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Monday, December 31

Eve talked with Ian. She was still upset about losing the bracelet. Jack and Livvie came to see Alison at the hospital. Jack and Livvie thought that Alison had talked with Jamal. She hadn't. Jack and Livvie asked when Jamal is coming home but Alison didn't know. A very desperate Rafe pleaded to go back to help Alison but his boss wanted no part of it. An angry Scott burst into Kevin and Lucy's and demanded to know why nobody told him that Julie was back in town and gave Christina back to Lucy. A desperate Lucy tried to shield Christina from Scott. Lucy introduced Scott to Christina. Chris told told Eve and Ian that love was for suckers. Chris then informed Eve that Julie was dying. He gave Eve some advice not to screw up her relationship with Ian if she really loved him. Lucy told Scott that she married Kevin. Scott looked surprised. Kevin said it was important that Lucy now bond with Christina. Frank and Karen and Serena showed up to see Christina. Scott thought that there are now too many fathers for Christina. Eve and Ian talked about Julie and that she was dying. Eve told Ian what Chris said about screwing up their relationship. Ian gave her the bracelet back. The cleaning woman found it and returned it to Ian. Alison told Livvie and Jack to go and celebrate on New Year's Eve. Jamal phoned Alison and didn't get her but left her a message. The residents rang in the New Year to a song called "Miracles Happen" by Myra. At the end of the song Rafe was behind Alison to help her. The residents all saw a bright light and then darkness settled in.


Due to the New Year's holiday, today's regularly scheduled original episode was not shown. Programming will resume on Wednesday, January 2nd with no lost episodes - the action will pick up exactly where it left off.

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Wednesday, January 2

As Alison stands in front of the window in her hospital room, a bright light appears. Startled, she turns to see Rafe standing behind her. She is surprised to see him and asks if he is the reason behind the light. Rafe says no; he doesn't understand what is causing it. Alison wonders how Rafe was able to return. He told her he was granted an extension of sorts. Alison is thrilled. She is ready to help Rafe enjoy all the things he missed out on.

Alison checks her phone messages. There is one message from Jamal apologizing for the way he spoke to her earlier. He told her Hope and Gabby are doing fine. Nurse Colleen comes in and orders Alison back to bed. Alison asks Rafe to stay beside her until she falls asleep. He is more than willing. While Rafe sits next to Alison, he thinks back to his conversation with his boss where he agreed to give up his status as Guardian Angel in order to help Alison and Jamal get back together. He decides that Alison is worth the sacrifice.

At the lighthouse, Kevin and Lucy enjoy some time alone in front of the fire while Christina is sleeping. Since it is New Years Eve, Lucy brought out some sexy lingerie she had been saving for a special occasion. Just as things are getting interesting, the inevitable happens. A little voice calls for Mommy. Lucy tends to Christina then she and Kevin attempt to pick up where they left off. Again they are interrupted. This time by a knock at the door. It turns out to be Paige, an old friend of Kevin's.

Karen and Frank's car runs off the road when Frank is blinded by the mysterious light. While Frank checks the car for damage, Karen spots something, another accident. They go to investigate and discover two girls, Casey and Amy. Frank and Karen bring them to the emergency room at the hospital. Casey was riding her motorcycle when Amy stepped in front of her causing Casey to wreck. Neither was badly hurt though. Jack and Livvie stop by. When Jack hears about Casey's motorcycle woes, he offers to fix her bike. He also offers to let her stay in the apartment behind the bike shop. The other girl, Amy, is also in trouble. Her reservation at the Port Charles Hotel was canceled when she didn't show up in time for the deadline. Ian and Eve discover that Amy is blind, that she holds a degree in psychology, and she hopes to open an office in Port Charles. Amy also appears to be very perceptive. Despite her blindness, she seems to *see* everything that is going on around her. Eve and Ian graciously allow her to stay with them at their apartment. While Amy makes herself at home, she finds her wallet missing from her purse. At the hospital, Casey is gleefully examining its contents.

Victor calls various contacts at government agencies to see what he can find out about the source of the bright light. Finally, he is able to contact an astronomer who gives him the trajectory of the mysterious object. Victor asks Frank for his help and for some radiation detecting equipment. They wander through the woods searching for a sign of radiation when suddenly Victor's machine begins beeping. They investigate and find a large, scorched patch of earth. Nearby, Frank finds an unusual watch. It has one hand, and has numbers ranging from one to thirteen arranged in a counterclockwise fashion. They are intrigued.

Thursday, January 3

Casey comes on strong with Jack as he finishes the repairs on her motorcycle. Ian is embarrassed to walk in on Amy as she begins to undress. Kevin is delighted when an old pal from boarding school shows up unexpectedly at the lighthouse. As Paige explains that her international flight was temporarily grounded in Port Charles, Lucy peers closely at her guest and asks the woman point blank how she managed to look so young. Yanking away from Casey's kiss, Jack reminds her he has a girlfriend. Later, Casey flashes the wad of cash she stole in an effort to impress Jack. Paige told a curious Lucy she has no special beauty secrets which would explain her youthful appearance. Amy picks up on Eve's insecurity and assures her hostess she has no designs on Ian. As they reminisce and catch up on old times, Paige told Kevin her husband died several years back. Determined to learn why Paige shows no sign of aging, Lucy invites her to stay in town a while longer. Unable to open the strange watch he and Frank found, Victor considers turning it over to a metallurgist friend who works for the CIA. Kevin catches Lucy snooping through Paige's purse.

Friday, January 4

Ignoring Livvie's icy glare, Casey continues to flirt openly with Jack. Amy corners Casey at the Recovery Room and orders the girl to return the wallet she stole.

Kevin chides Lucy for snooping through Paige's purse for the secret to her private fountain of youth. Lucy pesters Paige for the truth about her beauty secrets, then abruptly offers the startled woman a position at Jax Cosmetics. Lucy catches Paige in a lie: her plane was not grounded because of the light!

In Chicago, Val entreats Jamal not to sign away his rights to their daughter. Reminding Val how the Hartmans are the only parents Hope has ever known, Jamal insists that surrendering the child is the right thing to do. Later, a vengeful Val privately vows to deprive Jamal of the one he loves. Val intercepts Alison's call to Jamal. Rafe encourages Alison to seek out Jamal and strengthen the bond they've formed. Meanwhile, Val turns on the crocodile tears to play on Jamal's sympathy. A giggling Alison shows Rafe how to make his very first snow angel.

Frank told Karen about the newest mystery to hit town.

Victor explains to his family and friends why the strange white light on New Year's Eve could mean that an extraterrestrial is now walking among them.

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