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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of January 15, 2007 on ATWT
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Monday, January 15, 2007

At Emma's, Holden asked Lily what she was taking. She confessed it was diet pills. He told her they were bad for her and that she was being too hard on herself. Lily explained how after recovering from the coma she hasn't been happy with her body. She said she wanted to just try them for a couple of weeks. She then dumped them in the trash. Holden left to check on the animals and Faith came in. She saw Lily rubbing her belly. Faith told Lily she looked fine. Lilly went out to help Holden. Faith went to the trashcan and threw her sandwich away. She saw the diet pills.

At the Lakeview Emily accused Craig of kidnapping Daniel. Craig denied it, but said she was getting her just rewards. Emily asked if Tull did it. Craig gave no answer. Emily went to the police station. Dusty entered and Craig commented on his unsuccessful search for Lucy and Johnny. Craig said maybe Lucy didn't want Dusty to find her and that at least his family was together. He also said he'd watch Emily and Dusty suffer from a distance.

At the police station Dallas brought Henry out in handcuffs. He informed Henry that bail was posted. Katie came in and said she did it. He thanked her. She forgave him for helping Simon. Dallas told Katie Tom was at the hospital. They left.

In the interview room, Jack consulted the Prince. Jack wanted to be present when they interrogated Carly. The Prince resisted. Jack threatened international scrutiny on the whole affair. The Prince folded. They headed to the consulate.

At the consulate Vienna catches the Simon and Carly reunion. Simon covers Carly's mouth and played like he was going along with his and Vienna's plan. Vienna didn't fall for it and told him he wasn't running off with Carly. Later, Jack and the Prince went into the room Carly was supposed to be held in. There was no one, but a whimpering coming from the crate. They open it and find Vienna. Vienna said she was tricked by Simon. She said she was going along with him to find the jewels for the Prince. The Prince doesn't buy it. She said she thought they were in her plane by now.

Simon and Carly were in Vienna's small plane. Carly worried if Simon could fly it. He assured her he could. Carly was scared. Simon said it was this or prison. They headed off to Canada. Carly had more second thoughts. Simon asked her what she wanted to do. She said to turn around.

Tom writhed on the floor and Margo called 911. The paramedics arrived and took him to the hospital. At the hospital Dr. Bob took over the care of his son. He told Margo it was a blocked artery and they needed to clear it. Katie showed up with Henry. She talked about how she admired Margo and Tom's relationship. Henry left and Mike showed up. They took Tom to surgery. Katie gave Margo a pep talk. Mike overheard.

Emily went back to the police department and saw Dallas. She was looking for someone she knew to help her with Daniel. Dusty showed up. Emily told her all that was going on and that she couldn't do it by herself. Dusty offered help.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Katie comforts Margo, and Mike tells Katie he's not there just for Margo. Casey and Adam stay with Margo, and Tom comes out of surgery. Margo wants to know what Casey needed to talk to them about, but Casey and Adam decide not to tell her about the gambling. Meanwhile, Mike and Katie leave to help look for Daniel. Mike accepts Katie's apology, and they start to make love. Jack tells the kids that Carly is gone, just as Carly tells Simon she has to go back. Angry Parker says he's glad Carly is gone. Carly and Simon try to figure out how to get to the kids alone. They call JJ, and Jack asks who he's talking to. Carly

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Barbara finds Paul at the family cabin where Paul tells her not to touch him and leave him alone. Barbara wants Paul to return to town to see doctors about his accident and his visions, but Paul refuses. He tells her to leave him alone or he will leave town and she will never hear from her again. Barbara agrees to leave, but asks that Paul finds away to let her know he is alright.

As Carly arrives at her home with Simon she is confronted by a furious Jack. She tells Jack she wants to see her children, but Jack tells her they aren't home and he doesn't want them to see her go jail. At the same time Parker, J.J., and Sage are at Java with a babysitter, where they are all upset about Carly's phone call to J.J. A fight breaks out between Parker and J.J. because Parker was the one who told Jack about Carly's phone call. The brawl is quickly broken up by the babysitter, but Parker walks out of Java. Back at the house, Jack berates Carly for choosing Simon over her children and asking J.J. to lie for her. Jack is sickened by Carly's choices and tells her flat out that he will see her and Simon go to jail. After they finish discussing what Carly has done, Simon asks Jack if he will go easy on Carly if he surrenders, but then grabs Jack and throws him to the couch and yells for Carly to run. Jack pulls his gun and tells Simon to give him just one more reason to shot him. As Simon is being held at gunpoint he tries to convince Jack to let Carly go free and take him in for stealing the jewels. He tells Jack that the kids will never forgive him for arresting their mother. Simon admits to ruining Carly's family and tells Jack that Carly demanded he returned to Oakdale so she could say good-bye to her kids. Carly begs Jack to get everything over with and then holds her hands out for him to cuff her.

After running out of Java, Parker has found his way to the cabin where Paul sees him and tells him to come in from the cold. When Paul says he is going to call Jack, Parker turns to leave and as Paul grabs his arm he sees another vision.

