One Life to Live Recaps: The week of November 19, 2001 on OLTL

Jen refused to wear a skimpy outfit while modeling. The stalker was tracked to New York. Todd found his baby son. Gabrielle and Max were shocked to hear that they would be receiving the bulk of Asa's estate. Alex helped Bo to take down Gabrielle and Max.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of November 19, 2001 on OLTL
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Monday, November 19, 2001

Natalie creates havoc at Asa's memorial service. As a result, Viki swears that her blood relationship to Natalie will never amount to anything more, and Jessica rushes out of the ceremony. A devastated Jessica arranges to meet Clint in New York, and she sets off after leaving a note for Viki.

Asa's former wives vie for supremacy and Gabrielle eventually kicks them out. Alex refuses to leave until Asa's will is read. Renee makes her opinion known to Alex that Gabrielle killed Asa.

Allison celebrates the emotional turmoil caused by Natalie's performance, and a saddened Seth still yearns to reconcile with Jessica.

Troy overhears a bitter clash between Nora and Lindsay. Consequently, Nora presses Troy to move forward with plans to help Nora recover her memory.

Antonio presents Keri with flowers along with his paper, and they share their first kiss.

Tuesday, November 21, 2001

Nora's House

Just as Keri and Antonio share a kiss, Antonio's cell phone rings and it is Cristian. Antonio asks him if there is trouble and Cristian says he thinks he has led the stalker directly to Jen. Cristian tells Antonio about being hired as a photographer's assistant and that it was at the same studio where Jen was doing her modeling assignment. He said that Jen was furious and slapped him, however he is afraid that the plan is not working and wants to go back and tell Jen the truth. He told him that he was fired from his job after Peggy found out he was Jen's former boyfriend and she was furious that Cristian was not who he said he was and then tried to get Jen to leave New York. Antonio tells Cristian if he does that he and Jen will both be dead. Antonio tells Cristian he is coming to New York to the modeling studio. Antonio tells Keri he has to go to New York and she asks if it is personal or business and Antonio replies it is both and will tell her about it after it is over.

Modeling Studio

Peggy fixes Jen a cup of tea after she was upset by Cristian's appearance and his asking Jen to leave New York. Peggy fired Cristian and tells Jen not to think about Cristian (the hottie body) and concentrate on looking gorgeous for the shoot. Jen says that she will not let Cristian ruin it for her. Peggy tells Jen to get ready for the shoot; Jen senses someone came in; she turns around to find Joseph the photographer (who showed up late). He grabbed her and Jen was having a fit when Peggy came in and apologized for Jen's behavior. Joseph said he liked to work with untried talent and asked where the outfit is that Jen will be wearing. The outfit is a very skimpy set of lace lingerie top and panties. Jen is shocked. She asks him if there is something else she can wear and he is very annoyed especially when Jen refers to the outfit as "underwear". Joseph tells her is it designer lingerie and he is angry that she will not agree to pose. Shawna (Jen's rival from school) shows up and begins to butter up Joseph whereupon he looks her over and asks if she would have a problem posing in the outfit and she tells him no. He tells her to put the outfit on for the shoot leaving Jen out.

New York

Jessica arrives in New York to meet Clint. While waiting for him she reads an old note from Seth and she crushes it in her hand. Jessica waits a while, then finally talks to Clint on her cell phone he tells her he is stuck at the airport. Jessica tells him she will meet him at the hotel for dinner. Jessica then looks up Cristian's grandmother in her address book and decides to pay her a visit. Upon arriving at the Grandmother's apartment she bumps into Cristian who is leaving.


