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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of December 31, 2001 on ATWT
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Monday, December 31, 2001

Due to the New Year's holiday, As The World Turns did not air. Programming will resume where Friday's show left off on Wednesday, January 2nd.

Tuesday, January 1, 2022

Due to the New Year's holiday, today's regularly scheduled original episode was not shown. Programming will resume on Wednesday, January 2nd with no lost episodes - the action will pick up exactly where it left off.

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Wednesday, January 2, 2002


Jack takes Parker to the airport to pick up Carly but she never arrives. Hal meets them at the airport and tells Jack that Emily's prints were not found on the ladder or on the note that was left for him. Hal says he will begin to look for Emily tomorrow.

The benefit continues at Java Underground. Both Tom and Jessica sing songs. Bonnie and Isaac dance and share a kiss. Jessica and Ben exchange glances at each other. Craig comes to the benefit with his daughter Lucy. When Barbara comes up to Lucy to say hello and how much she heard about her, Lucy asks if that was before or after she accused Craig of a crime he didn't commit. Lucy talks with her cousin Billy and confides to him that she called her boarding school in Montega and withdrew herself so that she could stay in Oakdale. Later, Sierra yells at Craig thinking he is the one who did it.

Barbara is pleased that Carly, Emily, and Rose are all gone. When Hal asks Kim to watch Wil while he looks for Emily, Barbara rushes over and volunteers to watch Wil at Hal's house. Although reluctant, Hal agrees but cautions Barbara because Will is going through a tough time. Later, still at the benefit, Barbara calls James on the phone and tells him she will be staying at Hal's because he needs her.

Rose is knocked out in the limo with the same driver that drove Carly and Emily. When she finally wakes up, she tries to get the driver's attention but he continues to ignore her. Meanwhile, Paul thinks Rose has left with Vince. Lily shows up at Rose's place and tries to reassure Paul that Rose would not run away with Vince. Paul isn't convinced because her clothes are gone and there are letters postmarked from the last few months from Vince to Rose. Lily is sure that Vince set the whole thing up. She says she knows her sister and she wouldn't run away from Paul because she loves him. Lily asks Paul to be patient and trust Rose.

Abigail goes over to Nick's apartment to find out the truth. She questions Nick and once again he is able to deceive her and says that he loves her and wants to be with her. They kiss and Nick excuses himself to make a phone call to Molly. He tells her that the plans have changed and he wants the $500,000 within the next hour. While Nick makes the phone call, Abigail finds the music box that the mystery woman gave to Nick. It is inscribed with the date of December 31, 2001 and signed Love, Me. Nick finds Abigail with the box and tries to convince her that it's her Christmas gift but he was waiting to get it engraved. Abigail knows this is a lie and finally the whole truth comes out. Nick tells her that she's a kid and he prefers women. Everything that Molly told Abigail was true and he says that if he didn't need the money, he wouldn't have looked at Abigail twice. She is enraged and tries to leave but Nick won't let her. He goes to get her a drink and she makes a desperate call to Molly. Unfortunately, Molly has already left and Adam just misses the call.

In the next scene Molly is banging on Nick's door but no one answers.

Thursday, January 3, 2002

Abigail wakes up at home, with Adam beside her, having no recollection of how she got there. All she remembers is an argument with Nick and that he hit her. She tells Adam that she regrets what she has put everyone through.

As Margo receives a call about a murder at Nick's apartment, Jake arrives to find Molly holding the murder weapon, a music box. As the police arrive, Jake tells them that he killed Nick, but Molly refuses to let him take the blame for something she did. While Molly is at the police station, Jake delivers the news of Molly's arrest to Abigail.

Simon, unable to afford a ticket to the benefit, creates a special evening for Katie, which is interrupted by Lily, who requests Simon's help in locating Rose. Katie encourages Simon to go when she receives a call from Dahlia. After seeing Katie's audition, Dahlia hints that Katie's job as an aerobics instructor could lead to millions, but hopes that her new husband will be okay with it.

Ben and Jessica learn that they have not fooled anyone with their non-date and decide to end the evening with a dance.

