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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of January 15, 2007 on GL
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Monday, January 15, 2007

Reva goes to talk to Cal at The Beacon, only to discover he is out of remission. He tries to cover by saying he has a "babe" in his room, but she won't buy it. He reveals he is sick again, but will not let her help him. She insists on going to Cedars with him for his treatment but he tells her to go out to dinner, have a porterhouse steak, bottle of wine, and a slab of cheesecake. She reluctantly leaves after they share a hug.

Beth and Alan are at Towers where Alan goes on about his loathing of Jonathan. Lizzie shows up with Sarah and Alan dotes over the baby. Lizzie says she knows Alan would prefer having Lizzie put away so he can have her baby. Beth says they will have to see that doesn't happen. Lizzie tells Alan that Jon, Sarah and she are a family. Alan says Jon will hurt her. Beth takes Lizzie aside and Lizzie tells her that all is well and that her mom needs to keep control of Alan. After Lizzie leaves, Alan tells Beth that Lizzie is fragile and Jon is irresponsible. He believes Beth and he should raise Sarah. He says Lizzie has failed him and should be sacrificed for the "greater good." Beth tries to seduce Alan into going home with her so she can help him forget his worries. He rebuffs her advances. She tells him that she can be just as determined as he. To that he replies she either is there to help him or she must get out of his way. Beth leaves just as Reva arrives, saying she is hungry!

Alan asks Reva if she is ready to take him up on his offer to help her get Josh back if she helps him break up Jon and Lizzie. She says no way! They have a friendly love/hate dinner together of porterhouse steak, cabernet wine, and cheesecake. After they decide that comparing their sins would take days to rehash, they agree to disagree. Their dinner is congenial, but with hints of troubles to come. When Alan confesses baby Sarah is his last hope for redemption, Reva brings out photos of the baby and says Sarah is her hope for the future as well. Alan says one day the two of them will be on the same side, but until then...Reva agrees, until then... Alan leaves and Reva receives a call reminding her to come to her medical check-up. Reva tells the caller that she will call back later to confirm a time.

Jon and Tammy are at the cabin. While Jon tries to convince Tammy that he and Lizzie had not slept together, Tammy makes it clear it doesn't matter to her one way or the other. Tammy tells Jon that Lizzie has been faking her postpartum depression. She tells him how she found the DVD about PPD when she snuck into the cabin before. Lizzie had the entire DVD committed to memory right down to the time to let a tear fall. As Jon is packing his suitcase, he tells Tammy he is leaving Lizzie that very night. They share a kiss, which Lizzie witnesses as she looks in the window. Tammy leaves and shortly after Lizzie returns home. She tells Jon that she has his favorite dinner for him. Jon tells her that he is leaving. As Lizzie goes on about how great dinner will be, Jon tells her that she doesn't understand-he is leaving forever. Lizzie says she does understand what he's saying, but she continues to get their dinner ready. Jon tells her that he loves Sarah but has to leave to be with Tammy. Lizzie lets it slip that she was aware Jon and Tammy were still together since she saw Jon and Tammy together when Lizzie and Jon were on their Honeymoon. He tells her they are not really a family and leaves. She sobs and Jon returns. Lizzie thinks he is coming back to be with her and Sarah. Jon has, however, arranged for Beth to come stay with Lizzie and the baby so he can leave. Beth consoles Lizzie and leaves her to go draw a bath. Lizzie has been pretending to be ready to relax and instead packs up baby Sarah in pursuit of Jon. She calls baby Sarah her "bargaining chip."

