...

Brady is moving into the Kiriakis mansion. Nicole has a clandestine meeting in the stables with Russell Washington, one of Larry's henchmen, who's come to move Rolf's body and carry out the plan to spring Larry. Brady stumbles upon them in the barn, and mistakenly believes Nicole is having an affair with the guy. Nicole denies but is stunned when instead of reading her the riot act, Brady says he wouldn't blame her if she was, given the way Victor's been treating her. Brady goes and Russell and Nicole succeed in moving the body. Later, Brady returns to the stables and finds the trough of ice, and wonders what the hell Nicole is up to.

Tuesday, June 24, 2003

by Joan

While waiting for Vin Ramsell's arraignment, Bo was infuriated to learn that the D.A. was reducing Ramsell's sentence for turning State's evidence. Meanwhile, Hope was telling Alice about plans to sell the Fancyface. Advising Hope that the bad economy caused a loss of her trust fund, Mrs. Horton offered to make them a loan - but Hope refused. While Hope told Bo about their lack of funds, Ramsell called from jail - threatening Bo's life.

As Larry Welch was being transferred to another jail, the transport car was forced to stop for a woman's body on the road. As the guards assisted a well-disguised Nicole, Larry was escaping the car according to a synchronized plan. Moments later the car exploded, and as the guards checked the wreckage, Larry, Nicole and the henchman were driving away, planning Victor's demise.

At Brady's Pub, Belle told Philip her suspicions of his activities but could learn nothing. Discussing it later with Shawn, Belle learned of both Cassie's and Maya's interest in him. Belle said she felt nothing for Cassie. Intending to follow Philip, Belle left the pub, unaware that Shawn had followed her to the docks where Maya was inspecting a shipment.

At the DiMera Mansion, Cassie arrived home where Tony learned of her arrest for prostitution - furious that she hadn't called him. Later, Lucas's report about Maya's diamond shipment - part of which she had sent to Cayman - confirmed Tony's suspicions that she was working for someone else. When Lucas asked what Tony & Maya were planning to buy with the diamonds, Tony mysteriously replied, "Eternity."

Tony offered Rex assistance with his laser experiment - provided that Rex make the diamonds for Tony. Delighted with Tony's pride in his son - and the proposition of being part of the DiMera Family business, Rex embraced Tony, addressing him as "Dad." Later, Rex explained to Mimi that he had no intention of revealing Roman's paternity but wanted to know who his mother is - so he can bury the truth. Believing he was created by the DiMeras for the DiMeras, Rex felt he was fulfilling Tony's desire to have a son.

Wednesday, June 25, 2003

Nicole brings Larry back to the mansion and hides him in the barn, he isn't happy, but she tells him that there is nowhere else, she'll get him a gun as soon as possible. Victor and Brady spot Nicole leaving the house with a blanket and some food for Larry, she covers by explaining the items are for the horses. Larry makes her set up his hiding place; she gives in and arranges the feed bags so he won't be seen. Nicole storms in the house and upstairs, Victor wonders what is going on and goes to look for her, he wanders into the stables, just missing Larry in hiding in one stall. Brady finds Nicole ... in his shower.

Brady thanks Victor for letting him live in the mansion. Victor tells him that he is more than welcome and Chloe can visit anytime when she is on a break from her singing tour.

Sami summons Lucas to the hospital. She asks him to keep Will until she can go home. Lucas doesn't think she should leave until she is completely better, at least at the hospital there is someone all the time to assist her. Tony walks in and offers to help, but blames Sami for her misfortune. She tries to attack him, but Lucas calms her down. Marlena arrives and tells Tony to stay away from Sami; she wishes he would leave Cassie alone too. Marlena informs Lucas that Sami needs her rest and asks him to leave as well. She tells Sami that she can move into the penthouse, and Will too, while she recovers, however, Sami wants to go home and won't give in to any other options. Marlena concedes.

Philip follows Maya onto a ship and to a room full of crates. Philip doesn't realize Belle is following him until she demands to know what he is doing. He is mad that she is there and tells her to be quiet. Maya opens one of the crates and pulls out a small box, it contains glass vials with a red liquid, unfortunately, Belle makes a sound outside and Maya drops the vial, she immediately runs out of the room. Shawn has followed Belle, but gets into trouble himself when one of Maya's men finds him and pulls a gun. Shawn hits the guy and knocks him out, he finds Belle and Philip in time to see Philip looking at a vase, and discovering diamonds hidden in the bottom. All three hear Maya coming and they hide. Shawn realizes Belle and Philip are in trouble, he phones Maya and, much to his chagrin, invites her to the Brady Pub so they can talk business. She accepts eagerly and heads out the door. Her man recovers from his fight with Shawn and informs Maya of someone sneaking around, she tells him to start looking in the room she just left. The man hears Belle and forces her out; luckily Philip comes behind him and knocks him out once more. As they rush out the door, another henchman is waiting with his own gun.

Maya and Shawn find a table at the Pub. Maya thinks that Shawn is there for reasons other than business. Knowing this is the only way to help his girlfriend and best friend, he "admits" she is right and he would like to get to know her better and spend time with her. Maya suggests they go somewhere more intimate. John is at the Pub and calls Tony for a meeting. When Tony arrives, John points out Maya and Shawn and tells Tony that he knows all about his connection with Maya.

