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In Hawaii, Chris and Sheridan failed to find Marty, but Chris proposed to Sheridan. Theresa cost Ethan his new job then offered him the chance to finish his dream project. Kay agreed to be pre-engaged to Fox. A car drove through a diner, and Fancy was severely injured.
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Passions Recaps: The week of February 6, 2006 on PS
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Monday, February 6, 2006

Kay agonized over telling Fox no to his proposal. Fox thought it was because she still loved Miguel. Tabitha warned Kay not to tell Fox the real reason why she couldn't say yes. Kay told Fox it was because the planets were out of whack, and Mercury was in retrograde. Fox thought she was cuckoo. Tabitha was happy Kay hadn't spilled the beans that she and Endora were witches.

Noah ran out into the snow in wet pajama bottoms to stop Fancy from leaving. He explained he had only been helping a hurt Maya in the shower, and she'd passed out in his arms. Fancy agreed to go back inside and hear what he had to say. Maya warned him over and over not to tell Fancy the secrets of their past.

Theresa told Ivy that she could offer Ethan the world by putting him in charge of Crane. She also had Ivy starting to believe that she hadn't tipped off the tabloids. Theresa had to handle her first big conference call and admitted to Ivy she didn't have a clue as to what to do, but it was all right because Ethan would be in charge soon. In her head, Ivy liked the sound of that.

Ethan went to the mansion to pick up some belongings and told Theresa he'd never be back; he left.

One of Alistair's security men took an envelope of information to Theresa. She told him that there would be no more spying on people -- before she found out the envelope he had for her concerned Ethan. Without taking the envelope, she asked what the gist of the information was, and the security man told her about the New York job and Ethan, Gwen, and Jane leaving Harmony.

Ivy confronted Gwen and Rebecca about their involvement with the tabloids. They claimed innocence and implored her to believe them. Ivy said she did but still looked suspicious and warned them she'd better never find out that they had been involved. Rebecca assured her they hadn't been -- with fingers crossed behind her back.

Chris asked his mob contacts for help in finding Beth and Marty. They agreed and said they would after they settled one thing first. Sheridan was in the hotel room, calling day cares looking for leads on Marty, when she heard something at the door. She opened it and found a beaten, unconscious Chris.

Tuesday, February 7, 2006

At Tabitha's house, Fox was overjoyed to find out that the only reason Kay had turned him down was because the planets were out of alignment. Tabitha muttered in the background about the dark side being upset if and when Kay did put on his ring. He swung Kay around and told her that they could start planning their wedding when the planets were okay. She wasn't sure when that would be, and Fox got confused because he didn't understand why she wouldn't know when they would be lined up right. He asked how they could find out, and Kay told him that Tabitha would know.

Kay and Fox found Tabitha in the kitchen and asked her when it would be possible for him to propose. Tabitha took Kay aside and told her that even when the planets were better, the dark side wanted her to pay for the success spell she had cast on Fox. The boys in the basement started rumbling and shooting fire out the vent. Fox wanted to know what the sound was, and Tabitha spun her cranky furnace tale again. She finally found her book and told Fox that it would only be a few months. He asked her to wear the ring anyway, and Kay said it would be tempting the planets. Fox wasn't buying it. He wanted to be engaged right away.

Kay talked Fox into humoring her. He told her that he'd put the ring on a chain and wear it around his neck until she could wear it. Tabitha took Kay aside and said the boys in the basement might think she was trying to have her cake and eat it too. Fox went to get a chain, and Kay said that she was glad to be engaged to be engaged. Tabitha warned her, and Kay yelled down into the vent that she was sick of doom and gloom.

At the bed and breakfast, Gwen and Ethan made plans to move to New York to work for Lawrence Grant. He was concerned that New York would be too expensive, but Gwen wanted an apartment on Central Park West. Gwen was excited that they'd be away from Theresa, but Ethan was adamant that Theresa would still have access to Jane. Gwen was furious and told him that she'd leave him before she let Theresa near them ever again. He told her that she couldn't be serious, and she told him that he was either on her side 100%, or she would go it alone with Jane. She didn't want to have to see Theresa ever again.

