General Hospital Recaps: The week of December 15, 2008 on GH

Someone hacked Spinelli's computer. Luke hoped to win Tracy back by faking a heart attack. Raylene bequeathed Nadine a fortune. Johnny took a job selling Christmas trees. Jerry warned Claudia that Sonny could find the incriminating DVD at any time. Patrick asked Matt to be his best man.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of December 15, 2008 on GH
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Monday, December 15, 2008

Maxie heard excited exclamations coming from Lulu's room and thought Lulu and Johnny were having sex. When she barged into the room, she found them moving furniture instead. Maxie was relieved, but realized that the apartment needed some rules. Lulu was not convinced, especially when Maxie insisted that Johnny pay a third of the rent if he were going to be staying with Lulu.

Johnny was okay with paying his share until he found a place of his own, but Lulu insisted that Johnny was staying with her as her guest. Johnny wanted to table the discussion and treat everyone to Chinese take-out. Maxie got the last word and said fine, as long as he paid rent. Lulu and Johnny left to get the food.

Sam followed Sasha to the docks and overheard her telling her minions that their Russian bosses were not happy that Jason had survived the explosion. Before they could say more, Alexis arrived and told Sasha that she was a person of interest. Sam feared for Alexis but stayed hidden.

Sasha traded words and threats with Alexis, who showed no fear, even as Sasha's henchmen bracketed her. Alexis told them to back off or she would press a button that would send a text message that would have the police there in two minutes. Alexis left soon after, but not before telling Sasha to watch out, because she was in a very precarious position. After Alexis left, Sasha told her goons to go after Jason again, and to make sure they got him.

At the penthouse, Spinelli told Jason that he would not move out because of the danger posed by his living arrangement. Spinelli felt he could help Jason best by being close by to provide his cyber skills. He also encouraged Jason to ask for Sonny's help. Jason said that he did not want to ask Sonny because he was not sure that they were friends. He said that Sonny had changed since Michael had been shot. Jason said Sonny felt betrayed because Jason had sided with Carly and insisted that Sonny give up custody of his sons. While they talked, someone copied the files from Spinelli's computer unnoticed.

On the home front, Sonny kissed Claudia and she wanted to know why. Claudia could think of several explanations and was suspicious that she was being played, but Sonny insisted that he just wanted them to be friends and his kiss was not about anything but a gesture of goodwill.

They talked about their marriage and their histories. When Claudia asked what caused the rift with Jason, Sonny was honest when he told her that Jason had teamed up with Carly when Sonny wanted to leave the mob business. Jason would not take over for Sonny unless Sonny surrendered custody of his sons.

Claudia was impressed with Sonny's forthrightness and even more impressed when Anthony dropped in and tried to dismiss her she he could talk business with Sonny. Sonny insisted that Claudia stay and hear what was said. Anthony wanted to know what Sonny's plans were. Sonny told him that he knew Jason's weaknesses and that while Jason battled the mob, Sonny would absorb the territory that Jason could not defend.

Anthony liked what he heard. When Sonny left the room briefly, Claudia told Anthony that it looked like he was getting everything he wanted from Sonny. Anthony acknowledged that he was getting more than she knew from the alliance.

Lucky went to Sam's place to follow through on their dinner plans, but Sam was not home. A dejected Lucky went to see Luke on the Haunted Star. Luke told Lucky about his almost-divorce from Tracy and his plan to appear completely dysfunctional without her.

Lucky told him that he had problems of his own with Sam. Luke said that perhaps they were too different to really suit, no matter how much love there might be between them. Luke said that Lucky was the home-loving type while Sam craved danger.

Luke could relate because that had been the bittersweet part of his relationship with Laura. Laura had always gone with him, despite being a homebody. When she finally wanted to settle in Port Charles, Luke had gone along, but he had not been comfortable having to stay put. Luke told Lucky that sometimes love was not enough if life became all about compromise.

When an FBI agent knocked on Jason's door and wanted to talk, Spinelli took his computer and skedaddled. The agent told Jason that they had a big file on him. The agent said that Jason had been an upright citizen until he had an auto accident that caused brain damage when he was twenty. The agent said that he was in the position to offer Jason a deal. The agent told Jason that he could have immunity immediately and leave organized crime, or, if he chose to continue in his occupation, his actions would become a very low priority for law enforcement. The agent said that Jason would not even have to testify. All Jason had to do was give the agent information that would bring down both Sonny and Anthony Zacchara.

Alexis dropped by for a drink and to commiserate with Luke. She told him she could understand how Tracy felt if she thought she was always playing second fiddle to Laura. She told Luke that every woman wanted to think that she was number one in her man's life.

