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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of December 31, 2001 on GL
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Monday, December 31, 2001

by B.L.

Due to the New Year's holiday, Guiding Light did not air. Programming will resume where Friday's show left off on Wednesday, January 2nd.

Tuesday, January 1, 2022

Due to the New Year's holiday, today's regularly scheduled original episode was not shown. Programming will resume on Wednesday, January 2nd with no lost episodes - the action will pick up exactly where it left off.

On behalf of everyone at Soap Opera Central, we wish you and your loved ones a very happy, healthy, safe and prosperous 2002. We'd also like to thank you for visiting the Soap Opera Central web site in 2001 and making 2001 our biggest year to date. Here's hoping that you'll continue to visit in 2002 - and that 2002 is an even better year!

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Wednesday, January 2, 2002

As Gus walks in Inferno, he notices Claire sitting at the bar. Gus tries to carry a conversation with Claire, but to no avail. Claire continues to accuse Gus of once again going after her son-in-law. Gus comes to the conclusion that Claire is drunk and offers to take her home. She refuses. Gus calls Michelle and suggests that she come to Inferno to take her mother home. While Michelle is talking to Claire, Gus pays Harley a visit. He wants to tell her about some shady exports. She tells him to leave and wants him to involve Frank. But he wants to give her a chance to make a big bust. Gus reminds Harley that there are women who can do motherhood and have a career at the same time. Now, that really struck a nerve for Harley. She commented that she wasn't going back until she was ready. Harley's curiosity got the best of her so she asked what the tip was. Gus said that some artifacts were smuggled into Springfield from Central and South America. Gus showed Harley a note that mentioned 'tunica.' Harley told Gus that Sam had mentioned 'tunica.'

Reva and Josh are in the garden at the palace in St. Cristobel. Reva is anxious to tell Cassie and Richard about Alan's plans regarding the destruction of the project. Olivia finds Alan in the palace garden and says she will be wealthy after this project. Alan reaches to take hold of Olivia's hand and says that he will raise his glass to her tonight when the fireworks fly. Josh and Reva run until Olivia. Olivia is surprised to see them in St. Cristobel. Josh said that he wasn't going to stand by and watch Olivia and Alan destroy the project. Olivia tells Josh that she put everything into the project. Josh said that "everything" included sleeping with Alan. But Olivia tries to tell Josh that she knows nothing about sabotaging the project. She mentions that when she spoke to Alan he seemed to be up to something. She told Reva and Josh that she could work with Alan to find out information. After getting a call from the hospital that Sam is doing better after the treatment that Rick and Mel gave him, Olivia starts to walk away. Reva tells her to wait and she suggests to Josh that they trust her to get information from Alan. Josh asks Reva if she thinks that Olivia is being honest. Reva reminded him that Olivia does go out of her way to protect him. She asks Josh to take this one last leap of faith.

Thursday, January 3, 2002

Ben arrives at Marah's bearing gifts of ski equipment and clothes. Although she is reluctant to accept the expensive items, she agrees to keep one sweater. When Shayne walks in on the couple, he assumes that Marah is giving Ben a ski lesson. Unaware that his sister has led Ben to believe that she cannot ski, Shayne lets slip that Marah has numerous trophies won for skiing. Marah explains to Ben that she lied about her abilities because she was afraid to go away with him for a weekend. Ben and Marah are becoming closer, and the couple wish they could spend some time, just the two of them, when they go on the group ski trip. When Ben mentions the Bauer cabin is near their ski destination, Marah suggests that they spend an afternoon there. Just after leaving the Lewis home, Ben's cell phone rings. He informs the caller "tell the boys they're gonna owe me a lot of money come Monday - Marah and I are going away for the weekend."

