As The World Turns Recaps: The week of February 6, 2006 on ATWT

Luke had hit Jade with his car. She claimed Rose was her mother. Gwen and Will were on the run, and Barbara pressed charges against Gwen for attacking her. Jack didn't know about Carly's job at the strip club, but Nick did. Jack caught Carly and Nick together. Emily believed Paul was alive and still loved her. Jennifer met a 'psychic' who talked to her about Paul.
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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of February 6, 2006 on ATWT
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Monday, February 6, 2006

When Carly visited Jack at the police station, she overheard a conversation between Jack and Nick. Nick insisted that he should be the one to go undercover at the Galaxy Strip club, over Jack's objections that he was too young and inexperienced for that kind of operation. When Nick arrived at the Galaxy, the doorman immediately alerted the manager to keep an eye on Nick. Carly slipped in the door without Nick noticing.

Jade Taylor, the girl who had jumped into the path of Luke's car, was released from the hospital without any injuries. She asked Lily, Holden, and Luke to take her to the site of the accident to find her backpack. When they arrived, they found themselves at their own driveway, where Jade announced, "I am looking at my mother's face."

Casey warned Maddie that Nate was not as nice as she thought he was, and he blurted out, "I care." Maddie responded by lashing out at Casey, comparing him unfavorably to Nate. Casey told her that he would stay out of her business in the future.

Gwen called the paramedics and reported Barbara's injury. When Jennifer and Dusty arrived at the door to check on Barbara, Will and Gwen hid. The paramedics told Jennifer and Dusty that they had already received a call, and they all left for the hospital. Will received a call from Jennifer at the hospital, telling him about Barbara's accident and asking him to go to the hospital. Will told his unconscious mother that he hadn't meant to hurt her. As soon as he left, Barbara's mascara-laden eyelids popped open.

Tuesday, February 7, 2006


Maddie called Henry over to ask him to get her out of the Hugheses' house. When she confided in him about Casey, Henry told her that moving was not possible and suggested that maybe Casey was jealous. As Maddie pleaded with him to help her out, Casey listened from the doorway. Henry received a phone call from Emily. Maddie was suspicious, but Henry told her it was a wrong number. When Casey was found eavesdropping, he and Maddie started arguing again. Henry suggested they learn to get along and left them fighting.

Inside the Snyder house, Jade told Lily that she was Rose's daughter. When Lily didn't believe her, she produced birth documents from the orphanage where she had been raised, which named Rose as her mother. Jade said when she had found her adoption papers, and she had gone looking for Rose -- only to learn that Rose had been murdered. She had gone to the Snyders so she could see her mother's face. She begged Lily not to call her adoptive parents, who thought she was backpacking with friends. Lily wasn't convinced of her story but offered her a room for the night. She and Holden decided they would find out if Jade was telling the truth in the morning.

Will continued to worry that Barbara might die and wanted to go to the cops to tell them what had happened. Gwen reassured him that everything would be all right and convinced him to keep quiet. Meanwhile, at Memorial, Barbara woke up and told Jennifer that she remembered what had happened. Jennifer called Will and told him that their mother was awake and doing fine. She said Barbara knew what had happened to her but was waiting for Hal to arrive so she could give an official statement. Will decided to go talk to her before she could talk to Hal to convince her that it had been an accident. Not wanting to provoke Barbara, Gwen decided to wait for Will on the rooftop.

When Margo arrived at the hospital instead of Hal, Barbara reluctantly gave her a statement. Will walked in just in time to hear Barbara accuse Gwen of breaking into her apartment, stealing money, and attacking her. Will lashed out, insisting that he was the one who had stolen the money and pushed his mother. He told Margo his side of the story, and Margo wasn't sure who to believe. She told Will that he and Gwen needed to meet her at the station in half an hour.

Will confronted Barbara and told her she wouldn't get away with it. Jennifer questioned whether or not Barbara was telling the truth, and Barbara said she would see Gwen behind bars. Will went back to Gwen, told her what had happened, and said they needed to leave. Meanwhile, while searching Barbara's suite, Margo found Gwen's barrette on the floor. When she called the station and learned that Will and Gwen had never shown up to meet her, she put an APB out on both of them.

At the strip club, Carly was watching Nick, and the manager approached her and asked what she was doing in the club. She said she was there about the waitress job, and after looking her over, the manager told her to get a uniform on -- she could start right away. Meanwhile, Nick paid the manager to get into the back room poker games. Carly carried a tray of beers into the back room. Nick reacted badly when he saw her but managed to cover it. He went into the front room to tell Carly she had to leave.