Ethan told Gwen that he loved her, and Gwen told him that she needed to hear that he didn't love Theresa. He told her that he wanted what was best for them and Jane. He said that they didn't have to be around when Theresa went to see Jane. He promised that the next time they saw Theresa would be at Jane's wedding. Gwen relaxed and said that she hoped Jane didn't get married until she was thirty-five. He said he hoped forty. Gwen talked about having a wonderful life in Manhattan and declared that she owed Mr. Grant a big thank you.

At the Crane mansion, Theresa was shocked to find from one of Alistair's corporate spies that Ethan had gotten a new job with Crane's biggest competitor and was planning to move to New York.

Theresa went to visit Mr. Grant at his office. He offered sympathy about Alistair's condition and then asked why she was there. She told him to rescind his employment offer to Ethan. He refused and told her that their meeting was over. She threatened him again, and he listed all that he'd done in the past to deal with Alistair's evil over the years. He said she couldn't scare him just because she was in charge. She was up-front with how Alistair had ruined her life.

Mr. Grant opened the door and told Theresa their meeting was over, not to ever call him again, and that he would never be calling her. She told him that she had survived Alistair, so she could survive him. She refused to leave his office until he rescinded Ethan's offer. He laughed at her and started reading information about her from a file that he'd compiled. He insisted that she was acting vilely because of her personal life. She swore that she was in charge of Crane, and Ethan had to work for her.

Mr. Crane told Theresa that she reminded him of his five-year-old daughter, and he expected her to stomp her feet the next time he refused her. She promised him that she'd sink him and his company if he didn't do what she wanted. He told her that she was bluffing, and she threatened to use the department at Crane that had killed heads of state, competitors, and her two brothers. He didn't think she had the authority to use that department, and Theresa asked him if he was willing to find out.

Theresa said she might not know much about business, but what she had learned had been learned from the most ruthless power nut in the world. She told him not to put the lives of his family and company on the line and then insisted he call Ethan right away. He picked up the phone and dialed.

In Hawaii, Sheridan opened the hotel room door, and a beaten Chris's body fell over the threshold. She was sure he was dead until she scared him awake with her talking. She helped him to the bed and asked him who had done it. Sheridan blamed herself for letting him get involved in her life. She wanted him to go to the hospital, but he refused, and she kissed him for being so brave.

Chris told Sheridan that the beating hadn't for nothing, and she assumed that he'd found Marty. He hadn't, but the thugs had promised to tell him anything they heard about Marty and had said they'd keep their ears open. She told him to rest, and he pulled her into an embrace and started kissing her. She worried about him being in pain, so he took her to the hot tub. As they sat there in the bubbling water, he told her how lucky he was to have her. She kissed him and agreed.

Wednesday, February 8, 2006

Sam told Ivy that it was okay for Maya to recuperate at the house. Ivy thought the situation was strange, and Sam thought there was more to the story than met the eye.

While holding up a picture of Noah, Maya prayed that Noah wouldn't tell Fancy about their past because she was afraid for them.

Fancy and Noah were at a diner, and she wanted Noah to explain what she had seen in the shower. Noah told her that he had been in his underpants and nothing had happened. Fancy didn't want to believe it. Noah admitted to Fancy that he and Maya had been lovers but that nothing was going on between them.

Gwen was afraid to be happy because she didn't want to get disappointed, but Ethan assured Gwen that they were going to New York, and he would start work right away. Gwen was happy that they were going to New York, and there was nothing Theresa could do about it.

While Theresa sat across from Mr. Grant, he placed a call to Ethan, asking that Ethan show up at his office as soon as possible. Mr. Grant told Theresa that she had gotten what she wanted and that he didn't want any retribution from Theresa against his company. Theresa told Mr. Grant that it all depended on how long it took him to keep Ethan unemployed. Mr. Grant told Theresa that Ethan would be told immediately that he had no job with the company. Theresa told Mr. Grant that as soon as Ethan was unemployed, his company would be back in business. Theresa had a message for Mr. Grant: "Don't ever underestimate Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald Crane."

