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Passions Recaps: The week of December 31, 2001 on PS
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Monday, December 31, 2001

At the hospital, both Julian and Reese are knocked over by a rushing Timmy. Julian tells Reese that the "Little Imp" knows Crane secrets and now he is going to die. They both take off after Timmy. Julian wants to be in charge of dissecting Timmy as Reese is intent on proving that Tabitha is a witch. Tabitha catches up with Timmy as they try to elude Julian, Reese and Norma. Norma is being restrained and in her rage grabs and ax and breaks free from the hospital orderlies. She swears she will kill both Timmy and Tabitha. Norma dresses like a surgeon to fool the hospital staff. She corners Timmy and Tabitha in a storage room and calls herself "Doctor Death."

Ethan watches Theresa with the infant at the children's home. He says he wishes more mothers would give their babies up for adoption instead of having abortions.

Luis remembers last Christmas Eve with Sheridan unaware that Sheridan and Antonio have docked in Harmony. "Diana" asks Brian to go to midnight mass. As "Diana" walks on the dock she feels that she has been in Harmony before. The Bennett's are on their way to midnight mass with David and Ivy in tow. Simone and Jessica cannot believe how Kay has changed and they try to give her the benefit of the doubt. Miguel does not understand "Charity's" new attitude. She shows little reaction over Miguel's Christmas gift and tells him that she did not get him a gift. Ivy cannot wait for her "surprise" to come for Sam and Grace. The "surprise" is being chauffeured to Harmony. Chad wants to talk to Whitney about their relationship. Whitney still insists that they have no relationship. She plans on keeping her promise to her sister and God. Luis remembers praying for Sheridan's life last year after he thought her dead. He asks God for another miracle. Tabitha and Timmy escape from Norma as Norma, Julian and Reese chase the duo all over the hospital. Timmy takes time out to pray once again on the Christmas star to become a real boy. Reese and Julian capture Timmy. He cannot turn himself into a doll and realizes his wish may have come true. Father Lonigan asks Ethan and Theresa if they would carry in the "Baby Jesus" at the Christmas procession. Ivy baits Theresa about being pregnant when she runs into her in church. When Theresa looks at the "Baby Jesus" doll, it comes alive. Theresa weeps at the sight. Brian reluctantly agrees to take "Diana" to midnight mass. He knows that his entire family will be there. As "Diana" enters the church, Luis is on his knees praying for a miracle. When David realizes what Ivy's "surprise" might be he says "Oh no, it can't be."

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Wednesday, January 2, 2001

Kay's "Charity" keeps Miguel at arms length. Miguel cannot figure out why and tells Kay that it is like Charity is a whole different person. Kay comes up with a new way for her "Charity" to hurt Miguel. Ethan exchanges gifts with Kay, Jessica and "Charity." Kay's plan is for "Charity" to put down Ethan's gifts and look bad in front of Miguel. "Charity" looks ungrateful and tells Miguel that she should get something for being related to a Crane.

When David sees Ivy's surprise for Grace he corners her and calls Ivy a horrible loathsome bitch. He tells Ivy that the surprise was not part of the bargain they made. Ivy tells David that it is now a part of the bargain. David tries to draw a line with Ivy. Sam and Grace make plans for their future because things have been going so well for them. Ivy arranges for David's son, John to come to Harmony. David hugs his son as John tells him that he got his message to come to Harmony. John is unaware that the message was from Ivy.

Norma chases Tabitha and Timmy all over the hospital. Julian and Reese think they have a real live Timmy cornered. Julian and Reese watch a whacked out Norma swear that she will dissect Timmy with her ax. The orderlies tackle and sedate Norma. Timmy tells Tabitha that he is a real boy. Eve and TC also see a live Timmy much to the delight of Reese and Julian. Tabitha tries to pass off Timmy as her Grandnephew Timmy. Tabitha tells everyone that she made her Timmy doll to look like her grandnephew. Tabitha tells Eve that everyone owes her and Timmy an apology. Reese and Julian are skeptical.

Brian and Diana miss the midnight service but Brian agrees to go with Diana to the church so she can say a prayer to find her family. Luis and Diana once again almost cross paths.