Seth arrives at Lianfair to see Jessica he tells the maid he heard about the incident at Asa's service. Allison is there and tells Seth he should be there to see the real heiress to the Buchanan billions (Natalie) not Jessica. Seth tries to get Allison to leave grabbing her arm Allison says she is not leaving but is going to wait for Natalie. Seth asks the maid if she can make Allison leave and the maid said she had already tried that. Allison tells the maid that she and Natalie will be dining in and for her to cook for them. She said the help is really rude and that she is going to speak to Natalie about it. Seth tells Allison she is only interested in making trouble and that he knows why and that it is going to stop. Seth tells Allison he knows that she hopes Natalie will not get to close to the Buchanan's and that they will not get close to her but if they do where will that leave Allison? Seth and Allison continue to argue and Allison threatens Seth if he tries to mess up things for her and Natalie that she will deny everything and say he tried to make a pass at her and that Natalie will believe her just like Dr. Rae believed her. Seth finds Jessica's note to Viki saying she is going to New York and Allison asks him if he is going to follow her there. Natalie comes in from the will reading and Seth asks her if she went to the funeral like that (in the red dress) and turns to find Allison smiling, realizing it was her idea after all.

Foyer of Chapel at Asa's service

Ben asks Viki about the talk with Natalie after she had embarrassed everyone at the service and Viki told Ben that she hateful and that she is not going to let Natalie get to her. Ben told Viki that Nora had just called to say there was going to be a reading of Asa's will at his mansion shortly. Viki remarked "that was fast do you need to be there?" Ben replied that he was apparently one of the beneficiaries. Viki asked him what he thought Asa left him and Ben replied "maybe my head on a chopping block?" Viki told Ben he probably did not have to be there and Ben said he wanted to be there for Renee. Ben asked Viki if Jessica would want to go and Viki said that Jessica told her she wanted to be alone (they did not know she was in New York to see Clint). Natalie was listening at the door as Ben told Viki that Jessica is their daughter and that Natalie can never take away their love for her.

Asa's mansion

Nora announces they are ready for the will to be read. She said, "Asa always did like to have the last word and that is probably why he video taped the will." Alex remarks that they will get to see hear the dear man's voice once more much to Renee's disgust.

Nora asks where Max and Gabrielle are (they are in the foyer talking). Gabrielle tells Max that she and Asa had an arrangement and that he wouldn't leave her anything more than agreed upon. Nora finds them and tells them to come in for the will reading.

Meanwhile, before the reading begins Bo asks Gabrielle to step into the foyer that he wants to talk to her. He tells Gabrielle that he knew she cared about Asa and that he appreciated her taking care of him in his last days. Gabrielle was surprised and pleased (as well as she could be in her drunken state). Bo also told her to be careful of Max that he might try to pin something on her and that she should watch him and take care of herself (planting doubts in Gabrielle's mind about Max).

Bo then asked to speak to Max and basically told him the same thing (planting doubts in his mind about Gabrielle). Bo told Max he knew he cared about Asa and was good to him while he was in the hospital but that Gabrielle might try to pin something on him. He told Max to take care of himself.

They start rolling the video and Asa begins by telling he is leaving his favorite ex-wife Renee his best horse and hand made saddle as well as the Palace Hotel (which she already owned from their previous divorce) and that pleases Renee. He leaves Alex something appropriate for her line of work (she thinks it will be a check or something nice) much to Alex' dismay, it is fancy bikini panties. Alex is very disappointed. Asa then states that he is leaving Ben a Wing at the Lianview Hospital to be named after he and Viki. They were both pleased. To Al he left enough money for college and living expenses anything else he would have to earn so he would not turn our like Max. For Clint his East Texas Ranch, the grandsons would get mementos from the house and that Nora has the list. He also left them a large sum of money. Bo got the lodge; Asa told him to go up there and go over it carefully and would find out why he asked him to do this. For Jessica her favorite horse, Thunderbird and a sum of money that would be in a trust until she turns 25. Natalie enters the room and says "I always wanted to ride", assuming she will get what was left for Jessica. Viki asks Natalie if she did not hear anything she had said to her in their discussion about her trying to take Jessica's place in every way. Natalie said that as the real Jessica she is entitled to the horse and the money. Natalie asks Nora if that is true and Nora said that if Natalie chooses to contest the will that a court would have to decide but that Natalie had the right to do so.

