The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of February 6, 2006 on B&B

Hector rescued a drunken Taylor after her car had run off the road, and he urged her to focus on something besides drinking. The heartbroken Marones mourned Nicole's death. Ridge implored Brooke not to let their love story end.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of February 6, 2006 on B&B
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Monday, February 6, 2006


After Taylor's wreck, Hector found her unconscious in her car and quickly revived her. He took her back to her house, telling her he hadn't taken her to the hospital because he had known she had been drinking. Taylor said drinking had not been what had caused her accident. She explained that she had become so upset after getting a call from Ridge that she had lost control of her car.

Hector knew Taylor was going through a rough time but warned her not to rely on alcohol as a crutch. She assured him she would not let it get out of hand. Hector told her she needed to focus on something else besides the end of her marriage and encouraged her to start working at a shelter he knew about. Taylor let Hector know she appreciated him being there for her during such a scary period of her life.

Hector attempted to spend the night with Taylor, but she felt it was too soon. He kissed her on the cheek and told her she was the most amazing woman he had ever met. He said that since she was free from Ridge, nothing could stop her from doing great things. He hoped one day they would be doing great things together.

Brushing her hair in her bedroom, Brooke remembered how Ridge had said he would never let her down again and how he still believed in their love. Her eyes began to water, but she did not have any hope for them ever being together again.

In Thorne's office, Ridge was thinking about Brooke when Thorne walked in. Immediately, Ridge began bragging about how his trip to Europe had boosted sales. He managed to belittle Thorne's job performance at the same time. Ridge said he had lost Taylor because he had been in Europe, covering Thorne's butt. Thorne denied Ridge's accusation and said Ridge had not lost Taylor; he had walked out on her for Brooke and was only upset because he did not have either of them.

Thorne grew insecure and went on the defensive with Ridge stating again that Ridge had led a charmed life and had always been the favorite son, while Thorne had been the underdog. Thorne said he no longer felt like a loser because he had a loving wife and child to go home to, while Ridge had nothing. Ridge tried to blame everything on Stephanie again, but Thorne refused to listen to that "lame" excuse and said Ridge had no one to blame for his miserable life except himself. Ridge angrily left Thorne's office.

Back in his office, Ridge gave Brooke a call, finding out R.J. was sick. Ridge insisted on picking up the prescription and taking it over. After the baby was asleep, Ridge complimented Brooke on how good she was with R.J. He told her she could call him anytime she needed him. Brooke told him she was glad that he had stopped to help with R.J., but that did not mean that she wanted him back.

Ridge said he knew the difference between a mother needing help and a woman letting him back into her life. Brooke said she was wrong to be so hard on him because romantic love did not last except in novels. Ridge disagreed and said their love would last forever.

Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Felicia felt ill and didn't look well when Eric saw her. He thought she should go to the hospital. Felicia made Eric promise not to take her to the hospital because she feared that she would never leave.

Meanwhile, Bridget realized she couldn't go home when she saw Dr. Caspary. She worried that the baby wouldn't be all right. While Felicia waited for Eric to fill her prescriptions, Felicia visited Bridget and became more of a sister and friend to Bridget.

Wednesday, February 8, 2006


At the beach house, Nick was with baby Dominick, figuring out what he needed to take to Bridget at the hospital. Brooke walked in overhearing Nick tell the baby what a good big brother he was going to make. Brooke agreed and told Nick she had stopped by to pick up some things for Bridget. Brooke was worried about Bridget, but Nick reassured her that her daughter was doing fine.

While Felicia visited Bridget in the hospital, the nurse told them Bridget was doing much better. Felicia told Bridget that a lot of the family was waiting outside to see her, but Bridget said she wanted to spend more time alone with her sister. Suddenly, Bridget's water broke, and she went into labor.

Outside of Bridget's room, Eric, Massimo, and Thorne became alarmed by the activity going on inside her room and anxiously waited to find out how she was doing.

Back at the beach house, Nick promised Brooke once more that he would take care of Bridget. Brooke admired how good Nick was with Dominick. Nick said finding out R.J. was not his son had been the hardest thing he had ever been through, but everything had turned around since he had a son and a daughter on the way.

Nick continued to talk about how lucky he was. Then the phone rang, and it was Eric telling Nick to get the hospital because Bridget was having complications. Nick told Brooke what Eric had said and rushed to the hospital.

Back in Bridget's room, Bridget pleaded with the doctor not to deliver the baby because it was too soon. The doctor said they had to. Felicia encouraged Bridget to go along with it, telling her that many premature babies survived. Bridget did not like the odds but realized it was beyond her control. She delivered the baby.

Alarmed when the baby wasn't crying, Bridget demanded to know what was wrong. The doctor didn't answer, but began performing CPR on the baby. As hard as they tried, they could not make her breathe. Baby Nicole died. Bridget broke down, and Felicia comforted her.