Sierra finds out that Lucy took herself out of school, not Craig, and Lucy hides dreading punishment. Lucinda encourages Sierra to let Lucy stay in Oakdale.

Friday, January 4, 2002


Lucy sets her parents up for a meeting. She explains to them that her father left when she was a little girl and she doesn't know him. She tells her mother that she has loved living with her, but she wants to get to know her father. Sierra gets up from the table and goes to the rest room. Lucy tells her father that she has blown it. Craig tells her that she will be ok. Craig walks over to the ladies room door and waits for Sierra. When she comes out Craig asks if she is all right. She tells him that if she leaves Lucy in Oakdale with him he has rules he has to follow. He nods his head in agreement. She tells him that he has to know where she is every hour of the day. She says that he has to know whom she is with and what time she will be home. She adds that he has to make her do her homework and go to school and meet her teachers. Craig says that it sounds like fun. Sierra is not amused and says, "Welcome to full time parenting." He tells her that he agrees and he now knows more about parenting than ever before. The two go back to the table and Sierra lays down the rules to Lucy. She tells her that the first sign of trouble and she will be back to take her back home to live with her mother. Lucy hugs her mother and thanks her and asks if she can have some ice cream. While Lucy is getting her ice cream, Craig asks Sierra what it is that she is afraid of. Sierra looks at him and says that she is afraid that Lucy will grow up to be just like him.


Will comes downstairs and finds his mother there. He asks her for some cookies and chocolate milk. She says that he can have it. He tells her that Mrs. Myers never lets him have a snack before bedtime. She tells her son that she is in charge now. He says, "Thanks, mom." She is so moved that she falls at her son's feet and gives him a hug. James is watching from outside the house. After Will is finished with his milk and cookies, Barbara takes him upstairs and tucks him into bed. When she comes back downstairs, James is waiting for her in the kitchen. She gets upset and tells him that he can't be there. James grabs her around the waist and suggests that they go upstairs to the bedroom. Barbara asks if he is insane as she pushes him away. He tells her that he devised a master plan for her and now he wants his reward. She says that she didn't make him any promises. He says that she did with her eyes and her pleading voice to make her whole again. He walks close to her and takes her in his arms and kisses her. She pushes him away and tells him that she will not prostitute herself for him. He tells her that she already has. They hear a car door and Barbara looks out the door and sees Hal walking to the door. She pushes James and tells him to go out the front door. James asks if this is the new and improved Barbara that knows no fear. She opens her robe and starts to undo the buttons on her pajamas. She tells him to leave or she will cry rape. James slinks off and Hal walks in the door. She closes her robe and Hal says that he can't believe that she is still up. She says that she was waiting for him. He tells her that he has a pile of files to go through so she can go to bed if she wants. She tells him that she can make some coffee and help him search the files for information on Emily. Hal asks if she will be ok staying there and taking care of Will. Barbara says that she has never felt better. Hal says that he doesn't know how to thank her and she tells him that he doesn't have to thank her. She says that he has always said that they are family and they will always be a part of each other. Hal and Barbara hug and James is watching from outside. James whispers to himself, "I'll give you this round Barbara, but the final one will go to me and I am going to savor every moment of it."