Tammy leaves Jon at the cabin and runs into Remy on Main Street. Tammy reveals Jon is leaving Lizzie that evening. Remy tells Tammy she is leaving behind the right guy. He feels he is the right man for her and that Jon will only hurt her. Tammy goes back to her room at The Beacon and runs into Beth in the hallway. Beth warns her that she is having bad feelings about what is building up to happening-she hadn't had these feelings since Phillip had moved to take all the children away. Tammy dismisses her warnings and Beth leaves. Jon arrives at Tammy's room. He tells her "It's done." She is stuck with him. They never have to be alone again.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Josh surprises Cassie with a beautiful bracelet for a minor anniversary, but Cassie doesn't want to celebrate too much for fear that something will go wrong. Josh and Cassie are about to make love but they are interrupted over and over again. Finally, Josh tells Cassie he's lucky to have her, and they are able to finish what they started. Reva refuses to believe Cal is dying, and he tells Reva about Julia, the woman who was to him what Josh is to Reva. Later, as Cal goes into surgery, Lillian holds Reva as she breaks down. Later, off of Cal's words, Reva gets dressed for a night out—only to feel a new lump under her arm. Beth panics when she finds Sarah and Lizzie gone. Lizzie has a "story" that will make everyone think she's very "upset," and leaves Sarah alone in the car. Lizzie makes a tearful plea to Ray and acts confused as to where Sarah is, just as a teenager hot wires Lizzie's car, not realizing Sarah is in the back seat. Lizzie freaks out when she hears someone has stolen her car, and calls Jonathan frantically about Sarah. Jonathan shows up and grabs Lizzie, demanding to know what she's done with his daughter. Frank rushes in and says they've found the car, and Jonathan leaves with Sarah after telling Lizzie he's filing for custody.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Inside the Light: Worth waiting for

Tammy and Jonathan spend the morning getting Sarah ready for the day. While shopping on Main Street, a woman comes up and congratulates them on their wonderful family. Tammy is saddened because she is not part of that family. Jonathan assures her that they are together now. He takes off his wedding ring, but that isn't enough. Technically neither him nor Sarah is hers. While walking passed a travel agency, Jonathan suggests they hop on a plane and leave, never looking back. Tammy objects because of Lizzie. Jonathan feels Lizzie has no rights after leaving Sarah alone in a car. Again he tempts Tammy with being rid of the Spauldings forever if they just get on a plane and go. Tammy doesn't believe they should take the baby away from its mother even if Lizzie did screw up. Even without Sarah as a factor, Tammy doesn't feel that they should have to run any more. They can face whatever comes together.

At Towers, Jonathan still feels they should have gotten on a plane. Tammy thinks he is worried about the Spauldings coming after them. She feels that the Spauldings should worry about the two of them instead. Jonathan sees the judge from Alan's custody hearing and gets an idea.

On Main Street, Jonathan presents Lizzie with an annulment proposal. He has a meeting at eleven that morning at Cross Creek to get their marriage annulled. Lizzie is opposed to the idea. Jonathan tells her that it isn't a real marriage. They never slept together. Lizzie derides him about how he thinks Sarah got here. He means they haven't slept together since they've been married. Lizzie objects that it wasn't for a lack of trying on her part. Jonathan is nice to Lizzie, explaining that all they have to do is sit down with the judge and explain what happened without having to go through the court system. Lizzie refuses to cooperate. Jonathan tells her that he will be with Tammy no matter what. They can just get it done now or do it the hard way. Either way, it'll happen.

She asks what about Sarah. Jonathan doesn't want to talk about Sarah after Lizzie left her in the car like that. Lizzie balks that it was an accident. She thought she'd be safe. Jonathan wants to know, if she was being a good mother and putting Sarah first, would that even have happened? She doesn't answer. He urges her to be at Cross Creek at eleven o'clock.

At eleven twenty at Cross Creek, the judge waits with Tammy and Jonathan. Lizzie is late. The Judge decides to leave. They can file a formal petition later. When he opens the door, Lizzie sits on the stoop, silently crying. The judge brings her in and begins his informal proceedings. Since they wrongfully entered into the marriage, the judge says that annulment as easy as proving that those wrong conditions were present at the time of the marriage. Lizzie stares ahead as if dazed. The judge asks her if she understands. She does, but she wants to say something. The judge grants her permission to speak.

Lizzie admits that when she first got pregnant, she was emotional. She thought she wanted one thing, and then she changed her mind, wanting another. One thing was always consistent. Jonathan always wanted Tammy. Lizzie tells the judge how sick they are because they are cousins in love. She says that he never even told Tammy he was her cousin when he slept with her for revenge. She points out that their relationship is illegal in some states, yet they want everyone else to promote it. Worn with emotion, she claims that they want rip her child from her arms and make her disappear. They want the judge to put his big, fat stamp of approval on it. Everything about it is wrong, Lizzie says and implores the judge not to let them get away with it.

