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Monday, October 29, 2007

Gwen and Will are told by the lady from the adoption agency that they aren't candidates because of Will's psychiatric history. Gwen is devastated and tries to explain the circumstances, but she tells them that no agency will let them adopt. Gwen gets very upset and rants about how she and Will would make wonderful parents but Will intervenes and the lady leaves. Barbara arrives and is outraged that the agency rejected them, but Gwen tells her that her surprised reaction is not genuine. An out of control Gwen screams at Barbara because she made it sound like the adoption was a done deal, this was all her fault and she is a bad mother. She told her that she should have checked it out more and storms out of the room. Barbara is very upset and tells Will that she is going to fix this, but Will tells her she can't and should leave.

Later, Gwen wants to make love but Will tells her it's too soon. He tells her that has to call Paul to let him know they won't be able to make it to the wedding, but Gwen says no- Paul is family and he might be the only family they have left. As she is getting ready for the wedding, she looks at a box of baby shaped cookies that were given to her and the doorbell rings. Gwen answers to find a mom with her trick or treating children and in her arms is a baby. Gwen says nothing and just stares at the baby. Will comes in and happily comments on the children's costumes. Gwen snaps out of her stare and gives them the cookies.

At the Lakeview Aaron is upset to hear that after being fired Sofie left town. He goes back to work at the bar to find Iris ordering a drink. He buys her some drinks in return for information on Sofie's whereabouts. Now tipsy, she tells him the she doesn't know exactly where she is, but knows she is far away from Cole and that she paid her to leave town. After she and Aaron trade unpleasantries, she storms out of the bar and walks into Barbara who angrily tells her to stay away from her family. She accuses Iris of stressing Gwen out so much that she lost her baby. Iris tells Barbara that she is no great mother herself since Will had been in the loony bin. Iris remarks that Gwen and Will can adopt, but Barbara says they can't. Iris realizes that it's because of Will. Barbara says nothing and Iris tells her that she is right- it is because of Will, but Barbara tells her she won't discuss it with her. Iris tells her that she is going to go talk to Gwen but Barbara grabs her and tells her not to. Iris pulls away and tells her that maybe she can fix things for Gwen and leaves. Barbara tries to call Gwen to warn her, but Gwen doesn't answer.

Aaron gets a call from Sofie. She tells him that she is alright and that she is in Chicago. He tells her that he knows about her taking the money from Iris. He tells Sofie that she had no right to push her around like that. Sofie tells him that Iris said there was nothing there for her in Oakdale, but Aaron tells her that she has people that care about her; like him. He asks for her address so he can go visit her, but she balks at this idea and tells him she has a job interview and must go. After hanging up, she contemplates calling him back, but changes her mind. She takes the newspaper she was circling jobs in and throws it in the trashcan revealing her now flat stomach.

Barbara arrives back at Will and Gwen's and is surprised to see they are going to the wedding after all. She starts to apologize but Gwen tells her that it's not her fault and apologized to her for telling her she was a bad mother. She tells her she has been more of a mother to her than Iris ever was.

In Old Town Cole meets up with Iris. He asks her for a little more money so he can go to California, but Iris tells her his family needs him here. Drinking together from a flask, Cole and Iris conspire to how to fix their problems.

Jack is shocked by Carly's marriage proposal. She tells him that she is feeling stronger and being married would help her. Carly tells him that she thought it was a good idea since he and Katie's marriage is over and he obviously still has feelings for her - but Jack is upset that she would even ask him with the ink on his annulment still wet. Jack tells her he understands that she wants to give the kids stability before she dies, but he can't pretend his marriage to Katie didn't mean anything, because he does still loves her. He tells her he feels very committed to her and the kids- more now than ever and he is not going anywhere. Carly tells him that she doesn't want to pressure him in anyway. Jack suddenly remembers that he needs his suit for Paul and Rosanna's wedding and asks where his suitcase is. Carly tells him that she put it in her room because she just figured he would be sleeping there with her. Jack tells her that what happened in Montana can't happen again; they can't go back to a time where he loved her and only her. Parker and Sage come in ready for the Halloween party. Sage mistakenly thinks Carly and Jack are getting married, but Parker rudely tells her that she is wrong. Jack explains to Sage that he and Carly aren't getting married and wants to know why she wants them to get married so badly. Sage tells him that if they get married Carly won't be sick anymore. She tells him that miracles happen and if he and Carly get married they can all live together happily ever after. Brad walks in to hear Sage's words and warns Jack that would be the worst thing he could do. Jack sends Sage to wait in the car. Brad tells Jack that he knows what is going on and that if he marries Carly it will be under false pretenses. Carly hears this and intervenes. She tells Jack that she wouldn't want to use her illness to guilt him into marrying her. Brad snidely tells her she would never do that. She would only say yes to marry him if he really wanted to be her husband again; no matter how brief or long it would be for. Jack tells her that she doesn't have to explain. He leaves her with Brad so he can take the kids to a Halloween party. After he leaves Brad is disgusted with her. He tells her that she is pushing this too far and everyone is going to get hurt. She tells him that she needs to make things up to her kids for messing things up when she left with Simon and she has just one more chance to do this. Brad tells her that Jack doesn't want her anymore, but Carly disputes this. Brad tells her this is all going to blow up in her face. She begs him to help her- she desperately asks him for any suggestions. He tells her it's her problem but she needs to figure it out fast- he just wants Katie to be happy. Carly again begs Brad for more time, but he tells her he is not making any promise and leaves.