When the conversation turned to Jerry Jacks, Alexis said that she had been playing him and that, while she had enjoyed his company, she would have had no problem putting him in jail if she had been able to collect enough evidence to do so.

After Anthony left, Claudia told Sonny how much she admired his business acumen, and thanked him for standing up for her in front of Anthony. Sonny told her they were a team. Then he asked her what they could do to make their marriage work for both of them

When Johnny and Lulu got home with Chinese food, they heard suggestive language coming from Maxie's bedroom. They guessed that she was making love with Spinelli, but that notion was dispelled when Spinelli knocked on the door a few minutes later. The suggestive sounds continued and all three were left wondering who was in the bedroom with Maxie.

Lucky went back to Sam's and was very disappointed to find that she was still not there. Sam remained in hiding on the docks. As soon as Sasha and her men left, Sam tried to call Jason, who did not answer his phone. When she left her hiding place, Sasha's men were waiting for her.

Jason told the FBI agent that he would have to talk to his lawyer. The agent told him not to take too long, because the offer would not stay on the table. As he left, the agent told Jason that eventually he would cooperate; it was just a matter of time until the FBI found the right lever to ensure his compliance.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Lulu was shocked when she realized Spinelli was not having sex with Maxie. With all the sounds coming from Maxie's room, Lulu thought there was no telling who Maxie was having sex with. Despite Spinelli being clearly uncomfortable, Lulu marched him down to Maxie's room and barged in. They found Maxie screaming and beating on the wall that separated her and Lulu's bedroom. Lulu asked her if she was enjoying herself, and Maxie asked Spinelli if he enjoyed the performance. Lulu was appalled and told Maxie to be more sensitive. Maxie started to protest that she could have noisy sex if Lulu and Johnny were going to have noisy sex, but Lulu just said that Maxie must be more clueless than Lulu had thought.

Once Lulu left, Maxie asked Spinelli why he was looking at her like that. He was still stunned at the way she acted when he and Lulu had burst through the door. It was very different from the time when Spinelli and Maxie had sex. Maxie said it was different because she had been faking it, which stunned Spinelli even more until Maxie further explained she had been faking when Spinelli and Lulu had walked in. The sex between Spinelli and Maxie had been wonderful. Spinelli had made Maxie feel more beautiful than any partner ever had before. Maxie said they could never have sex again, because she couldn't ever fake it with him. Their friendship was more important to her than sex.

Maxie decided her room needed to be rearranged, and Spinelli offered to help her. As they moved furniture around, Maxie giggled and realized Johnny and Lulu could very well be thinking they were having sex with all the noise they were making. Spinelli went back to their previous conversation and told her he cared about her. She had never been just some hook-up.

Meanwhile, Lulu and Johnny ate their dinner in the living room. Lulu was hoping Maxie was being sensitive to Spinelli's feelings. Lulu thought perhaps moving in with Maxie had been a bad idea, but Johnny reminded her of what a good friend Maxie had been to Lulu. She just didn't want Maxie to take advantage of Spinelli, and couldn't understand what he saw in Maxie. Johnny commented that Spinelli must notice what a beautiful woman Maxie was, and that comment upset Lulu. Johnny and Lulu talked about the couch and the money Johnny was refunded by Jax. Johnny was upset that he wouldn't be able to find work, especially since he didn't have his family's money or name to go back on. Lulu tried to cheer him up, and Maxie walked in just as they were kissing. She told them to get a room, but Spinelli offered them a Zen garden, as a housewarming gift, to promote peace.

Later, Maxie walked into the living room in skimpy pajamas while talking on the phone about work for the next day. She hung up the phone and turned around to see a shirtless Johnny walking into the room.

Sasha told Sam she was tired of Sam being a constant thorn in her side. Sam tried to convince Sasha and her goons that she could be used to get to Jason, but Sasha pointed out that she had already tried that with Jake. Sam said Jason would retaliate if she turned up dead, but Sasha disagreed. Jason was too busy trying to hold onto his territory to fight for an ex-girlfriend. They took Sam to a wooded area and Sasha asked Sam if she had any last words. As Sam talked, she managed to get a small knife out and lunged at one of the goons. She took off running in the opposite direction as quickly as she could. Sasha yelled at her goons and they attempted to shoot at Sam as she ran away. Sam continued to run until she fell into an apparent trap and was knocked unconscious.

