One Life to Live Recaps: The week of December 31, 2001 on OLTL

Blair and Todd named their son Jack and had a belated wedding night. Bo announced that Asa was still alive. Ben helped Todd, who was stuck in a window. Asa tossed Gabrielle out of the mansion, and Max turned his back on her too.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of December 31, 2001 on OLTL
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Monday, December 31, 2001

Lindsay tampered with Jen's pregnancy test. Jen thinks she is pregnant with Al's child.

Sam arrives at Troy's place with another gift from Matthew. Troy sees his chance to upset Sam by telling him that Nora had stopped by earlier, but Sam knows about Troy's mind games and told him that he trusted Nora and that he knows where her heart is.

R.J. tells Antonio that he won't testify against Keith Shaeffer. Antonio gets angry and starts yelling, but R.J. leaves before Keri steps out of Bo's office to see who he was yelling at.

Cassie tells Blair that she is the one who has to be sure that keeping the baby will be the right decision for her. Rae arrives home and finds Starr there, who is actually covering for Todd who is hiding in the hallway, but later gets stuck in a window.

Jen is now convinced that she has to tell Cristian that she's pregnant. Lindsay pretends to be concerned and agrees with Jen that she should tell Cristian.

Ben sees Todd stuck in the window and helps him out for Viki's sake.

R.J. shows up at Nora's and tells her about the threat on Keri's life, but he does not want her to tell anyone, not even Antonio. Nora tells R.J. that Keri and Antonio are dating. Nora gets dressed to meet Sam at Rae's party.

Jessica and Natalie go to Cristian's party together. Lindsay backs out of her date with Troy to stay with Jen. Troy has a plan and lures Sam away from Nora after she arrives at Rae's New Year's Eve party. At midnight, Troy surprises Nora with a kiss.

Blair tells Todd they are keeping the baby and the new family celebrates New Year's Eve together at home.

Shawna shows Cristian the pregnancy test kit she found in the garbage can. Cristian goes over to Jen, who's talking to Lindsay in the hall, and asks if she is pregnant.

Tuesday, January 1, 2002

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Wednesday, January 2, 2002

by Cheryl Paster-Di Pilla


Sam is unable to find a Kevin Moran arrested for a DWI so he heads back to Rae's party. Bo and Asa get to the station, Asa in handcuffs. According to him, he's done nothing wrong and Max and Gabrielle are the ones who should be under arrest. Bo points out that they didn't kill him and that Asa is the one who tried to put them away with a doctored tape; he should have called Bo if he suspected them of trying to kill him. He then pronounces sentence on Asa-he will have to watch the video of his own funeral. Asa's lawyer posts bail but Bo informs him he will have to continue watching the entire video. Asa thinks Bo is just against him and not happy to see him but he knows everyone else will be thrilled. Bo isn't too sure.


Antonio asks Keri to come home with him and she agrees. Just as they are leaving, Matthew is at the door with his friend's father; he got homesick and wanted to come home. Keri assures the little boy that it's ok to be homesick and in fact, she is too, though her dad and Antonio have helped her to get through it. Antonio shows the boy his police badge and assures him that the badge will scare away the monsters in his room. The couple get Matthew to bed and pick up where they left off. Antonio gets a call, requesting his presence at the police station.


Troy kisses Nora at midnight. He asks Sam's whereabouts and admits he doesn't care about Lindsay or where she might be. He tells an astonished Nora that he cares a great deal about her since they've been through a lot together. He understands how Colin fell in love with her but feels indebted to repay everyone for what Colin did to them. He's sure that Lindsay was the one who pushed his brother into doing what he did. Sam returns and catches the end of their conversation when he hears Lindsay's name but he wants to leave with Nora right away for their own party at home. Troy wants to give him reasons for his seeing Lindsay but Sam isn't interested and figures that Nora already knows. Ben and Viki also celebrate and resolve not to become involved in any kidnappings or finding of lost children in the new year, though they agree that Natalie has softened lately. Renee and Rae console each other over their missing partners. Ben tries to help Renee through her sorrow when Viki gets a call from Bo. He wants her, Ben and Renee at Llanfair immediately. Renee apologizes for leaning on Ben while he admits to visiting Asa before his death to inquire about Allison Perkins. Renee is sorry that Ben and Asa never got along.


Cris asks Jen if she's pregnant, telling her it's ok if she is, he'll take care of her. He knows about it because he saw the empty box in the trash. Lindsay interrupts and admits that it was her test and though it's negative she'd prefer it if Cris keep this to himself since the expectant father knows nothing about this. Cris is sorry that Jen isn't pregnant though he realizes that it's better if she's not. Jen asks to speak with her mother alone and then demands to know why Lindsay lied. She persuades Jen that it's not a good time to tell Cris the news, that he should have one last happy night with her. After Jen goes back to Cris, Lindsay wonders aloud how she can have Cris find out in the worst way possible. Shawna is in the kitchen with Al, telling him she knows something about Jen. Al tells Shawna he's leaving Llanview so he really doesn't care what she has to say. Chad offers to kiss Natalie again to make sure that Seth sees them. She apologizes for using him but he doesn't mind; he had fun, he tells her. In fact, they can do it again to make sure that Seth will see them together. Seth is with Jessica, telling her he'll win back her trust in the new year. She tells him that she resolves to be appreciative for what he's done for her though she can't be his friend. Seth is adamant that he can change things between them and show her the real person that he is. Jess receives a call from her uncle Bo, requesting that she, Natalie and Al meet him at Llanfair. They are the last to leave and once they are gone Cris wonders what is going on with Lindsay. She seemed even more weird than usual, he confides to his girlfriend. Jess doesn't want to talk about her mom or anyone else, she just wants Cris to hold her.