In Old Town Jack drops the kids off for the party. After they go he is holding Katie's ring and painfully remembers her taking it off. Parker alone approaches Jack and apologizes for being rude earlier. He notices Jack holding the ring and comments that he must really miss Katie. Back in the car Jack looks at his wedding band and sadly takes it off.

At WOAK Katie throws her wedding album in the trash, but Brad tells her not to. He tells her that Jack still loves her, but Katie wants to know why he didn't fight for her. Brad mutters to himself about feeling guilty, but quickly tells Katie that it is Jack that feels guilty and thought that she wanted out of the marriage. Katie said that she told Jack that she didn't want the annulment - but he signed it anyway. Brad hugged Katie trying to comfort her. He tells her there is something he needs to tell her- but she rejects his offers of comfort because she doesn't deserve it. She shouldn't be thinking about herself when it's Carly who is sick. But Brad tells her that she is wrong; Katie is the one being shafted not Carly. Katie tells him that however bad her life is- Carly has it worse. Brad tells her that she has a right to be sad too. Katie tells Brad how amazing he has been, but Brad assures her that in time she will hate him again. Katie laughs and hugs him. He tells her he has to go do something that he should have done sooner- and before leaving he tells Katie how nice it has been with her liking him. Kim witnessing their hug commented on their closeness. Katie told her how helpful Brad has been, but Kim told her that from now on she ought to just help herself. She tells Katie that she is very vulnerable since breaking up with Jack and if she hooks up with Brad she might use him and dump him. Katie is astonished that Kim thinks she will break Brad's heart. Katie tells Kim that she and Jack got an annulment. Kim is very sorry and tells her that she needs to get away from the distraction of Brad for a while. Katie tells her that she needs to work since she is alone now, but Kim tells her that what's worse than being alone is filling that empty spot with the wrong person.

Katie looks through her wedding album crying, Kim asks her if she is having a change of heart. Katie said that she doesn't want the pictures but plans on asking Jack if he wants them.

Alone now, Carly cranks up the stereo, opens a beer and dances around her living room trying to figure out what to do about Jack. Outside with the wedding album in hand, Katie debates whether or not to knock on the door to give it to Jack. After mulling it over, she decides to just leave it outside. She then sees Carly through the door dancing and drinking beer.


Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Meg admits to Emma that she's pregnant, and she doesn't know if the father is Craig or Paul. Meg forces Paul to meet with her. Meg pretends she's not feeling well, and finally gets rid of Craig. Craig returns, and Meg is gone. He is suspicious when he finds the newspaper clipping about Paul and Rosanna's wedding. Craig runs into Paul, offers him a wedding gift, and an olive branch. Paul won't accept, as Rosanna admits she's insecure about Meg to Barbara. Paul comes home and promises Rosanna that nothing can ruin their wedding. Paul meets with Meg, who declares that she won't let him marry Rosanna. Katie tells Brad that she just saw Carly exercising. Brad downplays Katie's suspicions about Carly. Alone, Brad calls Carly with a warning: Katie could catch on to Carly's scheme. Carly hopes she can make Jack propose tonight. Out in the hall, Katie questions a nurse and finds out Carly's doctor is rumored to have misdiagnosed a patient. Carly asks Jack if he regrets losing Katie and he admits he'll never be completely over her. As they prepare to give readings at the wedding, Carly hopes she gets a second chance with Jack just like Rosanna got a second chance with Paul. Carly and Jack arrive for the wedding. Jack sees Paul slipping out, asks where he's going. Alison inadvertently tells Bob Chris is back with Emily. Bob wants Chris to consider a job at the hospital. Emily happily goes off with Chris. Alison confides in her mother. She wants to turn her life around like Emily did. Kim and Susan are shocked when Chris and Emily show up at the hospital Halloween party together. Susan tells Emily that Alison's been through enough. Meanwhile, Kim privately expresses reservations about Chris seeing Emily. Emily has a strained talk with Alison about putting the past behind them. As Chris leaves the party, he promises his parents he'll think about staying in Oakdale.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Lily bids farewell to her kids as they head out to trick or treat with Holden as she stays at the farm to look after Luke. Luke asks Lily why she isn't going along with the girls and tells her that he knows her marriage to Holden is essentially over. Lily confirms Luke's suspicions and admits the two are having serious problems, but she assures that the trouble between the two has nothing to do with Luke. She promises Luke that she and Holden will work together to help him recover. As they finish their conversation, Noah arrives and tells Luke he is there to visit with him. Lily leaves the two alone and Luke tells Noah that he can go enjoy his Halloween, but Noah claims he wants to be with Luke. Seeing Luke's sadness over his disability, Noah asks Luke to tell him about his best memory of Halloween on the farm. Luke reluctantly shares his memory of his 7th Halloween and his memory induces a smile that is short lived when Luke breaks a glass. When Noah suggests the two go to the Old Town fair, Luke becomes angry and yells that he doesn't want to be seen in a wheelchair being dragged in and out of a truck. Luke watches as Noah leaves for the night and Lily encourages her son to let Noah help him have a good time again.

Lily convinces Luke to go to the fair and he lets Lily take him. Once there he finds Noah and the two try to grab a table, but Luke refuses Noah's help again and misses the chair when he tries to move from his wheelchair to the table. An embarrassed Luke asks Lily to take him home where she explains that Noah cares for him and just wants to help. Luke calls Noah and Dusty brings him to the farm so the two can talk. Luke apologizes for snapping at Noah and pushes him into admitting the fall freaked him out. Luke tells Noah he doesn't want to be in a relationship with him when he is "like this." Outside Lily seeks comfort from Dusty about Luke's condition and he tells her to stop being so tough on herself. Lily tells Dusty she appreciates that he is there for her during all of her recent problems.

Roxanna welcomes Carly and Jack to her pre-wedding reception just as she receives a phone call from Craig asking if she is married yet and questioning if Paul is with her. When Craig tells her that Meg is unaccounted for, Rosanna rejects the idea that Meg is with Paul, but when Craig's prodding continues her suspicions become aroused. Rosanna becomes flustered by Craig's suggestions and runs out to look for Paul.

Meg and Paul continue their confrontation in the cemetery where Meg asks Paul not to marry Rosanna and reaffirms that there is a chance the baby she is carrying is his. She drives the point home by asking Paul what he would do if he found out later Craig was raising his child. Paul tells Meg that he doesn't care who raises her child; leaving Meg to try to convince Paul that the baby is his and he really does care about her and the baby. Paul rejects the idea that Meg's baby is his so Meg tells him she will get a DNA test to prove it. Paul cries over his past fantasies of what his life could have been with Meg had she not turned to Craig, but she tries to convince him they can still have a family and children together. Paul reminds Meg about his commitment to Rosanna and she questions whether it is better for him to end things with Rosanna now or wait until after they are married. In the meantime, Rosanna has found the two at the cemetery and listens in on their conversation. Paul tells Meg he won't walkout on Rosanna on his wedding day and he has decided that Rosanna is his future. Meg assures Paul that if he marries Rosanna he will regret it, especially if the baby she is carrying turns out to be his. Meg continues to try to convince Paul, but he finally yells at her that they are over and he is committing himself fully to Rosanna and tells Meg to go be with her husband. He leaves Meg in the cemetery alone crying.

Meg returns to the hotel and Craig and finds out that he has put a bid in on a house. Craig questions whether Meg really wants to be with him. He tells her that she cannot take her "walks" anymore and shouldn't put their baby at risk. He explains that he is doing all of this because he loves her and he just wants her to realize they can have anything they want.

Back at the wedding reception Jack and Carly share some sweet moments and are complemented by a photographer about being such a handsome couple. The two smile at one another and continue to grow closer. When Rosanna fails to return, Jack decides to go out and look for her and Paul so that the ceremony can continue. Rosanna returns to the house and Carly asks her what is going on, but she tells her everything is fine that she has pre-wedding jitters. When she heads out to get dressed she runs into Paul who has returned from his stand-off with Meg. She asks if he still wants to marry her and he says he does and that he has always loved her.