Jax walked into the Haunted Star and Luke, who appeared to be reopening the casino, greeted him. Luke explained that he was busy trying to fake a suicide attempt in order to win Tracy back. Jax thought the scam sounded a lot like one of Carly's scams. Luke asked how Jax and Carly's relationship was going, and Jax explained they were getting a divorce. Jax even thought Luke could be the person to blame. It was Luke's scheme to get Carly to buy into the Metro Court, which was how Carly and Jax's relationship first started. It was the best or worst thing that ever happened to Jax, depending on what day he was asked. Olivia walked in and interrupted, asking if the casino was open. Luke offered a card game, and Jax decided to join the game with Kate's cousin.

Diane wanted to know about the deal the Feds had offered Jason. He explained he would get full immunity in exchange for information about Sonny and the Zacchara family. Diane was shocked that he would get such a good deal and said he would be a fool not to take it. Jason said it wasn't a deal someone in his position took. Diane told him he would eliminate all the competition by turning Sonny and the Zacchara family in. Jason would be able to raise his children in a town free from enemies. Jason said he already took care of Liz and Jake, but Diane made a good point that Liz and Jake weren't necessarily any safer with Jason out of their lives. Jason said Sonny had been like a father to him. The least Sonny deserved was Jason's protection, and the more Jason thought about it, the more he realized he should have offered more.

Claudia and Sonny talked about their relationship and how it was going to work. Sonny made it very clear that he wanted to coexist with Claudia, and not use her. Claudia was wary of his intentions and said it would take some time for her to trust him. They talked about Jason and how Claudia thought Sonny's approach with his former partner was a smart business move. Sonny said the two of them thought alike, which was not something he usually had in common with his wives or lovers. Claudia said that was because Sonny normally dated lesser woman.

As Luke, Jax, and Olivia played cards, Sonny came in and interrupted them. He was upset to see Olivia out playing cards so soon after her injury, but Olivia seemed to think she was a grown woman and could do whatever she wanted. Sonny said he needed to speak with Luke alone, so Jax offered to take Olivia home.

Once alone, Sonny told Luke about his marriage to Claudia. Since Sonny was part of the Zacchara family and Johnny had bought into Luke's business, Luke and Sonny were partners again. Sonny recapped more of what had happened since Luke was gone, including Kate's shooting and Karpov being killed. Sonny apologized for the mob violence turning on Mike and burning down Kelly's. He offered to rebuild it as soon as possible, which Luke appreciated, since Bobbie was anxious to get the restaurant up and running again. Sonny also talked about Jason and how the two were no longer friends. Luke pointed out that a conflict with Jason would be inevitable at some point, but Sonny wasn't feeling any pressure from the Zacchara family-yet. The topic turned to Laura and how she was being treated in France. Luke said Tracy had tried to get a divorce in the Dominican Republic, but had failed. Tracy didn't know that Luke knew the divorce hadn't gone through, though. Luke said he couldn't live in the past with Laura, and Sonny offered him the best of luck.

As Sonny walked out, Tracy walked into the casino. As soon as Luke saw his wife, he started acting drunk. Tracy told him he was pathetic, but Luke said she made him that way. Tracy threatened to hire someone to manage the casino if Luke didn't start making some money soon. Suddenly, Luke grabbed his chest in agony. Tracy said he was faking it, but he was doing a pretty good job. She didn't seem concerned at all, even when he fell down on the ground.

Outside the Haunted Star, Jax asked Olivia about her injury and she lied about what had happened. He knew she was lying and suspected she had been caught up in mob violence. Olivia guessed that Jax was just upset with Sonny because Carly still cared about her ex-husband and Jax wanted her all to himself.

Jason arrived at Sonny's house after Sonny had already left. Max let him in and Claudia offered him a drink. Claudia thanked him for not marrying her previously, because it had freed Claudia up to marry Sonny. It had been one of the best moves she had made. Claudia told him about Sonny's decision not to retaliate against the Russians until Jake was safe, and Jason said he wouldn't have expected anything less from Sonny. Claudia said it was time for Sonny to step up and take the reins to lead their organization. Jason asked if she was insinuating that Sonny make a move against him.

Claudia decided she should take a message for Sonny because she wasn't sure when her husband would be back, but Jason said he had to speak with Sonny in person. Claudia reminded Jason it was too late for him and Sonny to make up, and Jason asked if Claudia spoke for Sonny. It wasn't that long before that Claudia couldn't stand Sonny. Claudia said she and her new husband were finding common ground. She thought maybe it was good that Jason was making the first move. Maybe Jason and Sonny could coexist.

