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Monday, October 22, 2007

Richie saw Lily at the Yacht Club and began to talk to her like she was Ava. Lily explained who she really was. Richie seemed intrigued by Lily's blunt honesty and sat at the table with her. Lily stated that she had autism spectrum disorder. Lily felt different from everyone else because she frequently became overwhelmed and could not understand jokes or metaphors. Richie said that he too got overwhelmed and liked to go to a special place to calm down. Lily asked if it was a tree house, but Richie said it was a baseball field. Richie further stated that he too felt different from everyone else. Richie said that he used to count as a child to escape from the world. Lily became excited because she used the same coping method. Then, Lily explained that she was planning Ava's wedding because she had excellent organizational skills. Lily asked if Richie had a sister. Richie said yes, but that they were not as close as Lily and Ava. Then, Richie went to leave and Lily watched him exit with a smile on her face.

Annie called Ryan to let him know that she was stuck in the elevator with their children. Ryan could barely hear Annie, so he rushed home. Ryan realized that they were stuck in the elevator and pried the doors open. Annie was panicked because she thought that Richie poisoned Emma. So, they rushed Emma to the hospital. Joe looked at Emma and felt that she just had a stomachache, but Annie wanted the girl's stomach pumped. Joe did not want to perform this procedure since it was painful and traumatic. Still, Annie persisted that she wanted Emma's stomach pumped. However, Ryan realized that Emma looked ok, so he agreed that Joe should just give the girl a checkup. So, Joe took Emma for a checkup and learned that Emma ate a brownie that Richie gave her from weeks ago. Everyone was relieved because the brownie was just old, not poisoned. Then, Ryan called their apartment building and found out that the elevator incident was due to a power failure, not Richie. Still, Annie was upset because Richie was keeping them in constant fear. Ryan assured Annie that Richie would not hurt them.

Zach questioned Greenlee as to why she was at the hospital. Greenlee said it was none of Zach's business. Then, Julia came out to tell Greenlee that her doctor was going to be late. Greenlee walked away with Julia as Josh approached Zach. Zach asked Josh if he knew the doctor that Greenlee would be seeing. Josh said it was a fertility specialist. Zach was pleased that his plan seemed to be working. Then, Zach and Josh went to visit Ian. Josh admitted that he had reservations about fooling Greenlee. Josh did not want to emulate Greg Madden. Josh also warned that the plan could backfire. Zach did not care about the consequences and decided to continue with his scheme. Josh wondered how Zach could be so cold over tricking a woman about her fertility. Zach stated that he was fine with Josh withdrawing his involvement in the plan; however, Zach warned Josh not to judge him. Zach asserted that he had three good reasons for getting Greenlee out of Fusion, Kendall, Spike, and Ian. Zach said that Josh did not understand because he did not have a wife and kids that he would gladly give his life for. Meanwhile, Greenlee and Julia were talking as Greenlee waited to see her doctor. Greenlee asked Julia about fertility clinics. Julia gave all of the information she could and wondered if Greenlee was considering having a baby again. Greenlee was unsure. Julia understood because she too wavered over the decision, especially after Greg Madden misinformed her that she could not have children. Still, Julia encouraged Greenlee to follow her heart.

Kendall looked nervous that Aidan caught her sneaking into Greenlee's penthouse. Kendall claimed that she was dropping off a Fusion contract that she forgot to give Greenlee earlier. Aidan did not believe Kendall's story. Aidan wanted to know what Kendall did to Greenlee because he could not get in touch with her. Kendall asserted that she did nothing harmful to Greenlee. Aidan felt that Kendall was lying to Greenlee about a possible reconciliation. Kendall was infuriated that Greenlee told Aidan about their secret pact. Kendall then warned Aidan that he and Greenlee could not have a meaningful relationship because they both had terrible track records when it came to love. This did not deter Aidan from wanting to be with Greenlee. Aidan then demanded that Kendall leave Greenlee alone. Just then, Greenlee arrived home. Kendall handed Greenlee Bianca's old set of keys and apologized for using them to get into the penthouse. Greenlee smiled and told Kendall that she would see her at work. Then, Greenlee asked Aidan to hold her and they embraced.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Kendall tells Zach that she had Greenlee met her at the old condo so Greenlee could relive the moments before the accident. Zach says that Kendall should be focusing on the health of their children, not getting revenge against Greenlee. When Zach says Greenlee won't be a problem much longer, Kendall asks him to reveal the plans he has been hiding from her. Zach says Kendall needs to trust him, but he thinks that Greenlee will eventually latch onto to someone else for more attention. Kendall says she wants Greenlee to feel exactly how she is now – empty. Instead, Greenlee has her old job, a new boyfriend and Annie and Ryan on her side, Kendall says. Zach tells Kendall to let it go, but she has no intentions of doing that.

