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General Hospital Recaps: The week of January 15, 2007 on GH
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Monday, January 15, 2007

Carly is a bundle of nerves on her and Sonny's wedding day. Sonny keeps the fact that he no longer faces attempted murder charges and doesn't need to rely on spousal privilege from Carly and Jason and plans on going through with the wedding. Jason fears that Carly will end up getting hurt and worries that Sonny will want a real marriage with her. Carly reminds Sonny that their marriage is strictly a legal maneuver and will not be consummated. Carly can't go through with the wedding. Skye wants to have Alcazar transferred to a hospital in Switzerland but Patrick advises against it. Skye is out of her depths as she continues to stall Mr. Craig. Liz decides to tell Lucky that Maxie faked her pregnancy and miscarriage but he is called away on police business. Liz confronts Maxie, who remains unrepentant. Emily opens her motel room door to a gun toting Colleen. Nikolas is convinced that Helena staged the car crash to make him believe that Spencer is dead. Nikolas has a hunch that Helena might have taken Spencer to Greece. Helena changes Spencer's name.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

As Liz confronts Maxie about her fake pregnancy, Lucky steps in to defend Maxie.

Maxie admits to Lucky that she switched the blood test and stole the sonogram. Lucky is stunned. Maxie goes on to try to explain where she was coming from. Lucky responds by telling Maxie she is the worst mistake he ever made. She walks away in a huff. Lucky berates himself for being so blind, as Liz reassures him. Later, Maxie admits to Georgie and Lulu at Kelly's that she faked the pregnancy. Lucky and Liz walk in, Maxie warns Lucky to beware of Liz because she does not love him.

Skye greets an awakening Lorenzo. He recalls to her what he remembers the day he was shot. Skye tells Lorenzo about the lethal dose that was given to him. She also tells him about the mysterious Mr. Craig who has been wondering about a shipment. At that moment, Mr. Craig walks into the room. Lorenzo asks Skye to leave them alone. Lorenzo accuses Craig of trying to kill him. Craig denies it but Lorenzo still won't give him the shipment date. Epiphany arrives on the scene and orders Mr. Craig out of the room. Skye wants to know what this man is to Lorenzo. He is reluctant to tell Skye anything. Skye finally demands to know where Sonny fits into all of this.

As the nuptials for Carly and Sonny begin, Lulu arrives with Michael and Morgan. Mike and Bobbie also show up. Carly is upset and walks out on the ceremony and locks herself in an empty room. Lulu apologizes for bringing the boys and tries to convince Carly to come back out. In the meantime, Jason suspects Sonny is viewing this marriage as something more than a legal maneuver, and reminds him that it is just that. Michael apologizes to Sonny for showing up at the ceremony, and is upset to think that Sonny will go to jail if the wedding does not happen. Sonny promises Michael that Sonny and Carly will be married.

Jason tries to convince Carly to go through with the wedding, promising her a quickie divorce as soon as Sonny is legally in the clear. Down the hall, Diana tells Sonny that as a woman she empathizes with Carly's predicament. She urges Sonny to call off the wedding. He is convinced, however, that deep down Carly really still loves him. Carly admits to Jason that a part of her still loves Sonny, but she cannot be with him because they are bad for each other. In the end, she and Sonny say their "I dos".

Carly is upset that Sonny has a reception ready for them at the house. As the party continues, Carly is clearly unhappy and convinces Max to distract Sonny for a while. When Sonny realizes that Carly and the boys are gone, he is angry with Max and questions his loyalty. He asks Max to leave him alone. Carly and the boys board a plane headed for Aspen. .

On a plane headed for Greece, Nikolas wonders if pursuing Helena is the right plan in the search for Spencer. Emily asks him what he feels in his heart, and he realizes that they are doing the right thing. He also realizes that he forgot Emily's birthday, and promises her a shopping day when they get home. Their plane is stalled by security, and Nikolas is criticized by police for resisting security checks. Emily reasons with the guard, and he backs down when he realizes that Nikolas is sincere. Once in the air, Nik is beating himself up for letting Spencer be kidnapped in the first place. Emily tries to comfort him. Later, Nik get a lead that Helena was spotted with an infant.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy addresses Sam by the name of "Angela Monroe". Sam feigns ignorance until Tracy presents her with an envelope of incriminating photos. Tracy demands Sam's immediate resignation, or else she will expose the photos. Sam gives her resignation to a reluctant Edward. He thinks that Tracy has something to do with this. Sam admits that Tracy is a witch, but denies Tracy's involvement. She insists that because Jason has tried to distance himself from the Quartermaines that she should do the same. Edward is angry because he thinks Jason put her up to this, just as Jason walks in. Edward scolds Jason for trying to make Sam quit her job. Jason denies it. Alone, Sam tells Jason that she doesn't want the pressure of producing an heir. After they leave, Tracy starts to destroy the pictures, but then changes her mind.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Liz goes to talk to Jason and explains her situation with Lucky. She doesn't think she wants to get back together with him, but she's worried he'll go back on pills if he realizes they are over forever. She doesn't want to be responsible for Lucky's undoing. She goes to the church to confess and tells Father Ruiz that if she's not able to tell Jason that she's carrying their child, she'll never get to tell him that she's in love with him. Meanwhile, Lucky goes to Kelly's to meet with his detective friend and Maxie confronts him. She tells him that Liz doesn't love him, she only feels sorry for him. Georgie overhears and tells Maxie to stop torturing herself with Lucky. When Pete walks in, Maxie asks him if he's ever going to ask her sister for a date. Georgie interrupts and tells Maxie to leave. Once Maxie leaves, Georgie apologizes for Maxie's behavior. Pete asks her why she thinks it's so strange that he might want to date her.

