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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of February 13, 2006 on ATWT
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Monday, February 13, 2006

Jack opens the door as Nick brings Carly home. Where has she been? he demands. Carly lies and admits that she broke her promise to him not to go looking for her sister Gwen and tries to make up with him. Jack doesn't buy it and leaves for his night job at WOAK. Carly realizes it was not only the broken promise that hurt Jack but also the fact that Nick brought her home that rankles him.

Mike and Katie come home to a mess in their cottage. Nick is an untidy housemate, and Katie is tired of it. Mike, however, feels Katie is safer with Nick in the house, especially since he will be leaving soon to help out his brother Mark. Nick arrives and announces he has rented a room elsewhere, but Mike wants him to stay while Mike is away.

Holden is tired of Luke's avoiding him. Lucinda arrives and meets Jade. She is shocked to learn that Jade says she is Rose's daughter. Holden agrees to lift Luke's grounding and let him drive downtown with Jade on an errand for Lucinda. Lucinda does not believe a word of Jade's story and questions Lily about how she has checked up on Jade.

Meg arrives back at the Lakeview and is disappointed that there is no message for her from Paul. Jennifer comes by and tells Meg that Will is missing.

The "psychic" and Paul discuss how to handle her meeting with Jennifer. Paul is very ill but tells her he plans to be there when the two women talk. Paul puts on his French artist disguise and sits in the Lakeview lobby behind a newspaper and listens in. Paul suffers a severe coughing episode that disturbs Jen, who tries to help him. She does not recognize him. The "psychic" tells her that her brother Paul has a restless soul and is very close to Jen.

Jade and Luke drop in at the coffee shop and agree not to discuss their personal lives. Jade, however, does have a question about her mother, Rose. She wants to know about Paul, the man Rose was about to marry. They go back home and Jade expresses an interest in Holden's collection of jazz records.

Jen is shouldering all the blame for Paul's "suicide," and breaks down and sobs. The "psychic" tells her that what Paul wants is for Jen to forgive herself for his death. The two women touch hands and the "psychic" has a sudden vision that Paul may still be alive.

At Lucinda's suggestion, Lily calls Joe D'Angelo, Rose's father, about the possibility of Rose's having a daughter. Joe tells her that Rose disappeared for several months around the time that Jade was born.. Lucinda still urges Lily to keep the girl at arm's length.

Carly takes her red bustier and throws it in the trash, evidently signaling an end to her cocktail waitressing.

Holden walks Lucinda to her car, and Lucinda suggests DNA testing on Jade to determine if she is in their family. Inside the house, Jade asks Lily if she can ask her a personal question. When Lily agrees, Jade asks her if Lily is pregnant!

At the Lakeview, Meg finds a matchbook from the Wagon Wheel Motel which contains a cryptic message from Paul asking her to meet him there.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


At the Lakeview, Maddie runs into Casey who is dressed up for Valentine's Day. She tells him she has a date with Nate but really goes to Metro to bring Will and Gwen some food and a box of chocolates. After she leaves, Will brings Gwen a guitar that he found and persuades her to sing for him. Meanwhile, we see Casey fantasize about kissing Maddie and learn that his Valentine's date is actually his grandmother, Lisa. He sees Nate and finds out that Maddie did not have plans with him after all.

At the police station, Jack tells Nick to stay away from his family and out of his personal life. At home, Carly gets a message from Jack explaining that he's working late at the station. She gets an idea and pulls her waitress uniform out of the trash. She shows up at the station wearing the uniform underneath her coat and seduces Jack in the interrogation room while Nick watches through the window. Nick comes in and convinces Jack he can cover for him while the two of them go home and spend the evening together. As Jack gives Carly a necklace and they get cozy at home, Nick fantasizes that he was the one Carly was kissing.

Jennifer thinks back to the psychic's words about Paul. When Dusty comes in to take her out for the evening, she tells him that she thinks Paul might still be alive. Dusty thinks she is insecure about their relationship and promises her that he will never leave her. He gives Jennifer a beautiful watch and they make love. Jennifer promises she will get her head straight about Paul.

Meanwhile, Meg shows up at Paul's hotel. The two go back and forth about her return and his plan to allay Jennifer's guilt - Paul says that he never called her in Mexico and tells her how close Emily and Henry came to finding him. He insists that she has to walk away from him for her own good, but she admits that she missed being needed by him. Paul maintains that it's dangerous for her to be around, but tells her he's glad she's back. It's obvious they are attracted to one another.

As Lily is about to discover the results of her pregnancy test, Holden tells her that he and Lucinda want Jade to have a blood test. Lily reveals that her test was positive and Holden is thrilled, but still pushes for Jade to have the test. She finally agrees to think about it but says she knows Jade is telling the truth.