Max and Gabrielle go into the foyer and Max tells Gabrielle they may have a problem. He tells Gabrielle that the will reading is almost over and that the bulk of the estate has been given away. Gabrielle still thinks Asa will leave her only what they had discussed at the beginning of their marriage and Max says he will be lucky to get a wooden nickel which is exactly what Asa stated in the tape would be left to Max; however, just as Max was about to leave the mansion Nora tells him that there were some legal documents that Asa wanted revoked that had been put into effect when he thought Max was his son. Asa died before there was time to reverse the paper work so Max will get a large sum of money as well as stocks and bonds. Back to the will reading Asa left the bulk of his estate to Gabrielle; she was shocked!

Renee comes into the room with a copy of the "Sun" newspaper and the bold headlines say that Jessica Buchanan is a fake. Viki asks Natalie if she is happy now, that she may get the money that was left to Jessica but over her dead body would she get the horse after which Natalie stomped out of the room, returning to Lianfair.

Wednesday, November 21, 2001

New York City

Keith gets an address on a possible sighting of Cris and proceeds on, where he shows his picture around. A restaurant worker possibly remembers seeing him.

Cris is astonished to see Jess at his door and he can see that she is obviously upset. She apologizes for showing up, tells him she's meeting her dad (who is held up in Dublin) and informs him of her grandfather's death. Cris is shocked and saddened to hear the news but is uncomfortable with having her at his place, so he suggests they go elsewhere to talk. They end up at a nearby restaurant where Jess also discloses that she's no longer a Buchanan, filling him in on all of the gory details. As she becomes weepy after telling him that Natalie is trying to take over her life, Cris comforts her and asks an employee for some tissue. The woman looks at him strangely as she's just seen him in the picture being shown. Cris becomes enraged upon hearing about Seth's part in the whole ruse and orders Jess to stay away from both Natalie and Seth, though reassuring her that her family will always be hers. Jess asks about Jen and Cris just states that she'll be better off without him and he was feeling trapped, though Jess disagrees, having chatted with Jen and knowing him a little bit better than that. Jess doesn't want to return to Llanview and asks if she can stay with Cris. Keith spots them sitting together.

Josef wants to photograph Shawna instead as she's willing to wear the skimpy outfit that Jen refused, but Lindsay shows up and interrupts. Her daughter is the contest winner, not the other little tramp, she yells, and she is stealing Jen's chance. A skirmish ensues along with a chase around the scenery, a light is broken and Shawna gets doused with a red liquid by Lindsay. While Josef demands that the place be cleaned up Jen apologizes for her mother's behavior. She receives a new outfit instead and Peg dismisses both Lindsay and Shawna (though not before Shawna gets her snide remarks in). The photographer is ready and sets Jen up. He suggests that she would look more sexy if she remove the peignoir.


An inebriated Gabrielle is flabbergasted as she learns that she's inherited the majority of Asa's estate. On tape, Asa admonishes her for being surprised since they've already discussed this. Everyone looks at her disbelievingly as she insists that he was just to take care of Al and that she knew nothing about this. Al tells her to choke on it and runs out while Nora informs everyone that Asa disclosed to her that he and Gabrielle had discussed these arrangements previously. Alex and Renee become accusatory but Gabby tells them they're jealous and tells them they can have the money. Max admits to Bo that he is truly surprised over this. Bo tells him someone will have to pay for the crime and it probably won't be Gabrielle. Bo then goes to Gabby and warns her against Max, suggesting he will sell her out. Max approaches Gabrielle-she swears she had no idea of the inheritance. She only married Asa to hurt Max and to take care of Al. She refers back to the fortune that Max now seems to have. Max believed his name was no longer on the assets but it could have all been in harm's way if Asa hadn't died when he did, he says. They look at each other accusingly as Hank arrives to see Bo. There's no new evidence yet though tests are still being run, he informs him. Alex and Renee bicker but Nora suggests they be angry at someone else. Alex flirts with Ben who runs off to Nora for help. Gabrielle suddenly realizes the house is HERS and kicks everyone out. Nora congratulates her and Max on their hitting the jackpot though it's bad for Asa, she states as she leaves.

