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General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 22, 2007 on GH
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Monday, October 22, 2007

Sonny witnesses Zacchara's insanity firsthand when Zacchara threatens to kill everyone Sonny loves and then calmly turns the conversation back to gardening. After returning to Port Charles, Sonny tells Jason that Zacchara is certifiably insane and that Trevor is the one who's really calling the shots. Sonny faces off with Trevor and makes a few threats of his own. Johnny coldly pushes Lulu away for her own protection and never wants his father to get wind of her. Zacchara, however, overhears Johnny mentioning Lulu's name. Logan apologizes to Carly for accosting her but she has no sympathy for him as she makes it clear she'll do everything in her power to keep him and Lulu apart. Not wanting to cause any more trouble, Logan surprises Lulu when he ends things with her. Jason forces Carly to see that Zacchara's threats are very real. Lucky respectfully turns down Robin's request to help her father a child, saying he could never walk away from his own flesh and blood.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Sonny warns Trevor he won't share his territory with anyone but Trevor implies that Sonny doesn't have a choice. After watching Sonny and Trevor exchange threats, Kate gains more insight into what makes men like them tick. Kate admits to Sonny she knows he's bipolar and is completely accepting of his condition. Jason and Carly speculate that Zacchara himself might have killed Leticia but Jason demands that Carly abandon any and all ideas of pursuing that theory on her own. When one of Sonny's warehouses is bombed, Sonny and Jason jump to the conclusion that it is retaliation from Trevor. Lucky and Sam are reunited and make love. After Lucky is called away on a police matter, Sam tries to stand up to Jerry but she's no match for him. Jerry tells Sam he'll kill Lucky if she doesn't seduce Trevor and doesn't outright deny causing the explosion at the warehouse. Johnny meets with his crazed father, who implies he'll kill any woman Johnny loves. Zacchara wants information on Lulu. Lulu bristles when Carly voices her opinion that Logan is playing on her emotions. Lulu wants to try again with Logan.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Nikolas asks Lucky how the divorce got to mediation. Lucky explains about their lawyers. Nikolas reminds him that he needs to do what is best for the kids. Lucky is worried he's going to lose his kids. Things were going fine until Liz hired Jason's lawyer. Nikolas tells him that Liz isn't going to let Diane or Jason tell her what is best for those kids. Give Liz the chance to do the right thing. Lucky says he has lost faith in Liz. He guesses that is why they are getting a divorce. Meanwhile, Liz talks to Emily about the future divorce. She tells Emily how Lucky would have taken Jake away from her if the judge would have allowed it. Emily is shocked, but she tells Liz that Lucky didn't realize for as long as she did that their marriage was over. He's still devastated. For all the times he has helped Liz, maybe she can help him this time.

Robin and Patrick work on a patient that is identical to Robin. Epiphany asks Robin if she is ok, and Robin asks her if she can page Kelly. When Kelly arrives, Robin explains that her desire to be a mom has caused her to see images of her own death. Kelly explains that it is actually normal, but Robin says it's not normal for a person like her. Kelly reminds her that she is taking a big step. Robin says she isn't having second thoughts, and wants a child of her own more than ever. Kelly jokes that she just needs to find a father. Robin decides she needs to be more aggressive with her list of potential donors. Meanwhile, Epiphany hears someone singing a Saints song. She finds the man and yells at him. She tells him not to sing that song anymore.

At the restaurant, Sam tells Alexis about her new producer and how her show is going. Since Sam has been gone on a business trip, Alexis fills her in on everything she has missed. Alexis asks if Lucky has talked to her about the divorce. Sam says that's all he talked about last night. Alexis tells Sam that her sleeping with Lucky is not going to be good for his divorce if the judge finds out. They start to argue and Sam tells her mother that maybe she's not ready for this whole mother/daughter thing. Alexis says she isn't judging Sam, and Sam says good. She already cares about Lucky.