Mike and Katie have a romantic good-bye dinner. She expresses her fears at his leaving and they flash back to memorable moments in their relationship. Mike gives her a PDA so she can send him text messages whenever she wants.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Will enters Metro and tells Gwen they have to leave. He overheard a crew is to start renovating tomorrow. They call Maddie and ask her for supplies. Casey overhears part of Maddie's conversation and asks what she's up to. Margo enters with groceries and Maddie goes upstairs. Margo tells Casey, he and Maddie are going through a lot of food. Margo goes upstairs and Maddie comes down with a bag. She tells Casey the bag contains clothes she's donating. Margo comes down and asks Maddie if she will pick up some things at the pharmacy. Maddie leaves with Margo and Casey looks through the bag. Maddie returns, takes the bag, and leaves. Casey leaves after her.

Gwen and Will discuss their future. Will wants to use the money they took from Barbara, but Gwen doesn't. He tells her they can send the money back after they get jobs. Gwen agrees.

Emily and Henry are discussing Meg when she enters the lobby. Emily and Henry go over to Meg. Meg tells them to stop following her or she'll go to the cops. When Meg leaves, Emily and Henry argue (again.) Henry finally agrees to follow Meg, but before he can, Meg send the desk clerk to talk to Henry. The clerk tells Henry he needs to pay his bar tab immediately or he can no longer stay at the hotel.

Madam Lacoste enters Paul's room. Paul isn't sure if Jennifer bought her story. Just then, Jennifer calls Madam Lacoste's cell phone. Jennifer wants to meet with her.

Dusty enters the room. Jennifer tells him she is ill and cannot go to lunch with him and Lucinda. He leaves without her. Madam Lacoste arrives. She tells Jennifer that Paul is alive. Dusty arrives with Johnny. Jennifer tells him Madam Lacoste is there to give her info on Will and Gwen. Madam Lacoste leaves. Dusty doesn't believe Jennifer's story. Jennifer tells him that Paul is alive. Dusty doubts this. Jennifer tells him she can feel it.

In Paul's room, he tells Meg maybe it's time Emily knew he was alive. Meg says if Emily finds out, it could blow Paul's plan for Jennifer. Paul warns Meg to be careful where Emily is concerned.

Emily goes back into the lobby to find Henry. She orders him to help or he won't see his money. He refuses. She starts pleading, but he still won't help. She calls him a coward, but he says he doesn't want to go to jail. He leaves as Meg walks in. Emily asks her about Paul. Meg says Paul is dead because Emily killed him.

Maddie arrives at Metro. She thinks she was followed. They all hide, and then Will goes to see if she was followed. He returns and they start talking. Casey enters Metro.

Madam Lacoste tells Paul she needs a lot more money.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Jennifer reveals her suspicions that Paul is alive to Dusty. But, Dusty's worried she's letting her dead brother come between the two of them and sets out to get the scoop on Madame Lacoste himself. Meanwhile, Emily and Meg have come face-to-face at the Lakeview and Emily presses Meg to tell her where Paul is. But, Meg gives nothing away and suggests Emily cut her losses and be happy she's not being charged with attempted murder. Later, Henry urges Emily to let this whole thing with Paul go but Emily is unable to forget this man she loved and lost. She surprises Henry when she suggests the reason Paul's back in Oakdale and hasn't turned her in is because he still loves her. Meanwhile, Meg's gone back to Paul, who takes full blame for Emily's obsession with him, then enlists Meg to make a delivery to Madame Lacoste on his behalf. Meg balks at first but Paul ultimately gets to her and later at Java she makes the exchange with the psychic just as Dusty arrives in time to witness the whole thing. Maddie thinks she's been careful in her efforts to keep Gwen and Will hidden but her one mistake was underestimating Casey, who's followed her and has seen for himself the reason for all her lies of late. But just when it looks like he's about to be discovered, he backs away, content instead to play with Maddie's head until finally, he directly calls her on her subterfuge. While this showdown is going on, Will and Gwen are enjoying what they both know could be their last moments together before they head off to their new life on the run. They wait until nightfall to leave but it looks like their plan could be blown out of the water when Margo overhears Casey and Maddie discussing them.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Maddie and Casey are arguing about Gwen and Will at the Hughes house when Margo arrives; she asks why they're arguing, and Casey says it's about Gwen, but when Margo presses for details, he asks Maddie, "Do you want to tell her, or should I?" Margo's cell phone rings at that point, and she goes to take the call. Casey tells Maddie she's making herself an accessory to a crime if she helps Gwen and Will get away, and Maddie accuses Casey of acting this way just because he doesn't like Gwen. Margo comes back and says she got a "hot tip" and has to leave, and after she does, Maddie tells Casey she has to go warn Gwen and Will. Casey tells her they need to not do anything rash, without thinking, and says they should do what his parents would do: go find evidence to show whether Gwen's innocent or not. Maddie is surprised to find that Casey is now on her side in this, but they leave together to go to the Lakeview and look for evidence. There, Casey and Maddie talk to Lisa about their theory that Barbara is setting up Gwen to get her away from Will, which Lisa believes is entirely possible. Casey says he needs to try to help Gwen because he owes it to her after everything that has happened, and Lisa agrees to help him. Casey asks her about security cameras at the hotel, but none of the cameras showed that Will was in Barbara's suite at the same time Gwen was there. When Casey asks about a babysitter for Johnny, Lisa mentions that Jennifer had installed a "nanny cam," and Casey tells her he thinks they ought to look at that. Lisa thinks that's a brilliant idea, and she quietly passes Casey a passkey for the hotel, then makes herself scarce. At that moment, Barbara arrives, walking up to the front desk, and Henry also comes in; Maddie grabs Henry and tells him she needs him to keep Barbara occupied for half an hour. He tells her no.