As he grabbed her arm, Carly's bracelet fell on the floor. Carly told Nick she had taken the job because she needed the money, not because Jack was trying to sabotage Nick's undercover operation. In fact, Jack didn't know she was working there. Nick ordered Carly to leave so she didn't blow his cover but Carly refused, telling Nick that she'd expose him if he got her fired or told Jack. As Nick walked away, he found her bracelet on the floor. He put it in his pocket and returned to the back room.

Wednesday, February 8, 2006

Jade asked Lily when she could meet her other cousins. Lily said she had a conference call to make first. Lily suggested Luke take Jade out to breakfast. When they left, Lily called the orphanage. She confirmed that Rose had had a daughter of mixed heritage. Lily said she didn't care about the race of her sister's child.

Margo went home and told Casey and Maddie the police were looking for Gwen and Will. Margo told them about the attack on Barbara and then left. Casey thought it was true, but Maddie wasn't so sure. They began to argue, and Casey started complaining about all the things Gwen had done to him. The doorbell rang. It was Nate. Casey left the room, and Maddie left with Nate.

Jack returned home and found Carly's waitress uniform. She told him she had bought it at a yard sale, for role-playing. Carly tried to seduce Jack, but he was not in the mood. Jack was preparing to go shower when the doorbell rang. Carly answered the door and saw Nick, and Jack appeared behind her. He told Nick to leave, but Nick said he thought after the night before, he'd be welcome.

Realizing Jack didn't know about Carly's new job, he covered by saying he had told Carly news about the case. Jack left to take a shower. Nick told Carly he had her bracelet. He wouldn't give it to her until she asked nicely. He left, and Carly said she had changed the rules of the "game." Jack returned, kissed his wife, and left to go to work with Nick.

On the roof, Gwen woke and found Will still asleep. She took Will's wallet to get money, but he woke up. She told him she was leaving him because she didn't want him to get hurt. He said she could only hurt him by leaving. She promised not to leave him. Gwen was hungry, but Will said they would stay put until dark.

Nate and Maddie arrived, and she looked for the Hugheses' house. Nate was upset that she kept talking about Casey. Nate left, and Maddie went after him. Gwen and Will started to talk as Maddie returned. They hid, but she knew someone was there. She started to call 9-1-1, but Will stepped out of hiding and told her not to.

Jennifer took Barbara home. Barbara asked Jennifer to hold a press conference. She wanted Jennifer to tell Will that Jennifer still loved him. Jennifer told Barbara not to press charges against Will. Jennifer thought he would never forgive Barbara. Barbara said it would be worth it if Gwen was out of Will's life.

Luke and Jade were at the coffeehouse. She told him she had left her parents because she had felt different. He told her how great Rose had been and that his mom still missed her. They went back to the Snyders'. Lily told Jade she had called the orphanage to confirm Jade's story. Lily then hugged Jade.

Thursday, February 9, 2006

Maddie discovered Gwen and Will and was about to give them up until a plea from Will and especially Gwen changed her mind. Maddie ended up helping the couple by taking them to Metro, where Will disarmed the alarm, and they made themselves at home. Maddie rushed off to get them supplies but was stuck for an answer when she unexpectedly met face-to-face with Casey.

Determined to prove that Paul was alive, Emily and Henry reasoned that in order to find Paul, they first needed to find Meg. They went to Emma for answers. They were unaware, however, that Paul had returned to Oakdale, in disguise, to try to make things right with his family. However, he learned about the latest family crisis with Will and Barbara and was distraught.

Meanwhile, after failing to get Barbara to change her mind about the charges against Gwen, Jennifer went on air and begged for her brother to return to her. When Paul saw Jennifer on TV, he was deeply moved and put a new plan into action. Later, Jennifer brushed into a woman who had a sense about Paul and told her that her grief about her brother was misguided.

Carly was horrified to learn about Gwen's situation and wanted to help her, but Jack convinced her there was nothing they could do. Later, Barbara arrived and attacked Carly, accusing her of hiding Gwen and Will and of ruining her husband's career. Overwhelmed with guilt for what she had done to Jack, a determined Carly then called the strip club, promising to be in that night. Later, Jack was surprised and suspicious when he offered to stay home from work that night to comfort her about Gwen, and Carly adamantly said no.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Although Jack wanted to take the night off and stay home with Carly, she talked him into going to work at his security job, saying she didn't need him to babysit her to keep her from doing something wrong, like going to look for Gwen. Jack told Carly she was "like Lucy Ricardo on the edge." After Jack left, Carly called a neighbor to watch the kids then headed to the strip club. Nick was already there, asking to get in on another poker game.