Cassie wants Tony's lawyer to drop the charges against her and to put the book to Roman. Tony refuses, telling her he won't do it; this has to play out on its own. Rex asks Mimi to help him find his real mother. Using her experience as a candy striper, he asks her to find all the Caucasian women between the ages of 35-55, because Mimi loves him she agrees. Cassie stops her on the way out, Mimi doesn't pull any punches and tells her that community service is good, but hope she doesn't have to clean Salem High toilets and also tells her that she is too mean to people. Cassie admits that she can get mean and the only person that likes her is Rex. She believes Tony only likes her because he thinks she is his daughter. Cassie thinks Marlena, even though she isn't her real mom, is the best mother she could ever hope for. Lucas comes in the living room as Mimi heads to the hospital. Cassie is having a drink and Lucas helps himself. He notices Cassie is upset; he puts the alcohol down and beings to kiss Cassie.

Thursday, June 26, 2003

Maya's henchmen threaten Philip and Belle's lives on board the ship. They manage to get away when Philip uses a tear gas infused wallet, but the henchmen track them down. A fight ensues in which Belle is injured. As Philip fights to stay alive, Belle recovers in the nick of time and uses a cargo hook to knock out his attacker. Philip and Belle desperately search for a way off the ship. As the net closes in, the only alternative to capture is jumping through a porthole and swimming to shore. Belle finds herself yet again half naked with Philip as they make their escape.

At the Brady Pub, Shawn meets Maya and is evasive when Maya suggests they go someplace more private. He covers his nervousness by claiming Belle's father is seeing them together. He wouldn't want Belle to find out he's seeing Maya before he's had a chance to talk to Belle. As Shawn leaves with Maya, he has to dodge questions from John. At the Blue Note, Shawn furtively leaves a message for Belle, but is caught by Maya. He successfully covers, but Shawn soon feels the heat as Maya licks chocolate off his fingers.

Meanwhile, at the Brady Pub, John confronts Tony about Maya, who he claims is simply an antiquities dealer. Maya and Tony have a veiled conversation about the diamond shipment being ready to go. Back at the mansion, Tony informs Rex and Lucas that Maya is double-crossing him, forcing Tony to speed up the process of creating faux diamonds. He will transport Rex's laser personally to his South American facilities. With the money he makes, he will be able to purchase something mysterious which will change all their lives forever.

Rex continues his harangue against the fate that has revealed he is not a DiMera. Being a DiMera means everything to him. He touches base with Mimi, who is investigating the DNA database to track down his mother, and Tony arrives to tell him he is proud of him.

Meanwhile, Lucas pulls away from Cassie after she makes it clear she wants to go to bed with him. Longing to belong to someone, Cassie gets drunk and picks up a man at the Brady Pub, but John stops him from taking advantage of her. Cassie lashes out at John and blurts that Marlena is not her mother!

Nicole scrambles to cover with Brady about why she's in his shower and how she got covered in mud. She drops her towel, hoping a look at her luscious body will distract Brady. Instead, Brady gently admonishes Nicole for using her body when she has so much more to offer. Nicole visits Larry who threatens to bolt without murdering Victor unless Nicole has sex with him. Empowered by what Brady said to her earlier, Nicole puts Larry back in line. Back at the mansion, she apologizes to Brady for her behavior, claiming she acts out because she's bored. Nicole impulsively begs him to ask Victor if she can go with Brady to the Blue Note. Touched by her needy desperation, Brady will see what he can do.

Friday, June 27, 2003

by Joan

At University Hospital, Sami dreamt of Tony approaching her bed causing her to run to Lucas for refuge. When she woke, she asked Marlena to have Lucas come.

At Brady's Pub, John misinterpreted Cassie's remark that Marlena wasn't her mother - thinking she meant Marlena hadn't raised her. Sensitive to her feelings, John offered encouragement about Marlena's love for the Twins. Reminding Cassie that she was cared about, John insisted that she go to see Marlena.

At the docks, John answered Philip's call and arrived to hear Belle asking how her father was involved with ISA work. John shocked Belle when he admitted being a spy. At the mention of Maya's name, Belle recalled Shawn was meeting with Maya - and left to warn him about her. At the Blue Note, May a was challenging Shawn for not breaking up with Belle. Just as he told Maya he would, Belle approached the table. Speaking privately, the two argued - Belle about Maya - and Shawn about Philip.

At the DiMera Mansion, Tony was planning with Lucas to bring Rex's laser onto his yacht, and clone the diamonds, when Lucas received the call to see Sami. Tony accompanied him to the hospital, but before Lucas went in - Sami woke to find Tony standing over her bed. Although Sami let him know he wasn't welcome, Tony reminded her she hadn't seen the last of him. When Lucas came in, he was surprised that Sami wanted him close to her. After showing him a message of "You saved me", she surprised Lucas further putting her head on his shoulder.

No sooner had Bo & Hope gotten their new vehicle but Bo received a call with a new bounty lead. But in trying to apprehend them, they were overcome by a number of thugs. Forced to surrender their guns, they were chained together with little hope of escape.

John's call to report Philip to the ISA for involving Belle was interrupted when Philip produced some smuggled diamonds. Additionally, Philip had found vials of an unknown substance - possibly chemical or biological. And at the DiMera Mansion, Tony had a visit from Maya - delivering a similar vial of the same substance.

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