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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of October 29, 2007 on GL
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Monday, October 29, 2007

Marina admits that Harley is off looking for Cyrus, as Griggs enters the ER and collapses. Griggs tells Alex where Cyrus is – saying there's no way he survived the blast. Marina questions unconscious Griggs, only to learn that he's in a coma. Mallet comforts Marina after Alex won't give up any information on Cyrus. Harley and Cyrus are nowhere to be seen in the rubble of the church. Gus and Natalia walk by the church, and hope no one was hurt in the demolition. Alex sees nothing in the rubble, and throws a rose on the ground. Harley's arm slightly twitches. Instead of letting Natalia move out, Alan suggests that she and Rafe move into the guesthouse. Gus tells Nat that he took the liberty of having the staff move her things into the pool house, negating Alan's guesthouse idea. A present from Phillip arrives for Emma during her birthday party. Olivia asks for Alan's protection against Phillip. Alan agrees, but asks Olivia to wedge apart Natalia and Gus in return. Beth assures Rick that no matter what, if Phillip returns, she won't let it change anything between her, Rick and the baby. Olivia goes to Gus, wanting a friend to "confide" in – and protection. Alan gives Nat the antique cross he had Ava purchase, and says it was Gus's mother's.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Jeffrey shows up to tell Josh and Cassie that Edmund is in a clinic, not a prison. Alonzo insists the hearing take place at Edmund's facility with Cassie in the room. Cassie is adamant that Josh join her when she meets Edmund. Cassie is on the phone with Will who says he can't wait to be with Cassie. It is revealed that Will is being coached by Edmund on what exactly to say. Dinah is devastated that Matt has arrived with Vanessa and he's wearing his wedding ring again. Dinah demands they leave, and lights the fire in the room's wastebasket. As an orderly rushes in to put out the fire, Dinah slips out the door. A confused Dinah isn't sure where to turn until she bumps into a large man and looks up to see Edmund. Alex tells a skeptical Mallet and Marina that Cyrus actually just left town to go to a rehab hospital. Marina decides to chase the lead, and go to the hospital to find Cyrus. As Mallet and Marina plan to head out of dodge, Marina comes home to find Frank waiting to comfort her. Finally Marina gets Frank to leave, and sneaks out with Mallet to catch their flight. Cyrus is seen under the rubble, his arm protectively over Harley. Cyrus's calls for help become weaker and Harley realizes he's badly hurt. As the rove caves in on top of them, Harley and Cyrus try to keep their conversation alive, so neither falls asleep and gives up. Cyrus is desperate to keep Harley alive and hopeful, and in a powerful last-ditch effort, he leans in and kisses her gently.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Inside the Light

As Josh, Cassie and Jeffrey prepare to go down to the island clinic to meet with Alonzo, Dinah runs into Edmond in the clinic hallway. She's instantly reminded of all the bad things he's done to her. Edmond leaks that Cassie plans to visit him. He asks Dinah to put in a good word for him. She wants to know what she gets in return. He hints that he has access to the outside world—a little friend. Meanwhile, a caretaker looks through the facility's dark corridors for Will, who hides from him.

Mallet and Marina arrive at the clinic on the tip that Alex gave them. They ask the guard if the man and woman (Cyrus and Harley) in their photos came to visit Dinah. The guard issues them guest passes and bids them well in their search. Meanwhile, lost in the dank stairwells of the clinic, Lizzie Spaulding is puzzled on how to find the exit. She decides to return to Dinah's room and retrace her steps.

Josh, Cassie, and Jeffrey arrive at the clinic and are told that Edmond is a model prisoner. Meanwhile, a deranged patient torments Edmond. He lunges at Edmond's cage and spouts obscenities about The Crown. As Josh, Cassie, and Jeffrey are escorted to their hearing with Alonzo, Lizzie becomes more disoriented and winds up in some stone passageways. Cassie excuses herself from the group to go to the bathroom. Suddenly the lights go out in the entire facility. The hallways illuminate in red. In his cell, Edmond pulls out a flashlight and calls the facility employees morons. "Electric locks," he says. He pushes open the cell door and exits.

