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Passions Recaps: The week of January 15, 2007 on PS
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Monday, January 15, 2007

Kay is worried about Fox and his illness on their wedding night, but they are rudely interrupted by Jessica. She walks into their bedroom half drunk rambling on and on that Grace is dead and Kay is to blame. Kay finds out for the first time that Grace is really dead, and she too is devastated. Jessica blames both Kay and Eve for Grace's death since they knew the truth and kept it to themselves.

Jared and Theresa make love, and Theresa convinces herself that they will be happy as a couple. On the other side of the mansion, Whitney awakes to find that Chad is not in bed with her, so she goes off to look for him. Meanwhile, Chad shows up at the motel room to meet his lover. He thanked his lover for not interrupting his wedding to Whitney. Chad knows that what he is doing is wrong, but he can't seem to stop. Whitney goes to Fancy's room but no luck. She finally goes to her best friend's room, Theresa, and interrupts her and Jared. Whitney thinks something is up, so Jared calls Chad and gets his voicemail. He warns Chad that Whitney is looking for him and that he should have a pretty damn good excuse for being away from Whitney. Jared decides to go look for Chad, but Whitney thinks that Jared is covering for Chad, and he is, but she doesn‘t know it for sure, so she decides to go off looking for Chad. Jared manages to get to the motel to warn Chad in person before Whitney catches up with him and before Theresa and Whitney figures out that he is covering for Chad. Jared opens Chad's bedroom door and is shocked at what he sees. Meanwhile, Whitney and Theresa are at the motel looking for Chad. Chad overhears Whitney's voice and wonders what to do next.

Fancy has her attacker trapped in the closet, or so she thinks while she begs Luis to hurry and get to her room. Luis shows up with Sheridan in tow. Luis opens the closet door with gun in hand and no one is in the closet. Fancy wonders how that could be possible. Meanwhile, Sheridan is taking pleasure into making Fancy look like she is crazy. Luis calls Eve so that she can give Fancy a sedative. Fancy knows what she encountered, so she is refusing to take the sedative, but Luis convinces her and she agrees to take the sedative. Sheridan tells Luis that Fancy has been pulling a prank in order to get his attention and Fancy gets up and calls her a ‘hateful bitch' and slaps her. Fancy is trying to convince Luis that Sheridan is trying to come between them, but Luis thinks that Fancy is having a bad dream about the rapist. Sheridan, with a smug look on her face tells Fancy to get some rest and goes right back to trying to convince Luis that Fancy is crazy.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Chad fears he's about to lose everything when he hears Whitney and Theresa arrive at the motel. Theresa has the desk clerk look up Chad's name to see if he's registered for a room. Chad's name isn't on the list, but Valerie's is. Whitney barges into Valerie's room and demands to see Chad.

Sam viciously lashes out at Ivy and Eve for their deception.

Jessica confronts Spike about being Fancy's rapist.

Fancy swears she saw the attacker in her room once again, but Luis is hesitant to believe her.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Ethan and Gwen are in their bed at the Inn. Ethan dreams that he rescues Theresa from an abusive Jared. Gwen wakes up when he calls out Theresa's name. Ethan defends himself by saying that it was only a dream. He tells her that he is worried about Theresa. Gwen wants to know why he is not worried about them. She wants to know if he is aware that he may lose everything. Gwen says that she cannot even blame Theresa, that it is Ethan who is obsessed. Ethan begs Gwen to understand. She continues to question his motives. Gwen tells Ethan that he needs to face up to the truth. She says that she is tired and just wants to go to sleep. As soon as they both fall asleep a black clad figure of indeterminate gender enters the room and stands over Ethan. The figure waves a vial under Ethan's nose, and as Ethan inhales the mist, tells Ethan that Theresa needs his help, that she is in danger. Ethan opens her eyes, but is in a hypnotic state as the black clad figure leads him out to save Theresa.

