One Life to Live Recaps: The week of February 6, 2006 on OLTL

John and Natalie worked on their friendship. Cristian was offered $1,000 to enter the boxing ring. R.J. proposed marriage to Lindsay. Niki convinced Jessica that Viki was the one responsible for Jessica's problems. Blair had a panic attack and ended up sleeping with Spencer. Rex threw a party for Adriana and Craze. Denton hinted to David that Todd might not be guilty and was willing to speak -- for a price.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of February 6, 2006 on OLTL
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Monday, February 6, 2006

As the pronouncement of the death sentence sent him reeling, Todd vehemently declared his innocence. Meanwhile, Margaret informed Spencer that her baby was on the way. Roxy pressed Natalie to reveal which man she'd chosen then was amused to see John walk into Capricorn. Lindsay commended Cristian for his impressive new work but admitted she couldn't sell any of his paintings because the art community believed he had defrauded them by faking his death.

Flying into a rage, Blair railed at both Hugh and Evangeline before turning her fury on Todd himself. Trying to calm the agitated mother-to-be, Spencer reminded Margaret how they'd "fake" Todd's execution so he could be with his new little family. Natalie offered an olive branch to John. Blair collapsed in the courtroom and was rushed to the ER. Upon discovering that Margaret's baby was breech, Spencer realized he'd need help with the delivery.

Choking back tears, Todd asked Bo to check in on Starr and Jack from time to time after he was gone. Spencer forced Paige to accompany him back to the abandoned warehouse, where she was stunned to find the "late" Margaret in labor. Declaring his love, R.J. proposed to Lindsay, but she suspected he was only trying to assuage her bruised feelings.

Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Cristian told Evangeline to take off her clothes. After some clarification, she learned that Cristian just wanted her to change clothes, as he was going to be helping her paint, as a sort of occupational therapy. Cristian told Evangeline not to talk and not to think but just to paint.

John wasn't too keen on going to the Craze party with Natalie at Ultraviolet. He was so uncomfortable at the party that he could barely cope. "I don't do this, working so hard to be friends," John said. "It's this or nothing, John. Do you want me out of your life?" Natalie replied. John said he liked being with Natalie because they "just were," and there wasn't a lot of talking. Natalie reminded him that Statesville and Cristian had happened. John wondered why Natalie "kept trying with me." The two went into the party and had a beer at the bar.

Rex threw a party to celebrate Adriana's debut as Craze's new cover girl. Adriana was quite thrilled, especially when Rex told her she was amazing. David arrived and asked why there weren't more publicists there and then praised Adriana for doing such a great job and looking so gorgeous. Denton lurked outside the party and told David that just because he had testified that Todd was guilty didn't necessarily mean that it was true.

Todd asked Dorian to visit him in jail, and she agreed. Dorian was practically gleeful when she paid Todd a visit in jail. Dorian gave Todd the update that Blair had been in the ER. Dorian continued to rag on Todd and suggested that Todd do the decent thing and allow himself to be executed. "Do you think you deserve a second chance? Do us all a favor. Just die," she said. Dorian lectured Todd on real love and self-sacrifice. Todd claimed he would do anything for Blair and the kids. Dorian said she'd keep an eye on Spencer and Blair.

John told Bo that Blair was physically fine. "She just hyperventilated," John said. Bo wondered if Blair could use a shrink. Bo was surprised to learn that Paige was not at the hospital and had gone somewhere with Dr. Truman. Bo questioned John on Paige's whereabouts but got no details.

Paige asked Spencer, "What in God's name have you done?" "I haven't done anything," he replied, adding, "You have." Paige told Spencer that she was going straight to Bo to tell him everything about Margaret. "Not so fast," said Spencer. The two began to argue, and Paige headed out. Spencer said, "Is it worth ruining Bo Buchanan's life?" -- a remark that stopped Paige in her tracks. Paige countered that Spencer had nothing over her.

"I helped a woman in need. You've gone too far," Spencer said. Paige said to go ahead and tell the world about the man whose death she was responsible for and whose death David had helped her cover up. Spencer reminded her that if that were revealed, she'd spend the rest of her life in jail. Bo called Paige on her cell phone, and she asked that he meet her in his office. Spencer told Paige to read the file on her in the locked cabinet in her office. "Read the file before you go to Bo," Spencer said. "You are a sick, twisted man," Paige said as she left.

Paige unlocked the drawer and began frantically searching for the confidential file. She found death certificates that confirmed that the bodies found had been Margaret's and the fetus'. Spencer had forged Bo's signature, which meant that Bo could get in big trouble if those papers were ever released. At that point, Paige realized Spencer had won that round. Bo entered her office and asked Paige what she had wanted to tell him.

Wednesday, February 8, 2006

Rex demonstrated his new P.I. equipment to Adriana, and finally alone at the club after the party, they expressed their true feelings.

