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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of February 13, 2006 on GL
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Monday, February 13, 2006

While Harley is standing outside Company holding Gus's flag, she asks if anyone is going to get the phone that's been ringing off the hook. Zach answers the phone and it's Gus on the other end asking if anyone's there. Zach doesn't hear anything so he hangs up. Marina models her dress for the Spaulding party and Frank tells her he'll be waiting up for her. Marina tells him that Alan-Michael has been a big help to Harley over the last few weeks and Harley agrees.

Lizzie arrives late to the gathering and bolts when she hears that Coop has gone to her "apartment" to find her.

Outside, Reva tells Billy that Josh turned down her Valentine's date invitation, that he was going solo this holiday. Billy says that he can buy that.

Harley thinks maybe she should go to the Spaulding party. Gus calls back and when he hears Gus's voice, yells, "Gus!" As Gus is telling Zach to "put mommy on the phone," Beth races to intercept the call and hangs up the phone saying it was a wrong number. On the other end, Gus passes out while trying to reconnect the call. Upset, Harley tells everyone she is going out and to not wait up for her.

Outside, Billy ask Reva if she's not tired of the same old Josh and Reva dance. He tells her that either there should be a full, frontal Reva Shane assault and put on the red dress that neither Josh nor he could resist....or...and Reva interjects, "I should just give up." Billy tells her that there is more to Reva than "Reva and Josh." She just needs to be reminded of it.

Inside, Buzz sends Zach off to bed while Frank tells Buzz that it is torture for him not to be able to help Harley. Buzz tells him that Harley and Gus both would want them to go on with their lives. Franks says he thinks he may have by leaving a message with Olivia that he'd like to spend Valentine's Day with her, though he doubts it will happen. Buzz reminds him that he should remain optimistic and sends him off to check on the kids.

Inside Company now, Reva and Billy continue their discussion with Billy telling Reva that people should stop hurting one another and calling in Love. While joking around and laughing a while about Reva's persona, Buzz approaches them with a menu. Reva tells Buzz she is sorry about Gus and to let her know if there is anything she can do to help. He says that they can leave Olivia alone. When Reva pushes him about Olivia, Buzz says he's hoping for Frank to not be alone any longer. Josh walks in and Reva tries to involve him in conversation about Billy's AA meeting but Josh wants to be alone and walks away.

Billy lets Buzz know that he understands what it's like to have someone you care about deeply look at you only as a friend, as Olivia does Buzz. Billy suggests to Reva that they spend Valentine's Day together taking a walk and later renting a movie. Reva says, "Why the hell not?"

After her earlier encounter with Josh, Olivia calls Frank and invites him and his entire family to spend Valentine's at a local inn she is thinking of buying. Frank, at first thinking she was inviting only him, says that it sounds great and they will be there. Frank tells Buzz that he doesn't know what it means, but he's taking it as a good sign.

Coop goes to find Lizzie only to find Quinn at the apartment. When Coop asks Quinn what he's doing there, Quinn tells him, "Because it's my apartment, idiot!" Quinn eggs Coop on about how Lizzie's been pulling the wool over his eyes, suggesting that he doesn't mind sharing Lizzie with him. Coop punches Quinn in the face as Lizzie arrives. The truth all comes out, as Lizzie tells of how Quinn let them have the place for Coop and Lizzie, but that Lizzie gave Quinn a few meaningless kisses for the favor. When Coop asks Lizzie if she had slept with Quinn, she tells him no, that she only wanted the place for them to be together. She liked it when Coop thought she was independent and had a job and was able to buy things on her own. Coop was just finding out that Quinn paid for all of Lizzie's new possessions, that the job was a fake and Quinn helped cover it up. Coop tells Lizzie that she never needed to hide any of that from him. He leaves very angry.

Quinn comes from the bathroom, asking Lizzie for a ride to the hospital as he says, "I have a feeling your waiter may have broken my nose."

As Josh is lying on his bed in his room, Olivia calls him and asks if it is okay if she comes up to visit. He says yes. Before she goes up, Olivia cradles Emma, telling her that we go through life alone and taking care of ourselves, but then one day someone special comes along who lets you know you're worth something in a way you couldn't have known on your own. Josh, standing at the door, as heard all of this.