Mallet and Marina sit in the stairwell until Mallet decides they have to do something. He opens the stairwell door and runs into Dinah. She immediately asks for help getting out of the dark clinic. Mallet decides just to go for a walk instead. He tosses her over his shoulder and carries her out. Meanwhile, Cassie gets hopelessly lost as she tries to find Josh and Jeffrey in the dark. Around a corner comes Edmond. She shrieks.

Edmond assures Cassie that he means her no harm and wants to do whatever it takes to help her with her son. Josh and Jeffrey argue over who ought to take the lead when traveling down the dark corridors in search of Cassie. Meanwhile, Marina finds someone in the dark and tackles them. She discovers that it's Lizzie. She accuses her of being an inmate. Lizzie retorts that she not an inmate. She came there to see Dinah. Outside with Mallet, Dinah gladly breathes in the fresh air.

Edmond leads suspicious Cassie around and they hear Will calling for his mother. Will hugs her, but when he sees Edmond, he becomes excited. He jumps into his arms and tells his Uncle how frightened he has been since he left his room. Cassie looks on in shock. She learns that Edmond is the friend Will says that he travels to visit. As Edmond and Cassie discuss this, Alonzo enters the hallway, and discovers will. Alonzo becomes suspicious that Cassie arranged for Will to be there. An announcer comes over the PA to say that they are resetting the system. They advise that no one stand near any electrical equipment while they briefly lose total power. The power goes out. Someone screams. Sparks ignite and fade out.

Power returns as Mallet and Dinah sit out on the landing outside of the kitchen, eating and drinking what goods they discovered. As they reminese, Dinah thinks she's starting to feel normal. She makes another plea for Mallet to help her walk out the front gates of the facility. He tells her he can't do that.

Edmond checks Alonzo, who lies unconscious on the floor. Cassie ushers Will away. Josh and Jeffrey rush on the scene. Jeffrey pronounces Alonzo dead. Edmond claims he was with Cassie and Will while Alonzo must have been near the electrical box. Jeffrey discovers a bruise on Alonzo and accuses Edmond of shoving Alonzo into the electrical box.

Meanwhile, the deranged patient, who earlier was angry with Edmond and The Crown, stumbles upon Cassie and Will. He calls her princess Cassie and tells her that she's just as bad as Alonzo was. "Was?" Cassie repeats, backing up. He pulls out a screwdriver and advances on Cassie and Will. "Happy Halloween, Princess," he says.

Back in the hallway, Edmond objects that he hurt Alonzo. Doctors drag him away as he protests. Dinah becomes angry at Mallet for not helping her. He only wants assurance that she won't hurt anyone or herself. Dinah tells him that they are over and leaves to return to her room.

Meanwhile, the deranged patient closes in on Cassie and Will. Suddenly, Edmond shoves him and engages in a terrible fight. He beats the patient up enough for a doctor to get hold of him. The patient shouts that he will kill them as he killed Alonzo. As the patient is hustled away, Cassie wonders who he was. "The man that killed Alonzo," Edmond tells her.

Mallet finds Marina. He wonders where her jacket is. She says she must have left it somewhere in the dark. They decide Alex's lead was bogus. When they head to the guard to check out, they learn that Lizzie Spaulding just left with Marina. Mallet and Marina look at each other puzzled. Meanwhile, Lizzie and Dinah stand together as Lizzie tells Dinah that she can thank Marina that she's free. Dinah is wearing Marina's jacket with her visitor's pass on it. Dinah doesn't care. She tells Lizzie that she owes her one.

