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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of October 22, 2007 on GL
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Monday, October 22, 2007

Rafe tells Alan about the abortion and he bails Rafe out. Meanwhile, Daisy confides in Gus about the abortion – then reveals that Rafe is in jail. Gus learns that Alan bailed Rafe out. Daisy sees Rafe and Lola together, and Rafe walks away from Daisy. Later, Gus and Nat point out to Rafe his part in being responsible for the pregnancy. Cyrus reminds Frank he's his best chance at finding Marina. Frank has a cop take Cyrus away and holds Alex for questioning. Meanwhile, Harley hands over the money to Griggs, and it is revealed that Griggs paid the cop off to deliver Cyrus to him. Marina refuses to leave without Cyrus, but he tells Harley and Marina to go ahead on the boat. Later, Marina rushes into Frank's arms, and it's evident that Cyrus traded in his life to save Harley and Marina's.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Reva visits Daisy and finds her sulking in bed. Daisy didn't go to school and tells Reva Rafe doesn't want her now, and that she saw him with another girl. Reva tells Daisy that she can't stay depressed and that she needs to move on with her life, and tells her to get dressed. Reva takes Daisy to the Spaulding mansion, hoping that Daisy and Rafe can talk. Natalia informs them that Rafe isn't there, but also makes it clear she's upset about what Daisy did. Reva sends Daisy back to her place to study, while she stays to have a chat with Natalia. Reva advocates for Daisy, and tries to get Natalia to understand Daisy's dilemma, but Nat stands firm in her position that Daisy was wrong for doing what she did. Reva, who is starting to get riled up now, picks up a vase and throws it to make a point that she is unpredictable. She then continues to point out how Rafe was also involved, and how Nat isn't so pure herself, having slept with Gus, who was married to Harley at the time, and thereby committing adultery. Reva finally gets Nat to see that everyone has to be responsible for his or her own actions.

Later, Reva talks to Buzz on Main Street, and have a friendly yet heated discussion about Reva's involvement in Daisy's life. Buzz tells her that Daisy should turn to Harley more, and Reva responds that Harley should be involved with Daisy. When they're done talking, Reva walks over to a private bench, and calls Jeffrey. She leaves an emotional message saying she misses him and wants him to come home. Later, Reva goes back to where Daisy is, finds her curled up in bed again feeling sad, and tries to help her move on. Daisy tells Reva how she has grown fond of Harley, and that is the reason she's having a hard time facing her about this situation (her abortion). Reva continues to encourage Daisy to talk to Harley.

Marina is recovering in the hospital; Frank and Buzz come to check on her. All three have an emotional reunion, as they are all happy that to see each other after Marina's kidnapping ordeal. Then, Marina asks about Cyrus, to see if he has returned yet, as he told her he would. Frank tells her that he hasn't. Marina is worried, and rightly so, that Griggs has Cyrus and that Cyrus is in danger, and pleads with Frank to send help for him. Frank said he did send help - the 2 weakest links on the police force. Marina tells Frank of how Cyrus saved her life twice and she loves him. When Frank says that she has loved before, she tells him this is different than the others. Harley shows up to see Marina and hears the heated and emotional exchange between Marina and Frank, and suggests that Frank take a break. Harley and Marina talk about Cyrus, and Harley knows that he is likely to be in danger, and agrees to go try to help him somehow.

Later, while Harley waits in the hall outside of Marina's room, Gus arrives to visit Marina, and also says he's there to see Harley too. Harley is socially friendly but emotionally distant towards Gus. He invites her to dinner, but Harley brushes him off, at first. Eventually, Harley agrees to call him later about it, and Gus leaves.

Griggs is holding Cyrus at gunpoint in an old church that is about to be torn down. Just as Griggs is about to pull the trigger, Cyrus starts to spout off some numbers and a password. Cyrus says he has information about accounts stored in his head, and if he dies, access to that money dies. Griggs starts to write down the numbers, and Cyrus tries to take his gun, but Griggs is able to keep him from doing that and hits Cyrus on the head with the gun, hard enough to give Cyrus blurry vision. Griggs writes down the info that Cyrus gives him, then leaves Cyrus tied up, while he tries to access those accounts. Alone, Cyrus starts to hallucinate about Marina, seeking her guidance as to what to do to get out of the mess he's in. Then, he hallucinates about Harley, trying to still figure out what to do.

Harley remembers that Griggs likes to use old, abandoned places to hide out, and gets information about all such places in the area. She then goes to the old church to see if she can find Cyrus there. She finds him, but before she can untie him, Griggs returns.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Inside the Light: A Piece of my Heart

Josh and Cassie go to see the doctor to find out if Cassie can have a baby. She has endometriosis. Because of advancements in technology, they think there is a chance she can get pregnant. As Cassie undergoes tests, Josh runs into Reva in the hospital lobby. After sharing photos, he tells her that Cassie is having surgery. Reva confronts Josh about how he's once again giving up his life and his needs so that Cassie can have something. He tells her that he's had a change of heart, but Reva disagrees. She thinks he's putting Cassie's needs ahead of his own.