After Josh enters, Olivia says how hard it is to explain to a three year old how your father, the man you have come to love as your father, your grandfather, and your uncle have all left you. She says she knows it sounds pathetic, but Josh tells her that one wants to feel alone. Olivia kisses Josh, and he kisses her back. Josh reluctantly pulls away and that it was a different kind of kiss. Not a lost in the moment kind, but a true kiss. However, knowing what Emma's been through, he doesn't want to give her a false impression of the future. Josh leaves, and Olivia cries.

Alan-Michael, a board member, and Alex discuss how Alan-Michael will be the new CEO by night's end. Alex is afraid that Alan-Michael might be too invested in the "Cooper girl," Marina, but A-M assures her that he'll not make the same mistakes as his brother and father. That is something he's not concerned about. Marina walks up and asks him what he's not concerned about. After some hedging around, Marina says she doesn't care, she knows that A-M is one of the good guys with Harley. Suddenly, everyone at the party is applauding as Harley arrives. A-M looks worried.

After a short time of Harley making small talk with some of the guests, Alex announces that, in spite of all the troubles befalling the Spaulding family over the course of the last year, some new developments need to be shared about leadership of the company. At that, A-M interrupts and tells the crowd that Harley has been tremendously strong in light of her recent loss and that she is an inspiration to Spaulding. He raises a toast in her honor. Alex asks him what's happened and he tells her that it is bad timing to oust a widow at a party right after her husband's death. Alex asks, "What next?" Alan-Michael says, "Plan B."

After the toast, Dinah insists that Mallet ask Harley to dance-as his first test as her boyfriend material. He does and they do as Dinah looks on approvingly. Harley insists to Mallet that the dance is all for Gus, that everything is for Gus. Harley suddenly rushes away from Mallet and goes to the balcony where she kisses a single rose, says goodbye to Gus for the last time, and tosses the rose away.

Gus has passed out after Beth hung up the phone. While Alan tries to revive Gus from the other side of the door, Gus remains unconscious. Gus finally awakes and tells Alan he sees a door and tries to move toward it. Alan eggs him on by telling how Harley is probably seeking solace in Mallet's arms. Gus says, "That's it. I'm leaving you here." Gus is finally able to open the door to the outside. He leans up next to the building, then passes out and falls over.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Cassie overhears Jeffrey making a mysterious phone call. He claims he was ordering her tons of flowers for Valentine's Day. She mocks him for being too gushy these days. He wonders if Mel had told her anything strange he might have said while under the influence of painkillers. She hasn't heard anything. Later, Tammy comes over to share Valentine's Day with her mom, which makes Jeffrey happy.

Josh reads a card from Reva, while Olivia shows up, and invites him up to the inn which she wants Lewis Construction to buy. He turns her down, even after learning the Coopers are all going to be there, so it wouldn't be a romantic evening.

At the inn, Marina and Alan-Michael break in to enjoy a romantic night alone.

At Company, Ava and Buzz worry about Coop, who looks depressed. Lizzie stops by and tries again to apologize. He mentions that he sacrificed Oxford for her, but she wasn't willing to make changes in her life for him. Harley pulled out of going to the inn. Instead she goes to the construction site of their house. She lights candles, imagining Gus is with her. Lizzie calls Marina to ask for help with Coop, but Alan-Michael takes the phone from Marina, insists his niece calm down and hangs up on her. Coop tells Ava about his fight with Lizzie. Buzz invites Ava to join his family at the inn.

Alan-Michael and Marina are making out on the floor of the inn when the Coopers arrive. Spotting smoke, Frank worries there is a fire inside and breaks the door down, just as a shirtless Marina jumps off of Alan-Michael. The Cooper family has to hold Frank back. "I told you this place was romantic," Olivia smiles. She then assigns them all rooms, making sure Marina and Alan-Michael are far from each other, while her own room is next to Frank's. Josh, having decided to join them, arrives, so Olivia gives him the room on the other side of hers. Buzz strolls over and points out, "You invited Josh to make Frank jealous and vice versa." "It's spooky how well you know me," she replies. "You're just figuring that out?" he asks. She eyes him speculatively.