Sonny walked in and asked Jason what he was doing there. Jason said he thought they needed to talk, but decided there wasn't anything to say. Jason did thank Sonny for not acting against the Russians while Jake was kidnapped. Before Jason left, Sonny congratulated his former friend on his son coming home safely. Once alone, Claudia said she couldn't understand Jason. He had waited all that time to speak with Sonny, and then only said two words before he left. Sonny said that Jason realized he had forced Sonny to make an alliance with the Zaccharas. Jason had essentially forced Sonny to become his enemy.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

At Sonny's place Claudia interrupted Sonny and Max while they were talking business. Claudia wanted to know Sonny's thoughts about getting a Christmas tree. Sonny was dead set against any reminder of the holidays because it reminded him of his sons and all he had lost.

Claudia had memories, also. She told Sonny about the fabulous dollhouse that her mother gave her one Christmas. She spoke warmly of the many wonderful times she remembered playing with the dollhouse. She also divulged that Anthony had eventually smashed it with a hammer. Sonny was unmoved.

Undeterred by Sonny's lack of Christmas spirit, Claudia flounced out of the house with Milo in tow to look for the perfect tree.

Nikolas was with Nadine at Raylene's farm. Nadine was worried that she would do something to mess up the eulogy for Raylene. Nikolas encouraged and supported her as they left for the funeral.

Lulu walked in on the end of a conversation between Johnny and Maxie and heard them agree to forget the incident of the previous evening. Lulu was eager to know what incident. Johnny said that they had surprised each other the evening before, and then he left to go look for work.

After he was gone, Lulu wanted to know more. Maxie admitted that the previous evening they crossed paths in the apartment as Johnny had come out of the shower wearing only a towel and that she had given him a look over. Lulu got a little hot and warned Maxie away from Johnny. Maxie said not to worry. Before they could continue their argument Lulu got a call from Johnny, who said that he had found a job. Lulu was overjoyed. Maxie left to run errands.

Luke showed up at the hospital and convinced Epiphany to help him fool Tracy into thinking that he'd had a heart attack. Epiphany agreed, but only because Tracy was making everyone miserable with her demanding attitude.

Patrick, Robin and Emma were at home. Robin and Patrick were ecstatic because Emma had been sleeping for hours instead of minutes. Their mood turned when they feared that something might be wrong with Emma because she was not crying. They rushed to check, but found that she was okay. They were happily planning a family outing to pick out a tree for Emma's first Christmas when Maxie stopped in.

Maxie wanted to discuss plans for the wedding on the day after Christmas, but Patrick and Robin said that they had other plans at that moment. Robin told Maxie that they trusted her completely, and acknowledged that it would be a much smaller affair than their previous attempt to wed.

Claudia took Milo to the Christmas tree lot and was shocked to see Johnny working there. When a customer gave him grief, Claudia threw her weight around as both a Zacchara and a Corinthos. Johnny told Claudia that he did not need her help and he did not want the family business. When Claudia said that she had married Sonny to secure the business for him, he told her that even though he loved her as a sister, he wanted no part of the mob business. He told Claudia that anything she did, she did for herself, not for him.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy tried to find out from Monica if Luke had been admitted to the hospital the previous evening, but Monica was noncommittal.

Lulu rushed to the hospital to see Luke, who immediately calmed her fears and told her he was acting sick in order to get Tracy to take him back. Lulu did not think much of his plan. She told him the same thing that Epiphany had said to him earlier when she urged him to be honest with Tracy and to tell Tracy that he loved her and put her first.

Alexis went to see Sonny and told him that she was there as the District Attorney. She laid the blame for the violence in Port Charles at Sonny's door. She suspected that he killed Karpov despite the alibi that Carly provided for him. Sonny told her to go after the Russians.

Alexis told Sonny that he had made a mistake by marrying Claudia. She told him that, because of it, he would be considered a "bad" mobster, whereas before he had been a "good" mobster. She said that if he messed up, she would have to prosecute him to the full extent of the law. Before taking her leave, Alexis told Sonny to be careful or he would be the one who took the fall.

Robin, Patrick, and Emma had a great time at the Christmas tree lot. While Robin obsessed over which tree to pick out, Patrick conversed with Emma. Later, Patrick carried the tree into their apartment. Robin found the perfect spot and Emma slept peacefully as Robin and Patrick shared a loving kiss.

After the funeral, Uncle Vance, Cousin Beau, Nadine, Nikolas, and Raylene's lawyer gathered at the farm to hear Raylene's will. Nadine told Nikolas that Raylene probably did not have much besides the farm to pass on.

The lawyer put Raylene's video will in the DVD player. It was no surprise that Raylene had left the farm equally to Beau and Nadine, but it was a big surprise that she left two million dollars to Uncle Vance, one million to Beau, and three million to care for Nadine's comatose sister, Joleen. Nikolas interrupted the reading when Raylene said she had left an envelope for Nadine. He wanted to know why everyone else got millions and Nadine only got an envelope.