While at the bed and breakfast, Ethan received a call from Mr. Grant's representative. Gwen wanted to know what the call had been about, and Ethan told her. Gwen had a worried look on her face, but Ethan reassured her that everything would be fine and that they would be in New York that night.

Gwen said to herself that New York was not as big as India, but huge enough where they could get lost so Theresa would never find them.

Theresa was getting ready to leave, and Mr. Grant wondered why Theresa wasn't sticking around. Theresa told Mr. Grant that Ethan could never know about their meeting, and he was not to mention her name to Ethan because Ethan would be furious with her. She told Mr. Grant to call her as soon as he informed Ethan of his unemployment, and he agreed to call Theresa at Crane Industries as soon as Ethan left. With a smile on her face, Theresa extended her hand to Mr. Grant, stating that it had been a pleasure to do business with him; however, Mr. Grant refused to shake her hand and told her good day. Theresa dropped her charm bracelet from Little Ethan while walking out of Mr. Grant's office.

Sam wanted to go check on Maya and thought that it was odd that Noah wouldn't let anyone else see her.

Sam was on his way up to see Maya when Fox and Kay walked in the door. Kay wanted to tell Sam the news, but Fox interrupted her. Fox asked Sam for Kay's hand in marriage, and Sam gave Fox his blessings. Ivy was in the other room, and she was not too happy. While by herself, she insisted that Kay would never marry Fox.

Maya held up a picture of Noah once again and wondered how Noah could have forgotten what they'd had together. She hoped that Noah kept what had happened in the attic a secret. If Noah didn't, he, Fancy, and Maya would be in danger.

While at the diner, Noah tried to explain things between him and Maya. He felt that Fancy was getting jealous, and Fancy told him that she wasn't jealous. Noah told Fancy that Maya was in the past, and she was out of his life -- and Fancy was the woman he wanted to be with forever. Fancy was very pleased to hear Noah's words.

Rebecca showed up at Gwen's with drinks to bid Gwen farewell, and she was thrilled about Ethan's new job. She helped Gwen to search for apartments, and she told her of a friend who had received a building in a divorce settlement. She agreed to introduce Gwen to her when she got settled. Rebecca hesitated and said if she got settled. Gwen wondered why her mother would be so doubtful.

Rebecca thought that Theresa was still a threat. Gwen seemed sure that Theresa didn't know about Ethan's new job and guessed Theresa had no idea they were moving to New York. Rebecca told Gwen that Theresa always managed to make a comeback because she was a blood-sucking vulture. Rebecca told Gwen not to let her guard down regarding Theresa because she would stop at nothing to destroy Gwen and keep Ethan for herself.

Theresa walked into Alistair's office with a lot of files, and Valerie said that Alistair liked his office tidy. Theresa told Valerie that what Alistair wanted and didn't want no longer mattered; Theresa's opinion was all that counted. Theresa ordered Valerie to get her coffee because it was cold outside, and Valerie wondered why Theresa wanted her to get coffee, since she was Fox's assistant. She ended up telling Theresa to get it herself. Theresa started throwing her power around and asked if Valerie knew who she was.

Valerie told Theresa that she knew perfectly well who Theresa was because Valerie had been at the wedding. Theresa showed Valerie the Wall Street Journal and explained that Alistair had put her in charge, so she was Valerie's new boss. Theresa ordered Valerie to clear out the office next to hers because it was going to be Ethan Winthrop's new office. Valerie thought Ethan was leaving Harmony to start a new job with his family, but Theresa told Valerie that the only place Ethan would be going was the office right next to hers. Valerie frowned.