Sam comes home and talks to Spinelli about the possibility of permanently erasing information and pictures on the internet. Spinelli seems to know how to do it, and tells her it would be easy for him. She thanks him for his information, but doesn't allude to her particular situation with Tracy. When Jason comes home, he finds a pregnancy test on his desk. Sam comes downstairs and tells him that she hasn't taken the test yet, but there's a possibility she may be pregnant.

Patrick is surprised that Robin bought him a couch, but he appreciates the gesture until Pete comes over and warns him that he's letting Robin take over his life. Before he knows it, she's going to be picking out her engagement ring. Pete tells her that if he wants to settle down, then that's fine, but he doesn't think that is what Patrick really wants. Meanwhile, Robin talks to Lainey about buying the couch for Patrick. She's afraid that she's overstepped her boundaries and compares herself to Carly. Lainey assumes she's going to be moving in with Patrick, but Robin quickly steps in and says that is not on her to-do list anytime soon. Still, Robin is disappointed when she goes back to Patrick's apartment and realizes he returned the couch. She immediately tells him she understands before he can get a word in edgewise.

Back at the Quartermaine mansion, Dillon sets about trying to distract the family so that Lulu can search for Rick's date book. Dillon starts off small, but shocks the entire family and even Lulu when he announces he is giving up studying business in school to go back to film directing. Edward shocks the rest of the family as well by telling them that Jason is the only heir he thinks is worthy and he plans on giving all his estate to Jason's child. Everyone is stunned until Edward tells them that he has no proof of Jason's heir being alive.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Dillon and Lulu hang out at the hospital waiting for Monica to arrive. Dillon tells Lulu that he left the message at the nurses' station for Monica to see as soon as she got in. They watch as Monica picks up an envelope and reads it. She looks very worried as she looks around to see who sent it. She walks off in a hurry. Lulu and Dillon head to the attic to wait and see if Monica will show up. She shows up and isn't surprised to see that they are there waiting for her. She asks them what this is about. Dillon asks her point blank what really happened 4 years ago in the attic. Monica tells them she doesn't know what they are talking about. Lulu accuses her of killing Rick Webber and making everyone think her mother did it. Monica tells them she didn't kill Rick Webber and that Laura did it and Lulu needs to accept it no matter how difficult it is. Lulu and Dillon ask her why she has been so adamant about Lulu leaving town to go to school if she isn't trying to hide something. They also accuse her of stealing the date book from Lulu. Monica doesn't admit to anything. Lulu tells her that her name is all over Rick's date book and thinks they were having an affair at the time and Rick rejected Monica so she killed him. Monica tells them she never had an affair with Rick and that she is concerned about Lulu because she has become obsessed with investigating Rick's death and she thought she should leave town. She also worries that they will investigate Rick so much that they will get into something they can't fix. Monica tells them that Rick was a very secretive person and hid things a lot and that they shouldn't get too involved in trying to reveal those secrets.

Robin and Patrick return to his apartment with coffee and muffins. Robin tells him that she doesn't mind that he returned the couch she picked out and ordered for him. Patrick and Robin walk on eggshells around each other so they don't hurt each other's feelings but their thoughts are said out loud. Patrick surprises Robin when he tells her he doesn't want to live in the apartment and wants to move back into the hotel. He explains that he thinks it was better when they didn't have to make decisions about furniture and could just be together whenever they wanted at the hotel. Robin realizes that he is trying to tell her in his own way that he doesn't want her to move in with him anytime soon. She tells him she understands that and won't pressure him anymore by buying furniture for him. Patrick still wants to move back into the hotel but makes it clear to Robin that he doesn't want to go back to his old lifestyle of being a playboy and wants to be with only her. Robin suggests that they spend their last night in the apartment making love. They make love and afterwards Robin promises to say no if he asks her to move in with him in the future.