Gus collapses in the snow, calling out for Harley. Beth finds him there, and drags him back inside, trying to make him regain consciousness.

The Cooper family hangs out in the inn. Lizzie sits outside Company with romantic presents for Coop. Ava leans her head on Coop's shoulder. Buzz watches Olivia play cards and drink beer with Frank and Josh. Harley sits in front of the fire she made at her unfinished house and misses Gus, who - in the cabin - started to come to, calling out for Harley.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

It's morning at the inn and the guests are drifting downstairs. Olivia arrives first, takes a look at two empty cocktail glasses, serves herself a glass of water and decides to add a drop of Jack Daniels. Frank appears and tells her it's a little early for that, kisses her and says it will be their little secret. Josh arrives, catches the tail end of the conversation, says 'morning' and smiles. Eva is in the bathroom applying some concealer to a nasty bruise on her neck. She dons a scarf and leaves to go downstairs. She bumps into Alan-Michael, who comments that they need to stop meeting like this.

Marina is outside, hears something and discovers Lizzie, who has arrived with Roxy. She wants to see Coop but Marina advises her it might not be a good idea. Coop appears and Lizzie explains she just needs to be with him. Lizzie spies Ava and questions why she's there as she thought it was a family weekend. Marina suggests Lizzie leave.

Buzz is next down and asks after everyone's night. He says he passed out from too much drinking.

Lizzie and Coop are interrupted in their argument by Olivia. She wants Lizzie to leave because no pets are allowed. Lizzie refuses, saying Roxy is house trained and only does her business where she tell her to! Olivia hopes so. Happy to oblige, Roxy leaves a little something for Lizzie to clean up. As she puts it in the trash can, she discovers an empty condom wrapper. Her mind starts reeling as she tries to work out who used it, fearing it was Ava and Coop.

Frank is flirting with Olivia when Buzz announces it's time for them to hit the road back to Springfield. Lizzie assures Olivia that Roxy is secure and asks how the evening went. Olivia's mind flashes back to their arrival and finding Alan-Michael and Marina in a state of undress. Lizzie is interested in the number of rooms at the inn. She enters one of the rooms and searches through an overnight bag. It's Marina's room and Lizzie is caught red-handed. She tells Marina that she thought it was Ava's room. She asks why Marina didn't tell her Ava and Coop were there when she called the night before. Marina explains they weren't there when Lizzie called. It was supposed to be just her and Alan-Michael until Olivia turned up with her entourage. Lizzie, anxious to find out who the condom wrapper belongs to, suggests Marina and Alan-Michael presumably got together later in the night. In flash back Marina reveals they were interrupted making out when Alan-Michael got a telephone call. He left her to make some business calls. Alan-Michael didn't return and Marina never got to drink the cocktail.

Lizzie later finds the two empty glasses in the living room and notices lipstick marks on one! She wonders out loud who the lucky lady was as Alan-Michael appears. He tells her he has no idea who drank them. Olivia joins them. Flashbacking again we see the other end of the conversation between Alan-Michael and Marina. It was Frank on the phone telling Alan-Michael to get out of his daughter's bedroom. On the pretext of needing to make business calls he leaves, taking with him the two pomegranate martinis and leaving a promise that he'll try to return later. Marina tells him she's going off to take a cold shower! On the way out he bumps first into Frank and then Olivia. Olivia takes a long drink from one of the cocktail glasses and she and Alan-Michael flirt a little. But Olivia tells him she has her sights set on another. She turns up at Josh's room with a heating pad after he complained of a crook in his neck. Joshua lets her massage his back a little.

The scene switches back in Company as Frank tells Buzz his relationship with Olivia took a very pleasant turn the night before. In flashback Olivia is lured into Frank's room by the-lights-don't-work-because-I-took-the-lightbulb-out-of-the-lamp-ploy! Frank expresses his admiration for Olivia and tells her that he knows she needs someone in her life right now, someone who will let her know how wonderful she is. He'd be very happy to be that man. In mid-kiss an alarm goes off. Olivia rushes downstairs to find the living room engulfed in smoke. Coop and Ava are trying to clear the room and Josh is trying to disable the alarm. Olivia and Josh leave as Coop and Ava settle down on the floor in front of the fireplace to chat. Ava tells Coop she likes him and if he ever finds himself on the market she'd be interested. Coop is a taken aback and feeling a little embarrassed. Ava busies herself with the fire. Embers crackle and jump out of the fireplace, landing on Ava's face and neck. She leaves to go take a shower. She's later confronted by Lizzie about the bruise on her neck. She explains that an ember burned her but Lizzie doesn't believe her.