Katie finds out from a nurse she used to work for that Dr. Evers has been put on indefinite leave because he misdiagnosed a patient. When Brad enters the room she asks him if he knew about the misdiagnosis. Brad is stunned by the question and listens as Katie continues asking the nurse if she knows who was misdiagnosed. The nurse doesn't remember the patients name so Katie decides to investigate further by asking around the hospital. Brad tries to persuade Katie not to look into it any more and she reluctantly agrees. Brad gets Katie away from the hospital by taking to the Old Town Halloween fair and gets her to promise to forget the idea that Carly is the patient who was misdiagnosed. Brad coaxes Katie into bobbing for apples and the two share a good time at the local fair. Brad tells Katie he has another surprise for her and the two head out to the cemetery for a Halloween spoke. Katie starts to talk about Jack and Carly, but Brad tells her stop and pretends to be a vampire to try to get a laugh out of her. Jack stumbles on the two having fun in the cemetery and looks away dejected.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Jack watches Brad and Katie, then leaves. Brad and Katie have a close moment, from which Katie pulls away. Carly calls Brad and asks if he can get Katie out of town. Brad protests that he doesn't want Katie to go and Carly suggests he go away with her. Katie tells Brad she's decided to go away but when he offers to go away with, she declines. Jack confides in Carly that he saw Katie and Brad together. She asks if he's jealous and he admits that he is. Paul asks Rosanna if she still wants to marry him. The minister starts the wedding ceremony. Rosanna passionately vows that nothing and no one will ever separate Paul and her again. Paul and Rosanna exchange rings and kiss. Rosanna says she'll never let him go and they begin to make love. Meg accuses Craig of trying to control her and the child. Craig declares to Meg that he wants to be a better husband and father. When he asks if there's anything she needs to tell him, she lies and says no. Meg can't make love with Craig, and he's content to just hold her and their child. Will and Gwen return home from the wedding, as Barbara meets up with Iris. Iris reveals to Barbara that she's found a way to get a baby for Will and Gwen, but it'll cost her. Iris suggests Barbara pay for Sofie and Cole's baby and give the baby to Will and Gwen. Will tells Gwen he loves her, but she's hopeless that they'll ever have a family.

Friday, November 2, 2007

At Carly's house, Jack wakes up on the sofa to the smell of a delicious breakfast that Carly has made for him. It again makes him realize that lately, he's been forgetting how sick she is. Carly credits Rosanna's wedding with giving her something to hope for and fueling her energy. When Carly asks if the wedding brought back memories for Jack, he says it did, but when she asks if it was enough to make him wish they were the ones getting married again, Jack says that would send the wrong signal to the kids. Carly says doing something symbolic like that would show the kids that she believes she still has a future, and it might be enough to put her "right over the top." Before Jack can answer, Carly's phone rings; it's a lawyer, Nelson Hotchkiss, representing Dr. Evers concerning Carly's recent misdiagnosis, and he wants to know if she can meet him at the Lakeview in 30 minutes. When she hesitates, the lawyer offers to come by the house, so Carly changes her mind and says she'll go meet him. Jack asks who was on the phone, and Carly says it was the pharmacy telling her a prescription was ready to be picked up. Jack offers to go with her to get it, so they go to Old Town together, but Carly tells Jack she wants to go into the bookstore first to buy him a present. Jack says he has some things to do, too, so they separate, and Carly goes to meet Mr. Hotchkiss at the Lakeview. There, the lawyer says Dr. Evers wants to open a new practice in Chicago and doesn't want anyone to know about Carly's misdiagnosis, so he's prepared to offer Carly a generous settlement in exchange for complete confidentiality. Carly tells the lawyer that she can't take the money, saying she knows Dr. Evers didn't do this on purpose. As she holds the check the lawyer has offered her, Jack walks up, sees her and the high-dollar check, and asks, "What's this?"

At Emma's, Brad calls the Bahamian hotel where Katie is staying to order a spa package for her, telling them to tell her it's from an anonymous fan. Emma thinks Brad must have a guilty conscience about something. Brad says he's planning to become the star of "Oakdale Now" with Katie gone, but Emma says he's never been that ambitious. Brad ultimately confesses that he thinks he has a chance with Katie now, and Emma cautions him that going behind a woman's back is never the way to win her heart. Brad leaves to go to the studio, and Jack arrives, looking for Katie. Brad tells him Katie left town, and when Jack is surprised she didn't tell him, Brad points out that Jack didn't tell Katie when he was going to Montana with Carly and that Jack and Katie are no longer married. Jack tells Brad he still loves and cares for Katie, and he's not going to stand around and watch Brad use her. Brad says Katie doesn't want or need Jack to be her bodyguard and suggests Jack spend time with someone who does want him around, like Carly. Jack tells Brad he saw him at the cemetery with Katie and that Katie doesn't need a fifth-grader in her life, and Brad tells Jack maybe what Katie needs is someone fun who won't hurt her. Jack leaves, and Brad calls someone and orders the largest stuffed bunny they have sent to Katie in the Bahamas along with a card saying he and Snickers miss her very much; he has the card signed, "Your buddy, Brad."

