General Hospital Recaps: The week of February 13, 2006 on GH

The death toll rose from the virus. Dillon and Georgie exchanged wedding vows. Maxie had a heart attack. Courtney gave birth to a son prematurely when she was admitted to the hospital with a high fever.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of February 13, 2006 on GH
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Monday, February 13, 2006

In Maarkam Islands, Carly and Jason try to save Lucky but two armed men come in and kidnap Lucky again. Carly passes out after having been injected with the virus. Jason takes her to a hotel and calls a doctor to come check on her. Jason notices the doctor sweating profusely before he starts to give Carly something for her fever. He takes the needle from the doctor and threatens to inject him if he doesn't tell him what's going on. The doctor admits that he works for Crylium Industries. He tells Jason where they are taking Lucky but they can't get there except by helicopter. Jason calls in the authorities who take the doctor into custody and offer their resources to Jason. When they leave, Carly comes out of the bathroom in a nightie. She thinks they're back in the old days when they were lovers. She starts to take her nightie off, while Jason tries to convince her they are just friends.

Patrick makes the decision for Emily and decides to give the antidote to Sonny. He goes in and tells Sonny that he is worse off then Nikolas. After he injects him, Emily pulls him aside and asks if Sonny really is worse off then Nikolas. Patrick confesses that they are both in the same position, but Sonny had more to lose than Nikolas.

Courtney is taken by ambulance to the hospital where Jax meets her. He is upset to learn that she had also contracted the virus. The doctor pulls him aside and tells him that Courtney must have a c-section or the baby will die. She tells him that there is a considerable amount of risk to both Courtney and the baby, no matter what. Nikolas comes out of his room to see Courtney and rushes over to her. Courtney tells him that she was hiding out at Kelly's, and Mike was bringing her food. Mike must have contracted the virus and infected her. She tells Nikolas that she was just getting ready to tell Jax that she wanted to be with Nikolas. It was him all along.

Tracy tells Dillon that she won't stand in his way if he and Georgie want to get married. They still have to convince Mac, though. Georgie hears the news and rushes in, about to give Tracy a hug. Tracy stops her from hugging her, though. Georgie tells her that she knows they don't always get along, but Tracy gave her the greatest gift of all just by having Dillon. Maxie comes in and tells Georgie not to worry about Mac. She will handle him. Maxie goes out to find Mac and tries to sneak the marriage consent form in other paperwork that Mac is signing. Mac realizes what it is, though, and he thinks that Georgie is pregnant. Georgie tells him that she's not pregnant, just in love. Mac finally signs the consent form. Later, both Tracy and Mac stand by and watch as Georgie and Dillon get ready to say their vows. Lucas stands in as best man, and Maxie stands by her sister's side.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Georgie and Dillon are married with Mac and Tracy at their side and Lucas and Maxie serving as witnesses. When Dillon gets back to his room, Georgie ushers everyone out so she and Dillon can have some time alone together. Dillon tries to get out of bed to have a first dance with Georgie, but he collapses. Later, he seems to be getting worse and Georgie climbs into bed with him and begs him to fight for his life.

After the wedding, Lucas notices that Maxie isn't looking well. He insists that she go upstairs and track down Monica. When Maxie finds Monica, though, she is insisting that Nikolas get back to his room. Monica asks Maxie to take Nikolas back upstairs to his room, and Maxie complies, hesitantly. When they get on the elevator, it only goes a few floors before it stops in between the 5th and 6th floor. Maxie calls for help, but they don't know when they will be rescued. Nikolas and Maxie start to pass the time by talking about love. Nikolas notices that Maxie isn't looking well, and she tells him she was going to talk to Monica about her heart. She passes out in the elevator and Nikolas catches her.

While Carly fights the virus, she relives the time when she and Jason were lovers and he covered for her when she found out she was pregnant with Michael. When she becomes more sane, Carly and Jason talk about what might have been. Jason believes that they never would have worked as a couple. He loves her as a friend, but is not in love with her. Carly seems to think that they could have had a chance at a real future together at one point. She doesn't regret being together with Sonny, though. The helicopter arrives to take them to the other island, but Jason has to help Carly out of their room. The fever is catching up with her and she's unsteady on her feet.

Sonny's condition improves after being given the antidote and Patrick tells him he will be able to go home soon. He won't be leaving, though, since everyone he cares about is still at the hospital. He and Emily go outside to catch some fresh air, where he confesses that he staged the kiss with Carly. Sonny tells Emily that he can't resist being with her anymore.

Jax informs Courtney of her options. He doesn't want Courtney to risk her life for a baby that is probably going to die no matter what they choose. Courtney is determined to have a C-section to try to save her baby despite the risk to her own life, though. Jax makes a desperate plea to Courtney and tells her that Nikolas should have a say, too, since she just pledged her life to him.

