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Monday, October 29, 2007

At Brooke's house, Ridge and Brooke continue to talk. She tells him she knows how hard this is for him, that she knows he made a commitment to Ashley. Brooke says, "Truth is what matters. I think you want to make a life with me and I think you were ready to say so before but are you now?" Ridge tells her that he is afraid she'll see what she wanted with Nick again, walk away and nothing will hurt him more. Brooke tells him she won't argue him out of the way he feels. He tells her he's not finished, that he'll always love her and he was lost when he tried to give her up, he felt like a part of him was gone. Finally, he tells her that he chooses her. Brooke cries out and they hug. She tells him "let's go upstairs and you can lay with me." Ridge feels it's too soon for anything physical, but Brooke talks him into it. They go upstairs and he still continues to protest it's too soon, he doesn't want to hurt her but she tells him to make her forget about Andy and that he was the last one with her. After they've made love, Brooke tells Ridge she belongs to him. They talk about how they were meant to be and Brooke calls him her white knight and Ridge thanks god for bringing her to him.

In Eric's office, Stephanie says to Donna, "You slut. You turned the rockets on your chest on my son; thank god he had the brains to turn away from you. This old fool doesn't." Donna replies, "That's right, the rockets and I never had it so good." Stephanie tells Eric that Donna is transparent and Eric says "Yes she is. She tells me her agenda up front." Donna tells Stephanie that she is more interested in making Eric happy than Stephanie miserable. Stephanie tells Donna she's fired and Eric says to Stephanie "no, no, you're fired." Stephanie is shocked and he talks about how Donna helped him get the company back. Stephanie tells him "the important thing is it's a family business and we got the business back. It's a family business that began with my father's money."

Donna tells her the family business is over and that Eric and Eric alone is the new owner. Stephanie tells Eric that his little dalliance will be over in a month and he'll be back and she'll probably accept him back, but tells him to be discreet as she is still his wife. She turns and looks at him and says, "Unless the marriage was bought and sold while I wasn't looking?" Eric informs Stephanie of the contingency in his buying the company back; how he owns it solely provided he divorces her. Donna turns and tells Eric she loves him and to remember how he is a better person without Stephanie. She leaves and Eric and Stephanie exchange more words about Donna.

Stephanie doesn't believe the clause will hold up in court and Eric tells her he gave his word and he intends to keep it. He takes off his ring, puts it on the desk in front of her and she asks if he wants a divorce. He tells her he wants a separation. Then he tells her to move out of the house as she is the one who left, not him and she agrees to move into a hotel. She throws in his face his past relationships, twice with Brooke, Sheila and Lorenzo. She downplays his relationship with Donna. He tells her he'll never forget what they've accomplished together but he doesn't wan to go to his grave wondering why he wasn't happy. She tells him, "no babies. I don't want any half-Logan's running around my house. I'm not sure I have the strength to fight an even younger rival, but I'll find it." Eric gets mad at her. She tells him "what goes up comes down and when it does, I'll be there to hold you because this isn't you."

In Thorne's office, he's clearing stuff out to send to storage so he can have his office back. Katie shows up with lunch for both of them. She tells him she went to Brooke's, peeked in her windows and saw something intense going on with Brooke and Ridge. Katie makes a comment about all the single guys being taken and he says he's not, he's only seeing her and she tells him to keep it that way. Both of them smile. Donna walks in and comments about them being a couple and asks if they are sleeping together. She says "you're a better idea than we were" and Thorne replies "The Titanic was a better idea than you and I." Donna says, "If I can be happy for the two of you, why can't you be happy for me and Eric.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

At Forrester Creations, Stephanie took Donna by surprise in Eric's office. Donna went into the office hoping to fine Eric. Instead, Stephanie had a few vicious words for her.

At Brooke's house, Ridge and Brooke were in bed together after making love. Ridge and Brooke were planning their life together. Ridge had told Brooke earlier that he wants to reunite with her rather than marry Ashley. Ridge told Brooke that she is his life. Ridge told Brooke he has loved her most of his life. Ridge‘s happiness over Brooke was overshadowed with the thought of having to break Ashley's heart with the news that he is back with Brooke.