Elsewhere Jared and Theresa make love and happily plan their future together. When Jared gets up to get champagne, he finds a picture of Ethan and Theresa in a book that has fallen on the floor. Theresa says that she did not know it was there, but suspects that Little Ethan put it there. Jared understands that Ethan plays a big part in Little Ethan's life. He does wants to talk to Ethan and get him to back off. Jared tells her that Ethan is getting to him. Theresa agrees to distance herself from Ethan, so that she and Jared can have a life together without Ethan's interference. Jared tells her that getting Ethan out of their lives will make him very happy.

In the Crane living room, Fox worries that a distraught Kay, who blames herself for her mother's death, is with Miguel. Julian blames Grace's death on Ivy. Ivy defends herself against Julian. She tells Fox that Kay is not good enough for him. She is still under the impression that Fox is dying. She is obviously concerned for Fox and equally disparaging of Kay. Fox and Julian try to find out where Kay and Miguel are. Ivy is distraught over Fox's health. She wants him to rest and get treatment. Fox does not correct Ivy's mistaken notion that he has a terminal illness. After Ivy leaves the room, Julian and Fox agree that it is imperative to keep Kay and Miguel apart because it is possible that Miguel will figure out how Fox has manipulated them. Julian tells Fox that he has to start thinking like a Crane or he will be a failure. Fox assures Julian that he will not fail. He will keep Kay and Miguel apart. Julian tells Fox that his next task is to cure his supposedly terminal illness. Ivy overhears them and is livid when she bursts in the room to confront them.

An intruder, wearing black gloves, a black leather jacket and a black ski mask stabs the bed where Fancy, who has taken a sedative, lies sleeping. She continues to sleep peacefully, even though the intruder grunts loudly, rips the sheet and rubs the edge of a knife against Fancy's neck. Luis knocks on the door and the intruder vanishes. He notices the ripped sheets. Luis wakes Fancy to show her the sheets. Fancy says that this is proof that the attacker exists. Luis picks up her robe and a knife fall out. Fancy says that it is the same knife that was used in a previous attack on her. Luis says that the knife is evidence. Fancy is sure that fingerprints on the knife will vindicate her. Luis tells Fancy to change rooms. She moves to her "pink princess" room. Luis assures Fancy that he believes her. She is not crazy, she says to Luis, no matter what her Aunt Sheridan said. Luis reassures Fancy that Sheridan loves her. Fancy pins her hopes on the lab results. When the lab calls, the only prints on the knife belong to Luis and Fancy.

Miguel and Kay meet in the park and start kissing. Miguel vow love for Kay, but she remembers seeing Miguel make love to Charity (she does not know that they were imposters.) She calls him a liar and finally confronts Miguel with what she saw in the tool shed. They argue. Miguel tells her that he was not in the tool shed and that he did not make love to Charity. Kay says that she knows what she saw and will not be fooled again. Miguel realizes that it must be a trick perpetrated by Fox. Miguel tells Kay that he has never made love to Charity. She wants to believe him, but she hesitates. She tells Miguel that she is confused and does not know what to believe. Miguel assures her of his love. Kay tries to return to the mansion, but Miguel stops her and continues to persuade her of his love and Fox's deceptiveness. Finally Kay admits that she loves Miguel and they start kissing passionately.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Fox is frantic to find a missing Miguel. He fears when he finds Miguel, he will find Kay with him. Ivy encourages her son not to waste his remaining months on the likes of Kay Bennett. Julian leaves Ivy seething when he tells her Alistair would have applauded the detailed quality of her Grace/David scheme.

Ivy is outraged Fox let her believe he's dying. She pleads with her son to forget about Kay and move on to someone more worthy. Meanwhile, Kay and Miguel make love at the playground.

Kay tells Miguel she saw him making love to Charity. Miguel tells her that it is not true and Fox must be behind whatever she saw.