David tells Ivy to go a head and ruin his life but he will not let Ivy use his son and ruin John's life in the process. Sam and Grace hear David and Ivy and rush to see what is going on. Sam and Grace come across David and John and John tells them that he is David's son. When John is introduced to Grace, he questioningly calls her "mother." Ethan tells Theresa that they must wait to become parents as they begin to make love. Brian a.k.a Antonio visits the Lopez-Fitzgerald house.

Thursday, January 3, 2001

Tabitha tells Timmy that he is just dreaming about becoming a real boy. Timmy breaks a glass and gets cut. Tabitha cannot believe it when she sees Timmy bleed. She tells Timmy that she fears he will leave her now that he is a real boy and she could not bear to be without him and alone again. She confesses to Timmy that she really and truly loves him. The angel girl appears and tells Timmy that his wish came true and that it is a Christmas miracle.

David introduces his son John to Grace. John questions Grace and asks David if she is his mother. David goes along with Ivy's plan and says "yes." Grace is unbelieving and happy when she realizes that she has another son. She calls it a Christmas miracle. Sam is skeptical and tells Grace how can they be sure. John shows Grace his driver's license which shows that he was born before Grace lost her memory in the fire. David claims to have raised John alone. David tells Grace that he did not tell her about John because he did not want her coming back to him because of "their son." Grace wants John to meet her girls. Both Sam and David caution her to go slowly. Grace embraces John. John thanks David for finding his mom for him. He tells his father that tonight was the best night of his life. David calls Ivy a bitch. Ivy tells David that she gave John what he always wanted...a mother.

Ethan catches Antonio at Pilar's bedside and attacks him as an intruder. Antonio crashes through the window to escape being caught by his family. Pilar knows in her heart that it was her son Antonio by her bed and not an intruder who meant to do her harm. Luis and Sheridan feel each other's presence but still do not see each other. Luis rushes home when he gets the news that an intruder was report in his house. Pilar insists to everyone, especially Luis that the intruder was Antonio. Pilar tells Theresa that a mother has a special bond with her child and she can feel that Antonio was home. She tells Theresa that Theresa has this bond already with her unborn child. "Brian" and "Diana" sit together on the dock feeling low about their uneventful night in Harmony. "Diana" says that maybe tomorrow will hold something better for the both of them. Luis tells his mother that he prayed for another Christmas miracle but did not get one. He tells Pilar that he must not let his hopes and dreams get in the way of reality.

Friday, January 4, 2002

Theresa can no longer button her pants and realizes that she will be showing very soon. She knows that she has to make a decision about the baby immediately. Pilar fears that Theresa will be going through with the abortion. John shows up at the Bennett house for breakfast. Grace is delighted and introduces John to his sisters, Jessica and Kay. Kay is distraught over the news as Jessica is accepting.

Grace tries to assure Sam that Kay will come around.

David sneaks into Ivy's bedroom through the window and tries to choke her in her bed. David relents and tells Ivy that he wants to kill her because even she cannot force him to hurt his own son and use him in Ivy's scheme to break up Sam and Grace. Ivy calls the Bennett's and invites them to her New Year's Eve party. Grace and Sam decline but then Grace accepts because David and John will be at Ivy's. Grace wants to spend the new year with her new found son "John." Ivy tells David that she plans to be with Sam on New Year's Eve one way or another. She also plans to get rid of Theresa and get her out of her son's life forever. She is hoping that when the news comes out about Theresa carrying Julian's baby, Luis will kill Julian and all her problems will be solved.

Tabitha gets some physic news about the coming new year that she shares with Timmy. Tabitha tells Timmy that there will be a New Year's Even party at the Crane estate where someone will be shot. Tabitha is sure that someone will die on New Year's Eve. "David" tells "Diana" that his family is in Harmony. He confesses to visiting his mother the night before. He tells her that his mother was sleeping and did not know he was even there. "Diana" tells him that she knows he is not a coward and he must face his family. Antonio calls home and Luis answers the phone. When Antonio identifies himself, Luis calls him a bastard. Theresa goes to the abortion clinic. The private detective that Ivy hired to follow Theresa reports to Ivy that Theresa is at the clinic. Ivy knows that an abortion will put an end to Ethan and Theresa's relationship once and for all.

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