Ava is in the shower when she hears a voice saying it's a little steamy and not his idea of a cold shower. It's Alan-Michael who has mistaken Ava for Marina. He opens the shower curtain, gets an eyeful of Ava and admires the view.

Meanwhile, Joshua and Olivia are kissing in his bedroom. Josh turns the tables on Olivia and tells her he knows exactly what she's up to. He accuses her of getting him to come to the inn under false pretenses. He says she's manipulative and he doesn't appreciate being played. He reminds her that this sort of stuff was what ruined their marriage. Olivia leaves!

Back in the shower, Alan-Michael apologizes to Ava for barging in but he thought she was Marina. He wonders who Ava thought he was. Ava tells him to leave but Alan-Michael explains he can't because the door is stuck. He passes Ava a towel, tells her she has a wonderful body; she must work out a lot. Ava steps out of the shower, tells Alan-Michael that she kick-boxes and promptly kicks the door open!

As all the guests drift away, Alan-Michael and Marina are left alone, at last. They decide to go somewhere else to continue their time together.

Back in Springfield, Olivia walks into Company. Frank comes to greet her with a hug, as Buzz asks after her. Frank is interrupted by a phone call and has to leave for the station. Outside Lizzie catches up with Coop and they talk briefly about their situation. Coop assures Lizzie that he and Ava did not sleep together. He still needs time to think. Lizzie hurls herself into his arms, assuming all is well between them.

In flashback, Olivia is spread out on her bed at the inn, crying. There's a knock at the door. When she opens it she is happy to see who it is and says, 'Somehow I knew it would be you'. It's Buzz! He tells her it didn't take him long to work out what everyone was doing at the inn. He saw what Olivia had set up, but he's concerned that she's crying. Olivia tells him Joshua rejected her. Buzz expresses amusement at Josh's expense. Buzz jokes all the chemicals that Josh was exposed to have affected his brain. How else would it explain him not wanting Olivia? Olivia is charmed by Buzz and they kiss. They kiss and kiss again, snuggle and cuddle on the bed. When things are obviously heating up, Olivia opens the drawer of her nightstand and takes out a wrapped condom. She hands it to Buzz, who doesn't refuse. The two have enthusiastic and passionate sex for what seems like a long time! Buzz, feigning concern for his heart, stops to check his pulse. He finds he's OK and they continue until the two of them are quiet and relaxed in each other's arms.

Back at Company, they start to discuss the evening before. But Buzz is interrupted by customers. Buzz tells Olivia they'll discuss it later. He kisses her long and hard. Olivia is left speechless!

Thursday, February 16, 2006


Buzz is alone at Company thinking about is night with Olivia. Suddenly Frank comes in, scaring Buzz half to death. Frank starts raving about his night with Olivia; about what a great kisser she is and what an amazing woman she is. The talk hits a little too close to home for Buzz and he warns Frank about getting his hopes up too high. At this point, Frank leaves to take a call, leaving a guilty Buzz to bemoan what he'd done. Suddenly, Olivia walks in wanting to talk to Buzz about last night. Olivia raves about their lovemaking but tells him she doesn't want to lose him as a friend. She's afraid that's what will happen if it goes any further. They both agree that last night was just what they needed. Olivia points out she only tends to ruin things with men. He tells her that one day she'll get it right. At this point, Frank returns and gives Olivia a big kiss. He tells her he can't stop thinking about Valentine's Day and asks her to go out on a date. When he says he knows she's interested in someone else, Olivia, who's looking at Buzz, admits she's keeping her options open. Frank successfully talks her into going out with him. When Frank takes another call, an apologetic Olivia tries to explain the situation to Buzz. But he tells her he's okay with it - they're just friends. Buzz tells her that if she likes Frank, she should go for it and forget about what happened last night. Before she leaves, Olivia calls Buzz a wonderful man and kisses him.

