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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of January 15, 2007 on DAYS
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Monday, January 15, 2007

Everyone is shocked as Philip is wheeled into the hearing room and they see his new face for the first time. Victor explains to the judge that his son was severely injured in the war. His face was burned, and he was given a face transplant. But he's well now and here to claim his rights as Claire's legal father. The judge makes his decision: he orders Shawn and Belle to take parenting classes for three months. And he awards Philip temporary custody for ninety days. Livid Shawn attacks Philip.

Outside, Bo, Hope and Marlena wait for news. Beverly brings in Claire and Bo takes the child over the woman's objections. She calls the court officer, but he refuses to arrest Bo.

In another area, Max and Mimi confront Kate, accusing her of being in cahoots with Victor and setting them up to be kidnapped. Kate denies any responsibility. Later, Kate and Victor are pleased that Philip has temporary custody. As he takes Claire, Shawn and Belle are destroyed.

Sami, Lucas and Will are closer than ever, and Kate is fit to be tied. Lucas warns his mother that he's with Sami now. Kate will have to deal with it. Roman arrives with a surprise for Sami. She's being honored with a police citation for her good deed in rescuing Lucas. Sami is blown away. She asks Roman, as a special favor, if they could hold the ceremony at Brady's Pub. Sami wants her family to be there to witness. Roman thinks that's a great idea. A fuming Kate storms out.

Abby urges Nick to stop leading Chelsea on with the 'Shane Patton' ruse. Nick considers. Stephanie arrives to tell them her big news: she got a job in Dayton and is leaving town. Abby and Nick are excited, though they'll miss her. Chelsea breezes in and Stephanie is finally able to tell her what she really thinks of her. Surprisingly, Chelsea lets the criticism roll off her back. She wants Abby to convince Max to hire her at the garage. Chelsea needs a job so she can help her mom with the rent for their new apartment. Abby doubts Max will hire her. Later, Chelsea vows she is going to find Dr. Shane Patton, and Nick realizes it's time to end this internet charade once and for all!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Shawn goes to confront Willow, who admits that Victor paid her ten grand to lie to the judge. She goes on to tell Shawn it's his own fault he lost his daughter because he never stands up to anyone. Shawn hotly denies this and insists he stood up for Claire. Willow offers to confess that she lied if Shawn will kiss her. Shawn hates this, but moves in toward her lips. Suddenly, she laughs in his face, and says this proved her point. Their argument grows heated until Maggie intervenes. When Shawn tells her what Willow's done, Maggie fires her.

Mimi has gone to Philip in hopes of convincing him not to take Claire from Shawn and Belle. Philip stands firm. He was given legal custody and has a right to her. Mimi argues that a good father would never take a child from her mother. Philip doesn't care about Shawn and Belle. They used to be his friends, but they wouldn't compromise. Mimi continues her plea, to no avail. Later, Mimi discovers a passport in Claire's name and realizes Philip is planning to take her out of the country. Mimi tracks down Shawn and fills him in. She encourages Shawn to go to the cops, but he says it's time to take the law into his own hands.

Kate tells Lucas he's making a mistake trusting Sami. Her story doesn't hold up. Kate thinks that someone helped her move the beam to save Lucas -- someone like E.J., who was on the run and in the vicinity. Lucas refuses to believe it. After all, E.J. hates Lucas, so why would he help Sami save him? Kate argues, but Lucas won't hear it. He and Sami are a package deal. And if Kate can't accept that, it's her decision.

Marlena is agonizing over her decision about John's care. Sami comes in and tells John she was wrong about him, that she loves him. Later, Marlena finds an Italian coin from their trip and tells John she's decided he needs better care than she can give him by herself.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Shawn tells Belle they're not waiting the court-mandated ninety days for Claire to be returned from Philip's clutches. They've tried playing by the rules, but can't fight Victor and Philip's wealth and influence. They have no choice but to kidnap their daughter with Mimi and Max's help.

Mimi theorizes that Victor and Philip haven't left the country yet because they need to get Claire immunized. Shawn and Belle show up and Mimi shares her theory. Shawn calls Kayla and asks her to find out if Claire is scheduled for immunization. Kayla calls back, confirming that Claire is expected at the hospital tomorrow at 1PM. Shawn, Belle, Max and Mimi resolve to show up at the hospital at the appointed time and kidnap Claire before Philip has a chance to take her away from them forever.

