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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of December 31, 2001 on DAYS
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Monday, December 31, 2001

Sami comes into Austin's apartment and is surprised to find him at home, since Nicole told her he was at lunch. Sami makes an attempt to seduce him, and Austin resists but finally responds, then stops, as he has to get back to work. Sami is upset when Austin tells her he has to work that night, as she was planning a special dinner for him and Will. Sami then questions Austin about why he is working such long hours and brings up Nicole, who Austin defends. Sami then suggests that they move out of Salem after they're married. Austin quickly dismisses the idea, making Sami mad because he didn't even consider the idea. Sami tells Austin that Will needs a permanent father, that the money he makes from working long hours doesn't really matter. Austin agrees with her and suggests that they wait for about a year before making a decision about leaving Salem. Sami agrees as Austin goes back to work.

Roman shows up at Kate's and she demands to know what he wants - he is there to talk about Sami and Austin's wedding plans. After announcing that she's been hired as the Chief Operating Officer of Basic Black, Kate lets Roman in and goes off on him about Sami, who she wants out of her and her son's lives. Kate tells Roman he's got to stop the wedding, but Roman insists that they will get married and that Will needs a family while Lucas is away. Kate is sure that Austin doesn't love Sami, but rather that he's infatuated with the idea of an instant family, and he loves Will, especially since Austin believed that Will was his son for a while. Kate then launches into a tirade about some of the things Sami has done in the past - like drugging Austin so that he would make love with her - and Kate is sure that Austin will eventually see through Sami.

Fayeopens her door to find Abe, who says he was just in the neighborhood. Fayeinvites Abe in, and he says that the DiMera mansion doesn't feel like home, and that things there get worse every day. Abe then admits that his stopping by was no accident - that he has been thinking a lot about Fayelately, and he asks her how she is dealing with Paul's actions and death. Fayesays she is OK, but she misses Paul a little. Fayesays that she thought that if she showed Paul love that he might turn his life around, but that wasn't the case. Abe then confides in Fayethat he and Lexie are having problems - that Lexie is different since they moved into the mansion and he can no longer ignore her behavior. Fayetells him that things will get better, but Abe doesn't agree - he thinks that things will only continue to get worse. As he goes to leave, Abe thanks Fayeand she suggests that they talk more often, an idea that Abe says he would like.

Glen and Barb are in their car and Glen is trying not to go over to Lexis's, but Barb convinces him to go anyways - she thinks that if she has one more chance that Lexie will do what is right and give them the money. Glen wants to go in with her, but Barb convinces him to stay in the car.

Brandon shows up at Lexie's, and Lexie demands an apology for his behavior at her party, and for leaving so abruptly. Brandon says he's sorry, but not for leaving the party - he's sorry he ever got involved in Lexie's scheme. Lexie tells him her father is sending her the $2 million for Barb, and Brandon is surprised at the amount - the last he knew it was $1 million. Brandon tells Lexie that this is what he told her would happen if she gave in to Barb's demands, that the amount would keep going up, but Lexie is convinced that once Barb has the $2 million that she will go away and keep the secret of JT's paternity. Barb then arrives at the house, and Lexie convinces Brandon to hide while she's there. Lexie tells Barb that she doesn't have the money yet, but she will have it by the end of the day. Barb isn't buying Lexie's excuses anymore, and she tells Lexie that she told Glen that JT is really his son. Barb again demands the money to make sure that Glen will leave JT where he is - with Bo and Hope, but Lexie can't get the money right then. Barb makes more threats about telling people about JT, then leaves the house and Lexie passes out. Brandon finds Lexie and carries her to the couch. When she wakes up, Lexie tells Brandon that Barb told Glen that JT is his son, and that Hope is going to find out. Lexie then throws Brandon out and tries to figure out what to do.

Back at their car, Barb tells Glen that it is time to let the world know about the baby switch, and that JT is really Glen's son.

Bo holds Hope as she cries on the couch, then they start to talk civilly about everything that has happened to them in the last few days. Bo apologizes for the way he's been acting, but he wishes that Hope had been honest with him. Bo & Hope then talk about letting Shawn know that John is JT's father. Hope doesn't want to tell Shawn, but Bo doesn't want any more lies, and he thinks Shawn is strong enough to handle the truth. Besides, Bo says, Shawn loves JT and will continue to love him the same way no matter who JT's biological father is. Hope then suggests they talk to Marlena about it, and Bo admits that John called earlier and Bo hung up on him. Bo then calls John back and invites him & Marlena over to talk.