While Ridge was still in bed with Brooke, Ashley telephoned him on his cell phone to let him know that she had arrived home. Ashley asked Ridge to go over to her home. Ridge agreed to go to Ashley's. Ridge's intention was to inform Ashley that he had reunited with Brooke.

Later at home, Katie noticed that Brooke seemed to be getting closer to Ridge, Katie noticed Ridge's car at Brooke's and allowed them to spend the time alone. Katie told Brooke that she is friendly with Thorne and Donna is sleeping with Eric. Brooke was worried about what would happen when Stephanie found about Donna's affair with Eric. Katie pointed out that Stephanie already knew about Donna and Eric.

Ridge arrived at Ashley's. Immediately by Ridge's kiss and behavior, Ashley could tell that Ridge was about to call their wedding off. Ridge apologized to Ashley and explained that he had reunited with Brooke. Ridge explained to Ashley that he has loved Brooke most of his life. Ridge explained they always get back together. Ashley questioned Brooke's loyalty and whether she would turn to Nick again. Ashley told Ridge she was not going to be happy for him, but hoped he would be happy with Brooke.

Back at Forrester Creations, Donna and Stephanie battled it out verbally. Stephanie told Donna she was the flavor of the month and Eric would never marry her. Their battle turned physical when Stephanie slapped Donna. Donna ultimately told Stephanie that Eric would divorce her and that she would be left alone out in the cold.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Ridge and Brooke are in her living room talking about his break-up with Ashley. Brooke reassures Ridge that he did the right thing and how it was for the best. Ridge says, "She deserves more than my honesty, she took a chance on me and got hurt. I made promises to her and Abby." Brooke tells him that its better she knows rather than wondering and worrying. She asks Ridge if he feels he made the right choice and he says he did. She smiles and tells him that it has taken them a long time but it is finally happening for them. Ridge leans over and they kiss.

Taylor is sitting on her hospital bed with her suitcase open and folding baby clothes. Bridget walks in with her discharge papers. They make small talk about the baby's condition and Bridget comments about how strong the baby is; Taylor replies that he gets it from his father and throws an item in her suitcase. Then she gets upset and says to Bridget how she chose the hospital and her because they both made her feel comfortable, how Bridget consoled her when she found out she couldn't have a baby and encouraged her to look at other options. Taylor is crying and Bridget tells her she did it because she knew how much Taylor and Nick wanted to have a child together. Taylor tells her that she thought so too but she has to wonder. She comments how Bridget has been involved in her treatment since the beginning and that when they found out her eggs weren't viable, Bridget told her there was a mistake with her tests. Bridget tells her that this time the mistake was an accident.

Bridget explains to Taylor how it happened and wants to know why Bridget, her doctor, friend, confident and baby's godmother, never told her and would she ever have been told. Bridget tells her she would have run tests on the baby when he was born and maybe Taylor was better off not knowing. Bridget sticks her foot in her mouth when she apologizes to Taylor and tells her it was a clerical error and Taylor turns on her and screams that she is tired of hearing that from the hospital, Brooke and her. She tells Bridget that she finds it strange that the person who handled the whole in-vitro process happened to be the daughter of Brooke Logan and also had a history with Nick. Bridget starts to tear up and tells Taylor not to go there but Taylor reminds her how she gave up her marriage for her mother. She then questions Bridget about whether she is expected to believe it was a coincidence. Bridget tells her it was not intentional and that she can hold her accountable and proceeds to tell Taylor, who rolls her eyes, that she became a doctor because of her and how she admired her. Bridget then talks about how she had looked forward to delivering Nicole and how she felt she had the perfect family with the baby and Nick and then she watched it all disappear. She reminds Taylor that she still has her family, her baby is still alive and she needs to bond with him. She tells her that once she does, nobody can question who the baby's mother is.

Brooke's doorbell rings and she opens the door to Nick. She tells him that she and Ridge are back together and that Ridge is upstairs with their son; it is what she wants for good this time. Nick wonders if it is after all that has happened. She quickly explains Ridge knows and he understands that the lab made a mistake. They talk about how the baby is doing and Nick tells Brooke that baby's name is Jack; Brooke comments on how Nick must have chosen the name. Nick then asks Brooke to bank some blood in case they need it in the future so they won't have to bother her and Brooke agrees. She inquires how Taylor is handling it and Nick says she has a lot of questions.