Lulu had just left Luke's room when Tracy came in. She was smug and disbelieving as she asked Luke about his condition. Instead of faking feeble, Luke was sincere when he told Tracy that he loved her and he wanted to be with her. Before Tracy could make a reply, Monica entered the room and told Tracy she had to leave.

When she was alone with Luke, Monica told him that his tests had come back and he needed a quadruple bypass. Luke was incredulous. Tracy rushed in as Monica said the condition was life-threatening and Luke would need immediate surgery. She told nurse Mir to prep him for surgery and pulled out a big syringe. Both Luke and Tracy were speechless.

Claudia got home with the tree, but Sonny was still in Grinch mode and wanted nothing to do with it. Claudia said not to worry-she would take care of everything, including the tinsel and ornaments. Sonny did not look happy, but Claudia predicted that by the time Christmas came around, just the sight of the tree would make Sonny feel better

Maxie and Lulu went to the Christmas tree lot to get a tree for Kate. Lulu wanted to hurry so that she could meet Johnny and find out about his new job. Maxie wanted to take her time and get it right for their boss. Both were surprised when they saw Johnny collecting money from a customer on the lot.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

At the hospital, Monica stressed the importance of immediate heart surgery for Luke. She told him that his condition was dire, so time was of the essence. Luke refused to consider an operation. He insisted on speaking with Tracy, but Monica objected because surgery was a priority, not romancing Tracy. Luke dug in his heels and told Monica that he needed to make peace with Tracy before he would consent to surgery. Neither Monica nor Tracy was swayed, so Luke was forced to admit that his heart attack had been a scam. Tracy turned to Monica with a smug smile and said, "I told you so!" Luke realized that Tracy had suspected the ruse all along. Monica was disgusted by their antics. She gave them a stern lecture and then ordered them to resolve their differences. After Monica walked out of the room, Luke referred to Tracy has his wife. Tracy told Luke that she was not his wife, but Luke disagreed. He revealed that he knew that she had not obtained a divorce while they had been in the Dominican Republic.

Later, as Luke prepared to leave the hospital, he stopped by the nurse's station to apologize to Epiphany. Her annoyance with Luke was palpable but she reluctantly accepted the apology. Epiphany then pointed to Tracy, who had been waiting in the visitor's lounge. Luke walked over with a hopeful expression and asked Tracy if she had been waiting for him. Tracy surprised him by admitting that she wanted to talk to Luke. Unfortunately, the talk did not go well. Neither was able to clear the air. Tracy believed that she was Luke's second choice while he promised her that she was the one he wanted to be with. When Tracy asked Luke if he would take Laura back if she came to him and told him that she wanted to make their relationship work, Luke wasn't able to give Tracy the answer that she needed to hear. He thought that it was a farfetched possibility and he had no idea how he would respond if Laura wanted to reconcile.

Nikolas was outraged on Nadine's behalf when he learned that Raylene had only left her nice was an envelope while the others had been bequeathed large sums of money. When Nadine's family accused Nikolas of being a fortune hunter, Nikolas backed down. The DVD recording of Raylene's final wishes proceeded and Nadine was told that the envelope had been entrusted to her because Raylene trusted her to do the right thing. After everyone left, Nadine handed the envelope to Nikolas. She feared that it might contain bad news, and thought that hearing it from Nikolas would make it easier.

Nikolas opened the envelope. Inside was a large piece of paper, which he unfolded. Nikolas was baffled by what he saw on the paper while Nadine broke out in peals of laughter. The paper contained the schematics for a plow that Raylene had designed and patented. Nadine was stunned to discover that her aunt had been a secret inventor. Based on what they read, Nikolas and Nadine realized that the plow had been manufactured. Nikolas pointed out that Nadine had inherited a sizeable fortune with the patent. Nadine was shocked. She couldn't understand why Raylene left it to her instead of the entire family. Nikolas suggested that perhaps Raylene felt that Nadine would appreciate the creativity of the design rather than the monetary value of the patent.

At Greystone, Claudia brought down boxes of Christmas ornaments from the attic. When Milo found Claudia sifting through Sonny's personal holiday mementos, he grew concerned. He asked Claudia if Sonny knew that she had retrieved the boxes. Claudia ignored the warning in his voice and sent him off with orders to fetch her mail. After Milo left the living room, Claudia resumed her inspection of the boxes. They contained personalized ornaments for the children. Claudia turned to look at the tree and slowly put the items down. She called out to Milo that she had a change of plans, and walked out of the living room to catch up with him.