Greenlee tells Aidan that she is thinking of having a baby. Aidan immediately jumps to the assumption he impregnated Greenlee, but she explains that JR found out Zach may still have her embryos. When Aidan asks her if she still wants to have Ryan's baby, Greenlee says that just having a child is all she ever wanted. Greenlee tells Aidan that she would not reveal the paternity to Ryan, since the decision was originally made when she thought he was dead. Aidan says it is only fair to tell Ryan the truth, but Greenlee wants to see if JR's information is true first. Aidan tells Greenlee to be careful because JR might be lying or have his own motives. Also, Aidan tells Greenlee that she has to consider who would be the surrogate, who would raise the child and how Ryan would feel once he found out he is the father. Greenlee admits it is weird talking to Aidan about being a mom, but Aidan supports her. He says he wants to do some digging before she makes any hasty decisions. Greenlee gives Aidan a hug and he leaves.

Tad begins freaking out when he can't find Krystal so Julia comes to check on him. Julia says that just because Krystal was out all evening doesn't mean something bad happened. When Julia silently suggests Krystal may be with Adam, Tad refuses to believe such a thought because of everything Adam has put her through. Julia tells Tad he needs to be prepared, incase Krystal does not want to reconcile with Adam. Tad says he does not mind if Krystal dates, as long as its not Adam. Julia says that she is sure Krystal would support his dating decisions, but Tad doubts he will be getting hitched anytime soon.

When Krystal wakes up in bed with Adam, Krystal immediately realizes she left Jenny and franticly puts her clothes on. When Adam offers to call Tad, Krystal refuses, saying that Tad has no idea where she is. Krystal tells Adam that they will never end up together again, but Adam thinks they belong with each other. Krystal says that no matter how great a time they had, it does not erase the hurtful things they have done to each other. Adam apologizes for all his wrong doings, but Krystal tells him she promised Tad she would not keep Jenny around him. Adam claims Krystal belongs to him, but Krystal says the only person she belongs to is Jenny, and she is not taking her away from Tad. Before Krystal leaves, Adam asks if Stuart could come visit Jenny. Krystal agrees, saying she has learned a lot from Stuart's visits, and leaves. Stuart comes to see Adam and explains how Krystal kissed him when she thought he was Adam. Adam is thrilled to hear this news because he is sure Krystal still loves him.

Once outside the house, Krystal calls Tad and tells him she is on her way home. When Krystal gets home, Jenny is sleeping. Tad tells Krystal it is not his business what she does, but would appreciate a call next time she stays out all night.

Amanda and JR go to the Yacht Club, where JR is confident he is close to launching his new business with Ava as the host. JR claims he will make Amanda the vice president of his company once it is established. Amanda is not so sure Zach will finance the whole business, but JR says things are going smoothly and she will get her pay off soon. Amanda tells him she wants her money, not some fancy title, and walks off.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Tad was very upset with Krystal because she stayed at Adam's house and did not call. Tad felt that Krystal betrayed Jenny because she had sex with the man that tried to sell her daughter. Krystal wanted to explain to Tad, but he did not want to hear it. So, Tad locked Krystal in the closet because she needed a "time out." Krystal yelled at Tad to let her out and he eventually did. Tad apologized for his rude behavior. Krystal said that she could not help that her heart was drawn to Adam. Tad asked if Krystal was going back to Adam. Krystal said no. Tad was glad because he liked their arrangement. Then, Tad left and Stuart showed up. Krystal looked confused as to whether it was Adam or Stuart, but she let him in anyway.