Nick asks Brooke if she will sign over her parental rights and Brooke tells him that while Jack will always be special to her, he belongs with Nick and Taylor so yes, she will sign. Brooke tells Nick that while she is connected to the baby; she is not connected to him. Nick reminds her they created a baby together and how the baby is a part of both of them.

Ridge walks down the stairs and asks Nick what he wants and Nick tells him that he and Brooke had a few things to talk about. Ridge tells him he can call next time and Nick asks him if it's his house. Ridge informs him that he and Brooke are back together and they are moving on with their lives and to do everyone a favor and get on with his.

After seeing Nick out, Brooke comments to Ridge how he wasn't very sympathetic and that Nick is worried about the baby and not them and also tells him why he was there. Ridge feels that the hospital should be contacting her and handling it, not Nick and Taylor. They talk about the issues Taylor is having and Ridge as well with who Jack's biological parents are. Brooke tells Ridge that the only ties she has are to him and their family.

Back at the hospital, Nick and Taylor are looking at Jack through the nursery window. Taylor worries about how Brooke will be tied to him forever because he has her DNA. Nick tells her that Jack is named after their parents and that he will go home and grow up with them. He also reminds her that it is their names on Jack's birth certificate. Taylor turns to Nick and asks him when he looks in the baby's eyes, if he sees Brooke. Nick tells her that what he sees is the same thing when he looks into her eyes, his future and family with her and how Jack Hamilton Marone is their little boy. Taylor finally repeats that it is there baby and as they hug, they each have worried looks on their faces.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

At the hospital, Brooke, clad in a shiny red halter dress, checks in on Baby Jack in the neonatal unit. Bridget finds her and says she needs to sign over her parental rights. Brooke says she'll sign, yet she hangs around the nursery window a little longer. Bridget spills it that Tay is pretty confused and upset. Bridget has to leave, and hands her mom the papers adding, "Sign them now."

At Forrester, Felicia questions Ridge about baby Jack and he spills the whole unbelievable egg story/marrow transplant with Felicia. She says they need a good lawyer, but Ridge sys they all want to go on with their lives. She scoffs that that will be difficult.

At Nick and Taylor's house, Thomas, Phoebe and Jackie greet Nick and Tay as they arrive home from the hospital. The visitors have a million questions about the donor, the transplant and the baby's health, but Tay is quiet, and Nick tries to stave off the questions. Taylor goes to bed. Brooke visits and brings the legal documents saying they offer a guarantee that baby Jack is Taylor's baby. Brooke signs, but Taylor looks at the papers and silently stares at Brooke.

At the old Spectra Fashions, C.J. sits at a dust-covered deck and pulls out photographs of Sally and the team. He reminisces about Sally, Saul, Darla and Clarke at fashion shows – all looking so young and happy.

Clarke enters and asks why Sally is selling the company. C.J. tells his dad that the owners went bankrupt so the company reverts to Sally and she wants no part of it since she is living in San Tropez with plenty of cabana boys. C.J. says the phone is ringing off the hook with buyers, but Clarke asks him to hold off on a sale. Clarke drags Jackie and Nick to Spectra to meet C.J., and Nick says they're not buying, but C.J. hands Nick some papers claiming it's a bargain. Clarke tells Nick the Forresters never beat Sally. He pulls out a pirate flag as Jackie starts to smile, and Nick says, Oh no."

Friday, November 2, 2007

In Taylor's bedroom, she has slammed down the parental rights papers on the table. She walks to the cradle and reminds Brooke the child is half Brooke's and that DNA is a powerful force. Brooke tells her that love is also. Brooke pleads with Taylor to love and accept the baby and then slips and tells her, "I need to know you can take care of my son." Taylor points out the mistake and Brooke apologizes and tells her it was just a slip.

Taylor tells Brooke she thinks they all need to sort out their feelings before they go signing any legal documents. She says how with the donor it was anonymous so she felt it was her baby but now that she knows it's Brooke's she's not so sure. Brooke comments how she thought all the bad blood was behind them and Taylor tells her she knows she loves her kids and what a good mother she is so she does not know that Brooke can truly walk away from the baby. Brooke tells her she is willing to do this but she just needs to know if Taylor can promise her that she is willing to love this child the way he deserves to be loved.