Calmly, Jonathan defends his relationship with Tammy, explaining to the judge that he was a bad person in the past and he did do a lot of bad things. Tammy believed in him and made him want to be a better person. Lizzie continuously interrupts with one bad thing after another about Jonathan, none of which Jonathan denies. Jonathan recounts for the judge all the antics that took place in his courtroom, letting him know that he and Tammy broke up because they thought it was best for the child. Now they see that it's not.

The judge is overwhelmed with information. His decision will not be so easy to make. All he can say for now is that they will hear from him.

After tensely waiting all day, Lizzie, Jonathan and Tammy meet the judge at Towers. Jonathan wants to know if they should get a table. The judge doesn't want to get one. He is concerned about the fact that Jonathan didn't mention the incident with the baby in the stolen car last night. Lizzie brushes it off. They were parked in front of a church. The judge is disappointed in Lizzie for pointing out of all Jonathan's shortcomings but mentioning none of her own. He believes applauds Jonathan for not using Lizzie's problems against her. Lizzie touts that her shortcomings are few. The judge decides to grant the annulment. When Lizzie asks about Sarah, the Judge gives temporary custody to Jonathan pending a hearing. He requires Lizzie to place the baby into Jonathan's arms. Lizzie can't breathe as she cries, realizing that her child was really taken from her.

The next day while on Main Street, Jonathan is served with papers. Wearily he opens them, but he is excited to learn that he is no longer married. Tammy believes that now they have a new beginning. Later, babysitting the kids at Harley's house, Jonathan makes a comment about how Tammy domesticated him. Tammy takes exception to the comment. He holds her, telling her that she made him want to be domesticated in a good way. As they talk about how much they love each other and how unpredictable their relationship is, Tammy believes they should just keep riding the good times as long as they can. Jonathan agrees. In fact, he thinks they should go the whole way and get married. Tammy can't believe he has asked her to marry him right now. Jonathan doesn't mean right now. He means later tonight—right now. When she hesitates, he gets on one knee, but she quickly says that's not him. He asks her if she'll marry him and Tammy says yes. They hug and kiss.

Tammy meets Cassie on Main Street. She bursts with the news of her impromptu wedding. "To Jonathan?" Cassie wonders and asks if he went through a quickie drive through for his annulment. Cassie has a bunch of questions and Tammy promises to answer them later. They hug and share the excitement. Cassie promises to be at the wedding. Tammy vows to her mother that this time, it's forever. She shows her mother a simple sundress that she picked out to wear, telling her not to get her hopes up about the gown because the wedding is happening so fast. Tammy senses she is letting her mother down. Cassie isn't let down, but she believes the most wonderful girl in the world should have the most wonderful wedding in the world. Tammy is marrying her true love. What could be more wonderful than that? Cassie doesn't know, maybe candles and bridesmaids and cake. Tammy revels in the idea of the cake. She promises that Cassie can make her a big cake for the celebration they'll have later, the one with the frosting Tammy loves so much.

Cassie becomes emotional and Tammy jokes with her about it. Cassie says that she remembered baking her a cake every year for her birthday when she was in foster care, the whole time hoping that someone was making her a birthday cake wherever she was. Tammy admits there were cakes sometimes but never Cassie's cakes. Cassie laments that Tammy has been through so much. Tammy believes all that they have been through, good and bad, has brought them to now, brought her to Jonathan, and the greatest day of her life. Cassie proclaims it's also the greatest day of her life, too, then. They hug and share a mother-daughter moment.

Meanwhile, Jonathan calls Billy down to Towers. When he enters, Jonathan asks where Reva is. Jovial Billy just knows he wasn't asked down there merely to account for Reva's whereabouts. Jonathan laughs, springing the news of his pending nuptials to Tammy. He asks Billy to cover with him at Outskirts for a few days. Billy's excited about the news until he remembers that Jonathan's already married to Lizzie. "How are you going to do that? The groom's got a wife," he says. "Didn't her last groom have a wife?" After Jonathan catches Billy up on the annulment news, Billy congratulates him.

