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Passions Recaps: The week of October 22, 2007 on PS
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Monday, October 22, 2007

Esme is moving on or maybe not. She has just spent a lovely night with Jake, but something causes her to break down in tears. She tells Jake that she cannot see him any more because every man with whom she has ever been ends up dead. She thinks that she is jinxed. After Jake talks Esme out of her paranoia, they pick up where they left, but unbeknownst to them, someone in black, outside the bedroom, is spying on them. Esme and Jake decide to role play. She dresses up as a cowgirl and Jake as a cowboy. While Esme and Jake are on the bed spending quality time together, a person in all black is seen walking out of the bedroom.

Sheridan blames Luis and Fancy for losing Marty again. She feels that if Fancy had not barged in and delay meeting their contact, they might have had a chance to see Marty. Luis tells Sheridan that it may have been a set up, but Sheridan slaps him and tells him that it's all his fault. Sheridan orders Luis to stay the hell away from her because all he does is screw things up for her. She thinks that she will never see Marty again if she leaves it up to Luis. In addition, she tells him to go find his "whiny" little girlfriend and make her happy. Luis realizes for a split second that Fancy could be in danger since she went off looking for Sheridan and has not returned. Sheridan thinks that she may have stumbled on a lead that will take her to Marty. Luis and Sheridan split up and decide to go searching for Fancy. Luis finds Fancy's purse, and he is sure that Fancy is in danger.

Ethan tells Gwen that Jonathan is burning up and needs to see a doctor, but Gwen tells Ethan that the baby is fine. She refuses to let Ethan call a doctor. Ethan insists that he is the baby's father, but Gwen tells him that she is perfectly capable of taking care of their child. She tells Ethan that all he needs is a tepid bath. She gives Jonathan a bath, and he appears to be fine. Gwen tells Ethan that she is a first time mom, and she feels like everyone is judging her. In addition, she tells Ethan that she really does not like having Theresa around because she feels like Theresa is second guessing her, and in turn, Gwen takes it out on Ethan. Gwen tells Ethan that she was also afraid of telling him about their son because she thinks Ethan may not have wanted to be a part of their lives. Ethan can't believe that Gwen would think such a thing. Ethan tells Gwen that he loves Theresa and is marrying her and will be a family with her, but he will also be there for her and their son. Ethan holds Jonathan and cradles him in is arms. Gwen whispers to herself that Pilar will make sure that Ethan and Theresa do not have a future together. Gwen grills Ethan about Pilar to find out more about her. Ethan tells Gwen that Pilar is an admirable woman, who takes very good care of her family. Gwen tells herself that if Ethan knew what she knows, he would not be saying those things about Pilar. Downstairs in the kitchen, Pilar insists that Theresa stay away from Ethan, and Theresa doesn't understand why Pilar wants her to stay clear of Ethan. Furthermore, Theresa feels that Pilar was encouraging her to fight for Ethan, but now she is saying something different. Theresa is hell bent on telling Ethan the truth despite Pilar's warning. Pilar tells her not to, and Theresa concludes that Gwen has won and that she has lost Ethan. Theresa suspects that Gwen has something on Pilar, but Pilar does not admit it. Theresa wants her to work with her as a family so that they can beat this, but Pilar will not open up to her. She tells Theresa that nothing else matters because all she wants is to keep the family alive. Theresa is even more confused because she keeps getting resistance and bits and pieces of information from Pilar. Pilar tells Theresa that the person is far more evil than Alistair, and if she does not comply, the person won't stop until every single one of her family members is killed. Theresa is not satisfied with Pilar's warning. Nothing is going to stop her from being with Ethan. Pilar holds Theresa, shakes her, and tells her that if she does not stay away from Ethan, "he" will kill them all.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Paloma and Noah continue their investigation of Tabitha's house and in particular, the Timothy doll. Noah wants to believe that all the magical things that happened to them in the attic were caused by gas, or some other natural phenomenon, but Paloma prefers to believe that it was magic. She tells Noah that she will do anything to find her brother, so his name can be cleared of Fox's murder. She continues to investigate the Timothy doll, who starts emitting static noises. Noah tries to find a receiver or voice box, but there is none. Eventually the doll's words become clear enough for Noah and Paloma to hear it say that Miguel is protecting Endora and both are in great danger. As the doll directs them to Tabitha's magic water bowl, Kay comes in and overhears.

Earlier Kay had gone to see Fox. When she arrived at the church, Ivy greeted her and accused her of murdering Fox, then knocked her down with a fist. They each blame the other for every bad thing that has ever happened in their lives and proceed to engage in a name-calling physical brawl, eventually disturbing the casket.