Ethan met with Mr. Grant in his office, and he was very excited and looking forward to leaving Harmony with his family for his new job; however, Mr. Grant told Ethan that the move wouldn't be necessary. Ethan was confused and wondered what was going on.

Sam called Ivy into the living room to share the news of Kay and Fox's engagement. Ivy pretended to be happy and said that she was surprised. Ivy thought that Fox was rushing into it, but Fox interrupted and told her that he wasn't rushing anything.

Sam was very happy for Kay and gave her a hug, and Ivy was furious. Kay was about to walk out the door, and Ivy stopped her. Kay told Ivy that she knew about Ivy's plans to have Valerie break up Kay's relationship with Fox. Ivy was shocked that Kay knew.

Ethan didn't understand why Mr. Grant had said that Ethan was never moving to New York. Mr. Grant made up an excuse about the company undergoing financial difficulties, so he was not in a position to take on any new personnel. Ethan had doubts about Mr. Grant's answer and asked if anyone from Crane Industries had anything to do with him not landing the job. Mr. Grant told Ethan that no one from Crane had told him anything. Ethan told Mr. Grant that Julian Crane had blacklisted him many years earlier. Ethan specifically asked Mr. Grant if Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald had had anything to do with him not getting the job.

Mr. Grant pretended not to know Theresa, and Ethan told him that she was Alistair's wife. Ethan asked if Theresa had called Mr. Grant, and his answer was no. Ethan accepted Mr. Grant's answer and said how disappointed he was. Mr. Grant apologized and told Ethan that if the economy turned around, he would give it a second thought. Ethan shook his hand and thanked him.

While Ethan was walking out of Mr. Grant's office, he saw Theresa's charm bracelet on the floor. He picked it up and said, "That bitch! I knew it! Damn that woman!" Mr. Grant asked Ethan if he was okay, and Ethan said no, he was not okay. Ethan said that he would be okay as soon as he had a chat with a certain little someone. He walked out the door.

Theresa was making herself at home in Alistair's office. She placed a picture of Ethan, her, Jane, and Little Ethan on the desk. She then told Valerie to redo the office to her liking. She apologized to Valerie for being rude earlier and offered up her friendship. Valerie's response was, "If you say so." Theresa told Valerie that they could help each other out because she had heard from Fox that Valerie knew her way around the office, and Theresa would like some help in that area. Valerie told Theresa that she would do what she could.

Fox showed up as Valerie was walking out of Theresa's office. Fox gave Theresa a hug and played catch-up. Fox was surprised that Alistair would put a woman in charge because that was something that he would never do. He told Theresa of his engagement to Kay. Theresa told Fox that he and Kay hadn't known each other long enough. Fox then reminded Theresa that she had fallen in love with Ethan from reading about him in a magazine. Theresa agreed with Fox that she had no right making judgments about other people's relationships.

Theresa called Miguel, and they exchanged pleasantries. Miguel told her that there was no news on Charity, but he was getting close. Theresa told Miguel that she was in charge of Crane Industries and that if he needed anything, it would be at his disposal. She offered Miguel an army and private investigators to help find Charity. Miguel told her that he was doing fine on his own. Theresa wanted to know if Miguel had spoken to Kay lately, and he said no. She asked Miguel to return home because Pilar and Martin were renewing their vows, plus there were other matters, and Miguel needed to be there.

Kay insisted to Ivy that she knew about Valerie because she had heard them talking, and she knew that it was Ivy and Valerie who had sabotaged her at Crane Industries. Ivy was dumbfounded. She started to say something to Kay, but Kay wasn't interested in anything Ivy had to say. Kay said that Ivy couldn't stop Kay from marrying Fox because she would tell Sam about David Hastings and Ivy's involvement in breaking up Sam and Grace's marriage. Ivy told Kay that Sam would hate her, but Kay said she would take her chances. Ivy mumbled to herself that Kay thought it was over, but it was not the end.