Billy isn't too thrilled when Jonathan says they plan to snag a judge down at city hall. He can rush a wedding, if he wants to, but Billy knows that he'd better make sure he takes care of his woman's needs. Wide-eyed Jonathan agrees. He has the rings and Tammy's getting the dress. Billy, as soft as a big bear, places his hand over his heart and utters, "No, Jonathan, her needs..." Billy reminds him that a quick wedding doesn't mean it has to be a rushed wedding. Billy explains that Tammy probably wants this to be the most special day ever and he owes that to her. Today, Billy says, he'd better get to making a down payment. He also hopes Reva gets her messages or she's going to miss it.

Tammy is still with her mother when she gets a mysterious call from Jonathan. Whatever he says makes her very excited and she tells him that she loves him. Cassie wants to know what's going on as Tammy pulls her along, saying, "Wardrobe malfunction!"

Later at the church, Father Ray stands in full ceremonial robes. Cassie is beside him. Tammy enters in a strapless ivory beaded wedding gown with a studded band crown. As Cassie admires her, Jonathan enters in his black suit, hair down.

As Jonathan waits for Tammy to make her official march down the aisle, he anxiously wishes he'd gotten hold of Reva. Just then Cassie comes down the aisle, carrying Sarah. He kisses them. Tammy enters and seems to float down the aisle to Jonathan. They take each other's hands. Smiling, they drift over to the unity candle. As the camera shows them from the doorway, we see Lizzie hugged against the wall outside listening.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Tammy and Jonathan are at the alter. Father Ray asks the age-old question – is there anyone who objects to this marriage "speak now or forever hold your piece." Lizzie is lurking off to the side. Cassie gives her blessing as she's holding Sarah. As she's giving her little speech, Lizzie fumes and storms off. Tammy goes first with her personal vows as Cassie sheds mother's tears in the background. Tammy thanks Cassie for raising her to be the person she is today. She vows to "take Sarah as part of their family, too." Jonathan goes next, not sure how to top the things Tammy said. He tells Tammy he feels cleansed, like loving her has washed all the bad things from his life. As he cries, he thanks her for saving him and for loving him and promises to love her, honor her and obey her (with a chuckle). Father Ray finishes the ceremony, uninterrupted. Tammy tosses her bouquet to Cassie. They rush off to their honeymoon under a little shower of rice from Cassie, leaving Sarah with Cassie.

Alan informs Josh he's having kidnapping charges brought up against Reva. Josh is not reacting to Alan. Alan threatens to make Josh a witness. Alan says he has proof – surveillance cameras at Outskirts, showing Reva kidnap Alan at gunpoint. Josh lets Alan know the tapes won't help – there's only static on them. Alan tells Reva is considering Alan's offer to help him break up Lizzie and Jonathan and also get her back with Josh.

Lillian phones Reva to remind her to make her follow-up appointment and informs Reva Cal passed away. Lizzie comes home to tell Reva their marriage was annulled and that Jonathan married Tammy. Lizzie begs Reva to stop the wedding. Reva tells her no. Reva assures her she will find someone to truly love her and Sarah. Lizzie said it was exactly what Jonathan told her and accuses Reva of being against her. Reva says she's sorry, that they'll always be a part of the family.

Reva leaves Jonathan a voicemail letting him know she's thrilled. She comes across Josh. They discuss how Reva's going to throw the newlyweds a big party. Josh let's her know he took care of the surveillance tapes. Reva tells Josh about Cal's death. She confides in him that she has to go for her 3-month checkup. She tells him she found a lump under her arm. As she starts to cry and he takes her in his arms. He assures her this time it will be different – he'll be there for her. They'll face it together. Reva thanks him as they hold hands. She pulls out her phone to make the appointment, but hesitates. Josh takes the phone from her and does it for her.

Cassie returns to Crosscreek to give Sarah to Reva and is uncomfortable to find Lizzie home witout Reva, under the observation of a police officer. Cassie leaves Sarah with Lizzie at the order of the police officer. Cassie returns to the church where Father Ray mentions there may be a wedding in her future. Cassie confesses to Father Ray that she's is reminded today of what she really wants in her life.