Adam arrives at the hospital and Gwen tries to comfort him and gives him a hug just as Will walks in and quickly walks away, but is obviously upset by what he has seen. When he returns, Gwen talks Will into being nice to Adam during this difficult time and he agrees and the two makeup. Later as Gwen and Will are talking they discuss Adam's problem with showing emotion and as they kiss Adam walks in and sees them and is visibly sad by seeing Will and Gwen together. Margo returns and updates everyone about Daniel and the fact that there is no news on Carly either. Jade arrives and Gwen asks her to keep an eye on Adam and she agrees. Margo tells everyone to go home so Adam leaves with Jade and Will with Gwen. Later at Java Iris bumps into Gwen and Iris tells her that she wants to help her with whatever she needs. When Will walks in he tells Iris to leave that there is nothing left for her because their money has all been used for Gwen's demo. Gwen tells Iris that Will is her family and the two leave. As Adam and Jade start kissing Jade stops Adam and tells him he is making her feel like nothing. Adam vents his frustration to Jade and then tries to kiss her again, but Jade stops him and tells him to call her when he wants her not just anyone.

Dusty and Emily discuss Daniel's disappearance and she tries to convince Dusty that Craig or her new business partner at the paper Marcus Tull must be behind the kidnapping. Craig overhears Dusty trying to get proof that he is involved in Daniel's abduction and Craig quickly and vehemently denies any involvement. The two go round and round about Craig's involvement as Emily returns and tells them both to stop. Craig tells Emily he is sorry for what she is going through and that he will help her if he can and leaves. Emily still doesn't believe that Craig isn't involved and tells Dusty the police don't know who has Daniel. Dusty then tries to convince Emily to sell her share of the paper to Tull in the hopes that he will return Daniel. Emily tells Dusty she can't do that because she will have no leverage against Craig or Tull if she sells off her part of the paper.

After leaving Emily and Dusty, Craig goes to Margo and tells her he had nothing to do with Daniel's disappearance. Margo tells Craig that she will find out who did this because not only did they take Daniel, but they played apart in Tom's heart attack.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Lucinda wants Lily to return to Worldwide, but Holden disagrees. When Faith approves, Lily decides to return to work. Later, Faith avoids the cookies they baked until she's alone, and then she gorges. Holden informs Meg the well is safe, and Meg insists she's through with Paul, but Holden's not convinced. Margo stops Tom from getting out of bed to look for Daniel. Meanwhile, despite Barbara's plea, Meg refuses to rescue Paul. Barbara begs Meg to convince Paul to return to the hospital, but Meg is certain Paul tried to poison her. Tom demands an update on his missing son, but Margo gets bad news when she checks on the search for Daniel. After another vision, Paul warns Parker that Carly's in trouble, and Parker admits he wanted his mom to be arrested so she'd know what betrayal feels like. Paul tells Parker about his vision of Carly going away. Paul, worried his vision about Carly is accurate, dials his cell phone. Dusty warns Tull that Emily won't sign over her share of the Intruder unless Tull delivers Daniel. Tull insists he doesn't know where Daniel is and Dusty gut punches him to jog his memory. Tull doesn't give up Daniel, so Dusty tears up the transfer papers. Alone, Tull gives an order to locate the boy. Jack orders Simon to knock him out and cuff him, but Carly stops Simon from hitting Jack. Simon handcuffs unconscious Jack, and a torn Carly kisses Jack goodbye. As the cops un-cuff Jack, he says Simon overpowered him, but Margo knows Jack's lying. Carly realizes that Jack let her go because he still loves her, and Simon wonders if Carly still loves Jack.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Gwen goes to the hospital to visit Tom but finds Adam instead. They sit to chat, with Adam saying he could use a distraction, but Gwen's stories from her past are all too full of misery to make Adam feel any better. He suggests they try talking about work instead, and Gwen agrees. They go to Java for coffee, where Adam tells Gwen that Gordon Richards, a record executive, has been calling trying to set up a meeting with Adam and Gwen; as he tells Gwen that they need to go to LA again, Will walks up and joins them, saying they can all go. Adam tells him the meeting is next Wednesday, but Will says he has tests that week. Adam says he remembers now that Will mentioned that earlier, and he's sorry for scheduling it during that week, but that's what Richards had available. Gwen asks if they can postpone it, but Adam says that will make her look flaky; Will tells them they should go without him, then he leaves to make a phone call. While he's gone, Adam tells Gwen how talented and beautiful she is, and when she demurs, he tells her she needs to work on learning how to take a compliment by smiling and saying, "Thank you," because it will be important for her future that she learn to do that. He tells her they should practice, so he begins by saying, "You're awesomely talented" and ends by telling her, "You're one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen." Will walks back to the table and tells them that he called Richards' office and asked about his travel itinerary; once he found out that Richards was going to be in Chicago, he asked if they could meet there instead of LA, and Richards agreed. Adam says that's great, and Will and Gwen say goodbye and leave. Iris walks up as Adam crushes his Styrofoam coffee cup. Adam says he doesn't want to talk to her, but Iris says he ought to, because she knows that he has a thing for Gwen, and she can help him in that regard because she thinks Gwen and Will's marriage is headed for a dead end. She offers to help Adam get what he wants if he'll make sure he and Gwen remember her when Gwen becomes rich and famous.