While Kay and Ivy duke it out physically, Theresa and her momma, Pilar, duke it out verbally. Theresa cries and tells Pilar that she cannot live without Ethan. Pilar tells her she must, because there will be serious consequences if she does not. Theresa tries to get at Pilar's secret. She goes so far as to imply that Pilar was a bad mother because she did not go to Mexico to save her marriage and visit her daughter, Paloma. Eventually, Pilar's evasions lead Theresa to conclude that Pilar's secret has something to do with Mexico. Pilar continues to stonewall. She tells Theresa that what they face is much worse than Alistair and that the consequences of her secret being revealed could ruin the lives of everyone she loves. With the issue unresolved, they head over to the sanctuary to pay their respects to Fox. They stop the quarrel between Kay and Ivy, who both leave after tossing out a few more accusations at each other.

Theresa also leaves and muttering to herself later declares that she will not listen to Pilar, but will finally tell Ethan the truth, no matter what the outcome.

Back at the church, Pilar pours her heart out to God, unaware that Ivy is listening. When Ivy hears that someone else know Pilar's secret, she is stunned and comforts Pilar, who literally cries on Ivy's shoulder.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

In Tabitha's attic, Kay overhears the Timmy doll tell Noah and Paloma that they'll find the answers to all their questions in the magic bowl. Kay is determined to stop them, knowing the discovery that she's a witch will make everyone think she's a murderer on top of causing all sorts of trouble for her and Tabitha. As Kay chases after the floating bowl, which tries to evade her, Noah and Paloma walk in on her.

Sheridan finds Fancy's disregarded purse in the hooker hotel as Luis searches for her. They find Fancy tied up and unconscious in the closet, having been knocked out with chloroform. Luis desperately tries to revive Fancy, knowing it's his fault she was in danger. Though Sheridan pleads with Luis not to tell Fancy the truth about Marty, Luis says he can't keep lying to the woman he loves.

Theresa breaks up a tender moment between Ethan and Gwen, unwilling to let the love of her life slip away. As Theresa begins to reveal the truth about Little Ethan's paternity, Gwen interrupts, advising her to do as Pilar says, confirming Theresa's suspicions about who's pulling her mother's strings. When left alone, Gwen threatens Theresa not to say anything to Ethan, or it will be the biggest mistake of her life!

When Ivy asks Pilar how her secret got out, Pilar turns a questioning eye to her former friend and reminds her that she and Father Lonigan were the only ones who ever knew! Ivy swears she never told a soul, knowing it would be signing Pilar's death warrant. Pilar refuses Ivy's help, not wanting anyone else involved in the bloodbath that would follow if her secret got out! Current User Rating

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Ethan overhears Gwen telling Theresa it's over. When Ethan questions Gwen, she stuns Ethan by telling him it's to him and Theresa she's referring. Ethan is taken aback but Gwen covers by saying she means the nightmare between the three of them is over and that they can all move on, find happiness. Ethan thinks that is wonderful of Gwen, but Theresa glares at her, knowing she is lying. Once they are alone, Theresa tries once again to tell Ethan the truth. She says she wants to talk about his son, and when Ethan asks about Jonathan, Theresa replies, no...

It's a tense moments as Sheridan and Luis think Fancy has realized that Marty is alive but we see Fancy only thinks Sheridan is upset about the little boy Fancy saw because it reminds her of Marty. Fancy knows how difficult losing Marty has been for Sheridan. Sheridan completely breaks down, and Luis does his best to comfort her. Fancy registers the close bond they have over their presumably dead child.

An excited Kay thinks Miguel is trying to communicate with her through the Timmy doll, but soon realizes it's Tabitha up to more of her tricks ‚?" even though she's trapped in the paper bag. Kay again begs Tabby not to do any more evil just to get Endora and Miguel back from the Dark Side. Tabitha responds by zapping up the magic bowl of water so Kay can see Luis, Sheridan and Fancy at the hotel. Tabitha sends a magic bolt through the water to force Sheridan and Luis to fall into each other's arms in a passionate kiss and Fancy to return to the room to see them. Kay fears Luis and Fancy's love is doomed...

Ivy tells Pilar she thinks Kay killed Miguel as well as Fox/Pete/Tabitha and Endora. Pilar can't believe Kay is a serial killer, thinks Ivy is grasping at straws, but Ivy brings up Pilar's secret and reminds her that Pilar of all people should know how circumstances can force a person into doing something wrong. Pilar is still shaken and frightened that this mysterious event from her past has resurfaced and has put her and her family in danger. Ivy swears she hasn't told a soul Pilar's secret... so who is blackmailing her?

Esme is enjoying the company of her new "friend", the policeman assigned to shadow her. While Esme and Jake are engrossed in their romp, an unknown person sneaks into her room and plants a poisoned pin in the bed. The couple returns to the sheets and Jake is startled when something pricks his arm.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Passions no longer airs on Fridays. The show airs Monday through Thursday, with catch-me-up marathons on the weekends.

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