Will wakes up and realizes Gwen has already left their house. He goes looking for her and finds her sitting on a bench in Old Town . She asks him again if he's sorry that he ever married her, since she's the reason he can't have children of his own. He says he doesn't need children, that as long as he has her, he'll deal with the rest. He points out that Paul and Rosanna just got married despite knowing that they can never have children together, and he says that's because love is all that matters, and Paul and Rosanna have all they need, just like Gwen and Will do. They go back home, where Gwen decides to go lie back down for awhile. Barbara arrives, bringing cranberry scones for Gwen, but Will says Gwen's not eating or sleeping, and he tells his mom that he's afraid he's going to lose her because of the whole adoption thing. Barbara says they can still try a private adoption, but even Will doesn't think that's likely to work out. Barbara leaves and calls Iris, arranging to meet her at Al's, where Iris is eating with Cole. Iris introduces Cole to Barbara, and Cole tells Barbara that Sofie will be willing to give the baby up for adoption once she knows the baby will go to a good home. Barbara says the only way she'll agree to this is if they don't tell Will and Gwen who the baby's parents are, saying she'll hire an attorney to look for a baby, and part of the deal will be that the birth mother will never contact the adoptive parents. Cole and Sofie will give the baby up at birth and never come into contact with him or her. Iris points out that Cole will be the baby's uncle, and Barbara says he can be a distant uncle who forgets birthdays and Christmas presents. Cole says he understands and tells Barbara his terms are that he is paid in 3 installments: once up front, once after Sofie agrees to the deal, and once right after the baby is born. Barbara says he'll get the first installment after she hires the lawyer. Barbara returns to Will and Gwen's place, where she gives them the good news that she's found a private adoption lawyer who doesn't see any reason they can't adopt a baby very soon.

Meg has a nightmare about Craig keeping her baby from her and wakes up terrified; Craig puts his arms around her and tells her everything's okay, because he's got her now. Craig gets up and gives Meg some herbal tea and tells her he has a cutting-edge medical technology project at work that she might want to get involved with. Meg tells Craig she's feeling queasy and says she thinks she'll go see her mom, because Emma always has a home remedy for everything. Meg arrives at Emma's, where she nibbles on a ginger cookie and tells Emma that Paul went ahead and married Rosanna anyway, despite her attempts to persuade him not to. Meg tells her mom that she's going to have a paternity test done by having a CVS (chorionic villus sampling test), which can be done safely much earlier than an amniocentesis can be done. Emma asks what Meg will do if the test proves this is Craig's baby, and Meg says she'll make the best of it, but Emma is doubtful that Meg can stay with one man when she loves another. Meg says Craig is trying hard to be a better person and that he wants to prove he can be a better father, but seeing Bryant's grave the night before made Meg realize how awful it would be if the same thing happened to their child. She thinks the baby has to be Paul's because she feels like this baby was conceived by two people who love each other very much, but Emma says that's just wishful thinking, and she needs to find out the truth.

At Fairwinds, Rosanna asks Paul what he was doing talking to Meg in the cemetery right before their wedding the night before. Paul asks how long Rosanna was there, but she tells him she didn't hear them talking, she could just see how intense they seemed to be. Paul says it was Meg's last-ditch attempt to stop him from marrying Rosanna, but he says what Meg said meant nothing to him. Rosanna says she believes him. Craig arrives, bearing his wedding gift, and he offers it to Rosanna since Paul wouldn't take it from him previously. He suggests the 4 of them should get together and celebrate when Meg's feeling better; concerned, Paul asks what's wrong with Meg, but Craig assures him it's just morning sickness. Paul tells Craig he thinks "never" would be a good time for them to get together to celebrate, and Craig says he thought Paul would be in a better mood considering he just got married. He leaves, and Rosanna and Paul go to Old Town , where they run into Meg, who congratulates them on the wedding. After she leaves, Rosanna asks Paul to pick up some thank-you cards she ordered, and after he leaves, Rosanna calls her private investigator and tells him she needs to see him immediately; when he arrives, she tells him she wants him to follow Meg 24 hours a day and tap her phones, and she wants him to pay special attention to anything concerning her pregnancy.

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