Before she leaves for her new job in Dayton, Stephanie has a heart-to-heart with her father. Steve tells her she got her looks, brains and personality from her mother, but she got her fire and restless spirit from him. He wants her to be true to herself, to live each day as if it were her last. Stephanie suggests he take his own advice. Lately he seems like a powderkeg ready to explode. Steve covers the 'episodes' he's been having and promises to go for the gusto. Stephanie and Steve share an emotional goodbye. Later, he experiences another excruciating 'episode.'

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Steve is hit with another 'episode.' Unable to take the pounding in his head, he flips out and trashes the Salem Inn suite where he lives with Kayla. Desperate for help, he then calls Bo and asks him for a job with the Salem P.D. Steve feels that having a purpose to his life will enable him to overcome the violent episodes he's been experiencing. Bo reluctantly asks him to go down to Mexico City and try to persuade E.J. to return to Salem to face prosecution. Steve accepts, but Bo makes him promise to take Kayla with him -- just in case he has another of his episodes.

Kayla and Stephanie say good-bye, as the latter prepares to leave town. Stephanie suggests that her mom and dad bring another child into their life.

Sami gets a call from E.J., who's in Mexico. He still thinks about that night they shared. Sami begs him not to ruin her life. He assures her everything will be fine -- as long as she keeps her mouth shut about how he made his escape from Salem. Unbeknownst to Sami, Lucas enters and hears some of her conversation. Sami is forced to admit it was E.J. on the phone. Lucas is proud of her for telling him the truth. It's like she's a new woman. They end up making love.

Chelsea IM's Lonely Splicer, informing him that she knows his "true identity" thanks to some snooping by a "lame-o" friend of hers. Nick, on the other end of the IM, is hit hard by Chelsea's put-down of him. He sends back a message that she's the real lame-o. Chelsea is afraid she's blown it with "Shane Patton" and resolves to be a good person like Shane wants her to be. She's certain this will undo the damage. Meanwhile, Nick unburdens himself with Dr. Rebert, but leaves out any details that will incriminate him. Rebert suggests Nick "kill" Shane Patton. That way, he doesn't have to keep up this online charade -- and he can be a shoulder for Chelsea to cry on.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Shawn, Belle, Max and Mimi arrive at the hospital to carry out their plan to take Claire from Philip when he brings her in for immunization shots. Belle stops by to see John first. She tells her comatose father what she's doing and as she's saying goodbye, Marlena comes in. Belle has no choice but to tell her the plan. To Belle's surprise, Marlena offers to help. Belle appreciates this, but says they don't want to get their parents involved. Shawn enters and tells Belle "it's time." Marlena wishes them luck as they hurry off. Belle "runs into" Philip and asks if she can hold Claire. Philip obliges, and Shawn comes out of the shadows and picks a fight with Philip while Belle runs out with her daughter. Shawn, Belle, Mimi and Max make a clean getaway leaving Philip in their wake.

Bo, Hope and Kayla are at the pub for Sami's award ceremony when Marlena arrives and tells them what the kids are planning. Bo wants to stop them, but Marlena says they have no choice because Philip and Victor are planning to take Claire out of the country. Sami is anxious to receive her award for saving Lucas. A skeptical Kate is there and Will tells her to give Sami another chance or Kate will lose him and Lucas. Roman presents the plaque to Sami, and Kate stuns everyone by telling her nemesis she wants a fresh start. Later, Philip storms in and says anyone who helped Belle and Shawn kidnap Claire is going to pay.

Steve finds E.J. in a Mexican bar and tries to convince him to come back to Salem and prove his innocence. E.J. isn't interested. Steve questions him about the night John was shot, but E.J. doesn't budge. He does, however, turn the conversation to Steve. He knows about Steve's recurring visions. Steve wants to know more, but E.J. refuses and starts to leave. Steve fakes a seizure and tackles E.J. The bartender and patrons drag Steve outside. Later, we realize that Steve stole E.J.'s wallet and cell phone.

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