One Life to Live Recaps: The week of January 15, 2007 on OLTL

Blair emerged from a coma, and Todd proposed marriage. Rex spoke to Spencer about covering up Tommy's true identity. Antonio was upset with Bo's actions regarding a fire that Cristian was accused of setting. Nash began working for Antonio. Lindsay confessed that she and R.J. had separated.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of January 15, 2007 on OLTL
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Monday, January 15, 2007

Much to Jessica's dismay, Nash begins his job as Antonio's right hand man at Capricorn. Jessica wonders why Nash would give up his dream of running his vineyard to run the club, but Nash reminds her that in order for him to successfully run his vineyard, he needs a steady amount of cash flow which working at the club will provide. Antonio tries to calm Jessica down by telling her that having Nash run Capricorn is a way for him to thank Nash for taking care of Jessica when the two of them were trapped in the mine. Antonio is called away on police business and leaves Jessica behind with Nash. After getting into another argument, Jessica throws some old wine glasses at Nash in front of astonished customers.

Cole won't leave Marty's side at the hospital making it hard for Bo to be able to question her about her ordeal at Spencer's side. As they await word on Spencer's prognosis after a self inflicted gun wound, Bo tries to get Marty's statement but all he can get out of her is that Todd saved her life. Antonio arrives and Bo asks him to see if he can get anymore information out of Marty. Marty introduces Cole to Antonio and then sends her son on a mission to see how Starr is holding up. Alone with Antonio, Marty confesses how she feared for her life at the hands of a man who would rather give himself a non life threatening gunshot wound than to go to Wingdale. Paige and Michael come down and inform Bo, Antonio, and Marty that not only did Spencer survive, but the bullet did not come close to damaging any vital organs meaning that Spencer knew exactly where to shoot himself to do the least amount of damage.

Natalie has a hard time keeping a restless John at bay while waiting on word regarding Spencer's fate. Natalie wants John to take his medicine but John continues to balk at taking the medicine because of the way it makes him feel. Natalie tells him that Michael said he could take a lower dose but John doesn't want to have any parts of the medicine. When he tries to leave to go to the hospital, Natalie puts her foot down and stops him from going. John promises to take his medicine when he finds out whether or not Spencer survived surgery. Natalie calls Bo and has him speak to John. Bo promises to keep John informed of the situation as long as John agrees to stay put. When Natalie turns on the TV to find out the latest, they both learn that Spencer made it out of surgery alive. A frustrated John holds up his end of the bargain and takes his medicine in front of a pleased Natalie.

Dr. Cushing gives Todd, Starr, and Dorian some bad news regarding Blair and her infection. He tells them that the drug regimen that she has been given should be working by now and that he fears that the infection is too strong to fight. Dorian demands to take a look at her chart as she is a doctor as well. She confirms for Viki and Clint that what Dr. Cushing said is correct. A frustrated Todd vents his anger out on the doctor telling him that he can't believe that he is the expert in this field and still can't save Blair. Dr. Cushing tells them that it's now up to Blair's immune system to kick in but that they should prepare for the worst. Viki asks Todd if she and Clint can bring Jack back to the hospital so that he can see his mother. Todd wonders if they want him to say goodbye but then agrees that having Jack there is probably a good idea. Todd and Starr beg Blair to come back to them especially since Todd has a big surprise waiting for her when she wakes up.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Antonio wants answers when he returns to Capricorn and sees all of the broken wine glasses. Jessica admits that she threw the glasses at Nash in a fit of anger. She apologizes to Antonio for her behavior but insists that the incident was Nash's fault. Antonio questions why Nash and Jessica have become mortal enemies since they were trapped in the cave. Nash explains that Jessica was upset with him for getting them stuck and he was upset with Jessica for interfering in his life and having spent that time together in the mine showed them how different they really were. Antonio is skeptical of Nash's explanation but lets it go as he and Jessica leave the club. Layla asks Nash why he didn't tell Antonio what really happened in the mine if he has no feelings for Jessica while Antonio asks Jessica to cut Nash some slack as the holidays probably have him missing Tess.

Vincent asks Natalie as a friend to find out who is responsible for the burning down of his warehouse. Natalie tells Vincent that she will not help him find evidence on Cris since he is not the arsonist. Vincent tells Natalie that he hopes that Cris didn't set the fire because Vincent has already caused Cris enough grief but he needs to find out who the real arsonist is. Their conversation is interrupted by Vincent's discovery that another one of his warehouses has been torched. He confirms the news with Shawn and then leaves Natalie to go and find out what happened. After Vincent leaves, Natalie stays behind to see if she can find out any additional information about the fire from the officer who took the call.

Evangeline is upset when Cris returns to his place late ruining their plans for the evening. Cris apologizes and says that he was out taking pictures with his new camera but when Evangeline asks to see the photos, Cris admits that he had a hard time operating the camera and was unable to get any good photos. Evangeline looks in Cris bag and finds a pair of turpentine stained gloves. When she asks Cris about them, he explains that they are the gloves he used to paint the store window.