At Metro, Will tells Gwen he thinks they should leave right away, but first, he makes her promise that if they're in trouble and she has a chance to get away, she'll leave. He gives her half the money he took from Barbara and tells her she has to promise to keep going if he gets caught, telling her that he'll find a way to get back to her. She doesn't like the idea but promises him that she'll do it if it comes to that. Just at that moment, Margo pounds on the door, having gotten a tip from a real estate broker that the lock on the building had been jimmied, and yells for Gwen and Will to give themselves up; they hide, and Margo and another police officer search the building, with Margo talking out loud about how it would be much better for them to turn themselves in to her, because she knows they're just a couple of kids who are scared, but elsewhere, the authorities will just treat Gwen like anyone else accused of attempted murder. Margo finds Will hiding behind a table, but when she questions him about Gwen, he tells her Gwen left days ago. Margo doesn't believe him and tells him he has to come in for questioning and that if they find out later he did know where Gwen was, he'll be charged with a crime. Gwen then calls out to her and turns herself in, and Margo puts her in handcuffs and reads Gwen her rights.

Emily insists to Henry that Paul faked his suicide so that Emily wouldn't be in trouble for shooting him, and she tells Henry that this shows that Paul still loves her. She says she has to find Paul to let him know that she still loves him, and she won't give Henry his money back unless he helps her. Henry suggests they split up, telling Emily he'll go back and search the cabin for clues as to where Paul might have gone; Emily agrees, saying she'll go try to find Meg. She leaves, and Henry mutters to himself that he'll go have 3 or 4 martinis now.

Jennifer is at the mausoleum, at Paul's grave, when Barbara arrives. Barbara mentions how odd it is to have had to use that same crypt again, since they used it once before when they thought Paul was dead. Jennifer tells Barbara she has reason to think that Paul might still be alive, but Dusty has already told Barbara about the psychic, and Barbara tells Jennifer she is deluding herself. She tells Jennifer that Paul let himself get in trouble because of a woman he thought he loved and now she's worried Will is doing the same thing. Jennifer disagrees but says she understands how her mom feels. Barbara leaves, with Jennifer promising to leave soon, too.

At Java, Dusty watches Meg give Madame Lacoste an envelope full of cash. He walks over and tells Madame Lacoste to leave Jennifer alone or he'll go to the police; she leaves and calls Paul, telling him what has happened. Meanwhile, Dusty accuses Meg of paying the phony psychic to convince Jennifer that Paul is still alive because she knows that it will cause tension between Dusty and Jennifer; Meg can't believe Dusty would think she'd do something like that just to try to break up his relationship with Jennifer, and she insists she had nothing to do with hiring Madame Lacoste. When Dusty won't leave her alone, she tells him the person who wants to break up Jenn and Dusty is Paul, and she tells Dusty that Paul is indeed still alive. Dusty is disgusted and tells Meg if she comes near Jennifer again, he'll call the police and have her arrested. Meg leaves in tears, forgetting her coat in the process, as Emily walks in and asks Dusty what that was all about. Dusty leaves without answering her, and the waitress picks up Meg's coat and tells Emily that her "friend" accidentally left it there. Emily takes the coat, saying that she'll catch up to Meg and give it to her, but she takes the coat outside and begins to go through its pockets. She finds the matchbook from the Wagon Wheel Motel with Paul's note scribbled inside, and off she goes to find Paul.

Dusty finds Jennifer at the mausoleum and tells her about Meg giving the cash to Madame Lacoste. Jennifer is dumbfounded and upset to find out she's been tricked. She tells Dusty that Paul was a good brother most of the time, and he tells her that Paul used to be a good friend, too; he understands if she needs to say goodbye to him in her own way. She tells him she's ready to go back home now, and they leave.

Paul has packed a bag after hearing from Madame Lacoste and realizing that Meg might have had to tell Dusty the truth, but as he opens the door to leave, Meg walks in, shivering and crying. She tells Paul about Dusty's accusations, and he hugs her, trying to warm her up and comfort her, telling her Dusty doesn't deserve her and is an idiot. Paul apologizes for sending Meg to find Madame Lacoste, saying he didn't realize she'd run into Dusty; she tells him he's still safe, and he says he's more worried about her. She looks up at him, and they kiss. Emily, having just arrived at the motel room, looks in the window just in time to see the kiss.

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