Troy rushes to set up his recorder when he gets a late knock at the front door. It's Lindsay who pulls him into an embrace. She wants a favor from him.


Sam and Nora arrive home where they run into Keri who is on her way up to bed. She fills them in on Matthew's return home and her great evening with Antonio. Sam tells Nora about there being no client at the police station and apologizes for having left her while she remembers her midnight kiss with Troy. She admits that she has something to tell him but he interrupts her by stating that he already knows she went to visit Troy earlier. Troy tried to best him, he sniffs, but he doesn't care, he just wants them to have their own private party. Nora's work line rings and it's Max-she needs to get to the police station right away, something about Asa. Keri hears from Antonio and they reminisce about their evening together.


The party is over and Rae is on her way to the airport to fly to see John when Hank shows up and sits her down to chat. He wants to know where John was tonight and on Thanksgiving and Christmas. She defends him at first by saying that he's a cop and he's making time for what he loves but soon realizes herself that he hasn't made any time for her.


Arriving at Viki's home, Asa and Bo enter the study together where everyone who was called has congregated. They are shocked, open-mouthed, and deathly quiet when they see who/what the new year has brought them.

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Thursday, January 3, 2002


Blair and Todd

Todd watches as Blair play with the baby, she then worries to him that the adoption may not go through as planned. Todd assures he that no one will ever take the baby away. As Blair puts the baby in his crib, Todd struggles with his conscience and talks to himself in the mirror, he admits to himself that he only wants to be happy. Blair comes in and overhearing this, tells him how wonderful and loving he is; she then tells him that she wants a ‘real' wedding night. They decide to live by their own rules or none at all and then make love. Afterward, Todd tells Blair he feels weird and she realizes and informs him that he is happy for the first time in his life.


After Renee hugs him and is so excited to see him again, Asa tries to explain his motives to the gathered Buchanan clan. He blames everything on Max and Gabrielle. No one is buying his story and is upset that he deceived all of them. Ben tells him that even though he wanted another chance earlier, he doesn't now. Renee slaps Asa for claiming that he did all this for her. Al is upset and tells Asa that he is a phony and Max was right about him. Jessica tells Asa that she is not a real Buchanan and he assures her that she will always be his granddaughter and Natalie will not. Asa turns to leave and Natalie stops him claiming that she is different from the rest of the family, he then tells her that she may be the only true Buchanan with a good head on her shoulders and leaves. Ben warns Natalie against Asa and that he will only hurt her.

Max and Gabrielle

As Nigel is being fingerprinted in the police station, Max and Gabrielle are arguing and Max informs Nora that Asa is alive! Antonio releases Max, who then tries to leave but Gabrielle is insistent on explaining her actions. They both end up at Asa's mansion where Max packs his bags to leave. Gabrielle begs him not to go and claims that she only had a part in Asa's plan because she thought she hated Max, but during the course of the plan realized that she loves him and will always love him. Max acts as if he doesn't care and leaves the mansion with suitcases. As Gabrielle is screaming for him not to leave her, Asa appears from inside his home and locks Gabrielle outside in the cold.

Keri, Antonio, Sam

Keri and Sam bond over junk food as they discuss Nora and Antonio. Sam admits he loved Nora since the first time he ever saw her. Keri tells Sam at the same time as Antonio tells Nora that they had previously met before Nora introduced them and had decided to not see each other ever again; however, both now admit that it is getting serious between them. After Bo lets Antonio go home, he stops by Keri's and they make plans to see each other the next day and kiss.

Roxy and Allison

Roxy and Allison are at Break Bar plotting to get their hands on the Buchanan money while viewing something on a computer screen. Seth comes in and warns Allison to stay away from Viki and Jessica. Roxy is impressed by Seth's looks and Allison tells her to cool it, because Seth can't know who she is yet and he is an important part of their plan. The two later spy on Viki with Jessica and call Jess their ‘Golden Goose'.


Jessica admits to Viki that she is angry and confused. Viki tries to reassure her, but Jess wonders who she really is.

Thursday, January 4, 2002

Blair surprises Todd with breakfast in bed, along with a promise that she will never leave him again. Blair, Todd and Starr discuss what to name the new addition to their happy little family: John "Jack" Manning. Paloma places a call to Blair.

Sam takes Matthew out for a day of father and son fun. Misreading Jen's anxiety, Sam tries to reassure his daughter that she and Cristian will have a happy ending. Concerned about Jen's jumpiness, Cris insists that she undergo a complete physical. Jen tells Cris that she is shopping with her mom, but she actually goes to the hospital for a pregnancy test.

After making love, Lindsay confides to Troy how she tricked her daughter into believing that she's pregnant with Al's child. Troy promises Lindsay that her secrets are safe with him. Later, when Nora drops by, Lindsay gleefully makes it clear to her old nemesis that she and Troy have been hitting the sheets. Before going to the hospital to support Jen, Lindsay arranges for both Al and Cris to find out that Jen is at a family planning facility.

Al finds Gabrielle huddled on the doorstep outside Asa's mansion. Asa reminds Al he still considers him a son and an heir to the Buchanan fortune. Fed up with all of his parents, Al informs Asa and a tearful Gabrielle he's leaving Llanview for good. Asa kicks Gabrielle out with nothing but the clothes on her back.

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