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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of January 15, 2007 on B&B
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Monday, January 15, 2007

Along the Pacific Coast Highway, Thorne chased after Aly after he saw her in the road. Taylor managed to slam on her brakes just before she hit the little girl. Relieved Aly was okay, Thorne picked up his daughter and hugged her. Upset with both of them, Aly screamed at Thorne that she hated Taylor and didn't understand how he could marry the woman that had killed her mother.

Thorne admitted that at first he had blamed Taylor, but then he had realized it had been an accident, and he had forgiven her. Taylor tried to explain to Aly how hard she had tried to keep her car from hitting Darla. When they got back to Thorne's house Aly ran to bed, still upset with the whole situation.

Once Thorne and Taylor were alone, he tried to comfort her by telling her that once Aly had time to process it, she would forgive Taylor just like he had. Taylor doubted it would be that easy, pointing out that he was an adult, and it had taken him a while -- and a child might never be able to accept it. Taylor told him they couldn't get married as long as Aly felt that way. Ever optimistic, Thorne gave her a hug then told her he loved her and in time Aly would "come around."

At the Forresters', Bridget confessed to Eric that she had allowed Shane to stay at her place for a few days so she could keep an eye on him and Phoebe. Then they discussed the Nick situation. Bridget understood why Eric was upset with Nick. Eric angrily told her that a sailor had no business running a fashion company. Bridget defended Nick, saying that he had done it mainly for his mother.

Eric acknowledged that what Stephanie had done to Jackie was horrible, but he thought Bridget was lying to herself if she didn't realize Nick's actions had more to do with Brooke. Eric worried that Bridget was still hung up on Nick. Bridget assured her father she was keeping her distance but admitted that she still had feelings for him. Bridget wistfully thought things would have turned out differently for them if she had known about Nick's troubled childhood.

At Taylor's, Brooke dropped by to see how things were going with Aly and was surprised to find Nick there. He explained that Taylor had rushed off to Thorne's to try to make things better after Aly had found out the truth. Brooke thought it was nice that he was waiting for Taylor to get back, but not appropriate. She scolded him about his recent actions toward the Forresters. Not wanting to discuss it, Nick told her he'd had to move on, and Brooke was shocked when he handed her divorce papers.

Suspicious, Brooke told Nick he wouldn't be so anxious to get the divorce papers signed unless something else was going on in his life. She asked him if it was Taylor, but before he could answer, Taylor walked in. Taylor was an emotional wreck from what had just happened, and Nick tried to comfort her. Nick told Taylor once more that he believed she was only marrying Thorne out of guilt.

Annoyed by Nick's obvious interest in Taylor, Brooke said Taylor was a grown woman and could make her own decisions. Brooke watched as Nick continued to fawn over Taylor, until she could take it no more and demanded to know if something was going on between them.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

At Taylor's house, Brooke questioned Taylor about her feelings for Nick. Brooke was suspicious that Nick and Taylor had feelings for one another. Brooke became suspicious when Nick suddenly decided to sign their divorce papers after having refused to for so long.

Brooke advised that Taylor could not be with Thorne because she was committed to Nick. Taylor told Brooke that whether they had feelings for one another or not was none of Brooke's business. Brooke told Nick that he was close to Taylor because of therapy. Brooke told Nick that Taylor was not what he needed. Brooke privately told Nick that she could not handle it if he had feelings for Taylor.

Phoebe took Shane home to speak with Ridge. Ridge did not want to hear anything that Shane had to say. Shane explained that he admired the type of person that Phoebe was, and that was the type of person that he planned on becoming.

Bridget told Eric that she continued to have feelings for Nick. Eric told Bridget that Nick was not good for her in light in what he had done recently. Eric told Bridget to be careful; Eric felt going back to Nick could be dangerous for Bridget.

Nick told Taylor that he was concerned about her because of Aly. Nick advised Taylor that she felt guilty about killing Darla; however, marrying Thorne was not the answer because Nick felt that Taylor really did not love Thorne. Taylor was adamant that she loved Thorne and was committed to him. Taylor thought Brooke was right; perhaps Nick was trying to hurt the Forrester family by advising her to not marry Thorne. Bridget called Nick. Taylor encouraged Nick to spend time with Bridget.

Brooke told Ridge that Taylor might have feelings for Nick. Brooke explained that Nick might be trying to hurt Thorne by making a play for Taylor, or Nick might have feelings for Taylor.