Josh and Jeffrey find Cassie, Will and Edmond in the hallway. Slumped on the wall, Edmond appears to be hurt. The two men learn he saved Cassie's life. Will wants to know where his father is. Grimly, they explain that he's gone. Cassie decides that Will can come home with her now. Will wants Edmond to come, too. Josh says no. Edmond promises that they will see each other soon. As the group leaves, wounded Edmond leans against the well and chuckles

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Olivia has a bad dream while she naps on the couch, seeing someone's outstretched arm holding a teddy bear. She wakes, feeling frightened about Phillip possibly returning and what he might do. Gus is at the mansion and calls Harley, trying to help find where she may be, but only gets her voice mail, again. He leaves another message, as Natalia overhears. He re-assures her that the call was nothing more than helping try to locate her. Out in the hallway, Alan gets a call from Olivia, who is concerned about Phillip. Alan asks her to get Gus away from the house and keep him away all afternoon. Gus' phone rings – it's Olivia, saying she thinks Phillip was just at her place and it has shaken her. He tells her he'll be right over.

As Gus knocks on Olivia's door, she is rushing to print out a picture from her computer before she opens the door. She finally lets Gus inside, and shows him the picture, saying someone slipped it under her door. He tells her it's a good idea to increase her security, around herself and her daughter, Emma. Though Olivia tries to keep him engaged in chat to follow Alan's instruction, Gus leaves soon anyway.

Meanwhile, back at the mansion, with Gus away, Alan tries to sell Natalia that he's a family man who likes commitment - all of the things that he thinks Natalia wants in a man. Alan also plants the idea that Gus may not be ready for that, since he's fresh out of another relationship, and men usually need time before entering another relationship. Later, Gus returns, and finds that Alan and Natalia have made plans to have lunch together. But when Gus says that it's important that they talk, Natalia ask Alan if they can have lunch at another time. Alan responds they can, and leaves the room.

Gus announces to Natalia that he wants to end his marriage to Harley and move in another direction in his life; new beginnings. He adds that because of her religious beliefs, he wants to ask Harley for an annulment rather than a divorce. Natalia states that if Harley were to call, Gus would go to her. Gus says that he wouldn't. Natalia tells Gus to read over the papers to really know what he is about to do, and then they can meet for lunch to discuss things more. She leaves, and next, Gus' phone rings. It's Buzz telling him about Harley, and Gus rushes out to see her.

Ashley is working at CO2 when Coop arrives, but she keeps trying to avoid him. He asks why, and she finally reveals that she saw him with Ava. They discuss what happen that night, about how Ashley got hurt while looking for Marina at the docks, and how she later saw Coop with Ava. He admits he kissed Ava but then realized he shouldn't have, and things stopped there.

Ashley is back in her room, sobbing as she lies in bed, while Doris approaches her door and hears her, and looks heavy-hearted that her daughter is so sad. Ashley tells her to go away for now, but Doris uses a spare key she had made and lets herself in. Ashley is angry at first, but then cries as she lets Doris hold her. Ashley later explains what happened and how she's not sure about her relationship with Coop. This prompts Doris to decide that he needs to know his actions have consequences. Ashley can see her mother's plans all over her face, and tries to stop her from handling things in the same way as she has in the past, but Doris is determined to make Coop pay for hurting Ashley.

Back at CO2, Ava arrives and sees Coop, and tries to talk with him. He informs her that Harley is now missing. She tells him she's there for him, just like the other night. Coop tells her that he wants to try having a relationship with Ashley. Ava suggests that she and Coop can still see each other while he dates Ashley, but Coop tells her he doesn't want that. Then he gets a call from Buzz saying Harley has been found and is at the hospital. Ava offers to work at CO2 so that Coop can leave to see Harley.

Mallet and Marina return to the Springfield police station after coming back from their false lead from Alex that Harley and Cyrus may be in San Cristobel. Marina is frustrated with the loss of time, then gets an idea and calls her grandfather, Buzz. Meanwhile, Alex is at the hospital getting checked, and the doctor asks her how she got her cast so dusty, but she snips it's none of his business. Then, she hears Buzz's voice outside of her room, reacting to what sounds like some good news. Alex tells the doctor to tell Buzz that she wants to talk to him. Buzz enters her room and she wants to know what the good news is, as she hopes to hear that Cyrus is ok. Buzz tells her that Harley is back, though he doesn't know the details. She becomes anxious and starts to ask if they also found Cyrus in the rubble because he was with Harley. Marina then storms into the room, catching Alex in her lies about what she knows about Harley and Cyrus. Marina's plan to set up Alex to get her to reveal that she knows something worked, and Alex confesses that Griggs told her that they were in the old church when it got demolished. Mallet calls for police to watch Alex, while Buzz and Marina start to go to the church site to look for Harley and Cyrus. Inside the rubble, Harley keeps talking to an unconscious Cyrus, and protects him from the debris that continues to fall sporadically.