Sam explains to Jason that she picked up a home pregnancy test because she could be pregnant and she didn't want to wait and worry about it and wanted to know for sure. She goes upstairs and takes the test. Later, she comes downstairs and tells him it was negative. Jason tries to comfort her when he sees how disappointed she looks. She tells him that the bright side of all of this is they can keep on trying. Jason kisses and Sam backs off and tells him she has a job interview and can't be late. She worries about what to say when they ask her about her background or history and find out about her numerous arrests and shady past. Jason doesn't understand why she didn't stay with ELQ since she could avoid that background check. She tells him that she didn't want Edward to think that she was agreeing to have an heir for him and that she wants to get a job on her own without anyone else's influence. Jason respects that and wishes her luck. Sam shows up a Metro Court and fills out an application. She is introduced to Mr. Maddox, the new manager. He reads over her application. Sam tells him she didn't have enough room to write all of her history on it. He tells her that it is o.k. since they do a background check on all potential employees. He tells her that he has seen her talking at the hotel with Carly, one of the owners and asks her if she is friends with her. Sam doesn't want him to know she knows Carly personally and denies she knows her. Later, Mr. Maddox tells one of his employees that Sam doesn't have much job experience but that he is still going to do a background check on her anyway. The employee is surprised that Mr. Maddox doesn't know who Sam is. He asks Maddox if Sam's address looks familiar to him. He explains to Maddox that it is the same address where Carly has a car pick her up sometimes. He tells him that Sam is Jason Morgan's girlfriend. Maddox wonders why Sam lied to him. Later Sam heads to the coffee shop to see Jason. One of the men tells Sam that Jason is in a meeting with Sonny and will be right out soon. Sam orders a coffee and sits down. Sonny's lawyer Diane talks to her about her job hunting. Sam tells her that she wants to get a job on her own merit and not because she is Jason's girlfriend.

Alexis finishes what she thinks is her last round of chemotherapy. Epiphany comes in and checks on her. She can relate to what Alexis is going through since she went through chemo when she had breast cancer several years ago. Alexis' Oncologist, Dr. Trent comes in and looks grim. Alexis asks him if this is going to be her last chemotherapy session or not. He tells her that it has kept her alive so far. Alexis doesn't take the news well. Epiphany suggests to the doctor that he wait until all the tests come back before deciding if Alexis needs more chemo. Dr. Trent agrees with Epiphany that this can wait another day. Alexis goes home. Meanwhile, Ric shows up at Sonny's office and hands him a subpoena to testify in Molly's custody trial. Sonny tries to guilt trip him about doing this while Alexis is dealing with cancer. Sonny's lawyer, Diane comes in the room and argues with Ric about what he can and can't do in a court of law. Ric acts confident that he can get Sonny on the stand and list the many arrests, shootings, and killings Sonny has been involved with that would prove how much of a danger he is to be around children and show how this makes Alexis look like an unfit parent. Ric also tells him he won't have his daughter raised to feel second best because her mother loved Kristina's father and hated her father. Sonny suggests that he go see a shrink to get help for his psychosis. Later, Sonny tells Diane that he will talk to Alexis and try to get her to compromise with Ric over custody of Molly if she will get Ric to do the same. Diane reminds him she isn't a family court attorney but will do what she can. Later, Diane purposely runs into Ric at the hospital. She informs him that she is waiting to get an affidavit from Alexis' doctor to document her chemo treatments. Ric laughs and asks how that is relevant to the custody case. She tells him that she is sure that the timing of the chemotherapy and treatments will coincide with when Ric slept with her daughter, stole her job out from under her, and is now trying to take her other daughter away from her now. Ric is confident that he has a strong case for custody of Molly and that Alexis shouldn't have cut him off from his daughter. Diane tells him that he better hope that the judge assigned to the custody case doesn't have a child, friend, sibling, spouse, etc. who has suffered from cancer or he will lose this custody case. Ric seems affected by her words and seems worried. Meanwhile, Sonny shows up at Alexis' house to see her and tell her about Ric's visit. Alexis doesn't look well and tells him she is going to probably have to have more chemotherapy. Sonny asks her if she is alright. Alexis runs out of the room suddenly to throw up. She returns later to tell him she feels a little better. Sonny suggests to her that she try to compromise with Ric and come up with a custody agreement like they did with Kristina. Alexis tells him she will get better and she will fight Ric in court before letting him raise her daughter without her. Ric shows up at her house and watches her through the window. He is surprised when he watches her smoke a marijuana joint. Later, Sonny meets with Jason in his office. Sonny tells Jason he needs him to go find Carly and bring her back to Port Charles because he needs her to testify in court for Alexis at the custody hearing to say that he is a good father to his kids and would never put them in harm's way and that Molly was safe with them when she stayed with them. Jason surprises Sonny when he refuses to go after Carly and convince her to come back. He explains to Sonny that the marriage is one of convenience and that he can't force Carly to think of the marriage differently if she doesn't want to and he won't tell her what to do since he already did him a favor by convincing her to marry him in the first place.