Liz, Lucky, Diane, Alexis, and a mediator are all in the litigation room to mediate the custody battle. Diane brings up that Lucky is not Cameron's father, and Lucky's history of drugs makes him a danger to Jake. Alexis brings up that Liz and the criminal company she keeps is the real danger. Diane mentions Lucky's affair with Sam and asks him where he slept last night. Liz decides enough is enough and tells everyone to stop. This isn't what either of them wants. Meanwhile, Emily and Nikolas talk about Liz and Lucky. Nikolas tells Emily how he tried to talk to Lucky and convince him to back off of Liz. He's surprised that he was able to talk to him without going into a rage. She asks him about the tests, and he tells her that he needs more tests done. He is tired of this. She tells him she will remain on his side. He is afraid he's going to hurt someone he cares about.

After court, Lucky stops by Liz's place and thanks her for what she did during mediation. She says she hopes they can find a way to be friends. He tells her he will always be her friend, no matter what happens.

Carly tries to talk to Jax about Anthony Zacchara and what Sonny's meeting with him was all about. She is worried about Trevor. Jax reminds her that he made a deal with Trevor. As long as Trevor is in charge, their family is safe. After Jax leaves, Sam comes over and barges into the house. She mentions how she is barging in to their house, just like Carly used to barge into her and Jason's house. Sam tries to bait Carly, but Carly asks her what she really wants. Sam says she is just trying to make her insecure, and her job is done now. She leaves.

Jason is trying desperately to get Spinelli to focus on the fire footage and look at the cameras. Spinelli is trying to talk to him about Lulu. Jason says he's not getting involved with Lulu's love life. Lulu walks in and hears this and is relieved. Jason tells her he doesn't care who she goes out with, but a war is about to start. She might want to think about moving out. Spinelli objects and is upset with Jason for sending Lulu away. After she leaves, Spinelli tells Jason that he wishes Lulu would see him as a more manly man and maybe she would respect him more. They are still going back and forth about Lulu when Robin knocks on the door. She is there to talk to Spinelli, and he thinks she needs computer help. Jason is shocked when Robin reveals that she wants Spinelli to father her child. Spinelli questions how they are going to get the job done and she explains that he would go to the hospital and leave donations. Spinelli leaves to think about and get more information. When he comes back, he tells Jason and Robin that he knows what is involved now and he would love to do it. Robin looks worried, but Jason is speechless.

When Lulu leaves Jason's, she goes to the Quartermaine's and talks to her dad and Tracy. She tells them she is back with Logan, but Luke is more interested in the time she spent with Johnny. She tells him that she was at his house, but not for very long. He blew her off. He is reckless, and there's something messed up with him and his family. The only thing they have in common is that they both like to drive fast cars. When she leaves, Tracy is visibly worried. She asks what is worse: sleeping with Logan or sleeping in the middle of a mob war.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Spinelli tells Jason that he will be able to prove his manhood now that he has agreed to provide his sperm for Robin to have a baby by going to the hospital today. Jason warns him about going through with the procedure. Lulu comes downstairs after spending the night there and overhears their conversation. She asks Spinelli to explain to her what they are talking about. Spinelli tells her that Robin asked him to father her baby for her by providing his sperm at the hospital. Lulu doesn't exactly think it is a great idea either and tells him that she wishes not to discuss it further for her own personal reasons and leaves the penthouse. Spinelli talks to Jason about why Lulu reacted the way she did. Jason tells him that he thinks he won't be able to stay away from his own child once it is born and he sees him or her for the first time. Spinelli thinks he will be able to walk away when it happens and that his situation isn't like Jason's with his son. Meanwhile, Patrick overhears Kelly talking to Robin about finally having a sperm donor ready to come in and get the process going. Patrick isn't pleased by the news. He asks Leyla to look into what is on Kelly's files about Robin and get back to him about who the sperm donor is. Leyla asks Patrick why he is so interested in what Robin is doing in her personal life since they broke up. Patrick tells her that he still cares about Robin and thinks she is rushing into this whole baby thing. Leyla agrees to help him get the information. Later, Patrick can't believe it when he sees that Spinelli is going to be the sperm donor for Robin. Kelly talks to Robin about her choice in picking Spinelli as a possible father for her baby. Robin explains to her that Spinelli is very smart and kind and his genes would be good for her baby. Kelly brings up the fact that he is lacking in social skills and behavior. Robin tells her that those traits are environmental not genetic and that he won't be raising her child. Spinelli shows up and talks to Robin for a few minutes before he is suppose to start the process. Robin sees how excited and nervous he is. After Spinelli is escorted by Kelly to do the deed, Patrick approaches her and asks her if she really thinks that Spinelli was the right choice for her for a sperm donor. Robin doesn't admit that she may have regretted her choice and tells Patrick that he was a good choice. Later, Spinelli calls Jason on his cell phone and is freaking out at the hospital and asks him to come to the hospital ASAP. Jason shows up as soon as he can. Spinelli tells him he can't "perform" under this much pressure and needs Jason to do it for him.