Cassie has a nightmare about Alan trying to take her children. Beth is there when she awakes. In a medicated daze, Cassie tells Beth that her baby isn't Rick's child. Beth cannot get Cassie to awaken and verify what she said. Meanwhile Josh and Rick discuss how well their baby situations are working out. Beth approaches. Perplexed by Cassie, she tells the men that Cassie informed her that the baby is Alan's. Shrugging, she wonders why Cassie would say something like that. Rick and Josh agree that it's the anesthesia talking. Both men try to convince Beth that Cassie is just out of it.

After Beth leaves, Josh expresses how he doesn't like lying. Rick reminds him that Cassie can go to jail for switching the tests. In Cassie's room, Josh tells Cassie what she told Beth. Panicked, she wonders how they handled it. Josh admits that he didn't tell her the truth. Cassie apologizes for having him sacrifice pieces of himself for her. He brushes it off as no big deal. They all make choices and sacrifices. She asks that he is sure. He agrees and kisses her.

Later at the hospital, Cassie and Josh learn that the operation was a success. They have a long road ahead of them to conceive, but the doctor is hopeful. On Main Street, Cassie realizes that she doesn't want to go through the procedures. She feels bad making Josh sacrifice to have the baby, sacrifice his integrity to lie to Beth and sacrifice himself when he went to jail. He feels it's no problem because they are married. Cassie wonders about his dreams and wants him to just concentrate on the church. She has a new mission now. She wants to get Will back.

Apparently, Alonzo is in jeopardy of losing the crown and he uses Will as a prop to sustain a monarchy in San Cristobel. Will is miserable on the island. Cassie wants him back. Josh wonders what's worse, a year of fertility treatments or a legal battle. He reminds her that she signed all her legal rights away to the biological father. Cassie thinks she can find a loophole. She wonders if she is asking too much. Josh tells her no. While Cassie calls Will and gets his hopes up, Josh leave a message for Jeffrey. Meanwhile, Cassie lets RJ know they aren't having a baby any more. Now she wants to get Will back.

Reva comes by Josh's office. Josh informs her that they are no longer trying to have a baby. Instead, they are seeking to regain custody of Will. He explains the situation to Reva and asks her if Jeffrey can help them. He called Reva because Jeffrey is unreachable right now. Reva explains that Jeffrey is on a secret assignment for her and she can't talk about it. She wonders if they can wait for Jeffrey. Reva and Josh tell each other all they ever want is for the other to be happy. Reva tells Josh that he belongs in the church.

At the docks, Cassie meets Josh to let him know how excited about Will. She doesn't want to use him as a replacement for Tammy. She thinks that all the things that have happened have led her to this moment to get Will home.

In San Cristobel , Will plays with his fencing sword near a tiny gate like cage. Uncle Edmond is inside the cage. He asks Will if he told his mother about him. Will says no. Edmond asks if he told her how much he wants to come home. The boy nods. Edmond happily thinks it's just a matter of time.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

When Mallet comes to visit Dinah, she tries to pretend she's all better and ready to go home, but Mallet isn't buying it. When Dinah's manipulation doesn't work, she kicks him out. A desperate Dinah calls Matt for help, but he sheepishly admits that he's in touch with Vanessa again. Dinah gets an unexpected letter, slipped under her door, reading, "I can help you." Alex calls Marina gullible, telling her Cyrus did indeed keep the stolen money and then she slyly comments on the chemistry between Cyrus and Harley. Mallet shows up to keep Marina company, and the two bond over their respective lovers being in trouble. Mallet is driven to find Harley and Cyrus. Daisy flips out when some of the students are rude to her during her first meeting as Student Council Vice President. The students are about to have a new election, when Rafe intervenes and defends Daisy. She sees it all, and chases after him. Daisy confronts Rafe, saying she knows he still loves her and she pleads with him to get back together, but he can't bring himself to. Pretending to be Harley, Daisy calls the school and says Daisy will be missing from school indefinitely. Plotting Cyrus gives Griggs more Spaulding account numbers, but when Griggs leaves he reveals to Harley he made the numbers up. Harley and Cyrus try to escape, when an infuriated Griggs returns, knowing the account numbers were false. Griggs is just about to retaliate against Cyrus for lying when he starts having an asthma attack and it is revealed that Harley has snaked his inhaler. He wheezes and suddenly falls through a hole in the floor. A frantic Cyrus and Harley notice a flier he was holding and it reads that the very church they're in is to be demolished tomorrow.

Friday, October 26, 2007


Cassie is on the phone with Alonzo in San Cristobel trying to convince him that Will should come live with her now. She explains to him that the whole reason she let him stay there was to groom him now for the monarchy however now the political climate on the island is changing it that is not necessary. Her arguments do not seem to be working so Josh gets on the phone only be hung up on. Cassie begins to talk about fighting dirty against Alonzo. Josh suggests they work on character witnesses for Cassie instead. As they are working on it, Josh decides that they need someone who was around when Cassie was taking care of Will. Suddenly, Cassie realizes that he is talking about Edmund and objects. Cassie reminds Josh of every horrible thing Edmund has done. Josh assures Cassie that she will not need to talk to Edmund. All contact can be made through him or Jeffrey and the testimony can be handled in writing. Assured, Cassie agrees and then goes out while Josh makes the call. After going through a few channels, he finally gets in touch with Edmund who agrees to help on one condition.