Brooke tells Taylor that her future is with Ridge while Taylor's is with Nick and Jack. She also tells her that she won't have to keep looking over her shoulder as she and Ridge are committed and he is dealing with this and they are in love. Taylor wonders if Brooke is trying to convince herself instead of Taylor and if it's because she's trying to do the right thing or because she's afraid of losing Ridge. Brooke tells her the little boy is Taylor's and she hopes that she will be able to welcome him into her heart completely. She then begs Taylor to just sign the papers. Taylor refuses and walks away. Brooke turns and tells her she doesn't understand and Taylor tells her that the paper doesn't change anything; it's the fact that the real mother is known - to Ridge, Nick and herself. She asks Brooke how she is supposed to get past it and then she tells Brooke she's tired and wants to rest and asks Brooke to leave. Brooke looks worried and stares down at the legal document but then turns and leaves. Taylor sits down at the end of her bed and cries.

Bridget pops into Ridge's office as he's working on designs. She congratulates him on reuniting with Brooke and then brings up Taylor's baby and says she hopes it's not going to be a problem. Ridge asks, "Hearing that the woman I am planning a future with now has a baby with the man I detest? What problem?" Ridge gets up and starts to walk away and Bridget reminds him the baby belongs to Nick and Taylor and he tells her Brooke told him the same thing and he believed her. Bridget comments how she wishes Taylor could believe it too.

Bridget and Ridge sit down in his office and they continue to talk about Taylor. Ridge is worried about how Taylor must be feeling. Bridget informs Ridge that Brooke has the documents to give up parental rights and she went over to Taylor's with them and that once it's signed, everyone's minds will be at ease. Ridge looks surprised to hear this news.

Nick, Jackie and Clarke are walking around Sally's old Spectra office talking about buying the company. Jackie says how they can compete with the Forrester's and Nick reminds her he sold the company so he didn't have to compete. He inquires who their designer is going to be and Jackie and Clarke smirk and Clarke says "Eric Forrester, he does all the work, we make all the money". Jackie walks around the office getting excited and she hits the wall and puts a hole in it. Clarke runs out to get a trowel and while he's gone, Nick looks at Jackie and asks if this is about Eric leaving her for Donna. Jackie tells him it's not about revenge, that she is finding herself that the "Real" Jackie M. is going to come out and going to come out swinging.

Jackie tells Nick how she climbed her way up and thought she had it but she has nothing, she is nothing more than a glorified shop girl and it's time for a change. She tells him that the days of the Forrester's being the only game in town are going to come to an end. Clarke walks in and tells Nick that if anybody can do what Sally did, it's Jackie. Nick tells them he is in, but as a silent partner, that he'll put up all the cash but it's all Jackie's. Jackie smiles and salutes Nick and tells him his baby at home needs his full attention. As Nick is leaving, Clarke tells him he won't regret it and Nick responds that he probably will.

Jackie is walking around in her "new" office and picks up the mike for the intercom and pushes the button and announces "Calling all Forresters, you'd better watch your backs. The games are about to begin." She's walking around smiling when Clarke returns with a poster of Sally and Jackie tells Sally's picture that whatever beach she is resting on, she hopes that she drinks to their success. Jackie then tells Clarke that the company will be called "M"; for "mysterious", "magnificent" and "money", lots and lots of marvelous money. She tells Clarke, "This is a force to be reckoned with. When Lady M and her super boy (Clarke) take off, the Forresters aren't going to know what hit them."

Brooke walks into Ridge's office and he walks in behind her. He tells her that Bridget told him she went to Taylor's and asks how she is about the papers. Brooke tells Ridge she signed them and that Taylor watched her do it. She talks about how Taylor is struggling and having a hard time bonding with the baby. Ridge asks if it is because he's in a sterile environment and Brooke tells him it's because of her although legally it is Taylor's child as she gave birth to him but she's having a hard time feeling like his mother. Ridge comments how it might be different once she brings him home. Brooke asks, "What if Taylor can't be a mother to that little boy?" Ridge asks her who will then and Brooke looks concerned and says she thinks she'll be fine because she is a strong woman and she'll be able to bond the way she needs to. As she finishes, neither she nor Ridge look convinced.

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