David quizzed Denton about his remark regarding Todd really being innocent, but Denton would only talk for payment. He wanted David to make him an offer, but David was low on cash at that moment. Denton talked about evil forces being present even if Todd really hadn't committed the crime. David was very curious.

Nash was frantic to locate Tess and denied that he also had feelings for Jessica. He challenged Clint's love for Viki, which angered the older man. Clint's situation was definitely not the same, as he had fallen in love with a real person, Clint yelled. They'd had love, marriage, and a family, and Niki had made life hell for everyone.

When one of Jessica's bracelets was found, Clint headed out to help search, forcing Nash to stay back with his bad ankle. Later, Clint returned with news. A cabin with a chimney spewing smoke had been spotted, and that was where they were. Unfortunately, there had been a landslide blocking the way, so it would be some time before they could get to the women.

When asked if her problem had something to do with Spencer, Paige responded to Bo that it was about the baby being delivered. Misunderstanding and thinking it was about her own baby, Bo swore that nothing would interfere with them. He knew that Spencer was up to something, but Paige stopped him from seeking Spencer out. When David showed up shortly after, he suggested that he and Paige devise a plan to get rid of Spencer's controlling of them once and for all. She thought they needed to handle things individually for the moment and wanted David to leave her alone.

Blair went home with Spencer. Spencer tried to give her the confidence to tell her children about their father, which sparked feelings in her. She had all the qualities he wanted and hoped she realized that the whole world wasn't against her, he quietly told her. She turned to kiss him, and it became passionate as they lay down on the floor by the roaring fire.

As Tess pressured her, Niki finally admitted to knowing the secret to her arrival. Jessica had had some guy after her at the bar, she announced. Niki asked what else it could be. It was way worse than that, Tess informed her, and she blamed Niki for all of it. She should have been more responsible than taking a child to a bar, especially since Jessica had always begged not to go.

Niki was quick to point out that she had been doing exactly what she had been born to do, which was being independent and free, and if anything, she was blaming the wrong person. Viki was the one to blame for letting the alters take over. Niki and Tess had not been born to be mothers. Niki reminded Tess of almost hurting Antonio's daughter in the fire. Tess thought it was different, but she finally knew who to hate. It was Victoria.

Thursday, February 9, 2006

John went to the police station, looking for Bo, but found Natalie first. Their relationship appeared to be improving, and she told him that Cristian had been spending time with Evangeline. At that moment, Bo showed up. Bo and John went into Bo's office, where John asked for his badge back.

John offered to talk to Dr. Crosby every week, but Bo could tell John was only willing to go through the motions. He had no intention of truly working on the issues that plagued him. Bo said that until he did, John had no place on the force. Minutes later, Matthew arrived at the station with questions for Bo and John about how to help Starr. Both Bo and John shared nice moments with Matthew. As John left, he told Natalie that she had inspired him to ask Bo where he stood.

Evangeline tried to convince Todd to go for an appeal, but he had no interest in saving his own life. Todd told her that his staying alive would only make the lives of those he loved worse. Evangeline argued that he had never even asked Blair what she wanted. Todd recalled that the first word out of Blair's mouth after hearing the verdict had been "Spencer." Evangeline wouldn't be swayed and told him that giving up was the same thing as saying, "I'm guilty." Although he was innocent that time, Todd believed that his situation was "payback" for all the crimes he had gotten away with.

Paige and David met at the diner and worried about Spencer. When their conversation turned to Todd's verdict, David wondered why Paige was having such a personal reaction to the outcome.

Margaret sat in a dark room, rocking Todd Jr. Her ordeal with Todd and Blair was revealed through her eyes as she told the baby a warped fairy-tale version in which she cited herself as the princess, Todd as the prince, Blair as the wicked witch, and Spencer as her fairy godfather. She explained that Spencer had orchestrated the night on the lake, believing that Todd would kill Margaret. He had been taken aback when Margaret had told him that Todd hadn't tried to harm her, and she had jumped off the boat. Playing on Margaret's fear of going to jail, Spencer had convinced her to stay in hiding.

Cristian knocked out one of the coach's trainees while sparring at the gym. The coach noticed Cristian's skill but couldn't talk to him about it because Cristian ran off to meet Lindsay after she called with a possible job opportunity. Unfortunately, the job was for a caricature artist for a sweet sixteen party. Natalie witnessed Cristian's ego being hurt in that way and felt the need to reach out to him the way she had with John.

Cristian was surprised when she claimed to be fine with his friendship with Evangeline, but he believed she felt that way because she was back on track with John. The boxing coach arrived at the diner and told Cristian he ought to participate in an upcoming amateur match. Natalie, appearing worried, tried to convince him not to take up boxing professionally. Cristian asked her why she even cared.