Lulu visits Carly at her house and the two of them talk and mend fences and share some popcorn. Carly apologizes to Lulu if she sounded too preachy the other day when she warned her to stay away from Logan for good. Lulu tells her she understands she was only trying to help and that she knows she cares about her. Carly tries to get her to admit that she went with Johnny because she is attracted to him in some way and was rebounding from Logan. Lulu refuses to admit she has any feelings toward Johnny and that they only talked and drove and that Johnny made it clear the other night that he doesn't want her around. Carly thinks there is more going on between them then that. Lulu talks to her about Logan and how she knows him better than Carly does and that he isn't all that bad for her. She promises Carly she will be careful with Logan and that as far as she knows she will never be seeing Johnny anymore. Meanwhile, Johnny has to deal with his insane father, Anthony who questions Johnny about where he has been and accuses him of leaving the house again. Johnny insists he was working out in their home gym and never left the house. Anthony starts talking about his concerns for Johnny falling for a woman who will betray him just like his mother betrayed Anthony. Later, Lulu shows up at the Zacchara estate to talk to Johnny to find out why he is suddenly pushing her away and wants her to stay away from him. Johnny doesn't exactly greet her warmly and asks her why she came back. Lulu tells him she doesn't like to be brushed off like that without an explanation. Johnny doesn't give her an answer. Lulu asks him if he is pushing her away to protect her and that she has a right to know. She hands him the necklace he gave her and asks him where he got it to begin with. Anthony spies on them talking and sees the necklace and isn't happy.

Ric shows up at Sonny's office at his request. Sonny informs him that his father, Trevor is really the mastermind running Zacchara's business in the mob. Ric doesn't believe his father would risk his reputation and career as an attorney to run Zacchara's business. Sonny explains to him that he met Anthony Zacchara and that the man is insane and isn't able to run his business but that Trevor doesn't want anyone to know how crazy his employer is so he pretends that Anthony is running things with an iron fist when he really isn't. He tells Ric that he finally can expose his father for who he really is and ruin him now. Ric tells him that he should really team up with his father and ruin Sonny instead since it would be risky to make his father even more of an enemy. Kate shows up and hears Ric tell Sonny that he is no better than Anthony Zacchara because he is Bipolar and some day he may snap and become just as insane as Zacchara. After Ric leaves, Sonny asks Kate if she still wants to be near him knowing he has Bipolar Disorder. Kate assures him that his condition won't scare her away and that she has stopped listening to Ric and believing what he says a long time ago. Sonny talks to her about his condition. Kate is still ashamed about how she made a proposition to Ric to expose Sonny's illness to get the charges dropped even though she never intended to go through with it. Sonny tells her he understood why she lied and he doesn't blame her. Kate reminds him that because of her car driving problems she ended up losing her job and now has to clean up bedpans at the hospital as part of her community service. Sonny is outraged that she has been reduced to cleaning up bedpans at the hospital and plans on calling the hospital and reminding them that he gives a lot of money to the hospital and that she deserves a break. Kate demands that he not interfere and that she doesn't want special treatment because her "boyfriend" threatened to break someone's kneecaps. Sonny tells her that is a stereotype but is pleased to hear her refer to him as her "boyfriend." Kate asks him if he is alright with her calling him that. Sonny tells her he doesn't mind but wonders if she would refer to him as her boyfriend out in public. Kate tells him she got an invitation to Emily and Nikolas' Black and White Ball on Halloween. They kiss. Meanwhile, Luke meets Trevor at the and would like for him to be her date. Sonny looks at the invitation and tells her he can't take her because he has a meeting he has to attend in Puerto Rico. Later, at the Metro Court just after Carly tells Trevor she knows all about him and what he is up to. Luke asks Trevor to consider him when he decides to get a hold of Alcazar's property on the docks by buying it up and selling it. Trevor dismisses Luke's offer pretty much so Luke contacts Skye and asks her to meet him at the hotel to talk. He tells her that he wants to go into a business partnership using Alcazar's property on the pier. Skye isn't sure she wants to go into business with Luke again but considers it. He tells her he can make sure that she has no involvement in any mob war with him involved. Later, Jason returns home with Max after they look over the damage at the warehouse. Jason and Max don't understand why there was only minor damage from the explosion and nothing else was harmed if Trevor or Zacchara were behind it. Later, Carly gets an invitation for the Black and White Ball that Nikolas and Emily are having at Wyndemere on Halloween. Just as she is reading the invitation she gets a text message on her cell phone and looks at it. The text message says "I'll see you at the ball." Carly looks around, feeling as if she is being watched. Meanwhile, Trevor meets with one of Zacchara's men and tells him that it is imperative that Sonny never make it off the island alive.