Hannah went to see Adam at the mansion. Hannah brought all of the information that she found at Cambias. Hannah stated that JR and Zach were working on something together that involved Greenlee. This perplexed Adam because they all hated each other. Hannah then asserted that she would no longer work for Adam. Adam then divulged Hannah's secret, she was sleeping with Alexander Cambias while she was with Zach. Adam snidely asked if Ethan was Zach's son or brother. Hannah was furious. Hannah picked up a knife and lunged at Adam, but Adam grabbed the knife away. Hannah looked distraught and agreed to continue her work for Adam. Then, after Hannah left, Adam picked up Krystal's picture and kissed it. Meanwhile, Hannah went to The Comeback and saw Tad. They exchanged sultry glances.

Ava told Lily that she regretted getting a Mohawk. Lily said it would grow out eventually because hair grew six inches every year. Then, Ava noticed that Lily was smiling. Lily admitted to her sister that she met a guy at the yacht Club, Richard. Lily explained that they had many things in common, like an appreciation for numbers and an aversion to touching. Ava asked if Richard had autism too. Lily said no and that Richard could have sex, unlike her. Ava looked concerned, but was still glad that Lily found someone she liked. Then, Ava proposed that they make a pact with each other. Ava promised to discuss her crazy impulses with Lily before she carried them out. And, Lily promised that she would tell Ava if she was ever going to hang out with Richard again.

Ryan told Annie that he hired Richie. Annie did not think this was a good idea. Ryan explained that this would allow him to watch Richie throughout the course of a day. Then, Ryan revealed that he put a camera in Richie's office, but Annie still was not convinced. Annie thought that bringing Richie closer to their family could backfire. Then, Annie brought Emma to the Miranda Center. When Annie returned home, she saw that Ryan lit candles and bought champagne. Ryan wanted to celebrate the good aspects of their life. Annie was touched and they made love.

Babe and Richie ran into each other at the park. Babe did not want to speak with Richie, but he was persistent. Richie reminded Babe that when he wanted something, he did not stop until it was his. Babe said that she could not trust Richie. Richie apologized for lying to Babe about his identity, but explained that Annie lied too. Richie proceeded to tell Babe about how Annie perjured herself in order to have him incarcerated. Babe had doubts that Annie was capable of this. Still, Babe felt that if Annie did do this, then Richie was in town to get revenge. Richie stated that he did want revenge when he first went to jail; however, his shrink helped him to realize that this was not the answer. Richie claimed that he was in town to forgive Annie and repair their relationship. Then, Babe went to leave, but secretly stayed to spy on Richie. Richie took a pill and threw out the bottle because it was empty. Babe then retrieved the pill from the garbage. Babe text messaged Josh to ask him what kind of drug Richie was taking. Meanwhile, Richie went to work. Richie laughed at the workload he was given. At this point Ryan was watching Richie on the surveillance camera. Richie quickly realized that there was a camera in his office, so he smiled and waved at it.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Adam visits Krystal, pretending to be Stuart. When he asks her what needs painted, Krystal says the trim around the fireplace could use some work. Subconsciously, Adam thinks that Krystal knows he is not Stuart and wants her to admit they belong together. Krystal's thoughts wander to why she has not kicked Adam out of her life yet. Adam tells Krystal he heard that she was with Adam, but Krystal promises him it will never happen again. Krystal assures Adam that she does not have any romantic feelings for Tad, being with Adam hurts other people. When Krystal walks off, Jennie begins crying so Adam puts on some soothing music. He picks Jennie up and Krystal overhears him tell her that he has imagined picking her, even when he thought she was Charlotte. Krystal turns the music off and demands to know why he is there. Adam says that he just wants to help her get back with Adam, but Krystal claims the relationship is over. However, Krystal says that she needs "Stuart" to continue to visit and play with Jennie because it makes her feel better.