Jonathan and Tammy go to the honeymoon suite and find a cake, flowers, and burning candles. They start their married life in a very romantic setting.

Alan take out a book, turning the pages – a sonigram pasted in the book. He looks up and Lizzie is at the door with Sarah. He asks her what she's doing and she tells him they need him. Lizzie tells Alan about the annulment and wedding. He tells her it was for the best. She tells him Jonathan is going to fight for full custody. She asks Alan to help to do whatever it takes to keep Sarah with them. Alan tells her "Welcome home, Sarah Spaulding."

Friday, January 19, 2007


Reva and Josh are outside Cedars. Josh tries to alleviate her fears by staying that it might not be cancer. Reva doesn't look very relieved but thanks him for taking her to her appointment. Josh states that he owes her for giving him his life while she was fighting for her. Later, inside Colin tries to assure Reva that the lump could be nothing-it could be a cyst or a lymph node. They have to do a biopsy to be sure. Alone with Colin, Reva bemoans the fact that she might have to put her family through this again. He reminds her that she didn't put them through it the first time and is glad she brought Josh. When the tests are completed, Josh offers to take Reva somewhere to get her mind off things. He tells her that the world is not ready to get rid of Reva Shayne, calling her a Force of Nature. Reva talks about how she was all ready to go before but he points out that she was not since she fought to come back. Later, Reva gets a call from Colin-the lump is benign. She is cancer-free.

Jonathan and Tammy are reveling in marital bliss when he gets some news-the judge awarded him temporary custody of Sarah. Tammy is skeptical that Lizzie will just hand over the baby but Jonathan points out that she has no choice. He states that this is the best thing-she is unsafe right now around Lizzie.

Lizzie is with Alan and Sarah wondering how much longer until they take the baby away. Alan assures her that Sarah's destiny is with them. Lizzie expresses concern that Sarah is her only help in getting Jonathan back. Jonathan tries to get Lizzie to forget about Jonathan by pointing out that he tossed her aside. As Lizzie is defending Jonathan, he calls her and asks to see her and Sarah on Main Street. Alan suggests that Lizzie go alone since it is too cold outside for the baby and it would be better to find out what Jonathan wants first. When Lizzie leaves, Alan places a call to someone about a "pest problem". Later, he meets with Gillespie and places him on retainer just in case his services are needed. When asked who the mark is, Alan states that it is Jonathan Randall.

On Main Street, Jonathan is a little irritated to discover that Lizzie is alone. He tells her about the judge's ruling that he be given temporary custody. An upset Lizzie cannot believe he is doing that but Jonathan states that it is for Sarah's own good. Lizzie states that she wants them to be together but Jonathan states that he does not love her like that. After asking if he ever cared about her at all, Lizzie refuses to get Sarah for him. Afterwards, Lizzie goes to the chapel to pray and runs into Remy. She shocks Remy by telling him about Tammy and Jonathan's sudden marriage. Remy is absolutely shocked. Later, Lizzie returns to Alan and admits that he was right about Jonathan. When Alan asks what she wants him to do, she asks Alan to stop Jonathan from taking her baby-whatever it takes. Later, as Alan is besides her listening, she calls Jonathan to apologize and asks him to meet her and Sarah on Old Mill Drive. When they hang up, Lizzie tells Alan it is up to him now. He can bribe Jonathan, or whatever; all she cares about is her baby.

Tammy goes to the church and runs into Remy who coldly congratulates her on her marriage. When Remy starts badmouthing Jonathan, Tammy tells Remy to. be happy for her and be her friend. Remy proclaims that he cannot be happy for her and leaves. Later, when she goes home, she overhears a man (Gillespie) repeating back a description of Jonathan's car and where he can be found.. Tammy realizes that Jonathan is in danger and calls Remy for help. Remy tells her she knew what kind of man Jonathan was when she married him and refuses to help. Tammy races to Old Mill Road to save Jonathan but his phone is turned off; she cannot reach him. Meanwhile, as Jonathan is standing at the side of the road waiting for Lizzie, a car comes speeding toward him.

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