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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of October 29, 2007 on DAYS
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Monday, October 29, 2007

Lucas refuses to give Sami a divorce so she can marry E.J. Sami is afraid the DiMeras will come after the babies or her family. Lucas convinces her he'll protect them, but later Sami dreams that her family is dead because she didn't marry E.J. Sami wakes up screaming and tells Lucas she's getting the divorce -- with or without his help.

E.J. finds Kate looking at her newborn grandchildren in the hospital nursery. He asks her to help him make sure the divorce happens. Kate is tempted but refuses. She relates how Lucas let her hold one of the babies and she's not going to do anything to jeopardize their fragile peace. Then the nurse changes the name cards on the babies' bassinettes from Roberts to Horton. A hurt Kate tells E.J. she'll help. He thinks they have to convince Lucas that Kate's life will be in danger if the vendetta doesn't end. Kate reluctantly agrees.

Max tells Nick and Billie that Chelsea is missing. In private, Nick gets a phone call from a frightened Chelsea, who is being held hostage. A man gets on the phone and tells Nick to meet him at an abandoned building and not to tell anyone. Nick arrives and is upset when he realizes Artemis and DeMarquette have followed him. He tells them to hide and then finds Chelsea in a room, standing on top of a bomb. The man tells him to hand over the boys, and the two men struggle. The man gets the upper hand, throwing Nick into the room with Chelsea before taking off to chase the boys. Nick and Chelsea are left to deal with the bomb.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Nick and Chelsea find themselves trapped in a room with explosives. A heroic Nick devises a way to get Chelsea off the bomb without triggering it. They succeed, but then the bomb begins to beep. Nick prepares to shield Chelsea with his own body, but at the last minute, the two are rescued by Umar Abboud, the man with the scar who came for the boys weeks ago. Umar explains he's here to take the boys back to their country and protect them. He had been waiting to smoke out the bad guys, who have now been caught.

Nick says farewell to the boys while Billie and Jett attend to Chelsea. Jett asks why Chelsea has been avoiding him, and she claims she's just been busy. He asks to meet up for dinner sometime, but she avoids a direct answer. Back safely at the sorority house, Chelsea tells Nick he is a hero and they share a huge kiss. She asks him to be her date to the Halloween party that night, and he is ecstatic that they are back on track.

Max notes Ford's aggressive behavior with the sorority girls and takes particular notice of Cordy's fear of him. Max confronts Cordy and asks her if Ford is the reason she's dropping out of college. She says she's just tired of school. Not buying her story, Max warns Ford that he better not have hurt Cordy. Max shares his concern with Morgan, who thinks Ford is harmless.

Steve and Kayla are startled when Stephanie shows up at their place in the middle of the night. She's an emotional mess and bursts into tears over the state of her life. Steve gives his daughter some time alone with Kayla. Stephanie confides to her mom that she went to a party and made out with some guy she didn't even like. She regrets her behavior because she did it to spite Max. She was angry with him for flirting with Morgan. Kayla advises Stephanie to forget about Max and concentrate on school. Later, Steve arranges for Adrienne to hire Stephanie at the Cheatin' Heart so she can spend time with Max. Alone, Stephanie breaks down in tears, saying she needs Max now more than ever.

Wednesday, November 31, 2007

Kate watches as E.J. shoots a round of bullets into her car to make it look like she was a near-victim of the vendetta. The co-conspirators hope this will convince Lucas to give Sami the divorce. Later, Lucas learns of Kate's "drive-by," and he races off to see his mother. Roman takes Kate's statement about her "attack." He's slightly suspicious when some of the details don't add up. Lucas arrives and Kate is thrilled with how concerned he is. In private, he presents his mother with a gun and tells her to keep it.

Back at the hospital, Lucas tells Sami about the attempt on his mother's life and agrees to the divorce. Sami wants to leave for Santo Domingo that night, before anyone else gets hurt. At the mansion, E.J. informs Stefano that he might be the father of one of Sami's twins. Kate arrives to report that her and E.J.'s scheme seems to have worked. Kate warns him he'd better not double-cross her or she just might fire her new gun in his direction.