Sam goes to the chapel and sees Ric there. She notices that he is upset, but he doesn't seem to be delirious. When Sam goes back to her room, she mentions Ric to Alexis who insists on going to see him. When she gets to the chapel, Ric hallucinates that Alexis is his mother Adella. Ric angrily confronts "Adella" about abandoning him as a child. Surprisingly, Alexis says she had no choice but to give up her baby.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Patrick and Liz talk about how quickly the virus is spreading. Patrick finds it hard to believe that the virus could be man made. Just then, a nurse tells Liz she has a phone call, but it's a bad connection. Liz answers the phone and is relieved to hear Lucky's voice on the other end. Unfortunately, Lucky appears to be saying goodbye before the phone goes dead. Liz collapses and Patrick leads her over to a couch. He tells her she needs to go find an empty room and get some rest. She says she is going to continue to help the people that she can, though, and grabs a chart and gets back to work.

Jason and Carly continue to search for the lab in the jungle. Carly feels weak, so Jason leaves her with the gun, while he continues the search. When he comes back, they hear someone coming through the forest. They discover Luke's chimp, and Carly asks if he can take them to the lab. The chimp grins and shakes his head yes and starts to lead them through the jungle. Carly feels as if she can't make it any further, but Jason admits to her that he needs her. As they come to a clearing, they see two men putting a body bag in the ground.

Nikolas grabs Maxie as she collapses from a heart attack in the stuck elevator. He starts yelling for help, and Emily miraculously hears him through the closed elevator doors. She tells Nikolas to start performing CPR, as Mac and Manny attempt to open the doors. They get the doors open a little bit, where Emily passes through a defibulator to Nikolas for Maxie since she no longer has a pulse. Nikolas attempts to revive her, but to no avail. Finally, Emily hands him a needle, and Nikolas inserts the drug directly into Maxie's heart and her pulse returns. Mac reluctantly hands a knife over to Manny, who thinks he can get the doors open all the way. He succeeds, and Maxie is wheeled off into a room. Monica tells Mac that as long as they can manage the fever, Maxie's heart will be ok. Mac takes the time to thank Nikolas and Emily, and then turns to shake Manny's hand.

Tracy goes to the chapel to pray for Dillon. She promises God that she will be a better person if Dillon lives. Luke comes in and tells Tracy he finds it hard to believe that she will reform. Tracy is adamant that she will do whatever possible to save her son. She WILL become a better person for Dillon. Meanwhile, as Dillon's fever rises, he dreams about his wedding to Georgie. He dreams about a moonlit wedding in the park, where he dances with Georgie in the gazebo. He wakes up from his dream when Georgie tells him to live for her. She is relieved to see him wake up, and she mentions she he must have needed his sleep. He tells her that he had the most amazing dream about their wedding. She says that she did, too, and mentions wearing a white wedding dress with a red bouquet. They are both stunned to learn that they had the same exact dream. Tracy and Luke are happy to see Dillon is doing better. Luke is curious to see if Tracy becomes a better person.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Liz tells Luke that she got a phone call from Lucky and that he said goodbye to her. Luke and Liz find Robert in the hallway. They tell him about Lucky's call. Liz tells Robert what she found out from Jason about Crylium Industries, a pharmaceutical company that they believe purposely released the virus. Robert gets upset that no one bothered to tell him sooner and recognizes the name of the company. Luke accuses Robert of working for this company secretly. Robert points out to him that he would never be part of any plan to release a deadly virus so his daughter could get it. Luke backs off a little but wants Robert to help save Lucky. Meanwhile, Jason and Carly follow the trail the chimp made to find the lab. They hide in the bushes when they hear a noise. They watch as two men drop a body bag onto the dirt and walk off. Jason and Carly fear that the body could belong to Lucky. Jason suggests she doesn't look as he opens up the body bag. It turns out to be a dead employee, not Lucky. Jason and Carly make a grave for the dead man. Later, Jason finds Carly passed out just as the men return to bury the body. Jason and Carly manage to find a keycard in the dead man's pocket and steal it to use. The men notice something different about the area and think someone has been there and go look for them. Jason and Carly find what looks like a cement wall covered by tree branches. They realize it is a door and it has a keypad so they can slide the keycard through it. The door opens and they go inside. They find Lucky inside one of the lab rooms, strapped to a bed. Lucky tells them that someone injected him with something and it most likely was the antidote since he feels a lot better. Jason finds a cabinet with what looks like vials inside. He asks Lucky if the antidote looked like those vials. Lucky thinks so but can't be sure that it isn't the virus. Carly takes some vials out and suggests injecting one of them into her to see if it is the antidote. Jason is against it and tells her not to risk it. Jason unstraps Lucky and notices Carly in the corner getting the vial ready to inject into her arm. He tells her not to do it. Carly looks at him and tells him she has to do this. Meanwhile, Lulu sees how sick Nikolas is and worries he won't make it. Nikolas asks her to get him a wheelchair so he can go see someone. Later Lulu finds Luke and pleads with him to give more of his blood to make more of the serum. Luke is too preoccupied about saving Lucky and tells her Nikolas will be fine. Lulu pleads with him not to blow what they have developed between them as father and daughter. Luke insists on having more serum made for Nikolas to make Lulu happy. Noah is against the procedure right now because it is too soon after his last procedure to try this again. Luke insists he do this as Bobbie, Liz, and Lulu watch.