Sam shows up at the hospital and sees Liz at the nurses' station. She approaches and acts all business at first about how she needs to see someone about getting the stitches in her leg taken out. Liz dismisses her and tells her to go and wait in the waiting area and she will have someone see her soon. Sam isn't pleased about Liz's attitude toward her since she is a patient and she is a nurse. Liz tries to ignore her but can't and tells Sam off for using Lucky. Sam tells her that she cares about Lucky and asks her why she cares what Lucky does since she doesn't care about him anymore. They get into it and Nikolas steps in and tells Sam to back off and leave Liz alone. Sam resents him for taking Liz's side over his own cousin. Meanwhile, Emily goes to see Jason at the penthouse and invites him to the ball. She tells him she won't make him dance with her. Jason asks her about Nikolas and what is happening with him. She tells him that he had some tests done at the hospital and they are waiting to hear from Patrick about all the results. She changes the subject to Liz and tries to get him to consider how happy he would be if he saw Liz and spent time with her now that she is getting a divorce. Jason tells her that he is happy that Liz has a new home. Emily tells him that Liz would be a whole lot happier if he was part of her life. Later, Sam goes to see Nikolas at Wyndemere. It is obvious that Nikolas has very slim control over his emotions at the moment. She tells him she came by to clear the air with him and get him to listen to her side of things concerning his brother and Liz. Nikolas warns her to leave him alone right now because it isn't a good time for him. Sam doesn't listen and starts to tell him that she cares about Lucky, not Liz and that she isn't to blame for what happened to Lucky and Liz's marriage. Nikolas loses control again and grabs Sam by the arms and starts shaking her hard. He calls her all kinds of filthy names and tells her she is the worst thing to happen to his brother right now. He starts to push her over the balcony in his attack of her and she starts to scream for him to stop.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Spinelli changes his mind and tells Jason that he can't donate to Robin's cause. His love for Lulu paralyzed him. Jason doesn't want to hear anymore, but Robin overhears Spinelli asking Jason if he will take his place as Robin's donor. He thinks Robin would be a great mom, and the two of them have a history together. Robin interrupts them and thanks Spinelli for his effort. She tells him he doesn't have to find a replacement, though. It's ridiculous to think that Jason would father her child. Jason disagrees. With the past they had together, it's not that ridiculous. Patrick overhears the conversation about how Jason and Robin would make great parents. Epiphany breaks up the nurses from the conversation and tells Patrick that if he's changed his mind about Robin and a baby, he should do it on his own time. Robin knows that Jason couldn't father a child and not be a part of its life, though. He agrees that it would be torture to watch his child growing up in the distance. At home, Jason and Spinelli discuss Robin and her desire to have a child. Jason hopes everything works out for Robin, but she doesn't realize what it's like for a man to know he's a father. She has accomplished all sorts of things in life, and now she wants a child. Jason wishes he could help her, but it's bad enough with him missing Jake all the time. Meanwhile, Patrick approaches Robin about Jason. He asks what she would have done if he would have said yes. Robin admits she would have been ecstatic, because Jason has many wonderful qualities. It drives Patrick crazy thinking about Jason and Robin and a potential future. She hasn't pushed him into anything, though, and he appreciates that. From now on, he's going to stay out of her personal life.