Tuesday, January 1, 2022

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Wednesday, January 2, 2002

Lexie's world is falling apart and when Abe comes home, she tells him that they are losing Isaac. When Abe demands to know what's going on, Lexie breaks down and (although she pretends she just found out) tells Abe that JT is Glen's son and Isaac is Hope's. Abe vows to protect his family, but believes they have to sit down and talk to Bo and Hope. Lexie freaks out and accuses Abe of not caring about his family. Abe brings Isaac downstairs and tells Lexie that the reason he abides by the rules is so he'll be worthy of being Lexie's husband and Isaac's father. Lexie is touched, but still tries to grab Isaac and sneak out. Abe catches her and they argue. Court officers, who have come to deliver a DNA order and confiscate the Carver's passports, interrupt their argument. Lexie makes a wild grab for the passports, but is restrained. Abe promises Lexie that he'll do whatever it takes to keep Isaac. Lexie becomes desolate, believing it's the end of everything.

Roman arrives at the penthouse to talk to Marlena about Sami, but only finds an angry Brady. Roman tries to mend fences but Brady calls him on his love for Marlena. Before Roman can get anywhere with Brady, he's called back to work. He's sent to Cameron Reese's office and is shocked when Cameron tells him they are serving papers to Bo and Hope!

Jack is upset when Jennifer declares that she doesn't believe anything romantic is going on with him and Greta. She then leaves for a date with Brandon, leaving Jack home with Abby. Jack worries that his future with Jennifer looks bleak.

Sami breaks the news to Brandon and is upset when she realizes he doesn't seem to be affected. Brandon tells Sami that she should be happy that she has a friend who isn't a jerk and can move on with his life. He tells Sami that he loves her and will always be there for her, as a friend. Sami is less than thrilled when Jennifer arrives, and even more unsettled after Jennifer insinuates that something could be going on between Nicole and Austin.

Nicole and Austin's rapport grows as they do their best to win over "Permalash" guru Carl Liszt.

Thursday, January 3, 2002

Lexie yells at Rolf as she orders him to get her and Isaac out of the country immediately. Rolf admits he can't do that as Abe tries to comfort Lexie. Rolf suggests that they battle Barb in court with Stefano footing the bill. Abe sheepishly argues that they can't live with Hope's baby but Rolf blames the hospital for making a mistake. Roman argues with Cameron about Barb's legal rights as they head to serve Bo and Hope with the court order. Bo and Hope explain to John and Marlena that it's time to tell Brady about J.T. Roman arrives with Cameron who reveals the court order for DNA testing to prove Glen is J.T.'s father. At the diner Austin fills in Sami about his work on the Permalash company. Nicole rushes in and insists that Austin return to the office immediately to help deal with Carl. Sami demands that he stay with her and Will as promised but he reminds her how important his job is. Nicole then changes her mind and assures Austin that she can handle the trouble at Titan without his help. When Nicole ignores her mother who is busy working there, Austin reminds Nicole to spend some time with Fayesince she's probably still upset about Paul's death. Trying to win points with Austin, Nicole agrees and chats with her mother who boasts about her recent visit with Abe. Nicole accuses her of being a home wrecker and badmouths her father at the same time. Meanwhile, Sami and Austin argue about Nicole. Sami gives him an ultimatum but then backs off when she realizes he thinks she's bluffing.

Friday, January 4, 2002

Hope is in denial about the possibility of a baby switch. Bo admits that he's suspected this all along, but JT's biological parents (John and Hope) won't hear of it. Tensions run high as John is forced to defer to Bo and let him handle Cameron. Roman informs them that they have 48 hours to comply with the court ordered DNA test. Roman and Cameron leave and Bo puts in a call to Mickey Horton. John stuns Marlena and Bo by revealing that he performed his own test on JT that proved he was JT's father. Bo questions how John's test can say one thing and Glen's another. He strongly suspects Stefano's involvement in all this. John tries to reassure a badly shaken Hope.

Lexie lays it on the line for Abe: either he's with her or against her. Abe assures Lexie that he'll do whatever he (legally) can for his family. Abe is torn between his love for his family and his duty to his job/friends. Rolf details their court case, stressing the need to depict John as negligent (for giving up his son), Hope as a liar (for keeping the truth from Bo), and Bo as uncaring. Lexie is all for it, but Abe is unsure.

Sami and Austin take Will to the Brady Pub for ice cream where Caroline gushes over Sami's ring. Austin isn't pleased when Sami talks about planning the wedding and admits that he'll defer all party planning to her. Sami sees Shawn and Belle across the room and goes to speak with her sister. Austin reveals to Caroline that he wishes that Sami and Kate would make peace before the wedding.

Shawn and Belle are discussing their future and are psyched to go to college together in California until Shawn remembers JT. He just can't leave him. Belle understands and says that the only thing that matters is being together. Sami interrupts them and Belle congratulates her sister on her engagement. She's thrilled when Sami asks her to be in the wedding. Belle wonders if Carrie will be invited and Sami dodges by saying that the guest lists are far from being final.

When Sami returns to Austin, he brings up the subject of his mother. Sami feeds him the line about the guest lists not being final, but it's obvious that she has no intention of calling a cease fire with Kate.

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