With Olivia gone, Frank and Buzz continue their earlier conversation. Frank admits he knows Olivia's interested in Josh but he intends to show her that he's the better man for her. Frank unexpectedly asks Buzz to coach him. Frank explains that Buzz is Olivia's friend, she trusts him. Frank tells Buzz that Olivia could be the one and asks if he can count on Buzz to help him. Buzz says yes. Later, Frank's fallen asleep. Buzz laments about how he abandoned Frank and his mother when Frank was a kid because it was all about what Buzz wanted. Buzz proclaims he really wants Olivia, but he loves his son more.

Reva visits Josh and gives him a big box of chocolates as a belated Valentine's Day gift. When she spots some long stemmed roses, she assumes they're for her - until she reads the note and sees they're for Olivia. Reva gets a little jealous. Josh defensively states it's his way of apologizing to Olivia for the things he said to her last night. Reva's surprised that he was with Olivia last night after telling her he wanted to spend Valentine's Day alone. Josh explains that Olivia invited him and the Coopers to an inn she was interested in buying. Reva tells Josh she smells a set-up. Her jealous attitude makes him angry and he demands to know who exactly he's supposed to give the flowers to. Reva tries to convince Josh that he needs to play the field. This gets Josh angrier and he asks what she thought he was doing when she was trying to sort out her feelings these past few months. Reva points out she wants him to play the field, but not with Olivia. At this point, Olivia arrives and overhears. She rubs Reva's nose in the fact that she and Josh were at an inn together the night before. This leads Josh to lose it and yell that's enough. He can't take either of them. He accuses Reva of torturing him by giving him presents and yet not wanting him to be a part of her life. But despite this, he wants to be with her. He tells Olivia he was going to apologize to her for last night but she doesn't deserve it because she is manipulative. However, he still enjoys spending time with her. Josh goes on to proclaim that both women are disasters. All he wants is some stability and honesty. He throws them both out of his apartment.

Following Josh's outburst, Reva goes to Outskirts to commiserate with Billy. She's suddenly approached by her friend Tess. She asks Reva's permission to ask out Josh. Almost rendered speechless, Reva tells Tess its fine and encourages her to go for it. When Tess walks off, Billy comments to Reva how that was mighty big of her. When Reva makes a comment about how pretty Tess is, Billy tells her she blows Tess out of the water. Suddenly, Reva kisses Billy a few times and then leaves.

Alan-Michael's on the phone discussing his plan to oust Harley. When Marina walks in, he ends the call. He "confesses" to Marina that he's covering for Harley who made a huge mistake at work which could have cost the company millions of dollars. Marina thinks it's awfully sweet of Alan-Michael to help Harley. They discuss how Harley's life is in an uproar now since Gus' death. Alan-Michael doesn't seem to want to confront Harley about this, so Marina suggests that she do it and give Harley some options; maybe she should take a break from the company for a while. When Marina suggests that Alan-Michael could run Spaulding in Harley's place, he acts like he doesn't really want the responsibility. However, he soon reluctantly agrees. After they kiss, Marina asks Alan-Michael for the documentation that shows Harley's mistake. At this point, a man arrives and gives Alan-Michael the folder. Alan-Michael suggests they bury it, but Marina insists they have to do what's right. She goes to see Harley and Alan-Michael offers to go along.