Carly received a call from the neighbor saying her son was ill, so Carly had to leave, but her car wouldn't start. When she told Nick, he offered to give her a ride, but she refused, saying she wouldn't ride with him if he were the last person on earth. However, when she found out it would take 30 minutes before a taxi could pick her up, Carly swallowed her pride and asked Nick for the ride after all; he made her apologize for her previous attitude before agreeing to take her home. When they arrived at her house, Nick asked if she planned on going inside, wearing all that makeup, and then he wiped off her lipstick for her. Jack opened the door suddenly and asked them what was going on.

At Java, Maddie had bought food and drinks for Gwen and Will. Casey told her he wanted to apologize to her for the way he had acted about Nate; Maddie shrugged off his apology and told Casey that she was on her way to have a picnic with Nate, but when Nate showed up unexpectedly, Casey realized Maddie hadn't actually had plans with him. Maddie covered by telling Nate it was supposed to be a surprise, which confused Nate, who thought Maddie didn't really want to see him again. Casey was amused by the turn of events, but Maddie brushed him off and then asked Nate to leave after Casey went back into Java.

Gwen and Will were still in hiding, but Gwen told Will she was happy just to be with him. They heard a noise, but then Maddie walked in with food, drinks, and a game plan. Maddie later had a fantasy that was like a 1940s movie, like Casablanca, in which she was helping Gwen and Will escape the country; as Gwen and Will left, Margo arrived and told Maddie she had to take her away. Then Casey walked in, telling Maddie he needed to tell her how he really felt about her, but as he said her name repeatedly, Maddie snapped out of her fantasy and found Casey calling her name and asking her what was wrong.

At the Wagon Wheel Motel, Margo knocked on "Mr. Pollack's" door, saying she had a search warrant and wanted to search his room. Paul let her in, but in the darkness, she didn't recognize him in his disguise. She showed him pictures of Will and Gwen and asked whether he had seen them, but he said he hadn't. As Margo left, Paul had a coughing attack, which Margo thought sounded pretty severe. She asked him if he wanted a ride to Memorial Hospital to see a doctor, but he declined.

Margo told the motel manager that Mr. Pollack sounded like a seriously ill man then she got a call from Maddie. Paul overheard that it was about Gwen and Will and that Margo was going to meet Maddie at Java in ten minutes. Margo went to Java and asked Maddie what she had found. Maddie said she had been up on the rooftop where Gwen and Will liked to go sometimes and had found a bus schedule with several departure times circled, plus takeout food containers in the trash can. Margo thanked her and left. Casey told Maddie he wanted to know what was up because Maddie had told him she was on Gwen's side, yet she seemed to be turning Gwen in. Maddie simply told him she believed in doing the right thing.

Katie was talking to a wedding planner when Mike arrived and said the April wedding would have to wait because his brother Mark had an urgent need for Mike to consult with him on a big project in Latvia. A disappointed Katie told him she was afraid they'd never get married, but Mike assured her it was just a three-week trip. Katie wanted to go with him, but Mike tried to talk her out of it, telling her she'd have to cancel her TV show obligations and that she wouldn't see him much in Latvia, anyway. Ultimately, he left the decision up to her.

As Mike got up to get coffee, he accidentally knocked a figurine of a bride off the table then tried to glue it back together. After that, he had to offer Katie more reassurances that their relationship was not jinxed. He also told Katie that he had asked Nick to stay with her while Mike was in Latvia.

At Jennifer's apartment, Madame Nina Lacoste told Jennifer it was not too late for her to make peace with Paul, but Dusty arrived and interrupted them before Jennifer could find out what that meant. When Dusty left the room, Madame Lacoste gave Jennifer her card; Jennifer saw that it said Madame Lacoste was a psychic and asked her to leave, crumpling up the card. When Dusty asked what that had been all about, Jennifer lied to him, but he knew she was lying.

Later, Jennifer had a nightmare in which Paul went to her apartment and asked her to forgive him; she told him she'd try, but he said that was not good enough, took out a gun, and shot himself. She awakened and rushed over to find Madame Lacoste's card to call her. Dusty walked out and asked why she was so upset; she told him she'd had a bad dream about Paul and asked him to go get her some aspirin because it had given her a headache. While he was out of the room, she called Madame Lacoste and asked if she could go to her apartment. Madame Lacoste said she would be there, hung up the phone, and turned to Paul, saying, "She took the bait."


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