Belle confesses to Sami that she slept with Philip. Sami asks her sister if she has real feelings for Philip. Belle insists she loves Shawn, and then suggests Sami is the one who is torn between two men. Later, Bo shows up to convince Sami not to marry E.J., but she is undeterred.

Bo and Hope comfort a grieving Marlena. They ask if they can do anything to help her, and she says yes – find John's killer and stop Sami from marrying E.J. Wells. After Bo leaves to talk to Sami, Marlena gives into her rage over John's death

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Sami and Lucas have arrived in Santo Domingo to get a 24-hour "quickie" divorce. At the hotel, Lucas makes a last-ditch effort to talk Sami out of going forward with the plan. Sami passionately reminds him what's at stake: the lives of their children, their parents, their entire family! She'll marry E.J., divorce him as soon as Stefano dies, and then she can spend the rest of her life with Lucas. A courier arrives from the lawyer's office, and Lucas very reluctantly signs the divorce papers.

Kate pulls strings to get a look at the twins' DNA test results. She summons E.J. to the hospital, where she tells him that the boy twin is his biological son! An elated E.J. predicts Sami will eventually fall in love with him. E.J. tells Stefano the good news. Kate reports that the twins are with Kayla and Steve. Stefano is alarmed since E.J. tortured Steve. E.J. heads over to retrieve his son. Back in Santo Domingo, Sami receives the devastating news via a fax from E.J. She decides to not to Lucas one of the twins is not his.

The Alpha Chi Theta sorority throws a Halloween party. Max surprises Stephanie by saying he's looking forward to working with her at the Cheatin' Heart. Stephanie is upset when she can't bring herself to admit her feelings for him. Meanwhile, Chelsea and Nick reconnect as he performs barroom tricks for undergraduates, reminding Chelsea of the night they met. Ford is drunk as usual, hitting on the women when Morgan busts him. She warns him to sober up and get the hell out! Meanwhile, Cordy's parents arrive to take her home. Cordy freaks out when she sees Ford. Stephanie and Chelsea speak to her alone and ask if Ford did anything to her on their date. Cordy finally confesses – Ford raped her! At the same time, Ford puts a powdered drug into Morgan's drink just before she gives him a ride home.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Lucas finds the fax Sami received, which says he's the father of the girl and E.J. is the father of the boy. He's hurt she didn't say anything to him, but Sami insists she just wanted them to enjoy one final night as husband and wife without the specter of the DiMeras hanging over them. She tells Lucas how important it is to her that he be a positive role model for both kids, while Lucas talks about his fears of the wedge that will be driven between the two siblings. Sami promises Lucas nothing will separate him from either twin, and they'll find a way to beat E.J. at his own game and be together again.

Back in Salem, E.J. tears off to find his son, as Kate stays behind and learns from Stefano that he plans on taking the boy to Italy with him. Meanwhile, E.J. shows up at Steve and Kayla's, and tries to convince them to let him see his son. They refuse, and E.J. returns home. Stefano pulls some strings to get a court order. Back at Steve and Kayla's, she calls Bo (who is enjoying a romantic early birthday night with Hope), and he agrees to help them. By the time E.J. and Stefano return to the Salem Inn, Bo has arranged for Kayla's suite to be put under "quarantine." A stymied E.J. and Stefano are forced to leave empty-handed.

Stephanie is stunned to hear Ford raped Cordy, and rushes out, telling Max and Nick. Hearing that Morgan went home with Ford, Chelsea immediately enlists the help of everyone at the party to find out where the frat boy lives. They learn Ford has a webcam on his computer, and when they check it out, they find him making a move on Morgan, who has been drugged. Max finds out which dorm it is, and tears out to save her. Nick calls Billie and Jett for help. Max and Jett stop Ford just in time and bring him back to the sorority house. Cordy finds her courage, steps forward and says Ford raped her. Ford is taken away, while Max tends to Morgan, breaking Stephanie's heart. Cordy agrees to stay in school to see this thing through with Ford.

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