At Katie's cottage, Mike and Katie are ready to take any phone calls that might come in about Daniel. The doorbell rings, and it's Henry, who wants to let Katie know that Simon and Carly escaped. Katie asks a bunch of questions, and Mike asks if Jack's doing okay; when Henry says he doesn't know, Mike tells Katie he's going to go find Jack and see how he's doing. He leaves, and Katie tells Henry that she and Mike are back together, and nothing will separate them again. Henry says apparently it already has. When Katie asks why Henry is the voice of doom, he says he's just curious as to how this reconciliation came about. Katie says the crises with Tom's heart attack and Daniel's kidnapping have made them realize what's important and brought them back together. She tells Henry this isn't a temporary thing, but Henry thinks Jack left in an awful hurry for someone who just reconciled with the love of his life. Katie realizes she must have asked too many questions about Simon again, and although she wants to call Mike and apologize, she knows that will just make things worse. Henry then pays Katie back the money she used to bail him out, saying the DA has dropped the charges against him for lack of evidence. Katie remarks that this means they're both getting second chances now.

Jack takes Parker, JJ, and Sage over to Carly's to pack some clothes to take to the farm. When Sage asks when she can see her mom again, Jack tries to dodge the question, but Parker blurts out that their mom has left them and isn't coming back. Jack asks Parker to back off a bit, and JJ tries to make Sage feel better, but Parker's not buying any of it. JJ takes Sage upstairs to pack, and Parker tells Jack that now he knows why Jack wanted to adopt him, saying Jack must have known Carly was going to leave all along. Parker says it's too late now for him to be adopted, because his dad's dead and his mom is gone, so he doesn't belong to anyone anymore. Jack tells him that's not true, he belongs to him and JJ and Sage and Carly. Parker tells Jack he hates him and says he's not his son, but Jack says he's always been a son to him, from the minute he was born, and he always will be. Parker says he and Carly broke their promises to him and Sage and JJ to always be there for them, and Jack says there was no way he could ever have imagined something like this happening. He promises to take care of Parker, who storms off. Mike walks into the house, having been listening at the open front door for a couple of minutes, and asks Jack what he can do to help. Jack says he doesn't know, and he says he brought this all on himself by walking out on Carly and the kids in the first place. Mike tells him he did the best he could. The kids come down, with JJ and Parker arguing again, and Mike offers to help them load their stuff in Jack's car. Meanwhile, Sage runs back into the kitchen; she comes out carrying a small-animal cage, saying she almost forgot about Arnold. Jack asks who Arnold is, and Sage says her mom got him for them recently, and she didn't want to forget him. She and Jack walk out the door, and Jack turns out the lights and locks up.

Emily and Dusty are at Java trying to figure out what to do next to find Daniel when Emily gets a call on her cell phone from Daniel, who says he's at his grandma's house and asks if she can come get him. At the same time, Dusty gets a call, which he tells Emily is about a possible lead on Johnny. Emily tells Dusty to go ahead and take his call, that she's going to hurry over to her mom's to find out what happened to Daniel. When Emily gets there, however, it's dark; Daniel calls out to her, but when she goes inside, Tull grabs her from behind, holds a knife to her throat, and tells her she made a big mistake by saying no to him. He makes her beg him to let her give him her share of "The Intruder," which she does, then he drags her over to a table to sign a contract to that effect, warning her that her kid will watch her die if she tries anything funny. Dusty bursts into the room and tries to wrestle the knife away from Tull; in the process, Emily is knocked down and briefly loses consciousness. Daniel yells at her to wake up, because Tull and Dusty are wrestling for the knife, and Emily looks up in time to realize that one of them has been stabbed. The police and an ambulance arrive later, and Emily tells Dallas Griffin who Tull is and what he wanted with her. Dusty walks into the room, unharmed, saying he just called Margo to let her know Daniel was okay; he tells Dallas he'll answer all his questions so Emily can take Daniel home. Emily asks Dusty how his call about Johnny went, and he says it was a dead end. She thanks Dusty for saving them.

Mike goes back home, where Katie wants to make love to him and start working again on starting a family, but Mike says he doesn't think he can do that right now.

Jack and the kids walk into Emma's kitchen, which is a mess and smells like cigars. He thanks JJ for his help, tells Sage he'll come read her a story in a minute, and then tells Parker to get a good night's rest so he can hate him some more in the morning after pancakes; Parker almost smiles, and Jack tells him he loves him. Parker leaves, and Jack sees smoke coming from the other room; pulling out his gun, he sees his brother Brad walking into the room, smoking a cigar.

Colleen Zenk makes surprise appearance as Y&R's Aunt Jordan
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