Lucky and Rodriguez bust a drug dealer in his apartment. Lucky looks around as Rodriguez handcuffs the dealer and reads him his rights. He notices several bottles of Hydrocodone lying on the coffee table. He is tempted to steal one of them. Rodriguez asks him if he wants to trade places with him and let him take care of making inventory of the drugs and Lucky can take over bringing the dealer out to the squad car. Lucky gets very defensive and accuses Rodriguez of thinking he can't handle being around drugs and tells him he can handle it on a day to day basis. Rodriguez apologizes if he offended Lucky but thought that he was trying to watch Lucky's back for him like cops do. Lucky shrugs it off and leaves. Later, Liz has a talk with Epiphany, who advises her to be truthful with Lucky if she has dinner with him tonight so he knows where they stand. She suggests to Liz not to go out with him, hoping it will keep him away from the drugs because it won't help him. Lucky shows up at the hospital to see Liz. He tells her about the drug bust and how he was tempted to take the drugs but he didn't. Liz tells him she is proud of him and tells him she can have dinner with him. Lucky tells her she doesn't have to have dinner with him because she thinks he will take drugs if she says no to him. Liz tells him she wants to have dinner with him tonight. Lucky leaves and gets on the elevator. He takes out one of the bottles of pills he stole from the drug dealer's apartment and looks at it. Later, Liz runs into Jason at the coffee shop he owns with Sonny. She is drinking some tea and tells him the shop has more selections of tea than Kelly's has. He sits down with her. He tells her the tea is on the house and she thanks him. They talk and Liz thanks him for being there for her when she talked about Lucky at the park and tells him it is easy to talk to him. Jason tells her that it is because they trust each other. Liz tells him she hasn't always been truthful with him and talks about how you can't expect two people will be able to make things work unless both people want it to. She is about to tell him how she feels when he brings up trust being necessary in a relationship. She asks him if he trusts Sam. He tells her he loves Sam and wants her to be happy. Liz loses her nerves and wishes him the best with Sam and leaves.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Alcazar meets with Mr. Craig at the hospital and tells him that Sonny must be taken out. Mr. Craig and an associate set up an apartment across from the entrance Sonny uses to enter the back of his coffee house. They start surveillance in order to kill Sonny when he leaves the building. Sonny goes to visit Alcazar who warns him that he will regret it if he doesn't allow his shipment through. Back at the coffee house, Ric arrives and tries to threaten Sonny into helping him gain custody of Molly. He reminds Sonny that he was in the same position with Alexis a few years ago. Afterwards, Sonny and Jason talk to their attorney outside the coffee house, unaware that they are being watched.

Jason offers to let Sam work at the coffee house, but she is determined to get a job on her own. She is surprised but very happy when the Metro Court offers her a job. She asks the manager why he offered her the job, and he tells her she has the qualities he was looking for. He starts to train her and give her instruction. While Sam goes outside, her new coworker inquires about Sam's position. The manager says not to mess with Jason Morgan's girlfriend or Carly Corinthos' friend. When Sam gets back to her training, she learns about the hotel's vault when a guest asks to put some jewels there.

Liz stops by the coffee house to get some special coffee for her grandmother since she's watching the boys for her tonight. Jason stops to talk to her and asks if she's working tonight. Liz explains that she's going to dinner with Lucky. She doesn't want him to read too much into it, but she's still concerned about him going back on drugs. She appears to have some valid concerns when Lucky is tempted to take some of the pills he took from a drug bust.

Ric has Alexis put under surveillance, where they catch her going outside to smoke some marijuana. When Ric sees the pictures, he immediately calls the judge and asks for a meeting before the custody hearing. The police go to Alexis' house with a search warrant and find her drugs. Alexis begs them not to arrest her in front of her daughter, but they arrest her anyway.

Robin is caught off guard when Patrick has the couch she bought redelivered, along with enough furniture to fill his apartment. She starts to help him move furniture around, but then realizes they have very different ideas about how to decorate. She storms out and goes to confide in Lainey. She's sure that Patrick is about to break up with her. Patrick comes to talk to her at the hospital, where he gives her keys to his apartment and asks her to move in with him.

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