Olivia turns on the tears for Alan's benefit telling him she needs him; that she has no one - she's alone and worn out and tells Alan that she can no longer fight Josh and Reva. Pleased with himself, Alan tells Olivia "maybe you can't fight them, but I can", and then goes on to promise that he will send their world crashing down around them tonight. The plan, Alan reveals, is to destroy the harbor project. Olivia realizes that he's been planning this all along, but Alan assures her that she doesn't need the harbor project as long as she has him. Alan brags to Olivia that "together we will destroy Josh and Reva." When Alan offers Olivia his phone, asking her if she'd like to make the call to destroy the couple, she tells him she has her own phone - one that has been on all along so that Josh and Reva could hear the plan. Josh and Reva emerge and tell Alan to call off the flooding of the harbor. When Alan balks, Reva produces papers that prove Alan's father, Brandon, profited from the war by being "in bed with the Nazi's." When Alan tries to claim the papers are forgeries, Reva goes on to give Alan a run down of all sorts of Spaulding ill gotten gains, and finishes by threatening the produce a documentary on the crimes. Josh tells Alan he will not give up the originals of the papers, but promises they will never see the light of day if Alan complies. Backed into a corner, Alan agrees to call off the flooding of the harbor, and sell Lewis Oil back to Josh, as well. Before leaving, Alan warns Josh "enjoy your temporary victory because this war is far from over."

Reva thanks Olivia for helping them bring Alan down, then leaves her rival alone with Josh. Olivia laments "this was supposed to be the most wonderful night of my life" to which Josh replies "It still is, you got exactly what you wanted." Not exactly, Olivia reminds Josh - she no longer has her husband.

Tony has a new assignment for Romeo - he wants the bartender to keep an eye on Ben and Marah when they go on their ski weekend, and report back. When Cat overhears the plan, she is upset. She tells Tony's grandmother that she knows Tony still loves Marah. The elder Mrs. Santos tries to assure the young woman "you're the woman for Tony - are you willing to fight for him?" Catalina vows "whatever it takes." When Tony suggests to Catalina that they go skiing at the same lodge where Marah and Ben will be, she agrees to go. After Tony leaves to make the travel plans, a visibly upset Catalina throws her purse, spilling the contents on the floor. As she's picking up the contents of her purse, she pauses. Holding her birth control pills she says "I'm the right woman for you Tony, and I'll do anything I can to make you see that."

Alonzo tells Richard that for Cassie's sake, he will take his "wife", Camille, and leave. Richard suggests that the couple take the presidential yacht and go on a one year, around the world tour, to promote tourism in San Cristobel. When Alonzo finds Camille at the bar and tells her of his plan to take her around the world, she hesitates. Since she can't convince Alonzo that he belongs on the island, Camille agrees to go with her husband. The would-be princess then makes a bee-line for Richard to give him a piece of her mind. When Richard tells her to calm down or go, Camille blurts out "you want me to go and take Alonzo with me because he is your brother, and the rightful heir to the throne. He is what you aren't - the real prince of San Cristobel!"

Friday, January 4, 2002

Blake is at Towers when Ross enters in and said he got Blake's message about the change in the dinner plans. Ross asks what the occasion is because he thinks something is going on. Ross is still suspicious of the dinner. Blake says to give her the benefit of the doubt until proven guilty. Blake shocks Ross by telling him she is turning over a new leaf and is going to make up for all the trouble she has caused. She now admits to Ross that she feels bad about her suspicions about Tory. Ross made the statement that Blake had Tory convicted before she heard the entire story. Ross did commend Blake on her apology at the Bower cabin and is sure that was extraordinary to Tory. Ross made toast to Blake for dining her way through this and told her he is proud of her. Blake said she needs proof of that. She suggested to Ross to meet her in Room 7 because man cannot live by bread alone! Ross and Blake manage to go to Room 7, where she tells Ross to relax. As Ross kisses Blake with passion, in his mind he sees Tory. After making passionate love, Ross is worried because of who was really on his mind. Blake is in bed alone and Ross is getting ready to leave. He is wondering what is happening to him. He remembers seeing Tory in bed with him.