Lulu and Maxie spied on Johnny as he worked at the Christmas tree lot. He had the misfortune of dealing with a difficult customer. The man seemed hard to please and took delight in belittling Johnny. Johnny remained calm and tried to accommodate his customer. Lulu was uncomfortable witnessing the exchange and started to walk away. Maxie followed her, but they didn't get far. Spinelli bumped into them before they could leave the lot. He was on a mission to buy a tree, and enlisted their help. Lulu and Maxie tried to get out of it, but Spinelli ushered them over to where Johnny stood. Johnny realized that they might have seen him with his rude customer and tried to downplay the incident. With Maxie's help, Spinelli found a suitable tree that he intended to replant in the woods after the holidays.

A short time later, Claudia found Johnny at work. She apologized for their earlier spat and offered her brother a large wad of cash as a peace offering. Johnny refused to take the money. He reminded her that he didn't want any money tainted by his father. Claudia explained that the money was from her own savings and not out of Anthony's pocket. Johnny stood his ground and rejected his sister's financial handout. Discouraged, Claudia left. When Lulu returned a short time later, Johnny told her about the incident. Lulu was proud that Johnny had not succumbed to temptation.

At the penthouse, Jason had an intense workout with his punching bag and then showered. When he came downstairs, he found Lucky knocking on his front door. As soon as Jason opened the door, Lucky barged in and asked if Sam was with Jason. Before he realized that Jason was alone, Lucky's jealousy began to rear its head. He started to ask Jason about what had happened between Jason and Sam during their attempt to rescue Jake, but then seemed to think better of it and changed the subject. He told Jason about his dinner plans with Sam and how she had not shown up or called. Jason asked a few important questions and learned that Lucky and Sam had argued about her insistence to pursue the investigation against Sasha. Realizing that Sam could have met with foul play, Jason decided to investigate Sam's disappearance.

When Spinelli arrived home, Jason had Spinelli use his skills to locate Sam. Spinelli was able to discover that Sam's last call had been to Jason. Spinelli suggested that perhaps Sam had merely taken off to be alone after her argument with Lucky. Spinelli had a theory that the time Sam had spent with Jason might have rekindled old feelings. Jason dismissed the possibility. He told Spinelli that Lucky and Sam had argued about Sam's determination to bring down Sasha, not how she felt about Jason.

A brief visit from Maxie interrupted them. Maxie wanted to drop off a Christmas present for Spinelli. After she handed the gift to Spinelli, Maxie left. Spinelli opened the package and was touched by the special present. It was a figurine of Superman. Spinelli didn't get to enjoy the present for long. Jason put Spinelli back to work tracking Sasha's activity. Jason thought that she was the key to finding Sam. When Spinelli received an alert that Sasha had recent activity on her cell phone, he told Jason. Just then Jason's cell phone rang. It was Sasha. She told Jason that she knew where Sam was.

Sam woke up in what appeared to be an abandoned mineshaft. She tried to climb out, but her the fall had aggravated her old hip injury. She was unable to escape the shaft so Sam tried to build a fire. She managed to gather the materials, including a book of matches, but the task proved to be too difficult. She was unsuccessful at starting the fire, so Sam crawled into a corner and tried to rest. After Sam fell asleep, she had a dream about Lucky. He was crouched nearby before a fire. When Lucky asked her if she loved him, Sam told him yes, but Lucky faded away. Sam awoke with a start and looked around. She made another attempt to climb out of the shaft but was greatly hindered by her injury.

Claudia returned to Greystone where she found an envelope addressed to her. When she opened it, she discovered that it contained a DVD. Claudia played the DVD and learned that it was from Jerry Jax. Jerry revealed that there was another DVD stashed somewhere in Sonny's home. If Claudia found it before Sonny, the details about her involvement in Michael's shooting would remain a secret. If Sonny found the DVD before Claudia, he would learn that she had hired Ian Devlin.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Carly answered the door to find Jax waiting on her doorstep. Jax was surprised to find out Carly had moved out of the hotel, but Carly wanted to have Christmas at home. She had anticipated it would be a hard Christmas. Morgan came in and was happy to see Jax and the present in his hand. Morgan asked if the present was for him, and Jax said it was. They would put it under the tree as soon as the tree was decorated. Morgan wanted to know if Jax would be spending Christmas with them. Jax explained that he needed to spend Christmas with his mother, Lady Jane, because she missed Jerry. Morgan wanted Lady Jane to come to Port Charles, but Jax said Lady Jane needed to be at her home for Christmas. Morgan seemed okay with that explanation and was even more excited when Jax decided to allow Morgan to open his Christmas present early. Carly agreed and Morgan quickly opened the package to reveal a VTech Motion - the newest learning video game system for kids.