Harley is at the house she and Gus were building, ready to sell the property to the construction foreman who'd expressed an interest. Suddenly, Dinah interrupts and sends the man on his way. She tries to convince Harley that she shouldn't see the place - it's her dream place. When Harley points out that dreams die, Dinah tries to convince her that she should finish the house. But Harley explains it's too hard - everywhere she looks she sees Gus and he's gone. Later, Marina and Alan-Michael arrive. Marina gives Harley the news that someone screwed up at Spaulding and almost cost the company millions of dollars - her. Harley's shocked at her apparent mistake and starts to wonder if she shouldn't take some time off to get her head together. Marina suggests putting someone else in the charge of the company in her stead. Harley proclaims she has the perfect person in mind. Alan-Michael makes a joking comment about not looking at him - he has places to go, people to see. Harley proclaims that she's imposed on him long enough, she's thinking of Dinah. Harley reassures a shocked Dinah she wouldn't be doing it alone, any big decisions she can come to her and Alan-Michael. Alan-Michael suggests the board might have a problem with it, but Harley insists it'll be fine since Dinah's just keeping her seat warm. As Alan-Michael seethes, Dinah accepts the offer and tells Harley she won't let her down. Later, alone with Dinah, Harley assures Dinah that she can handle the job. She tells Dinah her decision to keep the house: she wants the dream.

Beth wakes up a very groggy and weak Gus in order to give him some hot tea. She warns Gus that he almost died outside; if he does it again, he might never see Harley. Gus asks her if she's threatening him, but Beth explains that she saved his life, twice. Beth explains that she locked him in the house because she was afraid he'd do exactly what he did. Going outside in his condition would be suicide. Gus where she went and she tells him she went to see if the roads were clear but they're not. When Gus asks why he doesn't trust her, Beth gets angry; she says she doesn't know. Maybe she should have just let him die out in the snow. Gus apologizes and thanks her for saving his life. Beth tells Gus that she suspected something was up when Alan got into the limo on New Year's Eve and she saw Gus was driving. Knowing that couldn't be good, she followed. When she lost them, she had bad feeling and set out to look for them. She saw the abandoned car and, though not expecting to find them alive, did end up finding them. Having seen a cabin nearby, she brought both men there. Unfortunately, a huge blizzard hit and she's stranded there along with them. When Gus tries to stand up, but Beth stops him, telling him he's too weak. She gives him pain killers which she says are hers from an old tennis injury. She tells Gus she's been giving them to him for the pain. At this point Alan comes out and is very happy to see Beth. Gus wonders if this was all a set up, but Alan insists he had no idea Beth was there until he saw her. However, seeing an ally, Alan tells Beth how Gus kidnapped him. He says Gus needs to be taught a lesson and be locked up and left behind while they leave. This gets Gus really upset and he unsuccessfully tries to get up. Beth tries to calm him down by telling them no one is getting locked up. She tells them she saved them for a reason and they need to trust her. She's looked for a way out but the conditions are too bad because of the snow; they're all trapped. Gus suddenly remembers the phone he'd phone but Beth quickly tells him its dead and proceeds to try to make the men something to eat. She claims she found the cabin fully stocked. She tells the men they need to stay calm and stick together. She suggests they reevaluate their lives and make amends for their mistakes and the people they've hurt. Gus is sorry for going after Alan which led to them ending up here. Alan proclaims that he's not sorry for anything. His statement makes Beth very angry and she tosses a bowl off the table. She quickly covers by saying it slipped out of her hand but neither Gus nor Alan look like they believe her.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Cassie rescues Josh from a date with Tess, a vaguely crazy woman, and the two chat about what he's looking for in a woman - though Josh swears he isn't looking for anyone right now. Meanwhile, Jeffrey is talking to Mel, who urges him to come clean and tell Cassie that he slept with her while he was impersonating Richard - a fact that a passing Josh overhears. Josh tells Jeffrey that Mel might not be able to spill the beans due to doctor/patient privilege, but Josh suffers from no such limitations. Dinah struggles with demons of old who urge her to cling as tightly to Mallet as she can, even if it means strangling all the life out of their relationship. Blake strongly suggests Dinah not to go there and, when Mallet gives Dinah a pink toothbrush she can keep at his place - plus space in the closet for her things - she convinces herself that there is nothing to worry about where she and Mallet are concerned. But what Dinah doesn't know is that Harley has finally decided what she wants to do with her life now that Gus is gone. She wants to come back to the force - with Mallet as her partner. Gus continues to question Beth's story about their being snowed in and her cell-phone not working. Alan discovers a recently dated receipt and realizes that Beth has been out shopping - which means her story is a lie. As he and Gus demand that she explain herself, Beth locks them both in, smashes the cell phone, and cackles that she's the one in charge now. And whether they live or die is completely up to her.

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