Alex is released from the hospital, and is wondering if Cyrus and Harley have been found, but a nurse had no information on that. Meanwhile, Buzz, Mallet, and Marina have arrived at the site of the demolition and are calling out loudly for Harley and Cyrus, hoping their voices are heard, so that they the trapped duo know that help is on the way. Buzz hears something, and they all remain quiet, listening, when it becomes clear that they heard a voice. This motivates them even more, and they start to make their way through the rubble, as Mallet calls for additional help. Soon they can see Harley, who upon seeing her rescuers quips "It took you long enough." Marina asks, "Where ‘s Cyrus?". Harley informs that he's there but unconscious and with her weak, whimpering voice says to please hurry. As Buzz and marina continue to move debris, they soon can see Cyrus, who appears dead to them.

Later, Cyrus is being wheeled into a room at the hospital to be checked, as Harley waits in the hall with Buzz, and Marina waits near his door to hear some news about his condition. As a doctor leaves the room, Marina follows behind, trying to get information, and Buzz steps away from Harley to find someone who can examine her. Now alone, Harley walks over to Cyrus, who is still unconscious, looks at him with a certain fondness, and whispers to him that she knows he can be ok, because they are survivors. She sits near him, talking to him, as she did when she was trying to keep him awake while they lay in the rubble. Marina, Coop, and Buzz look in from the hallway. When Cyrus starts to move and cough a little, they rush in. The doctor says they need emergency surgery on him, as he suspects internal bleeding. They take Cyrus to surgery, as Mallet holds Marina and Harley, one on each of his sides, and as Marina and Harley both look at each other with concern.

Friday, November 2, 2007


Alan and Natalia are with Rafe on Main Street. They want to spend some time with him before school but he does not. They end up arguing and soon Rafe just rushes off. When Natalia rants about the way 'Rafe just spoke to her, Alan states that he is just lashing out because he is angry and feels betrayed by Daisy. Alan then suggests that Natalia join him at the club for dinner. When she seems disinterested, he tells her that a friend of his who head St. Mary's school will be there. Natalia still declines. When Alan asks why she always seems to fight taking advantage of his hospitality, she replies that she cannot picture herself in his world. Besides she is meeting Gus tonight at the house; she states that he is asking for his annulment today and she figured he would want to talk about it. Alan seems skeptical that it will actually happen and suggests that Natalia get a look at the papers. At that point, Olivia comes by with Emma to speak with Alan. Natalia volunteers to take Emma to the toy store. When they leave, Olivia asks about Phillip. She is concerned that since Emma does not fear her father, it would be easy for him to take her. Alan tells Olivia not to worry and tells her he needs her to do something for him. HE wants her to keep Gus away from the house tonight.

Daisy reunites with her mother at Cedars. Harley apologizes for not being there but Daisy assures her that everything is almost back to normal now. After Harley questions why she isn't in school, Daisy leaves. But instead of going to school, she goes to her father's place at the Beacon. Suddenly there is a knock at the door: it's Rafe. Rafe demanded to know why she has not been to school. Daisy tells him not to worry about her; she just did not want to go. Rafe makes a comment about her just getting out of her responsibilities--school, a baby. Daisy is appalled that he actually thought she took the easy way out. When Rafe brings up the fact that she never called him and did not even think about him, she responds that was all she thought about. When Rafe accuses her of lying, she asks if a there is a small part of him that is relieved that she made that choice. She saved him from making the choice. Daisy points out that if he had known, he would have dropped out of school, forgotten about collage and traveling the world. He might have even married her even if he did not want to and he would have ended up hating her for the rest of his life. Daisy states that she will not apologize for what she did since she is convinced it was the right thing. Daisy tells him that she will be returning to school. She just needs a break. When he leaves, a devastated Daisy laments that she tried to think things through and put others first -- now she wonders if maybe that is not her.