Sam went to Maya's room, and he told her that Noah had never mentioned her to him. She told Sam that they had met in college, but she had broken up with Noah, and he had been very hurt. Sam asked her a series of questions about the two men who had attacked her. Maya claimed not to know anything about the men who had attacked her. Sam said that Maya looked familiar, and it turned out that she was Sally Chin's daughter. Sally Chin owned a Chinese restaurant down by the wharf.

Sam thought that it was weird that Noah had never mentioned her, since she was a local Harmony girl. Sam mentioned the two men again, and he wanted to know what they had wanted from Maya. She pretended not to know anything about those men. Maya wondered why Sam was asking her all those questions, and he told her that he was chief of police and that it was a force of habit.

Fancy wanted to know why Noah had kept Maya a secret from her, since they had promised not to keep things from each other. Noah apologized for not telling Fancy about Maya. Fancy kept grilling Noah about Maya, so he agreed to tell her about his past.

Rebecca helped Gwen pack for New York, and she gave Gwen a pep talk about keeping Ethan happy in bed. Rebecca asked Gwen if she worried about Ethan missing making love to Theresa, and Gwen told her absolutely not. They had only done it a few times: one before the wedding that had never taken place, and the other time when Theresa had drugged him and tricked him into being with her. Gwen believed that she and Ethan would have a happy life in New York, and Theresa would be nothing but a horrible memory.

Ethan walked in while Theresa was on the phone with Miguel. She told Miguel goodbye and hung up right away. Ethan showed Theresa the charm bracelet and threw it on the desk. Ethan asked Theresa "what the hell" she was trying to do to him. Theresa looked up at Ethan.

Kay told Sam goodbye, and he wished her well. Sam said that he owed it all to Ivy to make such a thing happen. Sam was happy that Kay had moved on and put Miguel behind her. Ivy wondered to herself about Miguel's whereabouts because "he could come in very handy."

Maya said that if those two men returned, someone could end up dead, and it wouldn't be her. It would be Noah instead.

As soon as Noah was about to tell Fancy about his past, a car drove through the diner. Noah shouted to Fancy and told her to watch out.

Thursday, February 9, 2006

Ethan strode into Theresa's office at Crane Industries and slammed her charm bracelet down on her desk. He demanded to know why she'd torpedoed his job with Lawrence Grant, and she tried to play dumb, but he pointed out that it was the charm bracelet that he'd given her after little Ethan had been born. Theresa admitted that she'd put the kibosh on Ethan's new job. He told her that it wouldn't stop him because he was going to take Gwen and go find a job somewhere. She threatened to do the same thing to any job that he tried to get.

Theresa told Ethan that she really needed him to be her partner at Crane, and he complained that he'd never work with her after all she'd done to emasculate him. She tried to sell the story that he really loved her, not Gwen, and they should be a family. He told her that he'd cut his ears off before he'd listen to that tale again. He told her he loved Gwen and would never leave her because he believed in his vows, and besides, there couldn't be a happily ever after for them since she was married to Alistair.

Ethan started to leave, and Theresa ran to him and asked him to wait. She told him that she was sorry. She didn't want them to fight. She wanted to show him something. She grabbed a pile of drawings affixed to foam core board. They depicted a section of Harmony that Crane Industries had left to molder into ruin after they had put one of their factories in China. Ethan had planned a redevelopment a few years earlier, and Theresa had gotten them rendered architecturally.

Theresa told Ethan that she planned to do good with the company since she was in charge, but she needed him to lead the charge. He told her that she could find someone to lead the project, but she appealed to his sense of fulfilling his dream. Ethan struggled with his emotions as he contemplated making his plans reality.

At the bed and breakfast, Gwen was packing when her mother burst in. Gwen told Rebecca that she was very excited to be moving to New York and away from Theresa. Rebecca started helping Gwen pack by putting all of Gwen's sexy lingerie near the top so that it would be ready as soon as they got to their new place. She counseled Gwen to make love to Ethan several times a day so that he'd be too tired to stray.