Richard and Camille are having a conversation about Alonzo. Camille spills the beans and tells Richard that she found out that Alonzo is the prince and the heir. She says Alonzo is a threat to Richard because this information would put him out of a job. Richard immediately calls for Dax. Camille admits to Richard that Dax told her about Alonzo. Richard verifies with Camille that Dax fed her the story of Alonzo being prince. She says yes. Richard doesn't know what to make of her and thinks she is malicious. He wants to know who put her up to this and figures it could be Edmund. He wants to know what she will achieve by this story. Camille told him to go ahead and lock her up and throw away the key. Richard angrily says his half-brother is dead. He tells Camille that she has gone too far and is nothing but trouble for everyone. He wants her to leave, and she says she isn't going anywhere. She told Richard to blame it on his "precious" Dax. Dax wants to know if there is a problem and Richard tells him what Camille said. Of course, Dax denies it. Camille said she is going to tell Alonzo everything she knows. Richard asks her what could possess her to come up with this story and blame Dax. Dax said he would get to the bottom of it. Richard is outside the palace digging up his half-brother's grave. He opens casket and finds it empty. Richard returns the casket to the grave and covers it with dirt. Cassie finds Richard and wants to know when he was going to tell her about Alonzo leaving. She wants to know what else Richard is keeping from her.

Reva is telling Cassie about the ordeal with Alan. Reva mentions that Josh was with her. Reva said she was surprised that Olivia helped her and Josh stop Alan from destroying the Harbor Project. But Cassie said she doesn't buy it; there has to be selfish motivation behind it. Out of the blue Cassie asks Reva if her and Josh were getting back together.

As Olivia and Josh are standing outside watching the fireworks, Olivia says she wants to tell him why she did what she did. She tells Josh that she did it for personal reasons, and not to get him back. She continues to explain that she did it because she believed in the Project from the beginning. Josh said that she should be proud of the project. Olivia's reply was that they could now save it together. But Josh made the point that maybe something came out of this in that the project was saved and it will help the people of St. Cristobel. And then the wake up call came when Josh told Olivia he is going to file for divorce when he gets home! She said she never took him for a hypocrite. The look on Josh's face was priceless. Josh tells Olivia that she had an affair and committed adultery. Josh asks how he is supposed to forgive her for that. Olivia says that he would have made the same mistake in her position. But he disagrees. He says if you love me, you would find another way instead of sleeping with my enemy. Olivia said he cheated too with a ghost from the past.

Romeo told Tory that she just couldn't stay away. She told Romeo all she wants is hot chocolate and to be left alone. Romeo said that if you wanted hot chocolate, you would have gone to Company. She told him she is not in the mood for his comments. Romeo said is this some kind of game for you. Tory said the night they danced and they almost made love should have never happened. Tory said this isn't easy for her and she was in a really bad place that night. She admitted to Romeo that she used him and she is sorry. Sheepishly, she admitted that is not what she is all about. Romeo said that tonight he will be the bartender and you Tory will talk and he will serve and listen. Tory made the comment that when she gets happiness it usually gets her in trouble. Tory is explaining to Romeo that she works for Ross, and he is a wonderful lawyer and guy. Romeo asks her what the problem is. She said that it is an incredible experience and that Ross' wife got her the job. Tory insists that Blake is jealous of her and accused her of lying about her past. Tory told Romeo that Blake is under the impression that she is trying to seduce her husband, but she isn't doing that. She tells Romeo about the cabin episode and how Blake drives through a snowstorm and showed up at the cabin. But then she mentions that the minute Ross left, Blake lit into her about seducing him. Romeo tells Tory that she has this guy on a hook. He says they are both operators and can work people.

Cassie and Alonzo are talking at the bar where Alonzo used to hang out. Raleigh, a friend of Alonzo, gives him a clock to take with him on trip. Cassie asked what is going on. Alonzo tells her that is going around the world and taking Camille. Cassie was extremely upset. Alonzo said that he and Richard didn't want to get her upset. Cassie is furious and said that it is not over. Camille and Dax are talking outside of the bar and Dax tells her to be patient and allow him to handle things in the proper way and time.

Josh and Reva are at the palace talking. Josh asks how he could have been so stupid. He thanks Reva for opening his eyes. He says that when we are together and things are bad they are very bad, and when things are good they are extraordinary. Reva shows Josh the book she found in the palace library. They are in a picture in the book. They decide this proves they are a part of history. Josh embraces Reva and their lips meet for a lovers kiss.

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