On the phone, Trevor tells the caller to make sure Sonny arrives in Puerto Rico and never departs. Meanwhile, Sonny is telling Kate that he has to go to Puerto Rico for business. She just hopes he is back in time for the ball. At first he thinks that maybe Bernie can go in his place, but Trevor shows up and says that Anthony got an offer from a partner in one of Sonny's casinos in Puerto Rico. Sonny isn't fazed and says that Anthony Zacchara is too crazy to accept an offer from anyone. Before Trevor leaves, he tells Sonny that Anthony used to do the same thing and dismiss people. Once they're alone again, Kate tells Sonny that Trevor is playing mind games with him. Sonny just wants to know what he is really after. He decides he has to go to Puerto Rico after all. Kate is ok with that, but makes him promise to try to be back in time to take her to the ball.

Lulu returns the necklace to Johnny. She tells him that she doesn't have her mother in her life, but she keeps her engagement ring to remind her of her mother. He should do the same with the necklace. Unknowingly to the teens, Anthony watches and Lulu gives Johnny the necklace back and leaves. When Lulu gets home, Jason is mad that she risked going to see Johnny. He tells her she has to follow the rules or a mob war will be started and a lot of people will die. Spinelli and Lulu talk about the ball, but Jason puts his foot down and says that they won't be going.

Johnny goes to meet with his dad, who asks about the blonde girl. Johnny lies and says it was just some girl whose car broke down. Anthony knows he's lying, so Johnny tries another lie and gives his father a fake name. He says she lives in the city and that he dumped her. When Johnny leaves, a guard stops him and says that he can not leave on Trevor's orders. Johnny doesn't care and starts to leave anyway. He needs to warn someone about something. The guard asks if he is talking about Lulu Spencer. Johnny slams him against a wall and threatens him to never mention her name again when there's a possibility his father can hear them. Meanwhile, Anthony's nurse comes in with dinner, but Anthony is no where to be found.

Nikolas wakes up from his "anger coma" just as he's pushing Sam over the ledge. He pulls her back up and asks her what was going on. He explains that he has no memory of what happened and that the doctors are trying to diagnose what is wrong with him so he can be treated. She remembers Alexis saying something about Nikolas throwing a glass at her in a rage. She suggests that maybe now is not the best time to be having a ball. Nikolas says that he has been planning this for months for Emily and the endowment. He can't let them down. Emily shows up and when Sam leaves, Nikolas tells her that he almost killed his cousin. She reassures him that everything will be alright and they will find out what is wrong with him. He's afraid that it is too late. He just attacked his own family. Who's next?

Carly receives a text message from the "presumed killer" that mentions seeing her at the ball. When Jax comes home, she hides the information from him. She tells him about the ball, but he says he can't go. He has meetings all weekend. He's surprised that she even cares about the ball, but she explains that she wants to see all the dresses. Jax thinks it is a bad idea. She tells him that if he doesn't take her, she will go alone. They argue more with no agreement being reached. When Jax leaves, Sonny shows up to tell her he is going to Puerto Rico for a while. He notices she is distracted, but she tells him she is just trying to decide what to wear to the ball. He warns her that if she is working on a plan, she needs to drop it. After he leaves, Diane comes over at Carly's request. She wants to know the difference between murder and self-defense. Diane tells her she's going to charge triple for this answer. During their discussion, Carly realizes that if she can get Jason to take her to the ball, she will be safe and won't need to carry a gun.

At the airport, Sonny makes a call to Bernie, who just got off his flight. As he's walking to the car, there is an explosion. Trevor, while meeting with Kate at the Metro Court, gets a phone call. He is told that the limo exploded and their victim is dead.

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