John saw Dr. Crosby at the boxing gym and accused him of "stalking." Crosby ended up holding the punching bag for John. While John threw punches at the bag, Crosby tried to get him to talk about his father. John shared a little bit, but grew angry and shut down quickly.

Bo told Paige that Todd wasn't going to appeal.

Blair fell asleep in Spencer's arms after having sex with him.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Niki persuaded Tess to go on the run, but Tess still wouldn't reveal the secret that had caused Jessica to split. Niki wanted to find out but mainly because she thought the realization of what had happened to her baby would destroy Viki once and for all.

Antonio, Clint, Nash, and the ranger were determined to locate the women. Nash almost didn't tell Antonio that he had found Jessica's pin, but Clint persuaded him to give it up. Nash's ankle was still sore from when he had gone out in the snow, searching for Tess. Antonio and Nash almost reached blows for the umpteenth time, as Antonio blamed Nash for Tess running off. Nash insisted yet again that he didn't love Jessica and only had feelings for Tess.

Clint persuaded the men to wait it out, as there was absolutely nothing they could do until the roads were cleared. Finally, the ranger gave them word that the road up to the cabin was cleared, and the men took off. When they arrived, the women were nowhere to be found. As the men stared at the deserted cabin, Niki and Tess rode out of town with a truck driver.

Natalie and Cristian had a discussion at the diner, in which she tried to persuade him not to become a boxer. Cristian said that he couldn't pass up that kind of money, but Natalie reminded him that he had to win first. She also expressed her distaste at walking in on Cristian and Evangeline's paint fight. Cristian wanted to know why she cared.

Natalie said that if Evangeline went after Cristian, it was only to make Natalie mad. Cristian took offense at that comment and wanted to know why Natalie couldn't forgive him like she had forgiven John. Natalie insisted that she hadn't forgiven John but that she was trying to be more understanding, and she said that she would like to extend the same courtesy to Cristian. However, she told him that if he got together with Evangeline, she would hate it. She wouldn't try to stop it, but she'd hate it.

Meanwhile, John and Evangeline met up at the police station as they each waited for a chance to talk with Bo. Evangeline was pleased to hear that John had opened up a bit more to Dr. Crosby. When Bo got freed up, Evangeline entered his office first. She told him that she wanted to start in on Todd's appeal on the grounds that he was being set up, but Todd wouldn't go through with it. Bo told her there was nothing that could be done and that he had been ordered to move Todd to a maximum-security facility to await execution. Evangeline raced from the office, distraught.

John was the next one to talk to Bo, and he asked for his job back. Bo said that although Dr. Crosby was impressed that John was beginning to open up, he was not yet ready to recommend that John be reinstated. However, Crosby had decided that Bo could give John one assignment: to accompany Todd to the maximum-security facility. John saw that as grunt work and humiliation, but Bo reminded him that it was a way to prove he was a team player.

Upon leaving Bo's office, John ran into Natalie and told her that he might be getting his job back. She embraced him on the spot, and everyone in the station turned their gaze on the couple. Embarrassed, Natalie apologized, but John didn't seem to have minded.

Evangeline made her way to the diner, where she ran into Cristian. He told her about his discussion with Natalie, and Evangeline said that she agreed that Cristian needed to put his art before his boxing. She also said that she wanted ice cream to help take her mind off of Todd's appeal, and Cristian invited her into the back of the diner to whip up her own sundae.

Blair and Spencer woke up in bed together in the aftermath of sex. Blair confessed that she had used Spencer to forget about Todd, but Truman didn't seem to mind. In fact, he said he was touched that Blair was concerned about his feelings at all. She said that of course she cared and that she felt awful for using him in that way. Spencer said he didn't blame her and that he thought she would get over Todd in time.

There was a knock on the door, and it was Paige, fresh from a conversation with Bo in which she had pleaded with him to make sure Todd appealed his conviction. Paige was disgusted to see that Blair had spent the night with Spencer, and she threatened to tell Blair everything. Spencer reminded her of the trumped-up documents he had created that would blame Bo for faking Margaret's death.

Paige told Blair that she had something to tell her, but Paige changed her mind at the last minute. Instead of revealing to Blair that Margaret was alive, she simply filled her in on the news that Todd was not going to appeal his conviction. A distraught Blair took off for the prison to visit Todd, and an enraged Spencer warned Paige that she needed to keep her mouth shut -- or else.

Meanwhile, Margaret had been thinking about Spencer's motivations as she rocked little Todd Jr. She knew that Spencer was going to fake Todd's execution, but she couldn't help but wonder why he would care so much about her and Todd being together. Suddenly, she realized that Spencer had to have fallen in love with Blair and didn't actually "give a damn" about Todd. When Spencer arrived at the apartment, Margaret demanded some specific details on how exactly he was going to fake Todd's death and get him off of death row.

Paige made a call to the prison and requested a meeting with Todd Manning.

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