Beth comes across Cassie at CO2 and asks to talk to her about what she blurted out about Alan and the baby. Cassie chalks it up to being confused by the anesthetic and Beth believes her. When Beth admits that Cassie's comment unsettled her, Cassie assures her that there is nothing to worry about. She and Rick will be good parents. Relieved, Beth asks Cassie about her plans to have a child. Cassie states that they gave up on that idea and talks about getting Will back. At that point, Josh arrives and tells Cassie that he was able to reach Edmund. Beth is appalled that they would seek Edmund's help and tries to convince them that this is a bad idea. When she leaves, Josh tells Cassie that the news is not good. Edmund agreed to help only if he can see and talk to Cassie. Cassie begins to consider it and Josh revealed that he already refused. Cassie is not quick to dismiss it saying she would talk to the devil himself to get her son. Cassie goes home to call Edmund. After expressing his condolences about Tammy, Edmund tells Cassie that he harbors no ill will. He admits that he was out of control but he did it out of fear of losing her.

Frank and Mallet are with Marina at Cedars when she is suddenly served with a subpoena. She needs to come before Internal Affairs against charges of impropriety in the charity scam. Marina wants to focus on finding Cyrus but Mallet convinces her that she needs to deal with this first and offers to go with her since he is a union rep. The group goes to the police station and is met by the IA officer and Doris. Frank accuses Doris of using this as a political ploy to get elected. Marina tries to tell them that she had no hand in the charity scam. Doris suggests that she knew about it which is just as complicit. Under questioning, Marina maintains that she was conducting her own investigation on her own time and that is why she did not tell anyone about the scam. Doris again accuses Marina of being in on the scam and wonders why she was on the getaway boat. She then wonders where the money is. Mallet accuses Doris of conducting a witch hunt to further her career and Marina states that she told Cyrus to return the money and Cyrus promised her he would. Doris does not have that much faith in his promise and states that when he is found he will be deported. Against Frank's protests, Marina is then stripped of her rank and an officer is to accompany her home to get her badge and gun.

Lizzie is with Billy at the hospital to see Dinah. Lizzie asks Billy about calling Bill and Billy states that received a text message from him. This piques Lizzie's interest and she asked if he has actually spoken with Bill yet. Billy admits that he did not since Bill's phone number has been changed. Lizzie wonders why Bill has not called yet considering that he has been fired and Billy states that he is probably out having a good time. They then enter Dinah's room. Dinah immediately thinks the pair is there to break her out but they tell her they are only there to visit on behalf of Vanessa. Dinah tries to convince Billy that her mother is wrong; that she does not belong there. She admits that ever since the shooting she has been "off" but that does not make her insane. Billy is reluctant though and leaves to go back to work. Lizzie stays behind to talk a little. Dinah confides about how unhappy she is at the hospital and states that sometimes she hears screams. She also mentions the mysterious letter she received earlier. The conversation turns to Bill and Dinah states that if he knew she was in her he would get her out. Dinah asks Lizzie if Billy was able to reach him. Lizzie states that Billy stated that according to Billy Bill texted him but she doubts that Bill knows about Dinah. After all it is not something you just text. Lizzie leaves and then places a call to Bill. She leaves a message stating that Dinah really needs him and tells him to call her right away. Meanwhile, Dinah is served lunch and is shocked to see a gardenia on her plate and tries to find out who put it there. Meanwhile, we see Edmund in the hall.

Cyrus is trying to find a way out of the old church but it is hopeless. A despondent Harley blasts Cyrus for having no clue about what he is doing. She starts railing about how she has not spoken to her kids in weeks because she was focused on helping him get Marina back. She laments that her daughter went through an abortion without her and now her boys are going to be hurt. .She yells that he has no idea what it is like to have someone depend on you for everything. Harley starts looking for a way out but this time Cyrus has given up and he suggests that she quit. He points out that he did not ask her to come back for him and wonders why she did. Harley brings up Marina and Cyrus admits that Marina has a reason-she loves him. What was Harley's reason? He states that she had a marriage and family, things he would love to half and she just left it to save him. Suddenly, the pair hears voices. It is the demolition team. The pair yells for help. Outside, Billy seems to hear something but dismisses it as nothing. He thinks about doing a safety check inside the church but is reminded that the building is in poor condition and it is too risky to send a team down there. After a lot of screaming and banging, Harley gives up-stating that they cannot be heard. Resigned, Cyrus tells Harley that she does not know everything. He tells her that he has a brother. Their mom died when they were young and he had to take care of him. Harley realizes that is like she and Frank. Cyrus points out that Harley was wrong-he does know what is like to have someone that depends on him; who you would beg, borrow or steal to take care of. Harley admits that she was wrong. It gets quiet outside and an upset Harley knows that is because they are getting ready to demolish the church. To distract a freaked out Harley, Cyrus gets her to play rock, paper, scissors for her house as they wait for the end.

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