Even though the knife only contained Luis and Fancy's fingerprints, Luis assures Fancy he now believes someone has been in her room. Fancy is relieved, but can't understand why someone is trying to make it look like she's losing her mind. Later, Luis reads her a romance novel to help her fall asleep.

As Fancy sleeps, the peeping tom slashes her bedding. Luis' arrival scares the attacker away. They are both shocked to see the state of Fancy's sheets. When Luis picks up Fancy's bathrobe, a knife falls out. Did Fancy tear up her own blankets?

After putting Ethan in a trance, the peeping tom leads him to the Crane mansion, warning Ethan that Theresa is in danger. Meanwhile, Jared leaves Theresa to take care of business at the office.

Jared and Theresa enjoy spending time with one another. Gwen is angry when Ethan calls out Theresa's name in his sleep. Ethan attempts to explain by saying he is worried Jared will hurt Theresa. Gwen threatens to leave Ethan if he can't get over his Theresa obsession. The two manage to get back to sleep as the peeping tom enters their room...

Friday, January 19, 2007

Kay is confused about what Miguel told her about Fox, and on top of that, she has to deal with the death of her mom, Grace. Kay confides in Simone that she made love to Miguel on her wedding night. Simone thinks she is nuts since she made vows to Fox. Kay explains to Simone that Fox is lying to her per Miguel. She thinks that Fox hired impersonators to play the part of Charity and Miguel based on What Jessica saw and told her. Kay does not want to believe the worse about Fox, but part of her believes Miguel. Simone says the only way to prove who is telling the truth is if Charity shows up. As soon as Simone utters those words, the door bell rang, and in walks Charity. Miguel confronts Fox about the lies he has told Kay about him. Fox denies every word. Miguel insists that Fox is lying and that he is going to prove it. Miguel grabs Fox and demands he tells him how he managed to trick Kay into believing that he was making love to Charity. Miguel gloats to Fox that Kay spent her wedding night with him, and Fox punches Miguel out. A fight ensues, and Miguel takes command of the situation. He pins Fox down on the desk and tells him that he knows that he is lying and Kay knows it too. Miguel also tells Fox that his marriage to Kay is over.

Jared is driving home from Crane Industries and is having nothing but good thoughts about Theresa, but it all came to a screeching halt when he reaches home. At the Crane mansion, Gwen awakens to find that Ethan is not in bed with her. She wonders where Ethan could be, and she hopes that he is not with Theresa. Despite that, a part of her feels that Ethan is with Theresa. Meanwhile, Ethan, who is under a spell by the mysterious masked man is making love to Theresa, but Theresa thinks it's Jared. Jared arrives home at the Crane mansion and runs into Gwen. She tells Jared that Ethan is no where to be found. They both proceed upstairs to see if Ethan is with Theresa. Gwen does not want to think that Ethan is with Theresa because she thinks that Ethan would not dream of hurting her that way. Jared opens the bedroom door, and he and Gwen witness Ethan making love to Theresa.

Luis is spending the night with Fancy to make sure that she is safe from her attacker. As soon as Luis goes to sleep on Fancy's sofa, the attacker, who is hiding behind Fancy's stuffed animals, makes himself visible. The attacker walks towards Fancy. Fancy calls out for Luis in her sleep while the attacker rubs her shoulders. The attacker then walks towards Luis and injects him with a drug before he could fight back. Luis is able to see the needle with blurred vision but closes his eyes shortly after. The attacker snatches off Luis' necklace and rips his shirt off along with the rest of his clothes. The attacker takes out a latex condom while Luis looks on but is still under the influence of the drug. Apparently, the drug has a hallucinogenic effect on Luis, and he thinks that he and Fancy are making love, but Fancy is fast asleep having dreams about Luis and being a cheerleader. The attacker drags Luis out of Fancy's room and returns to the room to attack Fancy. Fancy wakes up and thinks it was Luis but realizes it's her attacker and screams. The attacker covers her mouth.

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