Rex blames himself for Blair's predicament telling Adriana that Blair would not be in the hospital if he had told Todd the truth about his son. Adriana tries to reassure Rex that it is not his fault but Rex shares with Adriana Todd's confession that he kidnapped Spencer and tortured him to find out where Spencer took his son. Adriana believes that she and Rex did the right thing by keeping the secret and that they should be prepared to take the secret to the grave with them. Marcie walks up with Tommy at the same time Dorian takes Adriana to go visit Blair. Marcie asks Rex to watch and change Tommy while she goes to comfort Michael who is upset about Blair's lack of recovery. Rex manages to change Tommy's diaper and begins to have doubts about the decision he made to keep Tommy's true parentage a secret.

Dr. Cushing wants Todd, Dorian, and the children to say their goodbyes to Blair as he does not expect her to last the night. Todd is furious that the doctor is giving up but Starr begs him to let them say what may be their final words to Blair just like they had to do when they thought Todd was going to die. Todd gives in and lets Jack and Starr say whatever they feel to their unconscious mother. Dorian also takes a few moments with Blair telling her that she is not only her niece but a good friend and that she should keep fighting. When it is Todd's turn, he is unable to say goodbye and instead climbs into bed with her and asks her to hold on.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Paige and Bo paid Spencer a visit in the hospital. Paige noted that he strategically shot himself because he wanted to stay in the hospital. He insisted that he was trying to kill himself.

Vincent and Aaron hosted a press conference in Angel Square, where they blasted the police force and said that Cristian was guilty of burning down his buildings. Natalie was furious.

Cristian complained to Evangeline about being stuck on the project he was trying to complete. She was supportive and tried to give him some ideas. She then read about the second fire in the paper. Vangie wanted to call Bo, but Cristian didn't want to get involved. Natalie soon came by and told them to go to Angel Square immediately. They did and Vangie defended Cris to the media. Bo arrived and Aaron accused the police of protecting Cristian. Later at the loft, Vangie recalled finding Cris's turpentine-soaked rags.

Marty stopped by John's and told him that now she's sure that Spencer wasn't fit to be on trial. John argued that Truman knew exactly what he's doing; she stated that Spence is insane. Marty admitted that she was basically saying, "I told you so." John noted that Marty was more stressed about having been taken hostage by Spencer than she was letting on. "I'm holding it together just fine," she snapped, but John thought she was about to lose it. Marty freaked out when he said she's suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. Natalie later returned and reamed out Marty about her role in Spencer being free. Marty left. John scolded Nat for her behavior.... Marty went to the hospital to check on Spencer's condition.

At the hospital, Dorian, Todd and Starr and Viki nervously paced as they awaited news on Blair. Michael joined them and reported that her condition is stabilizing. The family was thrilled, but Michael warned them that she still has a long way to go. Privately, Todd asked Michael if Blair is going to be a vegetable. Michael advised him to talk to her so she could be encouraged to regain consciousness. After, Todd told the family that he's going to get Blair a surprise. Soon, Addie arrived and went to sit with Blair. "It's not time for you to go to Heaven," Addie firmly, but sadly stated. "Mamas are supposed to go to Heaven first ... please don't die and leave us all alone." Todd then joined her and told Blair that he needs her. Sure enough, she opened her eyes. "You talk too much," she whispered.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Nat and Jess stop at the hospital to visit Blair. Nat mentions what a terrible patient John is but she still loves him. The honeymoon with Antonio is over, Jess tells her sister. It was great but back to reality basically and all that goes with it. She's frustrated with Nash, who is a pain in the ass. Natalie is astonished to learn that he is now the manager of Capricorn and figures it's merely just so he can get on Jess' nerves. She also is bitter to learn that Jess is taking advice from Marty and mentions that even John has forgiven Marty for her deeds involving Spencer. Marty is a friend of hers, Jess announces, and has been through a lot. Starr and Jack spend time with their mom, but she urges them to not miss any more school. Marcie is there and agrees to get them each to class. Todd goes to see Spencer, escorted by an armed guard. Congrats on your self inflicted gunshot wound, he tells the patient, but he knows it's just to buy time. Spencer thinks Todd is there to kill him until he sees the guard. He actually wants to share some wonderful news, Todd advises him. Blair is awake, alert and recovering. He knows Spencer still loves her but he's going to propose and he and Blair will be married. Spencer is actually speechless. It's over for you, Todd continues. You will lose everything. Once Todd leaves, Spencer screams for his lawyer.

Rex prepares a death certificate for Todd's baby so that Tommy can just stay where he is. Adriana thinks it's cruel but Rex is convinced that Todd has his life now with Blair and is not alone. They both think it's for the best but then on the other hand they both start to waver. Obviously, both of them are torn between deciding what to do and what is really right. Rex figures that Todd will stop looking for the baby if he is convinced that he's dead. He has a long complex story prepared, mostly the truth, except for the ending. They worry about Spencer though, in case he's around to divulge the truth. Nah, once he's in Wingdale, they'll be in the clear, Rex figures. He plans on telling Todd immediately and leaves for the hospital. Layla stops by, prepared to work but it's obvious that Adriana has something bothering her. She tries to explain without really saying anything. Rex will do the right thing, Layla insists.