Harley is still hanging around Cedars to see how Cyrus is doing. Suddenly, Gus rushes and gives Harley a big hug, relieved that she is alright.. As they talk, Gus comments that Cyrus should be doing time but Harley defends him. She tells Gus that Cyrus kept her sane when she thought she was going to die. Gus offers to take her home and take care of her and the kids. IN a quiet voice, Harley asks for how long. He responds how long it takes. As they are talking, Harley finds papers sticking out of Gus's pocket and looks at them. She is shocked to see that they are annulment papers.. Harley is shocked that he wants to end their marriage as if it never existed. Harley asks if this was Natalie's idea but Gus denies it. Harley states that she wishes he would have said it was. A shocked Harley is trying to get her heard around this and Gus explains that this does not mean that she was not the best thing that ever happened to him or that their marriage was not sacred. Upset, he tells her that if she thinks that, he will tear the papers up right now. Gus asks her if anything has changed. Harley admits that they cannot go back to the way things were before. Gus is not saying anything and Harley asks if he thought he would get more of a fight. She states that she is all ought all. Harley states that most people don't have five minutes of the kind of happiness that they had for years. She states that they should hold on to that, the good with the bad.. She then walks away with the papers.

Gus is now walking on Main Street when his phone rings. It is Olivia. She asks him to come over since she has some problems with the security system he installed. When he gets to Olivia's to check on the system, she starts sharing her concerns about Phillip and Gus revealed that he ended his marriage today. Olivia tries to offer some comforting words but Gus regrets that he is saying goodbye to the person he loves most in the whole world.

Alan finds Natalia alone at the mansion waiting for Gus. He asks when Gus is coming home but she does not know. Alan tells Natalia that she should not have to just wait around all alone and invites her out for dinner. This time she accepts his invitation.

Cyrus wakes up to find Marina at his bedside. He wonders if he is dying since she is in tears but she tells him she is crying because she is so relived. She was afraid he was gone forever. Cyrus makes a comment that cops do not cry to which Marina admits that she is not a cop anymore. He thinks she gave it up for him but she admits that she was let go but does not tell him why. She passes it off as a good thing, stating that now they can start their lives over together. Cyrus asks her to get him something for the pain. When she returns, he is gone.

Cyrus has gone to the police station to see Frank. Cyrus tells Frank that like it or not, he loves his daughter. However, he offers to leave her if Frank can guarantee that he will walk.. Cyrus states that he knows Marina lost her badge because of him. He also knows if he stays to serve his time, she will wait for him. So he is choosing to walk away. Frank agrees to the deal but points out that Cyrus will not get very far. There is Alex and his immigration problem. He will be deported and Frank knows there is a jail cell waiting for Cyrus at home. Later, Cyrus is packing his things at the Spaulding mansion when Marina asks if he was even going to say goodbye. Cyrus tells Marina that he does not want to leave her but she will lose everything because of him.. Marina replies that she found the one thing she was afraid of losing. Cyrus tells her that he does not have a plan for staying together; everything is against them. Marina though is willing to have it be them against the world and kisses him. She then asks if she is talking him to the hospital or the airport. He responds the one with the strong pills.

After getting Cyrus settled in again, Marina spots Harley and warmly hugs her. Marina is relieved that Harley is okay and tells her aunt she does not know what she would have done if she lost both of them. She stats that she is glad they had each other. Marina offers to give Harley a ride home but Harley declines. Afterwards, we see a shell shocked Harley looking over the annulment papers. She laments that once she signs her name her marriage will be erased. Later, Harley goes into Cyrus's room, accidentally waking him up. A sad Harley tells him to go back to sleep; she will just sit there.

Marina goes to the police station to pack up her things and tell Frank that Cyrus is staying. She defiantly tells her father that she is not giving up on Cyrus or her career. She tells Frank that she is sick of apologizing for her feelings for Cyrus. He will just have to get used to her being with him.

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