At The Comeback, Tad asks an attractive lady if she would like to play pool. The woman admits she doesn't know much about pool and offers to buy him a drink. Hannah, sulking in the corner, comes over and tells the woman she can "show her how its done." By this, Hannah means planting a kiss on Tad. The woman walks off and Tad is upset Hannah scared off his potential date. Over a plate of fries, Hannah tells Tad that a meeting she had didn't turn out so well. Tad is surprised, noting she seems like the woman who makes the rules. He admits he had a life-changing experience himself today. Hannah apologizes for the kiss, but Tad says it was a nice moment. Hannah invites Tad back to her home and he accepts.

Zach and JR meet at the park, but Zach is not happy that JR has not persuaded Greenlee to give up her shares. JR says he is trying to take things slowly with Greenlee, but Zach says Greenlee has been talking to a fertility expert. JR figures the entire plot to make Greenlee think her eggs were not destroyed was a fake. Zach says JR will get his money, Kendall will get peace and Greenlee will lose her dreams. He tells JR that someone is trying to cut him out of their plans, but doesn't reveal who. JR jumps to the assumption that Zach must be referring to Greenlee. As JR basks in Greenlee's misery, Zach tells him to cut it out. When JR doesn't listen, Zach grabs JR's ear and brings him to his knees. JR wonders if Zach has perhaps grown a conscious.

After a trip to Paris, Erica comes to see Kendall and Spike. She says that she stopped by the hospital to visit Ian too. Erica tells Kendall that Bianca and Miranda are wonderful and send their love. Erica says that she knows the trip to see Bianca was a way for Kendall to have some time to figure out things. Kendall says that Greenlee wants to raise a child and be a happy family with her. Kendall tells her mother she has been laying down clues and traps to prove that Greenlee is unstable. Erica worries the plan is too dangerous and begs her to give up. Kendall says she knows Greenlee is hiding something from her and is determined to find out. Greenlee admits that sometimes she wants to reconcile with Greenlee, but can't get past how she hurt Spike. Erica tells Kendall she will find out if Greenlee has any plans to hurt Kendall and rushes off. Kendall looks over Spike, saying that what she is about to do to Greenlee is terrible, but promises never to leave him. Kendall says that Greenlee is going to get exactly what she deserves today. Kendall packs a bag of clothes Greenlee bought for Spike and rubs prints of a small handgun. When Zach comes home, she quickly hides it under a cloth.

Greenlee goes to Jackson, seeking advice about her idea to have a child. Jackson is shocked at the news, but not sure how to respond. Greenlee begs him to say something, so Jackson tells her that she would make a great mother. Jackson says starting a family of her own would help her move past Spike's accident and torn relationship with Kendall and Ryan. Greenlee tells Jackson that she believes her embryos were not destroyed, so she can have Ryan's child. She claims the plan has nothing to do with Ryan, but refuses to let Zach take anything else away from her. When Zach suggests they get the police involved with Zach, Greenlee refuses because it will hurt Kendall. When Greenlee asks Jackson to keep quiet about her plans, Erica walks in before he can answer. Erica asks Jackson why Greenlee was visiting him, but Jackson changes the subject to avoid answering the question. Erica tells Jackson that Greenlee is planning on kidnapping Spike again.

Outside the bar, Aidan cracks into Zach's files to find out what he is up to. After leaving Jackson's Greenlee calls Aidan and offers to come help him crack the case. Aidan cracks into Zach's files, as Zach and JR find out what he has done. Zach tells JR that the information Aidan finds is not legit, but look good enough to lure Greenlee back to JR. Zach tells JR to get Fusion from Greenlee and he will get the rest of his money. Greenlee finds Aidan and looks over his shoulder to see what he has found.