Once at school, Starr has the opportunity to chat with Cole when she "drops" her book on the floor and he rushes over to help her. He's really happy to hear the news about her mom. Marcie is nearby and overhears Brittany plotting to steal Cole from Starr, even though she really doesn't want him herself. The girl throws her arms around Cole and extends her good wishes regarding his mom. Oh, same for you, she tells Starr when she hears the news about Blair. Marcie sends everyone off to class, but not before Starr and Cole exchange several intimate looks. She pulls Starr aside. She should not be seeing Cole because both of her parents and Cole's mom are against it. Whether she agrees or not, she's the teacher and must side with them and do what's best. They're just friends and everything is cool, Starr assures her.

As Spencer mutters that it'll never be over, his attorney arrives. Everything is in his favor and will be tied up in court, Spencer hears. He doesn't care about any of it. Instead, he's summoned his attorney to have him draw up a power of attorney and a document that turns over all of Spencer's estate to him. He's insane after all, Mark tells him. Spencer insists it's not a ploy but the lawyer thinks he's up to something. Later, he imagines Blair in his room. She will never leave him, she purrs. She loves him. He asks her to marry him.

Todd visits Blair but won't let her talk. They have fewer fights if she's quiet or unconscious, he jokes. She came back for him, Blair says. He will never leave her, she's the best part of him and could never let her go. She's his one constant. Presenting a ring, he asks her to marry him. Again.

While Antonio and Nash cheer each other on at the gym, they give each other advice on their businesses. They also discuss Jessica and the fact that she and Nash aren't getting along. Nash professes that he will never be stuck anywhere with her again and is annoyed when Antonio says that Jess will learn to be patient with him. That makes it sound like he did something, which he didn't, says an irritated Nash. He really doesn't want to deal with Jess at all, Nash states. And he doesn't want to be judged. Antonio is wondering if Nash sees Tess in her and is just upset that he can't get to her. They take their act to the steam room, all the while Antonio urging Nash to just get along with Jess. He leaves the room first, needing to tend to work. Nat and Jess arrive early for massages, but they learn that Antonio is in the steam room. Jess plots to show up for some "heat." Nat laughs that she can picture Tess sneaking in but not Jess, and dares her to go for it. Jess shows up and drops her towel, thinking that the man under the towel is Antonio.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Jessica was surprised when she went to greet Antonio in the steam room and it turned out to be a naked Nash. He teased her, but she wouldn't have it. "I hate you!" she finally screamed as he badgered her. He informed her that she's staying there with him for as long as it takes for her to stop hating him. Jess amended that she doesn't hate him and does in fact, have feelings for him.

Bo watched the tape of Aaron and Vincent's press conference, where they spoke out against the police force. Bo lectured the cops that the subsequent overload of calls coming in slowed down their response time. Antonio and Evangeline worried about Cristian, but Bo urged them to step aside in order to let the bad press settle. Meantime, Cris argued with Talia in his loft. He then came down to the station and learned that his brother and girlfriend are off the case, due to the conflict of interest. He was prepared to fight back, but they told him to keep his cool. Vangie privately worried that Cris really was guilty for starting the fires. Later, Cris was furious when his loft was searched. Talia found blueprints of Vincent's burned down buildings.

Paige and Lindsay chatted as they dined at the Palace. Paige patiently listened to Lindsay vent when Lindsay mentioned that she broke up with R.J. Bo interrupted them and was concerned when Paige filled him in on Lindsay's troubles. Lindsay sadly called her gallery phone and changed the message which had included both her and R.J.'s names. Bo was happy when Paige said she wanted to be Lindsay's friend, but warned her that Linds can be "high maintenance." When Paige was suddenly called to the hospital, she suggested Bo join Lindsay instead.

After Todd proposed to Blair, she examined the ring and remarked that it was the same one he gave her before. "I want to get it right this time," he stated. "I can't," Blair told him. Todd assumed it was too soon. Blair was upset that he already told Starr he was planning to propose and explained that they're over for good. Todd thought things could be different between them, but she believed that they're miserable together. "I dare you to tell me you don't love me," he challenged. He then stated that the kids would be better with them together, but Blair argued that they'll also be happier if she and Todd are apart.

At the hospital, Rex continued to wheedle the guard into letting him into Spencer's room. In his room, Spencer continued to "speak" with Blair, who he imagined was in the room with him. Rex managed to get in and found Truman talking to himself. Balsom revealed that he wants to destroy any hope Todd has of finding his son. Spencer imagined Blair telling him that she'll never forgive Todd for making her lose her baby. In real life, Rex asked Spencer if he can help him get proof that Todd's baby with Margaret is dead. Spencer agreed to do it. Rex was perturbed when Truman mentioned "Tommy."

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