Courtney is anxious to have the c-section so her baby will have a chance to survive. Jax is by her side when Dr. Lee checks on her vital signs. She tells Courtney that her fever hasn't gone down enough to have the c-section yet. Meanwhile, Patrick has Sonny released from the hospital. Sonny doesn't want to leave Emily at the hospital but she persuades him to go home and take care of Michael and Morgan. Sonny goes to visit Courtney and runs into Jax outside her hospital room. Jax gives him an update on her condition. Sonny goes in to see her. Sonny surprises her when he tells her that she will make a great mother. Sonny tells her to let Jax take care of her. Later, Nikolas shows up at her room and lies with her in bed. Dr. Lee comes in with Jax to inform her that her fever is down enough to have the C-section as soon as possible. Later Sonny goes to see Ric next. Ric is back in bed after his delirious outbursts to Alexis when he thought she was his mother. Jesse is sharing a room with him. Alexis is by his bedside. Ric mentions how well Sonny looks. Sonny tells him that he has been released from the hospital. Ric mentions that their mother would be happy that he got better. Sonny tells him that their mother would also be praying for him too. Alexis asks Sonny if he would be willing to take Kristina and Molly home with him after he gets Michael because she is afraid they will be exposed to the virus by staying at the hospital any longer. Sonny agrees to take care of them. Sonny goes to see Sam and assures her that Jason and Carly will be fine. Alexis goes back to her room. She tells Sam that she asked Sonny to take the girls to his place so they aren't exposed to the virus more than is necessary. Sam asks about how Ric is doing. Alexis tells her that he is better now. Sam asks her what she meant when she blurted out that she had no choice when a delirious Ric thought Alexis was his mother and asked her how she could have given up her own child. Alexis tells her that she was just humoring him partly and that she believed no woman would give up her child unless she had no choice. Sam accepts her lie, even when Alexis can't look Sam in the eye when she tells her this. Later, Sonny goes to find Max and Michael playing cards in the cafeteria. Michael is happy to see that he is well. Sonny tells him they are taking Kristina and Molly home with them as well. They go to leave and run into Robert in the hallway. He tells Sonny that he can't leave the hospital with Michael because they have both been exposed to the virus and could spread it to others on the outside. Sonny tells him he has been released and Michael isn't sick, so they have been allowed to leave the hospital. Robert tells Sonny that he is the one who is in charge around here and he will have to arrest him if he tries to leave the hospital. Emily overhears their conversation and gets Robin. Sonny tells Robert that no one tells him what to do concerning his son. Emily and Robin interrupt their conversation. Robin tells Robert that Sonny and Michael have been tested and don't show any signs of the virus in their systems and can go home. Robert concedes to Robin and lets Sonny go. Emily follows Sonny and Michael out. Robert comments about how Robin seemed to become friendly with the criminal element in Port Charles and accuses Sonny of using her to make himself look like a boy scout by claiming to be friends with the police commissioner's niece. Robin tells him that she doesn't believe Sonny ever used her and that he was there for her when she needed someone unlike himself. Emily walks out toward the lobby with Sonny and the kids. Sonny is reluctant to leave her at the hospital where she could get sick. She insists she will be fine. Sonny leaves the hospital. Moments later, Emily has a weak spell and collapses onto the floor.

Friday, February 17, 2006

With his fever gone, Dillon happily prepares to go home with his brand new bride. Though Jason moves to stop her, Carly injects herself with the syringe containing what she hopes is the antidote. Liz and Monica find Emily lying on the floor at the hospital. As she waits to undergo the C-section, Courtney asks Jax to promise that he'll never use their child as a weapon in any future dispute between them. Noah explains to Dillon why he might be able to provide other patients with lifesaving antibodies now that he's successfully fought off the virus without medication. Lucky gets a call through to his relieved wife. Diagnosed with simple exhaustion, Emily reluctantly agrees to leave the hospital and get some rest. Luke tells an amused Lulu how his wife made a sacred vow to turn over a new leaf. Though Georgie fears her husband's health could be compromised, Dillon consents to having blood drawn for a new batch of serum. Still weak from the virus, Mike insists on being taken to see his daughter before her baby is delivered. Sonny asks Emily to come home with him for the night. As Carly begins to make a full recovery, gunmen burst into the lab and open fire. Maxie admits to Lucas how she feels like she may finally be facing her own mortality. Lulu thanks Dillon for giving Nikolas another chance. Although Jason manages to finish off their assailants, Lucky discovers that the vial with the antidote was smashed in the attack. Ignoring the promise she made to God, Tracy gleefully throws a monkey wrench into Dillon's wedded bliss. Courtney and Jax see their son delivered but grow anxious when they don't hear the baby crying. Emily asks Sonny to make love to her.

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