Colby comes to pick up some food, but is not happy to see Hannah and Tad sitting and laughing together.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Ryan confronts Richie about the information found on pediatric hearing loss, wanting to know what his plans are with regard to Spike. Richie keeps his cool and says that he had a lot of time to himself when he was locked up, during which he found himself good at numbers. Now, knowing that he has to keep his nose clean, Richie thought that he would put his skills to good use and find some useful information for his sister and her family. Ryan doesn't believe him and tries to pressure him into revealing what his goal is when all is said and done, but Richie is less than forthcoming. He tells Ryan that he should just be grateful for the assistance and not let his feelings get in the way of helping his son. Ryan briefly glances at the information given, but is unimpressed. Instead, he makes it very clear that the only thing he wants from Richie is for him to go back to jail. Richie finally appears to give a little and tells Ryan that he won't be able to catch Richie just by simply watching him via the camera in the vent – in fact, when he decides to come at Ryan and Annie, it will be in a way that they don't see coming. Ryan takes that as a threat and tells his brother-in-law that he has it on tape and will use it when they finally bring charges against him.

Zach comes home early and tells Kendall to cancel all of her plans because he is going to whisk her and Spike up to the lake for the weekend. Kendall is vehemently opposed, and the reaction is certainly stronger than anything Zach would have expected. She realizes this fact a second too late and apologizes. She tells him that she and Spike have a play date, and that it's with a group of moms from the Miranda Center. She further explains that she is really committed to showing Spike how normal life is. Zach lets her reaction slide and tells her that he can pick her up when the play date is over, and they can all go to dinner. She rejects that as well, saying that she has to go to Fusion. Zach wonders why she can't put that off until Monday, but she tells him that everyone else has signed off on the Spring Launch and she is the only one holding things back. They go back and forth for a bit, with Zach trying to understand Kendall's behaviour and wondering if there is anything that he can do to help. Kendall finally says something that makes sense – she is afraid that if she isn't ever diligent, or if she ever drops the ball when it comes to Spike, Greenlee will take advantage of that weakness and try to hurt her again. Zach makes a promise that Greenlee will never have that kind of power over her again.

Erica continues to harp on Greenlee's obsession with Spike. She admits the belief that she shares with Kendall, where Greenlee will try to kidnap Spike again. Jack assures her that the things Greenlee talked to him about had nothing to do with Kendall or Spike. Not being able to let go, in the name of protecting her children as she always does, Erica insists that Jack tell her what he and Greenlee were talking about. Jack refuses to break his confidence with his daughter and begs Erica not to ask him for such things. Erica then changes tacks, and talks of a job opportunity to become a CEO for a company in the fashion industry in Paris. Jack once again rebuffs Erica, refusing to let her run Greenlee out of town. Erica swears that he has her intentions wrong, and says that she simply thinks that as a brilliant businesswoman, Greenlee would be great in the position. Jack doesn't believe her, and Erica finally gives up, saying that if Greenlee doesn't leave town, she and Kendall will rip each other apart. She thinks that Greenlee is a powder keg ready to explode, and notes before storming out that everyone seems to get that but Jack.

Outside of The Comeback, Aidan and Greenlee confirm, per the file found in Zach's system, that the embryos believed to be destroyed in the blackout are actually still frozen, and ostensibly still viable. They take a short walk over to the park and mull things over along the way. When they get there, Aidan asks Greenlee why she thinks Zach would hold on to her embryos for years, only to be lax enough to let her find out about them now. Greenlee speculates wildly, never truly alighting on anything helpful. Aidan is skeptical about the existence of the eggs in the here and now and Greenlee is upset that although he did a lot of work, he still wants to convince her that it's all a pipe dream. He tells her that he only has reservations because it seems that finding the information was a bit too easy, and he is worried about her getting hurt. Greenlee is grateful that he cares about her, but is still willing to believe that the child she wanted with Ryan could still exist. In anger, she says that she wants to confront Zach for his betrayal, but Aidan doesn't think she will get anything out of it. He tells her that Zach is capable of simply lying to her face and calling her delusional, something that many people would readily believe. Realizing he is right, she tells him that perhaps Zach could lie to her, but wouldn't lie to his wife. She hurriedly picks up her phone and dials Kendall. When Kendall answers, the two make plans to meet up at a different part of the park. Greenlee starts to hint to Kendall about the things that she needs to tell her, but Aidan ends the call prematurely. He tells her that it would be a mistake to let Kendall in on her information because when it all blew up, there would be no guarantees that Zach wouldn't just make her embryos disappear for good this time. Greenlee begs him to find her embryos but when she still picks up on his resistance, she thinks that he is procrastinating because the resultant children would be hers with Ryan. Aidan tells her that he isn't bothered by her past. He promises that he is just trying to avoid causing her any pain, and that they won't stop trying to get at the truth.