Gwen tried to explain that she didn't have to use sex to keep her husband, but Rebecca reminded her how Jane had been created. When Rebecca started to leave, she got emotional and told Gwen that she'd really miss her. She reminded Gwen to get a landline phone installed so that there wouldn't be cell phone conversations for the Crane spies to listen in on. After Rebecca left, Jane awoke, and Gwen hugged her tight as she prompted Jane to practice saying bye-bye to Theresa.

Chris and Sheridan enjoyed the healing properties of the hot tub and used the time to put their thinking caps on. They decided that even though they hadn't been able to find Marty enrolled in any daycare or preschool, he might have gone to a doctor. They called every doctor's office from Ackerman to Zuckerman and had no luck finding him as a patient with a last name of either Lopez-Fitzgerald or Crane. Chris suggested that they might be brazen enough to use Wallace, or since it was presumed that they wouldn't have known about Otto, maybe they were using the name of Krause. Chris went to take a nap, and when Sheridan went in to tell him she was leaving, he pretended to be asleep.

As soon as Sheridan left the hotel room, Chris jumped up and made a phone call to someone. He told the person that he hadn't thought he'd ever get rid of Sheridan. As Sheridan opened the door to get her forgotten book, she overheard him say that they had to act before Sheridan got wind that something was up. He said that he couldn't wait another day because he couldn't risk it blowing up. He told the person to be discreet because Sheridan had to be kept in the dark until right before it happened then he made plans to meet the person. Sheridan decided that Chris wasn't the man she had thought he was and was sure Chris was working against her.

Noah started to explain to Fancy about the trouble he'd been in with Maya when suddenly he yelled at her to watch out, and a car drove right through the front window and landed where their table had been. When the police and paramedics arrived, they found Noah, and despite their warnings to stay still, he got up to look for Fancy. They pulled furniture and debris out of the way and finally found her pinned under the car. Noah convinced the emergency team to help him lift the car off and used his adrenaline to power through it.

The emergency personnel rushed Fancy to a hospital emergency room to assess her injuries. They stabilized her but told Noah that her right cornea was lacerated, and there was so much glass embedded in her eye that in spite of surgery, the injuries might be too extreme, and she might lose the eye. Noah was devastated at the news.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Noah called and broke the news of his and Fancy's accident to Sam and Ivy. Maya went to the hospital with them. She told Noah it hadn't been an accident but had been the same people that had beaten her. She stressed the importance of keeping their secret. Dr. Eve had an eye surgeon on the way to the hospital in hopes of saving Fancy's eye. Fancy awoke in the E.R. and saw Maya there with Noah.

Valerie resigned. Kay realized Valerie was so ambitious because she supported her whole family and felt bad for her. She talked Valerie out of resigning by revealing she knew about her being in cahoots with Ivy but would keep it a secret from Fox if Valerie stayed and promised to leave her and Fox alone and not conspire with Ivy. Valerie admitted she had never even liked Ivy and agreed to Theresa's more than generous offer. Ivy called a short time later. Valerie informed her she would not spy anymore, but Ivy made great promises of the life Valerie could have with Fox if Kay were out of the picture. Valerie had a change of heart.

Fox and Kay had a discussion of whether Kay would be a working mom or a stay-at-home mom. Kay seemed to like the idea of working side-by-side with Fox at Crane Industries.

Sheridan followed Chris, thinking he had been working for Alistair the entire time. She saw a group of schoolchildren and mistook one for Marty -- her son -- and grabbed him from behind and started hugging him. The teacher went to his aid, and Sheridan realized her mistake. She went back to the hotel and packed, determined to find Marty on her own.

Chris caught Sheridan as she was leaving and pushed her back in the room. She was ranting that she knew all about his evil plans, and he stopped her short by getting on his knee and proposing. That had been what his mysterious phone call had been about. A stunned Sheridan was speechless.

Theresa offered Ethan the position of co-CEO and showed him his new office, complete with shiny nameplate on the door. Ethan looked very tempted to take the offer and start on his grand plans for renovating the other side of Harmony's tracks.

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