Meanwhile, Nick nixed Taylor's advice to spend time with Bridget. Thorne called and told Taylor that Aly understood that Taylor killed Darla accidentally. Taylor and Thorne decided to not postpone their wedding. Nick told Taylor to be honest with herself that she was marrying Thorne out of obligation.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

At Taylor's, Taylor held the globe that Nick had given her and remembered what he had told her about why she shouldn't marry Thorne. Ridge walked in and asked her what she was thinking so deeply about. Taylor told him she was worried about Aly. Ridge thought Nick might be more of a problem than Aly. He then questioned her about Brooke's theory that she and Nick were more than friends.

Taylor was mad that Brooke kept butting into her life. Ridge was afraid Nick was trying to stir up more trouble for the Foresters by breaking Thorne and Taylor up. Taylor defended Nick, refusing to believe he would try to sabotage her and Thorne's wedding.

At the Forresters', Eric and Pam prepared for Thorne and Taylor's wedding. Felicia thought they were being overly optimistic about the wedding happening so soon. Thorne walked in with Aly, hoping his family could convince her to forgive Taylor. Thorne explained to Aly again that the accident hadn't been Taylor's fault.

Aly continued to blame Taylor and wanted to go home. Felicia told Aly that she understood that often it seemed like blaming somebody would help make all the bad stuff easier to accept, but Felicia added that it was not fair since what Taylor had done had been an accident. She reminded Aly that everyone had accidents sometimes.

When Taylor arrived, she tried to reason with the little girl. Taylor told Aly that she didn't want the wedding to happen unless Aly was comfortable about it. Taylor reiterated how much she wished she could have Darla return, but she couldn't. Even though Taylor knew she couldn't replace Darla, she promised she could take care of Aly.

Thorne told Aly he had been sad until he had forgiven Taylor. He encouraged her to forgive Taylor, saying it would make her feel better. Realizing how sad her father was, Aly folded and agreed to forgive Taylor. After they hugged and made up, Eric bragged about how mature Aly was. Relieved, Thorne hugged Taylor and excitedly told her she was going to become Mrs. Forrester the next day. As they hugged, Taylor didn't seem too happy about the prospect.

Later, when she was alone, Aly angrily scribbled Taylor's face out of all the pictures in her scrapbook.

At Forrester, Bridget stopped by to see Nick and was a little surprised that he was going through with his divorce so soon. He told her he was ready to move on. Jackie overheard Bridget and Nick talking and walked in on them. Bridget apologized to Jackie for all the horrible things the Forresters had put her through. Jackie and Bridget discussed Thorne and Taylor's upcoming wedding and wondered what would happen, since Aly knew the truth.

Nick interrupted saying that he thought Taylor was marrying Thorne out of guilt. Bridget agreed that they were rushing the wedding but thought that Thorne and Taylor really did love each other. After Bridget left, Jackie told Nick how upset she was about his divorce from Brooke. She encouraged Nick to pursue Taylor. Nick argued that he didn't want to ride in on any more white horses.

Convinced Taylor was the woman for her son, Jackie pressured him to stop the wedding. Despite her efforts, Nick refused to get between Taylor and Thorne. He had let Taylor know how he felt and said it was all up to her.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

It was the wedding day for Thorne and Taylor. It was to be one of the happiest days of their lives, but it turned out to be clouded with problems and a postponement of their wedding.

First, Stephanie's plane was grounded in Chicago due to inclement weather. Back in Los Angeles, everyone decided that the wedding was to go on as planned. As Taylor asked Aly to help her get ready for the wedding, Aly threw a fit as Taylor was about to open the bag that contained the wedding dress that Eric had designed. Seeing the gown in shreds, Taylor was mortified.

Thorne entered, and the two of them realized that Aly was still not accepting the marriage between her dad and Taylor. They therefore called off the wedding, and as Thorne went to announce to their family that there would be no wedding that day, Taylor dealt with Aly, who claimed to be a very bad girl.

Taylor, who had slipped out of the Forrester home and gone back to her own, had a visit from Nick, who was surprised to find her there. Taylor told him that Aly was not ready for them to get married, and she broke down in Nick's arms as she realized what had happened on the biggest day in her life.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Brooke offered Donna a job a Forrester Originals, but Donna declared her loyalty to Nick and Forrester Creations. Eric's attorney warned him that using the Forrester name could possibly lead to a lawsuit, but he didn't care. Everyone gathered for the exciting press release and debut of Forrester Originals. Nick and his staff watched from a television in his office.

Eric and Ridge assured their loyal patrons they would still receive the wonderful craftsmanship they had always received from the Forrester family. They introduced Brooke in a new Forrester Original gown. Ridge ended up proposing to Brooke on the runway, and she accepted. Nick was angered by their use of the Forrester name and by Ridge using a publicity stunt to propose to Brooke. Storm thought they should sue the Forresters for using it, but Nick planned to beat them by buying out all of their high-end distributors.

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