Jake informs Abigail about Molly being suspected of killing Nick Scutter. Abigail starts to run out to be with Molly and Jake stops her. He tells her that her mother doesn't need to see her all hysterical. When he turns Abigail around he sees bruises on her neck. She informs him that Nick had hit her. Jake asks Adam if he had taken her to the hospital and Adam tells him that he brought her back to the apartment. Abigail tells Jake about finding the music box from another woman and how Nick would not let her leave and he started hitting her until she was unconscious. Adam explains that he heard Abigail call and didn't get to the phone on time. He started over to Nick's apartment and found Abigail wondering on 9th Avenue. Abigail asks if Jake will take her to see Molly and Jake says that she has to go to the hospital first and get checked out. The doorbell rings and Jake wonders who that could be. He opens the door and Margo is standing there. Jake asks if this is a social visit and Margo says that it is not. She sees Adam there and asks what is he doing there. Adam tells his mother that he will tell her everything later. Jake tells her that they are going to the hospital. Adam says that Nick roughed Abigail up. Margo turns to Jake and gives him a search warrant. She says that she is there to find evidence connecting Molly to Nick Scutter's death. Jake tells her that he is going to leave her and her men there to search the place and he informs her that she better not make him sorry for leaving her there. Jake and Abigail leave. Adam starts to go with them and Margo stops him and says that she needs to question him. Adam tells her that all she cares about is her case. She says that is not true. Adam tells her to get it over with and ask him what she needs to know. Adam tells his mother the events of the evening. He tells her about Abigail calling but he didn't get to the phone in time and he left and went to the boarding house where Nick was living. Margo asks if he was at the scene of the crime and he says no, he found Abigail a block away. He goes on to tell his mother about Molly coming home and he told Molly about Abigail going to Nick's to talk to him and find some answers. He tells Margo that Molly was upset that Abigail was there and she had said that if Nick touched her child she would kill him with her bare hands. He sees his mother's eyes light up and he says that those were only words and Molly wouldn't really kill Nick. Margo asks her son if Abigail had told him anything that had happened in Nick's room that night. Adam just looks at her. She reminds her son that he is in the middle of a police investigation. Adam tells her that he loves Abigail and he knows that she wouldn't do anything wrong. He goes on to tell her that when he found Abigail Nick had hit her so hard that she didn't even know who she was. He asks his mother if she knows what he would have done if he had found Nick. Margo tries to shush him. He goes on to say that he would have hit Nick just like he had hit Abigail and he doesn't know if he would have stopped until he was dead.


Hal walks in and Jack asks about Nick Scutter being dead and that Molly had shot him. Jack asks about the evidence and Hal tells him that he has Margo on it and he wants Jack to shadow her. Jack tells him that he can't because he is going to be gone. Jack tells him that he is going to look for Carly. Hal tells him that he knows what Carly is like. Jack asks what that is supposed to mean. Hal says that Carly has just got caught up in becoming a fashion designer. Jack informs him that she did not answer his fax and no one has heard from her in days. He adds that she missed her son's birthday. Hal tells Jack that he needs him in Oakdale because he needs to be away looking for Emily who has truly been missing. Jack tells him that he needs personal time and Hal tells him that he can't have it. Hal walks away. Jack goes to his desk and calls Holden. He informs Holden that Nick Scutter is dead and Molly is suspected of killing him.

Later, Margo gets back and she and Jack go into the interrogation room to talk about the case. They go over everyone who had a motive to kill Scutter. They discuss Jake and Molly and then Abigail. Margo looks up and sees Jake, Abigail and Holden walk in. She tells Jack that they are there. He asks her how does she want to handle this. She says that she wants to go light on Abigail because she doesn't want to lose the connection with Adam. Jack agrees. Margo and Jack walk out and Jack tells them that only one person can go in with Abigail. Abigail turns to Holden and asks if she can talk to him. They step away from the others. Abigail asks if Holden would mind if Jake goes in with her. Holden says that if that is the way she wants it. She tells him that it isn't that she doesn't want him in there, but Jake is Molly's husband and she wants someone in there who is looking out for Molly as much as she is. Holden agrees and they walk back over to the group. Abigail and Jake follow Margo and Jack into the interrogation room. They all sit and Jack starts to question Abigail. When the questioning gets a little too hot, Jake stops them and says that the next time they want to question one of his kids, Tom Hughes will be present. Margo settles everyone down and says that no one needs a lawyer because we are not accusing anyone, right Jack. Jack brings out the music box. Abigail explains that it was Nick's from another woman. She tells them that Nick tried to say that he bought it from her, but she had already read the inscription. Jack asks if it made her mad enough to want him dead. Jake interrupts and says that is enough, they are leaving. Abigail says that maybe she was out of it enough that she hurt Nick. Jake tells her not to say another thing. As they are leaving, Jake turns at the door and says, "The next time you come after somebody, come after me, not my wife or kids." After Jake closes the door, Jack says to Margo that maybe they should take Jake's advice and start the investigation with him.


Rose is lying on a table like in an operating room. She opens her eyes as she is coming out of an anesthetic and she looks around. She says, "Oh Dorothy, I don't think we are in Oakdale anymore." She closes her eyes again.



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