Jax and Morgan put the Vtech together and Morgan was soon playing games on it. Jax pointed out to Carly that Morgan was actually learning as he was having fun. Carly thanked Jax for Morgan's gift, since Morgan was so busy playing the games. Carly wanted to talk to Jax in private, so she whispered a favor in Morgan's ear. He quickly ran up to his room, and Carly used the opportunity to thank Jax for being such a great stepfather. Morgan had lost a lot in the past year, and he shouldn't have to lose Jax, too. Jax said he loved Morgan and wouldn't abandon him. Carly and Jax both said they would be thinking about each other on Christmas. Jax couldn't believe how much had changed since their last Christmas. He also said it was a good thing they couldn't see into the future, though, because the good times wouldn't have been as good if they had known it would all fall apart.

Carly said she didn't know how she would make it through the holidays, but Jax told her to concentrate on giving Morgan a good Christmas. Carly agreed that was the thing to do. She reminisced that Michael always loved Christmas, and knew he would want Morgan to be happy at Christmas.

Morgan came back downstairs and gave Jax a card he had made for Lady Jane. Jax was touched by his thoughtfulness and knew Lady Jane would like it. Morgan, Jax, and Carly said their goodbyes and all wished each other a Merry Christmas. Jax promised to come see Morgan as soon as he was home from Lady Jane's.

Claudia listened to the DVD from Jerry. He told her there were several DVDs hidden throughout the Corinthos house and grounds, and each one contained a clue about where to find the next DVD. The real prize was on the last DVD, because it revealed Claudia's part in Michael's shooting.

Sonny walked in and saw Claudia immediately closing her laptop. He asked what she was hiding, and she told him that her laptop was off-limits. Sonny said he thought she wanted him to trust her, but Claudia corrected him and said she wanted him to respect her privacy. Sonny said it was obvious that she was trying to hide something from him, and Claudia covered by saying she didn't want him to find out what she had ordered for him for Christmas. Sonny said he wouldn't be celebrating Christmas. When he saw the Christmas tree Claudia had put up, he asked her "what the hell" had she done.

Sonny said she didn't have permission to drag out the Christmas ornaments. He started yelling at Claudia, but she stopped him and said if yelling at her made him feel better, then he could continue. Claudia wasn't the person Sonny was really mad at, though. He was mad at God, or the universe, or whomever he blamed for the little boy who made that Christmas ornament being in a coma. Sonny said it wasn't God's fault or anyone else's fault. It was only Sonny's fault, and he didn't want a Christmas tree to remind him of that. Claudia said Sonny had been the target. It wasn't his fault Michael had been shot, but Sonny blamed himself for not having guards.

Claudia said getting shot at was just part of their job, but Sonny said Devlin had broken the rules by shooting at him in front of a child. Sonny didn't think Devlin had acted alone, though. It didn't make sense that a doctor involved with drugs tried to take out the head of the most powerful family in Port Charles. Claudia chalked it all up to Devlin being crazy, but Sonny just wasn't buying it. Claudia apologized for making the holidays worse for Sonny, and he told her the only gift he wanted was to find out if Devlin had an accomplice. Claudia said Devlin paid the price for his actions with his life, but Sonny said that wasn't enough.

Carly started to go through Christmas decorations and found the boys' stockings. She reminisced about Michael and Morgan putting their stockings up with Sonny on Christmas Eve. She couldn't handle Christmas alone, so she called Sonny and asked if he would come over. Sonny promised he would be right over. Claudia asked where he was going, but Sonny just told her not to wait up. He arrived at Carly's house quicker than she had expected. He came in and told her the tree looked nice. Morgan walked in and father and son stared at each other for a moment before Morgan said Merry Christmas to his dad.

Meanwhile, Claudia listened to the rest of the DVD from Jerry. He couldn't believe the rumors about Claudia and Sonny getting married. He couldn't believe that Sonny would marry one of the people responsible for shooting his son. Jerry decided to get to the point and told Claudia that the next DVD was hidden in the window to her soul, assuming she had a soul.

Jason and Sasha talked on the phone, where Jason tried to get information about Sam's location from Sasha. He wanted to talk to Sam on the phone, but Sasha said she couldn't come to the phone. If Jason didn't cooperate and find Sam, she would die. Jason heard Sam screaming in the background and asked what Sasha wanted. They planned a meeting at Pier 52 in an hour.