Allison welcomes Nat back to Llanfair as Seth criticizes her for wearing the red dress to the funeral and for torturing Jessica. Nat's happy to hear that Jess has left for New York City. Seth tells his former girlfriend that she makes him sick though she claims she wants to change. He chases Allison out of the room so that he can have a talk with Nat in private. He tries to tell her that Allison is the one to hate as she's the one who pulled the baby switch in the first place. She's the one hurting Nat and making her look bad and she's doing it on purpose, she admitted it. She will be out in the cold if the Buchanans accept Natalie. He implores her to believe him and points out how caring and feeling she used to be before meeting up with Allison. He leaves her so that she can think about this but once he leaves Allison is right there to give Nat comfort. She tells her she's a strong person and can be her own woman. Nat agrees and Allison is pleased. Natalie wants to be alone and looks at old pictures of the Buchanans sadly. Just then the doorbell rings - it's Roxy!

Max wants to talk truth with Gabrielle. She sticks with her story of not knowing about the will while Max wonders. "We both didn't kill him," he says. "No, WE didn't," Gabby replies.

Alex makes a phone call to an old connection to help Bo bring down Max and Gabrielle.

Thursday, November 22, 2001

Cristian refuses to let Jessica stay with him and she begins to get suspicious, there's something he must be hiding from her, maybe it's the reason he left Llanview in the first place. Keith lurks outside, but is unable to enter the diner because two police officers stop by to eat. Cris receives a phone call from Antonio that he was delayed, but now is on way. Worried about Jen, Cristian decides to go check on her, leaving Jessica behind in the diner, telling her to visit with her father and then head back to Llanview. After he leaves, Keith enters and asks Jessica "is this seat taken?."

Josef the photographer locks the door and starts to put the moves on Jen. Outside, Al arrives at the modeling agency and wants to see Jen. Peg blocks his way, but finally he loses patience and pushes his way in. Jen, trying to get away from Josef, runs into his arms. Josef demands that Jen be fired, so Peg fires her. Jen does not seem overly upset, but Al pulls her into his arms to comfort her. Over Al's shoulder, Jen sees Cristian enter the room and begins to kiss Al.

Viki goes to confront Todd about the story regarding Jessica in "The Sun", but finds only Blair there. Blair's certain that Todd had nothing to do with the story, he's not even around. She tells Viki that she told Todd the truth, that the baby was really his, and Todd took off. Blair asks if the story in "The Sun" is true and Viki admits that it is. You should get to know Natalie, Blair advises, you never know when your children can be taken from you in the blink of an eye. Viki is leaving as Sam arrives. Blair tells him how worried she is that Todd will take Starr away from her again. Sam feels that if Todd intended to do that, he would have done it already, he tends to react first and think about things later.

Todd knocks on the door of the address David Vickers gave him and the man who lives there, Buck Miller, seems to be expecting him. He assumes that Todd is there to pay for and pick up "the little varmint." Todd can't believe his luck, and quickly agrees to pay whatever he needs to. But when Buck brings out the "varmint", Todd is shocked to find that it's not a baby, but a ring-tailed lemur. He asks why Buck is giving away the animal and Buck explains that his 6 week old son Jeter is allergic to the animal. Todd also seems to be allergic and keeps sneezing while he questions Buck about Jeter. Apparently Buck was away on business when the "missus'" gave birth to Jeter. Todd pays for the lemur and takes it with him, but later sneaks back into the house and heads up to the nursery. Holding the baby in his arms, he calls Blair on the his cell phone and says he has something to tell her.

Roxanne arrives at Llanfair and Natalie realizes right away that she's hoping to cash in on her "daughter's" good fortune. Natalie orders her to leave, but Roxanne isn't about to give up that easily. She starts insulting Natalie, asking why Viki would want anyone as worthless as her anyway, until Natalie is in tears. Viki arrives and overhears the comments and demands that Roxanne leave Natalie alone, no mother would ever speak that way to her daughter. Roxanne then demands to speak to her "real" daughter, Jessica.

Thursday, November 23, 2001

Due to the extended Thanksgiving holiday, OLTL was not shown today. This preemption was expected and there will not be any lost or missed episodes. Programming will resume Monday where Thursday's show ended.

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