After ending her phone call with Greenlee, Kendall tries to make a hasty exit with her son. Zach starts to hand her the diaper bag, and once again Kendall overreacts. She stumbles a bit, and then quickly tells him that she has a great costume for Spike but that she wanted it to be a surprise. Uneasily, Zach lets the conversation drop, but as he watches his wife race out of the door, his expression says that he didn't believe anything that she had told him.

Annie stands at the bar of The Comeback and tries to figure out if she's getting the silent treatment. When she finally gets Babe to talk, she wishes that she hadn't, as Babe starts to grill her over whether or not she really sent her brother to jail for a crime he didn't commit. Annie tries to get out of the details by saying that her past with her brother adds up to a long story, but to Babe, that is just another way of admitting culpability. She goes on to berate Annie for the stunts she has pulled, including pretending to be killed. Annie doesn't want to hear Babe's condemnations because she knows that Babe isn't operating with full disclosure. Babe, however, is on a roll, and demands to know if Annie knew her brother was sick. Annie, believing Babe is referring to his mental state, says that she has known that about her brother since they were young. Babe corrects her and says that she is referring to a physical illness. Annie thinks that perhaps Richie made up something, but Babe relates how she saw Richie throw a prescription bottle in the trash. She admits that she retrieved the bottle and got in touch with a doctor she trusts to find out what the medication was for. Knowing that she now has Annie's complete attention, she asks if Annie really wants to know what is killing her baby brother.

On the patio at the Chandler mansion, Adam grills JR about the upcoming launch of his network and JR tells him that it will be up before Christmas. Adam notes his belief that the business will never get off of the ground because JR chose to use Zach as his financial backer. JR is stunned that Adam found out this information but is able to recover quickly. He vaguely denies that truth, but Adam won't let go. He admits that he knows whatever dealing his son has with Zach also involves Greenlee, and says that he is worried for JR. He suggests that JR partner with him and that they buy Slater out so that JR can avoid having the job he is doing for Zach from being held over his head for the rest of his life. He goes on to talk about how the Chandlers are pulling back together as a family – Colby is coming around more often, he and Krystal spent some quality time together – all he needs is to reconnect with his son. JR reminds his father that he asked for his support when he first came up with the network idea, but Adam laughed off him and the idea. Now, with JR doing things his own way, no one will get physically hurt but he will get all of the seed money he needs to make his dream venture come to fruition. Adam thinks that both JR and Greenlee will be stung by the time all is said and done, but JR thinks that Adam's resistance is just because he can't stand the idea of his son being successful on his own. Adam tells him genuinely that he doesn't doubt his son's abilities; rather, he thinks that JR isn't ready to play games with a master manipulator. JR quickly retorts that he was raised by a master manipulator, and takes his leave.

Greenlee waits for a while at their meeting spot, but when Kendall fails to show, she walks off to see if she can track her business partner and her son down. Kendall appears a few minutes later and, thinking that she beat Greenlee, decides to get herself situated. She parks Spike's stroller so that it is facing away from where she predicts the action will be. She then removes the gun from where she had buried it in the bag, but then swiftly hides it again when she hears someone approaching. She starts to speak as if she knows it is Greenlee, but when she looks up, she is surprised at who she sees.

Erica visits the Chandler home and tells Adam that she needs to do something horrible and says that he is the only person heinous enough to help her with the task.

Annie shows up at Richie's office and much to her husband's surprise, asks her brother when he planned on telling her that he is dying.



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