As soon as Jason was off the phone, Spinelli made a comment about Jason's sudden attentiveness to Sam. Jason said he owed it to her after she saved Jake. Meanwhile, Sam was trying to get up off the ground. She was obviously in a lot of pain and collapsed in tears.

Sasha was shocked when Jason actually met her, as she hadn't believed he meant what he had said. Sasha explained that Sam had escaped when Sasha was trying to drive her out of town. Sam ran, fell, and got trapped. Sasha decided to turn lemons to lemonade and use Sam's misfortune to get Sasha's escape paid for. Sasha figured she was only alive because there was no one left to run the business since Karpov had been killed. The Russians would soon be pulling out of Port Charles, and Sasha wanted Jason to pay for her escape before the Russians killed her.

Jason called Bernie and had funds wired to Sasha's account. He wanted to know where Sam was. Sasha said she was relieved to be done with Port Charles. She started to go on, but Jason grabbed her and told her to tell him where Sam was. He had given her what she wanted, so Sasha needed to do her part.

Alexis appeared in a dream-like state to Sam and told her to get up. She would freeze to death if she didn't keep moving. Sam said no one would miss her if she died, but Alexis said Sam knew it wasn't true. Sam wanted her mother to save her, but Alexis said she couldn't. She was appearing to Sam in a dream to tell her what she already knew. Sam could save herself, but she had to get moving.

Patrick told Epiphany to call him if anything changed in regards to his patient, and she asked what she should do on Christmas. Patrick said she should still call him, but Matt walked up and said she should call him instead of Patrick on Christmas. Patrick protested, until Matt made a good point that Patrick needed to be with his daughter on her first Christmas. If he missed the first Christmas, it would be that much easier for him to miss the second, and so on. Suddenly, Patrick would become the father who was never there. Patrick was stunned at Matt's thoughtfulness, but Matt said it was a gift for his niece. Patrick decided they should compromise. He would stay home on Christmas while Matt took over his patients, and Matt would stand up and be Patrick's best man at his wedding on the 26th. Patrick was paged and asked Matt to think about it.

When Patrick met up with Matt later, he asked if the younger man had a chance to think about the offer. Matt asked if Coleman would be upset, but Patrick said the bartender would understand. Matt tried to turn Patrick down by saying he didn't have to make the offer to make up for what Noah had done. Patrick made it very clear that his offer had nothing to do with guilt or redemption. People had to choose whether to follow in their parents' footsteps or go down a different path. Patrick was choosing to be a good father and not abandon his child. Robin was an only child, and they wanted Emma to have an extended family. Matt was Patrick's only brother and he wanted him there at the wedding. The explanation was enough for Matt, and he agreed to be Patrick's best man.

Anna walked into her daughter's apartment, yelling out about all the stuff she had gotten. She was shocked to see Robert there instead of Robin. She was instantly worried about his traveling, but Robert assured her he was in remission. He would even allow her to call the clinic, where they would surely tell her that Robert had been the worst patient they ever had. That didn't shock Anna, but she still wasn't sure that Robert traveling had been such a good idea. Robert told her to test him with something to prove he was back to his own normal self. They bickered back and forth in good nature until Robin walked in, shocked to see her father. He said he wouldn't be anywhere else while his only daughter was getting married. Besides, he wanted to see his granddaughter.

Robin picked up Emma and told her that Robert Scorpio would be her hero if she ever needed one. Robert was stunned as he held his beautiful grandbaby. He fed her a bottle and told her she was proof that he did something right. When he was in the hospital dying, the only thing that held him back from going to the other side was the need to see and hold his granddaughter. She was definitely worth the fight.

Robert was annoyed by the looks he was getting from Robin and Anna, but they told him it had been so sweet to see him with his granddaughter for the first time. Anna and Robert ooed and ahhed over Emma and talked about who she looked like. Anna was sad that Robert hadn't known Robin as a baby, but Robert said Anna had done what she had to do at the time. Robert asked how the wedding planning was going, and Anna was stunned that Robert was interested. He said he was interested because his only daughter was getting married and he was alive to see it. He thought it was a good idea to get married the day after Christmas, because it would make it less likely for Patrick to forget his anniversary. Robin said she and Patrick picked the 26th because they couldn't wait any longer to be married, and it gave her time to get a new wedding dress that fit her post-baby body. Robert asked if he could help with the wedding, but Robin assured him that Maxie had it all taken care of. She asked how Robert was feeling and if he was able to walk around. She wanted her father to walk her down the aisle.

Patrick walked through the door and was surprised to see Robert there with Anna. He didn't know that Robert was well enough to travel. Robert said he couldn't miss that father-in-law/son-in-law talk they still needed to have.

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