Outside of Bridget's room, Massimo and Eric cornered a nurse and asked what was going on with Bridget. The nurse told them they would have to wait until the doctor could speak with them.

In Bridget's room, Felicia continued to console her sister. Bridget requested to see her dead daughter. Holding baby Nicole, Bridget apologized to her. She blamed herself for what had happened. She told Nicole she would always love her and kissed her goodbye.

The doctor walked out of Bridget's room and informed Massimo, Eric, Thorne, and Jackie that Bridget had lost the baby. They were grief-stricken. Nick walked in. He saw from their faces that the worst had happened. He entered Bridget's room and found Felicia embracing her.

Felicia left the room to give Bridget and Nick some privacy. Worn out from the events, Felicia returned to her wheelchair. Massimo asked her what had gone wrong. Felicia explained that everything had been fine with Bridget and then all of a sudden there had been nothing they could do for her. Brooke arrived with Dominick and discovered that Bridget had lost the baby.

Back in Bridget's room, Nick apologized for not being there. Bridget continued to blame herself, and Nick said it was not her fault. Bridget told Nick about holding Nicole and how perfect she had been. Bridget worried that the baby had never known how much they loved her, but Nick said she knew.

Felicia entered the room in her wheelchair, holding Dominick. She told Bridget she would find Nicole and take care of her just like Bridget would take care of Dominick. She then gave Dominick to his new mother.

Thursday, February 9, 2006

As Felicia held Dominick, Bridget told her that when Dominick was old enough to know about angels, he'd know that he had an angel named Nicole looking over him. Felicia reminded Bridget that Dominick was her son. Felicia took the baby out of the room so that Nick and Bridget could be alone together. Bridget told Nick that maybe she was not supposed to be anyone's mother. Nick told her never to say that. She screamed, "I just wanted our baby girl, and I can't have her."

Sally received a phone call at the office as Dante and Ridge talked about business. Sally called Ridge over and told him that there was a problem at the hospital. She didn't know the details. It was about the baby.

Bridget started to tell Nick what had happened as the baby had prepared to be born. She told him that her doctor had had a special group of people there, working on the baby as soon as she had been born. They had tried to save the baby, and then the room had been "so quiet." She told him that the baby had looked like she had been waiting a lifetime to see them and then just hadn't been able to wait any longer.

The doctor walked in, and they told her that they would handle things for the baby. They would have a private ceremony. Nick asked to see his baby. The doctor took him to see his daughter.

Outside Bridget's room, Thorne took little Dominick to the nursery, and Brooke and Eric went in to see Bridget. Bridget tearfully told her parents that her child was gone.

The doctor and Nick entered the room to see his daughter. He told the doctor that his daughter was a person, and she had a name. The doctor sympathetically told Nick that his daughter had had everything but time. Nick opened the body bag and looked at the little child lying inside. He sobbed over the baby's body. Nick told his daughter that she would always be his little girl.

Jackie, Felicia, Thorne, and Massimo waited outside Bridget's hospital room. Inside, Eric and Brooke were with their daughter. Ridge arrived and saw them waiting. When he walked up to them, he told them that he'd had a daughter, and she was beautiful, just like her mother.

Bridget told her parents that her baby had been a child to her. Thorne and Ridge entered the room, and Ridge told her that, no matter what, she "did good." Bridget told Ridge that she loved her little girl "so very much."

Dante arrived at the hospital and went up to Felicia and Jackie. Felicia told him what had happened. Jackie went to the car to wait for Massimo, and Dante turned to Felicia to find out about Bridget's state of mind and how she was physically. Felicia told him that the baby had just arrived too soon.

In Bridget's room, with everyone there, Nick thanked everyone for being there. They all agreed that there was nowhere else they would want to be at a time like that. Eric told Nick that they were all family. Bridget asked Nick if he had gotten to see his daughter. He told her that he had, and she was glad.

Bridget told Nick that she felt like part of her was gone. Bridget lamented that they would never see her again. Bridget was told that everyone had given a part of themselves to her daughter and a piece of their heart, and she would never be gone as long as they were all together.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Ridge stopped by to see Brooke, and they reflected on the baby Bridget had lost. He told her that he had left Taylor and his children to be with Brooke and wanted to know whom she wanted to be with. Brooke said that she wouldn't pursue a relationship with Nick.

Meanwhile, Eric thought that Bridget's baby was the only reason why Nick and Bridget had stayed together. Bridget told Nick that she wanted to right all the wrong that had been done -- and said that he was free to be with Brooke. Felicia was concerned that maybe Nick and Bridget would not be the best home for Dominick with all that had happened.

Later, Dante called Felicia, wanting to meet with her to discuss baby Dominick's future. Felicia was curious as to why Dante suddenly had an interest in baby Dominick.

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